Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 13, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a, better understanding of the transient nature of the many phys- Ja*l ills, which vanish before proper ef- teto—gentle eftWts—pleasant efforts-- :<fhtly directed. There is comfort in '•M knowledge; that so many forms of "mess are not due;to any actual dis- «, but simply to''a constipated cond 1 of the system, which the pleasiihi, lly laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- If removes. Thai; Is why it is the only Maedy with millions of families, and is •Mrywhere esteemed so higMy by all VfcoTalne pood health. Its beneficial «0ects are duo.to the.fact, that it is the remedy which promotes internal iliness without debilitat'tig the nns on which it acts. It is therefore Important, in order to get its bene- l- effects, to note when you pur- ae, that you have the genuine art;, which Is manufactured by the Call- nla Pig 1 Syrup Co.' only and sold by reputable druggists. u In the enjoyment of good health, the system is regular, laxatives or •er remedies are then not needed.; If •Aieted with any actual disease, on« flM» be commended to. the most skillful Zmlcians, but if in need of a laxative, Xaabouldhave the best, and with the ••II Infill in 1 everywhere, Syrup 'of »ta»stands highest and is most largely and gives most general satisfaction. 8. P. KI.OTZ. PASTOR D. B CHURCH. .natenoo, ind., Sept 8, 18UO. : Pepsin Syrup Co.: : ; _ Dear Slr>-J-have bepn afflicted ove» twenty • yearn ' with ' dyspepsia' or BOUT •totnacb. 1 bare 'tried different reine- *!«• without mncb benefit. Finally I toogbt a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep •in ; and found that It benefltted tiie.' 1 *m':cbnvlnced that it will do. what li ta'recommerided when taken accbrd'.flii to directions. I ha\e taken nearly, on* bottle and feel lice a different person <•;••' -•. ..... •:-.- ; • 8. P. KLOTZ. For aale by B. P; Kewllntf. ' ' . ' • Keep Cool by Ualng THE KELLEY RING; ,,. '• I ^ii^-l 1 --' ««t Water; .,.;*',.: ' " ' f(l . .Proof Hose • .^r^.'iifr.': wtawii-.^.-..- .-. / ,'<;•• .'• '. i:« . Prevents Wetting Bead V •' i '."_i Prevents Wetting Bead Floor ot Walla. • • Hornl«8:W«ter-Closet*. 8»id for C*tnlogne <>r»n»t- Pwof Wstir -CICMM, Belf-lctliw Water ClowU, I«lllSlop »nd Waste Cock,. .,; THOS* KELLY & BROS., No. jo'r Madison Street,''CWeaKb. -BIG FOUR",TOST.'PAUL. On account 'of the' l Thirteenth Encampment C. 'AV'ifc,. at, St; FauU Minn., Sept. 1 ,to 4, the Big Foiir rout»,',w,lll •ell ticket* at one cent,per.mile from stations on Ite Mnesi Tickets good: going August 30 and 31 and September 1; good returning until SeptemberlB, with privilege of 'extension nhfll : Septamber ." 80, '1806;' See nearest' agent f oi'partlcu- lars as to routes. 'Many'.a day p s''worlt Is ;lcwt by sick headache caused, by Indigestion and stomach trouWee.DeWltt'a Little Early Risers are the most effectual pill tar overcoming such dlffleultie*.-Jno. M. Johnston. .. ••• ••-••••••" MEETING, KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS UnMoran Rank, Cleveland, O., August . 23 to: 80, 180C. The Wabash will sell tickets Anguet 22, 23, : and S4 to Cleveland, .at one fnire'.! for the round trip; .•with choice of routes by rail or lake. Tickets will be.- good, to ; return, to and Including Angw t SI, 1800. For full particntars Inquire of Wnbash Ticket •'Boys will be : boys,V but you cant afford to lose any of them., Be wady-, for the green appte season by having OoUc; &"ta»lera Cure in tbo M. JobMton. • Polaon-.'.Ivy; -Iff***' bites, •cakfc. 'tww, «»* 09*$*? . •Wtttf* Wttch JBEud siiiriEi. ,tn.e'gw«t plk . Joiniton. DR.UM M ER'S LONG SiWIMi TMaUl'the Water of'Lone UI»ndjS<«HMl lor Two Uour*.' ••; , '.'< Charles Griswold,,a New York sal*»• man, who weighs' 342 pounds, fell overboard from :he steanier Connecticut in Long Island sound at 3:43 the other morning. No one- heard-his cry and no ono was disturbed by the splash in the water.