Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 17, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1973
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

Qalesburg Register-Mart GALASBURG, ILL., tHUR., MAY If, 1973 SEC. 3 PAGE 21 Peace Architects Rebuilding Truce PARIS (UPi) - Henry A, Kissinger and North Vietnamese negotiator Le Due Tho, the architects of the Vietnam cease-fire, embark today on a new found of talks designed to strengthen the peace in Indochina. The two men planned a meeting in suburban Saint- Nom-la-Breteche, where they Senate Nixes Army's Fees, WASHINGTON (UPI) - Hie U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which builds dams creating reservoirs and other bodies of water, recently thought up the idea of easing its budget by charging admission to the people who use such areas for fishing and boating. On Wednesday the U.S. Sen ate said no. It passed a bill bar ring daytime fees. Sens. Dewey F. Bartlett and Henry Bellmon, both Republicans from Oklahoma, the sponsors, said the public already paid its fee when its tax money built the water ways. will investigate violations of the truce and seek ways to stop them for good. It marks their first meeting since Jan. 23, when they initialed an agreement that took more than three years of negotiations—the Paris cease­ fire accord meant to end the United States' military presence in Indochina. The presidential adviser arrived Wednesday and said the two sides owed it to those who had suffered in the Indochina conflict to make the cease-fife work. Kissinger was accompanied by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State William Sullivan, who met with Hanoi envoys last month to lay the groundwork (for the Kissinger-Tho meeting. Tho, a member of the Hanoi Politburo, arrived Monday and promptly attacked Saigon and (Washington. He accused the United States of sending bombers to attack, for the first time since the cease-fire, areas of South Vietnam that the Viet Cong control. Tho said if it happened again, he would walk out of the talks. The two sides have accused each other of violations-of the cease-fire almost from the day it went into effect Jan. 28. \SheriffFears Killers Might Strike Again DONALSONVILLE, Oa. (UPI) — St a t e investigators said late Wednesday that a finger* print found in a farm home where six members ol a family were slain has been identified tentatively as that of A Maryland fugitive, one of four , suspects being sought in the i case. Col. William Beardsley, head of the state Division of Investigation, said identification would not be positive until blowups of the fingerprint were studied today. But he said preliminary study indicates the print belongs to ; : Carl Isaacs, 19, one of three j- men who escaped a prison work J camp in Maryland 12 days ago and, with a teen-age companion, apparently stole « car in Pennsylvania before heading South. Sheriff Dan White said he was ready to issue murder warrants "immediately" if the fingerprints link the suspects to the crime. An alert has been issued throughout the South for the men, who were believed to have fled this small town near the Georgia-Florida-Alabama borders after the slayings Monday night. White was concerned over what the fugitives might do next. "Usually when something like this happens, they strike again and again. That's the terrible part," said White, who wears a cowboy hat and has a gun strapped to his right side. "All the killers we've had like this, they don't have much to live for, and they know that." White said there was a possibility the killers may be hiding in wooded Seminole County or in one of the several thousand cabins on nearby Lake Seminole. If the men are caught, he said, he believes they will be safe because "we believe in law and order." But, he said, "I don't see where they could put up any plea for mercy." Mrs. Alday's nude body was found in a clearing about six miles from her trailer home. The family car, a blue and white 1970 Chevrolet, was missing. Last Minute Adjustment A radiation laboratories technician makes a devices will be detonated today in an effort last-minute valve adjustment on the well to free trapped natural gas below the earth's head at the site of project Rio Blance, near surface. UNIFAX Meeker, Colorado. Three 36-kiloton nuclear Nuclear Devices Detonated, Environmentalists Unhappy A Reminder.. You Can't AFFORD To Scrimp On Security Burglars look for easy pray. A cheap or outdated lock is an invitation to an intruder. Replace your inadequate locks with modern, dependable Falcon or Kwikset locksets. For added safety, bolster your latchlocks with "long throw" deadbolts (a real crime stopper). Htchanf Cinnoa proprietor ^ ' 1 712 E. Main 342-5012 Galesburg RIO BLANCO, Colo. (UPI) Engineers and scientists completed the last check of the triggering devices and began a nine^ur countdown leading to today's explosion of three nuclear devices seven times more powerful than the Hiroshima atom bomb. The explosions, scheduled for 1 p.m. EDT, are part of a series of tests aimed ait freeing trapped natural gas below the earth's surface. The explosions have the code name. "Project Rio Blanco." The three 30-kiloton devices were to be detonated in a millionth of a second by an Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) test official's flick of a switch in a trailer more than 10 miles away from the blast site. Countdown Started The nine-hour countdown was started after final systems checks of triggering devices Wednesday and a briefing by officials of CER Geonuclear Corp., of Las Vegas, Nev. CER DREWRYS 6 c'ffs $1.00 BUSCH 12 Iff* $2.00 HAMMS O CANS $1.19 12 CAMS $2.35 WISCONSIN CLUB 12 CANS $1.75 24 - 12-Oz. 