Kingsport News from Kingsport, Tennessee on November 8, 1958 · Page 4
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Kingsport News from Kingsport, Tennessee · Page 4

Kingsport, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1958
Page 4
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'MAYBE WE SHWU) HAVE LET -HIM ACCEPT THE AVAID! Walter finchcll A Nan To Watch A jrwt da of fuss has bwn kicked COPE was active in Arina, working up over the flection ol the personable day and nijht to unseat the 49-year-old Kelson Rockefeller as governor of New Senator who was first elected in 1952 York State. in his initial venture into public life. Rockefeller was one of the very few That year, many said Goldwater rode Republicans who won in Tuesday's into the Sr-nate on Ike's coattails. Democratic landslide. They didn't tay that Ihis lime. In For that reason,' political pundits hi fact, Goldwater carried a fellow Repub-the East have come to the conclusion iican into the governor's seat, that in order to win victories, the GOP Arizona is one of the few slates thai jnust move even further to the Left, still has a Right to Work Law. It was But the Rockefeller victory was essen- not on the ballot this year. The voters tially a personal victory. He was not at of Arizona resented the efforts of COPE all happy when President Eisenhower to defeat their outspoken Senator, took the stump in New York. The "radi- Goldwater is by no means a "modem" cal" Democrats Ike blasted were among Republican. One newspaper, noted for the voters Rockefeller counted on for its strong leanings to the Left, has de-tupport. scribed him as a "supreme reactionary." Most of the commentators, however, Congressional Quarterly gives Goldwa-overlooked another great personal vie- ler a 77 per cent Party Unity Score. His tory that of Senator Barry Qoldwatcr 1958 Elsenhower support score on do-out in Arizona. niestic issues was C3 per cent; on for While Rockefeller was slated to win, clgn policy, only 33 per cent, the odds were against Goldwater. A good example of the businessman in The outspoken critic in Congress of politics. Baity Goldwater Is a man to Big Labor, Goldwater was marked for watch as the Republican Party mends political death by the AFL-CIO Commit- Us fences and does some soul-searching, tee On Political Education (COPE), to mix a lew mataphovs. On The Line: Talk With The Pope's Kid Brother Br BOB COKS1DINE EOTTO IL MONTE, Italy The Pope's The mother and fattier of the new Fopo kid brother, 75-ycnr-old Saverlo Roncalll, lived until their nineties and saw the gave me a bottle ol the red Sunday. present Roncalll family fic-hl Casclna "I do not drink the wine I make or Colombera rise from this pleasant that of any other maker," the gentle countryside. work-creased farmer said as he led us By local standards it Is a rich fnrm. Into the clamp and fragrant wine cellar In addition ( the grapes, whose juice of a farmhouse that fairly seethed with relatives or John XXIII. "I have no wish for the wine," Saverlo said as he stepped up to a musty old cask taller than himself. He picked up a random bottle which once contained n tonic of some forgotten flavor and grasping the hose and spigot that protruded from t.lio great barrel he tried The Case Records Of A Psychologist is sold, Its Here or two hurbors five cows, n horse and Bit chickens. All the livestock except the older chickens live under (he Name roof us brother Sitverlo, GB-ycar-old brother Alfredo, a bnchcloc, and abundant nieces and nephews, their children and in-laws. The Roncalli.i naturally are separated from the animals by walls and partl- to squirt the gushing wine into the hot- tions, but it is nil contained in the house, lie's neck. The beautiful red from veil- The yellow and while papal flag hang- erable vineyards that the Pope, had ing from the left hand front of the pregnant. gds our body's known and perhaps had even worked in mud-colored tliree-storv stucco home ','."