The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 6, 1953 · 4
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · 4

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1953
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Ql 4 -y brqpklyn eEYwRAua 6 ire :kxU : T I" -Errol “ynn 0 BrawScotsman ! V'T" — Jj " m' V’'- v" - I ’-? : I n 'The Master of BallrintmA1 MOVIES f- - Five Stars on Ca In 'From Here to Li- BeiUeUlnf novel of proPuri Htrtw Army lifo bo- in ob 10 hard-hitting drama with very hayiaa chan-' acton canght la clrcamstancc that budd towanl frnstra-tloa and tragedy A high-voltage prodactloa oa every count Hr M'- By JANE COBBY :JamesJones' book"From Here to Eternity has been made Into Oscar-tgit movie superlatviely written for the screen Ingeniously directed brilliantly cast and acted and dramatically' photographed It Is now on the screen at the Capitol Theater As written by Daniel Tara-£ £dash and directed by Fred Zln-I i r-nenlann what began as an - etectrlfylng " novel i about Idle ji men In an Idle Armyjust be-I fan Peart Harbor emerges on j films a trenchant study of i American males with - tl lliArmy background merely In- 'll -1 'fit ii- f ' CuMul IdMaln )aBMMr CWL lit— Karr Fink Staataw Bnum mt T? fillip Okw MhHp hiijWilr Main Mali VimR Via In Ar- i ddental to the exposition of their? characters -!i' The story j i therefore has a timeless quality if&whleh widens Its appeaL y J f The tragedy of a “hard-head" fe Pvt Robert ELLeePrewittis y still the focal point of the tale iffi s? r -lVHe is not only the rugged In- ‘ i divlduallst ln his Infantry com-ivrpany atySchbfielcI -Barracks yj'HonoluIuj he also symbolizes y the rugged individualist in any group of men who either can’t i-or wont conform who resists bullying regardless of the sadis-iyytic forms it takes and who dies p:‘yin his futile attempt to be a y good soldier while refusing to W surrender his' rights as a i 'it- - - - i son aift'aSatBtaIa- m I Montgomery Clift In the role I fof Prewitt is Vaguely wistful jiyln manner covering a core of jy Steely - determination not to yiflght In the company’s boxing y: team which is just about the yy combination of qualities the of qualities for A top middle ?V part 'calls -'’-weight in Is off boxing because he blind- i:y-weight in Us former outfit he I e ed a man In the ring f'-vj 1 y - - fe- ‘ per Deborah Kerr and Donna Reed ' the two leading ladles alsn spring surprises In their roles Miss Kerr ss the unfaithful captain’s : unfaithful wife and Miss Reed as a professional hostess In the Congress" Club catering to soldiers: Both are a far' cry' from their: usual roles - -y ' Good SespeaseV-y The rest of thq cast makes the background for these five in a steadily - mounting itory of suspense " It has its origin in the personal problems of Prewitt In relation to the Army and to Miss Reed who becomes hie girl and those of Lancaster and Miss Kerr who are partners in a clandestine romance But the attack on Pearl Harbor furnishes