Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 13, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1896
Page 3
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\ it- now be devoted to. .other uses., Its former delightful. Knelling aa4 delicious tasting contents are duplicated in quality and flavor In None i Sncli Mince Meat, n pure, whole-j some, cleanly made preparation for j mince pics, fiuit^caltc and fruit; puddings, •' '"'• ; ' NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT saves the housewife long hours ,i of wearisome .work and gives the,! family all the mince pie they can: desire at little cost. A package .snakes two large pics. . ioc. at all grocers Take no. substitute. THE Is a 'Good Machine. THE Four Tramps and .Their Alec-ting 'With'Dwyer. CHANGE IN THE YARDS General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Doteotlve' Joseph. Dwyer had aw en- couutier with foiw tenijips yesterday In t,li-e Psnihamdlo yawls i» whlrfi one erf tihe tramps recrtyad a dmtofflug w*h Joe's blackthorn cane. He api»oaaliiHl •Wioliiobos-toa gem-.tleuia.niy ma-oner, but rlils ilia .not suit them, ami they began to a!$l»t. He struck one of tihem wl-th Iris fist and slightly tajured rliait member. 1 'and tlwii waded in on. them wiitli 1* 'sWJlMa'h amU routed tlwm-; REPAIR TRACk MOVED..' ' The surrey for ,*.e TOW ropiiilr track >hm boon cam'plawd a.nd work hns be- RIMV. The track wiiH beitiM whore the iuiuvlwr ynirtls are : now located. aincl the space where tlu> repaft 1 tracks are-wcvw, i will! be used for coach' yards aud f.wr- nge tra-eks. The cliawise was m-idc to afford more ,=-i>:i-te-l'or The rep:* H">cks and to nw.l;t-tlu>. coach .yards move com- mediums. RAILROAD 'NOTES. Gus Faber of t!he'' wreeUtos crew is sick. • . • .' Mall car No. 724.1s iiu'tho shops lor repairs. . J. H. Sample, 'assistant claim a?e>nt, .is ill. • Gatekeeper. .Toe Banzlae is off .duty on a-'ccouivt of tihe -sickness of Ills fanriWy.' ' Chnirles 'H.-uner ''of. the -paittoridle IreiSht depot i.f off. duly on nccoumt of SAVED 1 TWO LIVES IN ONE DAY. •Heroic.Condaet of »niWaho'-Jttmi During / ' ;.'. Vfieoent Frenhet. .. .;.• • 'Ferdinand Trentman performed-two- nets of heroism at Halley, Idaho, the other morning. One was the saving of- a human Hie find the other placing his own life Jin jeopardy, says the ; Portland Orcgonian.- The worm weather having caused a very perceptible rise to the water in 'the river, .it .became pecessary to remove the brush that had accumulated on the edge of the dam at the foot of Bullion street. James Rig- pen nnd Ferd Trentman, a young black- Bmith,. were carried out. to the, dam in, a chnlr.-secured to ropes drawn down by pulleys. Having an ax apiece, they soon cut 'the brush.odrifV ',,,' '...;. ••'•':• - -' Riggen then caughfhold of the life rope and was drawn, to the shore, Tventmau did not, however, even try to catch the rope. .Taking hold of the axes,' he ••floated : 'on \«ie brush-to .-the bridge,--about 100 .feet away/ As he reared it he yelled to those on the bridge to get out of the way. He then threw the axes on the bridge nnd jumped on the bridge-himself.