The Homer Index from Homer, Michigan on March 10, 1932 · 2
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The Homer Index from Homer, Michigan · 2

Homer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1932
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THE HOMER INDEX, MARCH 10, 1982 QUAKER MILL The Homemaker's Comer Two Meals Da Best For Stomach Trouble NEWS FROM SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES Mrs Charley Hydb spent Thursday I By with Mra Kdd Ely, . Mr. and Mra N. I. Cmuburn and ana, , I e,ch wornlng by drinking water with M. Rly, celebrated thrir mother and add sunshine and cheer to a dara rinwi. knibni Skip one meal and drink water Instead. Wash out stomach and bowels in,. M riwonful of rimple Jlycerln, buckthorn grendmuthor, Mra Melvins Elya 80th dingy room. The warm colors ere (fnnn eonMnind 1 called Adtei birthday last Tburadny. lyuUuw, peach, and almUar abadoa ,) eow Mnl Mary Bates aad children sad which redact a bright anuny light. Adlerika brings oat poisons ron nor. AGNEW DISTRICT You have a right to expect the best service from your Oliver plows. They are built for that purpose but they axe guaranteed only when equipped with genuine Oliver repairs. Be sure then that you get genuine Oliver repair repairs that are made in the same factory aa your plow. Let the Oliver trade mark be your guide when buying repair. It is your best assurance that the part you buy will fit perfectly and last longer. POWERS IMPLEMENT CO. A Good Place To Deposit Your Money In this strong 80-year-old Bank your money earns 4 interest compounded quarterly, and you can draw any part or all of it at any time. Cash on demand to every depositor has been the rule at this bank since its foundation in 1851. We cordially offer this dependable service to every citixen ip this community. A New Savings Interest Quarter begins April First Deposits as late as April 6 draw interest from April 1. Our Savings Certificates of Deposit draw 4 from date if held three months or longer. Old-Merchants National Bank and Trust Company - Battle Creek, Michigan Capital & Surplus $3,200,000.00 Long Distance 'Telephone Service is Economical and Easy to Use. LONG DISTANCE will take you anywhere for a friendly chat, or to talk business. LONG DISTANCE is easy to use . . . almost like making a local call. LONG DISTANCE calls can be made from any telephone. LONG DISTANCE rates are surprisingly low. Calhoun County T elephone Co. and MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE CO. KERN DISTRICT Mr. and Mia Baton Bellas and aon, lOrto of soar Cbocord aprat Sunday with Mia Mania M cl twain. Mia Kn Buaklrk panted away at or homn southwest of Eckford, Fri- day evening: Mr. and Mm Boton Hoftnaa had I britbday party for thrir da tighter, lair, and Mia Ernest Cutting of Albion and W1U Huffman and family I attended. Taffee District News The Nimble ringer Bowing Club I hold their meeting at Myrtle Hewitt's, I Saturday afternoon. Thla waa their 1 tart meeting until the sixteenth, when they will Beet at tha acbooi houaa and I Judge their rawing articles; Mr. and Mia Frank Una apent Bat unlay aranlng at Jim Morley's. Howard Kennedy waa a caller of hla tothar, Mia Hobart HomtHirough, Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mra I to Itaco worn callera lot Mia Howard Hess, Saturday even- ling. Mr. and Mra Howard Hem are go-I Ing to move Into the Btanham houee WHIG CENTER Mr. and Mia Virgil CHngan of Bat I tie Creek and Mr. and Mra Archie Wtortogri and two children of Farm a pent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mra J. Q. Cllnaaa Hie owwriou Ing la honor of their fathers birthday. He la TO yea re old. Virgil and wife remained with them until Bua- day afternoon. Mr. and Mra Bay HoMwn apent Bun-I day evening with Mr. and Mra Ban Mr. and Mia Birch of Mongotnery land aon, Mr. and Mra Harley Birch of llllledale apent Friday with Mr. and Mra J. Q. Cllngaa Mra Fiancee Woolf apent Saturday with Mra Winnie Crandall. Ur. and Mia Ford CUngaa I Friday with Mr. and Mra J. Q. aaa tha former1 parcnta 1 COOKS