a smash cU-max which whips up suspense and excitement to large-scale dramatic heights'? r y In writing the story for the screen Daniel Taradash while laundering the language has left the characters intact They're all a : faulty lot men and women alike-and this while giving the film the tough look ofreality underscores the note of tragedy that runs through it -There’s genuine humor in “From Here to Eternity" hut no happiness at alL Originally the book ’may have intended to take a jab at Army brass and slovenly subordinates in peacetime but on film It takes a slap at the general tendency of human nature to deteriorate under toocasy conditions - The film Is in attempt to show up people which it does to a remarkable extent it will probably niake them like It That’s enough to : kee: them lining np at the box o: flee' yt: v Rather than put on the gloves Icagain be accepts the bone-I ' breaking "treatment" handed -out at the order of thecom- MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE prmandlng officer a boxing en 1 'A' thusiast Clift Is one of five ftars who are about evenly balanced as to performance and contribu- tfon to the Impact of the pic-':i ture Burt Lancaster Is a tough i Sgt Warden who has the busl plness' of compromise down to a C science and Who runs the com-i pany while the captain pursues V his own Interests with a mixture of contempt for his superior and pride In his own ability to keep things going smoothly Frank Sinatra is a happy surprise as Magglo Prewitt's only ' real friend an Italian-Amcricaii buddy I IN0IU1U UKtWWi VIM Mr It I: 4:M T-M ltMs “M V Mm1 U-M 1:41 4:11 1:14 rOI-Ow’ 11:14 1:41 iiH 1:Mf -4M1 Xu tills m 1:11 nrioromiK— tmmi i:4f 4: f:M 1:M -ImM a bwK" 11:11 Ill :! IiH tUMOCTT "Hulr Iv" Hd : 4:44 14:M: M M H Im" H:U- es- 0 -wnim- -- i 4TO"M IT" U 11:1 8:1 4:1 :M S:S 11 Cinrn-rm In to lUnltr" 1:M 11:17 3:4 : 7:41 : U-N ClimmMVml CM” 1 tl:N - 1:44 1:14 1:14 7:1 14:4 11:14 CUIIISWm Mflr 14:4 11:14 1:1 4:17 4:1 4:1 14:1 11:11 lUTFltk— 4nn4 lUff” 11:41 1:4 1:4 4:44 IM 4:4 I1-47 Il4 MC1IC 41—' 'M Watta" 14:1 1:1 4:14 7:14 14:M (U4 11:1 Si 4:1 4:1 MIMOlinurn iHht 7 MlaaM 14:47 1:11 4:14 7:41 14:1 11:14 taw 1 1:11 4:3 4:47 comic rowdy with a fiery tern- --Dtw vkv ma u:m s: 4:4 7:44 4:1 11S4 FRANK SINATRA Jn f "From Her to Eternity of th tapitol Theater : yqung" Japanese actress and : model has been signed by Maurice Evans to play Lotus Blossom the leading feminine role in "The Teahouse of the August Moon' John Patrick’s dramatisation of the Vera Snelder novel which will "open at the ' Martin Beck on Oct15 David Wayne and John Forsythe will play the male leads In the production Jlorley ‘ Meredith 7 Marijane Marlcle and Peggy O’Hara have been signed for the roles of Orpheus Yenua' and Cupid respectively- In "Orpheus : in the Underworld" which will have Its world premiere at the Music Circus In Lambertville N J the week of Aug 18 “The Worldof 8 hoi on Akekhen : with the original cast will return to the Barti-zon-Plaza