The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1954 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1954
Page 20
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8~Algorta (la.) Upper DM Maine* Tuesday, November 9, 1954 Winter "is slipping up on us. li does no good, to; protest'that it's far too early, for you can't argue with the weather- man. Few people enjoy the idea of> winter coining, and no wonder, for it's the season' that's so cold that even the wind howls >about it. * * * As the seasons change, so do sortie of the problems at ,out house. After reminding the children all summer to leave tht- doors so we can have some fresh air, they are finally heeding our advice. Now that it's getting cold, they leave them wide open and the air that comes in now it> far too fresh. But we no longer have*, the job of searching the neighborhood for lost shoes; now • it's mittens tha,t are being lost, and like shoes they always seem to lose just one out of a pair. It seems only yesterday that 1 was nagging Father to put on the screens, but now we are hunting for a weekend warm enough to put on the storm windows. * * » Ai least there is enough Variety in the problems that comes up in a household where, there are growing children to keep the parents from being bored. We sort of learn to expect the unexpected. There's a crisis nearly every day for most of us and, as one of my readers, Mrs Wilbur Roeber of Whittemore found, you're not even free from them in church! » •* • There was a mission rally at Mrs Roeber's church recently and since Mr Roeber sings in the choir, she'Was left to manage the four youngsters.. A niece offered to take care, of the daughter, Diane and as Mrs Roeber retched in her pocket for a keep-quiet bribe for .the little girl, she dropped her purse. It wouldn't have been so bad, but the purse contained 'the baby's bottle which broke,-naturally, and the milk began trickling all over the vestibule floor. She handed baby, Randy, to the niece, wiped up as much milk as could be absorbed in a dainty handkerchief arid then made a dash for home and another bottle. This was a must for the baby hadn't eaten since early morning. < * * * When Mrs Roeber returned, the ushers were kind enough to seat her at the back of the church. By then it was time for the older boys to make their presence known. One of them poked his mother in the ribs and announced in one of those carrying voices children reserve for' church, "Mom, I can't see anything." The other one said, "Those stupid guys. This isn't a good seat. I'm going up in front!" Mamma's temperature was rising steadily while'she sat there holding the baby with one hand, and trying to to push her hat where it belonged with the other. Then the baby playfully pulled off one earring and Mamma had to try to replace it. Is it any wonder that so few mothers can give an accurate resume of the sermon after they've been to church? Jerry Bob Mariinek, little son of the Harold Marinek's of Wes- ley; has a dog which he named Beko, Jerry Bob loves Beko very much but he doesn't pet him any more. When the Martirfeks were • away a few weeks back, they pu 1 . Beko in a pen out-of-doors. The- dog had an uninvited guest— a skunk who forgot his manners and, among other things, bit Bekc on the leg. The Martineks couldn't find the skunk and fearing that the intruder might bo rabid they took the dog to the veterinarian for shots and kept the pel isolated from Jerry Bob. The quarantine period is now over, the perfume evaporated but Jerry Bob still won't go near the dog. He waves at him, throws him kisses and from a good, safe distance sagely exclaims, "Beko stink!" • * * There is a deodrant thai advertises, "Don't be half safe", which I mUst have had in mind the other evening when I was dressing to go out. I have two small jars with green tops. One contains pink foundation cream; the other pink deodrant. This was one of those frequent evenings when 'I wasn't very sharp so I applied the foundation cream to my underarms and when I came to, I found I was carefully smoothing the deodrant on my 'ace. Oh well, it wasn't nearly so unpleasant as the time I tried to brush my teeth with a tube of lily of the -valley flavored hand cream. • * * There is usually a lot of good- natumi horse play at weddines and the -Mary Alice Fox-Keith Campb-ul wedding was no exception. In between the cere- monv ard the reception one of the guests decided that it was high time to take the lovely bride for a ride An automobile was too ordinary and sincfe he works at a local implement store he chose that place to take Mary Alice and the bridesmaids for a tour in their wedding finery. Our daughters were playing in the house across the street and they were very interested spectators They rushed home to tell me about it. One of