-as he.got in reach. The'brush-must have-been'moving at the'rate of 12 or 15 miles on hour. If he hnd failed to jtwnp just when-he did he would have been a dcnd man. The same morning Joseph Yetzer. Trentman and others tried to dislodge a huge tree which had/lodged against the central pier of the main bridge at Bullion street. Yetzer, who was standing on the bridge, nttemptod to Insso the trunk, but lost his balance, and was pulled into the river, but reap.ppa.red on the lower side in a second .or two. Trentman'. instantly jumped into the raging-torrents .swam .to his drowning partner nnd succeeded .in pushing-him nsho're about 200 feet.be-low. iblgb standard ol excellence. Uaru 'isers .ottne"lliins'o6" : <»n»i<lerlt . THE, BEST. ' you wlH tlnii It a valuable assistant In jour of• ilee. Address lor particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO •MANUFA'CTUBEBS. 840-944 We»t lake St.. Chicago, 111. '• Greatest Disco-very of tie 19th • Century. . Br. league's K1W JUUOtDT , . medicated AlT 'For the Cure of Catarrh, A»thm» and all - Pahrionarj Dlaea«ei, It -bat no equal tor : 8iclc and Nervous Hcad- Sae, 1,000.000 people die annuallr from the above named dl»ea»e». ' . Drug C°-> • . • •• Blcamond, Infl., U. 3. A. 1M* the best remedy on earth for L» . jpe. It will give immediate relief •fS)4 will tffect a- cure wnere all other fall.'', v'; ;'_ : by B. F.' Reeding. " CONSUELO Amorloitn CRITICISED. —• . - i Too Mucb. LOOANSPOBT, IND. •-''• S200.000 j. F. Johnfoh.' President 8. W. Ullery, VIc« President. .H. J. Heltbrtnk. C»»hl«r. , . DIKECTOB8. • '. f T Johneon. . 8. W.'tmory. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott; . W, H. Balder. Buy and »>'l Oovernment bonds. Lom •one? »n personal security sjid collater- Se. issue special certlflcaUB of deposit* nf I per cent Interest whon left one ; i per cent p«r winum when depos- ta^fety Pepo.lt Vault, of tbto for thi deposit 'of deeds. i"»u™noe «,ci«s. mortfMes »nd »ther vallu»ble», • Mated at from 16 to OS r«r year. KROEGER & STRAIN, &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. Lv WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER >= N» ttt M»rk»« Street. Call* »ttend«<l to promptly, a»y 01 ISibml O^n wa^utu.! tri.phon«. , No. ID; Thc'f une.rol of the late Joto Hutchinson was. held .yesterday marntog at 0 o'clock, services conducted by the Rer. Fatiher Kroeger. .Interment Was had In Mt St. Vincent cemeteiT- . . The.fanerai serrdccs'of the late Mrs, Sara-h .Long, will '.be .eonduoted thts mbrotng at Ifli o'clock'from'-the family restdeuce on. Nor.tih "stireet. .Th'e Rev, F. C Coottiawgh .wltt .officiate. , . .,.,: naroW Perclval and :Oharle» Carey 1 rode to Royal,Oettter -on their wheels yesterOay. On the way home the form : er punMtured a tire, and' ; was - forced to walk-awl pu«h'al^t,ten.inila9;in.,,j. ' The resl'donce.' of,..'John ,MjcKlnii«y, •who lives' near, Deer CSreek pofltoffioe, In Carroll county.-'was-stTUck-by Mightnlng early yesterday, '-moaning" The biiilldin.g was couMdembly 'ddniafietl,,but, none at the family Jett tti« effect of the-shoek.-,' C. J. Moore lias .returned to work afcor a few days' absence ou account of the illness of MB children. •Engine N<>- 353 is again oa the road after mulorg-oW a complete ov'erhmi-1- fovg. She is in'almost as One condition as whein new. •,- .;.- •• .-•',-. , .Jolfon Sullirnm. has.boon annotated to fill the position,-of bnggagemaster be- tweeoi here and 'Bradford, left vacant by the resignation of W. 