Theater onFriday Sept 11 for a limited engagement of seven -weeks ending Novi: Jane Havoc will star in "Affairs of State” the final show of the season at Richard Aid? rich's Falmouth Playhouse the week of Aug 31 Miss Havoc Succeeded Celeste Holm In the satire of Washington diplomacy when It was shown on Broadway two years ago “One Touch of Venae" la now being presented at St Louis' outdoor theater the Municipal Opera with Kyle McDonnell Russell - Nype Lawrence Brooks Patricia Bright Marie Foster William Sully mid Ruth Gilette ! Zachary Scott will star in "The Moon Is Blue” at the Lake Whalom Playhouse Fitchburg Mass next week In the supporting cast of the Hugh Herbert comedy are Don Harens and June Dayton : The Niagara ' Falk Rammer Theater :will - produce c"The Chocolate - Soldier" next week with Harry Stockwell In the role of Bumerli and Ann Andre as Nadlna & ' s IBt s' r 4- -v f STEWART GRANGER aid Rita Noyworth co-starred in '$alome "Technicolor spectacle held f of the Brooklyn FcowIth'Th 49th Mon" or a second week WESTCHESTER FAIR - SET FOR INDIAN POINT The 'second f annual : 'Westchester County Fairthelarg-est butdoor expositlon evy at-tempted in the East will open at Indian Point Park Peek-skill N Y on Sept 6 and wil run for ’ six days it wu "vet flounced by E DrKelmah director of the fair The annual agricultural and horticultural exhtoltion will feature afull mile-long :“tent city with many attractions under its sea of canvas Livestock Including prise poultry farm produce of every kind as well as fish and' wild- life exhibits fruits preserves and handiwork will be featured wl th commercial exhibitors from every comer of the nation added Many - caynlval-llke attrac tion will be featured Including Mi the famous "Hell Divers? who race a car Into a three-ton block of ice Rousseau whowlll dive from a 65-foot tower into 'an ordinary mattress the George Hamid two-hour "Showboat Revue "and assorted animal acts plus contests for children and adults including the "Harvest Queen? selection to find the prettiest girl in Westchester Under the sponsorship of the Westchester Agricultural and Horticultural Association the fair will play host to an e1 tlmated quarter-million persons More than (7000 in prizes will be awarded ' Vka k t— ii to InI 744 vtat d§ kll lk ItmUt Eifb 71441(44 Km Bm ll44lir 414 if 8 mlwt’i lif eipaita 'Stdlog 17' Continues Hit Run at the Astor : - Billy Wllderis - "Stalag 17” continues as one of the most heavily attended pictures on Broadway as It begins Its sixth week at the Astor Theater on the new wide screen The fifth week did even more business than the tremendous third week UADIO CITY MUSIC HALL ftiwylan ea NoMw Rodwfal "Top Nofcfc Wtt Dogglr AJl'-THOMfSOH MKSOR “THE BAND WAGON” im FRED ASTAIRE CYB CRARISSE OSCAR LEVANT NANETTE FABRAY JACK BUCHANAN lM MKS MTOKU SIMM If VINCtSTI MMKUI r fMmSIySBIHwFSUD ‘ cr w Technicolor AiM4ihtM dN STAGE: "ALPINE ECHOES” Gala mw iaia piadwaS by UaafcWt ladatta Cbr Oa SaS Charal biavbla aad