Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 28, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28. Bail? Published Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT Tcl.-phonoit 222» nml 2!W!>— All nc|iiirlnicnt» Gntcrcd tut «econd class muttar at the post office in NniifrntucU, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION 1\ATES- Payable in Advance 1 month I .73 C months $•!.'•< 8 month* J2.20 1 year '. J'J.Oi The United Press has the exclusive right to use for republicatlon In any form, all news dispatches credited to this paper, [t is also exclusively entitled to use for republicatlcn all the local and undated new? published herein. JO TO TIIK *'J..VCi—"1 pledge nU«'- cr ID the Flux of thi: United Slates ol 'Icii n ml to the liopuhllu for which It N. One Million indivisible, with unil .1 lint Ice (or nil." TIJUH!*I».\V. SKI'TKMBKIi UN, llll-l DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files Of The News SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT titiy cm n rc'Cfiit (ilTlcial ro port 1. 1 1 Army (k-acl. tlio ftlilor o!.' the Cholsc-n. Mass., KYfot'il yivos readers of Jiis eililuriiil soiiiL'thinj;' to think about I ui says; en- mi ''74,1100 iletiil: ''.In ihe I', S. Army aluuc, since we UM'etl tin.' win-—74,000 dead. "Vi-s, oui' victorious troops drive Tlio iiuU's u! - uiir advances makes In;;' Itliic-k headlines. ''But, in small factual type, tlio AVar .Departmi'tit aanoimce*: ' 74,000 dead . . .' ''Let us pause for ii IUHIIHMII. Lot's for^'et. tlie nicivios, thi 1 ratli" slu.uvs, the crisp unrealities on svliicii \\'e feed. "Lei's i-enicinlier there are 74,001) who %vili never ayain feel the c<iol, shai'|t tiitii,' Hi' an aiituiiiii tiiorniitir, nor the ylmv i)t' the noon-day sun. Let us remember tliiit they lire dead—so many of them before they had fully lived. ''They are white crosses on a hundred f.'if fields; (hey are small \unld stars .in windows,- they are memories in the hearts of mothers. "Victory cannot bring- them back. Xor can our prayers, or our ivmemberiiiL;'. "Then it is for us, the living, in Lincoln's immortal word.*, in be dedirated to the imS'inislied work which they have- so nolilv--advanced: for us to he dedicated l.o llif irrenl. task remaining 1 before: us— '• 'That from these honored dead we take increased devotion . . . that we Jy resolve I ha! ihese deatl shall not died iii vain; that lids nation, under God. shall have a ne\v birth of freedom, and that. Lr.oveninu.'iii of the people, by the people and for the people, shall Hot 20 Years Ago Henry nnd John Gorman, son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gorman ol' Gorman street, returned from a visit to Europe and French battlefields, o—O—o Thomas P. Walsh was the Progressive party nominee for state senator, and Angelo Subla, and .Henry Mocckul, candidates for representatives. o—O—o The committee Cor the 1OOK clambake was composed of Bnrtul Olson, A .H. Kagan, Albert Miller, Victor Otson Austin Melbourne, and George An? derson. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Jacob Tunkunas and Joseph Slitinslds were selected to represent local Lithuanian societies at a Lithuanian convention in New York city, o—O—o William J. Ncnry, Henry McCarthy, Sheldon church, Clayton L. Klein, and John E. Martin traveled to Now Milfurd to attend the congressional convention of the Fifth District, Around the Clock MASTER'S VOICES-1944 The Alabama hotel in A.imisl.on, Ala., will .no longer be a hinhnark for bor- oiiyh soldiers, who, in the days when they were at Fort. Mcl.'lellan, vowed to return to Aimiston to see what it 'was like in peace lime, and sleep at the Alabama in n room alone, and not or six buddies, couple "f \veel- reported missii (ialvin df thi. 1 fice is missiii;,' the dentist "Sonny Forces, been in The place I ny or dead 'L'. y. Rubber Ct ;• a ni'ilur .after a e other day. . . , if the home on a i'urlou ' service since earlv five uinied tlown a t people were Lorelta ral of- a \'isit: to , . . Fvt. Army Air jli. Stan's this vear. s li from the eartli.' per- SUCCESSFUL SCRAP PAPER DRIVE Tin; successful drive for scrap paper conducted hero this week by the local salvage (•otnniiltee showed that our people an; coopei'atiuy v/holu-heai'tedlv in this important war ol'fort. .In two days tho street department em- ployes assigned to the joi> of up salvaged paper collected a total of ••'.!(! tons, which was no small contriluiLion fora community of Xan.n'aUiek's size. Tin- m(.-fnliers of the salvage committee and the street department men who •worked miller (lit: ah!e direction of .Superintendent of Si reels Harold Mur'.ha, are deservint;'. fit'. (Im litany compliments they are receiving. .Uoruii^-h reMdenfs are asked to start sfi\'in;.;' waste paper for tlio next, drive, the dates' ol; -which will he announced Juter. Mrs. Davd St. John of German street left for Wyandotte, Mich., to spend the next two weeks as the guest of Mr, and Mrs. Eugene Sidercff We wish to extend cur best wishes to Steve Leng 1 - yel and Marge Cronin on their coining marriage. Both are employed at the Waterbury Tccl Go. offices Tech Sgt. Charles Elwell returned .home the other day after being reported missing in action in Europe almost a year. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elwell of Waterbury. His mother is the former Gladys Bell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, William Bell of Lewis street, Buddy Maxwell. I'SX, Aetna sireet. and Dick l.'islarci i. Arch si reel. USA, dropped into the News office the other day while eiijoyiny fnrh-.uylis from their res|iective dulies Mr. and Carmine .Ba/'/.uno, of J:Jit;'h street. recent visitors in .Hartford .Rebecca's behavior of late lias simply wonderful, Kven thai: left tire has been holding up. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-to-Coast Trade Mark Registered. Copyright, 10-14. D:iily Mirror NOTKS OF A N K\VS I'AlMiltMAX NOT MANY WEliKS AGO C^n- didate Dewoy issued a stnlenieilt upholdh:;,' freedom ol' tlio nil-waves nnd opposing all censorship . .Bun P0\-or.'il sponsors \vhn ^u]3]30rt D'jNvoy won't supjioi'L what he snys .Vi\riety has told of Uie spon- SO!-s who niU7.xlc' their commentators when they wish to spank freely .Tho comniLMiuUors .11-0 stopped undiM- the edict: "No politics". . . Tf the is for- Dowey it is listed "as comment on curror.t events" .11' the tuxi is as/iinst Duwcy i'- is "politics". . .Censors in America h.-ivo hi.-rt I'rtetiom of specc.'i more iiUi all the world's dictators .. ;ive ar. eN;is:i]iui-;nin^ tha\vt: All he axis .-,-oidicrs and their weapons couldn't stop freedom of speech over here, but :i radio conso:' can! Mrs. were . Old been rear HATS AS WEAPONS Tlalpins have siii iis \veapi.nis. N'ot till hiivi 1 lials hceii .so iis A\*lu>ii the .Vaxi.s they MMii;'!it to pnisl fen used hou'ever. conquered France, i the I'Veiid: spirit forbidding frivolity in all forms. .