PRAIRIE Don't forgrt the Baiter program I which le to be given by the Sunday School with Mr. Batllng aa chairman. Mr. and Mia Oeorga Oefkln and I daughters apent Sunday with Mr. and Mia J. a YarneU. Mr. and Mra Howard Booth and I aon, Bobby wore In Adrian, Hinraday afternoon. Mr. and Mra D. W. Oortright enter-I tallied tha Fedro Club, Saturday night for aeven o'clock lupper. Mia Clarence I Andrua and Fred Hank won high Yen and Keith Mann have been ill I with 'the fla Mra Fred Uarah was called to I Green Bay, Wlaconeon teat week by the eerioue lllnem of her brother. He died shortly after hla arrival Mr., and Mra Arthur Avery and I children apent Sunday with Mr. and Mia Alfred Avery. Mr. and Mra Howard Oortright i I tertalned Friday evening in honor of the former1 birthday. A cooperative upper waa enjoyed and the evening wee apent playing pedia Mia Howard I Nichols and William Bute won high Mr. and Mra Norman Booth spent I Sunday with Mr. and Mra Earl linger of Hlltedala Jack Moad la I with bte grandpa rente, Mr. and Mra John MeAUtetar. Mr. ond Mia Manny Kranahaar en-I tertalned Mr. and Mra Stanley Welt- ael and children, Sunday. Mra Theodore Thomas and I apent Sunday with her slater, Mra George Clark, near Albion, whoas aon has been hurt In an accident. SOUTH CLARENDON Otta Friend called on Oliver Arey, Monday afternoon. Tho oldest son of Mr. and Mra Robert King la ill with grip. Mr. and Mra Martin Wines of South Homer were Sunday callera at Oliver Amy's and Liege Hanham'a Sunday. Fred Brewer and family wore Sunday callers at Oliver Amys We are pleeaed to beer lira Norrla Olney la much better. Tho little aon of Mr. and Mra Owen Weeks te lira the home of hie grandfather Shilling. Oliver Arey, who has been in with grip la aome better. Mias Martha Brewer was home from her school teat week SI with grip. We are pleased to hear that Mra reatan Power la much better and will be horn from the hospital soon. Mr. and Mia Clayton O'Dell win soon more to tho farm of their grandfather, Charles ODell Grant Brown and family visited at Howard Brown's Thursday. Mr. and Mra Otto Friend, who recently purchased the Grocery stock and Oaa Station of Mr. and Mra Bay-tnund Patch at Bentleys Owner, have their new gal tanka installed and art selling Oulf products They would be plea led to have the public call and try out tha Oulf Oaa It la very highly. Mr. and Mra Orville Cook callers at Oliver Amy's Sunday. Winter has arrived for the spring month. Mra Bttlo Shilling; passed away at lx o'clock last Thursday evening; after a few days lllnem of pneumonia Funeral was held at ten o'clock at tha Clarendon Metfiodlat Church, Sat urday. Burial at Tekoniha. Mr. Shilling who le seriously ill was not able to attend tho funeral alao an only brother, Charlie Born of Homer could not attend, bring 111 Thera la a lot of rickaeao at premnt Mr. and Mra Clifford Brewer entertained fifty Mends and neigh bora at thrir home, Saturday evening. Cards and dancing war tha divisions Music waa furnished by the Ladd family of Horton. There are friends from Horton, Allen, Joneovilla Albion and nomer. Lunch was served at midnight. AH enjoyed a .fh "TvI "TLMocilriiT I T111 1 It today; with Mr. aad Mra Celia and Boy Woodllff and Albert Southwell were Sunday evening visitors of tho Mills family. Mr. and Mra Jl. B. Mala want to Union City Thursday forenoon and returned Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mra Howard Marita and fsmlly ware . dinner guests of Mra Martins parcnta Mr. and Mra Fred Patera Sunday. Mr. and Mra E. I MeCllntlc In Marshall teat week Wednesday to attend tha annual meeting of the Farm Bureau. hla grandmother, Mra Mrivliw Kly. One quart of milk ter each child and L, tomorrow you feel the wonderful Mr. and Mra Herald Wilkinson of a pint for each adult will provide the Lga 0f this German doctors remedy -- -- grandmother, lima eeeuntlal for the building and W. Parker, Druggist one day test I maintenance of good tame and teeth. All children need playmates who te sick with actatlclacn about on tho same development! Hillsdale visited till