Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 29, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four NAUOATUCJK DAILY NEWS FRIDAYr 8EPTm*lR~29, 1944 fcljt Published Every Evening (Except Sunclny) by THE NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPOHATION NAUQATUCK, CONNECTICUT Telephone* Z228 i»nd 233»—All PcimrUnent»_ Kntcrud u* »«;cond claws nuiUnr tU the post office in Conn, SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 month I .73 C month 8 3 month. »2-25 1 year .... $.J,DO $0,00 The United Press has the exclusive right to use for rcpubllcation in any form, all news dispatches credited to this paper. It is ulso exclusively entitled to use for republlcatlon nil the locnl and undated news published herein. ____, 1'XAG—"I l>lc*lKu iillo- _ _ to-the Iflnit of tho Utlltrd St»ti» ot America mill to the licpiihllc for which II ltand.1. One niitlun Indivisible, with Liberty unit Justice for ull," "FUIIIAY, 29,iM4 MAIL THE GIFTS NOW Those-who intend tu send parcels for shipment, to members of our armed forces overseas should mail them now and avoid the last-ininnte rushes which are likely to cause inconvenience and tiresome waiting- at the post office parcel window during the last few days before the October I'Hli deadline. There are usually many [ast-minuters ami (he probabilities are that there will he no exception this time. The realization of how great will be the expectancy of tlie service men <i! Christmas time should make senders see tu it that their parcels are in I lie mails not later than tlie loth of next month, for otherwise the persons to whom they are addressed mav not receive them at Christmas time. TESTIMONIAL DESERVED That was a nice testimonial tendered last ('Veiling at the Hop Brook Country chili to Fred 8. Conklin of the I', S. Ivub- ber Company's foot Wear plant by more than JuO of his associates. Mr. Conklin, who has been in the Company's employ for of) years, will retire on pension October 1. During all that time he has rendered faithful and efficient service in responsible positions. It is good to note that this service has been appreciated and (hat filling honor has been paid to this likable and popu- Jnr gentleman who merits (he esteem and respect, of all who know him. J-Ie has earned tlie right to enjoy a rest from duties and responsibilities. '.His many friends hope his hours of leisure will be filled with happiness. ELECTION SUSPENSE tint state This was lion. Kvfii hope till If the election is close, it may noi be decided until the soldier voles are counted. In some states this will be nearly a later. The most recent election to keep people on tenterhooks for days was in .1 {)!!.(!. Then the tight race belween "\Vii.xon and Hughes was not settled until the result in outlying counties in California gave and the presidency to Wilson, liijti- Thursday after the elec- then Hughes did not give up I he end of the month, when the official count was made. In 'IJ->S-I it was not till ten days after thy (.'lection that it became positive that firovcr Cleveland bad won over Jnnios Or. Blaine, The longest: periods of uncertainty, however, were much earlier. In 18UO, with I he electoral s-ote a tie between .Jefferson and Burr, the choice was made by the House of J»'epresen In lives. Xot till the ."(it11 ballot and the 17th of February the House choose Jefferson. In 1S2";, MI this duty ;fell to the House again, ballot was enough, but this was not taken until Feb. !). The disputed election uf .187(1. turning on rival claims to have carried Florida, Louisiana ami South Carolina, required a spc'cifd electoral commission to settle it. This did not finish its work until March '1, .1ST", only two days- before Jn- mignrnlion Day. .Any such delay would be highly unfortunate in this year of war. It would divide' our citi/.ens and encourage our enemies. did win one There seems to be as much in a political campaign as in a one. strategy militarv And not so long ago peuph> were woji- dering if there was ever going to be a second front. I DO YOU REMEMBER? [ From The Files Of The Newa | 20 Years Ago Jtick Sheridan Freddy. Zehndor, Phill Conncll, and Bob Weaving took part in a ball game at the Firemen's annual outing;. Dick Ncnry made an unassisted triple ]?luy, and Peter J. Foley got four hils out of four times up off Jimmy Gunnoud. o—O—o Josephine McCarthy of Park avenue, and Leonard Morrisscy of Boston were married ut St. Francis' church. Attending the couple were Eleanor Hunken of Now York, and George McCarthy, the bride's brother. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Victor Lintrenheld, William Bronson, and Cornelius Munson of Beacon Falls visited the Berlin fair. o—0-o „ Lorotta Smith and Joseph Herbour were married at St. Francis' church. Catherine^ Smith was maid of honor and Joseph Marooncy, best man. o—O—o Helen Kicrnan, daughter of Mr.*and Mrs. John Kiornan of Gorman street, celebrated her birthday with a party at her parents' home. WALTER WINGHELL Coast-to-doast Trade Mark Registered. Copyright, 101-1. Dally Mirror Around the Clock KILLED IN ACTION "Killed in action," so they say, Poor little fellow had lost, his way. In .Argunm,' 'Woods, and up on the Vesle He dug like a fury and crawled like a snail. My billet was small, Imt he didn't care. He'd dig himsejf in, and stay right there. He'd make things snappy while "diggin' MEMOS OF A COLVLMIST'S' SISC'Y Dour Mr. W.: Elliott Roosevelt, I hotir, may be upp'cl to a General on the recommendation of ISiaen- howci' — after election • .day, ot course. Elliott prevailed upon his supuriors once before'"not to"... Betty Hutton has taken all her shots and departs 1'or overseas soon. . .Esquire will sponsor Duke Ellington at a Hollywood concert on Jan. 17th. .. Jcaiiette MacDon- ukl developed "tonuilitlu" (at the lust moment) and stayed away from the GOP circus lor Dcwcy in Los Angeles last week./... Goorgic Price is mended after' his hospital siege, lie phoned that while In Washington ho visited the Internal Revenue Dep't. . .'"What do you want?" he was asked... "Oh," he said, "I just wanted to sec the people I'm working for!" Dewcy and the "R" for Roosevelt! . .'.Moat of the-Nazis'' ex-collabora. tors in France arc'getting away with having their heads shaved. I wonder how nmny of the Nazis' victims pot off that: easy! THE RESULTS to date of the Gullupoll indicate that FDR will win IF enough voters turn' cut on election day...An intimate of Vivien Leigh phoned that the star will niuko. another Him soon. It was reported she was taking time out to have an image, which isn't so. .! was in. Said he doesn't understand why people insist that he has eyos only .for the extremely young, when the love of 'his life was 52-year-old Nornia Talmadge ...Edna St. Vincent Milkiy is well again at and at her Austerliu, ^. Y,. manse. AIR FORCE combat correspond- ent'Larry Swift (a swell guy and a line reporter) crashed 'to his death on August Cth, his friends will be miserable to learn. .. .Sgt. Marion Hargrove just bought four civilian suits...Ed Wynn and his ux-m.ina.pur, George Wood, have ended their long-time silly feud... Jerry Franken, back from the Pacific (for the Red Cross)., did not resume for Marshall Field. He is with Variety. ..The Met's new find, Mlml Ben/.ell (you will recall), was a''thrush at the Waimbow Woom ...Despite Louis Bromlleld's. grim prognostications of a ftfrninOj etc., an agricultural official estimates the nation's producu this year will be the largest in our history. . lie liinib full of lioll and fought to Though small of stature, he was full of And went ''Over The Top' 1 most every night, Now all the boys knew him, up 0:1 tlie line. As he kept them company ail the time. As ; fell in hrough low" to the last;, he ''wee fei- action, • , our delo nas.sed. '•Goodbye litt/le cootie," we leave you in Krai ice. We and were illed yon in action yiad nt' tin.- chance. "—UVCK PKTVATr] McCOL'LfM (Al>ove is a poem of the last war, and tlie event 'described is looked forward to bv the many American doi'lyliboys over tiiero in this wur.j ' Marty Lucas of Union City has departed from the Naugatuck Synthetic plant and has attached himself to the Diamond Ginger Ale Company in Waterbury, The beverage offices are on Bank street, lower Bank street, but Marty likes to travel up to Brooklyn ...... Starting Saturday, four football experts and we, too, are going to predict winners of fifteen important good games. Harry Ingram, who never picks a wrong one; Dick Murphy, who bases his ability en the fact that he once lived near Cambridge, Mass., in the days when Harvard was good, Al Brewer, statistics and facts man, who uses them and a bit of science in his predictions, and Joe Smith, who will take his picks in between editing news stories, are the experts. The fifth party, we. say again, is us — with apologies to grammarians. May the best man win! ! ! is one of on the "Y" Aces basketball is an ardent