•iii.H' \\~as prohibit.ed. so the I'iirisians danced hehind closed doors. They also devisetl one outlet for ifnirty which the Gei-maiis nii^ht resent but coidd not \-ery well do anythinj;' about. They wore the crazies! hats ol' which Ihe mind ol' ma:i (or Woman) could conceive. Americans iu\'e seen weird ha Is the years \vere who think haven't ln.'1'ii took over. A? all Jd.s work? Jast foil pression. And they may just, the ni'ci'ssary tliem, when t he time 1 ho Xa'/.is. . , • since the Xa/.i.-: to .'I I itler and Parisian hats of th'.- Al Brewer has vainly sought the Wilby high school gymnasium in Waterbury to present some professional basketball contests this coming winter. Al may get the use of St. Joseph's hall instead, Bobby Rhoads, last year's Rubber-Co, team sparkplug, will coach the. proposed squad Sure signs of autumn: The Town Hall doors on the Church street side closed; Chief John J. Gormley's men wearing their blue blouses; the firehous'e doors refusing entrance; and the calendar, which tells us it is fall There has been some terrifically- foggy atmospheres near Bristol Terrace and all the way down to Union City along the river these past few days. The one yesterday morning reminded us of the mist following- the second Seymour-Naugatuck Hose Co. softball game, It was almost as thick and impregnable, as that other one, but didn't last so long. Maureen Callahan, 'Naugy high sophomore, will be rooting hard for the Garnet Saturday, when Derby and the locals tangle in a football game at Recreation field. WHEN SEXATOP. vVj-ni introduced a. bill that would make it impossible J'cr news pi to be sponsored — this repo fought, fur Lhu rifliL of sponsors to hire newscasters—and thai bill was pigeon-holed . . Mo one veiled that our rifrlu uuainst Wheeler's bill wan political. .The cry ot "politics 11 pops up when you.dis- a^-rci. 1 with Ihe politics of censors! . ..Mr. I3e\vey knows (.hat-this reporter is j"or The Other Follow, ln:L Mr. Dewey also knows he can always use our microphone and space to get his side'ol' things reported. On several occasions Mr. Dowry has personally phoned our o/lieo to say: "Tell Walter thanks very much." thai unless the picture wsu suppressed ho might resret it. ... Zanuck, it appears, said if he had to suppress "Wilson" he wouldn't care ns he had a bettor film in mind: "The Life and Times of Warren G. Hardi.-iK". . .Period. for an honest Jon. Though they never had to £ivc their race or creed to volunteer to fijtht. And, because every American is expected to, be ready to die for his country •— regardless of race or color—this country guarantees liberty... .When a man asks about, race or creed on tho battlefield he is usually some heroic chaplain buryinfr t!l e Republic's dead... When a man talks about race and creed on an American street corner—he is usually a contemptible bif;ot—tryinjr to bury the Republic.' Ethiopia comprises :ui area 3tO,COO square miles, almost thi)-d l.-ir^er t-lian RABBLE - P. O U S 3-: R JOE RAMP'S oiillit, now being; probed by the Anderson Congressional. Committee, u-as once named in n list of Federal indictments as a tool for subversive ufrents over here—find by sonic, of the imlicied people (some convicted) now bc- iny tried in Washington ..Kamp hfi.s u-oi'kpd will) iha avowed Fas- Cist. .Lawrence Dennis. . .Kamp's poisonous literature" (a lot of it copied from pamphlets issued by j those 'on trial) has been praised and complimented by most of the U. S. Hitle:-ooters .Last week Kamp defied the Cor.prcssioni probers. He refused to name his i*o"Tams I contributors, supporters, ollicers . , reporter I I"'"- 0 '*•*• ^-"- Times ran that story without one 7nenuon of Kamp's link with pro-Xrtzis. The Times (|i:otod Ksimp us statin? that his outfit i.s a "patriotic" orp;anix.a.tion. Its headline was: "Hillman Foe Refuses Fund Keoord". .. Hillman foe, indeed! American Foe would be correct! MR. WILLK.:E is another who itnows :lie same thing". . ."Whenever !ic had any nuws he thouprht people .should hear vi-j. our radio p:'0- p'tiiti. ho knew all he had to do was send it in, which he has done .."Any time you have 'iiiy news for my .