The Homer Index from Homer, Michigan on July 5, 1876 · 3
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The Homer Index from Homer, Michigan · 3

Homer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1876
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t5hf fyomtt giuUx, rahllihad .vary W4ro4ay W. JSL. Xj AUTEl. At Homer, Calhoun Co., Rich. TEII.USt 111! I Kit YEAll, IMrjMUMLr IM AOTAKV. M'NUNKHDAY t. JULY rail, 187 ot;tl eQJaUtrs. L'Wnnl and LitchQuIil each had large ntiariia yrotvrilsy. Everything yesterday, , wm iUiat In this place Richardson' Centennial party off plematitiy laal evening. Larga quantities of hay hart spoiled In lb la vicinity hy lb nraant rains. Althongh rainy In lha morning, yen. tarday vaa a plaaaant day altar all Air Ibuaa wlahlng to celebrate. Ilanry O Cook, of thla village, and Jut tin Oouk of Glanrtxloa, arrived homo Awn Iho Centennial on Monday a tlwbrl Tlw Haaun havo tba foundai Parka' hud lratlt nair Dank nearly ready hr the brick. When paren ta yield up their dangh Im la marriage they do it with miea givinjp. . The Aral priaa at tba Concord yesterday waa taken by a Sptingport Hone. Orar AW ticket, rnv auld yesterday by tba L 8 1 U 9 agent In tbea plao petaona gulag off to eelebrata the Cantin-nlal'day. . In order to get oat on time thla weak We hart had to leare out a good deal Jueat matter Air want of tliaa, but yesterday being Centennial day of eoutae wa are excuMble, The Centennial day of American Inde-pemlenco ia a bad day to play craqiwt, Air. the apirlt ol '70 la llablo to take hold of a prraoa and ha will we hie cm qwt mallet to protect the constitution The only accident at Concord y eater-1 day, waa a brokan Hmb Aw otio man, cauacd by lha flailing of auwo raimal aunt, and a fearful puuxdiug for another patron, reaeon we uuderaland becauao he got Into a wrong room. A ear load of eugar found ita way lulu J. M. Palmer1 popular grocery on Hun day. ia Jim " brlierua in buying ruck good, in 'large qtiaxliti, ao m to got a raduetiau In pricer, aud at lha aame te always ready to giva hia cue turner, tbaJn-nvflt of lha Mine. Rev. Mr. Kwiulou'a M-futou on the wouNa and eundiiiun of our natiunal imaperity, tat tba Prebytvriau ohureb Ml dabbath, wta a masterly discount and wa li-lened to with with . a great hlegiro or Inturaat by all praaont, II rpoka In gluwing term, of aonia of the gltriarian ruler, of our nalh n, men Cloning In jonuecliaii with the kune, the name of our lamented Lincoln, nnd then f naking.n break in tba ebaiu until reaching that gund mm, the lata Vice I'rvai dent Wilauo. lie alu in bia remark, riadia'uf tba gimdneat, purity, and Cbria-Uan prineiplra of the great ex Confederate fJeneral, Stonewall Jacksun, belelv ing him to be one who, by hi purity Lm won Air biuwulf ( 0 to apeak J one ol the bigbaat plaea, ua tbaatair" of the grrut Ruler of the uuireraa. To IIuUiMKKmaa. Wrigb yuur Salor-ntua when you buy n par. You will Itnd D B ItuLand A Cu.' IM Choate la full weight, and perfectly pure. Try nil thingn nnd hold fut to that which I, beat and true on weight and quality both Air than any lettera lor my wlmmln Adbrl" Mid a plain old gentleman at tba pmt oflee the other day. No," raid the puat maatar, but kera', u big (at envelope with tome picturea on tbr I root Air your daughter." Jia what I coma down artar," uld tba old gentle-Mam nailing, Mallndy'i going to lie marled; an' I hia bero't one of them bandy Ponnatirf1 paper patram to cut oat her waddia1 gowad by." The Lilcblleld Gaaatte ia out again. Tba youth