The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1954 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1954
Page 13
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Tuesday, November 9,1954 J^lOtUESl | Tuesdoy, November 9,1954 56 Miles of Natural Gas Line Serves Algona Company Says They'll Clean Up the Mess To allay the fears of many local citizens concerning tHteir "messed up" parkings, due to ditching for gas line installations, an • announcement was made by G. 3. Donovan, Perry Gas manager here, that, the company will perform the. entire clean-up job in the early Spring, All parkings, he B&id, will be gone over thoroughly and will be re- seeded, as well as seeding of lawn ditches. ' The lateness of the season Let the CHOICE of .THOUSANDS beYOW Choice GOAL For that new heating plant for your home you surely can't make a mistake when you profit from the happy experience of thousands of homeowners, who delight in the carefree satisfaction of a Luxaire heated home. • A Luxaite heated home is a home which has invigorating, properly warmed air during the entire heating season — a home where folks enjoy the best, the finest that modern, automatic heating affords. Algona Plumbing and Heating OAKLAND and SORENSON precludes doing this work at present; said. Donovan, due to the fact that weather settling of the dirt during the ' winter would mean dbing Over' the entire job next Spring. Therefore, this work over the entire city will be 'done-after the snows of win• ler have gone. local Citizenry Gave Aid In Fight For Gas Local citizens, as well as large companies, were instrumental in the introduction of natural - gas to Algona. for-the long story goes back to the campaign here for a city^wide vote „ to determine whether or not a franchise for the supplying of natural gas to the city would be given to Perry Gas Co. Eventually, an election was held, and the local citizenry approved giving the franchise to Perry Gas Co. The city council Gas From 1,614 Wells * * * then formally granted the chise. " But the long period of securing the actual gas was just beginning. Northern Natural had. yet to be gi'anted a sufficient supply of gas by the Federal PbWer Commission, and hearings •tyere being held in Washington. > Algona was called on to send representatives to the Washington; hearings to testify, and appointed were Bill Steele, representing the Chamber of Commerce, and Joe Bradley, representing; the city and local utilities commission. The two flew to Washington, D. C., there testifying.before the: commission. -One salient point stressed was the great saving to be made -by'putting the Algona light plant on natural /gas -for engine fuel instead of diesel oil. The grant of additional gas was eventually made to Northern Natural with the result that Algona was placed on the list .bi towns to be served. > . ', .. Picture Of A Gas Well WE SELL ALL TYPES OF GAS APPLIANCES CALORIG'S LOW-PRICED niGP^E GAS CLOTHES DRYER We Are Happy to Join IN WELCOMING THE PERRY GAS COMPANY TO OUR COMMUNITY A Perfection EVEN-FLO HEAT Natural Gas Room Heaters YOUR ALGONA, Dealer; KOHLHAAS HARDWARE ED and PAT CULLEN Exclusive Nylon "Siftd-Bag" lint trap Exclusive Lo-Heet,\, i Hi-Brdeze economy drying principle High level air intake Automatic operation Sturdy drop door Nupon finish , TWO wa y s *? exhaust moisture D Here's the most sensational dryer buy of the year—with more ' features for less money than any other on the market. Save yourself dollars... give yourself extra hours of leisure. Stop in and see this low priced, value packed dryer today. BOTH NATURAL AND. BOTTLE GAS - ONLY $239.50 Easy Terms'Available Ask Us For A Home Demonstration See This Dryer Now In Our Showroom 1 *""> THERMOGAS COMPANY J. F. MILDER, Mgr. South Phillips St. Algona, lowd Pictured above is one of the gas well derricks in the field, from which Natural Gas, such as is being used in Algona, is- secured. From here the gas starts on its long northward journey,, and through a multitude of processing operations. , -. Grand Opening Thursday Saluting the formal arrival of ftaiural Gas in Algona, ihe Perry Gas Co., suppliers of gas for the city, will hold , a Grand Opening celebration at its new offices and showroom at 109 South Harlan street here Thursday of this week, it has been announced by G. J. Donovan, manager here, i This event will hail the completion of approximately 56 , Wiles of gas-line here', and .hook-ups for natural gas installed.