Syakony Onfciilra AadaS by RoymaS Mga SMa 4 10JUlll7J4KWfltaa(k 4 Ui2l3 4024:18 ' Pin Opmt tAimt IMS M Warn ir Bros B3T Less Smotsars iheEImRof BAIUpiE Errolfiynn — -ItcmUComt : Disney's 'Snbw Wbite' In Tee Copades of J9S4' Walt’ Disney’s fabulous Vvim-don of thelmmortal fairy tale “Snow Whit and the fieven Dwarfs the bads for one of tht outstanding film successes of our tlme wUl be 'seen in pedal live ' version - on the ant Ice rink lii John’ H Harrkflce Capadesof 194' which" will have Its world premiere Sept lO at Square Garden-? By special arrangement wlth Wslt Disney who la cooperating in the - presentation of "Snow White” all the Disney musical favorites from the film will ' be featured sung by choir -The solo parts will be sung by the artists who originally made them popular in the Walt Disney-film Grumpy Doc Bashful -Sleepy Sneezy Happy and Dopey wlll be among" those seen in this Ice treatment of the century pl children’s tale being presented for the first time in this medium ‘ V ' f- - New Date for 'Melba' At Boro Paramount The first Brooklyn engagement of "Melba” S P Eagle’s widely-acclaimed : Technicolor musical starring Patrice Mun-' ael will begin on Wednesday Aug 26 at the Brooklyn Paramount Theater it 1 t 4W4 ' Jr With a - white cockadrln his Scottish Tamo’-shanter and ipered plaid pants instead of kilts Errol Flynn Is off to joht the Scottish rebellion In the cause of the Stuarts- In the title role of "The Master of Ballantrae And that’s only the besiiw nlng of hls fighting and as- ! ELU FITZGERALD oh stage ot the N Y Pora- mount ' In the new show-"The Moster of Ballanr-trae" k qn the screen sorted derring-do in the Tech-Icolor film which opened yesterday at thieN Y Paramount The -picture a film Version ! the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Is jammed with action crammed with pretty girls and ffers dancing all the way from the Highland Fling to an exotic solo performance by a West 'The Robe' dt Roxy OnSeptl6With Gold Ceremonies Motion picture history win be made on the night of Sept 18 when the world’s first fea-tflre-length' film ever made in the evolutionary new! Cinema-Scope ' process 20th Century-Fox’s Technicolored production “The Rohe? will have its world premiere at the Roxy Theater At the brilliant debuV of the multUniJUlon-dollar film rllltoe top personalities 'from Hollywood Broadway and Washington bn hand for a whirl of ape-claL activltlel how being mapped out to welcome one 01 the most significant advances In ’film-making since the advent of sound A sweeping spectacle xand a moving story based on Lloyc C Douglas’ best-seller : about toe orin of ! Christianity U1HS47 Wuaar ha Tahalw Wtlltaa Kriittarv ndies beauty-Pfotwlse there are English- soldiers bent - on capturing Errols the rebel : a the Homan era "The Robe" was filmed on some of the most lavish sets ever constructed In Hollywood with Jean Simmon Richard Burton Vlctor'Mature and Michael Rennie In starring rolea' ? - The picture ID years in preparation