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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 1

El Paso, Texas
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Friday, June 17, 1938
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Home Edition El Paso Herald -Post Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow. (Complete details on Page 8.) .THREE CENTS IN EL PASO FIVE CENTS ELSEWHERE VOL. LVIII, NO. 145 EL PASO, TEXAS, FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 1938 EL PASOAN SLAIN HEALTH BOARD 400 FIGHT FOREST FIRE OUT OF CONTROL IN N. M. DEMANDS$2500 IN DALLAS HOLDUP FOR SYPHILIS City and County Asked To Provide Doctor; Drug Funds Gone Liquor S4ore Operator When Father Was a Boy Both Have Their Chins Out Actress June Martel Gets Juarez Divorce The City-County Board of Health last nitrht voted to request County Commissi oners Kills Robber With Shotgun SEEK IDENTIFICATION Drivers License Issued in E. P. Found on Dead Bandit; Take Fingerprints sina city council to appropriate $2500 a year for employ- ir.cil of an .-idc'it.ors.i physician to Wild Game Flees Flames; Whipped by Gales fn Gila Preserve CCC. FORCES CALLED Workers Collapse From Heat; Residents of Kingston Ready to Flee A force of 400 men today battled a raging forest fire in the Gila National Forest Jn Husband's Love of East Blamed for Ending handle venereal disease clinic work at the City-County Health Unit. ur. iJaui (janacner moved mat the aDDi'otjriatiori be asked to han Married Life Actress June Miu'lel was en route back to Hollywood today after a m 1 A man carrying a driver's license issued to William H dle work at the venereal disease clinic and baby clinic when schools open in September, The motion was seconded by Dr. W. W. Waile, An allowance for operation of the physician's automobile was included, "O-jr venereal disease clinic is quick Juarez divorce from Walter Thomas. 31, EI Paso, was dead today in Dallas, the victim of if m J. Klavun, Vale graduate and New southwestern Ne-w Mexico. After an all-night battle 3gainst the flames in the Black York socialite. Miss Martel. who real name is a gunshot blast fired by lirjunr store proprietor who si s led n holdup. almost without funds and the- supply o; drugs nearly exhausted," Dr. Martha G. Moir Klavun, was grsnt- J. w. Tappan, uily-uounty Heann Fingerprints of the dead mar. Range east of Silver City, N. M., Forest Supervisor L. H. LesseZ reported the blaze out of control and eating through stands of big timber her final decree in Juarez yes- unit director, tola me ooara. Revenues Low :e;-e,ty Se.e stayed a: He lei Hilton while i a irom; inree miies wiae. A call was mode on the C.CC1 in El Paso and praised the sudden "County Commissioners and City Council mast appropriate more money if the work is to continue." Dr. Tappan pointed out that $207 ness of Juarez divorces. camp at Caballo Dam for another' 100 men to join the fire lines, and: livestock was moved to safety. Deer 'It only lakes 10 minutes," she was received last month at the was quoted as saying. venereal eliniC- i.v-penses wercv One physician and one nurse employed at the clinic were son i to m .puko ponce today for identification. Officers also attempted to trace the 1 Paso driver's 3 i cense. W. H. Cash, the Dallas liquor dealer, was 'robbed of ST3 by a man who entered the store at midnight, made a purchase, then produced a pistol and demanded the money in the cash register. After raking the money, the holdup man forced Cash and his wife to go into a back room. The i-obber followed them, then left by a rear door. As he left The building, Cash grabbed a shotgun, run to the door, Miss Martel and Mr. Klavun were married five years ago but sepa "Only three doctors are employed ana otner game were Heemg in great numbers before the fire. ' Hope was held that fighting forces might bring the blaze under control. High winds and lightning from rainless clouds added to difficulties in fighting fires in the forest. Whipped by Winds Since the start Wednesday, the rated after two years. rl l.