'W. Smith. Henry 'Cragan, while' filling" a waiter tank of a 'passonger, coach wJtti ice, .fell from the top .of.'the car nind was shaken up 'badly. HIs ; 'i.n)urtas -are not serious. Western roads are .T.attaig.oin a pvopo- sttlqn to make a- rate of one.fore from potats wiiltthto'n sevcmity-flve-mate' radius to nil towns ba'vtog'La-bbr Day. celebta- ttoiw Sept 7. . . Willl Close, tJie Pajrihandie engineer, whoisiiiU witih typhoid ..fever, was. yesterday moved- to thds city from Marlon n-ud is 'now-ftt the home'of Ms fatiher, Engineer Daniel Close. It to sa4d OIL' flood autaiority tlkt''the Pftctewidie'roaKl Js to materially shorten • iHB line between; Cihiicsigd.nud^ Clocta- nailti.' A oon>s of surveyors 'to now. In tho a-old wlil'h this end In view. . : The old project of the, Ponwylvanla campainy buiiMirwr a imHirai station In Clndmm-tt near TMlrd and Vine streets, lias bean revived. The scheme contemplates reaching the ataifcHon by an elevated road. - .' '•.'•'• •'' ' ' '• The Mcmon car shops..at Lafayatte i»ave reduced CheJ'r man to foiity hours per week. TMs-w.Ul be. hard on the men who went 'from -here to- work 1 in-these shops witih tlie 1 expectation! of ^ securing more work. ; ' s It is stafed tJuit tlie rw«tt?.vlTaiila 'company is, comslcleridig the cansoUda- ticm at the-Cleveland & Pllfctebui-g with tbe'Panlia'ttdJe-and tfie estnbUKbirnanit .of a new line between Ctaalavntiti.; and Cleveland. ' ' Charles "Bates,- a. 'coloi-ed porter on duty on tihe W. J. Brynn toita dlfelo- eated 10s arm in making •«!> a - bel " ai near Dolplio^ Mr. Bryan liieuded a sub- acriptlon.list,- and tie,injured mnn was given a pm-se o? $35.lo defray his medical expenses. •'•• ' ' '"' .'" '' ' Train Dlspafeher H. S, Tousley is agaita an duty'after spending a wwk's ouBta-g witii 'Ms fatndly at Hudson- Lake. Herman, Berodit will resume, his du-t- tej ait'tliie Pauhand-le shops .Monday after a lay-off o-f a few days on. account of an,- tojlired foot.. : T3ve classlflcatlon c-f rodlways on the baste of oporated mlileage fihows thnt forty-^wo compauies,' 'each -.'operaWng more I3ian-1,000. Jmflos, opeiwrte 100,714. : 70 m'iiles.of line, or 55.C7 per cent, of «hq total -rnttway milieage; twenty-four -roads, witth nn operaited mHileage ranfi- tag'from COO -to 1,000 .miles, operate 18,'890.40 mdles, OR 10.43.per..cent.; twan,ty- two ironds;. wMh an operated mileage ran-gfaig from 400:to 000 miles,'.operate 11,'17Y.07 mllaa; or C.18 par emit; forty- five .roads,'.wiltih'an pperaltedi-^inllleage 14,360.05' miies, or-j.94 per^ cent.,' and 071 ro«ds, .w^h ;! aii.oiyaiu*ed,mia«ige. under 2CO''mass;'-operate. .83(770:53 .miles. or-19.77''pcr'-cent. :.,..-',;.•" -' •'• • • '•" GOLD MINE IN ILLINOIS, Paying, Dirt Found Along Sugar • Creek in Logan County. D'ncllcM I'uU on A'lrs nnil Jewelry- The duchess of ihirlboVoujrh, tormer- Iv ^riKS Consuelo Vanderbilt, daughter of W. K. Vanderbilt, appears to- be in' clanger of grounding on.u social reel, ard -this, too, just after her radiant entrance into English society. ' Upon her iirs.t appearance as guest ol the:Church- ills and Spencers;she created a most profound • impression,..and, British upper- tendom 'cpngratulate'd itself upon.re- ceiving- such an acquisition as .the charmir.g-and beautiful American duchess. -'• Now Modern Society, one of the k-ndinjr iind moRt. authentic of English souiety journals-, has this/to say-of-Jier: "instead o£ modeling her bearing and manner after, thy .stately, re serve. land u'.iaffortcd^snmpliuity. of the, English liidv.'the d'uchtws has been .iiidu-lgingr in airs*'ami cxti-rivagiiut.a'ssumDtions^ of dignity wui'uh'hiiv'ft occasion p'd 1 much're- gret and no I'M tie amuspmf ntamnng the h-iends'. of .tlic. Marlborpugh . family. Qn-tivo or-three;oociisioi;s, too, site, has been, n-.qra.like .a .walking, jcwejer's shoiV'thun, ; a;liTimnn,b'ciiig',.and. disp.lays of 'tliat'sbrti-aiin'othi;' pfh'er than.jpbp'i-e- her.s-ible. und'Mn v tad 'taste. -Iffi'trtiie Cons.uelo vill do better, no douTyt; "but meanwbilB she has much to leai'n'and a great deal to unlenrn.'