and a year in the making will provide the - genera public ' with Its first opportunity to see the new dimensional r photographic 'medium deyeloped by 20to pentury-Fox tola year -projected oh toe Roxy's huge Miracle Mirror Screen equipped with toe latest In stereophonic sound equipment vi' -- 'Inounced by William J Heine-man vice president In' charge of distribution’ for: United Artists The bpening preylous- was an- ly had been set for this week' -Jw n The Master of Ballantrae- Robert Louis Stevenson idrentnre etwy provides dtement at a steady pace belghteaed by plctirrsqae art tings particularly the misty Scottish highlands where mac of the plctnre wu filmed Swashbachler addicts and Errol Flynn fang will be thrilled '?- tOmtA In Scotland oh the tot of Stevenson’s story and on toe coast of Sidly doubling for a West Indies port The back grounds are a big part -of the romantic atmosphere surround tag this story of 18th century adventure lairbreath escape by :sea and falling Jn with pirates eager a run him through with : a sword there’s the girl he loves and the pother girls whoare willing jio he loved there's a prison cell and - A gallowa a muggleri cav e - and several good chases The indestructible fr Flytm comes thrpugh it all lylngr -except for - minor setbacks like being shot Into toe sea from a cliff and run through with' a knife In What? appears In the Him to be h vulnerable spoV but apparently lan’t Flyan la ftaeFettle This la standard Errol Flynn adventure better than usual because Mr Flynn ' is In fine ettlel 'the: Scottish - plaids in 'echnlcolor are warm and rich andvery becoming to the Flynn suntan - aparkling ’ yea ’and flashing teeth and the ' velvets and laces of a well-dressed" pirate which our hero becomes n -timeare equally flattering Most of toe picture was Except for Flynn 'the cast Is British: with Richard Live as a devil -may - care Irishman who is Flynn’s righthand man throughout hi escapades and Anthony Steel as toe brother who remftlns- at Ballantrae while Flynn goes looking for trouble ’round the world Bea’ trice - Campbell ' la a spirited Lad Alison' t h e girl Flynn loves and Yvonne Fumeaux i a pretty youngster Vho buUt romantic but vain hope about Errol the master of Ballantrae : As historical drama this new Technicolor picture skims foe surface but as an Errol Flvnn swashbuckler It gets a high rating::- - j c Oa Faramoont 81a ge Ella Fitzgerald ' starii In the new stage ghow at the N Y Paramount:w1tH‘ the George Shearing Quintette the Ama ingf Mr Ballantine the Four Evans and - Bobby Sherwood and hla orchestra ' -t U-l to 5 Films fa Sept United i Artists will : releawi' five top productions during the month of September it was an today nounced today: by William J ’ Helnemaii vice president la Charge of diotribution The 'five j films and their national release -dates are "Sabre Jet” Sept 4jv "99 River ! Street " Sept li “The Joe Louis Story" SepL: 18 !The ' Fake" Sept 23 and “Donovan’s Braln” Sept M Tomm IW UNCASTEI NONTfiOMERT CUR ' BEBORMI KER8 FRANK SINATRA BOHttKO r: WIDE SCREEN h'tiiiiimm “mmHcnn SCOTT REA cur mmvs RHM444H Mil 4 MM HWAHMIy T M HOW SAIUM MUNCM WlCf 401 W AU IHM ImruMUM Ntat UMal 4744 Cteta if4 4 7 Imi 4 R W II 4M M NmWi Tim lM IliiM 4MKI ta JMN 4mcZ 04 rrtM — ImI mI4 II mW p$t NK4 44 — T imtmtmrntim MARlNEiTHEATREJONESJBEACR "MCaiCAL 4M44H!