The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on November 22, 1922 · 22
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · 22

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1922
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i Vv-5 N-il A-: I A 'rV? ‘ FS 'V- i jV? Ovvi t 1 r L - S'l - 1 j 4f THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE NEW YORK WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 22 1922 Yearns for Victory ' OverHarvardWhomSheHas Beaten Bit Once Since 1909 f GEORGE TREVQH ' - — THU year" the climax game of the football season ia an anti-climax aa far aa the championship of tba pit Threa ia concerned for Princeton already baa that honor neatly packed "away in tha old old ceda dint But to Tala and Harvard man from Maine to California tha flat meeting of Blue and Crlmann baa lout none of ita traditional glamour and Interest After all thto la the gain of tha year In 4he-yea of tbe two moat famous universities Of the country It hoMa the name position In the realm 4 American a port that the Oxford-Cam bridge watch dope In "English aport Thlel the ana game by which both Yota and Harvard judge thd aucceaa or failure ef their apaetlva seasons end jtot even an Unblemlahed llat of vtctortea In Other gamea wilt atane for tha loan of thla ona Conversely whlla neither Tale nor Harvard ' relish lickings at tha hands of other foes hojd that even dlaaatroua ! season may largely bo redeemed by a victory1 Over their great rival Bo it hay pens that John thdEHirtUdo their: John Thomas— -The Bothering Rajm X celebrated brother act before a mighty multltuda in tha Tale Bowl on Hatur-day and tha din of tha embattled camps will aend tha achOes reverberating between New Haven's twin guardian pinnacles of granite — Bast and West Rocha ' Alcaldes there ia mors to this Tala Harvard ambrogMo- that maeta the eye To Tala men writhing under the cactlruoua string of Harvard victories the wlnnlrg of Saturday's battle la a vital iaaue It ia difficult for- those on tha vulside to realise tha hopeless augklsh - wlueh Tala graduates have suffered aa year after year they have seen magnificent material sscrlflctd to make a Criroron holiday because of the fneblllty of those In charge ot Wen" Haven football to grasp tha strategic peseibilltlea Of the modem gem a fast at It la doubly hard for tba man who haa enjoyed tha luxury of wealth to be suddenly reduced to oh iect poverty so It ia doubly humiliating for Tale whom name waa once symwymeua with gridiron greatness to find herself plunged headlong from her old proud place at tba top of the football world to a position where there la none aa low aa to do her r ever-enre But Tala haa -only heraelf to Memo for the dabaele that Is hero Yale haa refuaad to profit by past mid takas aha haa not heeded tha hand writing on the wsM ' ' ' - prior to tha establishment of the - ' Hsughton-firstem at Cambridge Her ' - vard annually played the role of the Under-dog In her grapples with th V ell-conquering BII"Them were the - days" when Yale's leadership in the ' atralegy and tartica of tha gridiron waa unqiieatlonad - As a certain Harvard guard expressed It" “We always a--1- tonic th field fsellnghat Tala had : J '(- something on 'V — - Today tha shoe s an the other foot ’ Now It la Old Bit's warriors who go idle battle with tha idea firmly fixed that Harvard “haa It an tbem" la aome " mysterious war And tha facta would : fpnd to bear out this belief - Think of It! fUnea Ted Coy gradu atsd is 1 tot Yale has beaten Harvard : Just enrol - And furthermore with the exception of Neville's touchdown which won the Jill game Old Kit haa not crossed Harvard's goal-tine since Ted Coy plunged over In HOT One ' lone touchdown 1 in -11 years! No wonder- the famished '"Bulldog- to straining en Ihq legsh hungry for a score Beginning in lilt tha Haughlon got under way aad begs a to grind out - impressive result Harvard to Tale 0 Harvard II Yal I- JlarvaM 10 Yale 0 Harvard 41 Yale 0— tbul runs the ’statkitlcal story of Yala'a degradation poignant figures to the sens of Bll that need not be embellished by any -words vof mine "A Meenlngleea Victory ' '' - In HOI rams one single ray of light to' pierce the Klygton blackness but Yala hopes aroused by the victory pf "Cnptd" Black’s eleven - war soon rudely dashed Jo earth TVs were not - one of those who considered that Yale’s till championship eleven was a well-coached outfit Indeed "Cupid” Black’s team suf 1 farad tropi the failings apparently In separable from aH "Tad” Jones coached elevens It hod no deception po variety in attack no open game worthy of the name and no scoring - plays It won because Harvard waa caught in an off year with inferior - physical material T Since the war Yala haa had to drink the bitter cup of defeat to the dregs Notwithstanding that EU bad soma of tha greatest materiel In the country— natural-born stare like Fldo Xempton Jim Braden Tim Callahan Into Tom Dickens Malcolm Aldrich and Charley CHeara— Yale could not win a single game Harvard won in Itlt by 10 to She beat Tala to the lUwl the fotlowlng" meson by thres Held yetis Lari year with what ehoiltd buve bsen the most powerful eleven In the East Tale pushed Harvard up and down' NbldUr’e Field but eonldx t cross (he Crimson go! Harvard bad only a fs real chances to seem -but she tied tbe punch at the psvoltologleal moment aad triumphed Id to even Harvard -men- admitted that tt was positively shameful to lei such power m - was represented by Aldrloh O'Heern'Midilnger Jordan etc go to wests for want of effeettv playa - Tale- then fees into battle ontsrday thirsting to wipe out the cumulative humiliation - of defeat Tala has a heavy debt to repay and It can' only 1 bo - repaid by decisive victory What tthen art Yale's chencrs for securing this triumph-against ' a - somewhat chastened aad dispirited' Havard alevenT "fJ- J ? Kow or Never To begin with It seems to us that If Yale Is aver to break Jwr lealng streak and assume the ascendancy over Bar vard now -lc tha time for her to do tt The Blue this year has another great machine— on -paper- In action Yala shows Imprcsctvc power between tha IB-ysrd ' llnea but Cnee In the snoring senes aha-(arks th psycho Idgim plays to' force the' hand of an alert- rugged defense As far as sneeri physical power gdei Tale elands mft above Harvard But what has power ever got the HiueT— first downs- per heps' but certainly net pnlnta Indeed we have seen no evidence tq Warrant tbs belief that Jones ran teach an offensive versatile and rrsourefut nough to score on an op ponrut of Harvard's calibre Consider Yale's 112 record martins out with the moet brilliant material on any Eastern gridiron— bar none— end wo Include quality aa well as quantity of players In this estimate —1 ale han failed to win a single pet of her blpjimw -town came outer the West end bumbled Bll lo t Yale shewing an offensive of the III! vintage Arm y came to the Howl— a Use Army team— and held Eli to a T to T deadlock JoQee1 boys showed a flicker af Intelligence In this battle— but only flicker Finally the Blue traveled to Princeton and for the third time proved that Coach Jones' attack could not register points aaelnet a de lermlned adversary even though that adversary waa outmatched In brawn and weight and natural ability - JVe bkd believed and so wo told our readera (hat the sleeping glcnt In this Yale-' team would -Awaken and rend rrineetoi limb-from limb' But w were wrons On nothing therefore that Yala has done thla eeeeon ean one prediet a victory over llatvard The eridsnee elreedy to tends to show that Yala cannot score a touchdown Baturday and mar net scot oven a Held goal ’ Frankly we think that Yale can win this game by a convincing margin If “ Laurence perry expresses It "she flnda her soul" - Butwho would dare predict that she will find it at this late totoT Final Standing Hisk Oread Hlsk Kuu - - Wen Leek - eva era m Heppe I S HU Iflf 11 Schaefer S I H S-S 'HS4 ISt CeaU I t 41I-1I law IS Horemaae ItlS-l HIS 14 Ceeb rag t 4 1 -ll MN 14S Hagealacker I I l l-ll IUI Ul UT in Chicago they think the world of John Thoniua Alonso Stagg's star fullback Just about owns the Windy City from September to Thanksgiving Ever since Chicago's victory over Princeton to Palmer Wadluniflast year’1 mddc" possible largqly by the powerful plunges of Thomas and his -teammate Zorn Johnny haa been the Idel of mid-western Undergraduates co-eds In-eluded - When Prinpelon Invaded the lair of the Maroon last month Coech Btagg groomed Thomas with the most meticulous care For two weeks prior to the game the Chicago fullback saw little ecrvlre - He was to be ssved exclusively for the Tiger hunt All sorts of rumors floated out from fltsgg Field ‘shout : Thoms" poor condition and ttwas feared that he would be unable to start -But they wers only so many fcaro— that and nothing more For when the Maroon trotted out on the field John Thomas eras In at fullback to tha delight ef the thousands packed Into tho stands And for something Ilka two hours of elapsed time Johnny continued to give them delight When Chicago got the ball a few minutes after the first kick-off and mamhad 0 yarns down the field for 'a touchdown It was Thomas who did most' of tho work Taking' the ball time after time tbe