The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1954 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1954
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

' 19, 19$4 CttHlS REESB A urn* <* tmt, • uuu 6* th»li Net Much at Haw many 6f you can *emem- ' ber a session of mist and rain and mud.such as we have experienced here"; the past six weeks?- The weather man has sure given us plenty moisture, so to speak. And according to the state fire marshal's office the past six weeks have been the lousiest in years. And' now-we Have ihe -falling of leaves and here it is so damp that those leaves in my lawn just stay there instead of being blown off, and 1 hereto rake'em. However, there is one angle about the falling leaves and dampness that's Worth thinking about. Accord- *lng to the state fire marshal's office the rainy sessions have prevented much of fires. The report i,has it that in the dry September [of 4S53 there were 55 grass fires (reported which'made a fire loss of $34,000. And during the wet. 1954 September there were only three grass fires reported with a loss of $400. In the dry October of 1953 there were 58 grass fires reported bringing a damage ol $37,900. And in the damp October so far of 1954 there has nov been a single grass fire reported. So, after all, maybe we shouldn't holler too much about the rains we've ' been experiencing this month. —o— Mow Ihe city has a speed analyzer. And, boy, am -1 for it? You tell 'em. Algeria has some of the speediest gents, always in a hurry to get somewhere even if there wasn't anything to do when they got there, so to speak. I live on South Minnesota and that has been one of the best speedways in Aflgona—35 i|nd over seeming to be the travel for most of drivers. Now with the speed analyzer on the job there is sure to be some hesitating about high speed on this street. It seems that the speed analyzer consists of two rubber tubes which are stretched across the street and a machine records the time interval between the wheels crossing the tubes. And there you have it, a check on the milage you're making, and a shor}. distance from the tubes an officer hails you to a stop and so you REPORT OF CONDITION OF EXCHANGE STATE BANK 'of Weiley, Koiiuth Counly, Iowa, al the eloie of bu»lne«» on Oct. 7, 1954, £l6 Ihe Superintendent of Banking,'State of Idwa . • ' . - ASSETS [ 1. Cash, balances with other* banks, including reserve balances, 11 Bank premises owned $2,500.00, furniture and fixtures $8,063.74 .- Fll. Other assets ...................................................... . a. TOTAL ASSKTS ... ------ r 25 §8: 27. Undivided profits 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations . 783,427.72 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations --. 87,997,02 15. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) 10.965.82 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 99,875,41 19. TOTAL DEPOSITS —- ..$982,265.97 23. Other liabilities ..-—•-— : J-.™ 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES yz;-SZl ' *' 982,270.97 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS _ ^ " " .„• 30,000.00 .... ... . 39,720.48 ' 99,720.48 'ACCOUNTS' i.$i,08i,99i.45 *This bank"'s capital consists of: Common stock with total par value of'$30,000.00. , MEMORANDA v ' 31. Assets pledged or,assigned to secure liabilities and for • ,„„„„„„„ other purposes ....... ;— —— •• 100,000.00 We, J. D. Lowe. President, and L. H. Klelnpeter, Cashier,, of «hp above lamed'bank do solemnly swear and affirm that the above statement is true, «hd that this report fully and correctly represents the true state - of the sev-. ! eral matters herein contained and set forttv to the best of our knowledge 'and belief. •' , „-,.,. J. D. Lowe, President L. H. Kleinpeter, Cashier Correct-Attest Ben O. Studer, L. T. Hoot, J. W. Goetz, .Herman G. Bode, Ralph Tjaden, Directors. , State of Iowa, County of Kossuth, ss. Sworn' to and subscribed before me this 13 day of October, 1954. • Stan'R. Johnson, Notary Public My commission expires July 4, 1057 REPORT OF CONDITION OF IOWA STATE BANK are registered and a fine is the result. I Was told that the first