Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 29, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUQATUOK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29. Tndijuis, not Ui.xod, tiro exclude frnr.i oinint in determining lujt'"!! 1 tlvo scut distribution in Malno MlntH'sotn, North Carolina, U'asl lm:tr>n and Wisconsin. As We WERE SAYING.. A "titlUiiiK crow" .suddenly ilr- sriTHlrd iipmi a stiii'tli'd vlctury irurdi'iii.T. "llow'.t ImslHi'.v'.'" it s:iltl. ntul Hew ii\v:iy, Does your little bedroom clock tick w^h a hii;. hi;: nolsi-V Then cover •' HIP w!'h a irnnwpui'oiit vase. You'll six' as much, hour Nearly half the liMil (jniss .*:•!<•.•> of iv liii'S'' clH'inical company u'i'iv nf prudm-t.M iinlxMird of flf- (I-IMI yi-iirs a^o. ttcomimics In cimsule: "Your spending is my income and my NfM-mlln),' is y«."r Income. If we liuth stop spending, wo stop oach utlu-r's incumc. After that, we can wit down aiul starve to iloatli trvinjr to save expenses!." IHiviil Cnshnmn Coy I..-, consult- in),- pr.tfliicer, Xiitionul Planning Hoard, ' ' * Tiidii.V* nru'cdoli 1 : A iiiitm 1 likr Wiii-iii'lci- in'i'ds oxl'lsilniiin. sivi .Army officer told its owner, Wiirficliri' A. Charl.'s of XorrK- tou'M, Pa. Me eonil'lli'd with :i •-tt.ry th:it linki-d two wars. Horn i.l' "parents extra tonsclou-, of world affairs in World War I, thi-y clui-it- llir AVA for Wilson i.f 'ADHM-ICH, IJI' f»r Jiiiynifuul l-oini'iiire nt I'i'Hiiei'. Kl for KmniaiuiH of Italy, mill Cite f"r tile (lenr^-es (V and l.lnyil) of Kn^iaiiil, he said. \VliiIi- Army ;:i>rso:ill|.| W'US still iTioplliL'. I'vt. (Miarli-s lidded (hut 111-- m'"- dli- initial, A, stood for Allies. — 1'iithfinUer Said Kinil LudwlK, hisiorlnn: "Hitii-r wi'l be murdc.ved within the next two or three months." Typo-Tioiier l>y Indianapolis Times: "This letter was written ;/i l.'i-l'J. At Mich an early date in the win 1 , Mr, Konsevelt ccr- (iiinly (iiil nut know lie would In- In a iipi'slilentlul campaign i'> It's not too late to snap-up your home f'ir p-'rutor warmth with less fur-1 this winter. For you c.-an .-Hill insulaU': your walls, ,-iUic and roof, weatherstrip your windows find doors, install storm sash"S and a winter vcs- til)'.ile, i-upair your furnace, or convert you:' hcn^nj; systom, An'l there's still tirn" to rupair yfjur i-oof, floors. sidi^walls. chimney, plumblnK. masonry, v/iring, fencing 1 , walks. .•'..-•. (f> the inofiry, -Vnujrntiick National is pre|iare:l this very minute- to lend you all you i (I throuifh an I-'HA MOD- >:i:.<fx.vno.v LOAN that win ctixt you only .S" per year per $lt;ti horro\ved and will i:Iv,-- you :i IOMI; time to reptiy in small, ciiiivi-iiii-nt r:inrilhly ln.stiill- ment.s. Call at your rarly con- \i-nieriei 1 , Tlh' 1 money can In.' supplied very (illicitly. [Ifilinn peasants paint their low ("I'ilinK-- 1 In ariuarnarlne. U im- ji.-irts th(; Illusion of height. Tal:c a tip, 1C your ceilings arc low. Over :lf) pounds of notip CO Into tlic maiilnj; of .synthetic tires for 11 j-uixl-slvieil Afiny truck. Ill pn'iinil.s to "shoeing" U jeep, I mi million pounds to supply the yearly needs of t'tu'le Sum's >,vnthe(.|<: riiliticr Industry, .^iA'n In n VVlHconsIn tavern: "C'iunrettitn 20'; per nack: 2 pnckii for 33c. Only 1 to a cuu- tnnier. A him keeps mi dlKicliijf worms and InyliiK i-KV». n-tfiirdless »f "eoiullllons." If the (frimnd Is linril, she Ncrutnhes harder. If II. Is dry. sh.. dlics deeper. If she slrllies rock, .she works nrniind It. Hnl. 'always .-hi.- ilia's up norms, and turns them '»•" hnrd-shellecl profits. , save* lier hreiith for iind hur ciicklu for OBK»—I Hiillellii. NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Mcii'lwr ol Fodi-fnl ncpoult Tn.ournnro Cor(>onitlf)n -s AT CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street l'roin|»t. K.