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Brooklyn, New York
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Ml THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE NEW YORK WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 21 1923 Fleet Commanders Called in Conference On Coming Winter Maneuvers of the Navy THIRD PARTY MOYE IR NEBRASKA FAILS FORD BOOM STARTS Announcing a Special Sale of Knox Hats For Women Trimmed and Tailored Hatsv(Mostly Samples) Special for Thursday Friday and Saturday4 The Prices 5M and 7- Are Less Than Actual Cost of Manufacture FACTORY RETAIL STORES vrtrra'AvrxOT Street Silver TXbleware Silver Tk Sets mmk 'v 72 Nostrand Are 601 Grand Ave Brooklyn A coefanoe of all A Beet oommnndem smo called by Admiral Ooowta Oominander-fB-Chfrf at tha Monday to deride a program for the coming winter maneuvers Photo shows leftAo right Bear Ad-MacDosgall Rear Atbnlral Dole Captstu Gberardl Admiral Ooowta Commander fai-ChW of the 17 Fleet View Admiral McCullough Bear Admiral Taylor la bock of Ulfr left to Ueuteuaat mander Capehart Captain Gannon Commander Smyth lieutenant Oommondrr White emf Neebti Why Does Not the City Accept This Free Park for the People Waterbary Conn standg high In the list of American cltlei that have had parka and playgrounds given to them by citizens who am filled with tho spirit Of tho brotherhood of min and who want their follow townsmen jo enjoy life In the open In 1919 tho Chase Company gave to Waterbury park of 700 acres and Mayor Sandtand In letter to the Board of Aldermen paid "This la a most magnanimous expression of civic pride timely and generous" and ho asked tho Aldermen to pass a resolution of appreciation and thanks Thla wig promptly dons and Waterbury Immediately entered upon the enjoyment of tho aplendld gift If the city offialila of New Yotfc had acted In thla way abontGerritsen Path on Jamaica Bay six yean ago when tho pork waa donated to tho city-by two leading cltlxew teeming population would have ever since been enjoying the luxury of a waterside pleasure ground second to none In the United States Tho opposition to acceptance by the city of this splendid gift hu been continuous and stubborn WHAT IS THE REASON? -H Progressivaa to Push Motor Magnate's Causa Without Farmer-Laborite Aid Omaha Neb Nov Plus to ham tho gathering hem rolled by Ray Harrop ofi Omaha National Tunpomry Chairman of tha Pm-gilealv party Amalgamate Progressives Farmer-La borlies and there af progressive tendencies Inta third party movement bam gun glimmering- Instead them ha com a bum far Henry Ford for President ud tha Indorsement by tha regular Progress! party of Nebraska of tb principles outlined at a meeting' of Progreerivea In Chicago Monday by tho group beaded by A Hopkins of New York The Henry-Ford-fOr-Prerident men will meet again today and more delegatee than tha representative of 14 States at lari meeting ar promised Last meeting was executive ud few persons knew of Mr Harrop aaya bo expects 18 States to bo represented ot today's session He oays ho expects ready agreement that Henry Ford la tho man tor President and that repro-sentatlves to tha Ford-for-Prerident conference at Detroit Deo 11 will be selected MoAdno Brats Ford hi BL Bloux Italia 8 Nov (By thsN Amortated Proos) When tho Mato propoml conventions of tho throe parties In South Dakota Republican Democratic and Farmer-Labor moot la Pierre Dee 4 unlnstruetod delegations vrlll choose their Presidential nominees In Republican ud Fsrmfr-Labor meeting while nomination of William Gibbs MeAdoo Democratic standard bearer appears assured uqa result of the conventions In each of tho 88 counties yesterday Nineteen countire representing 28128 votes indorsed tho candidacy of Mr MeAdoo In tha Democratic county cbnvontlona Four full counties whleh with scattered delegations carry a vote of about (800 camo out for Henry Ford to lead the Democratic ballot according to statements made by Krie Elfzon of Bloux Falls and Hlldebrandt of Watertown who led the campaign to nominate tha motor manufacturer The vote claimed for Ford some af which are contested by MeAdoo adherents would giro tha Detroit man about one-sixth of tho Democratic Votes of South Dakota ROCKEFELLER GIYES $50000 TO DRIVE FOR PROSPECT PIT John Rockefeller Jr hu agreed that $80000 from a meant fund given to tho beard of director of tho Brooklyn A be appropriated to tho campaign fund now being raised for a now building for Prospect Park This subscription wu added ta total and brings the entire amount subscribed ta 1111118a Othqr large subscriptions announced at lari rally dinner which waa attended by a large sum- her of campaign workers am follows: