El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on November 18, 1968 · Page 16
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 16

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1968
Page 16
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Jlittoiii I jiii liiitcriMiifiiiiiiiriiiesciiiictiriJirrrriiiiJTriiiiiiiizEriiiiEiriiiiiiEiMiiiiriiiiiriiriiiirrriiiifriirii'rriiiiJffTriiiiirrtriiiiiriiiiiirEiiiiiiiitiriiiiirtiijrriiiMtit immiiiniiiNiiiTiiriNiiiiii iiiiijiirtiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiimiiiin miiiiimiiimiiiiiijiiiiiitiitni Hampton Williams Hit Miners Like Tidal Wave Wyoming Backs Look Like ASU 'Three Horsemen Penn State, Kansas Set for Orange Bowl Georgia in Sugar; Cotton Gets Vols The Sugar Bawl announced t o d a v chat the fitth-ranfced unbeaten Georgia Bulldogs will be the host team in the ih annual New Year's Day football classic. The Southeastern Conference champion Bulldogs are expected to play eiiiier Texas or Arkan sas, depending upon which of the om c.beaten Southwest Conference powers wins .a Cotton Bewl berth. Even Texas Tech might sneak in. The announcement of Geor-i gia's acceptance of a Sugar Bowl bid confirmed week-old reports that the Bulldogs had a Sugar Bnivl invitation whether Of not they beat Auburn last Saturday. The Bulldogs won 17-3. It will be Georgia's second appearance m the Sugar Bowl. KNOXVILLE. Tenn,, Nov. IS. The Tennessee Vols accepted an invitation today to play New Year's Day in the Cotton Bow! at Dallas, the fourth straight post-season bowl for the vols. Tennessee nailed down the Cotton Bowl bid Saturday with a surprisingly easy 31-J win Dver Mississippi. The Vols, w.th only jiemucKy ana vaneerbut Jctt to play, are 6-J-l far the season. University of Tennessee chancellor Charles Weaver accepted the invitation which was extend ed by Ken Dowe'l, vice presi- On hand for the s i which took place at a luncheon meeting of the Knoxville quarterback club, were athletic director 3ob Woodruff, coach Doug Dickey, and a group of Tennessee slavers includine eantnin Die Williams, fullback fticbaid PiiStcns and defensive end Neal McMeans, Mostfikely opponent' or the Cotton Bowl is Texas, which still faces a Thanksgiving day game mm lexas Afc.v. in a run for Efai Southwest Conlerenco champi- onsnip. KANSAS. CITY,. Md., Nov 13. Once-beaten Kansas, (he nition's highest scoring collegiate football team, today accepted a bid to play unbeaten and third-ranked Penn State in the Orange Bowl. TUB made by Jim Llewellyn, president of the Orange Bowl committee, in a conference telephone call it Jie Big Eight headquarters. Wade Stinson, Kansas athletic director, and Dr. Eric Walker, president of Perm State, accepted the invitations. MI c n 't tell you how pleased we art to extend an invitation to he. third-ranked learn in the nation. and have them play the highest scoring team in the nation," Llewellyn said. Bv BOB INGRAM FIRST IMPRESSIONS of the Wyoming Cowboys and Dave Hampton and Joe Williams were that they looked like Arizona State and the "Three Horsemen," Art ulalone, J. D. Hill and Larry Walton. Ariiona State with those three speed horses simply overwhelmed the U. T. Miners in the first aaarter, scoring 21 poinii, which was all but 14 of then final 31, in that game it Tempe on Sunt SB. Wyoming's very salty Cowboys started out the same way Sat urday night in the Sun Bowl. Just like ASU. they wei stoooable as a tidal wave. First time Dave Hampton, the Cowboy fullback, took the bail. 1 he snowed a burst of speed. He and Joe wwiams, me taiioaat, drum majored the Cowboys on a c-yara marcn at rue very Hftn- inp of the Miner Game. In a taik with Wyoming coaches. Bill Baksr ar.d Burt Gus- tafson, the