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rr-: -V i a I it rtii fra i i if tan It a in i THE BROOKLYN DAtLY EAGijk uimHfl A 7 Helen Worth Iki vfU pK? mmm i- mo p- Tcv tTfrfT 'tSH sii Kirkman unR reply to any query relative ts culinary subjects through tho columns of The Eagle He replies given by mail Each query must Ve ctfconf panied by the writer's name and mddrese as a guarantee of good faith Address cal Woman's Department )i ifpjwrwyw Hi Ill nl rVW Cl rr i P1 tL the i 1-! Silhouette Which Variations of And Beltless ous of getting a baby Into our childless hqme and hope you can offer me some real 'assistance 1 I prefer a girl but a boy will be very wetcome So many people advise taking a child into the hoixfc hut where to get such a baby la almost impossible to find Because of different faiths In my family the various do offer me much encouragement' However am hoping that some mother rather than desert her offspring will read this appeal and let me have lt to levs and to rear a my very own' 1 I want little perhaps a' newborn mite but small enough to never come to my assistance Helen Worth- i ANOTHER HELEN" My Dear There is such a demand today for children for adoption that there' are cot half enough babies to go round The best advice can give you if' to apply to the recognised child wel- -fare The Aid Society kindred organizations Then the Alice Chapin -Adaption Home and the Bqpnce Alumnae Association are active In placing babies -If you care to1 give me your name -and I address I will be glad to file It-In tjits last year four children have found homes through this column- An ft Is quite possible that some one wishing to hSve a child adopted will write me- As there are always per- sons waiting for such' ah opportu-nitj4 lt helps to have your name on HELEI4 WORTH nltju it hel nm yC tspi Do XtH Glre Jewelry Cnless Engaged Dear 'Helen Worth I have been very friendly with w-glrl for about one full year Would like to know Whether or not it would be perfectly proper- for me to offer her a Christmas' present in the form of a piece of jewelry Pleas advise me whether you think she would -accept this sort of present as a compliment or otherwise-- JVC My Dear DV Unless you are engaged do not give jewelry There are many other things which you may give without risk of criticism Flowers candy' books stationery (perhaps with naiae and address engraved upon it) A good pocket-book or a headed bag could be given But it is best not to give jewelry until1 after you have given an en--gagemect ring HELEN WORTH Expenditure v-- Dear Helen I would greatly appreciate your opinion Von the Toilowlng matter: Xam si woman of twenty-flve Last yesr my aalary was 9261 Out of this! spent fSOO for clothe and 1112 on a vacation trip Do you think I spent' too much- on these items? In tay ease I ani so situated that XL cap afford to put this sum of money- either in the bank or on my back I have saved a little but perhaps not saving enough Am I extra In spending this much on my wardrobe MABlSu iljr pear You Jo not stkte the work ypu are doing' and that' really lias quite a bearing on the question The average woman in business does not -allow such a arge sum for ciothess But if -your position Is such that you feel you must spend this amount do not believe with your salary that It could be called extravagance Vacations are an essential and lf you obtained the rest and recreation best suited to flt you for your work -your money 'was well spent! With -your salary you should be able tn save'ftn appreciable sum -each year If you wish to economise cut down on the wardrobe expenditure rather' than' the vacatton Item- -T HELEN ORTH- Clothes Girl Baby for Adoption lear llelen I am deslr- 1 prescribed by the Orientals several thousand years ago-T Thls wonderful rouge must be put oh every morning out of doors or before an- open window but it does not giva a bright tint to cheeks until been used for several days consecutively When the tint doss appear howover It la just -the right shade and is plaeedln he most becoming way'1 Perhap you have' guessed by this time that this perfect Coloring- for the cheeks Is nothing more or less tnan owi Thirty or forty deep even breaths taken every mowing In the open air will bring natural roses to your cheeks that will be mgre charming than the most expensive arUficlal ones V- KENDALL find room for tbat wide-aprecdlng clothes-rack I wonder In our modern cty apartments where i every inch As 1 rememte it it entirely filled the