Maeoon plunger ripped Inside the tackles through the guards snd over center for gain after gain On seven' consecutive plsys lie carried the ball six times and hot once did he fall to knock out from three to eight yards fiuperbumaA Pounding -It was superhuman pounding and Thomas might have been a god so far as the Tigers were able to oiop him Bturting with a quick bunt ot speed and bitting the line -low with a ter-rtflo dip he straightened up Immediately and then charged his way through the secondary The Prince-ton tackier seemed to lie butterfln-gered for Johnny Dimply brushed their hands aside and kept on his way until two or three of the enemy threw themselves around hla legs Afteri this remarkable demonstration of battering power Thomss was drawn from tha game toward the close of tho second quarter- to root up for the second - half - - How' the -stand cheered him when he dashed to off the back field And in the second half It was tho same thing over again Princeton waa beginning to fathom the Maroon attack batter new but she couldn't stop Thomas Nobody could do that Chicago rooters loudly proclaimed to tho world And Indeed It looked that way But alas for Chicago they were wrong Tha great John Thomas failed his team at-the moment when tt peeded him moot Trailing 11—21 and- with only one minute to play the Maroon stood within tho Tiger’s five-yard lino whence tt bad carried tbe ball by a lest -desperate rally down the field First down— -five yards- to the goal line ‘Second down— three yards Third 'down— ona yard Fourth down— etUI -one yard Tha ball never went over Thomas with a great leap tried to scale tha towering pile of Orange and Black bodies that threw themselves In his path “ But in - vain After walking all over those same bodies for more than twa hours the Maroon battering ram found himself up against a stone wall Tba Ttgrrs rallied their waning strength for this last stand and Thomas weakened by his Incessant pounding ef their line did not have quit enough left to effect the breach The star plunger hag given of his strength Aoe liberally Ills team mates had allowed him to assume too much of the burden and after all ho waa only human There la a limit to human endurance' and Thomas reached it ut the most critical point In tbe game lie had blaycg bis hand too soon ' Princeton linemen declared after the game that Thomas wad a wreck a miiM of bruises But that didn't prevent him from going Into the game against Ohlta Wats and repeating hla ground gaining through tho Buck-eyes It take a better line than anything the West or Knot has shown to date to stop the Maroon's powerful battering ram and that Is the main reason why Chicago is tied for first piece with Michigan and town in tha Conference' championship Thomas looms as onq of tbe strongest candidates for All-American fullback from coast to coast' Tho Old Old Canard About Mutuels 1: EVERY now and than about every two yeanq thla "piece of newiri (T) a' flashed cn the worthy cilia na ef New Tcrk— that a bin Is to be Jnlroduced at Albany per-- mlttlsg part-mutual bolting on tho race tracks operating In Oia Empire (flat ' Thai report Is so ridiculous to those ' familiar with tbe situation that tt would not be answered but tor the evil to tha turf that might result If It was not denied - Turfman believe (he foundation of them reports— tiu of which in now In circulation-— cm-an tee with tho srenHeo of racing - Tha latter In order to arouse aglta- llan against "gambling” as they try tto stlginattlso the personal wagers now i‘-‘ v mode on tho tracks aro not above '4 1 v- u It f "fr qav -T I -"i V n'yi ?"X: f j - M‘ ' 6 U v -v li -? J' ' f - ir 1 1 't ? -r j Bonding put those false reports knowing that tho passing of a law allowing pari-mutuels eg the tracks would bo Irking together the sovereign Mato of New York with a betting device— or a "gambling machine” ns tha rs--ormra like to call tho paraphernalia of tho "Iron men” — ' la order to obtain a iTear Idea ot tho ' lawn and the ' eenditimui that - hedge la the race tracks and prevent them from having sect Inn pools parimutuel machines and bookmaking all of which flourished tn' lfilt 11 Is aseessary to go back and tell how thorn forma of betting on tho turf were wiped ouL Thera are any number of men now alive and enjoying good health who recall that In the old - old doyo ef racing when Gravesend Hhrnpshead Bay and Brighten Bearh rare tracks were new and located outside of tho city limits of Brooklyn— which waa thaw a city and not a boro— bow tho betting on those trqrka waa permitted— by Ilia grace of one John Y McKane then tha esar of that section extending from