-r heehh re-,,: Ires err reyseh The actress biamed incompatibil Dr. Tappan said: "When school opens, it will be necessary to have inotner pnysician wnc can devote lis time to the babv clinic and ve ity, explaining, "I prefer Hollywood and the screen, while Walter is happy only in the East." nereal re sense came. Martel turned do.vn the fjrsl Assistance Needed Dr. Tappan wrote County Judge four serein bids she received because .;he didn't feel she was ready fire has worked from Iron Creek across the Black Range divide and down the east side of the mountains toward Kingston, N. M., the town, a ghost camp arid summer resort. The fire was five miles from the town today. Residents werv oty-- McGill that service at the Socorro and fjrea. The man fell. As he dropped to the ground he fired three show from his pistol, none of them taking effect. Cash answered with four more shots from his shot-, gun, then called police. H-.sM'.h Lenten is 1 inrrhre r'-nry one accepted June Martel "Dr. Mi. tor. LitMI must attend The fellow above with all the clothes on has his chin out. He's looking- for trouble, "Name two that eat spinach," he challenges the photographer. He still has bis chin out. He Jong a-so discarded embroidered dresses and petlicoats. And when he grot ready to put on pants, mama put t the knickerbockers away with a sigh. He's still sticking his chin out right in the middle of politics. The boy with the petticoat is Peace Justice Clarence Wilchar it ilie age of one year. The plump boy above also has his chin out. But there are so many chins you can't tell which one. Calm as a Jlay morning, he enjoys the surroundings. That manly chest is bared for battle. That toe indicates he's contented and unuorried. This chappie is District Attorney Roy Jackson when he was three months and one day old- And it will be up to the voters next month to decide who will be district attorney for the new term, lhe man the plump baby grew up to be or the man the boy in the petticoats grew up to be. five clinics a week,1 Dr. Tappan wrote, "Assistance is needed." The bandit dice! while in an am- STOLEN CAR paring to evacuate the town. Whipped to fury by winds of gale proportions, the blaze broke out of control late yesterday. A. force of 260 men met its onrush and additional fighters were called. Several workers ennan-avT fmm buianco on the way to a hospital. Police were unable to identify the dead man definitely. They said the driver's license has was carrying might have been stolen. CONGRESS OFF FOR CAMPAIGNS Mildred H. Krauss, Socorro health center director, informed Dr. Tap-pan thai a doctor is not always available when valley patients arrive after "wnlkins for miles in the sun carrying babies." Ask Formal Request DRIVER HELD Crowd Cheers (J. S. DEMANDS heat and exhaustion. Six Forest Service representatives were rushed from Albuouenoue tn FISHBEfN REBUKED FOR PRESS HANDLING WITH WARNING 700,000 LOSE HOMES IN FLOOD F. R. Arriving AFTERJHASE Van Horn Officers Shoot -9ut Mayor Harlan declined to comment on the application for the additional S250D a year until a "formal request" is made by the health board. "I'm certain the money is not aT'fkYnCKCO, June 1 bolster the tired executive group ' headed by Lessel. Lcssel ordered the recruiting of additional workers to be held in re-servo and rushed to--tiie.. Lines, as GERMANY PAY Holds Reich Responsbile For Special Session Likely If American Medical Assn, rebuke to ' ir-Kpf.rr.on for lacK of "gentle available, said Alderman Schiulcr, crews on duty became exhausted. 3500 Chinese Villages Under ness" toward the press was hailed L-O..K e rr..-;r;:ocr Tires of Fleeing Auto Taken in E. P. Emergency Deepens; Billions to Spend progressive elements today as victory over Dr. Morris Fishbci 2(M Acres Burned The fire bad soread over SOffll A survey completed at the request of Mnyor Harlan showed today that For Wedding President Greets Son And Fiancee At Salem Prior To John's Marriage Eri VrtiCtd Press Austrian Obligations To Government Waters of Yellow River; Refugees Eat Bark the generally recognized voice of acres of the Black Range. Sy United Pres.-: (teams irom sypnuiis in ,1 y: have increased from eight in 1! the profession. James Craft. 