center cf targe room when opened wide enough to stand alone Those were the days of roomr kbchens with other to match Nowadays anything that took up as much- spacs as that old clothes-horse would crowd all rest of the furniture out 02 the apartment to say nothiny pf the tenants! The modern clothes-drler Its designed to stand in cue corner: of the smallest of rooms Xt has be-in squeezed Id end contracted and pare! down until It takes up only one square yard of space when wide 1 A survey of the luncheon and tea hour in the smartest of rendezvous' for the fashionable woman discloses an amazing preference for combinations of black and white especially the combination of black velvet or satin with white fur in both millinery and costumes Center above a felt cloche with fvo bright colored paroquets strapped to the crown a black satin off-the-face shape with trimming of gray ostrich across the back and a tiny shape of black felt with 'Jet ornament surrounded with ermine and a small vamp veiL At left a black cloth coat bound In gold galloon with trimming of red fox Above at the-Iuncheon table a tail! frock with layers ot organdie bound hi contrasting bright colors for collar and cuffs The tailored-Lanvin grqea coat dress opposite has narrow tailored collar and cuffs of brown Per- Sian lamb and the hist of the same color is banded with coq Dance Frock Cocarde One of tht charming danc frocks for a young girl Is of peach georgette with a straight plain bodice and full skirt without belt or Sash A dla- mond-ehaped cocard of gold n- tdllq ribbon Is placed lengthwise at the jwalstliae In front N'utov metallic ribbon trims -the neck and sleeves and forms multiple circles on the sklrti-- The personal art of haldng tyt cziuot fee replaced bj iay nrachinery Ovens that requireevea taaper- reqr ftS? t7? 04 S5 tat IvJ I aii Mi tl Ut ti' UtRf 11 Sitk haia Arw hni u- ft lt tlH lk fa MS- to aa m4 tha Itols na a-4 iNt fires' ft IC ATT9 18 bra -ntaa tH Aia at: 1UX Ke-bw iy C)ic Tim ata iH 14 tala ttnr IlM Hr sollccra4' rcnina la tki Stettaflt a rrivED Of raids! lV a a or WETf BE- THi i yon- KTHM ESTAk fctrar earkuS na eeeom- tm mtf Min oekiyn Wes -Mttl fnp KEN-NJEk eloas nnr Moic tpS IfATT SNlEi: iSDlt IBOOK yroriii5 eoaic bt ri 0 nJSaa all ei aiJ ai I-- Bidt Goodies for Thanksgiving By ZiAUltA AKIRKMAN For Drying Clo thes Indoors Newest Boon mm C) Tatrchilo At left ifour examples of the -popular ungirdled and tubelike silhouette sketched St the smart luncheon hour At the extreme left is a Russian casaqiie of black velvet bordered In summer ermine and worn over a slip of black sstlu Next a simple tailored cloth in roce tweed worn with a silver fox and a small hat with fan of hennas ostrich tips Collar end cuffs gray krimmer give distinction to third frock Of black cloth also worn with an ostrich black Qatin hat and the simple frock of black velvet trimming of -ermine at neckline' wrist elbow and 'down the: sides of the skirt hat has flat white ribbon trimming forming a point at the front a Above at tea hour a black chat lavishly berdere-d In white' fax the small lochs trimmed witn gardenias and another black' velvet-gowp: and hat trimmed In ermine- open ond -almost no cpace at all when closed Yet It holds jutt about as many freshly Ironed articles sc Its older and far larger sister Jt la light in weight too and can be moved front rorm to re om easily and conveniently Its snug: drop down Its -sides 'when it In use and jehen the arms are raised they alternate in such a way: that the garments or the yack Abovedrcp down between wcv( -dhainns '0 tho next row and so bn4 There' lare number of smell -spree clothes -drier In the shops all following ora or lees the same Hues They are a boon to the mother with a baby -whose dainty things must be weshed often and to the laundress on wash-day as well They can stud in' sunny window or before an open fire or in one corner of the bathroom by the radiator When closed they look much as tho artist has showj ii In tbs accompanying sketch where the open rack Is In the foreground and the collapsed one' stanas In the rear corrects any tendency toward- bronchial troubles It was known to and 1 -S O' 9 this splendid food- Mature detund personal Pani attention of doiigh Page Boy Suits Shown in Paris By Mme Yteb 't prla Nov 9-With each season rub departs further from tlu -exotic Jnd sophisticated type of clothes In-toward the youthfully almost boyish types with fairly short lines narrow Moulders and no extraneous ornament to