Gravesend to Coney Island ' Own days he was pleased -to-permit bookmaking auetlon pools -and mutuals at tho throe tracks named On -other days there eras a hitch In ' tha arrangements and those forms of betting didn't function Then tt was that tha whola scheme of the betting arrangements waa a gamble To bet ' or not to bet rooted with McKane no Ires Pool Law The race track magnate tired of being hold np by McKane went to Albany for relief and tha result of their efforts waa what was known as the Ivea Fool Law This was passed la tho final ten days of the term that Levi P Morton waa Governor of the State - Under the law any bill passed by both tho Amembly and tha 'Senate la the last tea days of tho Legislature and not vetoed by the Governor automatically' became 'a law without his signature - Tha Ives Pool Law permitted pool selUnr— men bid for their choices of lhe horses entered In each race Just a a though It wae an article In an auction room — paH-mutuels and- bookmaking All these forme of betting were et one time in full owing on tho Long Island tracks Bookmakers cried - odd - from betting stands on which were placed small blackboards or "slates" with tha odds posted eppcolte thq names of the borers AH went merrily tor the tracko tor several seasons Then along came Mil with the opportunity offered to amendment to the J0T- V" T1" associations bad hit back turrttd— ! woVt ur ha y” Jta?tp rd ain’t mention hi section was Introduced as mmotdmrrt prohibiting pool sell-bookmaklns All tha amandmanta vara paaaed aad the Ivjo Pool Law was drsd “ ' J' Yter the Brrry-Giray law ' tht b1 blew below tol "bet tern KUburban” as It was called This AflMHIvman In black won for tho late Pierre Lorlllard - Of course without betting racing In those d5MWM not naMdrrad worth while Af'er several inekeshlfta lo bridge (he trouble the Percy-Gray Law was passed This permitted bet to bo Without e ticket returned as a rocelpt for the money handed out A record of the wager was made on a l if Paper kept by a clerk In tha employ of the man who accepted tha nf ‘he admls f ?" trMk worded with the trgnseetten Things mingunder this law' were fit if lYlltomle suneet— until t hsriea Evans Hughes made his rru-sede against the track Thla was In lll In order to place themselves In 0Pr?P"r llsht and to answer some wf the ridlculots charges of the so-called reformer tho directors of tho various race tracks In the Empire Mate cn-ga-rd cx-Governor Frank Black to Present this side of the rase at Albany lie made an able speech for he was without doubt one of the flneet oraton ?-hlAydr?"Yilr tor that mat-ter-at the public hearing In the As-sembly chamber On tho Agnew-lfsrt bills which timed to tripe out tho prtv lieges of the Perry-Gray law P A ftarprtsq to r HMchcork — Ai!ir 1 Y rhsncs on the Capitol steps ex-llovernor Black Francis Hitchcock and John gafiford the two last named stewards ef the Jockey Club Discussing the situation Hitchcock mid that tho only way out of th&jconblc to his mind was by tha siq of pari-mutuel ‘That’s impeselblc” t said I 'How ” replied Hitchcock " hron'J sro'1 haows" I retorted "that when tho Ives Pool Law wee wliwd out that pari-mutuel pool sell Ing and bookmaktng were specifically named and prohibited In the new amendment to the Mate Constitution! "I didn't know that” said lllteheTk and turning Ban ford he asked "Is that right T Did you know thatt” "Ye” replied Minford ' In order to repeal thet section of the Htsto constitution prohibit lor those three -forma of betting on horses— or any other contest such ss baseball golf boat racing rowing boxing etc— tho people of this Mete must vats ml tie question After which If the vote I favorable a law must be paused granting permission to tho tracks lo oner- aU ao(Me(lMala - Willie Hoppe Without 3oJJ Proves That They Can Come Back by Defeating Schaefer But whereas la the local player wii comnTL"ck U test night ha waa Atffi JL hla gam giving hla -V-Vcry tos k i of close line muring to i and calculating hU AariiVSSSwt i ou hla drives with a or2S!u5f bordered on the -rec° thq thee "SrflPT labethql s Steps So Fast for Half Mile That On Watch Wins in Slow Final Sprint By W CmUCKLAND ' ' fMajjr Corrsependcnt of The EeolrJ' 'i ALT1HOHK Nov 2S— fipeed misapplied is so much energy wasted Take for Instance tho case of Crocus lit the Tip Top Handicap distance- six furlong at tho Bowie track yesterday -Tha little daughter of Broomstick was clearly the boot In tha nee but because Jockey Penman permitted her to oxpend' nine-tenths of her speed In the first half mil she was beaten by On Watch and Gentility the trio finishing heads apart “It's tho