The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 18, 1939 · 14
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · 14

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1939
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— 7 lf ft '4 For CltuiifirJ AiJ Retullt BROOKLYN EAGLE FRIDAY AUGUST 1939 Telephone MAin 4-6200 i —THE SCREEN— ’Wizard Fine Fantasy Helps to Pack Capitol Rooney Judy Garland on Stage George Raft Stars at Albee By HERBERT COIIN Tho tumult end the Shouting that la keeping a squad of police fat a frenzy at the CarJtol— nd on the streets aurraundlng it— comes from bOckeyh and Judy's fans With the Rooney and Garland ataga show the Capitol could have revived "The Great Train Robbery" and created aa much of a rumpus for the audience of high achool kids and their mothers are applauding the shorts the newsreel and Leo the lion of the M-G-U emblem while waiting t for their favorite set of aereen youngsters to appear In person But the tribute to Holly woodl leading Juvenile pair ean hardly belittle ll-O-M's big-gun of the new season: Mervyn La Roy'S aereen version of L Rank Baiun's treasured fantasy "The Wlsard of Os" It la an alluring entertainment in its own right a spectacle of color and handsome sets and a gay and j imaginative table peopled by an I Alice-in-Wonderlana kind of ehar-' act or punning in the modem mode and talking sensibly about human 1 frailties 3 R otters a field day for-the kids f and an engrossing two houia for their parents as wen It is no less delightful to listen to than to look I upon for the Harold Arlen score that puts It on an operetta basis as it was back in 1903 overflows V a' r with melodies that are surefire hits - “Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Wfra Off to See the Wisard" may 1 well be as popular as the marching song and "Whistle While Ton : Work" from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" : DISNEY AND LE ROY Comparisons with Walt Disney's masterpiece of early 193a are not fair perhaps but they are inevitable i Both Le Roy and Disney were arork ? log with fantasies tha former em-? ploying flesh-and-blood players the utter spilling his characters out of an inkwell Hantasy fares better on tbo drawing board it seems Fairy-tale pranks an too far- removed from the usual habits of humans to bo easily portrayed even : Iqr tha able east assembled for Victor Fleming's direction As engaging as "The Wtoerd" Is ' ft hasn't a Dopey a Grumpy or- g Doe It hasn't tho whimsy of a baby "bluebird cracking ita top note it han’t tha imagination that caused f the Disney squirrels to dust the f shelves with their bushy tails or the forest at Bight to taka on its grotesque shapes Those are exclusive Disneylsms and pomibly even he wont bo able to equal them again "The Wiaard of Oe" wins a more limited affection from Bert Lehr'S Cowardly Lion who looks like a lion and Lahr at the same time thanks to jack Down’s makeup from the proverbial hone of another color who comae to life in Wisard Rank Morgan’! magic Emerald City from Jack Haley's rusty-Join ted Tinman Margaret Hamilton's cackling Wicked Witch Ray Boiler's weak-kneed Btrawman Tota the remarkable little tenter and the Singer Midget Muncbkine of On- Judy Garland la not Just tho right choice far the naive youngster who looks for the land of Heart's Desire and le catapulted Instead Into the Munch-kins' Technicolor land of Os JITTERBfJG JUDY She le too touch bn the Jitterbug elds to be mixed ' up seriously with Vitj j sum oe nina up seriously who I f -'' witches good or bad and a shift of seen that transports her bom tho I Capital "mike" end a 'M"g hot --‘venton