-uidience." ht: was assured, "let me hoar it. All I reserve is I'!H) riyiht tn criticise you and it!" "Thanks," Willkic said, "that's a deal!" ''The -AIlic'i.1 iiiililiiry yovunimont uo\\- huyin tiio task uL\'lus(:royiiig Nation- fil Socinli.sni." says (.Ion. start af the tui). trinmiihs of Parisians throw out ,11 mi.u'lit. have Iicoii 'Mios'c ' «kl •witc-lios on liroiirnstiL-ks t'luit prnvjilotl 1;lic l.'irst insniraliuii for J'lviny bombs. CLARE LUCE, the lopislntor, Siecfully colyumed recently that 73/11 Bulh'tt's article in Life would i;ivc F.DR the hotfoot.. .Life has cor.fos.sad that Bullitt's piece at- t.rac(.ed ,in ;iv(i!,ineho of. letters fro mindig'iiant subscribers denouncing it and Bullitt. ..In the name of fair play, however, the weekly ran many of them plus an article att.-tckinj;' it, which ran in n. Moscow "rnzotte. , .The same publication, by the way. offers this eyebrow-lifter: ".The Republicans are counting on carrying most of the Middle West for Tom. Dewey tliis Full. The farmers there arc prosperous an- clir.ixny have turned against the Now Deal". . .Incredible! .. .They are turning- against the President under whom they prospered. . .Fispcr that one out. COIX - COLLECTOR (and so forth) Gerald L. K. Smith, at :i Chicago .mocthiA, 1 " of his so-callet "America First Party" last woek made a pica to his small audience that should interest the Dcpt. of Justice. . .Ho urged his listeners to see that the party's "confidential literature and announcements ;yct into the hands of our boys in the armed forces'*. . .Wasn't tha.t one of the reasons Win, Dudley Pelloy and others were sent to Federal jails? ••^^™ —_. First Week Of School Overcomes Pet Skunk Austin, Tex. (U P)_A>-chlba)d Pms come to Uin University of Texas, but because of his ancestry nc is hnvinjr n pretty Hard time. Aiwhie is a pot .skunk. He comes from a small . lowjv where everybody knows him .and knows th.-i.t his scent jjJancls .have been removed. But here at the university people are apt to be a Jiltlc hesitant about meeting him and th.-i.ts what is causing .-ill the trouble. You sno. Archie ia a very sonui- tive skunk, and after only 11 week at .school he had a nervous-break-' down. However, his master now reports that Arehie is r«cupfci-,-itin« as v.vjll us could be expccu-d «nd . that lh<: unfeeling students who caused his condition properly Class I railroads on August 1st had 37,585 new freight, care on order. On the corresponding date n 19-13, the railroads had 27.79C cars on order. For Dopcndnhlc Flri: Inm. On Vour Furniture Srr'-""^ Joseph V. Rosko, .... '" .;. Ai;cnt 3 Union Street Tel. SI LEX COFI--KE MAKICR , Shop Early—A&P Supermarkets in Naugatuck Saturday atr6 p. m.—Optn Friday Until 9 p. m. LOWEST PRICE IN OVER A YEAR! FANCY NATIVE MILK-FED RED SALMON 43 FANCY SLICED LB 1 FRCSH CAUGHT HADDOCK TREGH CAPE MACKEREL HAMBURG LARGE FOWL FRANKFORTS LCAN. FRESHLV GROUNO NO POINTS FANCT NA7IVC MltK-rCD INtCSS te< THIS IS WHAT Dewcy-ndvisor John Foster .Dulles said about FDR in 1!'