The Homer Index from Homer, Michigan on September 3, 1890 · 2
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The Homer Index from Homer, Michigan · 2

Homer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1890
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; r va.. ... .. -I THE HOMER INDEX. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 3, 1890. I. W. IB All, Miter i PuMlihir. Dofnoefatlo County Convert tlon. A Democratic County CoaveuUon for Cilhonn ooituty will be held at Arbalter Hall In the elty of Harebell, Saturday, September 6th, 1890, at 11 O'clock, to select twenty-two delegatee (to attend the Democrat State G invention, called to meet In Hartman 'a hall at Grand Rapids, on Wednesday, 8ept H), 1890, alao to aeloct delegatee to at-Itond the Democratic Congressional Convention for the third dialrlct of Michigan, and alao to aelect delegatoa fo attend the Democratic Senatorial Convention for the ecventh aniatorlal dlatrlctof Michigan, hereafter to be called, and fOr the tranaactiou of anoh other bualueas as aball properly be (ireeented. The aeveral wards and townalilpe shall be entitled to representation In the convention ai follows: T. AMnin MWM ee II BmA es Srtf M 4lh M Atksfts, -wilt nirt T. B.C. Clips M Ward, fCMTli, Kekfnrd, IIoemt, Lag, Lnijr. M react, Marshall Tp., - 1 Mar. Clur, 1 ffart e w Hi 4th M 41k lik BvrikwiMi C Ksttflu, PwiMA I KbevMUt t. Clxrincx S. Joy, Chairman, John A. Lean Y, Secretary, Dk. W. A. Lana, M. IV. Austin, Mabtin Fkkkcu, Democratic County Committee The Democrats of Michigan will meet In Stale convention in Hartman's Ball at Grand Rapids, on September f0lh,at II o'clock to nominate candidates for State officers. Including one Justice of the Supreme Court, elect a State Central Committee for Hie etiau tng two years, and transact such oilier business as may properly ome before them. Every county ie entitled to one delegate for each GOO- voles east for governor at the last general election and one additional delegate for n fraction leas than 230 votes, but any county Is allowed at least two delegates. All delegates mnst be residents of the counties they represent On this basis Callioun county, with a vote of nearly 11,000 in 1888, will bo onUUod to twenty-two delegates. The delegates from each congressional district will meet In census at 10 a. m.on the day of the convention and recommeud candidates as follows: Two members of tho (State Central Committee, one vice president of the convention, and one member each for the committees on credentials, permanent organisation and order of business and resolutions. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Fnrmer how Is your wood pile ? If yon are a year or so behind with your subscription why not draw ns a load of wood? Our pile Is all gone, and that of our neighbor la fast disappearing. If you wish to tmy a suit of clothes the place to go Is at O. L. Dun's, the peoples elolhiar, ee be lias honest values and fair prices. He has purchased his fall stock 14 per cent less than oilier dealers and can therefore ell goods lower than any establish ment In Culboun county. Beo his sd. In this issue. The Great Camp of Maccabees at Bay City lu August changed the grade of assessment ss follows: For 81000, over 18 and under 25 years of age, 76c; over 26 and undor 80 years, 85c; over SO and under 85 yean, 81; over 88 and I under 40 years,$lA6; over 40 and under 46 years, tl -60, over 45 and under 48 years, $1.75; over 48 and under 51 years, $2. For $2000 the ntee are double those for $1000. I). W. Holler's celebrated curb and sweeny exterminator lias goua to Uto front, which place It will continue to hold. It kills ringbones and bone spavins, cuics weak back, sore tendons, weak stifle, gives a quick relief to swollen anil Inflamed glsns, and regu-lat.a tlie water works by applying, which so often need speedy relief. It Is repeatedly bought and used by the best of liorscinen, and on the most valuable horses in Southern