of "Cornea Love” to a romp through the Wleerdb palace comes a little too quickly for our imag-1 Jnetton Probably the fable of tho Tinman J who needed a heart the Btrawman i rL who was shy a brain and tha lion v ' f that lacked courage is out of date ' to tho modem nursery But Nod Langley has adapted it 1 spruced it ur It takes on new end slightly satirical waning The Btrawman needs only beribboned diploma to bring his brain up to normal tho heartless tinman require! only a testimonial to make THE WIZARD OT OZ‘ A Matra-OoMwra-Martr Mm 4me to Mama Le In US “ Victor Flmtoa Iron a Km star Lmin PloimM Sikm aaS Sdsar Rllaa Vnll adapt fiaoi lha took to L Frank Sana Koala to KaraM Arlaa lrriaa to a V Haitare FiaaaaM at lha Capitol itoator Tin CAST norathv - — JaSr OarlanS rrifnw Frank Marias ‘Rank" IUr Dakar 'Saka — - Bart Lahr Hickory" — " Sack Haiav OliaSa - — Brilla Barka Miaa Oaleh Unala Hanrr Nikko — — svatia Ba — Tata - Karearat NanUMa - Charlav Orapaala Fat W aliha - Clara BlaaSlek Tata Tha Stncar KMeau aa the Kanahklaa metta the character comedian and Dick FUren Raft's romantic rival ere capable enough to atom somewhat for George's rather unconvincing endeavors George is Joe Lourlk the cab driver who Just doesn’t know whet good luck la He collides with the police for tho first tims when he employs his fists to recover 6335 he released to a fake taxi SaleSmi ha escapes tho police after being compelled to be an “outside" men for e group of bank robbers In return for the removal of a dangling handcuff ho finds himself deceived by tha gang and teams that tectivee ere trailing him to Sacramento and more then a year afterward when he seeks to raise a family and establish himself in the garage business not without tha eld of Miss Itevor the little flower girt the law is there again and he desperately seeks to serve a sentence to forget hie 01 fortune But tint ha decides to provide for hie wife by embarking on a career of crime holdups being hie specialty Mlicha Auer end Baby Sandy era featured in "Unexpected Father" the companion feature in which an orphaned baby Is cared for ever eo diligently by a duster of theater employes— A B ’Four Wives' Goes Into Production Raft and Sheridan In Torrid Zone Production has started on Warner Brothers’ forthcoming "Four Wives" tho sequel to "Four Daughters of last season ' Assembled tor the new aereen drama by Maurice Henline end Julius and Philip Epstein are Priscilla Rosemary end Lola Lane John Garfield Gale Page Eddie Albert Claude Rains May Robson Jeffrey Xjnn FTank McHugh Vera Lewie end Henry Q'NeUL Michael Curtis who directed "Four Daughters' to 1 piloting this picture oAxge Reft and Ann Sheridan the nation's "oomph girl" wQl be co-starred In a new production tentatively fitted "Torrid Zone” which win go before the cameras early In October The film deal with the banana Industry In Central America him as generous as a philanthropist H t‘i- ' I and emedal pinned to tha cheat of ‘H j 9 ill 1 ' v fiiii-j 'the cowardly lion courageous as most of - emonx us' - - 1 FANTASTIC ROMP - Despite Us shortcoming “The ' i Wiaard of OS" b a spectacle to be ' seen -a fantastic romp that will be 'a treat for the youngsters end e welcome diversion for their oldsters George S tolls band le turning out jfhe accompaniment for Judy Gar--land's songs and setting the back-v 1 ground for Mickey Rooney's clever Imitation of Lionel Barrymore end Clerk Gable in a scene from "Test Pilot" The Capitol has a substan- tiel (bow 0 lAn Unsure Raft The Old Maid" Warner Brothers’ screen drama which stars Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins today starts a second week