Frank I Babbott Jr $2(08 Van Brunt 11(08 Edw Du (ft 81008 Rufus Griggs $10(8 Herbert Ha nan $1088 John W- Cook general secretary of tho announced that tho cam-lgn for $280000 for a new build Ag for Flushing had been successfully concluded on Monday night with a total of $2l(000ln pledges with suhacrtptiou still coming In The Prospect campaign Is progressing satisfactorily and offl-rtala directing the drive expert to pass tha half-way mark toward th fi080009y tomorrow sight La Follette Sitting Tight With 7 Votes That Control Balance of Power in Senate 8 REFUSES TO MAKE TERMS WITH BERCDOLL i Waehlngton Nov ll Fromloeo that Grover Bergdell will return to thla country from Germany If tha Washington Government compllra with certain stipulated condition! aaM to amount to virtual Immunity for him ban been made to government officials by attorneys and others speaking for tha Bergdoil family These offers the Government has declined Officials declare they can enter no eompromlaa ogrooment but muot Inal at upon a fna amrelM of their poWon In tha event the draft evador la captured or returned to American Jurisdiction XMAS CLUB SAYINGS IN BANKS OF BORO CLOSE TO $4000000 Sinta Claua FundaSoon'to Dlitributod Among Dopoal- firtalc All Raeords Nearly 14081800 will be dle-trtbuted among the depositors of Brooklyn aavlngi banks beginning the first of next month no spending money far Chriatmaa Tha money the total accumulated during the post year In the so-called Christmas clubs of the saved for tha purpose of providing for Baste Oaua Boms of the money will be transferred to regular savings accounts but probably im ora than half of It will-be spent at the etefroa and should help to make the Christmas shopping Beeson big one for Brooklyn merchants The toflB approaching the H0M-001 mark lTil00t to bo oxaefr-amaohao all records In thla boro and la beUaved-to make a record tor ouy city of the country It la nearly 11000080 more than waa accumulated for teat Christmas whaa thn total here waa slightly under (1(000000 -Nearly 01000 dapoalton contributed to Christmas 1 Club accounts compared with lose than T0000 a year ago Tha money la deposited In small amounts each week gouorally a fixed amount but often aa Increasing amount weekly os the year pro-gteaaaa The Individual savings run from- pennies to dellare per wreak The Roosevelt Barings Bank on Oates ava near Broadway heads tha list of local mringa banka both la else of tha Christmas Club money and In the number ef accounta in fact the Roosevelt Barings has the biggest Christinas Club of any city la the world Last year the amount reached the round total of $1000000 This ywais if all the accounts am kept going to tha end which is about a weak off the total will bo $100000 Thom are 14000 Christmas Club accounts la the bank thla year Loot year them worn 11 savings banka in Brooklyn that -conducted Chriatmaa clubs thla year there am 18 aad next year several mom will be added to the list 1 The following table shows the amounts In the Chriatmaa clubs of tha various local saringa banka excluding onei whose figures could not be secured corps pared with the figures of lest year: AmaaaL DepeeKei Seek 1(11' 1(11 HU mt Bar ltMga0l4lH0 01IMM 4IH IMS Breveert HMH UN Bieaklm TINS 1111 City mMI HIM VMM 1HV DtmeWme 1TMM 1IMM V4H 4 HI Bkfre HMH HM I IN 1141 Has 1IMN 44 UN lTH fletbuN IMMS'fNIN INI INI Ometar WT 4HMI 4atM 14711 111N Omn print lit HI IHNI I IN INI PnManlM IIINf IHM UN 14N ReoMveH 1IHW 1ININ I4N0 I1K0 Bkljre HIM Ml Wntwit 1IUM 1I1NS UN Mavr HIM 14MI NT BRITISH POLITICAL PARTIES BASE FIGHT ON LLOYD GEORGE Ltboritoo and Conoorvativeo Wgg Campaign Mainly on Ex-Pramiar Paraonallty (Bo WMm to no Fsgte and Phflo PaOHo Lodgor Copyright 1M3J London Nov The general election campaign In the abort five day of Ita life has boon rounded into a semblance of form which gives some idea of how tha fight will program for oft least a few day It has shown that both liberals and Conservatives trill fight Labor on about tho hrii baata and that Labor and tho Conaarvatlvao will ao they ham already started to do make the fight against the Liberals chiefly on tho personality of Lloyd George At this Juncture neutral political observers hem believe that the Conservatives with their superior Organisation ham a momentary advantage and that should tho polling take place tomorrow tha Government would bo likely to'be returned but with considerably reduced majority Temporarily united the Liberal am au tiering severely from lack of organization which It waa Impomlble to obtain after split of several yearn standing 1 Moat of tha Conservative ei Which might bo lost am expected to go to tho Liberals nevertheless