pace that kill” That Is an soceptej truism It is equally applicable to the racehorse or the human rec Ho much being acknowledged HI only necessary to grant detail to explain the 'defeat of Crocus To get at tho very foundation of her defeat tt may so wall be told first aa last that sha faced tbs first half mile In 4f second an 'average rate of speed of 21 seconds to each quarter i -I PI rase dear reader keep this In mind each quarter of a mile in 21 second Now the six furlongs was stepped In 1:11- Whet does that mean Ip you? Why the Anal quurter in 27 seconds— 4 seconds slower than the preceding quarter and at tho fate of (4 seconds for half a mile or 1:41 for the mll flue not your faith on the result of a rate of speed that my Airedale dog " Buddy ' ran tear to tetter ' CWtnparteon of ffpral The Bowlu track never fast Is aa slow as It ever has been since tt waa constructed Some 10 years ago A mile lnJ4! Is fast time Imagine then what half a mite In 41 second nu-ena It's equal to 41 seconds st Belmont Fork or Iterator and 41 soronde at either place means a killing pace Any jockey except Penman or Parke or Buxton would havu realised tho pact meant tho lose of first monev But Penman not being gifted with anything worth while in the riding line Just need oii to ruin- - Not once did Penman give Crocus a chance to case away from her stealing speed With Penman It was a rase of ratch me If you ean "Crocus quickly opened a gap of two lengths on Gen-tllliy Garner on the latter was nearly as bad ss Penman for he chased after the flying Whitney filly and kept her wHhln striking distance for the first half mite - Th two fillies raced half a block la front ef On Watch The latter away well couldn't keep pace with the speed or tha leader but ran at qn even dip empra‘velY -the way When the pacemakers bad spent their speed On Watch moved up Apparently the big son of Colin finished with a magnificent sprint In th -stretch But that wae merely aa optical Illusion The pacemaker particularly Crocus were stopping so feat thet to use a boron-man's expression "they cam back ao (sat they all but bumped Into On Watch moving from tho rear” When k s heree rune e quarter In IT seconde 35!! i t I1 v! lhi 0 Win hla sprint can be beet Judged the imopte of thta Mat will go to all by tho time that trouble aflil expense to make the government a partner In- legalising MWakra of Otliera Make a w Ise Man pool aelllng parl-mntuels ami book-1 Wealthy making t Of course It's possible for The mistakes of yeslerdfir serve to tho cittecna to do this tor strenra grn ! mike the wise 1 men wealthy today th happenings of these day' Bgt tt'SiTeke heed oh my brother lest you Just aa likely that pigs will sprout 1 tail to note Hint the defeat of crocus wings and fly— but they are not vory i waa duo entirely to tho poor Judgment llktly bird of pace of on Penman alleged Jockey the Tip Top Handicap (or verily It wee lip top In name only The race was not truly run I'este that statement in your hat tor future refernnee Granted half ehancc by a rider of skin — not a butcher of speed such as Penman — Crocus can and will best On Watch and Gentility at tdx furlong Should this trio meet again Hating over the steeplechase course tk wlll has appafently sharpened the spend of tn" Army and Navy will present Amateur Bodies Combine for 1924 Olympiad i V4 ' " j - r 1 Conference Today Will Name Committee of 500 to Select American Team fBtj The AeeoeieM Prrtt) Washington Now 22— The first steps tor the participation of America's greatest Olympic team in tha International games lo b held In Paris 'it 1124 were to be taken at the quadrennial meeting her today of the American Olympic Association - At thkt ronferenc all differences which have heretofore divided several ef tho most active sport 1 governing bodies of the country will be erased and "harmony and preparedness'' made thu keynote of the organisation during the next 11 months of preparation tor competition against tho leading athletes of more than 40 nations to be represented at the -eighth Olymplod In France -' ) v At the conference representatives Of the National Amateur Athletic Federation - the NaSone'1 Collegiate Athletic Association tha Y M C-A By ALLISON DANZIG Willie Hoppe feet I Incites of clean limbed wail built young manhood- stood smilingly- within tho brass-rail sd enclosure that protected the table whereon he had regained the world’s ehamplonshlp at 112 balk-Un Millard Standing beslds him as be extended hla hand to (ha hundreds of Mends who eagerly crowded around to congratulate him 'was his wife who had bran the first to rush tip to him when he had clicked off