The Santa Fe New Mexican from Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 28, 1989 · 9
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The Santa Fe New Mexican from Santa Fe, New Mexico · 9

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1989
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BffjmiBEKft NHXMEHCAN Kelly Richmond Ron Porterfield found way to be part of the team When he left Santa Fe in 1983 to go to school at New Mexico State University, Ron Porterfield ran into a problem. At St Michael's, he had been on the football, Hn, basketball and track teams. His dad, also named Ron Porterfield, is athletics director of Santa Fe Indian School and young Ron had grown up around sports. "I was in athletics all my life," he said. He was a good enough athlete to make the football and baseball teams at New Mexico State. The problem was, he knew he wasn't good enough to be a professional baseball or football player. 1 Just realized I wasnt going to make a career at either one of them, and I was getting to the point in college that I needed to start working on a career." If he couldn't be a player, though, at least he could stiO be on the team. The solution Porterfield came up with was a career as an athletic trainer. He now works in Kissimmee, Fla., as the trainer for the Gulf Coast League Astros, the rookie team for the Houston Astros. 1 cant play anymore, but it's as dose to playing as 1 can get without actually being on the field, be said. 1 like to be around the game and help people out as much as I can. I wanted a Job where I can get up in the morning and love going to work, even ft I don't make a lot money. The life of the athletic trainer isnt for everyone. For one thing, he has to be willing to go "pretty much where they want you to go. Porterfield worked at Auburn, N.Y., last year, moved to Kissimmee this year and thinks he is headed to Columbus, Ga., next year. The Astros also have minor league teams in Asheville, N.C.; Osceola, Fla.; and Tucson, Ariz., any one of which could be Porterfield's next home. Despite the nomadic lifestyle, Porterfield . says he loves ft. 1 don't mind it right now. I'm single and moneys not aU.that important to me, and . where I go isn't all that important to me. So It Suits me fine. A typical day for Porterfield goes something like this: 1 get up about 6 a.m. and I'm at the park by 6:30 getting things ready. I have a van, one of the organization's vans. The guys I deal with are right out of high school or Junior college and they dont have a car down here, so I pick them up and later ID take them home. : . 1 spend an hour or so before practice on (mediul) treatment I run the conditioning and flexibility program. Then there's practice and the game. Fm kind of in -charge of equipment, too. "At the end of the day when everyone goes home, I make sure they have bats if theyre broken or any equipment they'll need, and I take guys to the doctor. 1 also have to keep the manager happy because he's the main guy. I get him coffee, get Ms mail When the losses are piling up, I've got to help him out : "Every day, I'm the first one here and the last to leave The players coming right out of high ' school present a special challenge for -Porterfield, The Astros keep most of them together in Kissimmee to keep them from 'being overpowered by more experienced players. ' -v-V . They're really, really green, he said. . That's one of the hardest things. If they're , .right out of high school, ft's the first time thqr've been away from home. They get homesick real bad. . 1 get rn at one In the morning 'cause they don't get along with their roommate, or they miss their girlfriend, or they're afraid they're in trouble with their parents back home, or theyre not sure they're . good enough to be here. I've had all that . this year all ready." Although everybody on the team plays lor the same salary, the signing bonuses . differ widely. . Some of them sign for $80,000 or . . S100.000 and some of them sign for a new pair of shoes. An 18 year old with $100,000 can be a . problem. . They havent learned how to manage thefar money, he said. "You do see that a lot They get used to the money because . IFs there and then ft's gone. .. . Porterfield's team has a 10-19 record, he said, but the organization is more concerned with developing ballplayers than i winning ballgames. ft you get a kid that's doing real well, they move up. And as long as they're improving theyll keep moving up. If they hit a standstill that's when they get released or traded. Getting attached to players who could : ; move up or out at a moment's notice b another of Porterfield's occupational hazards. 