at the New York Strand Theater The Strand is also holding overTor another week its "in person" show heeded by Horace HeUt end his orchestra William Holden the California boy who bee completed the name role In Columbia's Rouben Uarooul Jan production of "Golden Boy" the aereen version of the Clifford Odets stage play is to arrive from Hollywood tor hie first visit In New York on Monday morning Holden the 21-yeir-old South Pasadena College student who was chaeen for the Golden Boy pert after some 4J00 candidates had been considered will be present for the series of events attendant upon the premiere of the picture at Radio City Music Hen JJ 1 "I STOLE A MnAHW—A Nr UaL venal man einme fer Frtak Taut -fioai a snots alar fcr NalhiBiri Watt mnS aa as artelsal Man kv Lntar Cato ? iV j- t i Fnwswa at tha Olobt Thsatn Hk a - cut iselaSiBC Gtorai Balt Clsira Tltm Dick Foraa Barr Amtta aa! Victar Jr- Ij i : That the moral of "I Stole a Million” (at the Albee) is more tacit then expressed Is the fault of George Reft who creates only a minimum of appeal for ita hapless hero He attracts little sympathy lor a potentially honest man who is - - 5 driven into crime by an ironic late Possibly Reft has been on the wrong aide of the law so often on the aereen that he no longer realises the difference between a real croak end a victim of clrcum- ' ’ A RAFTS DILEMMA T Lester Coleb so-eaHed original story is by fer much tees then It could haw been Then Is hardly any originality in heaping nothing but calamities upon the hero end - 'steeping him in chaos whenever the 5' J dawn of a better day comes upon 4- "' 'the horiaon ’ Yet Director Prank I if'1 -' ' Tuttle and Screen Writer Nathanael West hew brought bright circumstances and dialogue Into the film wherever possible end by the time the test red is nearing Its end you RKO Radio Picture's spy melodrama "Conspiracy" co-starring Allan Lane end Unda Hayes will open at the Rialto Theater on Tuesday The struggle between tho secret police of e dictator nation and patriotic but equally ruthless group endeavoring to overthrow the d lets tophlp forma the theme of this offering In the supporting east ere Robert Barret Charles Toy Solly Ward end J Patrell MacDonald "Stanley end Livingstone" starring Spencer Tracy with Nancy Kdly end Richard Greene begins its third end final week as the feature aereen attraction at the Roxy Theater today Produced by Darryl P Zanuck the film pictures newspaper reporter Henry M Stanley's trek into Africa to find Dr living ajone Featured in the cast are Walter Brennan Charles Cobum Sir Cedric Hardwicke Henry Hun end Henry Travers begin to be impressed by tbs smartness with which they hew ' interceded 1 Moreover Claire Trevor as Raft's obstinata lady friend Henry Ar- In the interest of furthering young talent on the screen Samuel Ooidwyn has purchased an original story by Commander Prank Wead entitled The Sweetheart of Turret One" la which he will present east of young starring talent including Andrea Leeds Walter Brennan Jon Hall Dana Andrews Virginia Gilmore and Alan Baldwin The story concerns the USNavy a a a John Payne and Dennis Morgen will haw the masculine leads "State Cop" Gloria Dickson will be their leading lady and three Pass dena Community Playhouse dlscov-tries George Reeves prank Wilcox end Herbert Anderson will hew featured rotes eatured in Current Stage and Screen Offerings Bill ’Rose Scoops ’ Gov't Adds 49th Star To Aquacade Flag Bowing- to the requaits of (TO er eoc- Waahington D C- newspaper respondents members of tha National Press Club who wan guests of the Aquacade over tha peat weekend Billy Rose added another