baa (truck a aaw idea In not having any date off lha oat (Ida. Wa can aea ao reaaon for it only becauro It gate pretty old before the Interior hi printed. Tba editor want to compart aubacriptioa Hate, and wa would be glad to, bat wa era talhfled with our, and can only hepa that be haa many patron The entrame aoftaaaa of the Interior of hi aheet make It an admirable organ Air aoma pnrpcaaa, and we ana no reaaon ha aaya, why hia circulation abould wot have increased conaidarabla during tba peat four mouths. Thuen who attended thn Prmbyterian church laal Sabbath morning, enjoyed a rich treat in liatenieg to the Centennial diaooune of the Rev. Mr. Bwlntoo. It wm replete with thoughtful and suggestive, aa wall aa tiamly and ehft-aent at-tarancaa npoa lha a object of our Nn-tieaal praaperity Ita eouroaa and eon-ditiaM viewed Irina the ataad-poiat of bath tba dtixea and Chriatiaa. Notwithstanding the rain of tba morn-ing, quite a larga audience wm praarnt and llatenad with marked atlanllou to tba raruaat young praacber who aroma . growing In fovor with hia h rarer. lha church about tba pulpit had bean decorated for tba oocaaien by the ladia with a proAiahm of Sowpra vary taate-fully arranged la rd white and bice, and oa tka wall la roar of tha daak, aa either aide aad ia the center of aa eveigreen wroalb, wara tka yatre of tka mntuiy 1778-1876. Com. COUNCIL rilOCEKUINGS. Common Cuiinuil ltuom, 1 Jim 22nd. 187)1, 0,30 A. M. f Council met Ip apeaial aamion Air the purfoacnf taking aoth-H on piirobaalug the Tmid property Air an engine .houae, lte-eiit, Hie lmldent, lleonnbir. and and trnatee Churchill, Clevelaud and Allen. Mr. Churchill moved that action In regard to raid pureli l debt red nntil next regular aeaalun and that Mr. M. J. I.inli-n who ha proposed to porobaaa 6 feet of mhI Miqiarty of the Common t'oniicil be Informed of raid action. Carried. On mot Um Council ailjuumeil. W. A, Lana, Recorder. Common Ceunell Rimma, June 30tb, 1378, 7,30 p.m. Council mat in regular aeaahm. Prravnt, Iba President, Reeonlfer, ami all the Trustee. Minutua of of laat meeting read aad approved. (-lain. ' Tba Adlowing elaima -were proaantad and under a recammandatbm of tbr Street Cuauilaaiouer waa allowad aa fol-lowa 1 F. Anaterburg, labor, 8750 I. IS 10.35 fi,ao 18,00 4 AO . I AO 2.70 1.05 3.70 2.40 4.33 2.70 17.00 4,80 Tba Prorident prraentad tba bond nf K. Ricbardaun, Air tba aala nf apiritnou and intoxicating liquor, which waa accepted and auietie approved. MOTiuaa A a aant.i'TiiiN. Mr. Cliurrh-ll moved that the matter In regard to the Incathm nf enalne huue im piwtfunod until next regular sesmuti. Carried By Mr. Smith- Bernini, That the committee be author! xed to negotiate with Mr. Bean and Mr. Twld Air tho pnrehaae id tba Tmld Int at the Invent price puaaible nut ex-ceeHIng I UXJ. Carried. ' Hr. labam appearod before tba Conn oil and made claim Air right of ray aero hi premier on Platt street. On mntinn nf Mr. Churchill 825, wa voted Mr. Ibam for laid right of way. Oa molkw Council adjourned. W. A Lana, Racnaiixa. A Card tw the rmblle. NEW C. O. D. Boat St 8hoe Btoro. Tba undenlgnad, anccamnr to P. Arthur, would raapeetfully inform tba citi-aril, of llnmer and aurriNrading ennutry, that ha will be found at the above place, when ha will lie pleased to aaa all needing work in hi line, with tba aaaurkncc (hat be will do all in b power to merit a rbaro of public pommage. He My "it will ha my eudeaver to keep a general a-mrt men t that I may lie alila to uit the wait of all, I ahall