Labor Content to Hold nm It la difficult to believe that Labor Intends to make a malty aerloua Md (or power being content if it to possible to hold ita present strength The large number of additional candid tea which Labor headquarter a few days ago promised would com out haa not materialised and It would not bo surprising if tho party goes Into tbo fight with about tho sum number of candidate aa at the aleatlon a year ego -Today It la charged the party le1 absolutely indho hands of tho portal-lot Workers Internationale organized at Hamburg In May In which the British ham a very email minority membership It la understood that tho Conaervallma at least way they bam a very formidable card up their sleeves on Label's policy toward Russia at a time when moot abhorrent conditions prevailed in that country It la stated that them am hundreds of posters In tho archive of tho Government of the famllley fentsstlc Rrindan type which the Conservatives harm considered using In connection with tha campaign against Labor on Ita Russian pollen Tho Liberals am tha first fb make a play for tho women's vote Thetr argument Is and It has boon partially admitted by Premier Bald-win that household price would rise under a protective tariff' That la A new direct appeal InEngllah tariff flghta became women did not ham tha franchise heretofore DEFEATED AT POLLS RICH E-MAYOR OF YONKERS ENDS LIFE Yonkers Nov Mayor Walter Tauaotg was found thla morning Ip tho garage behind hie home a revelver near him and waa taken to a hospital where he died from a bullet wound In the temple believed by tho polios to ham been self-inflicted Ho in a brother of Frank Tauaalg tho famous oconomlat who served aa chairman of tho United Mates Tariff Commlesion and has been the- Henry Lea Professor- at Harvard alnoe 1181 The Mayor who waa reputed to bo wealthy waa the vice president of tho American Chain Company and waa Interested In a number of other large Industrial enterprises He wan active la local phltenthro-phles A Democrat he was defeated for m-election last November by Ulrich Wlaaendanger Republican -Coroner Edward Fitzgerald was called from Whit Plains to Investigate the suicide -Mm Taussig at the hospital declared according to tho police that If her hnaband had shot himself It waa became ha was extremely disappointed by Ms recent defeat From another source It was learned that tha Mayor yeaterday conferred with (local bank offlctalo regarding his financial affairs British R'R Union Gives £10000 to Campaign London Nov Tho National Union of Rallwaymen has donated 118888 from the 'organisation's treasury for tho election expanses of tho labor Party oxprosslng tho hope that Its example will act aa an encouragement to others The gift I we loomed by tho Leborltee whose lac of financial resources la much emphasized la their prom and by thdlr speakers Eagle Bureau 881 Colorado Building By JOHN BILLINGS Jr Washington Nov Senator Robert La rollette-fBattllng Bob" of has gone Into hiding With Mm bo haa taken seven sll-lmpcrUnt votes hu thereby tied up the general plans for organising the new Senate and brought serious anxiety to tho regular Republican leaders In that body Those seven votes form the balanco of power in the next Senate and unll La FOtietto declares his Intentions any' general arrangement for organisation hold water Emu his clou political friends do not know what tha Wisconsin representative proposes to do His silence asms the lull before the storm ThcRegulam on' he Hill feci that long as La Follette to talking they can arc Just whom he stand but when ho stop talking a danger signal The Senator hu been la town two weeks and peeped a pipe He hu conferred wltn no one Ha hu stubbornly waved aside all newspaper Interviewers Ha hu xdt been to hlKflllcH In tha Capitol Ha hu been aeen by no ona except hla immediate family At his home ho denlea all callers He hu shut hlirmslf off completely from the world Reports began to circulate hem last rreek that ho was 111 But hla friends laughed off this rumor and declared tho little Wlaoonsin warrior wu never la better fighting the pc although ho Is reported today being 111 la bed at home with a severe cold They explain hie retirement Just "sitting tight" nod waiting -for the magic hour to strike Others have made the euggeetiou that Inasmuch the Beaptor appears to hold the controlling votes In the nut Congress he considers it fitting for the regular party leaders to -call upon him and consult hie pleasure It Mo- seems to be another earn of hammed and the mountain What Thou Seven Votee The seven vote which La Follette Is carrying around in his pocket are besides hie own those of these six Senators: Henrik Bhlpsteed