Yankee fan Donald "Specs" Spado'la, who doesn't •wear glasses, is our new assistant in the mailing depari'mcnf", "Specs" the stars loam, and ,'Jean Burke is improving- day by day in her typing lessons. She makes out; right well, until she sneaks a look at the keyboard of her typewriter, and then: can't keep lier eyes off it unless Pop Harris '.Burke 'happens to be watchiny AVe lost tlie Brooklyn-title of chump crib player tiro-oilier day to Lt. Jack Phillips, who is now ready to claim the Nanga-. tuck championship. Our playing that day -wasn't up to standard, as tho 'fireman pulled a fast one on us by using a new crib board, whic.ii was so flashy it blinded us. ' I ASSUME you say Earl (N. Y. Post) Wiilson's petunia, which I just caught tip with: "WinchoH's slaps at the C3OP in view of his syndic.'!tion in sn many pro-Dcwoy papers and his pro-Dewcy employers constitute some iniphty courageous journalism". . .3£x-Ambussa- dor Jos. E. Davjcs is niling- in a Washington hospital. After a col- npse...l thawt I'd die last night over at the Blue Angel, where out of a clear sky, a famed whoops ot up and shrieked: "Or would vou rather be a Swish?" CARL ERISSON sent me a note offering u one-word description of Goering—Pignoramus. . . M. Oakley Christoph. a colorful girl colyum- i*t of I-Jartford. pokes around the locnl night p!nces incog...Good word from tho Marine Corps about Frank Fnrrcll. His name is not on any of the casually lists. Ho was in the lighting on Peleliu. He's j been in the war over two yca'rs j now, A photo showing Frank with j other Mnrinoi- in a foxhole has i bin: looking so unconcernncl!. . . j The late Bunny Berigan will be j i.rnmortalii'od in a memorial album j of his recordings by RCA Victor'' next month I told the Sunday j Mirror that a good piece might be-| one about Alma Drange, in tho i Ziogfeld Follies from in'22 to 1920. i Alma is in charge of the Stork | checkroom now. MANY SOLDIERS signed a letter from Fort Bragg requesting mention of Margaret Connors, running against Clare Luce for Congress in Conn. They wrote: "We know from reading your column, that y.ou don't go in for strictly party politics, and give a candidate from either party a gopd word is deserved"...! wrote ihtm you have- mentioned Miss Connors often... I^OJ'Othy Arnold won't resume her screen career until she canvasses the Broadwny show producers. Reuben Mamoulian just tipped her off to. a grand role— and here's hoping she guts lucky ..Cong. Anderson's Congressional probors (on financial backers of certain outfits) have summoned Gerald L. K. Smith for next Tuesday!,..Isn't that wonderful? It is also about time! —YOUR GIRL FRIDAY. Looking at Life I HOLDS TWO DRAFT CARDS Toledo, O. (UP)—Detective Arthur Ness of. Toledo has lu'O draft registration cards—one 1 is •white, the other blue. The blue one was issued to him during "\Vorld War I and ho lias been carrying it for the last 27 years. By KHICII BI1ANDKIS I urn nil -for "the freedom of th press. It is one' of the fundamcn taf safeguards of democracy. But what is freedom of tho press How far should it t'o? Freedom is not only a. right, i in also a duty. .... No person .enjoying the blessing.. of freedom will violate the rule of decency, of ethics, of good tixste ot safety, just because he has ;. right HO. • There has been much talk abou the mistreatment -of the press H the Dumbarton Oaks conference. There has also been criticism o: exaggerated censorship at Quebec where Churfchill and Roosevol huve been meeting. I'll try to Illustrate my point of view about these 1 two. All over Quebec there were flags and decorations and pictures in the show windows and everybody in town knew what was about to happen, It was absolutely ridiculous to exercise censorship there just as it would bi> ridiculous for you to hide the visit of some relatives to youi house from the newspaper aftei everybody in' the neighborhood knew about it and had been invited to dinner. • But if you were preparing a. dinner and all your friends (and newspapermen) were to come out into the kitehciiT lift the lids off the pots, open the oven and sniff the various odors, that would bo bad tasio, annoying to the cook and it would spoil the surprise. At Dumbarton Oaks a meal is being prepared. That meal is going to be u surprise to the guests. Leave the cooks alone. When dinner is being served you can criticize It till you want, leave t a.'