day's operation of the analyzer brought about 30 tickets into hands of drivers and accordingly a fine for speeding. I'm sure that the gent who is always in a hurry to gel some place and just doesn't read the speed limits signs will from now on keep,'a close watch for the two rubber tubes and so hold his motor within the mileage speed accordingly. Oh yes, the installation of the speed analyzer will no doubt just, about break the hearts of a goodly, number of Algona drivers, so to speak, •—o— Yep, ihe political campaign is on in earnest, no'w and it was one night last week that I attended a session held by the democrats and there sure was a crowd, indicating that there are a lot of we democrats. Oh yes, I'm a democrat and it is one thing that I think of'and believe in and never a face blush about it, either. And I must have always been a good democrat because on account of it was irt' 1932 that Marshall county elected me a state senator. And Marshall county is, and always has been, "predominantly republican and it was the first time in the history of Marshall county t.hat a democrat had ever £>een elected to a state or district office. And I was that democrat-and so I must be a good democrat 01 the republicans sure would never have elected me, so to speak. And two weeks from today I'm going to vote democratic again. But I'm getting used to .putting a square in the demo ballot, so to speak. ,—o— Oh yes, just a few minutes ago a friend called me but he asked me not to mention his name, but he had a record of. the rainfall in inches from the first of August to the middle of October last year and which amounted to only .1.4 inches. And this year during the same period from the first of Aug. to the middle of October there has been a downpour of 15.5 inches. And he is of the opinion that there will be another couple of inches yet, before Hallowe'en. And maybe he's got something there. At any rate he admits ;hat it's too much of a good thing ;o have 15.5 inches of dampness in two months and a half. I agree with him. And Soup Briggs tells me that if the rainfall had consisted of snow.we would, have had over six feet of the white flakes and daily snow Shoveling would have been the joy durfng the wet six weeks period. Yes, Soup loves snow and he tells me that the snow shoveling exercise he gets in the winter time is the finest and'fnost healthful kind of exe»» cise for him. Ibf Algona. Iowa, at the close of business Oct. 7, 1B54, a State banking institution •organized and operating under the banking laws o£ this State and a member Kf the Federal Reserve System. Published in accordance with a call made by •the State. Banking Authorities and by the Federal Reserve Bank o£ this District. [ «'•••• •• ASSETS ! 1. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and cash items in process of collection- - ——-—?2,114.582.78 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed-2,623,262,19 > 3. Obligations of States and political Bubdlyislpna — 680.036.80 5. Corporate stocks (including $6000.00 ; st6ck' Or, i ' Federal Reserve »ank) ..—... .: - ..S'SSS I 6, Loans and discounts (including $1797.1)8 overdrafts) 1,298,863.30 ' 7. Bank premises owned $15000.00, furniture and fixtures — 15,000.00 $2, TOTAL ASSETS —— $8,737,745.04 f - LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations $5,067,235.63 .14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations "^Sil-iSS 115; Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) 53,402.90 116. Deposits of States and political subdivisions — 1,109,368.20 117. Deposits of banks - — 44,272.99 118. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 6,601.63 119. TOTAL DEPOSITS - ..$6,291.750.80 124. TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below) - G.291,750.80 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS x Capital' - v 100,000.00 Surplus - .: - — - - 100.000.00 .87. Undivided profits - ?i5'221 nl •29. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 449.994.24 |30. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS - $8,737,745.04 •This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with total par value of $100,000.00. MEMORANDA [31. Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes - - 300,000,00 I, A, F. Agena, VIce-President of the above-named bank, hereby certify [that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I A. F. Agena, Vice-President ICorrect-Attest: H. L. Gilmore, Hugh Raney, L. E. Linnan, J. C. Mawdsley, JJ. A, Haggard, H. R. Cowan, directors. [State of Iowa, County of Kossuth BS: [Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of October. 1954. Louise Magnuson, Notary Public Chicago Visitors At Greinerts In Whittemore \Vhihemore~Mr and Mfs Raymond Copeland, Mrs Ruth -Wolft and Lydia Wiener of Chicago visited at the home of Mts Ed^. Greinert and with Relatives at Fairville, Emmetsburg and Algona, from Saturday until Tues 1 day. The women are former residents of Whittemore arid daughters of Mr and Mrs Louis wegener and niece's of Mrs Greinert. Slim- day evening, the above -visitors Mrs Edwin Greinert and family, Mrs Edward Greinert, Mr and Mrs Elmer Greinert, Mr and Mrs Fred Greinert and Mr and Mrs Henry Fehr were supper , guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Eldon Fehr. ' *.'• Guests At Heidenwiths Mr and rMs Russell Rentz and family of Algona; Mr-and-Mite Ellsworth Heidenwith and. son Lyle, Mr and Mrs Norman Schu- Itz and daughter Debra* and Mrs Ruth Schultz and daughter Janice were Wednesday evening visitors at the Arthur Heidenwith home. Celebrale Birthdays , s A number of relatives gathered at the home'of Mr and Mrs John F. Baas Thursday evening to celebrate a triple birthday. The celebrants included John Baas 01 here; Mrs Arnold Baas' of Jeffers, Minn.; and Lay win .Leek, of West Bend. Aid Society Met Members of St. Paul's Ladies Aid Society met Thursday afternoon in the church basement foi their regular meeting. Mrs Theodore Bierstedt was taken in as a new member. It was voted that the ladies, as in previous years, would gather up used clothing and send it to the needy in Europe, Mrs George Meyer, Mrs Lawrence Meyer, Mrs Hugo .Meyer and Mrs William Meyer Jr., were on the serving committee. Mr and Mrs Richard Hansen and son Dirk of Des Moines; Mr and Mrs Raymond Haugen'of Air gona, Miss Grinnell, and Ml- and "Mrs Milton, Espe and fahiily- of here.^fe Sunday dinner* guests' with Mr9 Pearl Hanson. .. Herman Schumacher of,SipUfc Falls, S. D. is spending a two week's Vacation, here with his parents Mr and Mrs Frank Schumacher, and other relatives in the Vicinity of .Whittemore. Mr and' Mrs Arthur Kdhlhaas and family; of fiode- and Mr and Mrs Godfrey Loebach and family of here were Sunday dinner guests at the Joseph Loebach Jr. home. Mr and Mrs Clarence Gergesoh accompanied their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Q, W. Torpin to Chicago where the latter moved from Marion, la., Mr Torpin is employed, with the Milwaukee .railroad., , Mr and Mrs Frank'Konasch and sbh lloydl, Bnct'Mf and,Mrs ftay* rh'Snd Kollasc'h.'Bfict.falfHiiy 6f here wtete Sunday difMef-guests' at the home of Mr and Mrs Mike Libya in Mason City, Beverly Sumach of &oux City and Margaret of Whittemof e were Saturday evening visitors with Leola Ostwald A who recently underwent surgery, at .the Ferdinand Ostwald horne. S.Unday after*; n,oon •callers' tfere Mr and Mrs! GustaV Bernirighaus' of West; Bend, Mr and Mrs^L. H. Wehrs-: partrt and son Herman of Fairville' and Mr and Mrs" Meivin L'auck and son of'here. Mr'and Mrs L. H., Pertl^. were Sunday 'evening callers'. Mr and Mrs James Young ahd Mrs 'Donald Conrad took Mf Conrad to Mason City Thursday evening 't6 'take 1 a train for Camp Chaffee, Ark. Mr Conrad spent a 12-day furlough here with his Wife, \ L-Creek Lassies' The s tegular, meeting of the Lotts Creek Ldssies was held Mt week at the h6me of Mary wal* ker. -.Twe leaders, 13 members, three , visitors, and thfee new members were present, A com* mittee was appointed to fill -dt tHe progf am* for the year, folio ed 'by Mftch SeWedlff the host" At Asriton,,ffatik Hatting sayj Me^s ha(f,|)heflcWettal-'Fuck VitH his potatoes' this season. One ol them-has reached a length of oVef 9 inehes> weighs over thf' pounds. . .