end Magnus Johnson of Minnesota Edwin Ladd and Lynn Frailer of North Dakota Smith Brookhart of Iowa ud George Norris of Nebraska By counting out thee seven vote It leaves the Republicans a margin of three In the Beute or numerically: Republican -40: Democrat 48 Unless the Republlcus will meet La Follette' term he hu the power to threw hlS'aeven votes to tho Democrat giving them a total WILLS FILED hausen to appeal VERDICT ON PORTION CHARGE Hiiitu Crim Investigator Call Decision ln-Jwtict" fgpectal to Tko JtaoU) KlBMl I Nov U-Ths oon-AUM of ChariM Hasten tha fgtar criminologist of bribery x-Mica and takinf ot unlawful fees jury in th Hum Counts CHrt yesterdV afternoon wax a Sick to bti man? fiienda ute-bo Ml that ho had proved hi tano-Htct Ha will appeal thecRan Sh the (orenan of the- Jury fa COreenleaf of Freeport pro- eaod tha verdict as ta-isl there vaa not a Btir la tha net Hr Hansen a wrtl nu ooun-4 iara expecting a verdict of no-MKtal aad the abort duration of the jrfT deliberation 18 mfoute' fiuvu Is to that belief: When tho Jury id Bounced and Judge Hum-I grrjr ueumod hla plaep the inch Mr Haaeea atoo to reoelved 0 verdict He area atuued whan to rA Hanaru Sireo i the Jury died out Mk Haifeon Intel forward Jo felv MM pedigree Kerman Bcholley Judge Hum her the remanded him to the duty Jail In the enatody of the duff antll Friday at pm lfr Sean went through the ordeal of pUl hla pedigree and he received Ha pneouncement of the court gSiat a tremor Ho then aat down hoa of the tar aeata on the noth it the room and wept -Ihry have taken from me that rikk I hold dearest In this world sped name" he said la rtiftous Injustice" HADED ON SORROW OF MOTHER WHOSE SON WAS HISSING Her Croeby ll vary tall a I fret and over was arrested Rfuterday afternoon as he (was the Columbia Hotel at ilt Ms at by Detective Giyas tamer Smith's young and aephew on a charge of at-tapW larceny At an taformal turtn before Maglatmte Dais la fr Alima Street Court this mern-kf he waa held In II 101 bail on taetarg ona of attamptod grand huay and tha other vagrancy Ha ut to jail for a week until hla wd may be looked up No one ball for him A Police believe thatfhe prla-" ko aeya hla home Is "up tha hu been working a con-kaptlble gamt to get the Whoro-fUMoliva He la a hloo-looklng with a dear eoraplaxibu and wjundlmmad by dissipation He JU'Jljtthat ha had been crooked JU MnfMMj thet he got the Men particular form of graft In a juwrurtion camp when ha worked beeauao another fsl-" good on it" IIrdrd Rorrowa wll -fhvnie to aeon nowapa-told mothara or the parenla looking for mlnalng Mery Hdgwwortb Ark- ndvortiood In SST "lory magaalno that aha mu kear faun bar mining rot hto oyo on ki TovS41to Brooklyn registar- Ihe rdumbla Hotel as wrote hlmoelf 15 In Manhat-Hm Jn Conmbla Hotel In the Ewort thua lied himMif then aa that ihT0 Then he telegraphed to Si Uttio Book the rnn BcMots and money kr 11 home nr um holt- I it orrjoyad mother telegraphed torthoomlng But "kiUHivr f1rca QuedUoued tha 5hel 51 who bud tele-tnCny' the J11 D- Rot jS Wu! pte poop!" to In-WT to tMo oaao 0n WM Detective iwworihl ook Hr tnS0 Ma the Fulton ot ad- the luat leav-Hwd hiit'S Lf tfl detective ar-jKS- "2 pointed out to tha Mlow4T the arreet Wttod r'Uby hT but WtwJ'wi" Pkrt dlaclond two In Vhi by to him-had Btreworth Ma to "hi MauhaU PutlntM tell ddrean and a that yon an Hire na from SL Ixmla He me atleSJfaS tL1 lor Trney lareony or MeoJlrt ct the malla The oUf-addnoood that ho hoe Um r'ng the game for some tSRS! lui? SPECIALTY robbing of briin (tqaIi opocialty ww SSL01! thw came tilled ZTnnrtay When the uollca mrn 5fW0J!" to pVplJ cut Bh klU n4 Erlch S5r-SiS3sS2K53: EMEILETA RELIES ON LOGIC TO SET HI FREE (ifootal to no EoptoJ Rlverheiul I Nov Johff Emelleta 11 ta trusting to th ola quonc and logic of his lawyer Nathan Petty assigned to defend him ta escape conviction of first degree murder th charge of having killed Lee Jong a charitable Chines laundry man ta hla shop on July 11 for no defense 1 botftg submitted Mr Petty began summing up this morning at th close of thn people! case On tha motion of Mr Petty Judge Furman removed from tbo- consideration of tha Jury tha third count alleging first degree murder during tha oom-mission of a felony a robbery This wu regarded an adroit victory for Mr Petty ud tt may mean tha lessening of th degree of convlrtlnh although District Attorney Young declared thorn Is enough premeditation ta th other two counta to secure a conviction ta tha first degree Edward Nugent Clerk Of th Elisabeth Folloe Court testified to a voluntary and signed statement by Emelleta who Nugent said frankly admitted going to tbo laundry to ron Jong Md