Michigan, and and is also reomunended by vs tern ary surgeons of twenty-two yean practice. The medicine Is sold only by IL F. ONeil, of tills village, who can give you many leaUmonhda as to its merits. The Queen's lost Free Trip to Europe' fasvlng excited such universal interest, the publishers of Uiat popular msgaslne offer another and $200 extra for ex-pen see, to the person sending them the largest Hat of Englieh words constructed from letters contained In the three words BriUsh North America. Additional prises consisting of Silver Tea Bets, Chius Dinner Sets, Gold Watches, French Music Ilexes, Portiere Curtains, Bilk Dresses, Mantel Clocks, and many other useful sud valuable articles will also be awarded la onler of merit. A special prise of a Beal Skin Jacket to the lady, and a handsome Shetland POny to girl or boy (delivered free In Canada or United States) sending the largest lists. Everyone sending a list of not lend than twenty worda will receive a present Bend six U. 8. 2c. stamps for complete rules, illustrat-e I catalogue of prises, and samplo number of Tks Qm m. Address Thx Canadian Queen, Toronto, Canada. A Bull With Two Months. A New York City butchnr recenUy into possession of the remarkable .. Hnimal shown in our Illustration, being a .full grown bull with two distinct no bU. The mouth proper of the nimbi la nsed solely for eating, while the other organ Is used only for drink-The bull Is about eighteen months tng. old, weighs 1,200 pounds, and is dap-plod gray In color, the animal with the ! 2:251 and won the second mid third exception of one shoulder aodthe few-1 beaUlnth race, when It was post legs, Is well formed. The regular mouth la of normal site and contalna two full sets of tenth, but no liquid passes between them. The other mouth Is about live Inches In dlametor, at the end of a protuberance three Inches thick, and Is situated directly under the neck, about half way between the head and sbouldors. There are neither eyas nor ears In euuueutlon with this month, but them an nostrils, through which the animal breathes u well as through bis other nostrils, and a partial set of teeth, although this month is only used for drinking. The animal also lias double knee and hoof Joint. Ills disposition Is said to be quiet and gentle.8cieiitl0e American. Tho Myatorlon of a Puck of Cards. A private soldier by the name of Richard Lee was taken before n magistrate reeently for ploying cards daring divine services. it appears that sergeant commanded the soldiers ehurrb, and when the parson had road the prayers ha took the text. Those who hod blblrs took them out, but this soldier bad neither blbleor prayer book, but pulling oat a peek of eards be spread them before him. He Jnst looked at one eard and then at another. The aergeant of the company saw him and said, Richard, put up the eards, this is no place for them.' Never mind that," said Richard. When the service was over the oon-stsble took ltlcliard before the mayor. Well," says tlw mayor, what have yon brought the soldier hero for? For playing eards in church." Well soldier, wlint have you to say for youself ?" Much sir, I hope." 'Very good. If not I will punish you more Ilian man waaever punished. I have been," said the soldier, on the march about six weeks. ' I have neither blble nor common prayer book. 1 have nothing but n pock of cards, and Ill satisfy your worship of the purity of my Intentions," end spreading the card. before llie mayor he began with the ace: Wlwn I see the ace It reminds me there Is but one God. When I see the deuce It reminds me of Father and Bon. When I see the tray it reminds me of the Father, Bon and Holy Ghost. Wlien I seethe foil; spot It reminds me of Iho four Evangelists that preached, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When I meet the live It reminds me of Uie Qve wise virgins that trimmed llielr lamps, there were ten, but live were wise and live were foolish and were shut out. When I see the six reminds me