^ VbTE FOR- AND RETURN TO THE LEGISLATURE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE FROM KOSSUTH COUNTY • 6 Years Experience As Representative • Member of Budget Financial Control Committee for 2, Years. IOWA STATE GOVERNMENT BADLY if NE^DS A^PARTY SYSTEM . ., . v Your Support Will Be Sincerely Appreciated (This ad prepared and 'paid for by Casey, Loss) 41-42-43 Attention Farmers And Those Beyond the Gas Mains! Now, You Can Have Your Own Gas Plqnt'For.:. * -.v* • ^ Cooking ;• Heating ' Water Heating • Tractor Fuel LET US HELP YOU CUT COSTS WITH THIS. SYSTEM! Installed For As Low As $179150 THERMOGAS PHONE 16 , J. F. MILDER, Mgr. So. Phillips St. Ottosen News Mr and Mrs Harold Kropf and family of Rockwell City were Sunday visitors at the parental Sam Kropf home. In the afternoon the Harold Kropfs, Mr and Mrs Sam Kropf and Mr and Mrs Richard Kropf attended the wedding of Lydia Jean Banwart and Donald Tayne at the. Nathan Banwart home at West Bend. The bridegroom is from Pulaski, la. Mr and Mrs Cletus Hundertmark were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs Hundertmark's parents Mr and Mrs LeRoy Tendall at Belmond. Mr and Mrs. Eugene Hofius visited Mrs Hofius' mother Mrs Cora Bacon at the I. W. Nelson home in Algona on Saturday. Mrs Bacon had just returned home after several week's visit at the home 9f a son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Stanley McDonald at Hermiston, Ore. They also called at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank Hofius in Algona. REPORT OF CONDITION OF BURT SAVINGS BANK [of Burl, Kotsulh County, Iowa, at ihe clou of buiineu on October 7th, 1954, to the Superintendent of Banking, State of Iowa ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, Including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection $ 200,700.39 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed .. 637,006.86 6. Loans and discounts (including $347.62 overdrafts) 204,330.76 7. Bank premises owned $1.000.00, furniture and fixtures, none 1,000.00 i 11. Other assets _ 82.07 , 12. TOTAL ASSETS $1,049,120.98 LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations CDS,469.87 j 14. Time deposits of individuals, pailnershlps. and corporations 91,506.30 15. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) 2,778.21 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions ._ 157.584.04 tl9. TOTAL DEPOSITS __$945,33y.32 \ 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 945,339.32 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 125. Capital* 25,000.00 126. Surplus .. 25,000.00 127. Undivided profits 53,781.66 129. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS _ . 103.7B1.68 k30. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ?1,04U. 120.98 j »This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with total >>ar value of $25,000.00. We. H. E. Rachut, President and H. A. Thompson. Cashier of the above : named bank do solemnly swear ar-.ii affirm that the above statement is true, f and that this report fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein contained and sol forth, to the best of our knowledge and belief. H. E. Rachut, President H. A. Thompson. Cashier. Correct-Attest L. E. Linium. K. I. Mawdsley, K. J. Smith, Donald VV. Patterson G. W. Patterson, diiectors. State of Iowa, County ut Kossulh, ss. i S'.vorn to and subscribed before me Chis 14th day of October. 1954. L. R. Daniels. Notary Public My commission expires July 4, 1957 HYBRID SEED CORN GRO- COATED SEED OATS Available Now! In Leading Varieties Marvin Penning — Tiionka Lawrence Presihus — Bancroft Joe Sinnwell — Bode Harold Fangman — Bancroft Stanley Black — Burt George HobscheidJ — LuVerne Donald Erickson — Algona Alfred Christ — Lakota plus lax and yo<* r«appabl« ««• (9-Z4 4 ply rating) An outstanding value at tfe Sure-Grip D-15. Hurry -ff* more PULL, longer wear, at a sale pricel FAR "OUT-FRONT" FOR VALUE Lifesaver When you need help in a hurry, there's nothing like a quick phone call to save seconds—even lives. If you're on a party line, you, too, can be a lifesaver—by releasing the line promptly to let emergency calls go through. 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