Mra Emma WUklnaou O. V. Dexter rheumfttlMB. Mr. and Mra Batorman of Mason visited thrir daughter, Mr. and Mra Maneul Kly at tha home of Mia Mririna Ely. A fortunate husband la one whose re snout on too earae uvrauwnuwte , . , . . "T level Thla helps them all to solve the "Jr 1 mmA hor, ,0 to Saratoga District Mra Chaa Frans entertained a company of ladies at her homo Thursday afternoon And fled off a quilt , Times preaent were Gertrude McKee Mr. and Mia M. H. Thompson spent Lnd niece, Ruth Lee, Mra Roy Sunday with tho latters parcnta Ur. Timmons, Mia L. a Cook and Mia and Mra Boy BouthwriL otto Cook. Mra Harvey Lambrlght and dangb- Mr. and Mra Harold Keeney and tora Opal and Ctarsbell and Mra danghtera of Battle Creek apent Bat , George Larder were la Albion, Batar-0rday night and Bandar with Mr. awl Fir Annual Thwnahlp Beetle Mao- problem of tho giro and take of human relation ehlpa A wooden epoon need in a nlouall saves dark atroaka on food atlrred I with them. It la particularly good for whipping potatoea candy, or frosting; Tho spoon should bo made of hard wood and shaped ao that It can be easily cleaned. Wert It not for a mans faults he I might live and die without over bear-1 lug hla name mentioned. Registration Notice day F. M. The Balnay District Parents and Tfeachar Aawxlatlon meet Friday evco-lng. There was a good attendance. A program, with n cooperative sapper. George Monte has retained from a trip to hla farm at M uncle. Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Kuasril Thompson worn In and near Battle Creek week visiting friends. Tho Nimble Singer Chib win bo en-l Ur. and Mra. Alfred Woodllff. tertalned at the home of Mra. Qourge Hoblntte, Wednesday, March IS. Southwest Clarendon Mra. I. F. Wood. day, April 4th. A. D. IKS. Mra. Hoy Timmons ia quite alck with I peritonitis, . I To tha Qualified Electors of tha I Hay Magon of Charlotte waa a Bun-1 Township of Homer (1reclnct No. l day caller at I. F. Woods and 2. Mr. and Mrs Albeit Lewis of Jack- County of Calhoun, State of Michigan. I son apent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs Notice ia hereby given that In con-1 Fern Clark and family. formlty with the Michigan Election Wan. Curry, Mr. and Mrs Will Curry Law, I, tha undersigned Township and non, Jari took Sunday dinner with Clerk, will, upon any day, except Sunday and a legal holiday, the day of any Mr. and Mrs Leon Cook of Clark regular or apodal election or primary Lake spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs election, receive for registration the L O. and Otto Cook. name of any legal voter In mid Town- Jim McKee apent the week-end with shfo not already registered who may friends In Kalamaaoa Apply To Me Personally for such re- Glennie Heath of South Albion te gtatratlon. Provided, however, that II working for hla ancle; Otto Cook for ran receive no names for registration a white. during tha time Intervening between Leon Smith, who Uvea on what was the Second Saturday before any regu-known the John Thompson term, lar, apecteL or official primary election Mr. and Mrs Wheeler Shilling and children of Bono; Ohio were week-end rial tora of Clarence Tank's Mrs Frank Bourdo and two chll- drcn of Boms Ohio, Mrs Lawrence jpft hist week with hla brother-in-law and the day of auefa election.' Ihiffey and daughter, Mrs Arthur I for Denver, Colorado expecting to be The teat day for General Beglatra-Murphey and daughter and Mr. and gone a month. Mrs Smith and her tloa does not apply to persona who vote Mrs Gilbert Gee of Toledo aurprlecd niece, who la staying wUh her have muter the Absent Voters' low. (See Mrs Ben Swope on her birthday, Bat- been quite rick with the fin thla week Beglatratlon of Affidavit.) hare nrday. and Mr. and Mrs I. F. Wood Mr. and Mrs Vera Sweet and ben -ing ter them, daughter, Eva were Sunday dinner guest at Neal Dolph's Brood marea ahonld be kept working I Mrs Bello Wood and Panl Carte- bnt not worked hard, np to within ton of Battle Creek were Sunday Lbont a week of foaling. Tha feeds con-vlattora at Frank Martinson's. tnlnlng plenty