that in six days Uie Lord made heaven and earth. When I Uio Devon It reminds ine Hint he rested on the seven. h day from the great work ho had created ami hallowed It. When I see the eight It reminds me of Uie eight righteous persons Uiut were saved when God destroyed Hie world, vis: Noah slid Ills wife, with three bom and Uirir wives. When I bh tin nine it reminds me of the nine lepers that were cleansed hr our Savior, then were nine out of of ten who never returned thanks. When I see the ten It reminds me of Uie ten commandments which God handed down to Moses cm tobies of stone. When I see Uie king It reminds me of Uie king of heaven, which Is God Almighty. When I see the queen It reminds me of Uie queen of Sheba, who visited Solomon, for she was as wise a woman as he was a man. Blio brought with her fifty boys and fifty girls, all dressed in boys' apparel for sing Solomon to tell which boys and which were girls. King Solomon sent for water for Uiem to wash; the girls washed to the elbows, the boye to Uie wriste, eo king Solomon told by that. Vellsald the mayor, you have . given a good deecripUon of all the cards but one. What le Uiat f" The knave, said the mayor, I will give your honor a description of that, too, if you will not be angry? I will not, said the mayor, If you do not term me to be the knave. Well said the soldier, thegreatnt knuvo 1 know of Is the constable that brought me here. I do not know, mid the mayor, If he Is the greatest knave, but I know he is tli greatest fool. When 1 count how many spote in a pack of cards I find three hundred ami slxty-Sve, as many days as tliore are In a year. When I count the num-ber of curds lu a pack I And Uiere are llfly-lwii, tbs number of weeks In a year, and I And four Suita, Uie number of weeks in a mouth. 1 And there are twelve picture cards In a pack, rep renting Ilia number of months In a year, and on counting the tricks I And thirteen, Uie number of weeks in a quarter. Ho you see, air, a pack of cards serves for a blble, nlmnnne and a common prayer book. COUNTY. ALBION. Arrangements are being n ode to display government signal dags In the city. Rev. A. K. Hall has returned from his vacation and there will be regular services and Sunday Hrhool at St. James church next Sunday. Up to Frlilsy morning 148 tickets had been sold to tha Detroit Exposition beside 26 on the special train Thursday -188 In all just an even one hundred more than were sold from Marshall. Fred Goodenow left fur Chicago last Wednesday night, to take a position offered him, unsolicited, In the Caxton Publishing Co. of that city. The position is a desirable one, and his engagement is for one year. Recorder. Albion is coming to tha front in good shape with her troUing stock this season. W. U. Warner's stallion, Cash, was second in Uie three-yesrold nee st Saginaw on Wednesday last-time, 2:28. Vesterday Leonard Kinney's stallion, Enright, got a record at Saginaw In the 2:93 trot of 2:28 and poned until to-day on soeonnt of dork ness. BolkfcHiMirfiMlIaf mil and before the fall circuit otoss will have till lower records. Mirror, Aug. 87. HA HSII ALL. The Maraliall Foundry Co., will make an exhibit at Uie Detroit Expedition The premium list for tlie 42d annual fair to I held In thla city Sept. 80 and Oeb 1, 8, and I Is out. Copies may be had by oalling at the offlos of Uie secretary, J. R. Cummlnp. Thirty-seven tickets wars sold for tlie excursion train to Detroit yesterday and thirty-one were add for the train leaving at 4 A3. Thus for about ninety tickets have been sold far tha exposition at this station. At the republican congressional convention Tuesday W. J. Gregg was made chairman of the eongreeelonal committee. Mr. Gregg ton political hustler and a personal friend i if Mr. O'Donnell's, so that If James to not elected It will not be the fault of the committee. Bo for this month the county clerk baa drawn orders for $234-72 for sparrow beads. The boys had to kill 7,824 birds In order to get