beating him over tha head with an Iron pip Hi companion ta tha erimsi John Ry 17 accord- Ing to Nugent first throw pepper In eyes when they entered th laundry and then Emelleta hit him With tha pipe Thotqu Parker turnkey at' Ihe jail teetlfled that when Emelleta wu previously IA th Jail ta 1121 had told' him Parker that when ho cam book from prison he would th Chine so would never aquul again' This wu claimed to bo In revenge Jong having Emelleta sent to JalL i i MIOUAXL ROACH of III SpHWt tar roars a mombor at tha Fir pm pariRiifit glad Maaday at hi horn was for maajr yoari a Hllormaa ef hook and laddor oompaar 10 nd IT roam as maUsiMd te sparlal duty at tn Or phoom Theater whore- had hn Ha waa horn- In DuMIfa-Ireland -aad had rooldad In thla hare 04- (4arfa tto- te wnlnd hr (oar moo William Jamas Jalm aad Frank aad a daarfctor Hargarot IteuL' wa a amnihar th "Haktes" th Ualtermod rirmate iteBltlai th 00-Toar Vttaraa Flroa 4 Aa4aalattaa th ltertahw -Club? th Fire Dapertmaot Holy Ham Motety tho Asdraw JaekaanPawmatle riulmnf th 11th A D- and aaa at th Mr JMpart-toast aadowiaaat oaoDriattaan was IW IS yaars a porlahlnaav 'C th Homan Csthella Charah st mFatrfrk Kaat aad Wllloashhy irfh whtr a mam r- alm will bt tomorrow awnuag ol 0:08 la tor moat wlh ho ta Holy Crom Comotery I JOflEFK JAMFg RHARglY Of tn late Jama Bharkty aad Mary Aart Mo- Ooralck Oharkoy dlad Moaday ovoalag at hla horns 114 Balahrldss at Ho was dun tod at ths (acted Bait hctlluto and fnr maay ycorc a member of the Sacred Haart Church fa Clrrment ova Ro-eoatly hs-waa a mombor of Italy Itonry a Chore whan oolama mam of roqaloni' will be (old aa Thanday more-big at 1 o'clock Ho was omployed ter many year la a elorlcal capacity by Xa Judd Co af aad la sur-vlvod by his wits tllllaa Shaw Iharkayi sac daughter Eiloen four staters Mrs U' Baser Mrs A nomedoll Mm Wv aes Mrs a Oraahara aad oaa brothtr William a Sharkey af Chleosfa Iatarmont will la Calvary Camitery MHN LOCUM lAUBKH RCH4HFKIL (0 years old at II Rldsmroad avs died Sunday st bar hams Sha woo 'horn la Oormoay sad had rooldad a somber of run la Bait How York aad bsMagod te tha Arllastea Amaa Pnshytarlaa Chore Oh la survlvad by her huabaad 'Loots ehaofori thn sons Frederick George and Hmll Bchaater aid thn dooshters Mm Mary Orhwaaar Mm Rooa dehwaaav aad Mm Louie Motels yaaeral eervloe won held loot nlsht at I clock Interment was la rerun no Cemetery HARRY BRADLEY aa Immlsratloa biopoeter died yoaurday at his horns IIS llth A Ms was bora la Manhattan aad was a resident at this bon Kr 1 roam Ha lo oarvlved by his wits Ethel Bradlay aad a daushter ones Tho tenoral will bo hold from hie late home tomorrow afternoon at 1:10 o'clock -latere moat will ha In Holy Croae Cemtery IU GKJfBVA SCLArANL wife at Sclofaat well-knowa cl(W atanufM tanr dlad on Monday night st tha boon at her mother Dr Bmmoala Cappla II Iprlng it Manhattan Ihe reelded at 1107 lid et Baaaonhunt end waa prominent ao a itBger and la Red Crom ud other rellrf work IU ELLEN a ROACHRxwlfo af Thomas Roach of 1114 Olenwood rd died on Moaday after a auddea lllnees Bh wu bora la Peanaylvula Md had redded In thla bon for If yram Bhe Is urvlred by her hiuhand Char denzhtara Holan Marls Mm Elluhath Wtfntr lad Mm Marjorie Coaloo and tw deters Julia sad Elizabeth A mam of nqulazf will be aald tomorrow mornlns la St J-mate's Church st 1:11 detach lae ter meat will be la It Cematorih GREEK CONSERVATIVES WONT JOIN IN ELECTION? Athens Nov Th ConMrvnr tire party bended by George Rhallyn today announced that In view of the conditions under which forthcoming elections era to be held the party could not participate ta them Another Talk By Helen Worth "Married life Ir Tha Eih AadttorauR Wedneidajr Naremler 28 At II tm Then will so duigs far sAqiriioa QueM ioa either ia writio at mad from 9w floor wifl suwtnJi BAY SHORE POLICE NEEDED TO FIGHT LIQUOR SMUGGLERS (Apodal to Tho EagMJ Bay Bhore I Nov Not only am tho ohurohta of thla Protestant domination taking pa active part ta tb cleanup of rum-running ta blip Townahtp bul tha Catholic Church (roll hu given tho movement moral If not actual support Thom la a tendency among tho forces ef righteousness to stamp out tho Illicit trad and to go tho limit in Its endeavor Tha project I of sueh great magnude that all work for soma Umo to corns will be don quietly ud foiling In thla ethor menu will be adopted Complaints have bea made to tha offloa of tho New York Bteto police stationed hem but they am almost powerless their selsurea In this line amounting to only a drop In a full bucket Th Coart Guard on Fire Iriand could If they saw fit take radical rtopa to eliminate tt greater l-art of th rum-runttlng by