?w.1 h"'e 11 cl,snc.e l. ?4l.0Pt the long ago sprayed here and there, But mutches the new hay hanging from the husbands is nol very enUwsiwliJ annul, an Saverlo did not seem to care, A woman of the numerous household scurried down the. steps wllh a green plastic funnel, wi now the wine fed tranquilly Into the bottle.. loft that is the right side of Casclna Co- lombera. The adjacent land supports Rohcallis nt still undetermined numbers. The figure generally agreed on is that the Pope has. 28 nephews arid nieces, 18 By GEORGE IV, CRANE, M.D Ph.D. In Die Bible, 5nh and Rachel and Hannah rue clinical Iwlna or GnldlK hi tnday'a cue. Fur nity have been the rmnnri why (Inldln never lud n baby. Improper "llmiii" ls'nollirr com-111011 cause 60 "end fur the lircjuniicy boiiklcl mentioned below. Tlmuuinrfn of wives conceive when lliey nilopl a baby. H -ti it Case Z-730: C-oldlts d aged 2D, has been married for fl vears. "Dr, Crane, I am a nervous mai ciplnln a case lite Qoldle's?" wreck." she protested miserably, 13 "mmon question we Tecelye. Sle ,,my thus miss pregnancy "for T am crazy io mve a baby, Well, yesterday J explained the. purely on the basis of chance and but have never been able Id jet ve ot "J8"1 ltl l,Klntr as '"- conllmie Lo do so through her 10 u,,, lo l,uw t0 2j j,cal.s or marrlaye prior to the menopause. - ' or, uei i regnant , j-or example, suppose the ovum Thousands of wives are anonr- nmturcs from the ovarxr in (hp Idea, but he says he'll tflnv sterile, ihauah all medical ninrnlnrr if marital r.iiHnn. rin od what you sugsesl. tents show they and their husbands not take place ill! Inte that night. AllliDiiBh wc nre bDll) supposed- may appear to be normal. this ovum may have degenerated ly uormr.1, l Jiisl never fiot preg- m such cases, the adoption of a. In the, Intervening: 15 hours so 1L unnt so 1 Wink this may be Clou's . baby may atop . the tinier tension cannot respond lo a sperm cell. answer io my. awiy. prayers.-. ... or the wife and let her relax emo- . Another barrier l arninimr f and indulging In fears that the But this ovum may lose Ite vigor would never have a child. so that It cannot respond to n Bo maybe you can uess what sperm cell unless II meets one happened! WiUiln a year. Mdle within 12 to hours, was pregnant, for the first time. Furthermore, Uie sperm cell Is And nine months later she bore regarded as possibly losing Its lwllisl power to fertilize the ovum after Tlicy were fraternal, not Idenl!- 6 In 12 hours, cal, which meniw she actually got u thcBc estimates arc correct, pregnant TWICE within possibly ti,cn a wife nlay not geL ?ttgMnt two weeks. cxccpt In n brief 12-hour period ur. urane, now no you mcuicai niiruig tne entire menstrual month. foal live "To think that this wine will go lo grandnlcces and grandhephews and a fcSi . llonally and chemically. qolfllo snd her husband wore a Her glandular secretions' may wives, which can often.' be ' offset America, to New York," he said; with floating- population of relatives: more or the same church and with a home eeive. , w ccn- DS 55lefMb;',, u his Closest approach to' enthusiasm ""It less' dependent on the "farm's yield. "1"' p'J'fnV Ch"d titni"' M 7 But another factor often Is at About Pregnancy", enclosing .a li nrent v,L n r i u I -A ,, J ' , 9:. ' , . wrlc' for '"" otherwise norma stamped return envelope, plus 20c IS a gl eat honor.' Brother Giuseppe, 64, lives dOWll the And .Oolrtle blossomed out Into married couples simply miss the (non-profit) It is rare that- the wine of the Ron- road but his ten children aiid their cliil- ? 