entldeatee for that amount of money. They say It to wicked to break the eggs. They wait for them to hatch and then klU the birds. Sparrow eggs are of no aeoount, but sparrow heads are worth three eents a piece. Monday afternoon Burnell Miller arrested Fred Sutllff In Prrrinvllte on n charge of assault and battery. Sutllff managed to slip away from the officer and started on a run up the road. Frank Freed, of Eckford, who was driving along In that vicinity took him In and whipped up hto horses and got out of Mr. Miller's reach. The officer got a rig and started after hto it When he got to Freed's ho found that Sutllff bad gone from then across lota and wu not to be found. Yesterday a complaint wu mads against Freed for aasisUug a prisoner to escape and he wu arrested and taken before Justice Miller. Hr. Freed claimed that lie did It more for a joke than anything else, but waived examination and wu bound over for trial In tlie circuit court. Sutllff to still at large. Expounder, Aug. 29. CHIPS. When your ruseet ehoee look rusty and you feel almost ashamed iff them, treat them to a rubbing up with a cloth dipped In lemon julee, and then note Uie effect. Hcion Usls now say that a mosquito ean transmit yellow fever and malaria by a puncture of the bill. It may be added also Uiat the mosquito also produces profanity In tlie some way. When yon see two men stop' In front of a drag store, each throw away a chaw of tobacco Into the gutter and walk Into Uie store, does it Indicate Uiat theyre sick and are going to spend ten cents each for quinine ? Borrowing trouble Is tho easiest negotiation In the world, became the lernler to quite as willing to give ss the borrower to to take, and everybody enough trouble to spare, above tlie amount required to keep house. When a girl Is sixteen she likN to lie thought (rider, when she to thirty she tries to appear younger, when she to Afcylt Aattrrshertobentedat thlrty-Ave, but when ahe reaches eighty she likes to be taken for a hundred and ten at the very least. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Freservaline to the name of a preparation sold to milk dealers to enable them, by adding It to their milk, to palm of stale milk on the community. It to said to consist mainly of boric or of sallcylio arid. One tenth of tho milk furnished to Brooklyn to supposed to have had this substance added to It. A country editor In New York tunes hto lyre and bursts forth into song with the following result: Oh! the clothes press to a swell affair far garments nice and neat: the hay pram to a grand machine and does its work complete; the elder prose Is lovely with Its juices red and meet; but Uie printing press controls tlie world and gets there with both feet. Ex. Perhaps It would lie to the Interest of some of our readers to publish s receipt for making stencil Ink which quite recently earns before our notice. Take 2 ois. of shellac, Boss. borax, 23 oss. of pure wster,2oxs. of gum arabla. Color with One lampblack, to desired consistency. Turpentine and lampblack, with a little linseed oil, or even glue and water with lampblack, may be used. If you are a kicker and bn tbs shallow of s failure In everything that to proposed to help the town, for heavens sake go Into some secluded muon end kick your shadow, or the clay banks and thus give the men who ate working to build up the town a chauoe. One long faced, hollow eyed, whining, carping chronic kicker ean do more to keep business and capita) from s town than all droughts, short crops, chinch bugs, cyclones and blissards combined. Did yon ever think what your advertisement in the newspaper was doing for you ? When yon close your stores in Uie evening and go to youi family and friends, not thinking about your business at all, then It to that tlw paper Is bring rend in hundreds of liomi-e (he homes from which your trade to drawn, and thsni' to your advertisement doing its work silently but surely, and If you hnve taken pains to make it