\|)i'rt WATCH « JKWKI.KY Ki:r,\nu:-(i William Schpero 1HO <:lirKCII ST. _ I Fllsllt Vv — Smart Full DRESSES $£95 Wools - Crepes ° up British Troops In Burma Have Made Gains (By United I'n'ss) In Burma, '.ho British fifth Indian division has roachecl tho ao- cnlli'd "Choeolatir Stiilronsu" — a rlL-.iUS section of rorid u£g:ht miles from the hit,' Japanese base at Tiddini. Its six-milo stretch winds upward through tlie mountains and contains '10 hairpin turns which wore widened by Allied bulldozers ast winter before the Japs ytat'L- ?cl Lhoir India drivo, Jap troops—dutr Into the mountainside—are hurling mortar firo :Uo the Indian lines along the A SPECIAL SERVICE • von OVERSEAS FORCES! PIERPONT'S WILL INSURE AND MAIL PURCHASES TO BE SKNT OVKRSEAS. PIERPONT'S lli'ii-(*(c>r(.'il ,lt l i\ 1 i 1 K 1 r.s, AltlvrU'llH Grm ^.x-li'ly inn UAMv s-nn-:i-:T Manlpur river where the staircase bejfins, - •-• • • Alcnnv/hile the American air force in Burma stufod n surprise air attack on an enemy troop concentration, O v o r 1,000 Japs were believed, killed in the four- miiuitc raid. In south China the hard-hlttinfr :l-lth uir fot-cu has lost another advance base. .Radio Tokyo claims advancing Jiip troops in Kwnnysi province h u v o ciiptui'Cd L h u abandoned American airfield u.1 Tunchuk. The enemy also claims the capture of Packing—in Hunan province. in the Pacific a Dutch submarine operating in the Dutch EasL Indies is rc|/jrLecl to have sunk two Japanese coastal vessels by fun fire. Renewed American attacks on enemy shipping in the Philippines i :u-i!ii IKIVB eliminated at least U7 j Jap vessels.' | Cotton Holto^r .Corruxuonihiiit'ii J'hono '5231 Prospective Bride At Sullivan's Two Honored At Dinner Party At M, C. Church Hall Buckmiller - Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 About 3? members of the person- ,'H'l Of th- 1 - JC.'UI^.'ltllCk hi^h SChOO] attended the dinner .party last nij,'hi at tin- Methodist church hall in honor iil' Miss Helen McDonoutrh and Mrs. Maurice IS. -Kin™. The Ki-ifsts of honor are no lonfr- er associated with the 'teaching: personnel of tho school, Miss ,Mc- PonotiKh rnsijrninf; lo attend Yale T_nw school whi'.e Mrs. Kir.R: is now nn empioye ol' the Whlttemorc Memorial library. Mis^ McDonoi'y:h was jircsentod with a traveling briji and a brief case while Mrs. Kinj," received a aet of The prc-son'iuion addresses were made by Charles P. Sladn. principal of Xuii^ntiiclc hi),'h school nnd Superintendent of Schools Harokv ID. Chitter.den also jrave a short talk. Followins tlie chicken dinner nnd the presentation of the 'wifts| a social occasion was enjoyed with : J:i:ni'S Lenry in charge of the en-! tL'i'tainmont program. Josephine Coy.xa was tendered a shower at Sullivan's inn Thursday nifht. The jrroup'in attendance including Mrs. Bertha Bachlnsky, Mrs. Clara Bristol, Mrs.' Anna Ruthburn, Mrs. Ethel Churchill, Mrs. Kose Massa, Mrs. . Marjorie Nelson, Mrs.' Julia. Pos*emato, Mrs. Mary MacMillian, Mrs. Bertha Connell. Miss Mary Sloan, ! 'Ml3 Stella Bobinsky, and Miss Florence Kudo had fin enjoyable evening. ' .. Hnds Furlough J?vt. Wilfred Taylor returned today to Fort Miles, Do!., after com r pletinjr a .10-day furlough in Cotton Hollow. Plastic powder dust has been found to bo a potential new source of factory fires and explosions.' according to investigations by ihc U. S. bm'eiiu of mine.-;. Lad KoM.'s Pet Skipper Harding', three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hard- inir, is -a'sad and lonely little lad since Ilis cocker spaniel "Bliickic," was killed when struck by an n'uto- mobile a few days ago. 1 ; ; Visiting Hero- Mr. and Mrs, Frank Barlow have jus their yucsl,, John Eigglcglon of | Ts'cvv London. .,'.,' Block I):ineo Tonlpht Weather permitting 1 , and it suro looks liku it will permit today, the block dance, sponsored by : ,'tho Cotton Hollow Social club will be presented touiyht near the' Honor Roll. ' " Kain last night forced otllcials in charge of the event to make plans for Monday night in case the climate became inclement today. Jf it rains after r> p. m., the dance will take place Monday night, at: the same time as was scheduled lor tonight. Tho first strains of music wil; be hoard at 8:30 tonight. The public is invited to attend. Revisions of plans for U. S. construction projects in 19-12 enabled the U. S. to savu GO,000,000 pounds of copper and about G.OOO.'OOO pounds of- rubber. Germans Score Several Gains In Battle For Warsaw 1 '(My Unltod Press) Polish Patriot General Bor announces the Germans h:iv<; scored several (rains in the'battle for Warsaw. •' ' • But General