.'..'.'> •'•; i --LETTER. FROM. GARCIA. IninTKcnt Coinmand*r W.ritei. Thut Th»T Arr ( in Meed of- Armi. . ; ilrs. Calixto Garcia.'ar.esident'of.New York city, ar.d wife of Calixto Garcia, of tJie Cul-an hisuirffeiM army', has received a lettCT- dated n.t Ca-nto-Abajp, July-14, from her husband, who f writesjn.pnrt n« follows: '. •: . . •' : •- '-••• 'v. "I met Gi>n. ^Ia^-iIno Gomez near Holguin, and after spend Ing,twp.ila>:a. with him we jinrtecl ou tun-. :.2th. , .Thegeuer- iJ had with him..: ,000 .fresh recruita from Cnnjogu-cy,'rid Jrly-'one-third, ol whom were iiiVarr^otl.' All-we need ie arms. "'' -.'.-•. "We hare recently driven tlie Spanish "arrisons from Sap ArribiK San-.Pedro dc Cacouun, La ; Cuba amd Purnio and burned San Andreas:/. Still,, phe.aewa-, papers sny nothing about'lt.. ... . "Vou are now acquainted with our brave ifaceo's dearth-. We keep as a sad memento thej'bullet' f fh'at. 'caused his death and whioh was extracted from his brain by our.orm.v surgeon. Porflrlo Valiente." •_,__•_ : .-.-• A lJoT«l Enn ne I.»tn<s ... Cornell university i9,;to-haye:a new engine lathe for its department.of.me- chanics that is,in one.respect.atjleast, the most remarkable, tool of .the.lcind ever exhibited in Xew'Tork, .says theNew York Sun. TV Is-nickel-plate throughout, including .even -tn&"screw . that causes the cutting tool to'.travel to and fro, and p 11 the nuts; bol is and heads, came plates, and wrenches are -heavily platf d with gold.. Further, than this, the little shelves beneath, on which,the kkl-glore workmen will plate their gold-plated vrencheB and. nickel-plated cutting tools, are all covered with silk plush. ' : •]' • ' •' . ,,.., : ! But Few Oft Ther.eii , Only six persons out of each.l,0pd llye to be T5 years'old..' and only one rea<!he« the. century'inark.. ... , ,; 'There Is more CatarrU .in .this BSC- tlon of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the'.last few yea'ra it. was supposed to : be Incurable; For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local -disease, nm,d prescribed' local .remedies,' and 1 'by constantly falling to cure wto localitrea^ent, : prononncea-lt Incurable],- Science -'bis proren; 'cittarrh to .^''a-constltutlonal'disease, and: : th'"«- A Sample of the Clay Tested by >u Eipe- rlinced A»i»yer Show* »26,03 of Gold and Thirty-Due Ceuti-pt Silver to th« Ton. With the name of "a gold mine" there' la usifitllj- the association of hills, and jnounlaJns, and for that reason it is not to be txpirctcd that, a gold deposit will be uncovered .in the great prairie state of Illinois. However, some such de- posfts have been discovered. Log-aii county is a county whose rolling "prairies- are as fertile as any in the whole ricli Mississippi valley, and waste land is almost unknown there. A drive along the country roads takes the trav- ele'r across few.'hills, ami even/wbere , .the timber-fringed-' creeks are, crossed there is but little inequality in the lay of the ground. Ten miles north of Lfii- coln, the county seat, there is an exception to this .rule.. Where Sugar creek •cuts its- way through • the : northwest corner of .the. county there is a succession of-hills and vales which rt'mindi one of scenes much farther west, as liore and there huge bowlders show above the surface. However, it is not from the rocks that the-gold is taken, for the Logon county gold mine is a placer "diggiog," and not a quurta mine, ; and the gold is washed from the yellow- clay in