The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on June 16, 1939 · 12
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · 12

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1939
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12 BROOKLYN EAGLE FRIDAY JUNE 16 1939 Brooklyn Eagle inuM i v ium vu m la itui (Trtoto Hut Km MWmV V Friday junx if inf (U MOOCLTM BAQT UOU name B acxaoTX imum su reWUMr W r CBOWSLU HelT uU Tnuonr unoma: — Mumm ul BrwUra Kn Tat nuraom-M Ala -saoo (Mud SO NWtt MMriiaa Avmmm u Fnacuca Cal MS MmKomv Stmt AUiaU (to Mai Haitrty aulldias 7 maacairaoa bath by hail: ' ITr BallTaaAtadvtlM Mil Oaly AM uay ooiy in Bttnd at Um BnaHra PMtofflM a 8eoo4 CUM Mali MitUr Of TBB AHOCUTn WU Tba AaaodatM Pm fe Hduilnt ntiUM la Um an for npabUcatlaa at all a atipatch— snSIMS la It ar Bat atharvlM arMIM la tbla papar su aha th I aripla publlilira hmia All " attar BaUar feama aia total aawa a( aaaataaaaaa aril ricMa a ( makUtatlaa al att alia Itaarrat Lunacy Commissions Ended Governor Lehman exhibited the discernment for which we have become accustomed to look In his official acts when he Chose the bill fathered by Senator Desmond rather than that of Senator McNaboe as the proper vehicle for reforming the existing method of determining thC-sanity of defendants In criminal cases Thus by a stroke of the pen the Governor abolished the notorious lunacy commission system which has for so long been under fire in this community as unscientific and particularly as a source ofvpolltlcal patronage The Desmond bill sets up a procedure under which qualified' psychiatrists on staffs of public hospitals will decide whether criminal defendants are Insane and which the Governor believes "corrects existing abuses and proposes a workable procedure which is greatly preferable to the present law" ‘In vetoing the McNaboe bill the Governor described it as a backward step in handling such cases tot under It a Judge would have had the power to commit to a State hospital a defendant he “believed" to be insane without' examination of any sort The unfairness of this plan seemed obvious for under it little or no protection would have been thrown about the rights of a person whose sanity is under suspicion f-The Desmond bin however reprf sents a much-needed reform handing over as it does the determination of a defendant's sanity to those best qualified to deal with it as a strictly medical question which it certainly is ' Apart from the question of patron age involved the old system set up a commission two out of three of whose members were non-medical men — generally one lawyer and one layman— to pass Judgment on what should be a task for trained psychiatrists The workings of the new law Will be watched with deep interest Arnold Schmidt - In the death of Arnold Moses Schmidt at the age of 48 the career of one of Brooklyn’s most’ promising young lawyers and philanthropists was cut off in its prime "a In addition to his legal activities Mr Schmidt -had already assumed a position of prominence in many lm portant Jewish movements ' Be was ab member of the executive board of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations a national reform body and chairman of its national committee for Jewish emigres He was also a member of the executive board of the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods ' £ Mr Schmidt will be especially missed tq local Jewish charity and welfare work having served for ten years as the president' of the Jewish Hospital ‘ Training School for Nurses and still continuing as an honorary director of the hospital at the time of his death -s s i- r A Motet for the Rock 'What's to become of Alcatraz the famous Rock of San Francisco Bay if Attorney General Murphy ends its use as Federal prison for the most case-hardened of our criminals? It is doubtful if with such an unsavory reputation pinned upon it it would be accepted again by the army for barracks Cleaned up it might serve as a hospital for contagious diseases 'But why should the Rock with its idea! location in the bay be deemed fit only for rats animal and human? It could be made one of the garden spots bf the country ‘-'An island park with playgrounds Accessible by ferryboat at a nomina fare would help to erase this black smudge from the face of the Golden Gate V Perhaps we could even afford to lend Bob Moses to such an enterprise First Step in Tax Reform It is encouraging to note that pro-rosed reforms in the Federal tax struc-ure In order to eliminate some of the more serious deterrents to business have at last been agreed upon by the sub-committee of the House Ways and Means Committee and are now being drafted into a bill Not armoment can be lost at this stage of the session and it will be loped that plans to get it on the floor ry the first of next week and adopted y June 20 may be carried out Even hat will be cutting the coiners dose-y for it will leave the Senate only en days to give its final approval be-ore June 30 when the present tax laws expire The White House Itself is largely responsible fob this situation because of its refusal earlier in the session to agree to any of the changes advocated by Senator Harrison and other advocates of tax reform It is true that the program as accepted is not entirely satisfactory to critics of the existing laws but it does represent a notable improvement In general it follows the suggestions of Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau and Under Secretary Hanes— notably in the complete elimination of the undistributed profits tax and the substitution for It of a tax of 18 percent on corporations with a net Income of over $25000 a year and ‘in granting jermlsslon to carry over net operat-ng losses for two years It will be hoped that the adoption of these distinctly helpful changes will not be endangered by a last-minute bitter-end light for still further modifications which even if desirable have no chance of approval at this time Eagle’s Vacation Guide Brooklyn has long been noted among the big cities of the country for the unusually large number of its citizens found each Summer in the mountains and at the seashore — Indeed in resorts all over this nation as Well as in Canada and abroad For ours is a vacation-minded community In keeping with this reputation the Brooklyn Eagle's annual Summer resort number like its travel and jesort directories has always enjoyed great popularity With next Sunday’s paper will be issued the 1939 resent number and readers should not fail to avail themselves of the services of that complete compendium of information about hotels boarding houses and travel possibilities Incidentally we hope that' Brooklynites while visiting out of town will continue to register from Brooklyn It is a simple and effective way of demonstrating their loyalty to their home community Long Island's Need of Rain Long Islanders from Bay Ridge to Montauk Point may well pray for more rain for in spite of the heavy showers Tuesday night and Wednesday the current drought remains the most serious that has visited this area since 1903 ' Already the island’s famous potato crop has suffered damage estimated at $500000 and the strawberry asparagus and pea crops have been Irreparably harmed Experts tear that the total losses of the farmers will exceed $1000000 That is a major catastrophe Furthermore the city’s water supply Is low although not yet in a critical condition However the wellrof the New York Water Service Corporation which supplies 350000 persons in Flat-bush have been so affected that the company has asked its customers to conserve the supply In every possible way Its warning Should be heeded As far as the crop situation is concerned the fate of Long Island’s farmers is at the mercy of the elements The widespread ruin caused by the record-breaking hurricane last September should be enough of a blow from Nature in (me year and It will be hoped that the drought may be speedily and finally broken before further losses are Inflicted on our farm-ing population Pity poor Joseph Paul Goebbels preaching the delights of life under a dictatorship when the news gets around about Bergdoll preferring a United States prison to freedom in Germany— Cincinnati Enquirer ' a Congress turned thumbs down on an expedition to Antarctica Oh well economy has to start somewhere and that’s one place where the constituent won’t be heard from— Philadelphia Bulletin : Norman Thomas has spoken in Jer sey and the Government at Washington still lives— St Louis Post-Dispatch War knocked the "8” out of Spain and left all the rest— Detroit Free Press National Whirligig liny Tucket Writes From Washing ton President Rooceveit recently suggeated that Prtnk Murphy shut over from Attorney Generalship to the War Department but the saintly crusader against political crime In the United Cta tea— and especially in the Democratic party— won’t take the hint Be win move only If F D R insist on IL The A O took office on the understanding he would be permitted to clean up several messes which his predecessor happened to overlook Straightway ha announced his Intention of policing local communities sending politicos to- Jatt without fear or favor enforcing the anti-trust laws rigidly Whertas Homer Cummings frequently delayed action on Treasury income tax findings and complaints Mr Murphy prosecuted— Pendergast In Kansu City McGlue In Boston Now be Bay Ticker Is easting mean glances toward Jersey City New York Chicago and his own 8 tats of Michigan where an anU-Murphy faction controls Be la breaking up the party antagonising those who fear that their turn may come next Lastly he hu done an excellent Job of reorganising and revivifying hii department and so the President wants him to go ahead with the original scheme of taking over the army and national defense program a State Department spokesmen have privately Informed Capitol BlU leaders that passage of neutrality act requiring mandatory embargoes against an warring powen may Inspire the dictators to a fresh march— possibly a serious outbreak this time The present act or Its re-enactment would deprive Great Britain and Franca of American supplies In the event of a conflict for the President would have to damp down on an belligerents The White House substitute would enable Great Britain to buy here provided she controlled the seas and had the cash Germany on the other hand would probably be barred from western markets by the Imperial fleet Should Congress adjourn In mid-August— the date set for renewed Hitler on Poland— without adopting the Roosevelt-HuU plan Der Fuehrer might fed free to tempt and tantalise the Allies once more' He could regard such deflancs of Mr Roosevdt u evidence of an extrema Isolationist spirit in this country F D R’s strategists win Impress upon the Benata Its grave responsibility when the measure retches the