tho last carom of his run of 101 that enabled him to dotoat Jake Schaefer the tltleholder lest night in the final match - of the international tournament In the grand ballroom of tho Hotel Pennsylvania - - With a shout of Joy Mrs Hoppe had thrown bar arms around htr valiant hero’s neck and - klseod him soundly ' white the assembled multitude looked on in delight end then Joined la the three cheers and a tiger that wars called for Mood-husband Never waa there a more appealing climax to a sporting - competition than there was to this worid'a-cham-ptonshlp at Millards- In which the Boy Wonder who loot his title last summer after holding It for It year showed that "they can come back'' administering n decisive besting to tho young Chicagoan at a score of ICO to 111 fo!r his fifth straight victory In the tournament - r - r i 1 Throughout the -match there wna sever any doubt about whom the crowd waa for From end to end of tho ball pecked with LI00 Millard fan who were perched In every available aooki la window ' peering out from behind pillars and curtain -owi beard tho nemo Wilt ''Attaboy WU-lle” "Walt a mlnut Willie” (as tlie crowd grew noisy In Its enthusiasm gnd threatened to spoil hie next shot) "That’ the shot Wlllte' "Some sheetin’ Wlllte" Always It was Wfilla aad never Jake ' Neater Man Ht-Dy Race Not that fichaefor did not have hte follower too out they were J rate In 'he crowd that bad come to root Tor th comeback of th New York man So noisy did tho latter become at stages that It was necessary for the more dignified to reprove tbem and to call them to order At different times one might have thought he wss surrounded by lusty undergraduates at a football game ' by wllMids at a horse ehow or that be was elUIng with hla back up against ths rafters In the Garden listening to the gallery gods cheer on Brocc- - 1 Ordinarily the best billiards are played -amid complete sllepc but there was no such thing at the play last night except during the moments when Hoppe fiddled away at a masse or a draw shot for so long that the crowd was constrained to absolute stillness At all ether times the air was charged with excitement and com-ment was thrown to the four quarter When thq New York player made hte first long run of 1U In the second Inning the applause was Immense When he made hla next big cluster Ill In the 11th frame which put him far Into th lead at a scor f 114 to AM the crowd went wild The reception that Ho got as bo took his seat was deafening - ' I ' But white boy you eln’t heard nothin' at all yet When the Boy Won der clicked off th winning allot that brought back Me crown and the dte-mond belt emblematic of the world's ehamplonshlp they simply tore the roof off Fifteen hundred frenxled fans roes to their feet and exploded It took 2 minutes for tha ushers to shoe them out of tho Grand Ballroom Else they would still be there pumping Willie's band ' It -was a glorieus victory and one that Hoppe deserved to win purely on merit Every one must have felt at least a touch of sympathy for Kchaefer to so him robbed of his laurels so soon after winning them hut Hoppe showed that ha was l ho belter plawr end tt was Just and right that he should have won Hoppe Bothered with Nerve ' We remarked yesterday upon the aervousnese that tbe New York man developed In hie third - and fourth gemeo after hte brilliant work In th first two contests- and declared that unless ha should suoeeed In getting- better grip upon himself he very Ukely would lose not only last night’s match but tba playoff also In ease of a tie - But Hoppo waa every bit as nervous last night against Kchaefer as he was against Hagenlaeher and yet he defeated tha champion far mors derisively than ha did tha German who came dangerously close to booting him on Monday there dcrartments eTTre re! nnra nd open-table JkLSS¥tt AsrasuS3£B! The question arise ' 1 so iS5d tt be mull nervous! The answer to that hteU nervous only on certain sho I1 tempting to use th masretad re tain ef Tils draw shot tmiM on which ho was compelled earere tho tabto On each of Reparation Anyhow the Mg three year-old belonging to Joseph R Davis a well-known member of the exclusive riplng Jtock Club captured the fifth race end paid ll&ld for 2—tho record payment of the meeting Vigil owned by W J Halmon well-known In real estate lines of Manhattan and social circles of Lonr Island Just got up In time to win the seven-f Jriong dash for Juveniles by besting Blue Hawk and Osprey in the last $0 yarn Osprey as usual showed plenty-ot early speed hilt stopped ' Plercy and Oldham : Appear to Have -Been Playing Winter Ball Los Angels Au Nov 21— Reports