'T'X.nnt'nH'' V?7Tn mZT y,llaU6l11 dat ln tha Hundreds of previously sterile -alli u Kntflprl ct iw,v. n .,.i r!,.n v. H. i- no u r.. ll"ppercd. Eho began to menstrual month. wives have reported pregnancies " u ,u,. ui mppj. nu oic ,UO oo ,imu, n ot .uiu,wu,i urn 11111, n: nu i piiysi- latest research suggests mat Ihe within 90 days artcr using the in A few bottles always have been sent off etna Colombera. Brother Giovanni died Jv' , u, IemaR avlim tes) wptons free lormation m thia medical booklet even when he was in Paris as nuncio and and children of the eight childr could have the great wines of Prance. It was time lo say farewell Lo my Normally, the Eoncallis sell it by the friend Saverlo, whose dress for the occa- b'arrel and it may appear in many dif- sion was a collarlese shirt, neatly-striped ferent caraffes mid under varied labels, morning pants and slippers with wooden It is a robust, a muscular red, astliecdu- soles. A Filipino priest named Michael cated Winos might say. It is also the Mayor asked for a' picture of the two of chief product of a farm the Pope loves us, holding the wine bottle, but Saverio and whicu takes care of so many of his shook his head sadly. KiniOlKS. When the Pope was a boy, threescore and seven years ago this month, his parents .were pooi tenant farmers. Giovanni Batttsta' arid Marianna Mazzola Hon-calli yearned for their own little plot of land. The mother bore thirteen children. was now thinking POSI-abouL the baby's needs. instead ot worrying' about herself scheduled to start. (Always wrllo to Dr. Crane In The Hopkins Syndicate. Box 357, Mellott, Inrt.) Today In National Affairs By DAVID LAWRENCE "It would not look good to my brother if lie saw it," the line man said. He looked at the bottle reflectively ami ndded with the barest breath of a sigii, "1 do not smoke and I do not drink the wluc, yet I became old just the same" Bruce Wossat: Red Boomerang The Boris Pasternak affair affords the world another stirring example of the miions o Wllters and translators have nap, t.nat, a loianianan communism m., t,s, t,,,ui.. i , He has been labeled a traitor, The must Inevitably build for itself and fall into. Under severe, pressure from many again have a word published in Russia. (The book in question was published sources in the Soviet Union, Pasternak onl Deynd Soviet borders.) The pros- turned down the Nobel prize for litcra- Pect was strong lie might be evicted : ture recently awarded him for his novel, "Doctor Zhlvago," a work sharply criti- cat of communism. The Kremlin and its toadies took the award as a brash affront to Russia. It greatly fears any encouragement, cither : from outside or within the Soviet Union, f for writers who may dare to depart from - the established line that all is wonderful and serene in that vast country. WASHING 1 ON Discontent - overcome the economic dlBConl int. workers and expensive publicity blamed on ll1E party in power In especially hi firm states like nn television, radio and billboards, the While House has won sn- Kobraska, Iowa, Minnesota and did an eflcctive Job of gettlr.j In- otlitr congressional olettluu in the Wisconsin, and also in California, different voters to ihe pollc middle of a Presidential term. U Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and The "right to work" issue in happened apalnst Tail In 19J0, Illinois, where the unemployment several states, especially. Ohio, arjalnsl Hoover in 1930 and againat issue was almost as much a vote- brought out a, big