- ,^ in approximately 1,000 places in Algona, both residential and commercial. Numerous features are being planned by the company for this opening, which will take place on one day, Thursday, with hours being from 2:00 to 9:00 p. m. Complete details are given by the firm in this section of the Upper Des Moines. Part of It Comes To Algona Since the end of World War II, the natural gas industry has grown at a phenomenal rate. To- Jay it is the sixth largest industry in the nation. One of the most important aspects of this growth has been the search for new gas supply to enable the industry to meet the constantly climbing consumer demand. For example, take Northern Natural, the company transporting natural gas to the northern plains states, and source of supply for Perry Gas Co. In less than ten years, the company's total capacity has increased over 400 per cent, after the 1954 expansion program. To support this tremendous need and volume, Northern Natural controls over nine trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves. This gives assurance that there will be gas for a long, long time to come. But if Northern is to continue its growth and keep pace with increasing consumer demand in states like Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, etc., it must constantly be on the alert for new sources of supply. Among the major natural gas transmission companies, Northern is particularly fortunate in this respect. The company's pipeline system is the only one within economic reach of every known sizeable gas field in the plains areas of the United States and Canada. Northern's system is in a favorable position to take gas from the Williston Basin of the Dakota's, as well as the Alberta Basin of Canada, in addition to its present sources of supply. Northern's gas, which is what is being used in Algona, comes from a total of 1,614 wells, and from these wells comes the tremendous volumes of gas required to satisfy the domestic and industrial needs of the Northern plains. The Perry Gas system, which now supplies local needs in Algona, receives its gas supply from this vast reservoir of nat- " Perry, Iowa Pioneers In Use Of Natural Gas Many local" residents have become familiar with the name "Perry Gas Co." over past months, probably more from the sight of mechanical ditch-diggers, welders and other crew-men installing the natural gas distribution system in Algona than from anything else. Most, of course, have guessed that the company took its name from Perry, Iowa, and in that surmise they have been right. The city of Perry, Iowa, has been one of the real pioneers in the use of natural gas, and hat= NATURAL GAS IS HERE ...and we are sure you will like it Congratulations to PERRY GAS CO. and the People of Algona Meters Supplied By SPRAGUE METER CO, Davenport, Iowa "If It Is Done With Heat YPM Can Do It Better With Gas" been using it for the past twenty years, since its introduction there in 1933. With it, the city of Perry has grown and prospered, and its citizens have been quite proud of this heritage. System Not Adequate For many years prior to 1933, Perry was supplied with gas, manufactured there and distributed by the Perry Gas Works. The distribution' system, h o w e v e r, covered only the central, more populated section of the city, and although its town gas-manufacturing plant was not large, it wns one of the most modern in the country for a city the size of Perry. The Perry company as a manufactured gas distributor was owned by the Federal Public Service Corporation, and shortly after natural gas was introduced to Perry, ownership of the local utility passed to Iowa Central Utilities Co. In 1939, this company was purchased by George Donovan and operated-by him as a sole proprietorship. Perry Gas Co., as it exists today, was incorporated under the laws of Iowa by Mr Donovan in March, 1946. . Loss Was Large When the Perry set-up was bought by Mr Donovan the pipe distribution system had been run down by depression years and lacked proper maintenance care In 1939 approximately 15% of the natural gas piped into the distribution system in Perry was never used. It was lost or unaccounted for in a distribution system that was sorely in neec of leak repairs. World War II curtailed construction activities, but shortly after Perry Gas Co. was organized in 1940, considerable sums of money were expended in replacing pipe and extending the distribution system in Perry to cover most of the city. Results of this program was a reduction In loss of gas to less than 2%, and a gas distribution that was one of the most substantial in Iowa. The number of customers in Perry doubled from 1082 in 1939 to the present total of 2200 being served. Other Towns Included In addition to the construction of a distribution system and introduction of natural gas to Algona, the company has also extended its system to include the towns of Bayard and Bagley, la. Perry Gas Co. also owns