-jnc or got. a second helping-. Dumbarton Oaks is the kitchen. Quests and newspapermen and husbands should' stay out of the kitchen. Quebec is a parlor. It's a public •rtceplion. But when relatives and friends retire into the chambers to discuss Killer am'. Hirohito, Jicn. again, there should be privacy—• for the sake of safety and quick victory. Freedom of the press should be part Thomas Jefferson and part J£mily Post. ; It's as simple as that. (Copyright, 194-1, Syndicate, Inc.) King Features HUGH BATLLIE. United Press chief, now covering the war on the Eastern front, wires bnck that the Nazis aren't quitting yet. But some of Hitler's pals over here want us to.' ..Joan Arnold, dghtr of our managing editor (Hinson Stiles), shelved a swell job with a business firm to bo a chorine in the overseas troupe of "Mexican Hayridc." I adore watching her rhumba—nothing show-offy — just cliiss ..One of my friends .at Collier's tells me that back in the Spanish-American War our Navy was tho llrst to use rocket guns o nthe USS Vesuvius. When it was told to some top Admirals they were flabbergasted. LABOR LEADER LEWIS was the butt of a practical joker in a crowded Washington hotel foyer. Someone pinned a "For Roosevelt" button on his buck, and was he fee-yoo-rcc-us.'.. .Florence Pike is the real owner of Ruby Foo's Den. Her nex>. big branch is slnted in Philly. or. the site of tho old Bali ..Insiders say Mr, Hull and'Mr. Dulles didn't quite click, at all... Please do not put in any more of se steanky racehorse tips like Black Knight, which cost nearly everybody in town at least $2. I never heard such l.ingwidge! as a &«(fs car — y Dimple" A. liig- g-lobe map of ti'io world, standing un ;i desk, promotes modesty. WHEN VAUGHN MONROE i-c- umcs at the Commodore Thu'i-s- • ay night Marilyn Duke, the vo- alist, will be in the crew, 'nl- hough she just married- Peter ricn ,thc Boston amusement park lagnatc. , .The tradition of the ibulous Iz^-y Gome/, will live on San Francisco. Friends wiil reopen his famed place Oct. 15th. Just as I/.7.y loft it when he died ...Russell Patterson's enjoyable Pin-Up Girl drawings in the Mirror soon will be featured in 5th Avo. store windows, A mannikin firm has bought the rights to her facsimile, FITTED COAT—LEGGINGS POKE.BOMT Picture "her" in this iweet little fitted fleece coa> by BAMBURY with its Tyrolean motif trim. It comis in beige with red or green packets •'and collar. The leggings and bonnet match. Sizei I to 4. JANE FROMAN'S newest novelty will amnzo everybody when 'she resumes her career at a New York spot in Dec. She su'rc has gone through a lot ot agony since that plane crash.,.The redecorated at Miami Bench, they say, is more beautiful , than ever. Reservations all over that lown are practically gone alrcndy ..What tho Republican and Democrat analysts ,iro concerned about is this: They fear too many voters will think the "D" stands for Fiddling, we're told, is good for tlie soul. But rather hnrd on tho neighbors. MAKE YOUR FOOD DOLLAR LAST LONGER.AT Highland Grocery 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEf,. .1KBII nncco HA no. i COAT 15.95 MATCHING BONNET 2.00 * BUY WAR BONDS * SON COMKS THROUGH M»7* ~—(UP)— Thirty-' three years aeo. .Jo«eph loaned a millhn.nJ $100 to pay hl« .».«•• rnllpff! cxpeoHCfl. When ~" m borrower diedlt Skinner thought 'iif, more about the money. Rec«ntw!: he received^,* letter from hl« f J£ ; - rncr jeipploye!* fon, contnlhlnj -' 4 ':"• thank-you note— arid <i ch*ct r» • ' ™ JOHN THIBODEAU Specialist in Child Photographs Announces The FORMAL OPENING " ' OF". NAUG ATUCK'S OWN STtfDIO OF FINE PHOTOGRAPHS MONDAY, OCT. 2, By .Appointment Only Sunday, By Appointment THIBODEAU Photographic Studio Xeary Building (Hoom 20) Church Street' Telephone 2342 STUDIO HOURS:M2:30 TO 7:30'.DAILY . WITH SYL-0-JAMAS of SuedcMd flonn«lett« ALL FAST COLOR There'll b» o bedtime icng tn your heart when you cuddle in Schronk's "Butcher Boy" SyUO-Jomos. Made with jmooth rounded yoke, of worm Suedclla flanneJeff«, this delightful model has the pctented F/ol-Ecfc for snug deep. Sizes 32-40. • - FLANNEL WEAR — MAIN FLOOR FOR THOSE COLD WINTER NIGHTS! Schrank's SYL-O-MODE GOWN of Sueclolla flannelette ALL F.XST COLOR Sail down sleepy lagoon in blissful contentment —in your tailored bias- cut gown of Suedolla flannelette. This \vnrm Shirt w a i s t model by Schrank is trimmed with soft moss fringe. ' Sizes ; 34-40. The MILLER & PECK Co. WATERBURY — CHESHIRE ; t tf i

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