-!1: "President Roosevelt had dealt boldly and dramatically with domestic problems. Reco^-- nizing- ihe failure of our society, as orpanixcd, to adapt itself to naw conditions and to meet the imperative need of human beings, he has effectively grappled will] the problem and has not hesitated to break with tradition and to alter fundamentally the onlirc structure of our economic order. As to what he has done there is disagreement. But few would- seek to undo the great social reforms he has effected. We arc entitled to expect a like approach to tho problem of peace...We have a duty to urge upon our President that he' dedicate to this great task his outstanding qualities of leadership." READY! All the i dients for a light and flaky 9-inch double crust, without left-overs. Nothing to do but just add water, roll and bnke. Home-made quality and flavor without homemade bother. That's Flako, U. S. N'O. 1 POTATOES FANCY TOKAY GRAPES MclN'TQSH EATING APPLES 50 1.89 CALIFORNIA ICE3ERG LETTUCE WHfTE CELERY ^™ U. S. NO. i . BAKING S'.Zi ONIQWS 10 8 L A e c 49 C POTATOES 2 2 IGE. HDS LGE. SCHS 25 C 29 C 4,as23 C • NUT MEATS WALNUTS PECANS PEANUTS, TRY THIS JANE PARKER DELICIOUS FROSTED SPICE BAR CAKE 18 OZ CAKE 53 Your Eyeglasses Shop C u • n* Tontlinson EVEN SOME OF FDR's most bfuor critics ;idmiUcr.I that his iast speech v.-,-is good. Some • said it WM.S- oxccliem.. .Yet some 'editorial pjigres condfimncd Koosevelt for in- dulKinjr in~lcvily, \vi.-;pcracks, • etc. It. wasn't clisnifiocl, .they gi'oanocl ...Have these sense-ot-humorlcss forgotten the beloved'Will Rogers? He was fumed for his levity, wit and anecdotes. . .So \vas Lincoln... You never rtnd quippinjr in Hitler's speeches. Exclamation point.. Our Yanks lately have boon around 'Bulnyna, ;uul. as any of toll vmi. (loins;- i(: on baloncv. em THE NATION maznpinc reports that certain people wont to Darryl Zanuclt chirinft the making of the Him, "Wilison,"'and warned hi'rn THE STUNKED G E R M A N armies are stauKeriiifi. . .It will tnUe the whole work! more than five years to ^rct the gur.s out of their hands. But it may lake centuries to fret tho swastikas out oT their hearts ..The job must be finished by the United democracies. But liberty., like churi'ty." begins rig-Jit .here at. home, A product is only as good as the integrity or Us ir.aker. . .The American doctrine or tolerance for the world will he judged by the tolerance Americans have for each other. That means this country can no longer afford to be tolerant to the intolerant; Today there arc some Americans sharing the same grave who in the United States .could not have shared the same hotel. . .Today there arc some Americans taking the, same risks .of battle who wouldn't bo given the same chance Electrical Supplies Lighting 1 Equipment BOMB 'KM WITH UOMBs. Victor — Coliimlii.'i — Deceit Ilecords SWAN ' ELECTRIC CO. ir> ciiuncii ST. TEL. -is- ENRICHED SLICED MARVEL 26KC BREAD LOAF DATED 1 cc DONUTS DOZ 10 PLAIN o: COMBINATION MIXED NUTS ,, s PECANS ALMONDS WALNUTS SUNNYBROOK NATIVE GRADE FRESH EGGS A Cc PULLET OOe tO DOZEN Uil MEDIUM COZEN dsxo 22 lOOTi ?u'e Kydiogeriatec 3 63' Spry NO POINTS NEEDED 3 66' l c AL PKG GRCR RABBIT GOLD LASCL FREK RAE3IT CRECN LASCL Molasses Molasses Barcalene Sweetheart Soap Swan FLOA^C Soap Duz JAR 33° 1 LB BATH 4«( sire 1 1 I REG. |7t CAKES I I DOES CVCRVTHING *""rn:icc Inspection SERVICE Phone Us! Waterbury Heating Co. 83 Spring: St., \Vtby. I GREATOAKFARM o.VFono noAu TI-I. 50*0 MILK — EGGS iMivt^ry TH. All Parts nr Niiuirutm-k RELSABLE PEAS OUR OWN.LA« MACARONI GRAPEFRUIT limit ouantititt- * BUY W A R It O W D S f

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