The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1954 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1954
Page 16
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Dfilllng For Storage In IOWQ ; This 90-foot mobile-drilling rig was used to drill test holes and injection'wells on Northern Naturals underground storage project in Dallas county, Iowa. Northern believes that area may provide an underground'reservoir, which will store approximately 50 billion feet of natural gas. Should tests 1 develop satisfactorily, the storage area could be in operation by the summer of 1955.' Natural Gas Underground Storage Expect To Store Natural Gas In Iowa An area in Dallas County, la., is being tested by Northern Natural Gas as a possible location for the storage of 50,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas in an "underground bank". Underground storage is but one of the means Northern is taking to insure present customers e? an adequate supply ,-.f natural gas, and also as an additional way to make gas available If more communities. If, after testing, the Dalla County, Iowa storage area is found to be suitable for storim.' natural ga.s underground it woulc permit pumping the gas underground during warm wealhei when the supply exceeds tho amounted being used, and this gas would then be available for use during servere winter weather when the demand for gas is at its peak. Gas Sieved In Bubble The area in Dallas County being tested is an underground water- filled formation where rocks, due to internal force.} within the -•arth, have formed into inverted ;aucers under which a porous Tirirmtion is overlaid by thick beds of rock through which ga.s cannot escape. The injected gas ?Ushes back the water underground and create.'; a large bubble if natural gas in the porous sandstone formation. \Vhen gas i.-withdrawn in the winter montl I for consumption the size of the bubble gradually decreases and !he water level again rises. The fifty million cubic feet ot ga.s Northern proposes to storv underground in Dallas County, if stored at atmospheric pressure above ground, would occupy a pace equivalent to 38,461 six story office buildings. These buildings would cover an 1» square mile area. Stoved Before In Canada The storage of natural underground is nothing new. was first stored underground Canada as early as 1915 an i since that time the industry has moved rapidly forward on storage projects. Gas officials estimate that by'the end of 195IJ, underground. • -,. ?• '•», V.Wft'-V/f'T.*}'.'. 'ORIFT. «& '".t.' •'£ *&$££* •• - 'GRANITE • > • • » MOT POROUS OR PERMEABLE 'lA^f <y>' "•""' ""' : «w '•*'" ~ ; ' jflnownsfo Be Served By Northern Natural .(' MrtLrn Nat^all'ois JCofn- pafiy, |rom whom PerfynSal 'dot redeive's the natural gas th'at" 13 distributed throughout the 56 miles of gas lines in Algona, was organized in 1930. The first board meeting of the company Was held in Chicago 1 , and in early years the firm entered into purchase contracts f6r gas In the Hugbtorf and Texas Panharidle g'tfsV fields;. 1.> The company started building its line north of Clifton, Kansa's, that same year. .The first town attached to the priginal pipeline system was Beatrice, Nebraska, in 1930.- Other large towns t<: come on the system that yea? were -Lincoln, • Nebraska diK Council Bl-rffs, Iowa. Maximum capacity in 1930 reached 45 million cubic feet although peak day deliveries of the system were onlv S.4 million cubic feet (Algona has already used half a million cubit feet on one day). 138 Towns In 1930 t Through the '1930s Northern gradually expanded its system until at the outset of World War II, a total of 138 towns in the Northern Plains states were receiving natural gas service. ( In April, 1942, the War Production Board issued an order which prohibited the sale of natural gas for use in the new space heating equipment and only under special circumstances permitted other uses. War plants began to spring up in the Northern Plains states and mdny of them, turned to nat- uralfgas. War Curbed Expansion In 1945, the pent-up demand for natural gas which was curb*ed,during the.war began to show its effect. By early fall the rate of attachment of new customers •eached such momentum