a!l Aw llEAltY PAY ONLY, thereby (maiding me to aoll at Dnrw Pate k 1 quick aalva and mll profit will bo the motto. I am a lo prereil to maka to nnler Uvula Pino Sewed anil Peggoil Ronl. having bad a lifo lung expcrienco In the manufacture of Imot and huv, ruu aafa-ly warrant MriNluctimi in every iiMtarcc, or iartim will be under no obligation to arrrpt of the work. Repairing neatly and promptly done. I am iImi prepared to fumiah parliea with Mimical liwtruinral, baring the agency of th Kla Organ. Co., fur thin place. Till being tlw nmt popular Or an, can rafely rornuimeml It to the tuuair loving public. Thu aboro iimtrumenl ia un exhibition at my place uf Iniaim.1, ilRKur UUKKX. Uomer, May 17lh, 1370. Xotick All tboae iudelited to Geo. B. I (avia, oa atom account, are re poet fully rcqneated to call immediately at Parka A Pratt1 Rank, or at the offlea of M. W. Haleb and acltla the name cither by eab nr note. Youia Vary Ueepectfully, Gets R. Davla. Homer, June 2flth, 1378. Uallrond Ualea Pwarth wf Jaly, Tha Aillowlng Irimi II. O. Wentworth, General Paarongrr and tbiket Agent, ex-plain i tee If : Ilitkif a Central BaUreoA ffoaqaany, (Itnerul Pantager aai Tkhtt Ageate Of fee. Chicago, I June 21, 1878. Dxu Rtx t That yon way ba able te answer tba many qnealbm asked aa tu lle-litced Kates A tha awning 4tb of Ju ' , It la proper Aw wa to advlao you that ii Compaay will aoll Rxettraion Tick, eta Ain and to all atatbma on tha Main Una and llraitohna at one regular (are for tha round f rips Ticket will lie add on tba 3d and 4tb, and will be good to return upon all tiaina on tba 6th. Wa aball run no apacial train, but regular train will have auflaient coach-cu to aocotamodata all. Hknuv O. WauTwouTH, Graatal laaa, and Ticket Agent. JOB WORK OF Seatly Execute At this Office. SusinesM otn1s. A good Hun Baba Air R30, at D, Duraeya. Fish at all kind at Mabany Bros. Call and get aMmple Murray!. of 80 at. T at Tho bright auany day km aoma and or will oIom out two cbwta cant Jap. tea at 48 eta. Thla beats them all and la positively the greatest bargain aver oflinad in llotuer. 8.UA0.T. nitwit. again, of CO New Tern Urn's. Juat laecivad at Mabany A new kit of Crockery, aud prices lower, at Murrayb. Juit Rmkivkd, at tba "Old Reliable a line awortmant of NIW GOODS Iran Kastem and Wmtara markets, bought at low priOM and will bo auld low. Fruit Cana la Laiga quantities at Ma-bany Brob. Black Granadinea planly uf them and cheap at Murray. MORS CLOT 11 UN ulr all aaaortmwit juat tMajved tuna Uuaton at tba Old lie-liable. 8uoaxa. Mabany Uru bu juat received a Un hit of Cincinnati Cigars, call and try them. Wa have Juat received a flue line of Ladles Silk Ties lu all culms. R. II. A C. T. Huwn. A new lot ol Linen Dross reoeived at Murrayb. . Look hen Lisy Jauo, Mabany Bro1. have juat received about live bushel of Qua Caudiet which they arc sailing at 20 eta a pound. Xuw Uooda Kica - UowU Cheap Hoods at tha 11 Uld Reliable." Almost a car food uf Sugars Juat ra celved by Mabany Broi. BRICK I BRICK 1 1 Are kept for aa at Air Lina Depot. Gao. I). Cleveland. Ilomer, June 27th, 1878. Mabany Bru'a m compared with other lirat-claM Oroearioa ol Homer, an above hem in quality, between In location below them In price. Call and aaa fur younelvaa. A cap uf Palmers' a.fle will make man or woman foci 10 yean youngrr, try It. In Xeuialgia, other remedies compare with Patarman's Xerv Pill aa moonlight to sunlight. 