22, El Paso truck 'iver, was arrested in Culberson WASHINGTON. June The association's House of Dole- to 23 in 1937. Laboratory Wood tests 75th Congress, swept to office with j from the summit of the Black Hange made in January at the City-County gates voted to impress upon us Board n Trustees the necessity for V United Press SHANGHAI, June 17. Japanese - The Highway, Don Lusk, editor of The Health Unit showed 50 out of 250 ine lsdu wooseveit whirlwind, dis persed to the campaign wars toda-i County early today after an 1S-mile chase that State Highway Patrolman Roddy ended by shooting three tires from a stolen automobile "correcting certain deficiencies of military engineers admitted tonight June 17. Presi-) after appropriating $21,000,000,000 patients were suffering from syphil-lis. In February, 52 out of 280 ex dent Roosevelt received a tumul-I had lost their fight to control United States demanded emphatically today for the second time that Germany assume Austria's Craft was driving. amined showed positive and 23 out ihir,j:y farv-Titl- 1-Vsn-p r, ru Post, Mr. Lusk drove over the Black Range Highway last night "The scene is thrilling and alarming," Mr. Lusk said. "The aroma of burning timber is carried for miles. during time out from battles which split the New Deal-Democratic Party wide open.. Congress adjourned last night sine ol Jus in Marcn snowed positive. . tin left for Van Horn to return Craft. .Vashington today to attend the wed debts to this government and' American citizens. As the end of a 43-hour crisis near- The survey recommended a five- gentleness m manner m its agencies of public information. It refused to consider hiring press aaents to help it oppose before the public many demands for "socialization" of medicine', or to employ legislative counsel to voice its attitude on government policies and ding of his youngest son, John, and Sheriff Fox said the automobile, as stolen from F. L. Armstrong year program. ed, the river had spread over more than' 1500 square miles. Thousands It probably will bum for a week Hugh Wilson, the American am die amid scattering warning that a national emergency might require Miss Anne Lindsay Clark tomor- of 3116 Lebanon street. bassador in Berlin, delivered a for of persons were drowned; 3500 or more villages were under water and Marries Third mal note to the German govern special session in the autumn. Final business bf Congress was to Wait For Car Deputy Sheriff Earl Fads of Huds measures pending oetore congress. Thousa nds lining t h e streets through which he passed en route more than 700,000 were homeless. ment, on, instructions from Secretary Hulll appropriate $3,752,000,000 to spend from his special train to the presi A iter Divorcing against depression ana vote The river threatened to break a new outlet to the sea some 300 miles peth County attempted to stop Craft in Sierra Blanca. Craft sped past him and headed lor Van Horn. The United States declared its dential yacht Potomac "cheered and Mr. Lusk said the fire is visible at Silver City, 50 miles away. Hope to Control Spread Assistant Forest Supervisor Wall of Silver City said, conditions for bringing the fire under control appear "a litfle more favorable." Volunteers from Kingston. Hills- DDO.000 deficiency bill, part of which rerjldueiee. the e'hie: iefenteee south of its .present mouth. dissent from the indicated position of the German government as win start tne nations emergency Two in One Day At the wharf the President greet Japanese military reports said THREE MEN ARRESTED I N JUAREZ SLAYING Miguel Martinez was held in the Juarez jail today charged with the ed John and. smiling broadiy, they sneriir. Anderson of Culberson County and Roddy were waiting on the west side of Van Horn when Craft passed them at a high rate of to its legal responsibilities." (Germany, through Finance Min navai construction. Continue to Wrangle Until the gavels' whacked out ad that 200,000 refugees were being cared for in military camps, while v.'Wn Press ister Walther Funk, has stated it CARSON. Nev., June 17. James journment last night. Congress posed ror 5U photographers. Then 'Mr. Hoosevelt and his son boarded the Potomac with Miss Clark, her boro, Mimbrcs Valley, Silver City and Gila were on the fire line. suu.uuu were marooned. spaed. was not liable for Austria s obliga McDonald III. 24-year-o.c mi. lion- wrangjed over Roosevelt proposals muraer 01 jokc i.iana oiancas, Many refugees were desperate. In Sheriff Anderson and Poddy fol CCC enrolies fighting the blaze - aire, took his third wife in 24 hours tions). The- note declared that under in Sister Sally, and Charles MeVay. jwss as i;iey naa none ever Juarez valley farmer, lost Decern- lowed him. The chase lasted for IB are from Beaverhead, Mimbrcs. the court re-organization bill was manay