them asked, "Say, Mamma, when a'girl gets to be a liride and has a white dress wedding, does she hafta take a ride- on a manure spreader?" * * * Donabel Richardson was out ot to-yyn/a while back. Donna Kay and Donald stayed with 'friends ind relatives, but Bob, Sr. and Bobbv were left at home to batch it. Donabel half dreaded the unwashed dishes, unmade 1 beds and the stream-about clothing she thought would be waiting for her uoon her return, but she was pleasantly surprised. The house was neat as a pin She complimented her men rather fulsomply on their housekeeping abilities and she decided it was just modesty that made them act a littl^ sheepish at her words. A few days later her n e x t- door neighbor, Mrs Glen Shank was talkimg to her over .the; clotheslines. Mrs Shank said, "I hope you didn't think it presump- tious of me to come in and slick up your house while you were gone.'' This has been a busy week with the election, meetings and school conference. I enjoyed my trip to school and had a very complete summary of what our kids are doing in third and sixth grades. Kindergarten conferenco comes next week. It's nice to know that while we aren't raising any geniuses nt our house, al least we don't have any dumb- heads. * * * I'm real proud to be on the First Ward receiving board at the election for We were all through at 12:30 while some of the boards worked until five a.m. or later. I know ours is one of the smaller wards, still I think lots of credit for our early finish should go to our very efficient counting board. We had a good tirtie on election day. We'had a chance to visit and we had coffee and lunch in' the dull spaces around our duties. We usually get a little needlework done while we are working at the polls and although we had a steady stream of voters we accomplished' some this year. Her Honor, Amy Geering waF making a lovely hairpin lace stole, Mrs Ferguson was working on bath mats for the Congregational bazaar and there was some crocheting done. Grace was not very fancy in her handwork. She hemmed plain, ordinary dishtowels and it's about time, too. Her towels are a disgrace and should all be used for dust- cloths. • * * This week's recipe came to me over the phone from Mrs Clarence Frtiser. It's called, More, and it will serve from 16 to 20 people. If there is something in it your family or guests don't particularly like, just leave it out and you still have a good casserole. More 1 big onion, sliced 1 clove garlic ? tablso. butter 1% pounds ground beef 1 tsp. salt 1 No. 2% can tomatoes 1 pound charp cheddar cheese, cubed 1 pound noodles or broken spaghetti 1 pkg. frozen green beans. 1 pkg. frozen peas 1 pkg. frozen corn 1 No. 2 can ripe olives 1 small can pimientoes, sliced 2 cans tomato paste parmesan cheese. Brown the onion and garlic in the butter. . Remove garlic. Add the beef and cook just until the redness disappears. Add the tomato and simmer for ten min. Add the .cheese, stir until melted. Meanwhile cook noodles in salted water until barely tender. .Cony bine the frozen vegetables in a saucepan and cook until thawed. Add to the meat, tomatoes, noodle mixture. Pour into an oiled baking pan. Use a big one; Pour the toamto sauce over all, sprinkle with the parmesan cheese and bake in a moderate oven. This is a good recipe for buffet or pot-luck suppers for it stands a bit of waiting. '—GRACE. LuVerne Girl To Air School LuVerne — Miss Sally Shirk, daughter of Mr and Mrs Hugh Shirk of LuVerne, left recently for Cheyenne, Wyo., where she will begin a five weeks' training course with United Air Lines. The training program is designed for those who wish to become stewardesses. At the completion of her training program, she will be assigned as a stewardess with United Air Lines. A graduate of Grinnell college, she spent the summer in Europe. SERVICE GASOLINES AND OILS Were Selected For A Major Portion Of The EQUIPMENT AND TRUCKS USED TO PERFORM THE NATURAL GAS INSTALLATION WORK IN ALGONA We are proud of the choice of CITIES SERVICE products for the greater part of fueling and care of rolling equipment on this major achievement in Algona, and deem it a tribute to the high quality of gasolines and oils now being produced by Cities Service. We are always happy Jo sell a gallon or $00 gallons! v vtffctttH R.R.HUTZELL Returns His • i. Stolen Car \ Whtttemore — Robert Reding left the latter! part Of .