of protein, lime and I Mr. and Mrs John Wendorf, Mr. phosphorus are eaanutial. Avoll dnaty, Notion la hereby given that I will be at Dixie Service Station TUESDAY. MARCH 13, IN Tho Twentieth Day Preceding Said I Election. An provided by Part II, Chapter III, Public Acta of 1031. Prom 8 o'clock a. m. until 8 o'clock I . , p. m., for the purpoee of Herlowlng the and Mrs Neel Dolph were Thursday moldy or decayed teed. Bran, Unwed Beglatratlon and Registering such of I evening visitors at lien Swope's medl or other laxative feed should be the qualified electors in said Township Mr. and Mrs C. I Wood and chU- added to the ration.. A fw days before In giiall lroperly Aiiply therefor, dron of Marshall were Sunday even- foaling; decrease the grain allowance Notice Is hereby further glreu that 1 1 Ing visitors at Neal Dolphs and give plenty of laxative feeds wffi be at Dixie Service Company, 23rd Mr. and Mrs Dramm of Jackson day, March 1U32 from 8 o'clock a, is, have moved to the James Itoan term, A disease, Corynenm Might, which to 8 o'clock p. m., 24th day, March, recently purchased by them. haa been known In Michigan tor mb. from 8 oclock a. m. to 8 oclock Messers James and Charles Bher- several years but which baa not serl-1 p, m., 20th day, March 103 from 8 man and Neal Dolph who have been I ously affected peaches previonaly Is o'clock a m., to 8 o'clock p. m. and from very 1U with the flu ara slowly lm-lnow reported from different points In g o'clock a. m. until 8 o'clock p. in., on proving. tha state aa canring Injury to the SATURDAY, MARCH 28th, IKS fruit, twigs and foliage of peach LAST DAY pi SDPMnrtN NCWC I trees according to the botany depart- For General Beglatratlon by Perron-1 ILAKEiHUUIi UtiWa Iment of Michigan State College. Trees al Application for Bald Election. attacked by thin dleearo show, daring The name of no perron but Vernon Trumbull and Bird Patten tbe dormant season, a ms is of mall ACTUAL Resident of the precinct at I of Milbrook aiHWt Friday night with cankers and dead twig throughout the tlMe of aald registration, and cu-Mr. and Mrs Eugene Bartlett the frnlt bearing area. Gam exudes titled under the Constitution, if re- Mrs Carolus Harrington and. chib from dlacased bode end from the malnlng such resident, to vote nt the dron, Burdette and Ruth apent the cankers, especially during wet wrath- next elertlon, riiaU bo entered in the week-mid with the former's parents er. Tho diseased arras on one-year registration book. Mr. and Mrs A. W. Flint wood are dark brown In color, are Kegiatration By Affidavit Mr. and Mrs II A. O'Brien have I circular or oral and often art ao- flee. 10 Registering of Electors: moved into tbs A. W. Flint tenant companlcd by longitudinal splitting of Any Absent Voter, ns defined In this hones the bark. Cankers on twoyear wood act whose name la not registered and Mr. and Mrs Herman Oasenbemler may extend half way round tha twig, who shall claim tha right to vote by entertained tbe Pedro rinb at thrir borne, Saturday evening. Jasper Berry, retained Saturday from a two weeks visit with friends In Toledo and surrounding towns Mrs Maud Berry, Mrs Georgia Truax, Mrs Anna Flatter, Mrs Emma Cook, Mrs Ella Flint and Miss Sadie Flint apent Thursday afternoon with MyS Carrie Floss and helped her tie qnd' finfsh a quilt Pari Shilling, who haa been quite 111 haa gone to Chicago to stay with hla daughter,, until be 1a improved in health. The Flint Community meeting which was to of been held at the BETTER! in mileage, tread-wear, protection from puncture or blowout than ever before at these low prices! GOODYEAR PATHFINDERS . lifetime Guaranteed HEAVY DUTY TRUCK TIRES 88x5 lf.4i 32x1 - SMS SUN Tumor Goodyear Coaat-to-Coast KBALRadlol Programs; Wed. Sat. NORTH SIDE GARAGE II. J. Kilim! limner, Mich. STATE OF MUlIHUAN, Tho Probate Court fur Ilia County of Calhoun. At a andon of said Court, held at the Irotaite Office in the city of Marshall In raid County, on tho eighth elertlon or primary election, dndguat-1 V' V4- It baa been reported that I ara not "( particularly the place of hu