labor uiiion vote Elsenhower in 1054. as well as getter (or the opposition party s because- the" proposal wa. mis- ngnhul Wilson In 1913 before the 11 was when Franklin Roosevelt represented bv the labor unions as end of i'cir:d War I, and agBlnsl swept Ihe country In mas due to a- measure that would chnisnsic Truman in 1D15 Just before World the depression" of that period. Ihe "Union shop."' This mislead War II ended. None of tills can be said to have ing phrase was used lo give the nils lime it was a two-fold dls- been unexpected, When the "re- .impression that the law would content. It involved not only ecsslon" began, to-make Us ap- actually prohibit the continuance economic Issues such as unemploy- poarsnce In 1067. and the Federal of unions. The federal law, of niciit, cost of living and high tjues. Reserve Board started curtailing course, guarantees a majority of but also emotional resentments bank credit, this correspondent In union members legal recognition over several questions, unrelated May, August. September and Octo- as a bargaining agent tor all iiiem- io the economic controversies of ber, 19S1, wrote several dispatches hers' of a shop, and stale laws Ihe tiny. predicting that the 1058 election can't take this away, The "right Millions ol conservatives on ihe would certainly be lost to the Re-' to work" law for stales, on the Republican side didn't vole. They publicans. Here is the appraisal other hand, concerns ihe right of were ahnmiled liy so-called "mod- made as ot October 27, 1957 a the minority as individuals io re- eru Republican" doctrines which little more than a year ago: sign as a protest which includes they consider radical, or by the "If the elections were held to- the right to quit paying dues to a use of federal troops iu the Little day, the Republicans- would elect gangster-dominated union. The is- Rock schools or by bltlerr.ess stir- fewer than 100 members of the sue is tor from dead, as It will be red up iu seme states during the House-slmost as low a number noted th.u Senator Barry Gold- anti-McCarlhy battle. New Jersey as they had after the 1932 election, water, Republican champion of lost n chance (o elect, a- Republican when Franklin Roosevelt won his "ujhl lu work'' laws, won a senator and so did Wisconsin be- first. term. As things look now, it decieivc victory in Aiiwina, though cause oi the deep-seated friction is likely the Republicans will lose he was the target of heavy attack over some of these emotional qucs- many seats in ihe Senate in the by the labor unioa's. lions. In Utah, due to a parly 1956 election, and that the Demo- The light lor liberalism and spilt, Senator Watklns, Republican, walks majority In both houses will democracy Inside the labor unions who was chairman or the Senaic be the biggest in recent years." has Just begun, and the light for Commiilrc thai, "censored" Ihe The election this week would ap- sound conservative principles in Inte Senator McCarthy, was de- pear to have brought Ihe Re- the policies of our national govern. Communist critics have called two Republican candidates ex- from 200 to around 153 as compar- vigorously than ever boiore inside for his departure from Russia, to his CCT1"1 l,,Bl Dt ,he wlnrilK Demo- ed lo 282 lor the Democrats. The boUi political parties, if an Infla- .. ... ,. ,, . , , . , cra1- Senate Republican tolal has gone tlonary crash and a real deprcs- capiLallsl paradise, irns would make Several members of Ihe House down from il to 34 a5 compared sion, due.lo unbalanced budgets on nic Hcpubtican sloe lost volrs with 02 for the Democrats. But for and excessive spending, are to be in those rural district of Mis- the intensive