The Lexington Herald from Lexington, Kentucky on March 21, 1975 · 1
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The Lexington Herald from Lexington, Kentucky · 1

Lexington, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1975
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Cats Whip Chippewas See Page 22 T 48 Pages Today Lexington Ky Friday March 21 1975 15 Cents Vol 106 No 57 'Interesting Coincidence Chance Of Rain See Page 21 Patty Spotted Near Doonesburys Canaan Farm ' A tenuous link — or a giint coincidence — between a eomlc strip published in the Jan SI editions of the Herald and the ease of kidnaped heiress Patricia Hearst came to light last night The comic strip — “Doonesbnry — drawn by Garry Trudeau — included the letters that spelled CANAAN FARM in the background of all four panels of the strip The first panel dialogue included the name Pennsylvania in a reference to Pennsylvania Avenue A week ago FBI agents found that a farmhouse near Scranton Pa contained evidence that Ms Hearst had been living there The farm was at Canaan Pa Trudeau contacted last night at his home at New Haven Com said he had meant no reference to the Hearst case and that “Canaan Farm was the name of a farm Tama Probe Local Jury Asks Hands By CAROLYN GATZ 01 Tfw HmU lltff Debbie Hands answered questions ranging all the way’ from whether she knew two women sought by the FBI to whether she knew anyone named “Tania” — the name Patricia Hearst adopted when she Joined the SymMonese Liberation Army — during a three-hour session before the grand jury in U S District Court yesterday Ms Hands who spent a week in toe Madison County jail on contempt of court charges for intially refusing to testify was then freed by federal Judge Bernard T Moynahan Jr when she agreed to talk Five other witnesses — Jill Raymond Gail Cohee Marta Seymour Linda Link and James Carey Junkin — remain in custody in three Kentucky rounty Jails for refusing to testify Judge Moynahan’s ruling that the witnesses are in contempt of court is under appeal to the UK Court of Appeals in Cincinnati Ohio Ms Hands went back and forth to the closed grand Jury session yesterday consulting with her attorney University of Kentucky law professor Robert Sedler in the hall before answering some questions The grand jury subpoenas for Ms Hands and toe other five witnesses grew out id an FBI Investigation of two women —Lena Paley and May Kelley — who lived in Lexington last year The FBI concluded that the two women were actually Katherine Power and Susan Saxe both fugitiives from a 1970 indictment in connection with a Boston Mass bank robbery in which a police officer was killed Ms Hands Mid after the court procedures that US Atty Eugene Siler’s questions ranged 1 - from basics about where Ms Paley and Ms Kelley lived in Lexington to (See TAMA’ Page 10) -On The Inside DOCTORS Back To Work mi IMS 4 MM 1 Farm I a Oh Winning is everything And when things aren't going so well cheerleaders tend to get a little excited as Clay County’s Marcella Bray demonstrates Marcella's Clay County team lost to Christian County 09-02 in the Exodus Mounts Viet Cong Tighten Grij) amriitm oims SAIGON South Vietnam — In the biggest exodus of the war an esimated quarter-million refugees swarmed toward coastal havens yesterday safe for the moment from a North Vietnamese takeover id at least a half dozen provinces written off by toe Saigon government One 20-mile-long column of close to 120000 soldiers and civilians reached coastal Plm Yen Province after fleeing the fallen central highlands provinces of Kontum and Pleiku The column was led by heavy tanks that cleared toe way id stalled cars and broken down trucks and one officer called the flight “a nightmare” Experienced observers in Saigon 2S0 miles to the south said they believe the Communists will have their big guns within range of toe capital in three or four weeks A four-day old strike by resident doctors and interns at 22 hospitals in New York City — the first doctor’s strike in the nation’s history — ends with an argee-ment concerning the physician’s complaints about long hours See Story Page 2 Ifrlf Racial IS Sawn u SMa 1M TdevMia U s M a M SHI where my girl friend lives” in Tonganoxie a small community in Kansas J M Neibarger editor and publisher of a weekly newspaper — The Tonganoxie Mirror — said from Kansas that “We have The sheriff of a rural Colorado county says that based on a rancher’s description he believes Patricia Hearst was in that area last week Story Page I reason to believe that Patty Hearst was through Tonganoxie last Monday” AtDitve-In Neibarger said police there believed-they bad spotted Ms Hearst in a red 1965-or o w The Agony Of Defeat with enough antiaircraft support to fond off the South Vietnamese air force Also yesterday the British Embassy in Phnom Penh announced it was closing because of the deteriorating military situation in Cambodia Australia and France have already closed their embassies and sources said the personal baggage of the 12-man Marine guard contingent at the US Embassy was flown out yesterday morning South Vietnam probably will never regain the territory it conceded to the Viet Cong this week military and diplomatic sources said yesterday Gloomy News The suddenly gloomy fore-cut is that President Nguyen Van Thieu’s forces at best may retain their coastal and Mekong Delta urban bastions and the vital “rice-bowl” in toe delta But the sources said toe North Vietnamese have at least 11 