1 try to make an effort not to get real ! dose to them, but there's a few that you . . cant help hut get dose to. When they do ; leave, you fed it, but rve gotten pretty i used to ft. .. Tve seen a lot of guys come and a lot of 1 guys go; some are happy and some are sad. I feel real happy when one of my guys moves up, but there's also a lot of times I'm , tfriving them to the airport 'cause theyre ' oolna home. inninri . yt : ; 1 i ' JCeffy JtfdteMBdfoasporfswrfteror TheNewktpdcaa. Dispute ends, Downs Hie New Mexican .b ft live or Memorex? Both. An Uth-hour agreement between the New Mexico State Fair and Santa Fe Racing Inc has paved the. way for intertrack, simulcast wagering to begin today at the Fair. ' The Fair will receive a fixed rental-fee of S1.500 per day to lease the grandstand, complex located on the Fairgrounds to Santa Fe Racing for the purpose of ARC features record entrants The New Mexican , Theres never been anything like -it . in Santa Fe. A record 152 competitors have entered the Santa Fe Association for Retarded Citizens Benefit Tennis Tournament, which officially begins today. With rainy weather predicted for the weekend, some matches were played Thursday, including an A -efi vision showdown between No. 3 seed Jim Rubin and Paul Tachau, as Tournament . Director Mike Bachi-cha tried to prepare for the worst possible scenario. We hope to get in as many matches as possible, Just in case the weather turns bad, Bachkha said Thursday. The tournament gets in fun swing today at 5:30 p.m. at Shellaberger, Tennis Center, Club at Gancho, Sangre de Cristo Racquet Chib and Santa Fe High School Tennis Center. Rubin, who lost 1-6, 6-2, 5-7, ' wasn't the first casualty of the tournament. Dick Mechem was. 1 Mechem, the top seed in the A division, was hospitalized last week and forced to withdraw. Steve Lamoreux, the No. 2 seed, is now the man to beat Lamoreux meets Ivan Zinn, who plays No. 1 singles for Suita Fe High,, today at 5:30 p.m. at Shellaberger. Other A seeds are Carl Stromquist (No. 4), Greg Wheeler (No. 5), Kevin Quigley (No. 6), Bill Sisneros (No. 7) and Dave Shaull (No. 8). In A doubles, Toro Shope and . Greg Wheeler are the top seed. Quigley and Tachau are seeded second, followed by Fred Ellis and Sisneros and the father-and-son tandem of Tony and Bobby Bull. A Bobby Bull, one of the top junior, players in the Southwest, was taken to the limit by Tbm Scally before prevailing 6-4, 3-6, 7-5 in a second-. round singles match Thursday, In mixed A doubles, . Debbie Romero and Mike Alvarez, both assistant teaching pros at Bishops Lodge, are the top seed. .The. brother-and-aister team of Paul and -Cynthia Armstrong is seeded second. Lamoreux and Claire Zoeller are seeded third, while Mike Bouck and Bev Bourguet are seeded fourth. In women's A singles, Cindy Brown and Romero are seeded No. 1 and 2, respectively. Cynthia Armstrong, Santa Fe High's No. 1 singles player, is seeded third and Claire Bradbury is seeded fourth. Women's . singles action .begins -Saturday morning. . Brown and Dheera Ananthakrish-nan are the top seed in the womens A doubles. Dian Fortunate and Vera Mechem are seeded second. In B singles, eight baeeded Chuck Watkins was eliminated by Jason Kent, 6-3, 3-6, 2-6, on Thursday. : Pancho Morris is the top seed in B singles. Frank Romero, a &2, 6-2 winner over Joseph Sisneros cm Thursday, is seeded second. . Jed Dean is . the No. 3 seed, followed by Tom Seed, Harold fSmwingham, Dale Zinn and Ted TVujUlo. : Trujillo defeated'Mark Tharpe 6-3, 7-6 on Thursday. v In B doubles, Richard Neff and Bill Pearson are the top seed.1 Cunningham and Jon McIntosh are No. 2, Leslie Shope and Michael Ahrens are No. 3 and Dean and Mark Muth are No. 4. . There are no seeds in women's B singles; ; however, in B doubles Cindy McNown and Susan Teutsch are the top seed. Camille Gurule and Spark Griego are seeded second. The tournament