effort of the President prevented, sotirl, Kentucky. West Virginia and and Vice President In the last few Maryland where voters condemn- weeks, ihe results misht have , ' rrt the Republican Administration been as bad for the Republicans as U'S AU(l A S altitude of enforced integration ill wrrc ouUinert bv lhls writer vmv - inc schools, uic nepuoncan, Err "Mfl CiKWS r v- laalhw" 4 "lUKol t KaWu) wa t'tW ffwiWih fcr ptrit-Mpt VatiiJ delccllv . . . IV Petnrit Tinwi' watle ilU4 it "a 4rau l atwteUt baltnsity uU 4ftk." Mtm Caiura a Jaakt t be U at . . , Ciua JjlltbrUlda, wk slarted tht laaaw ltltU tt, 1 U1U fr hair jrow Hot afal.' 'ecaiue tke 1i kt mis ta "SUai. Bd fceb" U btxowim . Cwit 5n (ia f "ie lilm Wlsj akal i Madrta) ii.'t gri bu flaax. BtalU Huaie (KDal CJjuaa's wll, t fvit fr pictaxw lth bliu . . . Urbjiltr Xardtl's frwm-U-bt. Kaseka DJlel, la ihe Hrt. follow he'i guae ttllk wka n I mirrica . . . 'ITie 41rlionar- defin Ike Frrach nor bardgl" like : "A UiUe mule frductd by juallng a hinse with a dorter" , , . ) Ink at Friare Ne In VKVi movie. "In Love and War," will akow u.u why producer Jh Logan inilsted she sbed ! lbs. before Ihe asbestos lilted on "Sviie Wong." w ft Julie Newinar, the Glamawn in "Marriage Go Round," Is posing for a mural Cyrano's will unveil Dec. 1st. The artist Is Olive Boharuion. Julie is seen as Cleopstra-ln her skin . . . They say her current date is former Olympic lce-skallng champ qlck Sutton . . . Maria Schell's ambition Is to appear in a picture wllh Brigitte and Ehow 'em that acting will steal the spotlight. (Zllleece Girl) . . . Sidney Chaplin was offered the lead opposite Polly Beigen In Win, Marchant's new play. "Faster, Faster" . , . One ot his fans memos. "Sinatra's best kept secret Isn't his middle name Albeit, but his second middle name Kenneth" . , . it's a boy for ihe Myron McCor. niicks at Cape Cod Hosp. (Hyannis, Mass) . . . Hedda Hopper, who is renowned tor her millinery, didn't, wear a hat for the first lime tin public; at the "Epitaph lor Oeorge Dillon" premiere. Recommended: Keely smith's litest album, "Politely," and the platter she did with Louis Prima, "Old Black Magic." They, say the latter sold over a million in 3 weeks . . . Don't invite lh"e boss of the Ro.xy Theater and his director Mervyn Nelson to the same party. Nelson Is reported tulU!ng his new Job . . . The character Geoige i Dillon. In the new show, "Epitaph For George Dillon." Is a vegetarian. So'a co-aulhor Anthony Crclghton . . , Joyce Bulifant (Helen Hayes' new ttghtr-!n-law) was an Arthur Murrny dancer on hl.s tv , show two years ago . . , Waller Sicmk has a fat part In ' Oazebo" now in production. He Is oil stage only b minutes . . A. Peterson's reminder to actors who fear crllios. "Cynics and cfltlcs wake us up. Kindness often covers up the truth and allows us Uj 'sleep an in our ignorance." A i: -ft At the Circus Saints A Sinners tribute to the Arthur Hurrays last week, Kathryn laid ( a fan who said he admired her for one thing. "You have no talent on your shew," he said, "young dancing Is so-so, and you're not runny" . , . "So," Kathryn carelessly aaked-'fnr-lt. "what do you admire inc fujT" . , . "l'our courage," wss ihe rclnrt . . . William Inge (author of "Dark at Top of the Stairs") Is licmcd wllh Ihlsnthal girl, but Insiders say the One Thai Mailers Is actress Rarbara Bailey. Kver alncn she appeared in his play, "nus Stop" . . , Very funny bit is MIH Kamen's at Ihe Men In iho Duane. He reads (verbatim) the N. V. Times' piece on Hockefeltcr's visit to Ihe East (tide at Manhattan I eat hltnties for Ihe first time. Don't mist It , . . Walter Kerr, Ihe drama critic, and his wife Jean, who writes books ("Please Don't Eat Ihe Daisies"), etc, get $5100 weekly take hnmc pay tram their H'way musical hit, "Goldilocks." l'ou can't get that kind of money working en newspapers, Tt it ft The Roney-Plara Hotel (Miami Beach) has a neat way of luring airline stewardesses to help decorate the scene. . Without charge any airline Ibbs may use the Roney Tower suite (to relax in) between trips. Plus the beach, tennis courts, putting greens and Cabanas. Well, now! Wheu's the next piane? . . . The Shubert Alley buzi deals with ihe score of a new musical niuned "First Impressions." Written by Glenn Paxton, 21, Robert Goldman, 22 and George Weiss, 3,0 . . , Quests on "Hit Parade" get $1.60(1 . . . "Come Prima" is Italy's Number Oiie . ditty and America's, next threat. A .dozen dlitercnt recordings, already v . ; Add sound-alikes: "Hideaway" and Jo Slif. fartPs famed "You Belong To Me",. ,:. Helen Hayes difficult to call it the. Helen Hayes Theater.. She .'invariably stumbles: "Meet me si Ihe-uh-you-know-oh, 1 can't say itl" ' TT f': ii.' .' C:,; . V';. ' , Mary Small devotes hours daily 'rehearsing as -Blaine' Btrjtch's' understudy Jn. "Goldilocks." . Then there are the-three nightly shows at Le Cupldon. This' forced 'her io miss a PTA -Meeting Tor the ifrsl time. "How ' 6he -almost ivept. "do ya explain show business to on 8-ycaroldr' . . . Gene Baylos and Peggy Dleterick' (two of our pets) are currently at Mister Kelly's In Chicago . . . Playwright Paddy Chaycfsky, once a bus boy at Jackson's Steak k LobMer House (in the Bronx I, will be there on the Slh Id help his' old boss, celebrate his 22nd Ann'y ... A Phllly barber almost scalped Imogene Coca when she asked him to thin her hair'. .' 'She now appears in "The Olrls In 509" with whatever- they call a Temale version of a hairpiece . . . The helghth (or loalhe) of something or other: A Christmas ballad will be called "Silent Night Rock." .. T-r ' Roberta Sherwood opens at the Hotel Shamrock, Houston, Texas on the zith. Her first booking there. They'll love her . . Ton! Carroll's line: "Only thing lhl bothers rnosl folks' about death and tliea Is that taxei come -first" . , ,' Tehneasce Williams' "eat play, "Sweet Bird of Youth" (Kuan directing),- will combine motion pictures wllh ihe drama. 'Something like O'NelU's musks to give inner thought:. The films are being specially nude for the play, nol old movie clips . . . Betty Ant) Grove, a lop Jv-. thrush,. was turned down for a principal role In ''Kiss Me Kale." The. producer regretfully laid she was loo young. Belly played It on toiir In I960!-. Lisa Kirk's et returns to El Ranchp, Vegas, Dee. 3rd ,-, , She's doing a new album: "Lisa Kirk at the Persian Boom" ... So how conic.: CBS (shouiing that teevee Is the beat way . to reach people) told its story In full page nemspsper adaT . it. "ft i: -On the recent "Omnibus" called "Capilol Ptinlshmont," lawyer Welch of Boston (and the McCarlhy Hearings! said ihe executioner , always was anonymous . . . That they kept his name secret, etc. . ', , Mebbe in Massachusetts, nol down here. Slug Sing's late Bob Elliott, irinstance . . . "Princess" Zina Raschevsky, held for possessing mart juana cigglcs last week, tells chums shelll wed .a cosmetics heir. He's had a similar brush with the law. They bughla promise to love, honor and keep off the celling . . '. One of the major airlines made a terrible booboo. Sent tbank-you' letters' to wives of businessmen and execs, whose lady friends had been tiavelitig crosscountry under the family plan gimmick . . . Colyumist James Reslon's refer- - eiicc io his Job In Esquire Is amusing Calls doing a colyum "getting paid for throwing snowballs'' . . . jN. V. state's