and operates the natural gas companies at Dubuque and Fort Madison, Iowa. Napoleon died on the Island of St. Helena. The teddy bear was named for President Theodore Roosevelt. = They "Scrub" Natural Gas Half Million , Cu. Ft. of Gas Used One Day With the advent of the "Gas Era" irt Algona, the story of past months work in bringing natural gas from tho main transmission line 30 miles away, and into many Algona homes and business places, together with interesting "vital statistics", has been released by the Perry Gas Co. here. In commemoration of the occasion, the local utility will offer a one-day grand opening event at their new offices at 109 South Harlan st., beginning at 2:00 p.m. Thursday until 9:00 p.m. that evening. Numerous features arc being offered, and are explained in detail elsewhere in this special Upper Des Moines "Natural Gas" section. 56 Miles Of Lines A total of 56 miles of natural gas line, including both stree' mains and service lines, has bewi installed in Algona up to thi:? point by Perry Ga's. Co.. it was stated by G. J. Donovan, manager. This includes 33 miles of major mains, from 6 inch down o 2 inch diameter lines. There are approximately 23 miles of 'service lines", carrying the gas from the street mains in to residences and commercial places. Work started during the summer with the laying of a thirty mile high pressure line to tap on to Northern Natural Gas Company's through pipeline southeast of Algona. This pipeline extends from the natural »as basins in Mexico and the southwest to the Twin Cities, and has branches extending to many cities where natural gas is now being used. This feeder line is 6 inches in diameter and reaches Algona at the "TBS" (town border station) near McGregor road, where the gas is directed into an elaborate regulating set-up. Biggest To Light Plant From this station, a major main carries natural gas to the Algona Municipal Utilities plant on Hall street, where at present one diesel engine is being converted to the use of gas. Eventually, it is expected the entire plant will generate electricity from gas- operated engines. This main, a six inch one, is laid from the town border station north along Main street to Elm, and then westward along Elm to the power house. At three places along this lino—Main and McGregor, Roan and Elm, and at Sweting and Hall streets, the company has installed "district regulator pits", which according to Ward Foss, construction superintendent, tap off gas from the 6-inch line into smaller 4 and 3 inch mains. The pressure is reduced at these three pits from 50 Ibs. to 15 Ibs. per square inch. In turn, 2 inch branch mains are taken off these mains, and the smaller size pipe carries the natural gas down the streets and alleys of Algona, where tap-off service lines are made to gas users. 1,000 Hook Ups At Present At present, according to Donovan, there arc approximately 1,000 hook-ups for gas in Algona, including both home and commercial. It is expected, he said, that upwards of ,1,800 hook-ups will be made after a period of time. The company can take any amount of gas from its feeder pipe-line, and the amount varies with the weather from day to day. On the coldest day so far, about a half million cubic feet of natural gas were used in the city. Perry Gas employed as high as 58 people on the local project, and used 19 major pieces of installing equipment. These workers were ocal people, with the exception of expert pipe-line welders, who were imported from the southwest. To insure the cleanest possible gas at the consumer s end of the line, Northern Natural has "gas scrubber" installations, as pictured above, at 80 mile intervals along its transmission line from New Mexico to Iowa. These scrubbers contain oil baths. Natural gas enters to' tanks at the bottom, rises through the oil and at the top is freed of any and all particles. It now moves on through the pipeline. Hope Like You This section of the Algona Upper Des Moines features a complete resumee on Natural Gas, with much of the interesting background material on gas not heretofore available being presented for the interest of our readers. Several weeks have been spent by ihe Upper Des Moines in collecting this material, from points as widely separated as West Texas and New Mexico, where the large gas fields exist, to Dubuque, Iowa, where staff members of the Dubuque Telegraph — Herald very kindly supplied us with much valuable information on natural gas. In words and pictures, therefore, you may, we trust, find the story of Natural Gas interesting and of value. No Nobel Prizes were announced in 1940, 1941 or 1942. United Nations Day is Oct. 24.

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