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Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, November 2, 1954
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By Huss Waller A local husband learned a lot about baking the other day, and quite unexpectedly. Seems he Was home alone, when a neighbor lady called up. She' Said she was halting bread, but 'had too . much dough for her oven, and wondered if she might bring it over. Our man of the house replied certainly, and spon the neighbor arrived with an assortment of fresh dough in pans. The, man of the house, who by the way likes home made breadj took charge and put the dough in his own, oven and-obtained all the vital statistics as to how long it .should,bake, etc. So for the next hour he made regular trips to the oven, check• ing on the progress of His baking, * and just as an,hour had' elapsed, he started for the oven to turn it off when'the•phone rang. It was the neighbor lady, who inquired how the bread was coming. "Just fine," the man replied. "Well, I'll be-right over to get it" said the neighbor, and 'she did, to the surprise of the man of the house who had failed to understand the facts of the situation, * and thought he was baking' trie bread' for himself. However, 5 the neighbor very kindly 'did leave a loaf, _for our. amateur bread baker. .-•*•'*..*'. The other evening before the Iowa Falls-Algpha football game ,we had a little'talk with Joe Me- Neill, Iowa Falls coach' and a xformer Algona resident and star f end ,on the local football team; Joe said that just before his team came out to the field he walked into the hall at the high school to check up on the <• trophy he , helped to win in 1938, when Algona won a share of the confer- 'J Dept. of History and Des Moinee 19, Iowa ESTABLISHED 1863 Entered a< second class matter at the frosttffiee at Alton*, I6wa, N6v. 1, 1932, under Act at Congress of March 3, 1878. ALOONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1954 4 SECflONS - 24 PAGES VOL 91 - NO. 44 Demos Hold Local Edge, Lose State ".'"."'.' v.. * ,V; '"• , . • • .• - * , * • * i ' * ' * * ' * ... ... Two Races Undecided; fane Republican Supervisor Elected Rohlf-Moore, McWhorter- ence title, said Joe.v "It was still there", ' Our ambassador of good will friend f rbiji Storm Lake was in the other day, and "• strangely enough wasn't bragging about anything in particular that Storm Lake has, and we don^t . . . fcis mind seemed to be chiefly occupied 'with politics and football . . ihe delivered a sermon on the subject of having home state boys play on home state teams, and * then took off, feeling better we trust, at having unloaded on that particular subject. At a parly for a young man in the community who was observing his llth birthday, his young friends dispensed with the usual Happy Birthday song, and instead served a round of pop, all clinl|, ed glasses, and then sang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." ' * » » Our ambassador to Italy, Clare Boothe Luce, has been finding it rather difficult to break into print what with the election and all in the news, but she found a way the other day . . . Mrs Luce says she saw a flying saucer hovering around in the sky over Rome . . , maybe she should come home for a rest. * * • One candidate for office managed to make a few people pretty mad last Saturday . . .some of his gummed campaign posters were plastered on the back windows o; local parked cars, obstructing the view through the rear window and extremely difficult to get off • • • The Upper Dei Moines has ha< Buddy Mason on the west coas keeping track of things for several years now, but we have been without a Washington correspondent . . now we have one. Darrell Coover, who was news editor of this paper a year ago, is now in Washington on a fellowship to study the intricacies of American government, and we have named him as our Washington Bureau Chief. He says he is living right across the street from Joe ' One Killed J Hurt In Area Auto Crashes Rodman Man, 24, Dies; Four Swea Cityans Hospitalized . Kossuth county had a fatal auto accident, sometime early Saturday morning, in which a 24-year old Rodman man was killed. Fuji details of the tragedy, will irObably never be. known. . George E. Jensen was driving albrie, on a gravel road two miles north and miles east of West McCarthy yet." who doesn't know it One little yarn from Washington is interesting, and it concerns the background of the exposee o* Congressman Douglas R. Stringfellow of Utah, who turned out not to have been an OSS agenv or a' wartime hero at all. Seems that Stringfellow in a talk somewhere told how he captured the German physicist Dr. Otto Hahn. But a former OSS officer happened to hear him, and knew that Dr. Hahn had surrendered months after the time Stringfellow claimed he captured him. The Army Times in Washington heard the story, and after considerable investigation decided it was a hoax. Evidence was collected from five states and permany, and Stringfellow speeches. , . Stringfellow was contacted by phone and talked 30 minutes with Ihe editors, but stuck to his story. Then Stringfellow began to pull strings in Washington ana ros friends began to accuse, threaten and warn the editors against using Bend, sometime Friday night, when his car left the roa'd at a point where a bridge spans, a ditch, plunged across the creek and-struck the abutment on the other side. ' The car was pretty well obscured from the road, and it,was Saturday morning .before anyone spotted the machine and investigated. Someone called the office of Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst and an immediate investigation was made 1 . Coroner John Schutter said death-resulted from a basal fracture of the skull. Sheriff Lindhorst said he thought the young man was killed about 1 ajn. Saturday. Jensen, a son of .Mr and Mrs Alfred Jensen of. Rodman was discharged last February after seven years in the air force. ''•..' r, . The b'pdy was taken to the Bo-, gard funeral West Bend. The deceased has a brother '-'a$ West Bend,'employed by-the Co- Op elevator'there. „••" . , Funeral services'.'were helcl Monday afternoon, .'at'2 p.m. at the Rodman .Presbyterian church. Members of the family surviving are brothers and sifters, Ralph and Donald of Rodman, Mrs Madeen Ludwig of West Bend, Mrs Lee Waite of Rodman and Mrs Hollis Cooper of Ottosen, besides the parents. SWEA CITY FOLKS SURVIVE; ONE DIES Swea City—Four Swea' City residents were hospitalized at Sibley. Sunday, following an automobile collision that claimed the life of a Fargo, N D. woman riding in the second machine. In the Swea City car were Gwendolyn Link, 17, a student at Sioux Falls college,. South Dakota, who was driving, her mother, Mrs Sam Link, her brother Wendell, age 7, and her aunt, Mrs Ervin Link. The group was taking Gwendolyn back to college after a weekend at home. On highway 9, northeast of Sibley, at the highway 59 intersection, the Link car collided with a machine driven by Melvin Hagen of Fargo, N.D.- Riding with Mr Hagen was his wife, Lydia, age 55. She Was thrown some 50 feet by the impact from the car to the shoulder of the highway and was killed outright. Her husband escaped with minor injuries. Sam Link, who did not make the trip, said Monday that he thought he would be able to bring home his wife and children Monday or Tuesday, but that Mrs Ervin Link, most seriously injured of the Swea City folks, would have to remain in the hos» pital. She received a broken hip and brain concussion, but was rer ported as conscious and improved m Monday. Mrs Sam Link was bruised and shaken up and Gwendolyn suffered an injured hand. Definite details of how the accident happened were not available, except that it was believed the Noth Dakota machine started across highway 9 just as the Link car approached going west. Dentists In Area To Meet NQV, 3 Kossuth Boy On Missing Naval Plane , • ' -V '- • J Bancroft—-Mrs Anna Ander-' egg of Bancroft received a phone call- from the Navy, . Sunday evening, thai her son Leonard Hay Hawbaker, was missing in a Navy Cons'tella- lion plane, somewhere