pouting their men at tho extremely narrow Fire bland Inlet which to tho principal point entry to tho Great fiouth Bay aay thou behind tb crusade Ao first step to aid th Community Clvlo Conference whloh meets once monthly will be enlisted Ths Town Board will bo petitioned to establish a police district In Bay Shorn with a view of having the newly created police officer aid the Mate Trooper Bay Bhore is au unincorporated village and for that reals under th Jurisdiction ud patrol of the Btste polio ta all mat-tare criminal Aa In Ioltp which Is also governed by th Town Board It will not ha tha objoot to Imprison offender or even to ooere by threat of Jail sente noaa to abolish tn rum haven that hu existed si no th wet fleet took up their station Just off Fir Island BUDAPEST IN ROW (Bp Wirtlcu to no Xoplo sad FMa FaMia Maori Copyright lttt) Budapest No Whathwr a doctor ta obligated to keep a crip pled baby alive to being passionately discussed in Budapest medical circles The controversy was aroused by th us of a Prof fiochen who attandlny a birth saw tho baby wu deformed ud refused to out open Its Ingrown mouth permitting th baby to dto His colleagues ar vehemently attacking tho professor who says ho wanted to avoid much pain to th parents and tho child Ills critlcv argue that tha child might hava had a brilliant mind which would benefit hupianlty quicker finding of tho 4ody by the police giving them a hotter trail to work upon would not hav resulted In the capture of tha murderer Perhaps moat celebrated case of thla kind Md one that te otlll freah la tho minds of tho people of tho Greater City Is ths murder ot Ruth Cruger whom body wu found burled beneath a Harlem v'blcyete hop owned by Alfredo Coochl In this com tha police Investigating ths girl's mysterious disappearance tailed to dig tha cellar of th building occupied by CoeehL It wu only after Mrs Grace Humlgton a Manhattan attorney secured permission several months later to dig at her own expense that tho body of Ruth wu found buried oeveral feet below the collar floor By this time the girl's murderer had fled to Italy where he wu Inter caught and tried for tho crime Had Cellar OoucreML Old Broohlyfittee trill probably remember the murder of Mr Matilda Breiteg who wu reported-missing from her home at 121 lid st during th latter part of December 1801 In that cue which wu baffling on for tho police It wu raggerted by a lieutenant to tho captain ta chargo of the precinct Md who wu superintending the search for tho missing woman that he dig up the cellar of tho Breiteg home: It had been learned that Carl Hreltag who was Inter convicted of tho orima of murder hnd caused tho cellar of his residence to he concreted almost Immediately with the disappearance of Mrs Breliag Tha -captain demurred fearing the reepoiMlblllty th search of th crtler should prove futile Ths Ueu-tenut however offered to pay tho upenM of digging tho cellar out of hte own pocket If hte theory should prove wrong! Tho captain grudgingly gave hte consent The work of digging tho cellar was begun In the 'presence of Breiteg when he melng that ths police were on the right trail turned to the captain and Mid "Dig over there" Tha eaptam did so and within a few mlnntra the body of Mrs Breffkg wu expoMd to view How About the Future? In dlsnumlng these canes which were brought to mind by the finding of the body of Irving Pickelny a number of persons last night wondered If In tha event of the disappearance of somebody under similar circumstances the pollre trill continue to Ignore tho cellars of the home of tha missing person and the cellars In tha Immediate vicinity and permit the perpetrator of an outrage to slip through their fingers or If they will profit by tha four-fold example before them and at one Institute a prompt subterranean search for tha missing ona and perhaps by the quick finding of a body get a fart start ta ths hunt for some future criminal Police Ignored Cellars in NqmlMurderCasesMany Bodies So Hidden of 18 and a majority or four over the Republicans end thereby upsetting all the plans for organising tha Be nets The Old Guard realise the truth of this situation ud with the gathering of Congress less than fortnight away am afflicted with uncertainty and dismay The six Senators named ar La FollettCa devoted follower They would do anything for Mm' and ha knows It Their own power Mndo them cloaer together Five of them am new men In the Senate and they look upon La FollMto and hie Ideal come divine political Incarnation Norrl a Senator of long experience hu bun hla ally for year They am rloee personal friends and Norris hu tho utmost trust In honesty of thought end action Norris Is