that Northern undertook a hurried instruction of 31 miles of loop ine. The same^yeftr the company ncreased its pipeline capacity to 390 million cubic feet a day, ah ncrease of 60 per cent since the end of the war. In June of. "'1945, Northern's stock was' first listed on the New York stock exchange and the last of the three holding companies which organized:Northern originally stepped out of the picture. This resulted in the companies ndividual stockholders being increased by 16,000. : Considerable progress in the natter of gas supply was made by Northern in 1951. The company increased its southwest gas reserves, actively stepped up its explorations program in other areas,, and conducted active negotiations for the purchase of § ' " a},, gas in the Alberta gas ;i]n fjajiada. and from the ian gas fields of Texas anjd "Jew Mexico. At the end of 1951, 'he five scattered offices of Vorth»>rn in Omaha were at last •'sscmbled in its new building there. 1953 Was Big Year During 1953, Northern conducted its largest construction program in its history. This program permitted Northern to meet ->!! the capacity requests of its oresent customers for the 230 communities now supplied and made gas available for six new communities. Northern's gas snips in 1953 reached a new high Full time employees at the end of the year totaled 2,539. The advent of 1954 found Northern ready to go ahead with i construction program which would arja'in increase total capac- ty. Construction of facilities or this expansion program was ipprovcd by tho F.P.C. in 1953, jnd on March 12, 1954, Northern var, authorized to construct tho lecessary facilities to sc-rvc 71 now communities in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Jakota. The cgst of the entire program is expected to approximate $.">2,600,000. At the end ot 95-1. Northern Natural will be ving 307 communities in the Northern Plains states. Elect Officers Of Lutheran Society, LuVerne LuVerne—The Aid Society me! in the rooms of the Zion I.iither- nn church Thursday afternoon Nov. 4. At tht business session plans were drawn for a bazaar, lunch ;.nd rummage sale to be held , in the LuVerno town hall Tues- jday, Dec. 7. The following ap- were .PREVENT FOREST AND GRASS FIRES Lutheran Aid AtBurf New Officers Hurt — The November meeting of- St. John's Lutheran Ladies Aid was held 'Thursday, .the 4th, in the church parlors j with Ednn Ried'eV^hcl '-Clara Reynolds iiost- esses.r, -Officers. were elected for. the new year ap follows: Mrs Albert Peter, president; Mrs'R. Bicr- stedt, vice president; Mrs Alfred Schadendorf-. secretary; Mrs Alfred Schipull, treasurer; flower committee, Mrs Helen Weiske and Mrs Anna, Reimers with Mrs E. Eimers, iSUbstitiite. Other committees :wil) h° appointed 'la)- tit. Two dozen folding chairs 'will' b" bought by the Ladies' Aid as a gift to the church for thft 25th aV>- niversary observance to 1 be held Sunday. New kitchen curtains were made and given bv Mrs Henry Kueck with new window .draoeries, to ba another proiecl of the s6'cietv. These rooms Have been painted. • '!'V Honor "?•?**.£ Darlrpn TVTopv r--; e ,,.;« went to tr<p 1-inmp of Mr am! Mrs Henrv Dar'fn Tuesday evrn- 'ne. hnnorin" Mr Dack^n on his birtMqy anniversary. Those at- ts-n^'ruj vvpro MV pnH Mr* LouH T?i°del and Phyllis Kain. Mr, Snd Mrs An*v N^uman and farhilv.' Mr and Mrs Erno't^Nauman ?nd Terrell f~:pbke of this community; Mr and Mrs TM Kain and family. Algonp; the Walter Packen? arid Mr and Mrs Henrv Kueck, Lnne Rock: and Mr and Mrs Art Hei- denwjth of Whittempre. . . rix offering. ; Christmas material to be made •eady for shipment to homes it Woodward and Cherokee is to be brought for the next meet- ng. A successful auction followed with $2.10 paid for a loaf r >f prune bread made by Mrs A Uanselman. Mrs Karl Schipull was the host'• ; s, serving refreshments. Mrs Ramus Hostess The NBC met in the home oi vlrs Bartie C. Ramus with Mrs Albert Mr-main, co-hostes.-:, on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd. Mrs Wayne ianford was a guest. There were two birthdays celebrated, those of Mrs Gerald Awe ind Mrs James Doak, each receiving a gift. The next meeting will be the Christinas party.held at the ho;ne ;jf Mrs Albert Genrieh with Mrs Doak assisting. This will be neld Dec. 7, and there will be » •-lift exchange. TriP ^urt -"'nrnqn'.s Ch'b rn.