the gulch above theQirisenberry i springs. These springs are on the side of the hill which overshadows the'Gold Mine lak<?. . . . The lake is fed -by the cold, clear water, of the. springs, and there is, an. abun'dunt'snpply for carrying: on nny. Tiiinilifr that can be clone in the giilc-h,; while fiie-cre'ek beyond receives'the surplus water, \vhich works -its way over the dam- at the -toot of 1,he, little lake. These springs were so popular as arc- sort at- one time that n hotel was erect- e'd" there for the accommodation of sum- 'rner guests, but this is now ust'd only as •a farm .rcsick-nce, and but for picnic parties the.-lakc and springs would be visited, but .little. Long bv.fore the plac-? was fitted up "for the at'coininoda.rioii of -parties, of gay picniclicrs if hnd been known thi ' ' • ; .TO CLEANSE' .THE; .SYSTEM . . , Effectually ."yet/ gentljr, ,,whi» costiye,,or bilious, or when. the^lppd : tt. Impure : ,or sluggish, :to permanently.;ovcrcome habitual .constipation,; to 'awak" the-kid : neys and' liver Ho a 'healthy 'activity, without' irrltatl-ng ;,br "weakening 1 ; ; th'em, ''''-'"ia8"or'fever(fc nse Syrup . Hall's Catarrh Oare, •F. J.-..Clieney. '8: ;Coi,'- Toledo; Ohio^ Is the 'only ' cbnBtltution'nl cure '.. on .the market. It fa taken iiiternalJy.'in doses from" ip"drpps to a'teaspopnful; It;act8 n ,-tbe blood and mucous sur. ' faces'-bf (. . 'They- .-offer . one ' for.-any :case ;'lt falto: tt cbre: .*B r erid'f<»' ; cto;ulara: and •testlm on-' raTir.« i a-ddrew*.'-''-'.'' : ': ; •"•:' ••".-•f- •'£"' 'grnius of gold could be'washed rfroni tlie-sandy cla.v :which formed t,h< -beJ -of. .the little streams at. the-bottom of the jjulch. -Little.atten-tion was pa.id 'to this fiict bv' th.p st;aid old Scotch com- m'unity 'which'lived thereabouts, ar.d when "it was found that a'strnnger who :''was -ostensibly -work ing'the' mine was. in rwility -i^iTigthnt as n cloak-for counterfeiting it ma<le the neighboring people do.ub't as to .the authejiticity.of tlifi gold which had b«en shown. • For years little was (iphe with.it. but finally Tom QiiisenTx;'rry, the okl mnn ! who owned tho In.nt1. made some exr,cn- -riiei-ita m"pnm;irg"'o'"t the dirt- which convinced him-,that, it was rich with precious «n-a:ns l of-Fokl..-K'is-.ase-and his Irealth proven ted. his..-worktop, the niiiie as others mifTlit ha.ve dpne,.but it hw-'attracted 'the.attention of okltirie miners'n'nd-caused ponia'pf thfrii'to-in- ve-stifrate. Quite'recently a-visit was ina,de"to the mini?b'y'-tm experienced as- sr.yor and .geologist, .who fonnd flint, while some free gold-could'be Obtained Tjv vT>-.ii ; nir, the-whole was a glacial'le- rns-t. (li'Torin? from the.ordinary "pa-y dirt." nltiho.ugh in part like it. and tJiat rrw-h of -the''precious niela.1 '.was combined v,ith less Valuable ores. In the sample tested the dirt showed S26-.93 of pold and 31 cents' worth of silver to the ton, but the fear that the glacial drift will not extend over.sufficient territory to justify heavy machinery will doubtless binder tlie' full 'development.of the deposit. " '.' ' . _._. IRISH NATIONAL; CONVENTION. Opens September 1, antl Pforoliien to H» » Great Hlitorlc»l G»th'erln(f. The Irish national, convention which opens in. Dublin on .September 1 is shaping towards .becoming a great historical gathering.... Throughout Ireland, and in the populous centers of England and Scotland, the nationalist societies are appointing delegates and discussing the probable platform of tlie convention with- the heartiest; enthusiasm. Advices' from. South