over the Atlantic. Leonard Jeft Bancroft Oct. 17, for .Naples, Italy, ',where he was stationed. He had been given an emergency leave to return home to attend the funeral of a brother. Dale,"who had died of meningitis in Lawrence, Kansas. » Leonard entered the navy In August, 1953. Prior to that he had worked in Welp's Hatchery at Bancroft. Evidently Letfhard had been ' ordered to Paluxet 'River naval, air station in Maryland for a flight overseas, and the plane, a navy Constellation, left the field at 9:03 Saturday night. It was last he'ard from at 11 p.m. when about' 300 m'iles off Cape May, N. J. It had gasoline to last until 10 a.m. Sunday. Aboard were 42 persons, including 32 navy men,, eight civilians and two air force men. • The craft was to have made a stop' at the Azores arid then continue to /Port Lyauley, - North ,Africa. ^ . - -•'".'. .Following a failure to receive any word from the .pl&he, a naval search ^team of planes and ships was ordered into the general area of flight and began a search from 'the point where the . plane last reported its position. ::;vfe;r .."' ...-." - -...,-;,— ' Leonard has four other brothers and three sisters. Boy 12, Latvian Refugee, To Make Home In Lakota Enumerators In Census Named Enumerators for the 1954, Census of Agriculture have been selected as follows: Swea & Eagle townships, Mrs-E. Louise Pehrson; Harrison and Grant, Mrs Andrew " Hanson; Ledyard and Springfield, 'J. -A. -Nyman; Lincoln and Hebron, Alfred M. Red- eniUs; Fenton and'Seneca, Louise Dreyer; Bui't and Greenwood, Kenneth Sarchet; Portland and Ramsey, Harold F. Wolters; Buffalo and German, Arthur Rode; Lotts Creek and Union, Mercedes E. Bierstedt; Plum Creek and Wesley, E. Lorraine Campney; Whittemore and Cresco, Erwin H. Siems; Irvington and Prairie, W. H. Bosworth; Garfield and Riverdale, Mrs Meta Johnson; Sherman and LuVerne, Mrs Dorothy Phillips. Questionnaires are being sent to every rural boxholder. Schooling of enumerators will start Thursday morning,in the basement of the Regular Baptist Church, located ' at the corner of Elm and Wooster streets in Algona. • There will be two half- days of class work and one half- day in the field. The cooperation of all farm residents in giving information for the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture will be greatly appreciated. A complete story of the farm census program all over the nation is given in detail in another story in today's Algona Upper Des Moines. i any story, a" , The paper WM palled vicious and <Qn|clencelesij on TV, and resigne lic office, effective the the year. . s pub first Q| The Tri-Cpunty Dental Society will hold its, regular monthly meeting Wednesday'evening, Nov. 3. at the Algo»a Cpuntry Club, Emmet, Kossuth an4 Hancock county dentists form the member;' . ; Truman An4er§on, Fort e, oral surgeon, is chairman Portland 4-H Adds A Member The regular meeting of the Portland Boys 4-H club was held October 21, at the Portland Community Hall, with "Andrew and Harris Harms as hosts. Darryl Sparks was elected to be a candidate for county office. Andrew Harms will give his campaign speech. . A talk on hogs was given by Jack Trunkhill. David Rasmussen joined the club making the membership twenty three. A 'joyous, reunion with'his grandparents—the only family; he has known in a 12-year lifetime of homeless ; wandering—awaited Latvian-born Gunnar Springis''at New York's International Airport, Oct. 26. And today the boy is living in Kossuth county with Rev and Mrs Fri \"z Springis at Lakota,. entering the Lakpta school. He can already speak English •to the extent of "lam very happy to be here", and his grandfather said that in three weeks he 'expected Gunnar to be able to spe'ak and. understand basic .English; Rev'.and Mrs Springis came to the United States three,years'.agp. He had ' been a MethpdlstSTOmis- ter'ih- Latvia fend he : #a^gfvWthe > T pastorate at Lakota right ~ ; after his arrival,' where he has"'Since remained. ' Rev and Mrs' Springis, son Ard- ret and daughter, Mrs Werner Schlermeier of Bancroft,, left