-WoImmii UTr COLE PORTER’S CAN -CAN" ABE BORROWS 4 (f -Con 4 444 4 4MUIIRTWtai CI4-tM4 lWillMlbhhLIMlblMBir )lAL M FOR MURDER Ato-CMt jnVMOtT4l 41 CIMIM limlliMi Mala 44T WSB at t:44 I -111447 SmHini ta t4 far IHI haw 4mm to if Mil" —aim wiHCHtU MIRHRt Ul'HMO ' “a arv— nr twtiu HAUR1CE EVANS M SKULNIK WHORF The FIFTH SEASON Uk-Cf4)C0i Thai 44 41 (WB'll 0IMM4 4talMl4aa4 44 IJ tart4ta)4llta4— 44441444 N44MI44TII4-4 ¥41147141 14 4M4W 40414114 14444 417714 7 4 44 4 MILLION 40U444’— Vitaff RODGERS k HAMMERSTEIN’S MNRWMCKICab COMIB7 BIT E AND JULIET air-CM M4J1ITIC lt 41 Ml tl 4'Wf lta14 Mr OMMlfiiiaital 'Mwlfeiai tart U Mf-SiNUn W-T Til Brynaer M ‘ Rodfers & Hammmtein's The king and i -RXC1LLIN7 C4Nllrr'ra Wm TO rut MY 3 ANGELS' H saw irtu anwaca WALTER SLEZAK jmvnit ' OAKMin ' aieniv OWWaK 1IA1-M4WS - TAMiJBX lnntl4 4r Jb4B RUM ritrCM4iH44a4C4Wa4Ktli4ta WtA aifCoM IT iAMUWta Rtal eMr Im MaUatMlST WM S44 0r4aS KaltrlatoataaLMraKar WltaMI V- TOM EWELL SEVEN YEAR ITCH THE 1 VANESSA BROWN 4itCm4i14L74N TtoaWMOlWi-IKM tililli w Halt lareWM at 4:34 4I4T4 MW ta MX 411ICI Wa MV I lid Muksl of A Setioa MlUirr PrlM Ptr— CrlUnT Olrtat 141 IM Ttotart 4lll A JtaM UM rml piCNIC 1 4 Ww Pfair tr Wiixiait iwog KIfi W J04HL4 LtHiAN W U4IC 444 WI4 4 tn4:N Wta7taf 1 4 'tRAROEe!H''Mwk ary pOXGY ABE Ss 1 If CEXSHWIN A HtTWASO i jirCM4fiiariLBaataWM atl-waa Im ta I’M Ntta 44f Wtta 41 4 -44 WISH YOU WERE HERE Pm WdMt Cimtif tifrCOMjlWI’IRIALVW Mataata-WaC V BEST MUSICAMM tawa cwiTinr citnt csiis ROSALIND RUSSELL m WONDERFliLTOTN Ilk-Coni twltata atrM4ta4l at 4-MM IrntahM Malt MV A M 44:44 OjtiW”’WMWWWWf1l HBRIBI-IB’IS 11 MMjjj?SCA!l£DSTlfF (MflYfAlRl 744: 471 rim hit m mnemneouw MUXT RlTCMUM LINDA DARNOL SACK MLANCt BTTtal 1-4 BALT St Burrs MKiaor IraaUyi jsr TGSFE uigizrapi- BtmUTMMiwKUMMOGItn I TammntBAY ta SHE smut -fnautaHAmCN Taka M To Town NEW4Wl‘DESCREEN eoiin svs TAYLOR GARDNER MOWARDJ KEELf GREER : WHTES I CARSON FIDGEON 'SCANDAL AT x SCOURIE" VALENCIA STIEET IlMNI IIEVOOST IIOIDWRY CONES IS sms RIMEO uses MUIR ORIENIU MTRIS riteics YOU LIVE THIS ROMANCE In m3a Sflf-’SAREE FERNANDO ARLENE LAMAS DAHL GIRLS ef PLEASURE ISLAND UO GENS OOSOTNV MOMIEY ‘FORTTI’ bmHnittiKtT -SERPENT of Nltr D SR W10E SCREEN! MAZT ’HTIlRAimeRTfl’ ’SALOME’ (MOUNT KSEIN TICHNlCOLOr -plutJOIM ROAM THE 4N MU"" iBiawwar "ERAKDO'S ANTONY MEHORABLErrm1 3T JULIUS CAESAR t JurCttM BOOTH Theatre ’isti st oirwya aidi n ‘ RESESVIO SEAT II lwicDIM:4JlS:45f M irifcMflWIMk Mit 1 too JJM (MOnNrtfitMEa3aSiiaSiiOwSiorSIUuOlSlSOEiiaiSUtiN on inmt mens til i It n A if a u rUNANDO UIM AKLKNB 0A11L KINGSWAY 3-D “SANCAREE” - Ktaa Nifkav A Caaqr Utata Am 4ML4 44 