-«« Monday pvTur"* l^cf wpek "'itb Esther and Ruth HodesohO Mnr- "oret Diirpnt. of AV^na anH Nell" Drpmmel pssist>n,e host"ssps. A talk was given bv C. P.. Ca'lf^an nf Ffint.on. The next meetir.? will be. vuth. Lulu,..Ha;.wco^t.J' , , ,^ Banquet 'will he held in the Meth- j nHist Church Wef1i°.sdRV N«« 10 Serving will be at 1 p.m. and Rev. 0 R-Tid M/MI he the srjeakor. The A/r-iHiip'v Circle is in c arge of serving. one quarter of the total avuilub!' supply. Thus it may be that in the future, if things work out as planned, the natural gas flowing through Algona's mains may- las l poinlments were made: Mrs J It Schnakenberg. chairman of bax- in aar; Mrs Charles llinx.. chairman of lunch and Mrs Henry Pergande, chairman of advertising and publicity. Officers were elected to take effect Jan. 1. They are: Mrs T. L. Hansclman, vice president; Mrs Charles Hinz, secretary and Mrs storage capacity will represent Schnakenb'jrg, president; Mr> come from an bank" in Dallas "underground County, Iowa. An Indian ;idjutunt L, stork-like scavenger. , . Paul Phillips, re-elected as treasurer. Nominating committee: Mrs Frank Gnmbach, Mrs Norman Hesse, Mrs William Moedirig and Mrs Herman Schulx. Mrs H- Pergande was elected treasurer for the Woman's Missionary League and to collect the milt Mrs Will Has Program The Mite Box Offering of tht Woman's Society of Christian Service was held in the room ol the Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 3, with the- offering program given by Met G._M. Will. Topic for the meeting wat "New Nations Shall Turn To Tin 'nord." Devotional service wa led by Mrs Allyn Brink. Th', lesson study was conducted b> Mrs Guy Giddings. Hostesses serving refreshment: were Mrs Jess Jergensen, Mri Earl Manning, Mrs Cecil Bjust rom, Mrs Orville Anderson anc , Mrs Claire Champine." The opposite windward. of leeward i iinnor b^'n" =°rvod bofore the poinocr; pi^opfiprr ( " Relatives of Mrs John Mi'ler er° pt tVi Mille r h^m" Pnn«dv vnn'"" 1n "t we o1 ' ii ^"rtor n^ nr f)!r*ViHa\r A^tin^jpft ^ypro Mr pnd Mrs W. F/Batt. Mr and ovQ»'^ T^pf* pn^i son. Mr and Mrs Robert Anfus. M|- and Mrs R J. Rat* and rl.'iu" r*or n Stoi^' h n ^ n s ^Tinnfr Slirirlqy Mr" Tjr> ; q TrUlk- hi' 1 and M"s A-nelia PoiVior, 1U q Mr pnd Mrs James Sewick of Spirit T.-iiro pn^nt. th" weekend \<nth rolativo.s horo. They w n ' l c rdw" RUDDor guests at the " D. Orah'-ims. Mr »"H Mrs V^nnoth Hrahnm find children of Mason Cit« WOT ft. the J. n. Graham home Friday ni"ht nnrl Saturday. Mr and Mrs Walte- K'-^i o< alcohi C'tv w>''e visiting friend? 'ow'i Sntir'^nv evenm". Tli- M-n'pp-ih"r •v 1 ^ptin'5 of th° Burt Circle of the R T..D.S chu-"^ vas held today, Nov. 9, with ln*e Bolie. Mr and Mrs Walter Steward eceived word Wfdnesdav of thr jirth of a son to Mr and Mrs Les- ,er Steward of Phoenix, Ariz. Mr and Mrs Rov Anderson had he following guests at their lome last week: Mr and Mrs 3arney and Mrs Smith of Anoka, Minn, and Mrs Bonsall of Minneapolis. The women are sisters if Mrs Anderson and came for rier birthdav. •Mr and Mrs Richard Groen art- moving this week to the home which they recently purchased in Algona. The Busy Bee club met with Mrs Clarence Riebhoff Friday afternoon. Jessie Sarchft had thn program'. Nov. 19 will be th'; date of the banquet with Bertha Sarchct. Hilda Gross and Mary Je»n Andrews -in charge, Mrs Fred Howard entertained members of her Sewing Circle at her home Friday afternoon, and other guests were Mrs Buell. Mrs Pact/;, Elizabeth Patterson Bertha Stow and Bertha Wallace. Mrs Fred Stow entertained members of the Jolly Ten Group at her home Saturday afternoon in observance of her birthday which was Nov. 3. Other guests were Mrs Howard and Phyllis Graham. ' Mrs Oliver Graham entertained members of the Fortnightly Club at her home Friday afterrjopn. The Legion Auxiliary Sewing meeting will be held at the Graham home Wednesday afternoon, the 10th. Denjumin Franklin was born in America. G. J. DONOVAN Manager JACKIE SNYDER Office Assistant MRS. DARLENE IMMERFALL Bookkeeper MARK STANTON Construction Awoyntant

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