The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 31, 1929 · 31
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · 31

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1929
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE NEW YORK SATURDAY AUGUST 31 1929 11 mm James’ Corner— New Photoplays in Review— -Topics of the Theater Reverting to Type ly MAN JAMES row ARE THE HEAVENS GROWN LEAN r 1 hav whispered worth of lev jB&fink can Xt pointed to tt Ja Aad Item Uw flock of aten high p nbooc jva iipw-o oter lour own until ft dim" P- " iri' 1 tM trick to tenplo: tononUo tomb jnri tho fltfnl eumoUee el rib gad tbomb at Umre It boat eenad mo much I alwayo bom tom able to grt by IN EARL CARROLL'S ? SKETCH BOOK " it iwh at fit wry rarefol hare X tom in giving tbi (tan away dt wouldn't to unite Moe n nil a planet dead It might bo Brings jfial uenr safe tba aaam ater twice ggthreugb the lean rva tbamd them ana by one' ttb Imogen wltb Shirley Sot and tom Sad daritos when tba Waat reorivs tba am ytfu naa the garden and adeet a Star for you '''a-' gow M wo gaaa the heavens dsar eonfustoo t Pftnpte ma to beUem 1 spoke too soon f nov Item this tamamsotfa profusion TH wouldn't mind If I mould pick tba moon? i STACCATOS j tjj w riiuna "Vagabond Lover " around Which a flicker to now IA and which aaam baa aontribbod greatly to Rady Valtart Midland by that young fritor law of hto wanUpem aama to sany Lao at Bropkiynli vary ova LoewK Met thto wk (limh who wine case? loiter than that area baa boon retained by Lmm (neater) Panttgaa to show tba pnaaoution where lib an ted to tba Heidelberg Gala at Baton Rouge I on Ulan a aceerd-Lg 1 K lb"ltV the waltraaaeo have their namm atttebad on their fMtaophoM humben MariOn Ofra NimnaQy) Johnson while M gaemh Hew England was auddsnly ruabed to a Oiwanwkhi for a hurry-up operation kat Chewaday her friends will u bear and tba faramounta and Warners and tba Hath mu an reported Menrioieoohntngoocrgeo oarpenttor who “The Argyle Cate" Arrive at the Strand— “Gold tmaatoo-flgbtar baa had hto non lifted the Rva TeDys awn m pan Kaiy Bhnmannaib who to now Catena nortng wltb tonsil te toe retired Item that ahaet far a mam of montba aooount at Mkj you’ve been wondering what became el the funny waiter kt wntoto for the debut of tho flicker fWhy loan Hama" (onoe Thonias tUghaa who has not been aem on tba local kmm linos jitoddma) In which that comic to featured Jtek Dampaey who -The Racked" came to tho Brooklyn Btrand yesterday In hk first lM trade has aho made plans to stage soma big time booing audible role Ha plays a modem flheriock Holman In "flu Argyle nob Chicago when people die Of aid ragoitb Paid Whiteman case" a mystery melodrama based an tba aid play by Harriet im Mona eblna at the Pavilion Royal tanlte Johnny WaismuIUr nj Binq J (THlcgtna As a mystery play Tho Argyte Cue" Map nrteimsr and Camilla Lanier who bars been palpitating win ft mm formturaa out to be an tolerating enough rifata iollow-mSdiertly Diana Ooniay has baeoma a Osgfrid PtoRy wrapt- fag closely tbs aetbodon patten at tba avenge magneto detective kite "Stow Boat" company for Chicago consumption it's n flock yam a murder to summing uf nan the brilliant -("t Mby luU on tho sidewalks cf Hew Tort end the Cfaoey Island Kaytoq (Mr Melghan) to called to to solrs tbs crime How to goes dm wMeh wont going to permit tho burling of oonfettt bss bout doing thto (hi n hugely touttoa dctoetire-flcUon warn we gd to Rind and win orapt on the Mb of nent mor the Club Bfch- thought) proridm "Tho Argyle Cast" dUwpsn on the oeeuton— but not for th oocaslan— of thto do- wltb Ite Intermittent moments of -mm sstsl day which to Oct all ol Sophia Tucksr baa gaga dtament and Comedy Tho eomedy a ted (Variety) Oreen hfflowa to Parse an tba Us'd Franc on ss It happen to famished by a ton toU stey a ysr haring gotten an decked out wttb ad- pair of Mr Ksytafcb asristante and am here Raymond Hitchcock despite reposts to tba aontraiy 3‘tantmJtaMtSStto dn to riling at Colorado flpringsand Oayls MaoCrimntte for — - relief ths hmulwiPf M topartmant cams and anna and son has gona to Denver of them two tomgUng flberiodu ju nlddls of Daeambar which to tba stuff that eaasaa lam at acmpted prehaps as a dated wm Besba knowa a man wbo to ao narrow-minded that In "The Argyte CUat" as In pne mmU ’ ‘ tkallp every other detective story to hood that Scotchman wbott bstn miming far tba Urtthra ttontag to death In o pay as you-leavo gtrset mr(eondimante to fan in turn upon almost awry ’ritony intended todiegutot the spoiled taste of meats hack to 8toUUi5id dTuSS' I bid H refrigsnitto ttumatote f katehup Vffl ten ponVaad the govenum ttomariTmi fCtodsnd drammey fator 'wss Spanked aditorhUp tor writing of dtba that ibi had ftouth Uka a torn pookotfuethora von atrtflUftn It mnknd bo lilr of ft produotf't financial backm pwwnt at a rtooni play pn- oouim to ttQ you ban who nol br m gotten waa no room in tba theater ter eadi cwUnan gjj “ gSP " SJ hentoacccrdlngtotlwlnslden win take part hi tba next edition BiasteerlmUioioihAgoea about his itudsk” himself ttb "The Cock ZJred WOrid" at tba Rosy ter work with amastog etevwnms and shvwtLew Cantor "Soldtem and Woman" anravris at tba 10 Unw Ior End Hmdrn an and Mary nasi wha eomsa to MT Werhab flpaaklng ter tlw flnt ttma from lb Is Wilson Doddb "A Strang Man's House" to tba only f’Tf b to east Dolores Del Hia wha erupto in Brooklyn thto week 52usp5StWil!Lo fUR yearw kg it tho St Oeorgo Hotel which win ban tho world snootiest training on tho stage before he Plays and Players Some Highly Interesting Statistic on the Successes anJ Faiiures of the Past Season Gossip of the Stage prod union activity In the New Tort legiUmatw theater wss at a low ebb but eraaon and tba peraentega of tall urea in both the thematic and musical comedy Held set a new high mark according to figure compiled for the annual fas special Index of tba Billboard by Wilfred J Riley dramatic editor Them figures reveal that between Aug 1 1938 and July 11 1938 there wen Ml product torn lnclud- Nancy Carroll lng 309 dnwile and 61 seen on Broadway This was a of 39 productions under the 1CTJ-M season wbn SOS producUona wen Of thv lot dramatic produc- atol pul wbw Ik eomplated-tha day that Ooloori Ltndbargbl ttoi Fscfcard car at a HS-ufla chp ana tana at Packard stock! not appam to to so aatraordlnary Points you can eet aS tba tea or ooffm you waat! is ste does aailti actor y work MSU1MIM BBUV J Hu ImuHji- CmwIwIiim part Tba M dngg wltb labia d'hote motto at any of tho Don Dtckaraum 1 nw wot cxtnmely well together 'W-Jite Wtrt wbo gbm to ter bathing suite that oast man than! a fact which may be tea result nin th water tha IWephona Mmraga ta MOW wm da everything but boll your faraekfaat eggs farH B Warner fla8u Rtteand Bert that atnda tba terpalchorineo ban flockad to ftop tbgya caning N suagua-HXHHAtba mat of Lew (ten bm" to enjoying -Asbury Park thto week and Theron its f'JL hopm that Arimty Path to dofaw llkewlm artiste teHtoPi uteerilris or what-not can barrow pianos at Amplco Hall teas dage play waa produoed more than ‘ite nothing (Brooklyn) and what mean old producer re-1 y?l:i Vlii?fa eon Miff aoompriitor opus that it warn aa bad aa he'd bonadl l b toad" fllia le the Banymora Theater two Mondem from hers I Vttaphona ptwaontalkma at MtoVanloo) Hmly to tba guly riar extant with a eompteto22i £2“ a routine but navartbelem abaoth-big mystery drama Hera and there the dialogue la a Mt dated (the of his own to which to meditate there era no He-w b ito chonia of "Swart Adefine" the malt ebans of that "tote haring been selected wltb aa aya to their piano-pushing when aa eatery gate a reputation ter being tba kind at (toy aeon cut tba White Hate it tough and tha anas P (bent tba fellow who knew tba day and date of his derates toi b advaaes la that tba Sheriff told UnAary (Xn-Paid 1 ussa tba avdi leader' sings while be waves tba baton U a Beaway mad wag yon eaa distinguish the cash cus- Mstetaqua show taeaose tbs newspaper Critics art tho ones te aqflam Jto you OADT REMEMBRANCE ' ' tof now that you era gone tbma things an left 0 oa: tba quirt memory at n softened song to bubbled oeasrisMy a anfle bereft to SB deerit the path wa walked iloig VMu Mother Highs bad gpnad her sum net to boon and item n hatf-nmambend took t ridandfitetodanunbllngrioloL' toktoed between the page of a book BUk the few moment with !Tnk X (tba tramp comedian) Baby Rom Mario In “Crooning Rhythm' and n murieal-sfcetcb entitled "The Opty House" At tho Winter Garden oolo moons op notmnr Wsrasr Sim ten sfsSwUM sste IrM Ite Stas Msy 'Th OMSns-M W Atm TkjrsseS Swim H to Osl Balk ' St Ite WIBUt Osidsa m osar TMite JZZT K18SEN CAP8ULE COMMENT Jnvtaa MtaaaiiiasotoiiUlfn TfllhtH WlUfsvfesaiaataiiMiisiVUMii ftlkinll - ssasieaeiHeNiHtiasi Nick Ueu IvjlMtieietetaagsfsMMSSittftrtVI fWMf lllktiiiiessitisHviatn e Jklftfft OfU I WWi iintts sisisssssvtiiOMtHli ftilNt IftUflt IfMuifttVewod tMiirtf Mvink our Ate iniN ounm " StttlSISSIStSI Ln Mwil tha late Avery Hopwood ferae “The Gold Digger1: the Warner Brathera ham toehtonad a talklng-alnglng-dsneing film caned to be mare specific "Gold Diggers of Broadway? R arrived at the Winter Oardsa last night ravaoUng hi Us principal rotes each musical-comedy ami film atom aa Winnie Ughtner Aim Pennington Nancy Welford William Bakevall Ulyan dm With the Bhow? TherTii n denying however that "Odd Btnm of Bnadway” Is set off by sons of the most corneous stage trappUmthat barn beep soon In these pert for a long time and It te these settings which give i the picture a Mrtaln visual beauty Leading indMdna! neUng honors In the Winter Garden's asw show probably go to Winnie Ushtner who characterisation et the fc-ro-pnsslbla label kept the flnt-nkht ndlsnos hi gates or laughter Nick Lucas ("the emontn troubadour") Iter doing kNk mm-ben are "PathUng the Ctoudi With Bambino" "Tlp-Tos Thru the Tulip and 1h a Kitchenette" and ttosa very hksly will toeooms favorites for the radio bmedcsrisw in no time at alL Albert Grin and Nancy Welford were probably tha best of the other Bnaklya rasaaeeaat Wsa Wms" a VstmsbI vtesrv teSSMtvS by Ite Ms jpisy 'mimr mwteay wiuiwi wnut nwte M Um Bnaklya Finmaua! riteUr HI CAUBT jasahanaoe Rh feta kmter a "Woman Dap” oo-ealtod to tttto or no apporant rsaaoea wbMi b to to asen thh week at tha Breuktjm Paramount Theater to tatemting tram several angtan With tha east of characters pro- acted upon the screen te the sdner tat "Woman Trap" is tea or untried by the stage play Troth-era" in which Ben Etftfll Maned recently "Women Trap" tas very little at “Brothers" about It b trite a much better story “Brolh-one of last ssssea (air prtmarilw beesuss at tha quickhanut dual by Mr Lytell "Wuman Trap" has one o( Gone IN might logically to termed commercial premieres the balance including repertory productions special matins performances and foreign tenguig presentation Among the musics there ware 13 logical eommsawlBl premiere making a totel of 314 commercial for all productions This waa a drop of productfcmi or If portent undor tho figure for 1S7I-28 when 3N prt-mtewes were listed ' Excluding the 11 dramalte shows that were still running July 1929 there were 15C