attractive, its work will lie all Uie more effective. This is repeated over and over again, and to ho doulit what Implied Mine writer to call a newspaper advertisement s silent drummer. See here young man do you want to know shat your bent girl calls you when yuiir hack to turned ? Tho following will tall you how to And out. It will take a little labor on your part, but the object to be obtained to worth all it will cost. Here is tho method: Add four years to Uw date of your birth, to this add your age at' your next Urthdqy, provided that birthday occurs before Jan, 1st, 1881. If not un four years st your tost birthday. Multlplythtosum by 1000 and from the produot subtract 878,428. The flg-ures will give you tlie answer you seek. In reeding them remember that tlie figure 1 stands for the letter A; 2 for B, n on. Try it T. T. Wheeler In SetoncH sums up numerous experiments thus: 1. The residues of all baking powders, no matter how pure may ba their oonstlt-uente, have a harmful efltwt upon digestion, due, probably, primarily to the fact that the mite an acted upon by the hydrochloric add of tlie gastric juics with tbs formation of more soluble compounds, and them salts may form organ le compounds with albuminous bodies In tha oama manner as many of tho motels do. 8. Calcium phosphate, on aeeount of its greet Inhibitory set ton on digestion, must bo regarded ns a poor agent for the manufacture uf a baking powder, while ammonium tartrate may be looked upon with more favor. 8. The presence of alum In a baking powder made with ealclum phosphate greatly Increases Its retard-ltd action. 4. The least harmful baking powder to one ecntalnlng only the bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar. Tbs presence of any other chemical substance, however harmlese In Itself, tends to Increase the complexity of the residue and Impair tha act-ivly of the gas trie juice. Goto E. B. Wallace's Farmers1 Cash Store and bn their line display of new crockery. Fifth Olln Family Reunion. The near annual reunion of the Olln fomlly will be bold at Kent, Ohio, Oet. let and 2d, 1890, on which occasion the Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw B. B. sell excursion tickets from all i Uom between Allegan and Toledo to Kent, Ohio, at tlie low rate of $6 for the round trip, and to Buffalo, N. Y. at Id for the round trip. Tickets good going on special trains leaving Allegan Mich., Sept. 80th at 10 o'clock a. m. and returning on regular up to and in. eluding Oct. 80tb, 1890. Ample ao-oommodatioM will bo provided for all. Bleeping accommodations must ba secured on or before Sapb 20th For furtlier Information Inquire of C. J. M. Agent, or aihlroN Ladles, clean your kid gloves with Mather's Glove Cleaner. For sale For Inactivity of the liver, kidneys and bladder Brooks Kidney and Liver Syrup has no equal. 816k Headache. Loons Red Clover Fills Cure Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Con stlpstlon, 250 per Box, 5 Boxes for 81 , Ftnr solo by all dnigglata. Examine Your Condition And if your liver or kidneys are weak nr diseased you can, by leading a careful life enjoy perfect health by using as directed Brooke Kidney and Liver Syrup. Pllee, Plies, Piles. Loon's Bed Clover File Remedy, to a positive spec! fie for all forma of the disease, Bll d, Bleeding, I telling, U1 cerated and Protruding Piles. -Frioe 60c. For sale by all druggists. General Debility Is a general break down of the system the result of Impaired action of the kidneys and liver. Correct thie by using Brooks Kidney and Liver Syrup and health will ba restored. Give It a Trial. A trial of Brookto Kidney and Liver Syrup will convince the most skeptical that It to just the remedy fora diseased condition of the liver, stmnaob and bowels, and tha great Improvement of tlw complexion and freedom of the skin from all blemlslws and Impurities is an evidence of Ita good effect upon tlw system. Bucklln's Arnica Salve. The best salve In the world for