Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 28, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 28. '1944 .NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Seven THE MAGIC 'PHONE NUMBER FOR RESULT GETTING WANT ADS IS 2228 Personals flT\ K.'i KKt'OUP MADK ut .vour vuii'i 1 ;it I'"'' liyutlis. Mi-ecii Music Co', -t' :! HnnU street. Tol. 'l-.Mi^ U'utrrlmry For Sale MOV.K rltfj.t i,,. f |,. st a<tof vucimt '.'-room. 2-rtunily h-jiiMi-: 2 lots u' 11' is I'Wrr time l\>,-:nl\, Wi> make it ri.'SH i-M-vy iluy. Also do custom eul.ii 1 milking. Win. !<' •Si'liiMl.'i'n. ^>"' w Hiwi'n road. Employment j~~ Ili'lp Wimtt'il — Main l»l\ |t()VS wnntcd l>y Annonlicrt; Hiiwlm;.: Alleys, Church struct. ^iijil iind wuoil 'JO hours per week. Til.' .N;iuK:iU:ek l-'uol Co., S7 Clr.irch stivi't. Ili'lp \Vniiti-il — Fi'iimlo »-u-n :md u xiiriiKC. Nice loe-i tlnn. A bargain at S. r ;,200 PiUsi I..i\brlotii. reitltor, 172 H'.irli «it Dial 3.I5S or CS3.I. , .•<i» \Vmiti-, 1 To Iluy ON.K. Two ami llirt-i! family linnscr W'l. 1IAVK UUYIiKS for 1-3-3 fiimily houses. Jos. V. Rosko ;i Lnion St. Tel. .iyas-2952. 4 '-"'id For Suit. liCH.IJING lots ft,,- suli-. ill) v II!) Andrew avenue, 75 x :110, Mm,-' nors uvenue. Hans Ni.ssicn, Manners uvenue. Dial r.T.Sn for ill o:lU'e work. Idxuollont ni; cuiHlitions, writes and . Address L-'.ox "C" in cure .«•:; Ollieo. OKAI. Ill dwelling. Din I -I50n. ucrr barn, farm stock fin- tiiul sali'; tools. . Iron, or liv 'u in. Ajiply For Rent LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This is to Kive notice that -I, Mary M, .Reynolds of 7.1 Prospect .street, N;uiKiituck, have filed an appllca- tion 'dutccl September 2.1r,t, 19-M, with tlio 'Liquor Control Commission for u Restuurunt 11*1111 Liquor lor the sale of alcoholic liquor on Die -premises -1.19 North Main street, NaiiKutuck. This business is own'ed by Mary M. .Reynolds of 71 Pros- peel, street, Nuiijmtuck. nnd will be conducted by Mary M. Reynolds of 71 Prospect struct, Nuu(jtiniclc, as permittee. | MARY REYNOLDS Dated Soptcmbur 21, 19-1.1. Automotive Anton l''or Sale "A safe place to buy and sell" 1937 PACKARD SEDAN Pncktvn'IA'V'iiterbury, 1'n.c. •IS2 Walnrtown Avenue Dial 'I-U10 15 Auto Part* DODGE- — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED . : Sales Service- Parts, Acccsaorica Malcolm- W. Starr Corp. •ISS Watertown Avc, Dial K-11-16 12 AniiounccincnU Samuel N. Andrew — Business Consultant — Income Tax — Real Estate 20 Leavenworth Wnterbury, Conn. St. Tel '1-<110! WuntiHl To Kent For Sale Sale UdCl.l! luiiix- fur .sali'. All i!;;;i:-iivi':ni'iits, about 1:" years ulil, (KKiil t-nnditiun. gai-age. I.-jt firi x L';')U. I'riff rcasonablo. Also v.i- c:ui; >•> roora I I'umily house. Con- trully U'l-.-iU'd. I'rice $7,.jOO. A. Slii'l'lf.v. Dial 2-i;i". C1TV—7 mom I family licjusi-, all improvi'ir.ent.i. includ- i.-.i; liras- plumbing, hot water l-.'-a: ami oil burner; - car gar«;,v. I'l-u'f S7.:;oo, Also x room 1 t';i:!i:ly l.vusi' In good condition, .?7..-|.»i. A. Sh.'pli-y. dial 2.13,1. OXK l-'AMll.Y liniiM-. 7 riioms, fur sulf. Ail imp i ovfnients, Lund- scu;i.