Bor adds that Russian artillery is keeping the cnomy from following up his new successes—which were achieved in strong attacks on' one district of the Polinh "capital, Losses arc reported heavy on both sides as furious Jlphtlny continues in the area. Northeast of Warsaw, the Jiiis- sians report only local skirmishes uiontf'the Narcw river on the southern invasion route to East Prussia. But farther north, nearly one-million Soviet troops soon may bo available for a thrust down into East Prussia from the Baltics. For the Russians have begun a frontal assault on the Latvian capital of Riga—only, remaining major citadel still-held by the Nazis in the Baltics. ''.•'• Unverified enemy reports say 'the Russians ' have entered Yugoslavia via the Danube iron gate— but that German troops have routed the Soviets. • There are several other developments In Yugoslavia. A German news ag-oncy claims the N,-ix;s have recaptured, Bahja Luka. The German Jfarrisbn at Banja Luka has boon under si'cgo for about 10 days before Marshal Tito announced 1 :ts capture'.the'other day, MJirshnl TI to announces nc\'.' Yugoslav'partisan successes below Belgrade. 1 He', says his'patriots have occupied'two towns about 70 miles southwest 1 of the capital—as well as a Croatian cbmrminicalio'ns center." ' " Corp; Smith Receives Good Conduct Award Tlic,' G ooc! Conduct: Mcdu.1. _ haa been'' awarded to Corp. Charles E. Smith, U. S. A'., son of Mr. and Mrs. 'Edward Smith of 31.-Church street. In the Army since September. 19-13, he is at the present stationed at the Dover Army Air field. where he is a teletype and tele- (jrnph operator. • . Town Clerk Records Sa|e Of Two Lots According to two warranty clocrls filed ,-it tlic office of Town Clerk Rnvmoml J. St. John, Willi-im Brooks Hopkins and Emily Turl-^n Hold a. lot on Maple Hill Anthony Shoplcy, and am on -ilay street to Dorothy B.' Baker. To build n. in.nk require* of 1,000 different building of a. battleship than 2,000. HUV \VAIl BONDS AND New Photographic Studio Opening FINAL CLEARANCE! LIVING R OOM S UITES •s •'The'' Thibodeau • "Photographic Studio will open here on Monday n the Ncary buildir.j;. to fill_ mportant spot in the Xaugatuck business world. Tho proprietor of the studio is John Thibodeau of Beacon Valley, a resident of X.iugratuck for tho past several years and who has had 1-1 years of experience in all phases of photo-graphic work. The Thibodeau studio is fully equipped with the latest cameras nnd all the fundamentals needed in this particular field. Mr. Thibodeau haa had um.'sua success in photographing children and will make a specialty of this department at his Naugtuuck studio. Cotton cloth required in the binding of books is estimated to require only about one-tttuth of one per cent of the nation's total supply of cotton. at MICHAELS 68 BANK STREET SALE $11475 If you want the newest thing' in furniture fashion . . . buy this gorgeous suite. Its style and grace will streamline ycur home. Form-Fit seats and backs that give complete support to your body. Upholstered in a fino Moh'air frieze. Regularly $229.50. Sofa and two chairs. Sofa, Blue Tapestry Upholstered Regular Price $109.50 ^ SALE Two Piece Rust Tapestry Posture Form Living Room .Suite, Regular Price $149.50 SALE Three Piece Rust Tapestry Posture Form Living Room Suite. Regular Price $189.50 SALE Two Pieces in green and one in wine. Three Piece Tapestry Posture Form Living Room Suite, two wine and one blue. Regular Price $198.50 SALE . = . : \ These Living Room Suites at the Naugatuck Store *75.00 *94.75 *99. BOTH f f\ l^/l V^l J|XI WAYSIDE OPEN STORES ^xAAl\l_^./VXl > THOBS., HU. CLOSED FURNITURE CO.. iNC. AND SAT. MONDAYS O f NAUGATUCK EVENINes 175 CHURCH ST., Naugatuck 1760 WATERTOWN AVE. (Oakville) PART OF YOUR LIFE IS A BED OF ROSES i'Msi \vo m:ike ir j'lo\vory :nii] full of s\V(H-t ili-c.-ims. 1 rrinuxl y:o\vn.< ilm nro vis- it.ns ni' ]nvr)ino>'s in ilclicrtlo rnyon civile iili eyelol: 01- IMCO. Tliey'vo oil. fo I'ii you liL'.-uiiifully njul ilio link 1 colors aro n iloli.^lii, vo soo. i'ticlioil ,-irc v\vo from our col- loc-vion . . . sixes :V2 ro 40. Olhcrs 10 size 00. 3.98 . j WATERBUBV

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