8i.t. J. M. Pulwar ba just received a car load of mD. Xuw I lha tima to buy. J. M. Palmer will tab greenback at par, and he will give you pound of th bet T and 10 eta An- f 1. In Incipient Inunltr and softening of th Inn in, Peterman' Nerva Pill would bn slump medinln at lea doHari a box. Noticf All those Indubtud to the undeiigned arc earnestly requested In call and Mttla their account at once, a all of my patrons an awaia 1 wm one of the auflerer of the late Qre, and tbero fore need all that la due mix My Imolc uay bn found with Win. llemlon, who M Biitbi-rixed to aetil all acouunla. Trusting all will awwur this promptly, I remain, Truly Ac., T. P. Goaiuji. Ilouter, Hay 17th, 1878. J. M. Palmer bw now th largest anti heat selected atnek of e.hoice grucaria ever lirougbt Into Homer, and bo Is sailing good at starvation prior make a specialty of Tea, and will sell you a better ar ticln A-r lca money than any other house iu tha trad SatMactiun guaranteed or ntoney refunded. Fou SaliA choice piece of timber, eonteinlng right, and one-fourth acres, situated in tha town of Clarendon, on Section 25. Pries, $150. Fur Atrlhar particular enquire of tha undrnlgned at Aiblun. IIiuah II. Roauaiaoii. Iliuuer, May 31t, 1870. PEABODY HOUSE, CORNER or LOCUST axd NINTH STS. PHILADELPHIA, FA. Convenient to all place nf imiweiMut and car line In th city. No ehanga to and from tba Centennial ground. Col. Watson, proprietor of tho llaanv Houia, Cincinnati Aw tha past twenty year, and present proprietor, bM leaned tha bunas Aw a term of year, and bM newly furnished and Qtted it tkimghort. II will kocp a strictly lint-clwia bouse and Iim aecom mods t ion Air 300 gimaU. Terms only ) per day. No bar bm aver boon kept ia lha Hxn-ar Ilonas, nor will any be kept at the Paaaoiir. Notick- I havo leased II. X. Wilder PI otograph Gallery, TakaMha, Hieb where, Aw a lew montba, 1 aball engage In tba Photograph bnaincaa. Haring served a thorough' apprentice-ship, under a Brat elaas Artist, - aad after davotiog myaalf elaaely to tha study aad practle of Photography Aw Qva yaura, I am prepared to do Firat-CloM Work, ia all 1 Improved atylea of Pbatogtapha. Also larga Portrait in India Ink aad Water Colon. Giro mo a trial. G. W.Bhem. Teknnaha, June 28th, 1876, Dentistry. I will maka artificial teeth after this data for th following prices. Foil Upper and Lower Sate, BmI Work, 18,00 Upper or lower Sate, 10,00 Partial Plata aa low in proportion, Offlea at aonth-waat eeraar of Mala aad Sophia tracts, oppaaito Iymk Block. O. E. DxRowi Honor, May Slat, 1876. J. M. Palmar ha juat received a -larga consignment ui choice T ' and to selling them at rock bottom priew; Taxa Notick. All thua ladrbted lu me will confer a great fovor -by calling and lettliug up. ,M.W. Hatch. Humar, May 10th, 1378. Wm. Martin, laluter and paper banger, oQbra him aerviara to all ibuaa wishing anything In hia line. Rasldenca oa flllladalo atract. Down I Down II DOWN II I ThaSta-debakcr wagon at reduced price, at D-DonwyVu- GKNUA LIME IIAS FALLEN I Go to Air Liao Depot became you mtc money. Genoa Lima In Sack per Bbl. 70 eta. Genoa Lima in Barrala, S3 eta. Gao. D. Cleveland, llumer, June Slat, 1878. Fob Balk A New Phaeton Carriage, oa long credit. A Collixs. llanwr, June 14th, 1876. A badly bunged up Emerald Islander in iwaponea to tho Inquity, " wboro havo you been 7 "said Down to Mr. MeG raw's waka, and an llllgant tima of it wo bad 14 lights in 15 uiinutt only two whole aoae left In lha bonaa, and that ia on tbs lay kettle. We Mved tha hattlo because it cooUluad aoma of 4. M. Palmer's eboieo Tay. Fob Salb Da account of p'lorkcalih, I will Mil 0 part, or tho entire Internal in tha Homer Foundry, Machine 8 bop, and planing Mill. For particulars, apply to II. L. Hopkins. Who aell th beat Tea la Ibe Country f J. M. Palmer, b Mils tba beat of oraty thing and at rrmarkaUa low pries. Sawing Machine ncedlro, oil and Baturas, Aw sale at R. F. Chunk's Jewelry Star. FHsibmb' Xarva Pills for Ml at Hopbla alresl drag atara, Hmnrr, and Ptterama' Labralary, 208 Slate atract, lianhall, M, .Prterman'a Mere Pill stand at lha bead full aerv mrdielue. 