floor ' - - Caustic Democrats on Capitol Bill have wondered how much Secretary Xcket was paid for'' his Look article demanding that the President run for a third term There was aome haggling over the terms at first but the answer Is "approximately $500" Besides advancing political ideas which may Insure him for four more yean In office-provided the president runs again and wins— the shrewd Cabinet member stood to profit In any event What Iriu the Qaxnerites however la that a former Republican should try to advise the Democrats on how to manage their affairs and also take a sidewlpe at such a party warhorss as the Vice President Strategically Mr hikes’ attack was a blunder and P D R1 closest friends realise it It Is understood that somebody with an equally wicked pen— probably General Hugh & Johnson— will make reply to the Secretary of the Interior Smartest comment on Mr Ickes controversy over the magastne’l handling of fals contribution was: "Now Ickes Is fighting with himself" While leaving the famous British garden party Senator Arthur Vandenberg bumped into J P Morgan and they convened for a few Minutes A friendly passerby hailed the Senator from Michigan as "Mister President" Flushing a bit Mr V explained tq the financier: "I don't pay any attention to things like that" Vice and Virtue — By EDGAR A GUEST Yloa and Virtue bid for youth "Here" says laughing Vice ’ll a gain you think you want never mind the " pricel Stoop a little I Follow met Smooth the way and fair Pay no heed to any one counseling bewarel Come along the prise la great! win It for a day - I can get yoti to your seal by g Shorter way" Virtue makes a poor display hasn’t to show Rough and tedious Is the way her adherents go Then an hurts they have to bear Mows they hart to take - Now and then they suffer low just' for honor’s sake But If they continue true to the Journey’s end Pride and lov and self-respect an their days 'attend' ’ ' -1' -v Boy when vice and virtue come making bids for you ' - Ere you say the final word ponder what you do 1 Vice wfll make the smoother talk stage the gayer show Virtue has no salesmanship dull it seems and low But when aS Is said and done Judged by every test Those who follow virtue’s ways are rewarded best- Letters to the Eagle Public Ailtei to Protect The Wagner-Rogers Bill To the Zdttor of th$ Brooklyn Eagle: Every American parent should inform his Senators and Congressman that the Wagner-Rogers bill to admit 20000 children from Germany outside - the Immigration quotas Is an Insult to American childhood Let those professional sentlmemallsts who wish to adopt children turn to the thousands of American orphans who dream of adoption Or better yet' let them offer help to the hundreds of thousands of children throughout the nation whose families many- of them with a splendid background are In terrible straits today AMERICAN MOTHER AND FATHER ' Brooklyn June I Vie of Parkway Semico Roadi for Bicycling Urged to the Editor of th Brooklyn Eagle : I should like to call attention to a project that la unusual In many ways It Is a health and lately measure and at the seme time could be put Into operation with little or no cost to the taxpayers The healthful exercise of bicycling la getting a firm hold On not only our children but a large part at our adult population A bicycle path will soon be opened on Ocean Parkway from Prospect Park to Coney Island Boardwalk and with the Boardwalk again opened In September promises to be a great benefit to the many riders who now enjoy this healthful exercise This petit Is now Informally opened tat several sections and especially on Sundays win not carry Urn' traffic that la Interested In riding on it We have on Ocean Parkway Eastern Parkway and parts of-Klngi Highway Linden Boulevard etc side roads which are now restricted by law to the use of commercial traffic and use by pleasure cars only In the block in which they Intend to atop to visit or transact business These roads especially on the parkways are little used by commercial traffic on any day and the commercial traffic on Sundays from observation consists mainly of wet wash trucks and others that are illegal on Sundays Thera are also available parallel streets that could easily handle commercial traffic without 25 Years Ago In Brooklyn Tuesday jiau II 1914 "Theodore Roosevelt for Governor and -No Fusion" was the battle cry of the Bull Moose at a meeting of the County Committee which Pledged a State ticket composed of only out-and-out enrolled Progressives Ship’ builders at the Brooklyn Navy Yard rejoiced at the passing of the naval bill for the building of two super-dreadnoughts one of which must ho built in Brooklyn The Rev Andrew Chalmers Wilson rector of St Paul’s P E Church Clinton and Carroll Sts and Mlsi Mary Fuller Bturges daughter of Frederick Sturges the retired merchant secured a license to b married v ' inconvenience to them and at the same time remove these heavy end In many cases dilapidated trucks from these parkways The main part of' the traffic on them aide roads Is composed of Illegal speeders who think they can get ahead of law-abiding dtlaens who use - the center roadways " It would be a fine thing to open these side roads to bicycles and exclude vehicles except those requiring ingress and egress on a certain block on which they desire to atop and help promote this healthful exercise and outdoor recreation and at the same time protect the safety