comparison between the Wyoming duo and the Arizona State mo was brought up. Wyoming coaches admitted tnat torn Hampton and wnnams ire ouidt bet said they don't have the speed of the ASL" backs. fianiplon is a 10-3 man. said Baker. The AfJ backs 9.5 and S.8 men, it was pointed out. SANDWICHED Dave Hamplon, fast and strong Wyoming halfback, is sandwiched by two Miners in their game in the Sun Bowl Saturday night. At left is Gene Epp and at right is Leon Harden, defensive backs. The Cowboys won 2(-13. (Herald-Post Photo by Bill Thompson.) Murphy Will Be Ready to Play Entries Deadline For Burges Net Meet Announced The I4th Annual Burses Open Junior Tennis Tournament will be held a; three locations Nov. 25-30. The Burges, Ross and Cielo Vista tennis courts will be used. Any player interested in entering should c o eta c t Jess Thornbery at Burges High before Wednesday. Deadline is until Wednesday competition will begin Nov. 25 and will be held in two divisions, 15 and under and IS and under. Miners End 19 to Play With CSU Finale ONE STOP SERVICE CLEANING S PRESSING I -DAY SERVICE Also Alteittlon Service Remodel'ii;. Pleats Removed, Pants Tapering- Miller Tailoring And Cleaners 5tH E. lanctell KE 3-ES! SW Ft. Blvd. LO 3-S531 They face the Colorado State University Rams in the Sun Iflewl at 7:30 p.m., Saturday. ihe Miners, with Lieir poorest inson in a number of years, in end up with a 4-5-1 record. Colorado State is 2-7. THE MINERS will have a wholesale departure of seniors after the game. It marks the college career of 19 Miners. Two of them, Wally Guilford and Grady Cavness, have been regu lars for three seasons. Bobby Dobbs announced that Volly Murphy, fleet-footed split enc wr.o is tmishms i too, will start. He .said Xwvohv would be rested all week so that bis anric will bo strong erouch lor nim to see action. INJURIES BY the car load lot crippled the CSU Ham! season. As many as 23 play Erv Hall Batters Hurdles Record OPasoHaald-Fbst Edited by Bob Ingram Page B-l November IS. mi iinctrp at on; time this yeej-. "They're coming back nav said Dobbs. "They mav be lull s tren e th or near full strength for us." Unc at the injured players, quarterback Jerry M o n t i e 1, came back to the Rams Satur day. CSU has three El Paso players, Rusty Cafatzar., offensive tactic; Art Herrera. offensive tackle, and Rene Rabouir.. m!ir end. Galabren is being red-shirt-ed this year. The other two may play in the game here Saturday'. EERwlN, Nov. IB. Erv Hal! of Villanova University and a 1963 Olympic silver medalist, bettered Lhe world EO-mctcr hurdles indoor mark yesterday with a time of 7.5 seconds during an invitational track and field 1 t . -. !Sg: IVBBHi El Pom. Till Out's nWKI vmrt u n piel.sVMHa Jt9.r. downed if Cub 1 tali- ipt oid in tnt inir, dturw w mo cmmi.nj. 0i m r, Wayne Sm'rth Wins Helmet Linebacker Wayne Smith today was. named recipient of Giant the Cold Helmet Atfard given linninj to the outstanding player for tata's University of Teitas at. El Nelson Briii Pasn each week. Smith won the play, agaist Wyomong. Cards Suffer Fifth Loss FUXUOKA. Japan, Nov. 15. - Kira laKanasi hurled a two.: iter yesterday as the Yomiurll 'Giants defeated the St. Louis ifiltn kiss in IS games on their I tour of Japan. ihigeru Jakarta tallied the ; Tirst run in the openmgl when scored on Isao Sh.f- doubie off Cards' sta More Power Ttian ASU Backs EOBBV DOBBS pointed out that the Cowboy twosome not only i fast b-Jt had one extra insredient that die Sun Devil backs i t .".ai'e. That was Ihe ability to nin over neopln who so- their way. The U.T. El Paso Miner coach wasn't too pleased with his team s defense bur he asserted that Hampton ar.d Willi a couple of hard men to bring down. "They are the two best backs we ve played against this sea son, he said. He also asserted that Hair.oton is better than Jim Kiick. the bread-and-butter running back ot the immediate preceding sea sons at wyommg. For mat matter, Dobbs claims wyomine is -ust a team as the Cowboys were a year aao. Even without .Kiick. with out their tine quarteTc-acK, i'aul Toscano, and without Jerry De-Poyster, the tremendous kick man who is now with Detroit. "They say," Doobs was tokl, "that this year's quarterback Skip JaccbiO.