going to retire after thla term In offle Ho hu no personal ambitions ud ho Is glad enough to take second place ud put La Fotletta In tho lead His friends declam that La Follette hu now fulfilled tho ambition of a decade to wield tha whlpst authority In tha (taut In tha Jill campaign ho went out and worked like slave to secure the election of them moo who today maka Ms little legion Ho worked against tho Old Ouafd on tho stump pnd won Ha hu Tiowypre pared to carry tho fight on to tne Senate floor President ol Benat The meet spectacular contest of strength will probably come when the matter of electing a presiding officer for tha Benat to succeed Calvin Cool Id arise Albert Cummins of low to president protein Ho to also chairmen of tho Interstate- Commerce Commltte which handle ralliud legislation on of La Fellatio's pat subject Tha next ranking member on this committee I La Follette himself Tho question arises: Can Cummins bo elected President of tho Renat ud eontlnua chairman of this Important committee? If Cummins should drop tho committee La Follette would bo Its chairman Old Guard leader want Cummins to hup his chairmanship Just to hup La Follstle out ud at tho aama time preoldo over tho Banal Tha La Follette group object strenuously to this double arrangement Cummin they say muot give up one office or tha other Tha suggest! cut hu been mods to run Norrl uba Progressives1 candidate for President of tho Re nets And them la nlwayo tha possibility that unlooo tho Republicans mak terms with La Follett hla seven vote may ultimately go over to tho Democrat electing one of their members to tho Renata presidency But In tho meantime Robert Lo Follette ta holding aloof from tho broil of preparing to'brgulse tha Renat The now means not Marios but Mum BARBARA LA MARR HA8 BLACKMAILER INDICTED Los Angels Cal Nov Her-mu Both Hollywood attorney ar-mrted on charge of attempting to obtain money' from Barbara Ia Marr motion picture octree by threats to file a divorce complaint naming her defendant ud listing 17 member of the motion picture colony co-respondent today wu Indicted on a charge of extortion The Indictment chargnRoth with accepting $804 from Mice La Marr manager Arthur (lawyer to prevent publication of tha assertions that Mine La Marr and Sawyer had been unduly Intimate (lawyer It to charged wu to have been llried among the co-recpondenta In Ihe proposed divorce action PUNCHES DETECTIVE Nathan Jones 11 of 818 Buahwlck was arrested in a Broadway train early today after -he punched Detective Daniel Wilson In the face Jones wu making considerable noise In the car and Wilson also a passenger protested Jones told him ro mind hie business and Wilson told him thet he wu a police offleer whereupon Jones slapped hie face the detective allege He will be arraigned In the Williamsburg Court on a chargo of disorderly conduct Sure Relief FOR INDIGESTION tgwarsTTQBj 1 6 Bellans Hot water Sure Relief ELL-ANS 298 and 799 hduH tveryrimre Trials lt71tMMUIIiM IIH7 II7H aummary mads publlo today of the Christmas (Hub funds throughout the country ahowa a graad total of 1111000100 acumulated by more than 8000000 depositors The amount la an Increase of 010000040 ovytr that of teat year and la surges-tlvs of general prosperity throughout the country Now York Slate leads all others with a total of $10014410 deposits Baeond to Now York State la Pennsylvania with a total of $11870400 Thou Maaaoohusetts with 4 NEWS BRIEFS i Mm Benson of MB BnlUvoa at appaalod to Tha Eagjo today to help bar And A $400 diamond barpln pro-ed to her by her brother woo died la mneo with A Mm BeMon aald aha worn tha pin on hor drub with the safety catch dosed Bhe mimed after her walk of several blbcka 'from the place where her ear was parked on Uvlngvton at to a nearby atom Henry Allan Price who boa been a member of Plymouth Church for many yearn will give program of Interpret I ve reading andeonge at tha church oh Thursday evening Mm Pries will be at the piano The proceeds will be devoted to the work of tha church Joarph Wtnkowekl of BOB Huron at was lined 0(0 and waa com-1 mltted to Jail for three dayo by Magistrate Doyle In the Flushing Court yesterday following hla conviction on a charge of driving ao automobtla at 01 miles an hour on Queens Boulevard By FRANK WIIBON the finding of tho body ot Httle giving Pickelny ta the cellar 'of a grimy East Bid tenement yesterday recalls th finding of other bodies where th murderers sought to eon-bool th tracA of tbelr crime by hiding th bod! of thrir victim ta tha depth of dwelling houses In every logtanc aav that of th Ptckslny boy tho body of th victim wu found either In the cellar of th plac where ha or sha lived