areas they w-ere forced to eat bark. The Japanese said that in First Lady On Waj- today when he married June C. Kerns of CasseD, Cal, Mangas. Whitewater. Derning anl submitted is months ago. Martinez told Juarez officers he many sectors their own garrisons Harry Hooker of New York, the Miss Kerns mother and a Cali j n s ;j shj'-v oi ir up - en d rr". e beat Blancas over the head to make President's former law partner, and were in danger. ternational law, the state taking over another country "assumes the debts and obligation of the absorbed state, and takes the burdens with the benefits." filibustering Senators shelved a fornia lawyer looked on while Forest Service officials from Citv. Albuoueroue nnrf Alann. proposal to lurnish Si2,o00 to the Japanese planes flew a ion? the (Continued on Page 8) ireaenc ueiano, tne .presiaents uncle, joined the group. Judge viarn j. giiuo matte her sso. 3 on McDonald's list of wives. The macs. At times Craft was driving more than 7a miles an hour. Sherifr Anderson said. Hit Tires Robby fired one shot through the back window of the stolen car that missed Craft's l-.;ad by less than three inches. He shot three other times and . him reveal the hiding place of his Francisco Tinoco and Pedro Rom-ero were arrested when Martinez' Senate Lobby committee. Senator The Austrian public debt to the e.-rs. Koo5eveit ana her son ana marriage climaxed the round of Burke of Nebraska contended the gordo at fire: Assistant Supervisor R- I. Boone, of Silver City; L. E. Putsch of Albuquerque; Robert Monroe of Albuciueraue. reffinna United States amounts to S25.055.- money woule be used to abridge confession Implicated- them in the PLEDGES E, P. AID freedom of the press. courtroom activity that McDonald started yesterday at Reno where he divorced his .first wife, married a daughter-in-law, Mr, and Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt, had come from Washington to Massachusetts by regular train. After breakfasting at. the 078. There are private debts of approximately the same amount i The protest followed a note robbcy. Charges will be formally filed against the three men tomor- , e iob:: e rr: sin,: .err I nv i- blew out both tire's on the back wheels of the car and the left fire inspector; L. E. Cotton, C. L. McKenzie, both of Albuquerque, and Lee Beall assistant supervisor at Alamogordo. Regional forest service officials f: Framingham home of the President's IN FREIGHT FIGHT lodged with Germany April 6 in which the United States notified ate in session' until 8:22 p. m. while members grew noisy. The House, always hilarious just before adjournment, listened to second, divorced her. and then hurried here to see. Miss Kern and prepare for the third wedding. The reason for it all, he said, was front tire as Craft slowed down. '. James. Mrs. Koose- Sheriff Anderson asked Craft why he didn't stop when he heard the the Reich that it "will look to the German 'government for the discharge of the relief indebtedness of WOMAN SENTENCED IN KIDNAPING OF CHILD West Texas C. of C. Manager velt left for Nahant via Boston. 800 Invited Elliott and James and their wives, and Mr. and Mrs. John Boettiger of Siren of. the police car. round-robins of praise for majority and minority members alike. It was 9:08 p. m. before Speaker Baitkhead - eti -.vru;.i t r.sve streinea ei'i'ur Albuquerque said that $5000, above the cost of CCC enrollees and other Government-agencies, had been expended in fighting fires in Gila National Forest of the past two weeks. Promises Assistance the government of Austria to the government of the United States." if bullets had' whizzed past your cauid stop the oratory. Praise From President that a year and four months ago, wife No. 2 had borne him a son out of wedlock they were unable to marry at the time because he was still married to wife No, 1. Subse- fluently. . his love for wife No, 2 waned before he had opportunity to j marry her, but he went through the nc-ad line tiiCY did mine." Craft told Seattle, Wash,, tne latter a daughter of the President, also were motoring to Nahant. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., Anderson. "I was in a hurry after D. A. Bandeen, general manager Toward the -end, both chambers paused to hear weary clerks read and h:s wife, the former Ethel Du BUFFALO. N. Y June 17. Sen -fenced to a term of two to five years for the kidnaping of four-year-old Petty Jane Hobbs. Mrs. Anna Legaro, 41, today faced a possible civil action for SI 0,000 damages by Ellsworth Craft has lived in El Paso for oi me west Texas Chamber ot Commerce, promised full co-operation with El Paso in its freicht rate, REBEL AIR RAID TAKES 15 LIVES some kind words from President GETS THREE YEARS IN INSURANCE FRAUD about six months. He came here Pont, were at Manchestor-by-tbe-Sea. a few miles north of here. Roosevelt. The Chief Executive ceremony anyhow to give the child from San Angelo and went to work- (Continued on Pace 8) There will be 800 guests at the fight, E. H. Simons, manager oi the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, who returned from the formal opening tor a building contractor. a name. By tn? time he had divorced wife No. 1, he was ready for wife No. 3. M. Hobbs. father of the child. Mrs. Lecare rjlcadcd guiltv weaaing. ponce umei 'mamas par Sri nmltrS Ptfnt kin said that he expected more than- v tie- new heme cl the West 'I Lrr: RULES BY DECREE ' jtMooioteil PrcJi PARIS. June 27. The French reduced charge of second degree assault in Niagara County Court after 35 Hurt In Alicante Bombing; Valencia Also Attacked C. of C, in Abilene, said today, zgti,uuu persons to come to this peninsula town for the wedding. HELD IN ASSAULT Mr. Simons and E. R. Tanner, SHREVEPORT, La., June 17. C, E. Wharton, Bloomberg, Tex., was, sentenced to three years imprisonment today by Federal" Judge Ben C. Dawkins in connection with the operation of the National Union In uistrict Attorney iiaymond KnowJes said he believed she was suffering 60-year-old man was held at FOSSEMEN ATTEND BARBECUE Forty members of the Sheriff's Posse will have a barbecue and beer party about in miles from El Paso off the Carlsbad Highway at 7 p. m. today. The possernert will ride to , the spot on their horses. manager of the El Paso freight bu government today adjourned parliament until November, gaining a free hand to rule the republic until then by decree without interference from the chambers. Las Cruces today for questioning reau, asked the aid oi the. West irom a maternal complex. ePLe,-.-u,:,--,-e ry-, connection with an attempted iwAjjrtiu. .June ii. mneen per FAMILY STRANDED INE. P. ASKS AID Texas Chamber and of all West Texas cities in the freight fight demnity Co. sons were killed, and 35 iniured to- ast? i.: o:r ae i i-year-rjin gin. CALLS TOWNSEND CLUB He was convicted on 10 counts of wniia in Abilene. lay m a pre-tlawn insurgent air aid on Alicante. Valencia also was Mr. Bandeen will recommend to s board of directors that they A family of four en route from j operating labor unions as assessment insurance companies in Kosciusko, Miss., and Shreveport, and using the mails to defraud. Special Rice Prepared For Festival raided in late alternoon and reported several casualties. Calilorma to their home at Uon- make an appropriation to help Ei ham was stranded and hungry in raso,' Mr. Simons said. ORGANIZATION MEETING A , meeting of Townsend Club members and G. W. A. members to discuss reorganisation of a Townsend Club in El Paso was called today by -P. C. Hendecshot. chairman of a committee. i'i Paso today. G. L, Taylor, father of two daughters, one and three vears old. said he BURGLARS TAKE CASH: To Aid Chinese Destitute In War Zone RESERVE OFFICERS HELD FOR TPvIAL Josefina Viliegas, 2i, who was ar- CLOTHES FROM STORE earned enough in California picking fruit to take his family home, but his car broke down. He appealed to Tested by agents of the XI. S. Alcohol A special kind of bow! of rice will ENTERTAIN REGULARS Officers of the Organized Reserve rax Unit in a ratd on her home on Burglars entered the 'Eastern Silk . be served tonight at the "Bowl o; The meetin,? will be held at Y. M. C. A. at Oregon and rice and donating part of the food. "The rice will be served in Chi-r.ese bawls which rr.ay.be bought Mill store at 231 East San Antonio i Pasoans for rood or work. The family is camped in the 2100 P.ice" party in Liberty Hall for des- M:otsri streets at 8 p. m, tomorrow. South Tays street yesterday, was held for the Federal Grand Jury under $500 bond after arraignment Club as Ft. Bliss last night honored the regular officers of tlir fi'nd itreet last night and tuok clotnini? j t.luie Chinese of the war area of the valued at S200 and $25 in cash. block on Mills street off Texas street. ociore u. &. commissioner bctimlci, COUNTY GRAND JURY e . r.