State standard— that of tho - District: of Columbia— to tho parade- of huge banners in the show’s finale ! Heretofore only 4S states had been Included in tho Aquacade s patriotic pyrotechnics but so heated were the cries from the Washington newspapermen that Rose has not only added the 49th standard! but put another star In tha blue field of the show 'a 100-foot finale flag as well Mr Rosa Is now 0ns vg) on the U S Government Just1 wait until Alaska's heard from I f Nazimova :af Brighton The Garment Wsrteif revae Tins end Needles" eetirtaee the labor eit nation fas this eeene fea taring Harry Clark end A1 Eben at (be Indaer Theater Tap: James Cagney George Bancroft and Jana Bryan in "Each Dawn I Die" now In Ita third week at the Brooklyn —MUSIC OF THE DAY— 'Pygmqlion' at East Hampton The Studio Players present for their sixth production of the season Bernard Shaw's classic “Pygmalion" The Studio Players' presentation of this comedy will have Henry Jeeson as its phonetically-minded Professor Higgins and Juliette Iangdoa will play the flower-girl Elisa Doolittle Henry Levin is directing rg-malion" The settings ere designed by Alen Coutts Variety of Programs For Stadium Concerts Series Continues Nightly for Five Nights to Complete Ten-Week Season Bjr MILES KASTENDIECK While the weather is not exactly conducive to Stadium concerts they continue to be given each night at Lewlsohn stadium and may be heard until Tuesday night when the ten-week season draws to a close Except for the special event scheduled for tomorrow nlght they will all be conducted by Alexander Smeltens last night an audience estimated at 2000 heard a straight orchestral program under his direction In a — series of performances characteris- taring Patricia Bowman and Paul Total of I123S71S has been (voluntarily refunded In smell sums Ho the Stage Relief Fund during the seven years of Me existence by thorn who received help and who later got Jobs It was revested yesterday by John Golden the treasurer Tbls emount of money added to tha revenue from Sunday night benefit performances of Broadway hits has enabled the fund to aid that many more eases In seven seasons of benefits 1368-303 has been grossed by 146 shows Tha eighth season is expected to tart right after Labor Day with a performance of one of last year'a holdover successes The (most recent benefit given for the'fund was "The Little Poxes” Tallubih Bank- head's success on May 7 - The cute of Broad way’s-two shows will blend their talents today at 5 pm when Olsen and Johnson and their Winter Gardery principals appear as guests of hohor during "Hellsapoppln Day" at the Ripley Odditorium on 48th 8L A fun-fest in typical “Hellsapoppln" style will be staged when the mssJcep Olsen end Johnson end their supporting cast Join with the living (oddities in their specialties The piddle will be treated to the double-barreled program in the aecond-flooraudltorium where stage shows are offered dally By chartered plane Olsen end Johnson will fly to Pfart Wayne Ind immediately after tomorrow night's performance of "Hellmpop-In” to' attend the housewarming party on Sunday tor u horns Olsen has built for hie mother A gift the house 3iu been in process of constructlmvfor ths pest five months and lncorixjrate many novel gadgets designed for the comedian He calls It The Home of Tomorrow" Port Wejae will be rep- With Harry Elkrbee In revival ef Ibsen's "Ghosts" new playing at fee Brighten Theater tee appointed by the Mayor Three other members of the cut of '‘Hellsapoppln’' will accompany Olsen and Johnson to Port Wayne the latter being a native of that city Since their time is limited because