or ta th building where th crime wu committed In every case with th exception of tho Breiteg murder which took "place In Houth Brooklyn yean ago th police Investigating tho orima failed to locate tha hiding plac of tho murder vtatlma Ia tho Brel tag murder it wu only tho Inalrtoue of a Junior officer who compelled um offleer In chargo of the march to agree to tha digging up of a nowly concreted oallar that tod to a discovery It ia th woidor of parsons discussing th murder of Irving Pickelny how In each case police official otherwise considered efficient have consistently fallod to look ta Milam for traces of person reported missing from homo whom crime wu suspected ud how In almost every Instance it hu remained for cl vl liana to show tii way to ths police In thu location or bodies of victim hidden In underground recesses The Bruao Caee Th morttrecent cam wu that of 8-year-old JOMphlna- Bruno whose mutilated body wu found In the cellar of hor homo at 1(1 Prospect sty which Is located ta a section mainly Inhabited by foreigner and te lo rloM proximity to tho Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges Md ths Navg Yard Ths small remaining native population ta that district I mainly poverty stricken and of meager education Josephine wu reported missing Into on Saturday night last April to the police of th Poplar st police talon and while the polteo wem hunting the highways and byways of tho district adjacent to her home the email crumpled form with tt head crushed In lay within a few feet of th windows of tho apartments occupied by th child's parents It remained for a woman neighbor of the bereaved family who went to tha cellar early tho next morning lo get fuel to etomble upon tho body of the dead girl Tha police were called- tn and tha body pointed out lo them Their' followed days of eeaseleM activity on the part of the detectives ta an effort to apprehend the slayer 1 Th Bruno murder Is still one of tho unsolved mysteries of tha Police Deportment Persona wonder If prompt search of the cellar ud a ANNia STOHXY (IT Ilk at died Oet II 1110leavlagu Mists eC 011IN te hte kesksfaU JereMH Merer MART WILLIAM 1147 741k (L dted Fs I 1(10 taevtag ea aetata 1 1 IN to Iwe 400 william aad Artkxr CL William aad a daughter YUM Williams ItOBXRT WIIDMNK (14 Kalety st dlad Joe 14 1(1 tearing aa mtata ef 011(0 to daughter Bias I Statekawr XQHtk MeCOT 710 Praaldast at dlad Nay 1 1(1 leaving aad Mate ll(M te nvea neleea and see sephew HERMAN fRUWIRTH 11 fr-pest pL dial Oet 1 lit leaving as antate at about 010(0 te big widow Jaaephlna Crawl rth LOUIS STRULLKR (I Ftempant at dlad Oet I 101 tearing ornate at morn -the II00N te tw caudni sad Ihlrtaea frleeda JACOB HOWE 111 14 0th et died Oet 1 1(1 taovtog ea estate et 1(N te twe senates ANTON PITKK 14 delta at Olnd Nov 1(11 leering aa aetata et 004 te hi ae Pater end we daughter Aeala dckwled end Hmme Hew trandnoa JsMph Punch pud twe Mends JEROMU" EDWARD MOURE 100 RL James pt died Aug (1 1(1 leering estate ef 0100 te hie widow Ell MART MrDONALD 014 (Uk at dlad Rnpt 1 1(11 tearing ao estate ef 100 te ns Prnaria end rig dseahtera MART ELISA II RTM EAOTLAND MU Eastern parkway dted Oct 1(1 tear ter ee estate ef 100 te her kukaad Joke I CHARLES RLAIRDEnL ISIS Bush-wick tarsi ilod Mev 11 teavles aa aetata ef ever 07110 te hla widow Press a and hla so Charles Bldte-dIL GORDON HALL 144 Cllntee at dted Oet I 111 tearing ee notate ef (lt4 te hte riri nr -In-taw Henrietta Halt end hlv brriher Lewie Alfred end Overge A end hie asjhaw Theodora utter GERTRUDE EOWE 1(10 Cato nv died Snpt 10 teerleg ee estate ef 0110 her natef Amy BeMi her asorin Meade Smith Fire and Earthquake Japan Biiiipn Dollars Toklo Nov $1 (By tho Awodsted Homo Minister Goto today told tho Associated Frees that In biz opinion' It would cost the govern ment and tho various municipalities two Mlllou yon ($188) 808080) Ir repair tho damage resulting from tbo great earthquake and fire "This Includes" said Goto "the money to be spent on tho plan which I submitted to tha reconstruction board the coat of which we cut down by the Finance Department to 70404008 yen" Tha Homo Mlntater further explained that the money voted for Ihe reconstruction board would be divided aa follows: 418000800 yea 'to Toklo 118088)0 yen to Yokohama tha rest of tho ontalde district and administration This money Is lo bo spent on road a canals harbors primary schools park water works markets municipal building In addition the government proposes to loon or guarantee the Toklo district about 11400800 ynu Toklo City 171000000 yen Mans-gawa Province 1008900 yea and Kokohaao 40000000 yen.

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