euls, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever soreo, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It to guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or monN refunded. Frioe 25 cto per bos. For sale at Banghama. Happy Hooaierg. Wm. Timmons, postmaster of Ida-ville, Ind writes : JSIectrio Bit ters has dons mors for me than all oilier medicines combined, for that I mu reeling arising fr m Kidney and Liver lMuble.w John Leslie, for mer and a oCkmm of the same place says : Find Elcotrio Bitters to be tho best Kidney and Liver modi cine, made me fool like a new man. J. W. Gardener, hardware merchant same town, lays : Elect rio Bitters is Jnst the thing for a man who to all ran down and don't oare whether lie lire or dies; he found new strength I spue tile and felt Just likn he iad s new Irnso on life. Only 50o. s bottle, st Dr. Bangham's Drug Store. Ia Consumption Incurable, Read ths following: Mr. O. II. Morrio, Newark, Ark., says: Wu down with Abeeew of Lungs, end (Hands and physicians pronounced me an Incurable Consumptive. Began taking Dr. Kings New Discovery fur Consumption, am now on my third bottls, and able to oversee tlw work on my farm. It is the finest medicine aver made. Jesse Middleware, Decstsr, Ohio, says: Had it not been for Dr. Kings New Discovery for Consumption I would have died of Lung Troubles. Wu given up by tho doctors. Am now in tlw best or lienlth. Try it. Sample buttles freest Bnngliam's Drag Store. Epoch- Tlw transition from long, lingering and painfrl sickness to robust health nmrks an epoch in the life of the Individual. Ouch n remarkable event is treasured in tlw nwmiirj and tha agency whereby the good health hu been attained iagintefolly blessed. lienee It is flint m much la heard lu praise of Electric Bitters. Bo ninny feel Uiey owe their restoration to heallh, to the use ul tiis Greet Alternative and Tonic. If you are tronbled with any disease of Kidneys Liver nr Stomach, of long or short standing you will surely And relief by use oi Electric Bitters. Sold at 60c. and $1 per bottle st Bangham's Dbig Htoi. UOBtoto Shropshire and Southdown Backs Bred from imported Stock. 71LL parties wishing to engage in raising lambs for eastern markets, can find on the farm of Geo. H. Marsh, three miles southwest of Homer, a number of Bucks, extra blood, which he will sell at reasonable prices. For further information, address, GEO. H. MARSH, HOMER, MICHIGAN. 9 9 SWEEPER, Best in the World, 2E HENSHAW & CO.. -DXALEH8 IN- Fornitnre and Undertaking. HOMER. Brooke Kidney and Llvar 8yrup. When tlw pain In the liver to accompanied by constipation, bilious patient will usually And Brooks Kidney and Liver Syrup sufficient to relax the iMiwria -and It should be borne In mind Unit it la nut a drastio purgative but will afford the hepatlo nrgau unepeakalile relief. LEGAL. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, w Fifth Judicial Circuit in Chancery, Suit pending In Circuit Court for the County of Calhoun, In Chancery, at Marshall, on Uw fourteenth day of July, A D.IMMl Nnra Crawford, complainant vs. William 11 Crawford, defendant. In till caiiM it appearing that tlw reaidcnca and whereabouts o: 1 the defendant, William II Crawford, are unknown and that It cannot be ascertained in what state or county Iw resides, tlwrefore on motion of ClinrlN R. Maine, solicitor for complainant. It to ordered Hint defendant enter hto ap-pearanoe In said canae, on nr before Ave months from the date of thtoorder,snd that within twenty days complainant cause this order to be published In tlw Homer Inixx, said publication to he continued once In each week for six weeks in succession. Dated July 14.1800. FRANK A. HOOKER, Circuit Judge. CHARLES R. MAINS, Solicitor for Complainant. Notice. Thera to now Aled with the clerk of tlw eircult court In end for the couuty of Calhoun and state of Michigan, and pending In Mid court, a petition, praying the said circuit court to vacate alley In tha village of Homer, eounty