they have to be beck at the winter Garden for their regular Monday evening performance Olsen who was raised in Peru end Wabash (Indiana) plans to fly over these towr& end drop leaflets of greetings to his friends end former neighbors Prom a survey taken at the Broadhurst Theater lest week by Jack Pearl of the box-office staff It was found that attendance at "The Streets of Paris" le about evenly divided between New Yorkers end out-of-towners with Southerners predominant among tha latter A similar survey at the Winter Garden by Treasurer Irving Engel revealed that the present audiences of "Hell-xapoppln” ran to about TO percent of visitors from the hinterland resented at the party'tp a commit MOTION PICTURES The program tomorrow at the Museum of Modem Art 11 W 53d St Manhattan In its Cycle of Seventy Films series is one sequence of The Outlaw end His Wife" the Swedish production made in 1917 end "The Story ef Goeta Berlins" with Greta Garbo and Lars Hanson made In 1933-34 SUMMER THEATER— JONES BEACH ttcally straightforward and generally good The list Included dmdyb Wallenstein's Camp” marked for a tint time at the Stadium Debussy's Afternoon of a Fbune" Ravel's Pa vans pour une Infante Defunte" end "La ValaeT and the Franck 13-Minor Symphony Tonight Erna Rubens tein the young Hungarian violinist will return to Ngw York after an abeence of eight years playing the Mendelssohn Concerto Tha rest of the program Includes Smetana's Overture to "The Bartered Bride” Tchalkowskyl "Romeo and Juliet” and Oold mark's “Rustle Wedding" Symphony - v Tomorow night brings the 14th conductor of the season to the podium Harlow Bartow There Is to be a program of "the lighter music daisies” of Johann 8trauu ‘Gilbert and 8uUlvan" end Victor Herbert Murid Dickson of the Metropolitan will be the soloist For the purely orchestral pert of the program Bar-low has planned the "Berger of Seville” Overturn Haydn’s- "Surprise" Symphony and a group of Johann Sfrauss which will include four works probably never bqtore performed In the United states The familiar Strauss on tho program art tha Overture to "The Gypsy Baron" end the Overture to “Plederpiaus" Unrsmlliar are the Polka “Explosion!” the "Champagne” Polka the "Festival" English Quadrille end the "Paroxysm'' Waltees These ere taken from a group ef ran works of Johann Strauss the younger which brought out of Vienna at the time of the Anschluss end purchased by' the Library of Congress at Washington Sunday night a Russian program 4s scheduled On Monday by popular demand the Pokine Ballet lea- Ncw Garden Films Tbo German language films start today at the 96th St Garden Theater "Die Macht der Beige” baaed on the novd “Frau Slxta” and starring Gustav PTOehlleh and “UTlaub auf Ehrenwort" starring Rolf! Moebius 1 Haakon will return in a program Including the “Sorcerers Apprentice" "Let Sylphides” "Spectre de le Rose’’ end the Folovetalaa Dances from “Prince Igor" Tuesday night as the closing program the Tchaikovsky Fourth Symphony will be the final number of the evening All of this ia subject to weather conditions 'JONES BEACH I MMINX STADIUM LONQ ISLAND Towoeaow might at a:te ALCXANDEE OTT moM WATER snow FIREWORKS Mult Wit BalM — Turn MS tone BMk — Nmltv BMk — AaaMHilM — Wit SkllM All Stall 9 c in ChiUrta KnafiaU lad IntC VwC d paraata 15a-Stall at Jnn BtaCfe ASMlaMraUra Of Am SPECIAL REVCB LA SOS DAT WEEKEND SKFTEMBEB ID SD AMD 4TH MOTION PICTURES BETTE DAVIS MIRIAM HOPKINS BRENT - PLAYS— BRIGHTON BEACH BRIGHTON BtttAHTSN a EACH JIN HAT TmrWaaS WED SSa40tjMa M’GHOSTSaAVkkMlea Mtgkta (ladaSlae BOMPAT) ISa 7 St el AMUSEMENTS— CONEY ISLAND EMECHASE POOL ANi SURF ATHIN8 