of the riders Tha only expense would be the making of aome signs by tha police department for which I understand they already have the facilities for producing JAMES J GRACE Brooklyn N Y Demand for Payment Of War Debti Renewed To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle: British royalty O K Nice Queen with Infectious smile and dandy looking young chap that King— tout now let's collect the World War debts Ws can’t live on smiles and memories of Hyde Park hot dog stories They owe the money and promised to pay How come they don’t? The American people should not be bamboosied Info Anglo-American alliances through this visit of royalty American ploneert based their action In cutting loose from England on principle-not people Hooray for Thsir Majesties but lay It on the barrelhead— America needs that money- EUGENE HUDGINS Brooklyn June 12 e : Point Out Barriert To increased Consumption To th i Editor 61 ths Brooklyn Eagle: In Saturday's Eagle R C Wardel quotes statistics showing that the inarch of technology has displaced workers to such an extent that even if production should rise to the 1B28 level only half the unemployed could be put back to work This statement may be true but it la Incorrect to assume that the 1928 level of production Is the ultimate goaL' Until everyone's desires have been fully satisfied and I doubt If they ever will be (surely they were not In 1928) it cannot be truthfully stated that technology has outdistanced the power o ( consumption Improved technology makes for economical production The saving should be passed on to the public It would enable them either to purchase more at the cheaper product thereby keeping the same number of workers employed or to utilise the savings for purchasing other products thereby increasing production In other lines Unfortunately this does not happen because of artificial harrier such aspatenta monopolies and the like These barriers prevent the consumers from receiving the full benefits and until these obstacles are removed the Inevitable effect of this situation will frequently be a decrease hr produdetion due to the displacement of workers who are taken out of the consumer group JOSEPH DE MARTINO Brooklyn June 12 Query -Stem ths Vanehastar fit H) toniaa Well Is the worst over and an American colleges off the goldfish standard? A Fact a Day About Brooklyn Water for Brooklyn’! iJOOMS ' and mors rtiidentt r exftsxiK ttoety toted end retated aery-' day In tha year by a group o-'’-white-mocked chemUti in the " municipal water-tertlng labors- tary adjoining Mount Protpeti'' Baenotr at the Grand Army--‘ Plata fn that two-story oUL-jeth-toned red brick building— to be'-’ ' replaced with a new one-4H:' chemUti make about UJBOO tatt every year Each morning they take samplings from tha reservoir to examine and analyte Drops of the samplings are Pieced on specially prepared - - mixtures germ food the quan Of bacteria in tha water can be learned from tha rise of the colonies" that grow on these'-mixtures Powerful microscopes" end chemicals ore used in otte?'' forts while the ordinary senses ‘ ‘ of sight taste and smell provide the chemists with information u ' to clarity and other virtues 1 - i 1 V The same laboratory serves e e testing station far bathing waters in pools and at beaches ’I’’ GRIN AND BEAR IT By Liclity “But the bank examiners don’t rare about that honey— thex pnly want to ft Zt lh books" " Conflicting Systems irnw ths Wsihlutoa Post “brtement celebrating the ' fifth anniversary of the trade agree-' nts act Secretary Hull took Justifiable pride In the progress achieved under that measure No one hu fought with greater- vigor and pertinacity to remove bar- ners In the way of world trade And to the Secretary of State must go no mMl part of the credit for the fact that during these five yearn no fewer than 20 nations covering-nrJy 60 percent of our foreign trade have entered Into xeciprqai trade agreements with the-united States " It to significant however tint Secretary Hull's statement wu not confined to rejoicing over a tstk' done Much of It in fact wu' devoted to an attack on tha system of economic self-canta lament which to hr direct and mortal conflict wlU) I tha Hull program Autarchy to a disease which feedi-on Itself The creation of s mill -tertat mentality It accentuates re- armament u the key to economfer salvation But Its pernicious effect are not confined to thou who bn under totalitarian rule Through ths barter system other nations become ' enslaved As Mr HuU says: "Small -nations which enter Into such afr -rangementa with a large nation be- 1 come Increasingly dependent upon the large nation for economic existence and Inevitably become vassslp-of the large nation” ' ' ' Thus It to that the struggle In tbs political where between those rations which believe In orderly adjustment abd development and thorn which regard force u the om arbiter Is Intertwined' wlth tbj struggle between free and dow systems of International economy This circumstance Mr HUU red- bed years ago Ha hu always- gardad the reciprocal trade program not manly u a useful medium International economic rehabilitation but also u a constructive sb9 toward world peace For as -c points out "there win never be sg sured peace confidence and jwogrtf until the peoples of aU the nations fully realize that econonue harriers lie at the root of tha actus '

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