of Calhoun, state of Michigan, which alley to more particularly discrlbed as being one rod In width and extending east and west tli rough the center of s certain block in the village at Homer, which said block has neither number or nemo but to bounded on the north by Hamilton street, on Uie east by Webster street, on the south by Fulton street, end on the west by Sophia street. C. C. Worthington, Robert II. Nelson, John T. Pollock, Mrs. Ells Stanton, M. Bayes, Jos. W. 8bridon. CMC! TO MAKE HONEY Salary and Expense paid, or commission if preferred. Boles-men wanted everywhere. No experience needed. Address, stating age, W. 11. Fuwteh A Co., Nurserymen. Geneva, N. Y. A For Sellable Issuance Insure In tlw old (ricillml Iunraice Cmpaij J. Harmon I) or row, AgL llomer, Miob. No more of thisl Mnltf Wlp e Ik. SML THE COLCHESTER" adMOMiWi ADHESIVE COUNTERS." AT RETAIL BY 0. L. LINN, THE CLOTHIER, AND SHOE DEALER, nOMRR. MICH dlnS. .MS-4 ft kf. I BUY- BISSELL CARPET Upholstery Repairing Neatly Done MICHIGAN. CiitiiiaS, Mui I lacUm Railroad Compaij. Michigan Division. Fusesgw Time Sable, In Effect Sunday, May 25, 1890. lUjeMUsaBsM Katml sr iiMVMgr ETftttt, UK ' - XU. CEtTML TIME. Tralw Mt .Mitlimp talk am uMs M B. mvrufMkmi N. I CI.el.Mll SipraM, M.m.1 S:SS Ik X UlMlBiMI SISW. M lMrf,Sil7 p. m. All umlsi 0lr UUS Mw. ISiM miMImli bWU TiM III ClmllMtl Wilt .11 IMS. Slvnsltf. T.aH.SUEIXOLSn, Om.I Pm.. AsL V. B. DMAKS. OrawalHtaifSr. A. B. BALL ADD. Asat. Bmmv Mioihoas CTewtral "2k Jfi opera AMs Fs!. Way freights Noe. 68 and 70 cony passengers on freight train permits. O. W. ltUQOLKM, Genl Pass. Agent, Chics ye. Geo. W. Lewis, Agent, flumcr. PEERLESS DYES best Ffer BLACK BTOCJUXQS. Ml tj fosglMa Aloe lMij..niw.,.Pilins Mines gnjiwl 1117 Bhhwi PMriw. Ink RmSm-v iMiwriiip, i Ootkosi Root COMPOUND nwed nf iMloa Hw4. Ttatn and Mmvrural-. mown iiaeavMv OV ri rmfmnjt a. . phr.Jii.ii. u wm iwiralf Mimii W. HTeiinaL fiin. fL Sy Mled. IjuIIm. auk V"ue draaskt for OoAkls (Mtm Burn Iompiiiind and taka ini .tdlUI. nr Mow S rtampa fur Malnd Panto. Iw. Ad draw PON II l.ltV IH.urtilY. r Block. llU Wmidw.r.1 IknW, d f&dd by ell druglsts. LOOSE'S EXTRACT CLOVERBLOSSOHH SJJ o g 61 4 IT IS F0LIC7 1 i To have too many irons in the fire at once. If you want CLOTHING, go where they keep Clothing, and make it a special feature of their business. i-frBoasting is not one of our prinsiples, but4-f Honest Values and Fair Paices ARE TWO OF THEM. CASH IN HAND I Enables us to buy our fall stock 1-4 LESS Than we could on long time. Our expenses are 6 per cent, lower than the lowest; therefore we can and shall sell goods lower than any other concern in Calhoun county. We are receiving new goods made in the latest styles and of the most approved fabrics by the most reputable manufacturers whose reputation is based on the quality of goods they produce. If you want a business suit, dress suit or wedding suit, come and see our line. Very truly yours, O. L. LINN, THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHIER. HOMER. MICH. CALHOUN COUNTY FAIR SEPT. 30 to OCT. 3, MARSHALL, MICH 1890 'We beg1 to call your attention to our FALL OPING, SEPT. 1st This year we eclipse all former efforts both in quality and quantity of goods carried. It will be our earnest endeavor to meet your wants in a manner both satisfactory and profitable to you. We have secured several leaders in our Cloak department, which we think will recommend themselves. While we will allow no one to undersell us we do not carry a cheap r inferior grade of goods, but to )uy the best goods in the market. We devote a great deal of space to Childrens Cloaks and Jackets, and desire to prove to you that we can undersell our competitors in like lines. Our FALL AND WINTER T.ina is new complete and we advise you to once before the finer goods are gone. Fall and Vinter Opening orCLOAXSinTOlFS SEPT. 1st to 30th, CBomsfe, Mabshall. CRONIN. marshall, micH.

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