break the line jjer private showing of new wln- models was a group of little suits fabrics with straight short tackeu rescmblig those of hotel ndre boya One especially In pile llow carried out the suggestion a row of small covered buttons Zwn the front and a similar row Mm the side of the skirt Another had a skirt of plain cloth and jacket et knitted wool in multicolor de-bordered in the plain fabric the same spirit are a number ft crepe reuse their chief trlm-jjl rows of buttons aprons of eir- material or touches of hand work Accompanied by jackets of three-quarter coats srs other dresses pide chiefly or cloth such as velours de lalne but combined with trope da chine in self color There lo often a wide inset of crepe do thins across the front of the dress It the -waist line or it may compose th bodice paneled by strappings of tldh The Jackets are of two types jtfthfully short and tailored or al-gagt three-quarter length fur trimmed and more elaborate Be- 44cs these dresses and jackets and His ilttlesports suits there are tit tailored suits accompanied by tsQored crepe de chine blouses -f plays an important part In tfes collection both In trimmings and la entire garments There is one unusual cape of gazelle In the natural jjjht beige and there Is a coat of Mack faille with shawl collar and tarn back cuffs of skunk placed Hearer elbow than wrist pieced to make triangular sections usual and effective There are a number of plats cloth coats straight and belting which owe their chle to collar 3d cuffs of fur Black and brown shades' figure prominently for the usual daytime pensions but for sporta wear light frets ysllowa and not- a little light mr predominate (Copxrisht Xelg Prize Winning Menus (linger Ale Jelly 'One package of gelatine half cup cold water tablespoons sugar 1 pint ginger ale bait -pint of grape-juice Soak the gelatine In the -cold crater for 5 minutes IMsaolve' In hot grapejulce Add sugar and when cool the ginger ale Pour Into cocktail glasaea and chill Cover with whipped cream and chopped nuts MISS EMMA CLARK 177 Quincy at' Brooklyn Fondant Pumpkins Surround a walnut meat with fudge making a small ball Cover with fondant flavored with orange riqd and colored with orange-color post Score like a pumpkin and attach a stem of green fondant or angelica Diameter of the fondant ppmpkin should be IK inches -MRS HENRY REINSDORP 293 Putnam ave Brooklyn Send Your Best Recipe And Win Eatfle Prize The Eagle 1 printing ea kt page lavariha racipa nbmittri by readme For sack rscips printed $1 wfll bo paid Brooklyn kousswrfpsa an noted for their culinary sktlT and many families have pet recipne that ethers weuld like ta knew akab Send these recipes arritten on ana aids ef paper ta Editor Department Breoklya DaUy Eagle -n Scientists Agree That ELECTROLYSIS -t 41 I ih Mix tmfsifst that will rms aretlr Dntrw HnprrSuMS Hair With Calslnra Method of liultlpls Eloe-reljrsia tt Is accomplished la ono-sixth tho saaal tima No Scar Ncnd for Illost rated Booklet SWErtA STWVKNS (Speefallot) Olllce tS OTaibeah Aso Bear FSItos MI KertM 1AM It to Bqnsl BnlldUg 4 W4 4 I Thltd irtp a got in lltJutL" Tin tUidpus fragrance of Breakfast Its unquestioned purit uniformity and- pslatahilit make constant users- of all who tty it it is the cocoa of high Quality that can be spoiled by a I momentaiy carelessness -i demand personal watch- 5 iis the rea- 4 ti! on for the constant and 11 Xy HELEN HEN was a little girl 1 need to have wonderful times playing house under be shelter of an old-fashioned clothes' horse on such 1 days as this- bulky piece of household furniture was cot In use to hold the stretched a big carriage robe over tha outspread arms of the sud made a tent In which nary rainy mornings were spent' in the world would vb BetyScretsWortK WEEDS Cranberry Jelly One quart of cranberries one pound of granulated sugar and one half pint of water Wash the cranberries and put them onto the fire with the water let boll for ten minutes then mash and squeeze through cheesecloth bag Return this strained juice to th'e saucepan add the sugar and let boil about IS minutes or till two drops will form at once on the edge of a spoon when a little of the Juice is he id high In the air and dripped back Into the aueepan Turn the jelly into a wet mold at' once and let harden In a cool place (Note: To remove It from Its mold successfully rest the bottom of mold for just a moment In a little hot water: this melts away the jelly which stuck fast to the mold thus allowing