PL144URI 141440-’ (Btak ta Bakr) AVALON MARINE Kin WlikHf im at fttafemh Atatata Kta Nlikmv RICHAKO 3p THE MAZE” camion k iOAl OF THE CftOWD— Howard Duff BROOK KM MAYFAIR £U'££U‘BRdXENtl)ieiir ' LADlie-fRH DIHBEH VODATt DA Tin FMkataAnaM Micurrofi' WKB BARBARA IT4NWXCK FAHUiMtaRaM iiTITANIRH MIDWOOD B IM4 4tV -OCiTINATtOR Oom- tfacfeakalar) THE FJGGliR'caMNCMiV ALBEMARLE IJ-D "FORT Tl" 5P5SrB FARRAOl'T ritaO Afr 44 -RIVER WAVI AT A WAC1 A "HITCH HIKtA- NOOTRAND NwL A-KIa Hy 1‘DC A CT tROM ELM Anm ta lata l4 DtAJI FATHOMS’'4:!! UNDER RMtata-taRI Aim ‘'RAMROD- A -N4RTHWIIT OTAMfCOE" RIALTO r£taSOUTH SEA WRUiriSsSSSLSKS rTtiTfrc imm am alar ladd "CiAKIFMLAtY warts VULLLuL A Ataaaa N (TiMnIvI 4llns MINK"— 4m Htatay - ' ' AVERLR EJ AVENUEUVcA-fiSShtne else Under the Bif Top ' B1V RIDGI AND ICNKT TASK - -‘v SUakj Wl Am m4 lltk M: dm Warn at Waai aha Bitch Btfcta ' ' ‘ BKDFORD -j -- RaHaatE 714 WntaMtat Ata Mhatar Daahiani aha Va4r 44 ‘ : Bum n l:i Aa M Wl Daaart taM aiaa Sari VcMaaaw SAVOY IhMu luRuof tltCml RCRH0RNCR4T HARBORO Ilkri Lul of (U Comuclu: WALKER Si“ 'IW IU ) Rnr of tb Crowl BOROUflH HALL AND DOWNTOWN DaNMi RiHtaM mi f irilaa 111 1-D fart Tlf aha IiwmI at Ika Nlta' ST GEORGE at South Sea Woman Lone Hand Tcradaal fwrlt aw c4 Beat It HMaf Baacfetam aha llaiar An ' TIVOLI ?Trw (For Adults Only) BI'HBWICK WmIiIi Mtof M Ctanwy St Stalk Baa Waaai aba LaM BaM rtATBOKK ASTOR Deceptioaj Teisg Wives' Tils AVENUE D 31 Diert Song also Fort Vengeuce GRANADA ! Uif Wwiu MmV ' KmI Ccacy lta4 Aw A Aam H Dnart lanfl aha Part VwaraacA s -LaaKrr bay lilM4 A RnMrt Im 4-D Part Til aha Aaratal af Ika Mila ' VOGUE Thirst of Men Streets of Sonovf - EAHT FlATirlH NEW RUGBY trV5S5Slk Sa Vmu Uu HuJ -- - lifRRTTTHTR DFATB I Maw OralMt IvrlllMa A Wkltam Aw Hkaaai aha Lay Waal Mink -v-' : -ii RIMOR BICBWAT J JEWEL £2ZXZ“: SMi TwnWarfIA ALL THEATRKS AIR-CONDITIONED (MMARHIR AMti L a4 IJr4 aitata Ill'll a atVim 'A aI?u park 44ia Mwta 4 r Hu wm ’’SOUTH SEA WOM AN V A 1811 MC4ia-"tOHK MAW (TtCHy DCHNKR I— ta Am tata Rtamy 4t 4 IT ATI DKalfe A fMrtali A' kilMltj IhKrt'Ai ar Tcaatlw A aLfc rtcHHI ’FORT Tl’ rdlTWaVMH rL Hmiltaa Ptm C4L4R 4H4WI 'u wl R8RT04WI4V BAKBOR Imwilta A IctaHl Ataiaa A 'IHKHI OP THl RlUi’— RH4R4A f UMIM4 COUiftlTlwaHl Am —4 4aJ'ii- AS Cata 4ltata4H'r A "U4y WaMT'M'hfk‘ aRITiriHH AwaaA 4W4 4twta "W4RAR IR fill WIR04W" A "Tka Rlnatcr? ' IrkRRRHIRK MU M A tl An -R1V14 WAVS At A WA' - C A R L T d N cs f rieuw fcH Plata riaihN Ana4 Pert Plata SartafltaM RWtei aha Qaaa far Pap j SANDERS Piwaait Part wail RmoFwnoB 3-D Sasgsrse Girls tf Pleaiare IiUadf RIDGEWOOD ISU’“J-D FortTii- Srrpent ( it NihJ R I V 0 L 1 S£““ A Amncw h fui pf ’ 1 -- aifriPcnKAO rat t jr: - Tr' ' ' r i SHEEPSHEAD'rKlwM siu: a rf fiwm’u J I- RnOTN DROORIiTK - ’ 1 t‘- CLINTON ' W"l Ob H TUrnUnl Sa4n UlckaIMi MM Am Saaai ah Jaaatta Cltf M P I m - : '! ' ': i -tisewi! i' tf-Ts !4' - vik t fi-rw- t- at y-ftWw A'a-i'7--44: : i ' : 1 -I 1-: - r-

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