from Chicago that Judgo Landis to to Investigate charges that Bill Flerry pitcher of tho Boston Red Box and Rod Oldham moiindsman for the Detroit Tiger are Maying winter baseball on the Cnast have found apparent verlftcatlnn In the records of semi-professional baseball club here According to nswspapor accounts of a gam bare last Runday between Jos llrrone'a All Mara and the Los Angeles White Rox a -negro team the All Mara T to I victory was traceable to the star pitching of a player described as "Bill Mercy” Boston Red Hox twlrler i - ' Another player oh 'the All-Mar team described by newspaper men who rae ported tho game as “Red” Oldham of tho Detroit Tiger played right field for th victor v - occerions Hoppe would Add U SS sometimes for half a mlnut ho would make hla stroke re 22 hte mind and try something tlm narvouanes we are tau l more physical than mental oms J! cal as thet may eonad and togjjt tha pressure of tho muaci "reaV! Not bring up ox “Hu! Phjr” we won't attempt to btm£ that but give it for what It to m! ae the explanation offered by as Hard player who suffered (n the VS way and was advised by hla nhreS! aa to the cause Was Without Name ’ ' r Whenever Hoppe was la tbs mi 6f nur" eerion or TJff SZ CLUlt tralI’t or SS shots this nervousness was nererteZ parent and his work vu mZZJt perfeet r Ho almost nevsrSSSS the masse and during th ntoktsS not make a singU shot that ateto s! truly called such Of course his Mm! Ing suffsred for thl ftw ire rare a number of times when he to?! liasup that eculd hare been wJ easily by a masre aad tried eaMhte else much more difficult bntari! mental strain to him and mimsA This la on of th mast MeuXtim featureo of thi whale tewauuM I that It should have toiintoto player who waa poorest at nra Horemaa the beat exponent aftE hot In the world and who used tt t! good effort on every appearaae re but fourth place q titeSdff which gore to show that 5 does pot have to be an expert a t (earshot lnTh game to be a werkri champion— -that ha ran be a plan even without some ef the With hla delicate line n Hi-dug 5 hto splendid ability at opep-tahls ut Hard Hopbe mere than mriur u for hto deflrieney at mare Rtsrerl tort nlghl In manipulating the hrik is close order was beautiful htwiS word- 8o sensitive was hto twek the Impact was hardly percepts The ktoa of the gtobulse was as mMIs as the os rare of the warm south MU ! in the tract op rs aery as the klmri ths fbam-fiecked ware cap Conti and Ilnremana Jo flUfiinlifglalm 99 Tho final standing ef the plain hows five victories end no deivra for Hopp three player with thm 1 ’'otoriro ts defeat Caehnu! with four defeats and one M ut Ilagantochcr with five defeat Tto three tied for second are placed ss cording to their grand average far (In five game fchesfar having tin highest to given second nonejri'Coufi third and Horemans fourth ’ It was a big comsdewfi for the 1H ston when he had a rhancs ts Mi first place ’Conti to the surprln S most of tho patrons of ths match put him out of ths running yestorfiy afternoon when h defeated him N points to 101 Conti bring the rkla-P'on of France end 1 Horemans 1 1 Europ - the game between ths tvs I was n the - nature ot a Eqropiu ehamplonshlp ths mors so to view g the fiirt that both suristo preriewtt had beaten Erich - Hagenlaeher Os German -tltleholdor 'the only sttir I Continental player that would esse In for oerioiis eonrideratbra In a Sure poan title tournament Horeman'g defeat may ba sttiibiM I aolaly to his own wretched term sl to two good Innings by hto apponsri On his turn at the table after Hermans had missed th opening Aet Conti stepped up and clicked off III c rnra And on hto tost In tot I fifteenth Inning after the Belgian M I gathsrdd i4 hla best string ef th afternoon' the Frenchman mods n I unfinished run of lit that ranted Msi to victory In between these two n I the play waa mostly inferior Mn only on good string being credited to Horemen TI In the Kth end 4! nj-resenting the best duster gather'd to Conti - ' Tho ficores: Hoppe— S 111 f 1 1 a It to si N-lit 144 vrstai tea awes 41 Mi run 111 lit 1M SehMfer— I a II 44 t il t 0te kj ii TatsL ill Arersg II ML Mo I IA 4 £ CmII— 11 4L t 4 IH flirt tubs 111 Ilf 41 a IloresmsDS— U I t TI t4 to IA a a 4 i 14 TU1 a Anns NM High ress IA IA I' Penh State Plans to Meet $20000 Offer for Bezdek IfK appllrallens foe membership which will he accepted and thee organise tlona become a wonting port of tho A O A Koilowlng admlasloi of tho new members the American Olympic committee - will be formed end the foundation told for tho selection' of the KOO iijion who will name develop' finance and transport