-il ',(>: 111) x 100. Near May A'.v, and Millvillo Ave. Priced :n«s(iii;ibly. Immediate occu- 11. M. Shea, Dial 3277 Rooms wantiKl to rent. Suitable for a couple. Dial 33-12. MO.NUftlKNTS Special prices on Ail Memoritila •V. RICHARDS 2GO So. Muln St NauRatuck .t'OUli ur fivi- rixiiii rnit wanfrd immedititely. .Dial 5020 any time ICdwai-d Suvoski. Automotive Garago For JJeiit GAKAGl'J to struct near oO.ll. i-i-nt on Y, M, C. Chiirc.h A. Dial Announcements Legal Notice* NOTICE 3 I-'AMM.Y l-l ri)iiin liousc. S-car f'UHO', I'Xtru lots. GO Johnson St. ^ r'jimily hniise. Main St., Beacon Fall.-:. 2 family house. High- kiml Avc. Jnhn F-Coa!v. Dial flOot. T\VO family near U'alnat l.-n! lur.-itirin. K. M. Shi-a. hmist- ( ,n Cliff St. :'or sale;. J-Jsei Priced ruasuiiHlil Dial 3277 or 21.13, St. tlOl'K fuinily ln>u>,. ( iri Ilillsldf avenui; :'oi- sale. Dicil 27S1 after H ;>. m. The Board of Assessors of the Town of l : '.i!ao.on F»l!s will bo in session in the Town Kail frcn 10:00 o'clock A. M. until :j:00 o'clock P. '.M. every Saturday dui Ing tht- month of October, the dates being October 7. 1-1. 21, 2S :S find \Vedni.-sdny, Novembi>r 1, if). for the purpose of receiving lists for assessment o:' property in the Town of Beacon Falls. Board nf Assessors: MILTON CARRINGTON CHRISTIAN HEISS WILLIAM D. GA'LLAar-TER T;!'!!': HKST yiOLl' DF LATT-: MO'DKL lFSI-:n t'.ARS IN TOWN 1912 PLYMOUTH Deluxe Sedan— Beautiful maroon finish, clean inside rinil put. Good tires. Radio and hejitor. 9-11 Packard "Clippi:r'' Sedan— Losv milcnge. one owner c.'ir. Radio, heater and slip covers. An exceptional offering. 19-11 Plymouth Station Wagon— .Braml new body by Cantwell. Fn perfect condition. Eel tor sec it before it's sold. 10-11 Chevrolet Town Sedan—Radio and heater, owner moved to California and had !.o sull. Good tires. New car appearance and condition. 19.11 Plymouth Coach—Black finish, good Urns. A-l mechanics condition. Radio and hunter. Ex cu plum it I condition. Contractors Pu luting PAPER HANGING W. F. Cota, 17 Tel. 5-1 fi5. ' - and Tainting. Cedar Street, Painting 1'AINIJNG—UIAL lUMi ADOLF ,1. IvUUXMA 2VKW IIAVJCN 1'Al'EB Manging and paint and wall paper for sale. Also paptr removing machine to rent. VVm. F. Cota, 17 Cedar St, Dial r,.i55. ' Merchandise Wanted To Duy DIAMONDS Aiki'OIil Gold Bought. Watch repairing OUL- specialty. GRAND J1CWELRY 112 Grand Street Dial &-OOS2 2!>a Ai'tioli.-s For Sale 11AUY iiutu liiiil.s, SHJIS; bub.y aulo seats, Mytitis talking boards, $1.79 up. Also large selection of toys. THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. Waterbury BKATII TO JLOACHK.S Will rid your home of roaches and lilts, or money refunded, $1.25, Adams', or Union City Pharmacy. SAJJY Carriage: for s:«li:. Mi:kil springs, Good condition, .fin. Apply 210 Water street. Merchandise .10 MlNei'lTnneniui NATIONAL casti register for s:il<:. Serviced ror gas station. Real buy. Dial -1-3550, Wtby. MUKlc.ul JOHX'S MUSIC SHOP We buy. sell, <:\i:li:\nK':. "nil repair nil kinds of instruments. f»w- cat prices in the city. 3SO-382 So. Main St., Watby, Conn. Animals Cattle Anil Swine •J2GC. ,Ters<:y Cow for