It to be turned out easily without being broken The old-time to mold Is the favorite In many homes) Malaga Grape Salad This Is a dainty salad to serve with a heavy meal of this sort Wash malaga grapes thoroughly halve them removing seeds and lay -several of these grape-halves on a little cup formed of tender lettuce leaves garnish with a maraschino cherry and top with a little dab of mayonnaise (This makes an Individual portion) Filling' EYr Your Pumpkin Pies The average family makes only two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner Therefore the housekeeper need buy only a small -a two-pound pumpkin Cut this in half remove seeds and membranes (these are thrown away) then pare off the yellow outer rind and discard It also Now nothing remains but the sound flesh of the pumpkin Cut this Into small' pieces and cover with boiling water Place over the range and let simmer for about two hours or until very tender Drain Believing that many persona ere confronted with persons! problems anxious for advice tut unwilling to seik it from friends or relatives The Eagle invitee ite readers to writs ts Helen Worth who will give each communication close personal attention f- Write under your own name or an assumed one and on one eide of tho pago only Direct letters to HE CBN WORTH off the water end mash the pumpkin as you would boiled potatoes Do not put It through a wire strainer (as so many recipes tell one to db) as this makes the pumpkin stringy like rleed potatoes Simply mash it then measure It To two and cups of It and two eggs four tablespoons ot molasses one cup of granulated sugar two tablespoons of flour two cups of sweet mllkahd two-thirds of a teespoou of ground ginger Your pie filling Is now ready to be put into an unbaked lowar crust (Note: -Many housekeepers like a combination of one-hatf squash This gives a slightly different flavor to the pie and an recommend it heartily The canned squash may be used for this purpose if To Sake Pumpkin Pie Any pie containing egg should be put into a quick' oven for the first five minutes (till the pastry then the oven' heat should be reduced to medium hot and the pie allowed to bake for about S5 minutes longer' Establishment la BieeMya Superfluous Hair Removed Pcnaaasat Esselts Gaamateed xau: rtydria-i Mrs SALMAN fHATCBsrsowJf rouge The other day with a young friend about artificial- aids to beauty jrd about -rouge In particular' 13- answer to a question she said that she used the shads called but addedVTaag rne Is bui it eoatsV saventy-flvs cents-" There Is a better kind of coloring for tho led sed the best because- it is absolutely sure to harmonise with any and it docs not Cost a penny It Is a unique sort of oametle because besides painting cheeks Tt makes one feel better all over and tv umform perfeebon of the cl loaves of DmLe Cake made by thousands and deEvered btah to rrocers i A Your ZAttle Girl Deserves It S-'I x-j 4'- SHERE is nothing that gives such a soft pliable fihuh as LinitforarchinY your children's dainty cloches VV-' r-'-Jsy r- That is why mothers welcome Unit the remarkable new starch discovery 1 A Link makes even ordinary cotton fabrics look and feel like Kqen fee! like materials Igr buildfog mind ahd bodjr- Grape-Nuts made from "wheat and malted mfm barley is a crisp delicious cereal food rich JBecsuse Linit remains thin and tree-running Cwster it penetrates every thread ot the fabric and helps mm' sirengthen them thus preventing wear ahd increasing the lifc'of the materia! 'i -r 'V- hm'' "i V-- yjis t- in wholesome nutriment iKTheim arc readily available in The essential Vitaniin-B GRAPE-NUT3 Cz Minute Pudding 1 cop Gtape-Noti Vi cess aralM eulk lublune e-BW 'h'-' Corn Orato-NM iO sraUdl ilk Add raw niiiM m4 isle aetasg- Cm six riirn djatiyowt ths lnitsimto im- eiaatir ead serve sritk eoy Jootf seMiadwaee Makes (oar ta six portiaas 'm' v- Co to your grocer ask -V ft(: supplied in gencr- ous measure The nutritious starches of the 5 is suppli wheat and barley are partially pre -digested mm -k? 20 baking for a 10c Package of Unit and begin to use it for all fahrics Perfcction in starch-' mg your money refunded Grape-Nuts with milk or cream is a complete food Its compact itorm makes! a little go a long wayy i- mmsSotd byQrocers Everywhere! 'raw 'j the body BDfXraDER i -f Made only hy rer Baker EtoaUiihadlTN' Doodwstor VU Mowtresl Cmda or CH0KZ Recites sent fhex biiW -V jas ts -b s-'1 K' UHbili ri3".

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