divisions in South Vietnam with four others in reserve near Hand while 40 Gas Savings From Computer? AP UPI INDIANAPOLIS — A tiny computer controlling the carburetor of an automobile could save up to 40 per cent on gasoline consumption— 500 million gallons a year nationally Chairman Robert W Sarnoff of RCA Corp said yesterday The report sparked a rally on the New York Stock Exchange In a speech at the Indiana University School of Business Sarnoff Mid major automobile makers already are testing the new RCA device called a microprocessor The cost of the installation is leu than 9100 per car he added Cadillac Swedish Saab and the German Volkswagen companies have experimented in the put with computers to control the fuel fed into 1966-model Ford Mustang at a drive-in restaurant Before police could get to the car' it had gone said the Kansas newspaperman - Neibarger confirmed that there is a Canaan Farm near Tonganoxie Gordon Hurlbut lives on Canaan Farm near Tonganoxie He confirmed last night that his daughter Annie and Trudeau were close friends at Yale University where both were students Hurlbut said the couple has no plans to marry but that he looks on Trudeau “as a son” He said the farm has been named Canaan Farm for about 15 years “I truly think it (the cartoon) is a coincidence" said Hurlbut He said Trudeau last visited the farm in the summer of 1974 His daughter is currently a ' graduate student working on her PhD degree in state basketball tournament in Louisville yesterday Marcella is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Miller Bray uf Manchester (Staff Photo by Frank Anderson) Saigon not only must transfer and regroup its own army hut deal with the enormous new problem of an estimated 300000 civilian refugees ' streaming south from the abandoned Central Highlands districts The pullback from the strategic areas —including the ancient capital city of Hue — has been worse than the most pessimistic Washington forecast of last week Meanwhile in Cambodia Khmer Rouge troops that had penetrated to the eastern banks of the Mekong River opposite Phnom Penh's nsval base were driven inland by counter-attacking Cambodian government forces No Mayor Damage The Communist infiltrators who had apparently been seeking a better position from which to shell the main government naval facility on a peninsula separating the Mekong and Tonle Sap riven failed to inflict any major damage on toe base although they did fire mortar rounds and rockets into it carburetors with indifferent success Sarnoff uid the RCA device is a tiny computer containing 6000 transistors and other electronic elements in a chip only one-quarter inch square Ceatrols Flow The installation includes various linkage mechanism It controls the flow of gasoline for starting and driving keep: the mixture at the optimum level and causes the automatic gear shift to change gears at the precise moment for optimum fuel economy he said Sarnoff said toe tiny computer also could be used to effect fuel savings in Heating systems and for hjmes tir large buildings and probably will have applications in many manufacturing processes Huge Tax Cut Headed For Senate Approval By JIM LUTHER Anselms Frm WASHINGTON - The Senate voted yesterday to reduce tax breaks for the oil industry and moved toward - passage of a giant tax-cut Mil affecting virtually every American family After breaking a stubborn parliamentary logjam Senate leaders indicated they expect the tax bill to be passed by this evening By an 2 to 12 vote the Senate agreed to repeal the' depletion allowance for the major oil companies but retain it permanently under cer-dependents whose operations generally are confined to drilling and exploration The Senate earlier junked a 9292-billion tax-cut package recommended by the Finance Committee and worked instead on a 931-billion substitute offered by Senator Mike Mansfield to speed up work The oil provisions were added to the Mansfield bill The Mansfield compromise contained most of the Finance Committee's provisions hut adds special 9100 one-time payment from general tax revenues to every American who receives Social Security Special Supplemental Income or railroad-retirement benefits This would cost an ARC Hearing Carroll Gives Testimony By DAVID HOLWERK Of TIN HmMStsfl WASHINGTON - Gov Jnlinn Carroll yesterday Joined with the governors of twelve other states in urging ae extension of the Appalachian Regional-Development Act and of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) which that act created Carroll who is states’ co-chairman of the ARC made his statement in prepared testimony before the economic development subcommittee of the House Committee on Public Works Carroll appeared before toe committee on n panel induding Govs Milton Shapp of Pennsylvania Arch Moore of West Virginia and Ray Blanton of Tennessee Carroll praised the ABC's accomplishments diving its 10 years of existence and again made in appeal for federal help In toe upgrading and maintenance of coal-haul roads in Kentucky and other Appalachian states "In Kentucky we also see the need for improvements of roads end other modes of transportation for coal” Carroll told the subcommittee "It has become obvious that roal especially the high-quality low low-pollutant coal of Eastern Kentucky must play and expanded role in our nation'! efforts to assure adequate energy supplies in the future” “We are currently seeking j to define the nature and ex-1 tent of the additional need