concludes Sunday. Commission Spedal to The New Mexican The State Game Commission will set small game and waterfowl seasons, for 1989-90, and set up a new auction for a wild sheep hunting Demise, when ft meets in Santa Fe today. - The meeting is open to the public and starts at 9 ajn. at the PERA building In ApodacaHaiL - The small game regulation coven seasons and bag limits on pheasant, blue grouse, lesser prairie chicken, quaU and intertrack, simulcast wagering. ... An agreement was announced Thursday night by New Mexico State Fair Commission Chairman Don Cox and Pete Drypoicher, executive vice president of Santa Fe Racing. The agreement came less than 48 hours after a dispute between the two sides put the simulcasting on hold. Simulcast wagering means races at one track are televised live at another track in the state, where patrons can view and bet on the races. The Downs had planned, to DaSanchezpitched the Santa Fe National AB-Stars toa(F3 win over the Santa Fe Metro AB-Stars in the District 1 Uttle League Tournament at Salvador Perez Park. Albuquerque gymnasts take The Associated Press OKLAHOMA CITY A-. Olympian Lance Ringnald of Albuquerque scored a 9,85 on the parallel bars and added a 9.85 on the high bar to capture the gold medal in the men's all-around Thursday night at the US. Olympic Festival : Ringnald, who last year , became , the youngest member of the mens Olympic ' gymnastics team in 20 years, had a 9.50 in the vault, his worst score in the six events. Chainey Umphrey of Albuquerque pushed Ringnald in the final two rotations but finished 1.5 points behind and had to settle for the silver. " David St. Pierre of Culver City, Calif., overcame a 9.0 .in the parallel bars in the third rotation to capture the bronze, .15 behind Umphrey. , ' 1 The East got a 47.65 in the floor exercise from its six members, led by Mike Racaneilis , 9.9, the highest mark'bf the evening, to win the team gold. St Pierre was among the East competitors, making two straight Olympic festivals in which he has won a team gold. Ringnald and the rest of the South team got the silver, while the North! led by Tim Ryan,; finished a distant third to take the bronze.-. Earlier Thursday, six of coach Beia Karoylis women gymnasts from his Houston dub were in the top seven after the compulsories. Kim Zmeskal had a 37.55 to lead Amanda Uherek, who had a 37.075. The mly non-Karoyli gymnast in the top seven was local favorite Shannon Miller of ' to set small game, waterfowl squirrel ft also sets dates and bag limits on birds or squirrels taken by falconers. ' Changes from last year include minor revisions in some hunting boundaries, and making shotguns, rimfire rifles and arrows legal weapons for hunting grouse and squirreL - . - - . j The waterfowl regulation covers seasons and bag limits on ducks, geese, rail, commom moorhen, American coot, sandhill crane, pigeon and dove, ft also details how falconers can take migratory birds, . to simulcast racing begin simulcasting on Wednesday. Wagering begins at 3:30 p.m. today and continues Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Labor Day. Live races from Santa Fe will be simulcast to the Fairgrounds.' The SI ,500 rental fee, sin increase from the 6750 originally proposed by Santa Fe Racing, Was made possible by the cooperation and participation of both the Santa Fe and Albuquerque Horseman's Association. We are ail interested in the venture and ' ; , . .j. 3,v. i A v brack and Add competition in the ttolted States hasnt kept Carol Cady from the ; Olympic i Tbetwo4ime Olympian' just moved to another arena, t ,.v V-! was weightlifting since 1975 she said, ! ;"!to l?a not reaBy switching. " Loi Alamos now.. Cady,27,anative of Loi 5 womens weightlifting In the Olympic Festi- 'vVAnd don't expect her to talk bitterly about , the The Athletics Congress' decision to boot her from track and field for partidpating in a meet in South Africa faut October. 