sulc. Services 37 UnslncKH Services IlonuVrcd Education -s »jM«Ri-:r.r.A SHOP oll.'t.s Ai luggage NO)I! anil ri:- 53rook St., Walci-fjui-y. J'rofon.sloniif Scrvlcns 3,1 Local And Private Instructors D.INA SCHOOL OP MUSIC STUDIOS—WATBY. -1-5028 "53 South Main—11 Wilcon' Street piano — Voice — Mandolin Children, Adults, Advanced, Beginners, liapid Piano Course f.or Adujts Merchandise Feed Ami Fuel OUIIKIt Now—For limited supply of seasoned -wood, for stove, fireplace and ^furnace. Also ' field stones, sand, gravel, one coal I'ung-e, cno gits rungu, one water healer, also codar fence and clothcslinn poles, and numerous other i'Lems. Llgr.t trucking- and moving. Dial :iS02 after -1 p. m. G. SiilinnrcJi, 538 So. Main i.'N'S—Talili; * C'liair. Strl-s, Hifi-h Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Porch Gates, and Play Pens. Largo selection of 'toys. Lowest pricey in town. BEACON KIDDIE' CENTER 73 GP.AND ST. Wtby. Instructions Acrobatc J)A^ 1 CI'j T' 1 ' 1 ' Toe Ballroom " Private or Class Baton Twirling Rogina Leonard, 73 E. Main. 5-001C BUY WARliO.XDS AND STAMl'S EXCKU.KXT ING and slip covers. low prices. Allen's Upholatering Studio. Mnsterccaft Aru'sts. : Grand St. Watorbury. Dial -1-OW5 COMI'LETK lino of K,vani/,<: painlx and Varnishes. Also. Dutch Boy Lead. Services To WAXTEIJ \VOO» SnwhiK, < plowing and all general farm work. Arthur Simpson, Beth any. AppJiancos n spcci-'xlty. Ray Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. -tOW. OIL UURNKltS cl<uinnd Hnd repaired. All work Ki==r.anleed. Tel. 3025, H.irry Churchill. CUSTOM J4ITur'HOr..STJ : ;mNG — Special C-piec.: Suite .$39 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. Naujj.ituck • 4G90 ATTKNTrON". Ord<>rx liikon for new Elccti'olux cleaners. Also parts and repairs. I. Niisen. IJondcd repairman. 3 Teresa avc. Jij.-iJ 4S22. Cleaning And Dyt-lnj Share croppors in thft U. S. decreased frjm 77G.27S in 1330 lo 541,- 2D] in J3-]0. KJEVMAN-S Kaugalnck'K Great Ory Clearilnf Finn, offers its first class dry cleaning not onl)( in fami.'y garments, but blankets, rugs and other specisilties in this field. KJEVMAN'S 7(3 Church Street Household Articles Radio All cars Cttrry a now car guaranl.ce, FK'KK :\r('>TO'I? l '=i. TXC. •;Cir2 NO. .MAIN ST. ratuck 2211 WAR BONDS! Kin-ope is. twice ;ss Inrge ;LS the Arabian peninsuiu, 1 Washing Machine 9-Tubu Xonith Full Wave Table Alodo! Radio 1 Vacuum Clc'iiner Combination Stove FJnconci- Oil Heater Electric Roa.stor Frnncis Ki.irniturc Co. 449 NORTH MAIN STRKET Telephone 3000 BLACK Glenwiiod rangi', Coiulilna- tion oil and g.-xs, for sale. Good condition. Dial 2759. Wmitud IJciy liANK safe aoposlt I>o.veH wanted. Highest cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you have to offer. J, K. Murphcy, Republic 6084, 815 Yentman Ave., Webster Groves Itf, Mo. tesk Officers Helped To Repel Attack By Nazis I With American Alrhornn Troops on tin- Wilhelmina Cannl, Sept. 28 —(('['f- There nre no su'ivel-ohsiir soWirrs in a certain American nlr- borni- army !n ftolluad. L'nitiHl Press Correspondent Wn,l- 'M CronkitP reports that desk o:'- !!c.