STAGE PLAYS— MANHATTAN 1 Cbariee hvM O BOYER -DUNNE WHEN TOMOMOW COMES Oiractad by Jtha M RIVOLI m OPEN-AIR MOVIES Tt la Satoioav Unit G Xaktatoa la ‘THE WHOLE TOWN’S TALKING” Raws Ip R ADIOOTY MUSIC HAU "HI °v n°e am CAROLE CART MV LOMBARD GRANT- FRANCIS IN NAME ONLY gjByjgggaggsi Caatiaaaaa kaoiaa SaaSt Fnirit Papal B:1S alrkUy sag Wto Saak tinaS CbaliS ISOQ STANLEY & LIVINGSTONE SPENCER TRACY SSL MU RCWCON TNtf STACf £?Oi25eiROXY VNK M A 4MRJ4 A“ INS FUL1TXER rOlZS FLAT UNC0LN IN ILLINOIS Bp ROBERT X SHERWOOD PLYMOUTH W A Clr S-SIK AROada EaasesWJMIIA DakTaaWaa4WaAiei H oun JOSKSOm jradeal Jtm E L L Z A P 0 P PI N WIRTER SASDlNBWav A MS I Air ba (SJM) DIM1JS aa Mata TaatW aa4 Wti at !: SI1IW Ra Satariav Ffritrawatat Dorto AoCHt HATS WCDNESSAVS M THUSSBAVK SOS KATHARINE CORNELL sod ThaFlav(l(MafCaawaavpmnt NO TIME FOR COMEDY Fraifk LEDEREX— Marpla CULM ORE ETHKL RABSVR0SE TfeaaWAISL CtrAdSM Aif-CoaSKteanL EtaattSIlSU SUa HIT RUSICAL REVUE AT RSVIlPRICn Pins and needles 1939 RdaWaSASaLteS I bwla at le 40c 75c I SSc 6110 lift Mall Ortw Fiaaatl WINDSOR - BLUHI Orta Fiaadk IBB H Sad d BWa Ar-CauUimr4 BROADWAY'S BIGGEST SHOW! SSC la tka Coat IS stirrlaf Rctaca FREDRICMARpH ( H WAY THE AMERICAN CEHTER THIATRE Ratfefffltar Caatrr baa sea Ma IIIL IIJX BA HA UA Rak TaoW aai Wdie4M IIIL II 444214 rturtCTLY AiK-conDtrioNio French Films Set New Yorkl French cinema season will open on Friday Sept 1 when the 55 th St Playhouse will present the American premiere of Victor TTlvts' film "Song of the Streets” It will be the first of four screen importations from Prance scheduled to have their first showings in this country early next month Burns Film Next At N Y Paramount Bob Burns has hacoma s flla favorite through his portrayals of homespun characters And in hi latest starring vehicle "Our Leading Citizen" Bob perforins u a lawyer-philosopher who preserves ths peace In a thriving American community through his sound “middle-of-the-road" philosophy The story was written especially for Burns by the sage of Paducah Irvin 8 Cobb and adapted for the screen by John C MoffltL Pan-mount is to present the film next Wednesday at the New York Pars-mount Theater New Soviet Picture At Cameo Wednesday "Ths Conquests of Peter ths Orest” the new Soviet historical film which continues the exploits of the Czar from where they wen left off In last year’s "Peter I” will have its first American showing at ths Cameo Theater Wednesday night Ths cast includes Nikolai Simonov In the title role Nikolai Cherkauov u the traitorous Czarevitch Alexei and Alla Tarasova aa Catherine The film was directed by Vladimir Petrov mm mjwim ‘MAN THE IRON MASK' JOAN BENNETT LOUIS HAYWARD 8 O 8 TIDAL WAVE THE BIGS n UNIT tMr£$SHo ttOSjfl ffiC H LOZWW KINGS riatkaak aai TMa Aamaa LOEWS VITKIN Fltkla aii tarrtda Ataaaaa LOEWS ALFINE kktk Strait aat Flftk Kmm LOEWS BAT BIDGI 724 Strait aai TkM A LOEWS BEDFORD BakfarS Anna aa4 Sanaa Strad LOEWS BORO FARK IIN Strad aat Nik Utrwkt Anaaa LOEWS BREVOOBT irinirt Plata aad BadarS Anaaa LOEWS BROADWAY Braakaar aak Myrfla Aaaaaa loewn ckhthey lark Baaav Daratkr Laamr Xkwari AraaM Mat Akaat Tavai Malaia Rakart Timi Am ktlkm Jack Baaay Daratkr Laaaar MwarS AraaM Xaa Akaat Tawa Malaia Rakart Yaaac Am Satkara Captala Far NrUa Akara VWUr Malulrai Oaaa Glrla Oa ta Farta M Daaflaa I ekaM Daaikiara Caarataaaa Jaka GarflaM Laaa IkUra Mr Mato Takra a VaMttoa Filar Lam Captala Farjr Mai Akatoa Vlalar Mr LarVa Goto dlria'Oa to Fairta Ml Daodat J IbaM Saata Haala Tjraaa Fawar SataaS nMa - Canar Aaaa Skirlaj Maid Illla Qlaaar Rafan DarM Nina Daakalar Mattm Tka lalat to Lnlaa Gaarit StaSm Captala Fary Arlaa Akaraa