-last week for Vibla, Kart., to bring back his car which was stolen from Kent's parking lot in Algona. Bob missed his car Wednesday evening when he Was through working at the Kent garage and Was going home. He stated that his car was locked and he had his keys in his pocket. The car Was located some 50 miles south Of, Kansas City. Hospital Patients Jack Farrell and Mrs Emmanuel Ostrom are patients at St. Ann hospital in Algona, Mrs George Meyer is' at Lutheran hospital and Mike Koppen is at Mercy at Fort Dodge. Mrs Mary Kleinfehn is at Mercy hospital at Mason City. Mrs Mathilda Meyer was at St. Joseph's hos* pitai at Sioux City Friday for a checkup. «* . A number of relatives of Mr and Mrs Henry Dackeft gathered ai their home Tuesday evening to help Mr'- Daflkeft celebrate his birthday; 800 wls played. PhyM ys Kain Won; higTi lot the women •and Mrs Henry'KueckiJov/. Hen-* ry Kueek, won high for men and Ernest Nat/man, low. ' Mi's Louis ''"Braatz entertained Mrs>J. B.'.KJeeJaiVMrs 'Dorothy" Rosendahi; - arid Mrs .Harry- Schmeling at her home at cards Thursday evening. . Mr and Mrs > James B. Geelan had as guests at their home Wednesday, evening Mr, and Mrs L. Duffy and 'daughter Anita, r Mrs Dorothy Rosendahl, Danny "and Kay .Frances, Emeline Farrell,' and Theresa Busherfeld. The Geelan's showed a number of films, they took when on- their vacation. Mr artd Mrs Sam Mogler entertained a number/of: relatives at their home Siihday evening in honor of their son, Marvin, who is home on a furlough from Camp Chaffee, Ark. . . x Mr and Mrs. Ferdinand Ostwald took their daughter, , Leola, to. Fort Dodge "Sunday where Miss Ostwald ' will be employed at Lutheran hospital. 11 •: San-day- evening' diafler,. guisis at the home of Mr and Mrs,Harold Winkel Were'Mr f and Mrs Lawrence Menke, Mr and Mrs Richrfrd,Menke .and family, Mr aha-Mrs-Ralph Menke! and fam 1 - ily, Mr and Mrs George Rahe, ahd' famfly, Mr and "Mrs, John Menke. Mr:, and. Mrs Walter Menke Ind'family 1 , Mr "and Mrs Arthur Menke and family, Mr and Mrs James Menke and family, ,'Mf ahd Mrs Herbert- Soh5l2 an* ftfrtifly.i JfggS Menke,' Philip Dopey* Jbhn Dudding, aftd Dar* rell' Nemmers of Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Leroy Wesselmatt' of Wesley,' Mr and ,Mrs Alfred Menke and family of Ledyard, Mrs Donald Williams of Council Bluffs,* and Pvt. Robert Menke of Camp, Chaffee, Ark, ' > • The South Side 500 club met with Mrs Anna'Baas and'daugh> ter, Elda, Wednesday evening! Mrs George Maahs won high'; 1 Margaret Fandel, low; and Mrs; Anna Wehrspaftn -received the travel prize. . • : Mr and Mrs Francis Fandel and family visited with Mr and -Mrs Eugene Rochleau at Algona Sunday evening. They also Visited with Jack Farrell who is ,a patient at St. Ann hospital in Algona. Balsa wood is about half as heavy as cork, v Read The Want Ads-ltfaysl. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Dealer CITIES SERVICE CONSIGNEE Service Station Bulk Wagon Fuel Oils Weve :* 'AMERICA'S MOST MODERN FUEL: And For Our Gas Equipment We Chose One of P. R. IRONS "National Makes" FAMOUS BRYANT TRDEMARK Thinking of heating with GAS? To be sure of enjoying the advantages of gas heating, buy your Bryant Winter Air Conditioner now from stocks that are* readily available. Don't take a chance on possible future shortages. Call us today for a survey of your requirements. No obligation. brqont AUTOMATIC GAS WINTER AIR CONDITIONERS truant UNIT HEATER 1 UNIT HEATER FOR YOUR STORE Reduce heating costs! Melt wintry drafti at doorways I Provide comfort for tustomert and employees with a Fully Automatia Bryant Unit Heater, ECONOMICAL e CLEAN HANDSOME Wherever and whenever —. in places where • Natural Gas has been long in use — you talk about gas-fired equipment, you always hear one name brought up repeatedly. That name is: "BRYANT" Wherever and whenever you talk with a homeowner who has installed gas-fired equipment that he brags about, it's a sure bet that he's . talking about: "BRYANT" And Wherever and whenever the question of top- quality gas-fired equipment comes up. there's a name that is pretty sure lo come up: That name, too, 1st "BRYANT" P. R. Irons Heating & Plumbing is proud to tell you that it is the local dealer for famous BRYANT gas equipment, and we can offer you a full line under this respected brand. Before you install, investigate what BRYANT has to otter. We believe you will be most pleasantly surprised. For Perfect Protection ... Agalntt RuU and Conation... For long, Dependable Ufe . . . For Cryttal-Clear Hot Water Alway* ... U't ... I CALL TODAY! trqanl GLASS-LINED AUTOMATIC CAS WATER HEATER A Perfection Perfection Perfection P. R. Irons Heating & Plumbing plso is dealer and headquarter* fpr the well-known PERFECTION gas-fired furnaces ... in a tize and type for. any and every home. Perfection gives you a dpllar-for-dollar value that is unmatched anywhere. For the full and complete story en this famous brand — PERFECTION - we cordially invite you to consult with us. A $121 FOR EVERY HOME See Us For The Top Makes In Gas-Fired Equipment P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING si? EAST MCGREGOR Algona, Iowa Phone 523-W

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