drmnstls pro-ductlons that operwd and ctosfd between Aut 1 1338T and Jito 81 1938 ttem3SpetwteU-nraa (them flfure being based on rstfog of IN performanora for a Theaee figures reveal that 3JH people appeared In Broadway kgtti-mate produrttona test i IA 11 during ths lWi-M 01 tort season total 8478 writ assn In dramatte riwws a aln of W over the dramatic employment ! tor the prariou season wton SjffTS wen Uried as 5Amoni the' other interertlnt dria compitoi by Mr WW 'J® that Henrik Ibsen take top place ae the playwright most fully represented eeron S hie plays bring pra-ented during tha season Anton Ohekov and lugem O'WeU wen tied lor eeoond pkoe with four each Robert Rom of the Oirie Repertory Theater Company wealths buaisst actor havbig appeared u productions la the motaaom-merclal ttaaler Hubert Druce tope the list baring appeared in elk productions Lee and J J Bhu-bertT who aoknowledged Intenrt-in 15 produrtlons but wbo had ritant partnership In many others were the mart prolific producers Ray Henderson who contributed musts to firs productions wee the mart prolific composer white tow Brawn and B a Pe Bytes who teamed with him as lyrte writers did tho verses for five productions Herbert Fields Oscar Hammeratoln 3d and WUUsm Anthony MoOttlrs head the list of Ubretttete with four hooks each to their credit Noel Oswald director eter-au-thor-compassr-and-lyrto writer waa the most versatile Individual Ns Change In Cut - Tho usual cut changes so often made during preliminary tryout have not been found necessary in the ease of which tow OUntor will present Mon' day night at tba Rite Theater with VtofetTHenUng and A R Anwn in the rales A adnur change wee the elimination of a email part played by Jo MUlwaid stage manages wbo will now be able to devote Me entire time to running the stags nMs I Get fCAM i W a Fir Ids has been signed by Earl Carroll te star in the road tour at laid year's "Vanities" at a rat ary of MAN weekly and then immediately started nagollalloc with Jack Donahue to afar in the forthcoming edition of “Vanities' at tho amt salary Te Periiu flcensiy Clean Throckmorton has engaged by Hurrav Phillips sign and easeute the time a for "Re-born" the new play by Irma Kraft in which Glenn Hunter will alar Fannie Stoddard wil have tlw chief feminine role She I only 13 and played late Mason in "Meet the Prince" Special Gelid Matfoes The Theater Guild that there will to a special Labor Day matin at "Tha Oamel Through tha Needle's Rye" Doaafess hi "Tlta Hals" The newly organised theatrical rodudng firm of Connolly and iwanatrom (Bobby Connolly haring joined forma with Arthur Swan-In tho production at Tin Hata") armouiMso that Jack Dona hua has ben Mined to star hi this musical extimgansa Mr Dona-hut feel that "Tin Hate” offers Mm the greatest rote of hie career Belli Aaelhar Play Howard t Koch tho author of "Great BooUl" new American eomedy which opm Monday night at tho 40th Btrsrt Theater and who unction law during hie spare tiros taa had a second play accepted by U A Gaflan head of Showahop Inn and producer of “Orest Boottr Koch has ferial hrriy titled hi ptey "Builder of Bridges" Chsugra Bis )tk George Hritend formerly general manager for 8am H Karris has been engaged by Schwab and Man-del aa their general PaeUw Coass repreaentetivs wKh headquarter in Los Angeles Schwab and Mendel will aoon brutal their ooart aetiriUes with California production of "Follow This" opening m October ra vw wBuiawiaamu i weuora william BakewoU Ulyan — roc PREFERRED OPUS LIST: "OambUng" with fey and 1ahmanOonbu Trails and Albert HufITE EAR and THROAT TOOHOO: I u cyw-fllling exhibition that has !"Almanae""The LttUe Show" "Hold tvcrythlngsuch other Item in he favor aa a oa"rt Hot Chocolate" AND