The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1954 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1954
Page 18
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• r 4^Alfl6na (la.!* Upper Des MotoM Tuesday, October 16, 1954 Mr and M*s Wayne DeMouth had as their guests Sunday, Mrs DeMouth's jbarents, Mr and Mrs LeRoy Littleton of Ogden. Mrs Emma Dehnerl, Mrs Edna Shilts and Mrs W. J. Sigsbee went to DakSt'a City Wednesday to spend the day with Mrs Wai ter the Staff Birthday party oi the Rebekah Lodge is being held Jhls evening, (Tuesday) at the home of Mrs C. A. Sharp.' Mr and Mrs Bob Kuhn and daughter, Mindy of Ankeny speni the weekend here with Mrs Kuhn's mother, Mrs Leota Halpiti. Mrs John Dulton was hostess -to the Eight Specs card club on Wednesday evening. Mrs Hugh Post received the prize, for high score, Mrs Beecher Lane, the low ;&nd Mrs W. J. Sigsbee, the travel "prize. . : <. . OYSTER STEW or County Fair Vegetable Soup With Pie, Coffee or Milk TUES, NOV. 2 Serving From 5:30 Until Trinity Lutheran Men's CluB Price 75c Mrs Hugh Post ehlsrlained h«r bridge club on Thursday afternoon. Mrs W. J. Sigsbee was a guest. Prizes were received by Mrs Mab!e x Paxsort, Mrs HtlSsell Co6k and Mrs Marc Moore. Mr and Mrs John Spencer had as their guests from Wednesday until Friday, Mr and Mrs Carl Dare and Carl II and Diane Jan» of Des Moines. The Naomi Circle mel Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs W. J. Sigsbee. Mrs Henry Lund was assisting hostess. Mrs Edna Shilts was a guest and Mrs Walter Klamp, a member now livmjs at Dakota City was present. Roger Phillips left Friday for Wyoming on a deer hunting trip of several days. During his absence, Mrs PhiUips is visiting her daughter and son-in-law tha Glen Fredericksons, Des Moines. Mrs James Gurwell enlerlained her bridge club on Thursday evening. Guests were Mrs Cecil Will, Mrs Dick Posfand Mrs Robert Stephenson. Mrs Stanley Muckey received the high score prize, Mrs Cecil Will, second high and Mrs James Merryman the low Iscore prize. Mrs Merle Pratt and sons. Bob and John came from Fairmont, Minn, on 'Thursday for a visit with Mr and Mrs Milton Dam. The boys were having a to day school vacation because of a teacher's meeting and Mr Pratt joined them Saturday for the weekend. Mrs Dick Post was hostess to her bridge club on Wednesday evening. Guests were Mrs Robert Bickert and Mrs Elmer Langmack. The high score prize was received by Mrs Harlan Sigsbee, the second high by Mrs Clair Thomas and Mrs Lloyd Pratt won the travel prize. Xi Xi, 'Exemplar chapter of Beta Sigma Phi held a social evening Thursday at the home of Mrs Ray Johnson. Mrs Charles Hardgrove and Mrs Mitch Taylor assisted the- Hostess. Guests wefe^fs R, fi. Waller and Mrs Merle Pratt the latter a sorority member at Fairmont, Minn. Mrs Marvin Calhoun received the prize for high score and Mrs Tom riampson, the travel prize.: The low score prize, a book on 4 how to play cards, was received by Mrs ttex Voyles. Burl Chorus To Offer A Minstrel Show But! — There's nothing like a Minstrel Show. Black -face comedians dressed in suits that look like peppermint candy tell funny stories and sing funny songs. The Burt High School chorus is producing such a show to be presented Oct. 28 and 29 at the school auditorium. Interspersed with lively and colorful excerpts from six of Gilbert and Sullivan's operas, the show promises to be interesting and entertaining. The excerpts are from well known