new First Lady, Mrs. Nelson Rockeleller, is more photogenic on TV than in newspapers. from his home and left with no place to live. Believe U Or Not it easier lor Russian leaders embarrassed by his criticisms. They could then portray htm as a man who had abandoned his country for the "bourgeois" enemy. Small wonder that Pasternak yielded t But the abuse and heat applied to , T V, h l,raf mtl example. Who I "won In the T'lO Republican parly's wounds "it I Pasternak only serve to shout to the elore this weight and refused the pr.ze. coon.1 district of Virginia, wm not m be healed. Nelson X, ZTZt" f the, Con- , woria now crushing to the human spirit It is to live in a Communist slave society. Kingsport News KO-21 E. SUrkn Jlretl, Clappm, tcnmiifc ltBaea. Visa Pri3eni sad Gcntm tuii.: W5.'.,VP'ftori O' CillOTlil P... K1K mMrt Enl or Ktt, Ocptnccnf ar nMii imtraiioni t ttiei aotertitlnt Rttrtimijiirfi- . urn " aislF',n IUaS.CUVRIpTI(IM MTZ& FIU1 rOSTSI ill.MtONLT I Ma I Sit i ttn out. it, will not oe toBi on tne woria tnat : :',"',:"( i s'"'"" mrs a Aug.-27, 551 b.c. 110 one in literature ever before has re- ers. he speared to be on u,e WaiminTiSriij-XBivS ' da1c-jectcd this h 0 n 0 r, nor that Nazi "gr,c?"1'0" s'lc ot Ule aTeum- the promoters of dissension among . k uim- iwu, .11 .-.uii.Mir.. n n Kcnuoiicans still more imnnr nj. w n men chj-naa inc nrsi ranin. vritc-in" vote launch- itv tn rrv nut that, n Nun; neal hroadeasUnc statioo bi the Soulli? Germany, arrogantly speaking for two remarkable bin us fiHii Oil? must mm Germaa-winners in 1935 and 1939, was the last to spurn any Nobel award before this. What the Pasternak case may dramatically demonstrate for millions still oddly entranced by (he Russian myth is this: The capitalist world outside the Communist orbit may not be "paradise." But men arc free to say (hat il is not. And they are free, loo, to observe that cd In the last 10 days of the cam- "modern Republican" approach A Atlanta. Oa.. 11 was Ihe first palgn. a segregationist candidate, and a bis snendinir nroaram Ls the rflHo station In the Uniled Stales Dr. Dale Alford of the school best wav for the Republican partv 1 be established by a newspaper, board, running as an ludcpcndcnl. to gel votes and nol bv the sound ' ' v, J.- Jz Ha5-, Democrat, a veteran ot servativc; -i- - ji t eight terms in the House. Af for 'The Republicans did not have & ' any gains for the Republican pari y enough money in the national cam- A-On An- 24 sow p,irt, among the Negro voters in Ihe palgn this time. Many conjerv- Dwlght D Ecnhower sjfncd' Into Norlh. Ihesc were almost negligl. stives who have contributed gen. TJhe CommunlT! ConS Act The "reckon" beat the 1XX1 W. Republicans:. 1-arm Income has tie- minute. Money, of course, cannot o-What wind' inted v,a re M n " hi!tC!l! '''?iir8' m' . natitml c,cctlon- Bul lhc "'A rt'lK the im ew Kng- life outside is far, far better than it is West. Although business has been of dollars into ihe campaign in key A-Atop'lnd speed of 163 wjtiun iMHUSllCliev s "pastures. 7"V", .. . "vyn '- mrougnom tne country in miicj per hour was recorded at FrVSHW TIP The Marquis dt Vernouiust eon of k'triff Louii is: of Fmkz WMC h H ANDLE ON HIS HAT TO MftKt IT EASIER TO TIP IT The KmtlS C-AVE VHy.VJ fci) MJf A SlKllAlt HATZ--:Pc.VS.:1C-f2t QOl IN A VAIUAT7MP7Xmk?H$C2AT&! ffStftOMABie - WITH TK; SfeLCAJT 605V TEWPEBA7U5E OF ftiy MMMflL UliMM r 1. MPIiSlFtg OSiC-lWALL soto sv -utr CATHEOSAL i C-i-OUCESTERiS-j, IN 1121 TO THE CATHECSftL 0 U,''ASS,i?J:S HAD ft 031V) OAUWS IM 739 W9 CSIPURCHO 6Y THE BiTiSH GOVERNMENT IN IBfrl ,'i form dees of prectncl Milton Mai

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