1 lb Tea. I lb 8alaratua, 2 boxes Hatch ea, 8 Ian Soap, I box Blacking, and 20 cent In Silver. J. M. Palmar will give ad llw above named artlels Aw ona ih I ter. Fna Salk. Ny residence, corner Sophia and Everett street. Good bn barn, wril, rlalern, Irnlt and ahada trees. v&ilO 0. A. Babbum. A good n -w sewing machina to sell cheap, or will exchange Aw a good cow roll, or home, and pay dillermca in CMh Now i your time, enquire at tba Index ufliev. RAILBOAD8. Michigan Cent'l li- li tin LIMB DIVISION. GUI8U KAdr. ROIXO WEST. All Sraiua daily eieepl Sanday. IL B. l.anvABn. Am't tha'l Bpt, Detroit. Wa. B. ftTBaxs, QtnSHap't CkStmgo. II. C. Wcntwobth, OeaH Pam Agent Chicago. I. Bi M- 8. !R. K., LANNING DIVISION. GOING ROUTIL Ch ANT Ki A Ml Way TtoIm bn run by Calambaa Tima. T. J, OiMBLaawMTN, Dlv. Eapt. C. A. SLAUB0N, AQT. ffelutnh Pirttlorv. I JRKHBYTEKlAlf OIIUllCIl. Corner 1. of Sophia and Xvsratt Hlraal. Rav. John OaaaMil, Paalur. Tima al Services 10:4.1 . u.. aad 7 r.ln. Babhaib Rriinnl Im mmllatel after morning eervlea, (I. II. French Sup'l. Prayer Meeting Wednesday euln 1 7 a'eloek. MKTUOniHT EPISCOPAL CHURCH Coravr Hophla slid Adam Hi. Itar N. PaaaxvT PsMur. Tim of wrvlvi-a 10:45 A. a., and I P. n. Habliaih Saknol im mediately elteraMiningierrio. A. C. Sabin, Sup'L PraverMaetlugareiyThurmlay vaalng al 7.o'eloek. 1NPI8UOPAL CnURCn. Ad.mi Street, Id balwsea Huplila and tllllmlal streela. IUt. L. II, Cubmb, temporary Hester. Her eta aeary Saaday, al 1 1 e'elock a, a. Free-will baptist i'iiurch. Two nillea Weal nf llnmer. Itar. 11 H Chap-ratL, Paster. T ma of eareleaa I0AO a. h. aud 7 e. . Babbalh fb-hmil liaaunlistel-alter marulna nrvlr C. K Darrow, Hn'L tgrnhnuil. Humanity Lodga, Vo- 28, F. k A X Itagulsr CummunlaalloM every Taamlay Evening uu nr beforsthv foil moon. Visiting Brother ra eordlally Invited in ttand, P. MKAD, W M OUTER ALLEN. Reefy. )fci 1. o o. r. HOMER LOLOK, Kn. 232. meet every Mimday svaniu:, t 7 ii'elnek. W. A. L.xa, N. 0. Wn.fliaiM, R, 3. PATOONS or IIUS1IANDUY. HOMES ORAXOB No .200 P. II. meal avriy Satardav evenlna, i 7 nHieb. C. C, WORTUINQTOX, X. I). P. IUTCH, Kes'y. OUANGEltlCN. nOMER LODtlX, Nil 0a,.aweta ever Maud ayavanlng as o before lha foil of th moon. Visiting brother are cordially I. P. HATCH M Invited to attend. (Him r Triwperunre. Homer diviaion, n. m. Ron of Tewpanoiee marts every Friday aren-Ing at .Xaaunl Hall U Knapp, IV. I. iaati Cook, It, R. CALHOUN MILLS! A S BLIIBt Fffop Special attention given to Custom Work. "d Mtlsfaeflnn guaranteml. All order from town promptly attended to and taken or delivered FREE OF CHARGE. Orders can bo left at J. M. Partner or Mabany Rro'a. M. W. Hatch, OfiUGGIST & IPOTSICAEY, ami Dealer in Drags, Groceries and Por-ftunery. Corner Main and Sophia Srects, AIo Wine aad Liquor Tor Mrdlclual pnr-pavae only Ineluiing Sim t UBIOK WHISKEY Xinnlkitered at IB Celebrated SWULUTlim? DKTROIT. DRUG STORE. PURE DRUGS, PATENT MEDICINES CIGARS AND TOBACCO Of all kinds, NOTIONS, 7 J1S FINEST TEAS AND COl FEES