the several hundred aLhlotre of both sexes -h will tnvate France during tbe summer of 1124 for International competition - This American Olympic Committee will -Include the leading amateur sportsmen and rport governing bodls in all games and form of atbtotle contpetttlna from all parts of the nation : From Us membership It is planned to select sub-committee of 60 members as an executive committee charged with th duty of develop Ing plans and procedure for tho organisation and carrying on tho administration of America's perUdps-lion ja th Olnnple game 1 Adjournment of tho conference sea-slons we expected to bo followed by a reception for th delegates by Preri-dnnt Herding honorary president of th A 1) Am end t ’hlef Justice Taft honorary vice p -eridtinL TAMtQrA HtitYGM PARTY The Temaqua YSclit Club located at Emmons av andi llth at SticepW-head Bay will bool a pacljage party and dance next Ifteturday evening Commodore Arthur Pettit to assisting the Ladles Auxiliary In making arrangement for thq affair i vi A -I Philadelphia Nov 22— Penn Mato College Is ready to match any offer made to Hugo Besdck athletic director and football tutor by William F Bake president of the rhllllc Thto assertion waa made liy an authority closely Billed with the college faculty— none other then James Spangler athletic Instructor end arete ant coach of the fobthalt team That Spangler's declaration haa more than flimsy foundation might be token for granted In view of the fact It was uttered In lhe presence of JL B Scott better known -as the "Grand Old Man of Penn Male" phllqnthro-itot and active worker In behalf of ho uv-Mat college Bpangler elaborated on Ills statement In a conversation with Mr Bcoit that covered every phase of the reputed offer mad to Besdck that he assume the managerial reins of the Phillies for three season at yearly salary said to be 120060 -V - Could Not Afford Lore "Mate College could absolutely not afrord tbs toss of Bcsdsk” said Hpan-glef "If Mr Baker make a remunerative offep— no matter how largo It le— ths college will match hto offer "Besdck to considered hn Institution In himself and ho has done worlds of good for ths college Itemo years ago when a man said he was from Mato College he would tow to flw a ten-minute explanation as-to th lo-cation and history of th place "Now he says Tin from tbc coUrgc that ftosdek'a assodatsd with and everybody knows where and what bo mThe college esnnot afford to lose him because n has brought an Inestimable amount of publicity and has also brought tt everlasting fame” r In til probability lb coach will confer again with Baker shortly sfter Tbanksgtrlo Day - Dedsek Mwtiy Tempted Bsxdek admits that he w wrely tempted bp’ the figures Baber offered him In cases of this sort salary offers are not peddled out like batting average but tbo wist crackers gueeeed hat they came close to retching 00ft Though Hugo hi hcond u? htuj soul with hto college work thavgow bee hto homo at fitats College are JJ of tho intereste of hto Intensely HJ life ere centered there he eaanri ford to overlook the financial sngM" an offer of this sort ' I It to known that Baker hss ww" tha burly Bohemian for a tong I hat h made hto first off' "S months ego— and tt to ofitalBly highest ever given a Philadelphia ager Besdck to' mightily Inlcreriti "J had a taste of major Iregus ritoUJM 1011 when he cementeda tedly emg hall club— the ntubunrh I brought thm home In fourth PJJjr The ambition to build a penwotj ner Is battling with remain as tba gridiron eooch w Nlttany Linn g "I em more Ihsn raitofied 2 term that Mr Baker offertimap Jtexdek yesterday after llw "They were more Jh Jq They were very tempt!"1 in the position of th Jnn'l7 p-tram In a World preached concerning the engaging In football il had tlhie to all down end ww the advantages and dlssdvsntsg" transfer of Interests- u—ilri “It deserves serious cw5 and t am going to ffJ”1thcIWC aerloue attention of os4 0 athletics ha been my Hte Is always hard to chsngs ths of one’s life" ht itate Mr Baker supplemented IM ment by saying thst hjdld fW presslng Besdek at th1 i!!qsa if club wanted Wm and th A Iri whether or hot IMF would cOuld rest until h "“ 1 ended on Thanksgiving rtly-to "W understand thorough Besdek dees th l"eVSld move" Raid the flillllre jJJIs "and w ro not going JLhu2rivd definite derision wl“ Thsnksfff probably ten day efW ThsWJW when snothsr iwnterenc hl kg (bD Just at iwesent Hugo leJj niJJ about forward !"!Vnd 4D 2 When ths season he will have the time h "0 iri serious consideration of J w fiiW ran only hop that it v'11 able”' 1 - & ( h

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