Sunday of last week after morn- ng services for New York, by car. They returned with. Gunnar, Friday evening of last week. The boy arrived Tuesday night. The boy was one of 70 refugee immigrants, all sponsored by the World Council pf Churches, who were admitted under the Refugee Belief Act of 1953. Gunnar warded the plane at Munich. Gunnar's parents were killed after they fled Latvia in World War II, and Rev and Mrs Springis lad to leave the boy behind when they came to this country. Gunnar then lived with> the family of a minister in Hamburg, Germany, until his grandparents could arrange for his admission to ;his country. In the Algona Upper Des VIoines newsfoto here, Rev Springis, Gunnar, and Mrs Sprin- gis, are radiating their happiness while they visited in the Algona Upper Des Moines office, Saturday, and^ where Gunnar exhibited a great interest in the newspaper printing machinery. 16 Above Hits Kossutn County Old Man- Winter took a good bite at Kossuth county, last Monday night, and came up with the coldest reading of the fall when the mercury fell to 16 above at the Algona Airport, where Stu Albright takes the official temperatures. The week's weather: Date R HI Oct. 26 (.20) 55 Oct. 27 (.18) 54 OCt. 28"*. , 48 Oct. 29 '. 40 Oct. 30 33 Oct. 31 41 Wm. Hammer, St. Joe, Dies of Heart Attack Nov. Nov. 39 Plan Smorgasbord LuVerne — The annual Smorgasbord dinner, sponsored by the local Evangelical United Brethren Church will be served Saturday evening, Nov. 6, from 5 to 9 p.m. Wednesday evening n\eet- His. subject i;s "wnusujj Cases EngpujnJ£ri4 ift •• Qr $1 ' „,„.,, . gona are on the program committee. :;;-!--., The St. Joe community was .shocked last Tuesday by the sud iden death of William Hammer, 52 | i since 1931 had been the Downer of a^grpcery store and oi 'iii|^tiQniipJi.,ftighw;8j»-169^ at .St, Joe Mr, trammer had not been il and there was no indication o anything so serious as the hear attack which proved fatal. Funeral services were hek Tuesday morning (Nov. 2), at St Joseph's church in St. 'Joe with Father Leo Schumacher official ing. Burial was in the St. Joe cemetery, with the Hamilton Fu neral Home of Algona in charge of arrangements. Pallbearers were Robert Holtz bauer, Edward Hammer, Don Hammer.iWilbur Balk, Hugo Ball and William Steil. Mr Hammer is survived by hi; wife, four sons and two daugh ters, Darwin Hammer of For Dodge, Herbert Hammer of Par] Ridge, 111. in the Navy, Joyc of Fort Dodge, Janet who is a student at Iowa State Teacher college at Cedar Falls, and Rich ard and David at home. Brothers and sisters survivin _ are John Hammer of Algona, Laura Balk of LeSueur, Minn., Frances Holtzbauer of Algona, and Victor Hammer of LeSueur Mr Hammer was born March, 2, 1902, at St. Benedict, a son of Mr and Mrs Edward Hammer. He was married to Florence Benge, June 7, 1927, and his wife had assisted him in founding and developing the store at St. Joe. \ Academy Auction Benefit, Nov. 10 A public auction, with the entire proceeds going for benefit of educational facilities at St. Cecelia's Academy during the current school year, will be held Wednesday, Nov. 10, at the National Guard Armory at the Algona fairgrounds. The sale will start at 10:00 a.m. and continue for the balance of the day until everything is sold. Lunch will be served in the Armory at noon. Frank Rossmann is, general chairman for the auction, assisted by John Kohlhaas and Monsignor P. P. Gearen. Items for the sale are being donated by parishioners and friends of the parish. Donations may be made by calling Mr Rossmann at 772-W. A full page announcement in today's Upper Des Moines gives complete details on the forthcoming auction. An unusual feature of the sale will be the awarding of $5 cash every hour on the hour to someone on the grounds. In addition to a big run of merchandise and livestock, a rummage sale will also be held inside the Armory. Auctioneers will be Charlie Quinn, Dale Yungeberg, Webb Stewart and Colwell Bros. Clerking the sale will be Roy McMahon, Gene Schemel, Paul Seeley, Gene Hood and Bill Zim