-ix joined the men of that head- i| eompuny in achieving £ht> s^t-riiin^-lv impOM.sihle -~ they re- P':lifd ;i fjurm.'in tank nttacU. W'i:hir. ;i few hours, thuso thinps occum>il: An uirbornc general helped four BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidney* men shove a disabled fjun O ff the middle of a bridge under ntuiek (>y the Germans.. .A lieutenant ool- ur.'il led a two^rnjin hattlo against a tank...A captain took a squad ot' clerks ivlonf,' a canal and taught them how to usu bazooka;; while machine - £itn b u I I c t s whi/.'/.cd around them. The h(.'!td(|Unrtur.s itself was hit, j but the commander stood in the ! midst of rubble and directed the bnttle until it was over. It was; Dave Brant of Hollywood, California, who led the headquarters clerks into battle. A public relations lieutenant. Charles Billings of Webster, Mass.. also got into the scrap. Ho climbed a church steeple fj report on the battle ! And Lieutenant Colonel Is'ud Moore of Guthric Center, Iowa, attempted to knock out a tank with a bazooka. Veterans Of The Confederacy Are Meeting In Alabama Legion Meeting Next Wednesday t| nro vni ' uriiLnnn<o noih'iiu niyho wurninityou tliu S,T,?,, ld ^"-' t J'i-tc ";«',VjeiH. .Niniiron y«ur Ki;ln.-ys ni-i-U nttimtion. Urn kii!n,. y9 uro N,it ure ', chief wny of InnR blr i v\ ','"', P"i*unoiiH wi«to out of ctia S 1 • " ' 0 i 1 ' 1 "' i nnd fillers i . posniuysiionwnj i ' rh " u "'" !i '-' pains. IOK puias, law o: • up IOK puias, nishc.1, nw £"""":•«> Untlor tl.u <.-yt-i)7l"eViiii?b<:i)'irid'd'iii7- ^Kfi-uhT' 11 "-"^ orwru n t >' p)t-"wHHF!fl with unwrt- l," *' u nK wiili your hiilnoy.H or bliuldor. ,.' "•• t wan: ,\*k vour druuitiiit for Donn'H I'„• u ?.?; 1 »uiTi:*,fu[|y by iiiilliuii!) for over .10 i'io l. : ,r-]!'' y ",'"/.'"'('py rolinf untl will hplp >u waoio (roui tl.u blooil. Get Doi.a'a I'ills. Tired of looking at old wallpaper? Vou don 1 : have to take it off! just puin: over it with 'Mur- Tone — tlie astonishing new . Cove.-.-. v.-:i!!boat'J and v/alls. ioo ! CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL, 3507 Commander Ccoi'KO Lewis of Post Xo. 17. American Legion, announced today that the rcprular meeting of the croup will be held on Wednesday night, October •!. at £ o'clock In the Lep-ion rooms here. The attendance of ;ilt members of the post is requested. Artificial wool is boinjf manu- i'acturod from peanut meal. Montgomery, Alabnrr.n.. Sept. 2S —(U'P)—The fcv.- renuiintnjr veterans of the confederacy, gathered in -Montfromory, Alabama, have n busy schedule set before them to tiny. They are tourinj; ^^axwoll and Ounyer Fields today under an impressive escor-t of soldiers and highway patrolmen. This nuiy well be the last time that the Confederate Veterans will j,-c: tog-ether. Only 20 showed up this lime, and they arc well on in years. AKCS r.infre in the OO'.s and one stalwart Johr.nv Rob is 115. British Captain Has Handed In His Commission >'AMKI> FOK SK.VATOIl East Hurt ford. Sept. 2S-—(UP) — The Democratic fourth state senate r i a 1 district convention has named Frank J. Nolan of East H/irtford as candidate for senator. No formerly served in the state House