otjwr A. ,i i i ,k. residence and that he or she poaacsscs lJn,W: r lTouatp. Johjiron, es m s-i S2riSSL2. A.'ssrs s"S"5.iiE;s.v jur-ssi i. . . been portponed until the first Friday ymmigwy; Mo-g tul under the conatltutlon ; and that owing Ihjrtlia E. Hhaffw, deceased, te April on account of ao many bring g i tatemratpleaanroat thteto the richncaa or bodily Infirmity of ofrid L time, THANKING yon BO CAILED I Ahnarif or herself or some winter lPhyricten or Doctors, who have at or her temlly, or owing to hte ' fS00?! ready In Reveral Family of a deceased reported the above tecta. (That I am Prtdic buaineaa or nia or iier frJ" Mr. and Mra. Frank Bonham enter-l00 and have not hud tbel,11?. n1 wlthout lntent te nrold jJjM ml tlaii silmlnlsiMtlnn nf , har watetratUm. ha or I derailed mul that administration of talned Sunday In honor of tho tetter's . Lh. wal nnabte to make applUatbm for I void eat u to be granted to William B. mother, Mra, D. 6. Howe and her TBANXIIW yon again for living tha j.- nrovidcd I Abrams aa adnriiitatrator with tha twin slater, Mra Melville Bryant, out inch unrcaronsble information. reels taring of electors wlll annexed or some other suitable whose birthdays occurred on Monday I have had six long years of !- InLc-din. ,cb election or primary elec- Pson. March 1th. Beside tho honor guests lcnce, with taro of tho FINDKHT, tb . WrMu M I Ordered, That the first day of were, Mr. and Mrs. James Howe and BUST BQUIPBD, ILARGMST, and tew aha rimll aon of Detroll Mr. and Mra. Clem OLDEST Fnnenl Establishment in S ffto vole a"ro!h rirc-Bnckmaster and riifidren of Omeo, tha State of Michigan, and ran nt any orP.iraJ,rv election. If Mich MIm Louise Ben ham and girl friend time get the vwy beet of references. LuJt halTln aald matter, wilfully EMt Innsing, Hebert Howe and Ro I wish to announce to the Public I mVfc. any false riatement, he or she The termers are bn ay these days doing choree and ahovriing la oral and wood to hasp warm. Ton ran root a good hatband by the won odgeo on hla pockets and the habit of looking nt hla watch. daughter Mr. and Mra Charles that I am fully rqulpcd wMh all the (hall be deemed guilty or perjury, and ot a copy hermf for three successive Bryant and Melville Bryant. neeeeary Funeral Equipment that lslunon conviction, bo snbject to the mlna wmka previous to sold day of bearing Mias Ruth Cunningham of Battle required of a Funeral Director, which nenalttea thereof. " ' v 1 le aa folkwra, a hearse, ambulance, n provision la Cast of Removal te Am tent at the grave; casket showroom, other Proelnet my own Embalming gripe and eta floe, u Part II Clrap. III. Any It also baa been reported by the reglaterrd and qualified voter wlio haa SO CALLED meat toned above, that I REMOVED from ONE ELECTION take my work out of Town, but I wish PRECINCT of n TOWNSHIP to ante say that anyone without KNOW- other election precinct of tha same IXQ It to be true would know better TOWNSHIP shall have 'the right, on then to make such a ntetemeat. Inny day previous to election, or prim- On hnr.-. to the All n ,rV l1ctl0n taF- application to . Clerk, to hare his or her th "! tnmaferred from the rcglstratbm the home of the deceased, or at my book of the precinct from which he or Home; with the very ' - Creek spent Sunday wKh her parent!, Mr. and Mra Henry Cunningham. Mr. and Mra Arthur Anderson and Mr. and Mra Glenn Anderson Sunday with Mra Ella Snyder. Mra Lloyd Hart of Lanring, who has been raring for. her brother, Don Grid ley, returned to her home Sunday, accompanied by her parents, Mr. and Mra Bryoo Grldley. Mr. and Mra James Howe and son of Detroit spent Saturday afternoon at Robert Hasre'a. Mra Pearl Cunningham and Mias In the Ilomcr Index a newspaper printed anil drcn toted in said County. I-oiiInp A. Johnson, A true copy. Judge of Prolmte - Sarah L. Pentlry. Register of Probate. 