JOTT FOR World" at the Rosy Danes of Uto" at the RlvohBrodrWm kSSSt 'Hdern wue erar seen or heard) and "Hallslujah at thal Hbwaver whan “Oold Digetr of SSl"” “ VaI SdtotoSSlih MSSS wnNieon fend Ena and tho pteno-poundfaig oTOiadyo to reproduce some of the plot of Dtem House" on ld8wuet FoUto Fie at — Si-tha fink arinsM I vtanuiiw ihs ntv 1 1 i w tlvsM BAOcnsrrla the t one raal Gw picture has such a plot rt alL If you murt i — - mm wv story 'hi about a chorus "Way Anderson Almanaf and Albert (8L Oeorgelgtrl who In iov with th ackm of toi Wtndup In Dambllfig" Mae Dto atldxrlM thar tL JJfeter Garden Warren Nolan yun anent Probe Agents tera firat C-r® tetor Arte Monthly the wow chune "llajhe lTHS2JtSiJ Tfoway Anderson Alnaiiae"and Albert (8L Oeorge I gtri who p eugwrted them song foe cotaum-chauffeura-to Wtoopc in uy Home Tbwn"H(nrra yuh been? l-WnUr" WaU ’lub‘ 'OroribM Its arwkba tony xaeto1 M)f JAMEP FACE "THE INKY WAY? IN TH topjy- SECTION or THE BROOKLYN EAGLE barnly opposed to their marriage and H la for the purpose of thwart-tog their plans that he cornea to New York You need hardly be told tha t the dignified Stephen toe to say nothin of th old codger who la the family lawyer in turn becomes attracted to another girl in th ahowv and la the ergitt te Juri “artistic" it Ms yet not for a reason bring its final bra b seams to this team three two cblsf-esaolly where they wi btlon to each oUrar nt tog et the story— ait Because at this absence of a drtermlnaUon WomaQ Trap" toe somewhat the semblance et ea Installment of a serial An Interesting eta mam lathi manner fa which Director WeDieaa hsa arod the lm levant to the plot ao-boo— dialogue at chsxscw fljum to vatioue ehote to relieve the hasten ef peak potato of suspass which mtent otherwise bn- too tone sustained This tends s artrom Uuden of reality to tha entire pictsre Th story ae a Lor see ys effsn little that hitf not been dlitwd ap tonumanMe time before Huy old dramatis props era hers i hashed— tbs tittle mother llw dash tt rritetoin setting etc Yet thry rt comllaied in n manner that prevent them bring trite Mr Sfcrlly aa the police wigaant' who Is the friend of ell In Ms territory to entirely amntiig- Hshu even better actor tit the aubsegurnt i tovsbi rule ef hard-boikd et-1 -Vj beeomes when his a jam aa a remit lsa with Rddte Ev-Kltty te again the Pearl of "Broaden entirely two brothm w failed h'toH the added screen dlrertlsso- ' Vteit te the W & AMraKNENTS— BBOOKLTK Fradweer FpevadeWteia Hunter WUHama producer of re-vuas and playlets for vaudeville hai put bis first legithBri play in rrhoanwl a new coated) called "Escapade" by LaarroM Kyra The out of town opening te srhrduted for Sept U with the Broadway premiers on Get T The out will Include Beverley JBaynet Mary Morris Ones Diukin Erik Barbour Jean Da U Cruae Wiliam Bsrvald and Martin Berkeley Mia Bayne read her part in Holywood aoespted by telegram and will fly part ef the way to New York- Te Disvet "Tswa Bar" -William Keighley whs recently Rtumcd from England where he staged the London production of "The Devil in tha Chero" has bran engaged by Charles Harris to direct “Town Boy" Mr Xrighley has been associate director to Charles Hopkins for th past four prats TU Aid FataaUaa Fwd Ofotge and Connie hamerman two Jbwlah young nan at Harlem producers of Connie -Hot Chocolate" will donate a goodly part of tha show receipts an firpL t to th Palestine' Fund The homer-man brother are of orthodox Jewish fomiijr whoa 11 her has “Cock-Eyed World” Opens At Fox Theater Today Tlte Marlhrs re moving tote ‘ Riuiiki it uwiay tn other words - 'The ttvk Eyed Wnrht begin an rosAseinrnt at the Fas Theater Bused mi a story by Maxwell An-drrson and IgwrrlMv dislliiigs oo-: iuilwrs of "What Price Glory" the I bin Iraiuraa Victor McLegkn Rd- mund Lowe and LUy Damlta Ale-j lsflrn and Lowe are enc mere the j bsliling Marine Flagg and Quirt ! The supporting raat Includes El ' Brrndrl Bobby Burns Jo Brown ! and Iran IJnnw' The Roxy clang te th feature of ' Ihe Msge program InriikM among I thetr radio favorite are Alda Bo- monte iBnmbyi Adelaide De Lora Jeanne MigixMet and Harold Clyde Wright Im "fte Dteaee ef tMe“ tkm emitting pittmre et rte flieefi pent Ma years father la Jerusalem Gleason-Armstroai Cast Jams Otaason stnd Xofertt Arm-siren manager grad battler ef "Is Eat tor have Just been Mined for talking picture appearances tn the new Harry Richman and Ibnnte Brice picture for United Artiste Oleason will support Richman In "Play Bor” tho new I Ills ter "Song at Broadway" Joan Bennett ta leading lady Tay Oanutt director Irving Berlin author and composer Armstrong will again play (he rote of a pries fighter this two ta the rote et Fannie Brio sweetheart in Dm Champ" j Memory Test Angwerg 1-fo Augurt xaii begxa the World War L foxtor Kansas anil the march for oil has recently renaled teng-vanbhed granlto mountains IJMO teat high I 2 A desperate plneappb gmwer hi Hawaii dtaooveewd urt mulch papsr tha "Paper of th Qnrt Tb-momur" haa aucoesslulty fought tha wood menace and hu toeblari ill flflflffi A Beoauao 'Chinee te a picture language and cannot tho fora be put tote the Morse or any ether soda China haa never bss ibis to un th telegraph i China now moves a federation ahead because the Radio Corporation et America teas airangsd with tbs Chtosra Oovwrnmsnt te transmit message in tho erbtesl Chins characters by telephotography Um Talking Films for Educational Purposes Unirarsftisa medical auetette and other tosUtuttona for lit apread of knowbdgo an gradually acknowledging tha important of talking pictures to the educational world Tbs flirt educational talking ptc turn to be used In a gnat university were shown recently at TVs elvers College at Columbia UMvsMty tt waa the flirt f a serif of exhibit Inns at educational talking pictures before gatherings of public school teachers and admin 1st na t on Tba picture was fumed with tho cooperation of Dr H D Klteon professor of education atFradieru College m a concrew suggortion of what talking pictures eta accomplish for tho causa of education Dr Klteon said that bswinnlng with tha new school ymr talking pictures would b adopted experimentally at least by same of th mart progressiva VoUtwm sod school In- the country "Tho talking picture he sold "haa obvious possibilities In sd veuve-tog Um teaching of virtually every subject in tha curriculum Owog-raphy chemistry physics Um social ctencss language literature manual training domestic aria arad sciences can all be taught hotter with Um aid of this new medium of communlcatten" During Um port summer Um Royal Society of Medietas of Orest Britain gars a demonstration at tha (etenUfle us of taking ptc- Warners to Giro Midnight Shows for Pnlcating Fuad Warner Brathera wlU giro fir bn fit performance for the relief ol (he victims of th Pslestlno p-froros at midnight next Tuesday Dm of three extra shows will Iraiure Al Joteon to “Say It With ftfflp" which will b screened at Warner Brother’ Theatre rt tho Miand to Manhattan and at tho Brooklyn Birand Th other theater to pul on benefit performances will be the Winter Darden where “Gold Bfegrrs of Broadway- will to pcs-rntedsndlhs Central whre "Ftog Life" will bo the attraction Th entire receipt will to turned ow to Um PatestitM Rutigsncy Bind turre in surgery Ths picture showed eteto-upt of Um hand of Mr John Thompoon-Walker an honorairy aurgson of tha staff of King's Onl-legs Hospital performing an operation and