IN TO ll'M School Booko, Blank Booko and lienaral'Aaaortment of Stationary Pure Wine and Liquors, for ledio . Inal Purposes Only PrtKrtjaioHt Carejtillg Vimjxnmitii M. W. IIATCIL Homer, Jan. 10, 1871. FOR SALE Eighty scree of wild lead in tho township uf Clarundun, lying npoa tho eat aide of the Si. Jo. River, end ebmit threejailee eouth-weet of the village of Uumer, being a portion nf the luaua Mill property, aud dsKribed u fol-luw i The w.t hell of the A W. quar-ter of Section IS, of the township uf Clarendon. Said land will Iw.aolil for a aawll pay man t down, and th balenc to remain oa lung time if desired. For Information, apply to Wm. Cook, Clanm-don, or to tho subscriber at Man hail, Mlob. EnwaunL. Rusks. Homer, Miy 24th, 1876- I'etaraaaa' Xerv Pills sere Fates, all In all oases ef Nerrooa Debility, Fetar-an' Nero Pill ar worth aaay times their weight te gold. Admalmtetnatoro HalA-In th awt ter at tbs Matai at llaruea Uartlau I' 1 Ohrendon, devaowd. Nolice la hereby given that by virtu nf n Hern to ms granted out of lb Probate Court In and Ibr tha county of Calhnan and Slate of Michigan, bearing rial tha 11th day of May, A. D. 1370, a Administrator id the Mill estate I will offer for Mia at public auction on tba prenibra berainalter dcarnhed, In tho townurhip uf Clarendon, on Thursday, J ily Oth, A. 1). 1370, at 1 o'clock p. ni., all tlia right, title and Interest of the aalil llaynra Dartlntt, deceased, In and to lha Adluwing dcMrilied property, altu-ated In the town of Clarendon, Cubhty of t.'allionn, and State uf Michigan, to wit; The H. W. quarter of N. E. quarter, See. 10, 40 acre. Also, tha N. K. quarter nl S. W. nnarier, Sue. I), 40 aere. All In town lour (4) aoutli, rang Qva (5) west, Clareadun, Michigan. Wm. Cook, Ariininlstrator. t.'larcndon, May 24th, 1871k A dwilnluf rnlora Knle In tha mat A 1l lar el lha Krista uf Uirani, Smith, late of IlnaMrdiwcaied, Nutice hi hereby givm that hv virtue uf a liernaa lu me granted out at tba Pro. bat Court, in and fur tba county of Calhoun and Slate ef Michigan, bearing data the Oth day of June, A. D. 187G, as Administrator of tha Mid Mtate, I will offer for Mle at publio auction on the prcmlaca hereinafter dracribml, In the township uf Ilomer, cn Thursday, July 27t h, at 2 oclock p. m,, all th right, titln and Intimit of the Mid Hiram Smith, durraeed, in and to tha Adlowing ds-cribed property, tilnated In Iba town of llumir, county of t'lllmun, and State of Mirbigan, tu wit : Th Right of Redemption upon u Mortgage Salo .by 11. II. Emtnon, of fbo Kut Half of 'tho H. E. Quarter of Sec 19, Town 4 South, Range 4 Wcel, Homer, Michigan. Volkkt lima, AdmiiiLitralor. Ilomer, Juno 14tb, 1870. Aa Ordliiauce. For th establishment of a new sidewalk on the South td of Main itreet, In Inmt ol I -ol Kn 1 IS, end on lha w.rt elite of Lou No. 112 and 113, to replau tha walks at prrariit laid thereon. Sit. I. It it ordained hy the Common Connell of the villagn or llneu-r, that a new be end I luin-by ordered to ba ea-ubl'.hed and eootrueled m Uie auulh aide nf Main xtreeliu front of Lot 113, nod on th writ aid of Sophia aliii-t, adjacent to, lid along tbaraaal lino of Lola 112 and 118, in tha village of Homer, to be eon-etriwied under the direction nJ luperei. vbdim of the Street Uummiataoner, and to be completed by the tat dir of Auiutl, A. D. 1875. Bee. 2. In th eonitraeilon ol tha, tldf-idewalk named In the foregoing ecetion, die ground wliaron the him I to ba Uld hall h imoothed and brought to th prop-r gradt. In the Mtiaf.etlen