-i, is not as good as Toscano, as lar as passing is concerned." "Maybe that's true, but maybe he's told not to pass, sa.d Dobbs. As far as field goal kicking b concerned, Boh Jacobs kicked two of them against the Miners last Saturday. DePovster had two last year in the Cowboys 11-19 victory. "Field soals have beaten us the last two vears." Dobbs said. we re even in touchdowns. Miners Couldn't Stop Pass Rush ANYWAY YOU look at it. the fywhovc ,i(f,,rf -v vTI 26-19 last Saturday on a wmdv cool nisrhr in rtie tun iwi Th0 ufwjoys tnus maintained a seven-year supremacy over the Min- s, another parallel with ASU. It wasn't any secret before the game. The Miners knew shey d to contain tfic Cowboy rush so that Brooks Dawson could furl bis arm and throw. That was enino rn he ih tn, t , Miners' success. The Miners didn'- styin th ruh,r mh .j Dawson and his successor, Bob Stewart, each completed only The stuntirs Cowboys rushed ur, the mlr!n 'trn ti.. thrown back for losses seven times. It was no fault of Dawson whn us lofr ,,11 c... Stewan was put in been use he was a little mare jgjle than Daw- sun niLi Lic.euy coilo cener ejuae tne rushers. Dobbs said that he and his coaching staff spent the whole intermission repairing tire hoiss in the Miners blocking on the pass ruJi. "Wc nad other things to discuss but spent all our time talking on blocking. We've had trouble before. But it took ui longer to adjust to Wyoming's rush than it did to other teams." Coach's Absence Emotional Factor WERE THE COWBOYS mad and fired up like an ornery steer coming out of chute? They looked like it Saturday, when 1 heard that Lloyd Eaton, the head coach, didn't make die trip because of sickness, I thought they'll try to win this one for the man back in Laramie. And uhey did hit the Kincrs like a tidal wave, eiarthquake, typhoon, tornado or any other disaster-making phenomenon. According to Wyoming coacnes, however, the Wyoming team in't fired uu because of the sickness of Eaton. "We don't make speeches to get them aroused," said Gustafson. "They get themselves ready for each game." The Wyomine delegation, including athletic director "Red" Jacoby, lost its cool in the press box because of some of those interference penalties against Wyoming in the second hail. I think Jacoby complained to Wiles Hillock, the Western Athletic Conference commissioner, who was here. From the IvtirfT :,ifi: c:-i?l.::nl:; jri' -'-n: :-ic jfflC.aiS didn't 1 enough inlerference penalties. Wanted to Keep Ball Away From UTEP THE WYOMING GAME plan, Baker and Gustafsan en-plained; ; to put on the big rush against the U.T. El Paso oassers and protect against the bomb. we waated to ee: that bail, huid it and Veen it awav from the Miners." Baker said. "You yive them the ball and they're gDirg to score." ine Uwboys did cn two occfeana show a lot ttt Im.l o ur In their r.va drives, one at the ooenr; of the came and one at the opening of the third quarter, the Cowboys kept possession for re than 10 minutes. The Wyoming conches said Hampton who rushed for 157 yardj-had cne of his iinest names of the season, if not his finest. Thev praised also a Jim House. "I'm sure the old r referring to Eaton. Wilh iheir passing pocket vulcanited, the Miners did make a last ditch fight that at least kept everyone in suspense. Stewart threw three second half touchdown passes. The Miners needed only seven more poinLi to lie. They couldn't quite catch up. They caught up and passed Erigham Young when they were behind 25-3. 