-.icL .'nrene-rvr, s:ea t'f: shirts, for 'souvenirs. Mrs. Cftcw said. The El Paso Chinese are making every effert to co-operate with the local "Bowl of Kice" committee, Mrs. Chew S2id. The local commit Orient. J The rice, according to Mrs. Anto-j nio Ycc Chew who is assisting Mrs. some ties and polo shirts were taken. The burglars climbed a fire escaoe Field Atrilleiy and Seventh Cavalry with a dinner at the Reserve Officers' Camp. The dinner marked the end of a two-weeks training period for reserve officers at Ft. Bliss. Training was given 142 officers during the DISMISSED FOR TERM Judge Howe today dismissed the Auto Burns After Crash and entered the store 'through "a J. C. Shows, chairman, :s chow fan. transom. "Chow fan is fried rice, cooked C ry dcWet vce; ebfj med finger prints believed to have been left As Bystander Drops Match period. tee is headed by Mrs. Shows and C. ii. Westbrook, appointed by the eastern committee of the United Council for Civilian Belief in China, headed by Theodore Koosevclt Jr. Chinese Ambassador Chenting Wang asked the El Paso Chinese to. ! with bits of tender chicken, meat, I mushrooms ar.d ejrgs," said Mrs. uouniy urana Jury for the April term of Thirty-fourth District Court. No action was taken by the jury before it was dismissed todav. oy tr.e burglars. 1 Chew. "It has a soy bear, sauce The nest Gran Jury will convene I poured on it at the right rr.cm.cn:." HARLAN COUNTY CASE Two automobiles were damaged badly and another was burned in an unusual accident at Stanton and HARLINGEN GETS FIREMAN CONVENTION EI Paso failed to (ret the 1939 con July a. BLOCKER WILLTtAKE Chow Ian is popular with me wealthier classes of Chinese. The I people of South China eat i: at tea- ceived a letter from Mayor Tseng DEFENDANTFREED :: r e : ,' e" e- time with little cakes wilh a .moat or chicken filling. It is a luxury. It rrn:. :;. r- crecsed efforts of the overseas Chinese to raise funds for the desti JUAREZ POST IN JULY LONDON, K.v June-i7.-The de A crowd gathered at the scene of the accident. Someone lighted a cigaret and dropped a burning match into a gutter. Gasoline that was leaking from Bellinger's car was ignited and the car caught fire. It was destroyed before the Fire Department arrived. Ballinger said Cantrill and Webb vention of the Texas Assn. of Firemen and Fire Marshals, Chief Sullivan was notified today. The convention will go to Har- Missouri streets at 6:20 a, it., today. No one was injured. U. S. Customs Patrolman Ernie Eallingcr narrowly escaped injury when his car collided with an Acme Laundry truck driven by Stephen Cantrill -of 1808 East Nevada street and turned over. Cantrill's truck was knocked Into tute lr. Cm.-.a. "There are hundreds cf orphans is cooitea ;:t .nar.y o;f;erenl .-tys V iham P. Blocker, newly ap- accuidir. to the number of ingredi- pointfd consul at Juarez, wi-l tiike cnts the cook wants k add." charge of the Consulate next month. The Chinese stores of El Paso are John F. Melby, vice consul in charge donating the rice and ingredients who were lest in raids," the mayor Wrote. "The families of the wnunded fense warmed up today for its inning at the Harlan County coal conspiracy trial following completion of the Government's four-week case, The list of defendants was reduced by one when charges were dropped Kob Perry, dancer, will appear on the Bowl of Kice program at Liberty Hall. He is a nephew of Captain and Mrs. It. E. LeGrosS, Hll North El Paso street. Prior to coming to Jil Paso, he played in vaudeville on the Keith Orpheum circuit in California. and dead are suffering." today. Blocker will pass for the ehow fan at the "Bowl of lingen. Captains R. W. Dykes. H. C Grogan rind Joe H. Boones delegates to the convention that met Tuesday and Wednesday in Amarillo, were expected back today.- veek en route Rice" parly tonight. The Cii-,e;e The party will begin today at 8j m. There win be Chinese and merican entertainment. J a secian driven by J. L. Webb of the Casner Motor Co. Webb's car was knocked into a curbing. stopped suddenly at the intersection and his car crashed into the truck. ' against .Armstrong R. Matthews, an official of the Clover Splint Coal Co. restaurant, owners are cooKinff the i

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