merman. F-BureauHas Election; Adopt 20 Resolutions Lester Eden Is ; Reelected To Head Kossuth Unit •Lester Eden of TitorJca was reelected president of the Kossuth County Farm Bureau at its annual meeting Tuesday evening, STov. 2, in the Burt school. Also elected for a one-year term 1 were laphael Montag, vice president, ludy Peterson, secretary, and len Gabrielson, treasurer. During the business session the reasurer's report was approved, it showed a loss of net income n the amount of $34.92 and an estimated working capital of J7.782.65. Estimated net worth was reported as $33,570.54. Twenty resolutions were adopted by the more than 200 members present. Included in these resolutions which were compiled i-om questionnaires submitted by Farm Bureau members was a resolution recommending that legislative action be taken to equalize property tax valuations; oppose an increase in gas tax at this time; favor a toll road; reconir mend speed limit for Iowa roads; favor a variable level of supports for basic commodities. Kenneth Thatcher, secretary of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation was guest speaker. He spoke on his recent trip with 70 other lowans who to.ured Europe. Other officers and directors pf the Farm Bureau'', were also approved. They are as,follows: ,. t County'WomenVchairmart:'MTs Charles Nygaard; county women's vice chairman, Mrs O. T. Cher- Loss Races Neck & Neck Kossuth county voters went Democratic in a majority of the contests in the general election, Tuesday, but the supervisor race n the third district went to a Republican. All of the 35 voting precincts n the county were tabulated at J a.m. this morning (Wednesday, Nov. 3) with the exception of the Algona second, third and fourth wards, and on the outcome of the vote in those wards rested the question of whether or not Marc Moore was • reelected as county auditor over Virgil Rohlf, and whether or not Casey Loss unseats Ray McWhorter for the state legislature. Both Rohlf and Loss, Democrats, held leads over their Republican opponents without the three missing Algona wards counted in the tally. Rohlf's lead was very slight; Loss had a more substantial margin. In Iowa, while the Democrats polled a strong vote, it was still a Republican victory in the state. Tom Mar-, tin was elected'U.S. Senator, defeating the veteran Guy Gillette. Leo Hoegh had a close squeak, but nosed out Democrat Clyde Herring. And all eight of Iowa's Republican congressional candidates were elected, by closo margins in some instances. For the first time In a good many years a Republican was elected as a Kossuth supervisor. He is John Rode of Titonka, who defeated Tom Forburger of Wesley, 764 *o,651. Rode carried Buffalo, and German by a : heavy margin, as well as Portland. Forburger carried - land, Louis publicity chairman, Wingert, and girls Mrs 4-H chairman, Mrs Henry Lpoft. Mrs Thompson Rites, LuVerne Funeral services for Mrs Allen Thompson, 55, will be .'held Thursday at 2 p.m. at LuVerne Methodist church. Rev Robert Kessinger will officiate, Mrs Thompson died shortly after midnight Tuesday morning at her home. She had not been well for some time. Surviving 'are her husband; and two sons, How"ard and Richard. There are also three sisters and one brother, Mrs Irving Barton and Mrs Laverne Jeffers, both of LuVerne; Mrs Ernest Olson of Columbus, Neb.; and Howard Henderson of Clear Lake. Mrs Thompson was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs George Henderson. J. P. Court Has Varied Cases Rodney Johnson, Mason City, was fined $25 and costs with $15 of the fine suspended, on a charge of carrying an assembled gun in a car, by Justice C. H. Ostwinkle, last week. Frank Tellier state conservation officer, filed the charge. * D. J. Youngwirth was fined $1 and costs on a charge of false uttering of a check; Bernard O. Jensen, Fenton, was fined $10 and costs excessive speeding with truck; Norbert Zumach, Whittemore, was fined $10 and costs for an arterial violation with a loaded truck, PHONE 1100 - YOUR NEWSPAPER Winner of U Siato ft National Award*, 1950-1854 low* $»mf A*»'n, Is Recuperating H. R. Cowan was resting easily and recuperating from an attack of illness suffered last week. He is at home and able to be up men were running for the post left vacant by Bill Cosgrove ot the third district, who was not a candidate for reelection.' 