operas, H. M. S. Pinafore, The Birates of Pcnzance, the Mikado and others-which have been played here before. The black face minstrels are Jerry Carman, Toni Angus, Andrew Harms, Roger Shipler, Carol Rasmussen and Betty Harms. Wendell Willrett is the interlocutor. Principal parts of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta excerpts are taken by Georgia Angus, Darla Busse, Shirley Peter, Beverly Christensen, David Miller, Arlan Johnson, Larry Manus and Jerry Davis. V.F.W- Auxiliary Mrs Wm. Giddings and Mrs F. McVay joined the V.F.W. Auxiliary at the October 19 meeting. Plans were made for a chicken supper and bazaar to be held Dec. 8. Sewing meeting will be held at the home of Jessie Miller on Tuesday Nov. 2. Burt Woman's Club The Burt Womari's. Club met at the home of Mary Smith Monday evening, Oct. 18» with Mrs The New 1955 Ford Cars & Trucks WILL BE ON DISPLAY HERE Friday, November 12 WE MUST MOVE THESE Used Cars & Trucks THIS WEEK! We Want Our Used Car Lot Cleared Now To Make Room For Fresh Trade-ins On '55s. Buy Now and Make A Tremendous Saving! Buell and Esther Sorenson assisting hostesses. This book, 1 "Seduction of the iniitfeent" by Frederick' Wertnam ; M, D. was Reviewed by Ruth Alice' Patter- sionj an article, "Baby Sitters", was given by Beulah Bullock; and a review of "Child Criminals Are My Job" by Marjorie Ritt- wageri, was given by Thecla GhrlstertSen. A decisioiTWas. made to cooperate with the 8oy Scouts and Leaders and help with the drive on the Prairie Gold Council of Boy Scouts t of Amerlcf. FidelU Part? The Fidelis Class Party will be held at the home of Edith Chip* man Wednesday afternoon with Ella Sigsbee assisting. Roll call to be answered with "My Pet Peeve". Ethelyn Officer wiu have games. , ^ Birthday Circle . Birthday Circle Will meet with Stella Geesmart Thursday afternoon this week. There will be election of officers and Mystery Sisters will be revealed. Burl Homemakers The Burt Homemakers met at the home of Mary Jean Andrews Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 19 witn Hilda Gross and Char Habeger . assisting hostesses. Ellen Holmgren, chairman, had charge of the meeting during which Shirley Habeger was elected secretary and treasurer, for the coming vear taking the place of Luella Schenck who could not serve and was absent. Dues will be kept at 25 cents a meeting as before. Mrs Alex Krueger gave the lesson on Textile Painting to those present. Attending, besides tne ones mentioned above were Ella Cherland, Luella Cherland, Estella Dittmer, Mrs Melvin Faber. Mrs Fred Howard, Neoma Junkermeier, Ethelyn Officer, Mrs Carl Reynolds, Jessie Rash and Marion Westling. Due to Thanksgiving week the next meeting will be a week late, on November 30 at Ellen Holmgrens home. ' . Luke Circle Met The Luke Circle of the Methodist Church met at the home ot Mary Jean Andrews Wednesday afternoon with some 19 women attending. Guests were Mrs John Geesman, Mrs Howard Chlpman, Mrs Fred Habeger and Mrs Dale Strothers, the latter of Wesley. School News The Homemaking girls will lave a candy sale .at school the evenings of the Minstrel Show Oct. 28 and 29, "with proceeds to be used for purchase of dishes for the ttomernaklng dej>artm«nt. The junior high studehta «jci jftlifilnf ;th..'f-fttt.Agft Book eivrtk At the class irteetirig LttJi t»t$h* tef arid Judy O'Brien wer* w<&t* ed secretaries of this club. knd will be in char.ite of operavorts this semester. '• ... 