18-81 NOTICE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Please to Tike Notice that on Friday the first i lay of April 183 nt one Funeral Home; with the very bestl irllEMO VBI to tiie rtwlstro-1 ,n the Urnoon, at the Judge Mar- aerricee rendered at HI time, and at M the pnct b, which he or 1 th she THEN RESIDES. Such elector Winifred Cunningham were In hall Thursday morning: a very reasonable coat. RESIDES. Such elector Marshall County of Calhoun. m Mrfc CALL'S anowered promptly Day or shall have the right to have Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mra. wight I transfer on any ELECTION or Honorable Judge of Probate In and for Donald Sampson in Albion. Primary election day by obtaining to change my name from Thooe from away attending the I There te one thing that every temlly from the board of Inspectors of auch Daniel Beery to lteniel Iawrence funeral of Don Grldley were Mr. and RBMBMBBR. plertloll w primal election of preiimt Mra Lloyd Hart, Mr. and Mrs. 8IDEB at the time ot Death and that vrhteli be or ihe HAS REMOVED Waned, Daniel Beery Henhri Stanley, Mr. and Mra Claude j ? a CBBTIFIGATE OF TRANSFER and , tr,lui11 Grldley. Mr. and Mra Stanley of Lan-1 SUCCBStSIONfl, or OBDBM at the L,B..nnng the mid cerllfiMite to the 1 103i ring; Mr. and Mra Floyd Moody. Mr. and Mra Herbert Rodgers, Balph Blaahflcld of Battle Creek; Jay Hill and sons of Hanover; Mr. and Mra, Kennrth Hewitt and Milford Snyder and mother of Albion. In military organisation, lfs hell for the frilow on tiie bottom. In business organisation, it's hell for the frilow on top; presenting BOARD OF ELECTION INSIHCTOUfl Always REMEMBER that bte AD- OF THE PRECIXOT IN WHICH HE VICE, SroORHgKKig, or ORDERS OR SHE THEN RESIDES, are ABSOLUTELY CANCELLED at Dated March 10th, 1982. the time of a Death, or in other words JOHN K. CORKY, a Doctraa Business ENDS nt thla Tuwnshlp Clerk, time, anil n Funeral Directors Busl-B EG 1X8 and ro flueceealone, Orders, or Van was the subject of the Lesson-Sermon In all Christian Hcicnce churches throughout the world Mnn-ttey, Man-b & Among the Bible citations waa thla passage (Col. 3:1) : If ye be risen with Christ, seek those the Advice. I r . v v I XT1 I , I things which are shove, where Christ TIP frame DOll t Get UP NlghtS rtteth on ttio right band of God -1 Correlative passages read from tha Doctor, to ron to HAVE or CALL a . , ,7. . , I lrrelatlve passages read from tho certain Fnnenl Director, MIGITT thf Ih Jnnlper On Chrlrtlan flrtemw textbook. 'Hdcnra MEAN that ron will PAY FOB THAT I rT nt Impnrltlra and rxcevs and Health with Key to the Bcrlp-TlP and a LOT MORE. adda that cause Irritation, bnrnlng tnres," by Mary Bnker Eddy, lndud- , xnd frequent dcrira Juniper oil ed the following p. 510): Unman (YOU HAVE A MIND A3 H ET.I. j bueUti lnwg etc:, is contained In capacity i slow to discern anil to Afl IDEALS OF YOUR OWN, HO J Bukets, the bladder physic. It works I grasp God's creation and the divine STICK TO THEM). Bo always harelon tho bladder similar to canter oil j power and presence which go wllh It, In mind the FUNERAL DIRECTOR on the bowels; Get n 25c teat box from demonstrating Its spiritual origin. Mrivln Robinson, 25, and Bert Mason, 2 6t. Clair Shores, were stopped by Chief of Police Abe Alter because they had been shooting In the ' city limits. On inspecting thrir automobile ramenarrabntaovWnstlro Ray I thlnk nnd know will do the I any drug store. After four days if I Mortals ran never know the Infinite, tt Collens of 8t Clair Bhoree pleaded trintiwlitrrrTr?r Pt.rcll7'ed ,'ettln P nights" go until they throw off the old man and aolltv to charge of carrying Shot gun I ?AflT EXPHX8H, and STICK back and grt your money. If you are reach tbe spiritual imago and llke-ln arcus frcqoented by amnll gam and BI Hm- ' bothered with backacheor leg pains nc." without permits. They were sentenced FLOYD a MAIN dlsordcra you ere to serve SO days each In the Macomb bound to fori better after this dean- This world would bn a paradise if finpiy JalL An automobile owned by I Funeral Director stng and yon get yonr regular rieep. every man waa half aa Nrfoct ha wu congarated by tha De- Homer, (Michigan 'Bold at C. W. Parker, Druggist. 'expected hla nclghlwr to be.

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