1 In the other supervisor races, Henry Scheppmann was reeled^ ed from the first district, .and A. M. (Tony) Kollasch was reelected from the fifth district where he carried all precincts in the district. Both men are Democrats.. A summary of county election results follows but not including the second,.third and fourth ward vote's in Algona. U. S. Senator Guy Gillette (D) 3713 Tom Martin (R) - 3172 Governor Clyde Herring (D) 3782 Leo Hoegh (R) 3144 Congress James Dolliver (R) 3603 Lumond, Wilcox (D) 3001 Legislature Casoy Loss (D) .- 3517 Ray McWhorter (R) 3176 County Auditor Virgil Rohlf (D) 3383 Marc Moore (R) 3330 County Treasurer Rosella Voigt (D) T . 4271 Steve Huber (R) 2563 County Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst (D) 4825 Glenn Wilson (R) 2177 County Recorder Clara Walker (D) 3843 William Heller (R) 2922 Supervisor, 1st Dist. Henry Scheppmann (D) _. 989 Ken Roney (R) — 606 Supervisor, 3rd Dist. John Rode (R) 764 Tom Forburger (D) 651 Supervisor, 5th Dist. A. M. Kollasch (D) 832 . . Wm. Christensen (R) 532 One Hurt, Car Damaged-Prank A Halloween prank brought car damages of $400 to $500 to Kenneth Poppe of Ledyard, and head cuts and bruises to Dolores Busse pf Blue Earth, a ^passenger in his car, at 1:20 a.m. Monday morning. The Poppe car ran into a truck, that had been pushed onto the highway, just north of Lakoia, presumably by youngsters as a Halloween prank. The truck was owned by Albert Bosma, Jr. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst, called to the scene, said it was fortunate that no fatal-, ity resulted, even though the property damage was high. Poppe was driving in a normal manner, but the truck was pushed sideways across the road and Poppe had no chance to dodge or miss it . when his headlights suddenly 'picked up the vehicle directly in his path. - ' Tt was evident from the results.... I that there was much scratching of ballots. Ralph Lindhorst, for example, led the entire Democratit ticket in the county by a wide margin. Gillette and Herring ran about even on the, same ticket. Kollasch, supervisor from north Kossuth, won every 'precinct despite the .fact that most pf. them are normally Republican, and Virgil Rohlf owed a consider-^ able '.share 'of 'the* slim .Iea8"ne . held early this morning to an assist from his horrte area of Swea City.' While the auditor and state representative races were close, the vote in Algona was expected to move Marc Moore into the lead, while the margin held by Casey Loss was believed. to be enough to give him a potential margin even if Algona's three unreported wards should go Republican, but it is going to be mighty close. Lakota was* the first precinct to report, and Ledyard was sec- 1 ond. The Algona first ward was in early also, but a heavy vote in the other three wards was still being counted at dawn today. In the one Algona ward in the vote for constable, Floyd Newville polled 182, John, Dunn 165, and Ernie Thiel 163. Dunn is the only Democrat. Alma Pearson, Democrat, was reelected clerk of the district court without opposition, and Lou Nitchals was reelected county attorney without opposition. He is a Republican. Cars Collide At Rural Corner Fenion —Cars driven by Odey Cherland of Burt and Mrs Walter Jenti! of Fenton collided Sunday morning at an intersection of county roads where a cornfield obstructed their views, 3 miles northeast of Fenton. Mr and Mrs Cherland were on their way to the Seneca church and were driving north. Mrs Jentz was going east. There were no serious injuries. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst was called and chucked the mishap They Won By Good Margins Rosella Voigt Treasurer Clara Walker Recorder Ralph Lindhorsl Sheriff

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