Africa and Australia are like thoselrom.the United States and Canada. From every quarter of the globe where a nucleus of Irishmen can be found sufficing, to form an association, delegates are coming;' The convention will not only ;represent the mass of th'e Irish race, but will-haw, besides the representative power of numbers, a working 1 leverage of money, towards the organization., of > .gre.'J* united party. That the : party will h«a existing schism arid regenerate home rule seems assured. ,„ .. BE COMPLETED. Work Prpgre«ln« SutUfactorUjr »t.He»t- t'le, W»«h,,"on Ve«iel« foip N»-ry. Eobert-Jlpran, president of the Moran Brosi'Ship,Building .company at Seattle \VaBh.,, said.the other day that th< United' States revenue cutter : Golden Gate, which hls.flrm is.building for. use in, S.an Francisco harbor, would be com ple.ted and j-eady to.turn over to the gpv ernment within ten weeks. Tprpedc toiitiN.o. .8, ais6.bei.ng 1 constructed, by th« M'oransi'.ls'.wjpli'.'along., the hiill,'and ma chinery, being more than,'Half finished \Vprk 6n each' lias .from. the' beginning piogre'ssed in' a, most satisfactory man per. Over.',2,00'.men are, now .employee "on the;.two vessels/ The-'torpedo boa .jcill.be..complete^ about March,!-,.. . : '. • J .--"-.- ; ''-'vl' i EiU<>-'t<> Siberia. .- - Ba.ndahment to Siberia, which .ha* brought misery-to such millions of Hv& gian subject*,'is likbly: to be aboll»hfd altogether. The present' governor gen oral .urges that no-'wipre convicts i&ho'uti be sent tliere; Bria':Ei.n' imperial order on the'-'subject'is'shortly expected.; Notable Be»caoi : by the SnJvatldn Army who-have 1 beeivrfcs . ^•;OQ.,i,Tpie(Jo, 1 C - -Sold ''by''Druggists;' ,7Sc,' " '" • ';.:'; WILL SOON .•er cued'byi-the Salvhtion.Ai-myinclu<li%-i : U- stated-, a peer, of'tlie rea-tey an--.ex-'Q! C -f. doctors.and-clergyjn.ei)'. '' •'- Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draftsman & Patent Attorney SUHMER TOURS ALL RAIL'BOTJTE TO THE SEA. ro Atlantic City~withoot Tiansfer via Pennsylvairia Line.-*. By the opening of the Delaware aiv'er Bridge the Pennsylvania. Lines. ,,m> become the ouiy all rail route to- vrlnutic City ami the seashore. Traus•H|- of. passengers and baggage at r'ulla- i;.'lphia via Market' street. Ferry and ;, lu ,d*n is avoided, as seashore trains ,f-.Pario,- Cars and Coaches depart.from Broad street station, at. which pa«en- s form the west, over the IVnnsyl- v-H-uia Route arrive In that city. Fhroush trains from-Chicago, Indiana- M-.US. Columbus, Cincinnati,.Pittsburgh md"totennebiate points on the. Prnnsyl- «mia Lines make -convenient connec- •lon with: the seashore -trains. For derails apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent; THOSE'USEFUL CONDUITS,' The kidneys a-nd bladder, sometimes become torpid a-nd weak from, unaecer- tainable causes. When, mis occurs,'their discharging function' is of necessity very, .iniperfectly porformed,-and cer- toj.n debiis, which is' the result of nat- ural'bodily waste and decay, does not escape : as it should, but remains.to' corrupt the blood and develop pote humors -and' dangerous, as well as _ f-ul diseases,: It is one of the beneficent effects of HostetterV Stomach Bitters to gently, stimulate the urtnary'prgans,.an:l prevent them from lapsing Into a state of inactivity, 'always provocaUye of their Inflammatory degeneyaaon and decay- How m<u<di better,'then, is it:to adopt this miild diuretic as a means of inciting them -to action, than to incur the danger of'.thls-destrucKon. To expel from- the system waste matter through the bowels-and kidneys, and to regulate 'and arouse the .stomach and liver, g-re- among -the 'chief uses of this valuable remedy. ••' .