7 Due to the number of students in each room this school has matte a rule regarding Visiting chudjfen. It is ^ preferable that no child Under schdbliftge visits school, except with a parent, until the last month df school in the spring aftd then they must be fptir years old and looking forward to attending in the fall. Children of school age, wishing to visit should itiaka arrangements with the teacher in advance. " v.- • , U. fe I. Circle Elects The U. it I. Circle met with Marion Westling the last meeting with election of officers as follows: president, Marion Westling, vice president, Mrs Erwin Ulses; secretary .and treasurer, Mary Beth Hamilton; and flower committee, Jessie Chaffee' and Vera Schwietert; program committee,, Mrs 'E. A. Junkermeier and Florence Gei- lenf.Vdt. Secret Sisters were revealed. Mrs Ulses was voted as having the best costume. Marooned By Water Mansmith who ihad . pt transpoftaUcm out of the caUeifs at the Walter Steward home were Mf *nd M« Ed Abb**, Doris Abbas tod MfS BAgby of California , «hd; Mr* Schmidt of Bancroft, S.,p, Mrs Bagby. mother «f Mr Abbas spent sivtfal months' 1ft California with f*UUv*s and thuse Mople .are re* turning to South Dakota to live, Mrs Christy Olson njjd' sons with Mrs Raymond Mitchell and, children of Minnesota spent a few days at the Jay Graham home. Mr Mitchell came the last of the week. . ,'"' Mr and Mrs Roscoe lliff who are now living in Ft. Dodge spent a few days recently with the letter's sister Mrs Lottie Graham. Mr Biff is "On crutches due to knee Injury* * Lawrerice and Wilbur Doege have purchased the building of Ralph Bonney with possession given March 1. Gertrude Ackerman visited Sunday afternoon with the David Kings in Algona. _ _ Vote For BILL HELLER Present Auto Clerk ! Republican Candidate for ^^^^^SSSKf^ • een rent. ••••^%« J> ! (fio %^s2?^i Subsorlbodj.nd sworn %*^«$tfffi$?J&K. J. -Jci'ety or association.^ £ A .- wfnkeJi No tary Public. (S<!al) FINANCIAL STAtSMlftf , ; '. . ' RECEIPTS Cash on hand from last report '(Do riot enter overdraft here) Receipts _- Ticket Sales - IrieJudm * _***;_. _:^..6,23i.80 o* Kossuth County RECORDER Your vote .and support will be appreciated NlM grandstand find quarter Wretch ^.^il&SM Total ticket sales ...-»—"- - "" ._ Snlrv fee*, speed department ..... '".I.I 1,276.97 * Concessions and privileges .—-----" " .. 400.00 •Advertising In premium list and program ..i ""."...... 2,100.00 SUte aid fthls year sntlclpaWd) .;..—. MlMellansous recelptB o£ fair: . . i 95 00 , " Stnll and pen rent .-i-4.i... -,——.-. , ' Entry fees --- - - *" " "_. 476.00 ' Exhibit space rentals "• --* 5 Subscriptions — -— —'*""—"* 1 Breeding association special premiums - ^ 4B From all other sources of fair—------ - 1,092.48 „* Total miscellaneous receipts of fair - -- __ifl,228.2&J s • Total receipts of fair . . ».... 7,500.00 County aid - "1st mortgage notes - J — A Money borrowed - ".".".. 2,663.69 _ „ Other receipts Tt"V*t,"«n"fii? 10,163.69 Total receipts from sources other than fair — ,. Grand total receipts (Including previous balance) 29 ' 308 ;^ V • DISBURSEMENTS , • Open premiums: ntnn i Horses, ponies andI mules -— "4.00 , Cattle (beef and dairy) - —— BlB.ou , ; Sheep, wool'and'goats —— 122.00 . ,: Poultry and pet stock —.- . .. Agricultural products -,- r .-- *O.ZD , Fruits and vegetables. -„— Jl"-^ , ^ Plants and flowers —— '- i»«-™ .' Culinary products :.... —- - .H'AX Textile and art dept. —— * is, .X School exhibits „„„ ..—. . 