I archeology at the University of Illinois said Hurlbut Not Contacted Trudeau Mid last night that the FBI had not contacted him about the Canaan Farm cartoon strip About the Pennsylvania farm being a hideout for Miss Hearst he said: “I didn’t even hear about it until I read it in the papers like everybody else” Trudeau uid he writes the comic strip “about four weeks” before it is published The Pennsylvania hideout was reported March 14 by the Chicago Tribune Tom Coll supervisor of special agents for the FBI said from Washington DC last night that he sees “nothing connected whatever” between the comic strip and the Hearst case He would not comment on whether the' (See CLUE Page 24) estimated 93 billion Mansfield wrote this into his substitute after Republicans blocked sn effort to vote automatic increases in Social Security benefits retroactive to Jan 1 The other major change advocated by Mansfield would delete s $l-bIllion tax advantage for financially distressed companies Mansfield proposes to raise the 981 billion intended fur 1974 tax rebates to 910 billion with the maximum climbing from 9200 to$210 Here are key provisions included in both the Mansfield and Finance Committee bills: $8 - billion worth of permanent reductions in in-’ dividual income taxes ef First Things First It was time out at the Urban County Council meeting last night when the University of Kentucky basketball game came on television Above from left coundlmen O Ml Travis Joe E Jasper Don Blevins and William Ward eye the action as the Wildcats thrash Central Michigan for a 17-point win (Staff Photo by David Perry) Contracts For Horse By FRANK T PHELPS NersM Cimimen The signing of contracts for the first phase of a proposed 95O00C00 thoroughbred sales complex was authorized by the Board of Directors of the newly reorganized Fasig-Tipton Co of Kentucky Inc at a meeting yesterday The Directors also elected new officers of the auction company which has conducted sales in Kentucky for the past five years in op-position to the long-established Homeland Sales division of the Kernel and Association Last week toe parent Fasig-Tipton CO Inc based in New York sold 60 per cent of the stock in Fasig-TIpton of Asp&simmifs RECENT UNDFFSOKA- MMCW UNDERSCORES RECESSION BCAOSITS TOLL FROM PfflTtiE NEAR-SKAT mmsmmsmm e MWpgomwE6fm for eric sempeps analysis fective this year A 97-billion package of benefits for business mainly by raising the credit for business investment A reduction of 5 per cent up to 12003 on the income tax ' bills of those who purchase new homes but wet n March 13 and Dec 31 this year The cost: 9t billion 9L7 billion for a special tax refund for working families under the 98009 income level Mansfield convinced the Senate that starting fresh with his package would result in quicker action And his colleagues apparently proved him right indicating a final vote on the measure would probably come Friday Approved Complex Kentucky to a group of 22 individual investors 15 of them Central Kentucky horsemen Officers John M S Finney president of the New York company retains the same position with toe local concern Lawrence E Ensor Jr who had been vice preaident and general manager of the local firm remains as vice president but was replaced as general manager by Ted Bates who has been resident manager of Fasig-Tiptcn of ' Kentucky siree its inception R J Becker was retained as treasurer of the local company Under the oil-tax compromise the 22-percent depletion allowance will b e available on the first 2000 barrels of oil or the first 12 million cubic feet of natural gas pumped per day The same amendment carries provisions repealing the lucrative foreign tax credit for the oil companies and the provision that allows UK firms operating abroad to defer taxation of such foreign income The result of the package increase in the tax liability of burden will fall on the majqr oil companies The Mansfield proposal! closely follows toe individual tax cuts recommended by the (See TAX CUT Fage 21) Ready To Buy Parking Lot Land Okayed By JIM JORDAN Of Tk HmM SUN The Ixington Center Corp (LCC) board of directors voted unanimously yesterday to Immediately begin acquisition of about 75 properties on South HiR Structures in the predominately residential area will be demolished to-make way for 1200 to 1400 ! swfare parking spaces for the -910 million Lexington Center ! which is under construction’ at -Broadway and Vine Street - Lexirgtun Center general manager Thomas D H inter said negotiations with the 56 property owners in the eight-acre tree will begin in about two weeks Negotiations will be conducted by a team of five or six local real estate agents who will be selected by LCCs executive committee from a list of about a dozen agents who have applied for the job Minter said The boundaries of the affected tract were approved earlier by toe Urban County CounciL In general the T-shaped area includes all properties on both sides of Spring Street between High and Maxwell streets Parcels fronting on Broadway win be taken with the exception of three structures at High and Broadway and one building in the middle of the hlock Property on Kilmore Court wiU not he taken but too parcels bounded on three sides by Townsend Alley Patterson Street and MaxweU may be acquired later ii toe -owners volunteer to sell Today's Chuckle Humility is a strange thing — the moment you think yon have it you've lost it l t J u

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