- ' '• ' ' . CONVENTION Of Young'People's Christian Union, Ornnha, Neb., August 10 to 24, 1896, For this occasion, r the Wabash Railroad will sell tickets from all stations to Omaha, Neb., and return, at'one fare for the round trip. .Tickets on sale August 17. a-nd 18 limited for return to and Including August 24 and 25. For full particulars inquire of any Wabash Ticket Agent. ?S.OO CHICAGO TO ST. PAUL, AND : RETURN. On account of 'the;G. A. H. Encamp ment The North-Western Line (Chicago & North-Weatern Railway) will on Aug ust 31 and, September 1,1896, sell excursion tickets from Chicago to St. Pau and return at rate of $8.00 for the round trip, good for return passage until Sep tember 15. with privilege of further ex tension, to September 30, 1S96. For tickets and full Information apply to agents of > connecting lines, or address A, H. Waggoner, T. P.. A., 7 Jackson place, Indianapolis, Ind; Those..who enjoy a day's; outing *honia.npt : fa.'lt to take advantage of the exceedingly low' rate to St. Joseph via \flie .Vanda'lla, Line..: Train" leaver the itatlbn, every Sunday' at 7 a. m. Fare <br the ronmd trip, ?2.,,.. •' Child, •bBcrtwJ 'orCaiMri*. - VIA BIG FOUR" TO THE riOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid VtiStibuled Trains With Wagner Sleeping Cars . New York aad Buston. from ' ' . St, Louis, .Peoria, Indianapolis, Cincln^- ' nati, Dayton, Columbus, via CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker Special." "The Southwestern Limited." Six Terminals at-the Great Lakes. Chicago, Benton Harbor, Toledo Detroit, Sanduoky, • . Cleveland. Tourist Kates in.all Directions. E. O. JMcCormlck, • Pass. Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin, GenL Pass and Ticket Agent. SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS; -TO- Maxinkuckee fe VIA THE .•-:„.-!-. VANDALIA LINE . July ipth.-afith, and August and, 9th, i6th, 33rd. Fare "for the round trip $1.00. Train leaves Vandalla station at 9:56 a.m., PLAN YOUR SUMMER OOTINO NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUH MAOKINAC VIA THB COAST ,' : - LINE. ' ... ' It only costs $13.50 from Detroit, J1B.60 from Toledo, $18.00 from Clere. land for the round trip, Including meals and berths. One thousand* miles of lake ride on new modern steel steamers for the above rates. Send 3c for Illustrated pamphlet Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. HALF RATES'TO MILWAUKEE. On account of the National convention^ of Republican League Clubs, Augrat 23, 24 and 25, The North-Western (Chicago & North-Westem'Railway) wltt aell excursion tickets from Chicago'to ^Milwaukee and return at rate of one fare foT the round trip. For tickets and full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines; or address W. B. Kuiskern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, 111. : HALF RATES TO OMAHA. , Via the. Northwestern. Line (GWc»i{« & Nortb-Western R'y) Augnst 15, 16 ^ and 17, 1896, one fare for .the, Tonnfl trip. O« August 24 excuwlon tlckett at very; low rates will also, be Mid from Omoha to Denver and,the faraon* Bot Spring* of, South Dakota., For full.in- formation apply to ticket agents, of eoa> necHng llncs.or addreM W.;B. KnUikern d. P. &;T. A., Chicago, iit Subscribe for TheJournal;: 40 centia monflj. "'V' .' '!'-'':':.,- ! .'.' : '-'n:-Tl,lii

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