dosing up ths Incision bis vote explaining In detail th various ttsps of the optratlon and the reasons for th asm - The experts apd tha medical student who witnessed tho demonstration wore highly impressed with Uvo possibilities of tog sound film for giving no of tostruetlon surgery in Um (schniquo RERTAUKANTII— MANHATTAN AWirggMEfifTX — BROOKLYN TKC COCK EYED BtHllD fsttv Mart ROXrS ieAXIi FOX fuMLt Hun urant lin Jmt snrr AMUR EMCNTto-tANH ATTAIN LITTLE T"- w (Tn yteii i s " tasT svuul is ear a:u Ms IMMta SrvMta nN(!MK ZARRIMORE i reel to a oy" v MS Crar Notables at N V A The newly elected oflkwn of Uio Nalioml Vaudsvtlls Artist will bo taUlted at ths N V A Clubhouse Bl W MUi t at midnight tonighL fmdurera sxecuuvoa and stem of Un slgge mtosit and radio wortet VIH participate in (he riaborato wremoniea Music dancing and a bulirt supper will bs (sat urea et tha rerot which marks a new Milestone to th history iif the N V A Amomr those wh& win bs present wlU to William Fo Sr Adolph Zulmr Jwt Laaky Hiram Brovn Harry Warner Abe Warner David Barnolf Wn tangling 8 L RothsHDwvld fore Will H Hay Wnfirid R Murdodr BanTdontLtort! Mayw FT Proctor Ham K Harris norm Ziegfeld Charles B DU-Hnsham and A H Woods The ofltavra to to insulted ora Mte Cantor prealdsul waiter c Krily riro president Boily Ward wooed view president Pst Carer ferowtw and Henry ChorierfltltL weretary ) Fill-Me-In Solution NE9TAIIR ANTN— BROOKLYN Va oMfant or cooc v- rf 4 - - -c t A ICOIMfNfOP WAIIpJ: AN AflMT-OrMrtOKt' V- ¥s -v k r FELTMANS AT V 1 -J V ntJ ANt'grfefPNTR— MANHATTAN femSsI ((siMg IsaSssI Hold Everythine FULTON Itaaliv WteH Wvs a-n Mvi (i art - EORGE M COIIAN'S Raw ambuicm rur MBLING A OsswSg Draaia to f AU G7 IMrtalai m S-Mt rests mh IssL is txr are -a Playhouse £ SinEETSCENE fd£fKMETROFOUTAN ilhBefd foot es6 CamttrHM DAVET EC "sownr ior NW31 5HEAIEK nslrtri Mva Owrey" POOIN OPItif AT tmet roMGiBOtr nmmst j niTfi - g Its GEORGE PLAYHOUSE iMPtmppiFM niwtonim CMrtM-ftta BM T CIvIMMIJf fOMV AND TOMOMOW WARNER BAXTER b BEHIND THAT CURTAUT AN TiNhf Msmtavy Mm 1 euVMOM AMD I DUVTtfr A Mini Nhmdn cmtAPs Amitnm m uui Iai mi fflHi itAlBIE iwum irf a- mar ijimyr ad 4 CRIAT HEADLINERS &ENHY I bdUY DAVIS Jdf T mi king I Mimgtmgl Asariisgi KING VIDOR'S 1 resSscilM s( Stall UN HALLELUJAH! 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FEATURE FILMS SHOWING TODAY ammount i DAVIS WARD 4 grew m 1 rex-'— EWING EATON -f rsiWSMiwx N T i StraisD lunr i tMiuM ““ s MEIGHAN As "THE ARGYLE CASE" MAJEsWc re m a-v a atei SSIITII and DALE "MENDEL INC BpM thk ruKnrua aaupomm raim vnmsaov Dm Imt Mm VipitMrt hit Ssata fetarad taw iistastaa Pwitas tosisi j resnsfeiwu iwths ip gap ares' M aroiai mu sreo: sire v-s— ore Hisiii MS rvitaa a WM) Um: Mrei-Oi-Il PlaM PIiIpw teas Ofrtpau IU httai M n— Rm Pm-rwi liwtfi (ta O-I-TO WtaM a flat I'XI Wanrev SaaiMf fHipaaa iMrnllir areafiaa a Ossrgta H Ebtasseta mUaaata lupun nstali Warrer Sattas acams sa a awTim Ctere Saw Bipaaam Careta lire Va com auvs sscnuu rogau On flailila cam Saw Oasarea Carnal aha Va ruvorare -u-rn IIWmi rw a SiSd Wanre laiaar Hata VM rarUM Ban paM Blrea KaHf-a It m Baser S-a-1— - tai— f al lump am rrapaaaa S-1S LhMran p Saapat IbpaMpn: are VM (rtlMt LilT Papula PaaaafM Ptaa a Basara (aaaaa a-ta Vfea LrMw Kwfear Sana Swua Clwfa a rial ' lata in Paaaiip lami ala V aaSppta Uregaaa ina Hfta? 1 as (an— a (irt'nia PrlPMaiai ata VaaSaiMta Mapl—a rial S-fl Rl Snap Im V tap Pfhl KaaPM- ( ( L If f aa— apUa Sa—a Wa Mayiw (Viaialiar MpSaaS atrsx ISIS at sure SH aiMaiMSatnib ai 'a Catapaa Pstre IM Ptalfeste IVaaaaa M— 1U Saa rsaa non arnni BaSap r— nw sun la— tanr— a SlanHl l R-nMaCrtaS ' amuawosre aicTMfe tsnp ala V a

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