of Representatives and is East Hartford police commissioner. Per capita consumption of chcc'sc in the U. S. in 1039 amounted to fj.72 pounds, compared with .J.C1 pounds in 192-1. We Have Your Favorite Whiskey! AMERICAN CHAMPAGNE CHEER LEADER WHISKEY SOUR —Was'$2,75—Full Quart London, Sept. 28—(UP)—A British captain—the honorable William Douglas-Homo—has handed in his commission after refusing to obey an order to attack beleaguered Havre. Kc is opposed to the Allies' policy of unconditional surrender. After .scrapping his army car(!er, the captain—who comes from a lon^' line of British military aristocracy—wrote .1 letter home in an attempt io explain his actions. That letter v.-as published a short time later in his hometown paper, the Maidenhead Advertiser. The captain declared ho could not lead his men into battle and to death—and these are his words —"shoutiny a war cry which I regard not only as foolish, but one of the most outstanding examples' of criminal neglect." Said the letter: "I do not believe tho negative war nim to bo worth tho bones of one British grenadier," he continued. And then the captain asked, "am T and those who think like me not to be allowed to choose whether to lice for our own ideals or die for the negative ideals of two very tii'od old men?" Doufrlas-Humc then revealed that he had refused to obey an" order to attack L.e Havre. "I could not bring myself to take part in an operation against troops who admittedly did not want to fight but whose commander, showing as lie did tho code of honor, refused to accept unconditional surrender," he explained. Milk income for farmers is IO.TK- r 'than that derived from cattle. three times that for wheat, and 'ive times that for co'.ion. 5 1.99 PEACH LIQUEUR _ OODDARD'S RUM, IMPORTED —Was $4.28 4-5TH S 2.99 i CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street - TKI-. 3(!7H ALL DA'S" WKDNESDAY DtE TO HOLIDAY Harry's Liquor Shop 23 South Main Street Pop's Liquor Store 24 Church Street LIEBERMAN 5(1 CIIL'ICCH STKEBT . William Schpero 1K« <'!!( l — 1 MIel ( II ST. i Un — JlOV CRANK IT'S BEEN OVER THREE YEARS SINCE OKAV. THEN IET4 STEP OUTSIDE. THEY'LL NEVER MISS US. SAWVtC * I MAViN'T SEEN HIM ALL MORN IKS. HAVE HIM REPORT TO . ME AT ONCE. I'VE SEEN YOU, MARY. TELL ME EVEimHING THAT'S HAPPENED THREE QUEENS. l'.-\t;j- KOBINSON "MAT WAS A MEAtsJ .'MOPE 1OUH8 NOT SORE ArUS FDT2 <SAM6IN(5 UPCMVOU * SECRET AGENT XO By KOBKRT STOKK THIS /KO/M5NT, FATE iNT£RCEO«# 70 A6SI&T /N TfJE "ESCAPE"OF AND KRUPPER MOPMINS A OcTAIL OF N/SZl -KZO TO PICK ORA/,'fiE5 TEN ,MILE6 PCO.-H CAMP... PJU- /.in LAK2Z, HELMUT- IT -SHOULD BE EASY JAl ANO ONLY TWO BARNEY GOOGLK \>'D SNPFFY SMJTJI BILLY DE BECK JUST \l GENERAL --BUT I DON'T 1WNK UE--UW SEND tv\ ^ GOOGLE !! - VOU'RE GOING ON ft MOUNTWN DETWL • - j INCOGNITO ,RS IT IC£T ^JQURSeLF RN INCONSPICUOUS ) |C05TU(Y\E BRICK BRADFORD WILLIAM UITT and CLARENCE GRAI W£',ft£. BEING MOBBED.' TM' -TED6E <SAVE HIM TWENTY YEARS." THE WAR,)/- EVERV6ODVS .y I POM't COMING HOME j r • T^JK •< 00 YOLI ^»Uf ^WK - 1 " fev ,^> iS^» \fo:WM-.imi.l

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