1 enjoyed everything track and fidd has" me for my life, she. said. Athletics has done been a great experience for me. Travding Edmond, Okla., who was in fifth with a 36.9. Ringnald, 19, turned in a 9.85 mi the high bar, his favorite event, in the fifth rotation to hold off Umphrey and virtually clinch the gold. Umphrey had a 9.7 on the rings in the first rotation to keep him in contention throughout the evening. In the fifth rotation, trailing by .50 points, he scored a 9.8 on the floor to put neat on Ringnald. Ringnald responded. .; Changes from last year include minor date revisions and a requirement for hunters (ft fight geese in the Middle Rio Grande Valley to obtain a permit (free and unlimited in number). . Bag limits in the Pacific and Central Flyways are to be based on numbers of ducks or geese killed. There will be no hunting of canvasbacks in either flyway. Final waterfowl rules are subject to approval by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, depending on the number of birds its potential positive -, impact on horse racing," Cox said in a press release. The program will be conducted on a one-year, trial basis, Drypoicher said. Whether it continues will be contingent upon the success and acceptance of the event, he added. Santa Fe Racing has felt all along that the horsemen, the State Fair and the fans had the most to gain," said Polly Miller, assistant general manager of the Downs. We are pleased. National, Metro meet for crown ByDONNAROY The New Mexican Staff ft's winner take all when the Santa Fe National Ail-Stars meet the Santa Fe Metropolitan All-Stars tonight for the District 1 Little League championship at Salvador Perez Park. The Nationals face Metro for the third time at 7:30 p.m. in the double-' elimination tournament. Santa Fe National staved off elimination with a 6-3 win over Metro Thursday night to force a second championship game. Metro booted National into the losers' bracket. Tuesday night, defeat-. ing their crosstown rivals 8-2. Tonight's matchup will pit National pitcher Ronnie Payne against Metro's Juan Gabriel Gallegos. . "I don't look for a lot of scoring it will be our best against their best, National Coach Jim Sena said after the win. "1 think Santa Fe is going to see some of the best baseball. Any mistakes are going to be game-losing mistakes. They had nothing to lose and everything to win, Metro Coach John Marquez said, referring to National. Marquez said his team' has one objective: wim . PJ. Miera, the first National player to bat, got his team off on the right foot, slamming a home run over the center-field fence. ' : National led 34) after one inning, ft picked up where it left off, scoring three more runs in the second for a 6-Olead. Metro closed the gap to 6-2 with a pair of runs in the third. Metro ' managed just one more run in the-sixth. David Sanchez went the distance to pick up the pitching win for NationaL He gave up six hits and struck out four. . . Jolene Anaya was tagged with the loss. Anaya yielded seven hits and struck out four, t- - , , David Sanchez paced National at the plate, collecting a triple and double in three at bats. Teammate . Ronnie Payne had two singles. 7 , For Metro, Juan Gabriel Gallegos ' was a . perfect ' 3-for-3, including a triple and double. gold, silver .,?. r a.'.' - afoupd the world has taught me a; lot of tMnp I never would have learned I have no ? & neffon In March. .tfedwai 'court" has "upheld the action. . coiacliKllnff U- TAC Is .private organize- i : tkm And c ah make its own luto dovwniog rfy.The U5, federation doesnl allow athletes,; ,, to compete fat South Africa because of that nations apartheid policies. Cady doesn't want to talk about ' her feefings about South Africa.' ' lrm to a very touchy tumion here," she ; said. &C- , . r. 1 saw that, Ringnald said of Umphteys floor exercise, 1 tried to get that out of my mind. I told myself Tve dmte this five bUUon times in practice. Thinking that way allows you to come back to earth. - -. t ' .11 s' ' - . ' 1 ' . Umphrey's floor exercise led him to believe he had come back from an earlier foot injury. He showed no signs of pain when ' he nailed a double back flip to end Ms routine. . seasons today observed on northern nesting grounds this summer. Waterfowl hunters must use nontoxic (steel) shot statewide. . . The Department of Game and Fish is proposing a spedal Middle Rio Grande sandhill crane hunt with up to 730 licenses, divided between two hunt periods In October. It also proposes a special sandhill crane hunt in the Demlnglas See Coaunkelon oa Page B-2

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