3ct. it's pretty hard to catch up against a team like. Wyommg when you're 0-15, Dobbs points out. i number of defensive players, including linebacker d to have this one," said Baker, Statistics In Wyoming, UTEP Came Dunlop Meet Final Scores The Giants added another run tne third off Bnles when ingled home Ta-. JOE C. YARBROJGH issSi 22 Ka Fortune Life is growing with El Paso . . . and helping EI Paso to grow. n Homrtu 3 ran Ikltk ollrd Th- Orm "' V,JZ'3 UTEP 1 Komi u pas; rrom Sltuort Tla Cl"V5- mUjlc0 p'J- A B'1MTEAM STUTISTICt LtSfliil'Viiin'SSMi First Downi Wyrnilrj UTF" Riishlng YhnJogV"!.'!!i!!i 2tS fio PSS INTERCEPTIONS j Passing Yaraaoe 177 Nff- Yd5- Ha. Yds. Toras Pcnollnn ,,:::. TJ4 3 INDIVIDUAL DEFENSIVE STATISTICS V.YON60UL "AT,S5teV Wvmla-ZTs,I"rS. Devlin 5-i Alt llm AH Coin UTEP-&. Smith 13. EWS .1 C Tarl.r ! Hsmotor! B1J7 white ";Mn -J. odt 1!, WaaJlej 7. MnrfcU 7. Som- Wlllfams 35 76 Child b 3 ples " ASSISTED TACKLES W,hmlr- PSS'krJ.C:m Inl Yds Wyorrlno-Englo-ohl J. Nils 3. UTEP- leat,m7. .71 4 ' Eppj 4. H.SS,C. Tolor 4. UTEP Atf. Com. Int. Yes 1 VomllD HDU5 I. UTEP FDBISh, Her- k PASSECEIVI n ctxtad" " C IZ43calculators 37500I UHT T"uui5S I "I Office Machines 1 I ll jl Ouen 'tpj 9 P.M. Every Nijht 'Til Christmaa Wind Kept Miners From Throwing Bomb DOBBS POINTED out that a firjirl w if iniw force tlr . the bomb aivay from Lhe Miners in the fourth quarter. Normally, ' by the fourth quarter, the wind has become a negligible factor in-.' the Sun Bowl. But it was too strong for any long distance pitch- ing Saturday. A Wyoming kick that went out on the Miners' one-yard line nailed the coffin lid on the Orange's hopes in the last couple of tutes. But they did comebaelt and make it dose. With the myri .u 26-0 against them, they could have checked il. .; The Cowboys scored wish Hampton going over from Che nine the first lone drive. Thev counted their second on a 32-vard -. pass from Incobson t(i Gene Kuey. This was set-up when the -surging Cowboys kept Tom Galloway from getting a punt off and toe posscssiM in fine Wyoming field position. Two field goals, nne jf 33 yards and one of 36, in addition to " rhc touchdowns, gave Wyoming a 10-0 halftime lead. Then at : the DpcniiE of die third Quarter, the Cowbovs made their other long drive, Hampton scoring from the iiree. Stewart threw to Dave Killin (U yards) and Dave Karns -1 (22) for touchdowns in the third period. And he pitched a M-vard pass to Karns Tor the Miners' third touchdown ir. the fourth . quarter. Vcily Murphy, the best receiver on the Miner team, didn't play at all because or a lame ankle. There can only be soecula-tion of how much his absence deprived e Miners of it good chance to get the necessary seven points to calch up or the necessary eight -to pass the Cowboys. Sears fortune ujtb Ineurarice Company M FORTUNE CORONADO TOWER i. Welcome to Sears Red Cap Care at Sears Automotive Center Brake Adjustment Special Don't take a chance! Your brakes may be dangerous! Let Sears adjust Tbem now! Brakes adjusted, heavy duty brake fluid added li nedi Most American cars. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Only Matafactiom. Onamtteed or Ttmr Money Sock SBW AT SEAM SILENCE istct; Sears and Bell and Howell has dona it . . . with Filmosound 6 TneAutDloadModel43S' Model 453 Autoload eausia tun aha it Lied Picieclir doubles bs i for Siper 8 or recula Smm piilpre likinj. 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