or tha Hirwt UunimiMiouer, or iu eua nf diHgrermeot to the Hliafulinn of th Gammon Connell. Tli melerial ued hll be white, yrllow, o' burr oeii icaoi ling fur alrepar, nut 34 li-elns and pine plank, Hid pitta plank hall be not lore than I luehea thk-k aiid nut mote than 12 invhea wide. Hve. 8. lu llie euiietruisliou of tho walk lit Irani ol Lo 118, th-r ahall ba 3 sleep et placed lengihwl of Iba walk, and In tha euiwtriiuliun ut Hi walk a'tjjeeni to, and along tint Mtt lino or Irib No. 112 end 118, 3 eleeper placed in the same manner llniily Imlwiled in lh ground, in laid a. lo break joint with other, and well piloid togetlior al theemla; tlw plank to he plaemi crowwlaa uld walk anil firstly spiked to Heh luper. That pnrtluu ol tlw walk ordered in Irani of Lot 1 18 lo b not Im than 0 (sot wide, and that part a I-jaeenl to, and along lha east lilt of Lota 1 12 and llli to be uut lew Ihiu 0 foal aad 4 iuuhe lu widtli, fou, 4 ny person owniug or oeenpylng ny lob m land iljenl to laid sldomlk 111 have tli privilege of co atronling that lu I of tha u-na, adjaeent lu hia or her nul jira-nlr- iu aeuurdauee with th provuioa ufMauiiuo 3, of"n (Jrdiu.uu iu rltiun to tho eiHiiiraeiion and ivpi( ol aldewtlka, IMwed May 20th, 1X75. ibe. 5. Any purwui or penotia owning or tempting bib or lands djacent to Hid walk shad tail te ounalraut Uiat part of lha mni, adj irrul to h ia or her Mid promisee, e proviiled In tha last Hcllwi, by lha 1st day ol August, A. D. I87il,auuh walk eball It const routed inimmlUlely by the Sirael Uun.mMuner, and ahall ba paid Ibr In aa eurdanc with Iho proviaioee or Ruction 5, and 7, of an Unliiianua iu vulathm to tiir ronatruetUin and repair of alduwalka inuaed Mv aOih. 1875. Approved and ordered published by the Comuiou Council, June '.Oth, 1878. W. A. Lean, Recorder. A hue copy. Dralm Notice. A ppliottlun pamaiat lo law hating been aiaiiu te tlia umWr-aigiied Drain OmnmhMinMr of the townvhip uf llumer, ounty of Ualhuen, te Iomis aad eonatruel a Drain, In aalil Mwiwlilp, a ful Uommeneing oa tha X. W. quarter uf lha B. K. quarter or Hnullun 14, and ra ning a foul burly, Westerly, Hontharly. Eaaierly, and Southerly rouraa, on Haulluii 23, A 28, until it Intercept a drain known th Juekatl A Mlgly drain, unxaing a portion of nnn raaldent land ilevorllied n f 4 Iowa: Tha 8, E. quarier of tha N. TV . qMrur nf Hen. 20. Therefor b it known' that I lha Hid Iliain CmnmtHinuary will ba at llw bonaa of (1 -a Keilrr, In Mid tewn hip, on Thunulay tlw 2-hh dy of July, A D 1878, at onn o'etat p. m , In bear uv nd all who may wish te bn hand with I part to loealiug and cnniliueliug h drain. L. D. rnrai, Drain L'ommlMiouer. Dkd nonwr June, 28 ih l87d PRODATB ORDER Rial of Michigan County of Calhoan, hl Ala aewinn at the InitMU Court for llw county ef Calhoun hnMeu at tha Frohata Offlra, In Ihn ally nf Marshall la Mid rounty, on Monday, the 3d day ni July, in lira year on Ihonwiid e-xht handled ai d Mvcaiy vis. PreacHl, Hon, Cturir Dlcki-v, Judga of 1'rnhat. Ia th matter of Ihn Kslal of brad L. Ceok, hi' of K kford riaenuad. tin rrailing and Bling lha patlllue dnly variBed, of lerll II, Cook, tlw widow prayi. for rMsnna therein set forth for ailmhihiti.ilon nf swlit rMsl and foe tlw sp-pniiitaitnl of Franklin Mead aa apeaial ard general Administrator nf Hid rfti.U. Thrrenpnn it is Ordered, that fslurd. llw Sih day of August, at 10 oeloek in thn forenoon, be essigiied for tha hearten of Mid ftlllion, and that the heirs al law of Mid deeeaaed and all other poraoea