222'50 Dairy products ......... Township booths -— 10S.OO Total open premiums :— 4-H & FFA Premiums: ' Q O ]( S • . 15.00 Cattle (b"eef"and""dalry) :... 1.382.00 AFFIDAVIT * State of Iowa ' ; TCrmmiTH COUNTY SS " ' We. A. A. Sdhipul'l.'President, L. W. Nitchals, Secretary and H. J. BOde, Treasurer of the Kossuth County Agricultural Association being duly sworn on oath depose and say that the said society .or association,'being duly Incorporated under the laws of'the State of Iowa, held a fair known as the Kossuth County Fair on the 18th to 21st days of Augusi, 1954 near toe city or town of Algona, and that the said fair consisted of a bona fide exhibition of live stock, together with agricultural products, farm implements,, etc., as j _ /aiiiuo 94.50 ' Poultry "~IIIIIII!IIIII 0 'J2'52 Other 4-H & FFA premiums 618 ' 08 , ... ... , ; Total 4-H & FFA Premiums 2,345.58 ,' Total premiums other than speed — x 4,813.HJ Speed premiums — * — "•'««« in Sfuslc and attractions — " 8.JSH.JB Miscellaneous expense of fair: ' Advertising — J— : ; .~. Printing, stationery, record blanks, etc. — Postage, express, freight and drayago Ji— "7.0B Administrative and office pay rolls 5',?-?5 Gate department, pay roll —' ,--- r .— 544.60 Police and parking pay rolls — * — ; 5S 1 ?? Pay rolls, all other departments, judges. .... 368.15 General and comrnon.labor during fair 1,774.93 Federal Taxes on Ticket Sales ...— ..** • • All other expense of fair ---;-;-•— W3.13 . Total miscellaneous expense of fair 8,077.70 Total expense of fair — Indebtedness of previous years paid — r Expense other than fair: ......' .".-i,,,. Permanent improvements --. -—-— J'29°-2J. Maintenance of grounds and buildings—.... Insurance All other expense" oTher"fhan"lfair"Fcderal Taxes 560.84 Total expense other than fair . -—-— — Grand total disbursements Balance on hand i .27,018.11 . 2,290.14 1953 CHEV. $lZ3U and up 1951 CHEV. and up 1950 FORD yvwv and up 1952 PLYMOUTH $950 and up 1950 CHEV. and up 1949 CHEV. and up Save! 1949 FORD and up Save! TWO GOOD USED TRUCKS 1952 Studebaker '/2 ton pickup, very clean with heater, overdrive transmission $795 1951 Ford I'/z Ion SWB, rubber if good all 'round with dual rear. 4 speed transmission. Single speed axle. Very nice condition Open Every Evening Until 9:00 P. M. KENT MOTOR CO. tf m*sx*unt- T3BK»''* T ~" ' <•'•"' '-^. ^' ar«r itt T^.-<B>Ui^» "STS3 of Grahams Last 4 Big Days To S-A-V-E On Fall & Winter Needs ! . . • • /' More New Items For The Last Week MUST A FEW OF THE BIG SAVINGSI Phone 434 Algona Ladies' Flannel Gowns 1.47 Brushed Rayon Gowns 3.99 First Quality Print Percale ___ Yd. 29c Bleached Pillow Tubing Yd. 47c 27-in. Outing Flannel 5 Yds. $1 Women's White Anklets __ 5 Prs, 87c 70x90 Sheet Blankets _________ 1.97 Plaid Sheet Blankets __-^ 1.37 5% Wool Plaid Pairs _____3,87 Chenille Bath Mat Set --1.98 Basement Specials Hand and Face Towels __ 4 for $1 Large Dish Cloths _—„ Ea. 9c Terry Wash Cloths 10 for $1 Women's Crepe Panties __ 2 for $1 Boys' Denim Jeans ______ 1.27 Wool Knitting Yarns _—__ 3 for $1 Crochet Thread, closeout „-. 5 for $1 Shop For The Many Unadvertised Values Narrow Wale Corduroy Yd. $1 Stripe Glass Toweling —,_ 3 Yds. $1 Needlepoint Nylon Hose 1.25 Foam Rubber Pillows 4.98 Chenille Bedspreads 3.67 Kiddies Tumbl-Togs 1.98 Wool Gloves and Mittens 69c to 1.98 Infants' Nylon Dresses —L —1.98 Women's 49.98 Coats ___,.__39.88 Women's 39,98 Coats _L 34.88 Women's 29.98 Coats 24,88 Shop For The Many Unadvertised Values

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