Viator McLMhat Gaos Girta Ga to Farta M Daaataa I BtaaSd ClAUOE RAljNS IN (M NS OF LIB It SSZjnm a m LOEWS CONET ISLAND art aa4 MlltoiH Aaaaaaa LOEWS 4STX ST Wlk tlrMt aaa Utmkt Anaaa LOEWS GATES (aka Anaaa aaS Sraatoay LOEWS KAMEO bahra Partoar aai Nntraas An LOEWS MELBA Llrtwka Skid aai Haaanr Plan LOEWS WARWICK Bilal Allay Cktatar Marrias AaMkdfa Rakart Inal BrMal fiito Captala Fary Drlaa A karat Vlalar MrLailn: Caae Olrta C to Farta M Daartal I Captala Vary Brtaa Ahrrva Vlatar MaLaalni Gate Olrta Ga to Farta M Daaifcu J BtaaM Captala fary Brlaa Aharaa Victar MaLaitn Oaas Olrta Ga to Farta M IMartaa I Btaadl Captala Fary Brlaa Akrrat Viator MrUrirat Gad Olrta Oa to Farta M Daartal J Btaak Iran Daaac FrtS MacMarray ladtaltaa to Rap- BUaS Allaj Ckaatrr Marrta Tartaa FlaSa a Baa Jakaay WataanaUari Claab Orar Earapa Laartaaa OMrtar BKO Kcanara Ckawk-Fktkaik Aaaa BEO MaStaM Nyrtta-WnUtf aaaa RKO Dakar Mtk kt aaS Flftk An RKO Baakwtak B'atpltoaart An RKO Tllyaa Caaay bL aaa- Itndnkan1 DRO Fraapaat Ntatk at-FHlk An RKO RapakUt Onto tad Kaap tti RKO GraaapdaL Mi Mtakallaa An RKO Orpkaata Fakaa (t-Rnkne PI RKO Bkara Ini Mtk at-Flltk 'An "HELL'S KITCHEN" Dead End Kide “ Margaret Undiey — — Ptaa Sana! anal HH Ann Sheridan— Pat O'Brien "INDIANAPOLIS SPEEDWAY” Oaly Aardt Kara Wlaa" “SphH d Cilnf Q AT C E NTU Cl RC U I TlTH E AT RES jg- pr BMSTFM-k AnTd Crrtatyaa 44 ’77 ItoMBaak mi tin Maiwitaa: TkU Na Tataa Vara Caaay kl An aa4 Aaaaaa R Walkarlaf Rrl(kta BtaaSla Maata tb ena FarktMt Fklkata aai PttkdSt Aaaa Eaat Sib al Haaraai CaUtog Dr RIMaia NOiWAITING! I FEATURE mms SHDUlinQ TUPHv BAY BtoOB 1 Caatrr Slatk Aai art Mtk COOL— Ratera af ctara KM AJnaal S0ej” P Utaaky Flftk An tad lltk St COOL Sariraat MaAlrai ataa Tka Xtoak Bf" BEDFORD - Fatka aai Tkraap gaaaoaafc af tka MaaaUtat VaStr OW W” Nattaaal Tkro PM WatalaiM An Flra Cana Nark Bnuaak af tkaMamaUaa latn W Huai An— Air CaalaS CalHar Dr KlMi eeeeeeaaaees HaR’a RUkaaiv Dr KMaras aaS Naarkty Dot Rta ataa laStaMpaUt SpaaSvaF bray ills Sdfart An BOROdOH BALL AND DOWNTOWN nata DafflrM DaflltM aai Faltaa eta Daarkitart Oaaracraaat Mr Mato Takn s T 7i Maatart Fdtaa kt aai Rnkadl PI COOL— Uaaa af WaaMastoa ia-l Qaarat ta”‘ M Oaarpa Ftarkna Id rtanaakSt COOL Ratkdar Matfcari Tka Satot to Ltoaaa Ttnalaal Faartk An aai Fata SLWatlMriBg HrlkU Btoaito Malta tka Raw TlvdL Fdtaa M nd Nrrtk An Oaly Aaftta Bart Wtafat Spirit af Oh" BRIGHTON BEACH rJht OatMt Brlktn kndl An-Hdl SLOaly Aifda Hart Wiafil ao4 TM Spm " ' FLATBI1SX rwMl Altar Ftatkak Aaa aa Ctana RaibriM Rapkara la LIUto Wa Wi ataa cart"1 HuSalto Iiaoa aaS Maryi aaS Tka Crawan COMPLETELY AIR-CONDITIONED I BI TALLULAH BANKHEAD k law dBmwwg tkx vAcmnotr The LITTLE FOXES LBItai swKsraft NATIONAL TkaaW 41 BL lln B-ttM CnltoLitaltMJL NakTM’aart ardld Foxft'r1 BCIENTIFICALLT AIR COOLED TRI THEAT1R OCILD rREHENTB PHILIP BARDVa COMEDT THE PHILADELPHIA STORY KATHARINE HEPBURN TAW WEFUN JONEFR COTTEN NICHOLAS MY SHIRLEY BOOTH NUStar Tkaatn Watt 44 SI einto bL INL RakT0H'W art THUMBAYIdt Mai arbra aalB Qrt 1— Ml ball BMC ALDER'S? NOW! GEORGE RAFT n euiM never 'tSTOIEA' uauoir Baby SANDY Mfedw AUER 'wancm wxieF wm Azreat-tgf inargrvkrtao m LadketAR CLARK ASieTT aai eeiTcLLO Ik — total axnia rat I MB IrtB gLLH The streets of Paris kk Tka emtUaa BMatakalL Carnaa MIRANbA BRqAPNIIRGT W44 it Mak Wai nd Sat BaaM Nina "BACRELOR MOTHER" "THE MINT IN LONDON” Ftatbak Clank ia4 Flktknk AnaHUAaJty Inoa aaS Maryi aaS Tka Cnaraai CtaaaSa Ckank aai kntraai AnLPail Mtal la Jmnii I aaaa oak al lb """J BABY TLATBCZR r‘ ’ tad’’ ' A arma D Tferto Ail l-L 4N MCOOL— Catoa Pad! 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