ieiaiaated In Mid estate era required te appear tt HH'onofMid Court, than to be holden at the Probate OMea, te tha City of Marahall In raid County, anil show naasa. If any there be, why Ilia prayer of lha petitioner should not bo granted. And It te Farther Ordered that Mid petitioner giro notli-a to perma intonated in Mid route of the prndeney of raid petition, and th hearing thereof, by eanditg a copy of this order to bo puMlah.d In Iho Ilomer Innax, a nenpu par printed and simulating te Mid County of Calhnun, foe three aueonsiva weak pro-vkina In .aid due uf hrorirg. CIIARLK8 DICKEY, Jwlg ufPrabala A tro. copy Notick. Tha undertigned having snf-fered a rvaro Iom by the recent Bro, would ark ell three indebted to them to cell and settle, m they ere very much in used of money. E. IlRMpnxaur A Sow. Homer. May 10th, 1876, Tha nndunigned would moat ff apoetfully innoanOa lo tho dtlMM at Homer nnd vioinlty, Hint ho ban iho BEST STOCK, And b constantly Uanufoctnrlng tho Best HARNE89 That nrer win mad in n outer, nnd iu arllinw them M fEET LOW FIGURES, not for laaa than Con not at Cunt, but jnnt a email par rent above COST. All tboaa wishing anything lx my line, nradnt go out of Iowa to gat lC on I net! ni LOW an lha LOWEST. ' I maka my own work, pay 0A8H Ibr my Sioek. I soli for Cinh nod t WONT BE UNDERSOLD by ny concern in tha State ( Jnaknoo not exoept- d ) for (ho nnmo gradt of Unrnrn. Having had twalvn yen ra experience at th bniintM, I feel a fidcut tlmt I can giro n mnn n job. I Oniranleo all work u Bepro vented. Thanking yon all for poet fovOft ami hoping by rqaaro dealing toil am a part of jour Dado in Ilia fntnrn, I remain your moat Obedient Servant. J J. BANFORRr tV Repairing dona neatly and ni reasonable rate. All those who have un Mil led no counts will plena coma up and pay tnr, an I can't wait any longer, I matt have it, Tour Ao., J. J. B. Play me that Simple Air again. What shalllplay it oh! Why, just go to the NEW MUSIC STOREp Opposite tha Post Offlon, and get a Mutioal Instrument of noma kind, aa there you will Bed (or if not ea hand will lw onlered'for you ) all kinds. Pianos & Organs, Banjo, Violin, Guitars, Tamboriar Drumi, Fife, Flute, Fiaolua, Clirioneis, Flagol a, II ar-monieas, BjU Viul, Aa-,. Ae., As. A Io a Boa lot of Yiilii, Giitar, & Saiii Striip. Anil it ia my intebtlua to karp v-eryihing pertaining to tha trade. Lt, but not least, . haia a larga m lsetHM OF SHEET Mnsia Cheap for Canh. Sunday Pekaol Boou, Church Music li -oka, will be kept or ordureJ in any quantities desired. I'lesM eive me a sail and mc what I run do for you, is I sau giro satin, fectiun in everythin. L' STKR V. WRIGHT, lloiner, liny 17n, 1876. MPOETAHT TO BOttlHS! GREAT REDDCTIOM IM PRICES. NOW ia tho lima to buy your HARDWARE! NAILS at n Lows PRICK Ifcn wm aror known befora in Ibn hist- ry of tho nail trade of America. - MY STOCK IS FULL. TAINTS A IL8, Window Ginn Putty, Butte, Loekn, Knob, Bara Door Roolern, 8lrni nnd Screw Iliag. ce, Rare Trough, nnd Tin Spoating Drive Well lfompe, l'ipo Ac. An. Thn Rent Asnurtmant nf COOK STOVES Ever in Ilomer. Agency of the Cal hi ntod DIAMMD I80M FLOWS, Will Soonr ia any Soil. Harder Stronger, Better end Cura per thaw ny oilier plow in ikn mnrkat. . With much plrnnnrn do I return my nineere thinki to nil who khro fo-vored me witk their liberal patrwesg, whioh I hope to have folly aoritod, and ihnll ever ntrirolonwril q eea. tiuanoeeof the same.' R. F. GdfJtaCML Homer, March 15,1876.

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