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BLUE RIBBON 12 CANS $2.19 BUDWEISER 12 Iffs $2.43 FALSTAFF 12 "Aff $1.89 OLD STYLE 12 CANS $2.19 24 Cans Warm Blue Ribbon $3.89 Hamms ..$4.29 Schlitz $4.49 SUNNYBROOK Bourbon or Blend 5th — $3.49 Southern Comfort $4.98 IMPORT WINES Mateus $2.89 Douro Fathers —- $1.29 Valpolicella — —$2.99 VODKA White Tavern 5th $2.99 Gilbey's —5th $3.39 Canada Dry Qts. $3.89 SEAGRAMS 7 CROWN 5th — $4.29 FOUR ROSES Quart — $4.99 ~ KESSLER 5th — $3.69 BACARDI RUM Qts. $5.19 V 2 GALLONS Antique $8.89 Almaden Brandy $9.59 Seagram Gin $8.49 Fleischmann Vodka —$7.59 Windsor Cauadian $9.85 Royal Canadian $9.79 Canadian Springs $7.99 Bacardi Rum $9.50 Early Times $9.98 Seven Crown $9.98 Ad Good Thru Saturday, May 19, 1973 SCHLITZ STAG O CANS $1.12 ANDEKER or MICHELOB O PAK $1.69 BENCHMARK BOURBON 5th •— $4.99 WALKER'S DELUXE 5th —. $4.89 GIN - 5ths White Tavern $2.99 Gilbey's ..$3.49 Walkers $3.29 SCOTCH House of Stuart ....5th $3.99 King George IV ...5th $3.99 Black & White ....5th $5.99 J & B 5th $6.59 House of Stuart ...Qt. $4.89 CHRISTIAN BROS. Napa Rose, Vin Rose, Chateau LaSalle 5th — $1.79 Vi Gallons Wine GALLO Very Dry Sherry $2.39 Cocktail Pale Dry $2.29 LOW PRICED WINE SPECIAL BaliHai %-gal. $1.89 Zapple Va -gal. Zapple 5th 75c Pink Panda 5ths 85c Mother Goldstein .Qts. 85c Sholom Qts. 90c Chateau Louis COLD DUCK 5th — $1.99 ANDRE' Champagne, Sparkling Burgundy, Cold Duck 5th — $1.99 is the AEC's private industry partner in Blanco. "The firing system has been tested and is functioning properly," said AEC Project Rio Blanco site spokesman David Miller. "We made the last minute checks on all the systems. Everything is right on." Ranch families, most of them unafraid of environmentalists' warnings that radioactivity could escape through cracks in the ground after the blast, were paid $50 each by the AEC to evacuate a 14-mile perimeter of the site. Poison Water Environmentalists opposed to the experiment were blocked by a Denver district court judge Monday in efforts to cancel the test, They claimed radioactivity could seep into the Colorado River arid poison drinking water of 27 million Americans in the Southwest. Miller said chances of radia tion escaping are "almost absolutely zero" but that the AEC urged evacuation of homes as a precaution. He said the only effects expected were ground waves and that aftershocks would not be serious. Explode Simultaneously The nuclear devices were lowered to depths of 5,840 feet, 6,230 feet and 6,690 feet earlier this month, sealed with cement and set to explode simultaneously. The three nuclear devices were equal to 90,000 tons of TNT, compared to 13,000 tons o" TNT in the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima Rhodes iaii Dispute Claims Third Life By MICHAEL KEATS SALISBURY, Rhodesia (UPI) — Rhodesian security forces today reported a third death along the Rhodesian-Zambian border where two Canadian women tourists were shot dead and an American wounded •while they were climbing beneatti the majestic Victoria Falls. The third victim, security forces said, was Sydney Es- [creet; a 10-year-old boy who died in a land-mine explosion at the Mana Pools wildlife reserve. The three deaths occurred Tuesday along the tense border separating Rhodesia, a white- ruled former British colony that declared itself independent in 1965, and black-ruled Zambia. In Salisbury, the government said Wednesday it had "irrefu table proof" Zambian troops, and not nationalist guerrillas fighting to overthrow white rule, were responsible for the shootings. There was no response from the Zambian government. The two women, both struck by what Rhodesian authorities said were shots fired across the border by Zambian soldiers, were identified as Christine Sinclair, 20, and Marion Drijber, 19. ABOVE ALL MAKE IT WHITE'S ROOFING 342-0185 \M^C4B VICTORIES AT THEINDY lft 4o T0 24 75 l.ESS • BARGAIN PRICES ON THE FAMOUS 4-ply polyester cord passengercar tires by Firestone }/ Low, wide 78 series profit* 1/ Seven-rib treid for excellent tnctioa »/ Concave molded to put tread flat on road for long mileaga l/ Strong, smooth-riding 4-pljr Firestone construction LOOK AT THESE BARGAIN PRICES "••ESS •iKtma •Mttwill KM taia Siscasal M.T. KM tru pica* price M.T. 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