- His-bat was-gone, but he hod on the rest of his clothing, iiiulubive of stockings and, shoes; coat, vest and trousers'. Mr. Gris\yold ji'as. a wonderfully strong pair of lunps. He made the best, use of them'in trying 1 To attract the attciitiqn of a lighthouse-keeper " mile 'and''a half away, but hts eif— were in vain. Meanwhile he'started tread water. As daylight advanced saw that he was far frofci either shore efforts in (o he STARTED -IN TO TREAD WATER. The Long- islhnd coust was at least for.r miles 'distant, 'the opposite shore was •further still. Mr. Griswold's clothes eoon became a great weight, and he determined to rid hiniself of his coat, vest, collar, shirt and necktie. He took out his studs and put them In his trousers pocket* He also put his gold watch. and chain and a few valuables away. He hud besides $1GC in his trousers pockets. Then he allowed his coat and vest to float. . It was not long bef oro the trousers became too great a burden and he removed them. He was now attired in his shoos, stockings, undershirt and drawers. Be wanted very much to, discard his shoos, but the effort. to uptie them was too difficult. He. held his trousers in hie arm as long as he 'could, but at -length he had to. let them go and they drifted out of sight, while he sighed over the loss of .the-$teo in bills, the gold watch and chain and the other jewelry. But he kept on trending water, und,it was not until after five o'clock, two hours after he fell into the water, that he was pleked up by an excursion steamer pom- ing from Providence. Ho' was 'put to bed and his body vifjoroufiXy slapped 'until circulation wan fully restored. He; waf wrapped In blankets and mustard npplied'to the calves of liia legs. On hit arrival hi New York a- telephone mrs- sasje was sent to hia wife; who brought him a full KUlt of clothed. He went; home; app8rently r rione the worse, for ni« unusual arid dangerous experience. •• QUEEN'S BIG DOWRY FOR MAUD. Sh* Will OlT« Her • Cool liulf Million ' ' ' ' _ 'Queen Victoria is going, to do the handsome thing for .her granddaughter, Jfaud^of \Val'es,;after'.all..;''A dowry of $500,000i which '. .will; give the ydiing' ''' pce.., efqus "git t from grandmanan>a| who haa BO" '.many others to,, suppjy! with: bread' and butter, arid' thief Mt'tle, bride cain- 'ffV- afford' to be' patien't .arid act' her.' spv^ eiiei'gn's will, under, tne circiumstaiLceB, The;. queen has given a like ram .to each.: of her own daughters on their marriage, ari<3 . she. -would .have' . 'portioned ^ the duchesa of Fife oa .-well. .'fijad ..not ; the;. duke made it very clear that he' desired hli rpyalf wife without any such, settle- inento! ...Poor Wales!, :be" has .the mcw.t;. expensive family in th«. world.jORdjnll* hi« : ,ya*t, income vJuBt.'groe* to ; his .creditors j - He nan nppocloet'irioriey, and hi» friends won't, let hlm,econojnlza, . , :: . ; Since 1878 there'have'• been nine'epi- demics of dysentery In .different parts of the country In which Chamberlain^ Colic','.Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was used with perfect success, Dy.sen ; , tery,. when epidemic, !a almost as:Bevere. and dangerous as Asia tlc~ cholera. Heretofore the best efforts of the most skilled physicians have failed'.to check its rav- nges, this remedy, however, .has cured the most malignant cases, both of children and' adultfl, and .under the most trylng.condltlpne,,which proves-It to. be the best medicine iin the world for bowel.- complaints. • For sale by. B. F. Keeslln;? druggist. ' •'•'. : ' '' ,''.',. -Tlie..ifamail.y of F, P. Mensli, of Ft. Wayne, were dflngerously prosti-ated by canned beans. * : " .'. Don't trifle away time when you ham cholera -morbus . or. '.diarrhoea..'l*lght them In the beginning wtlth to wait' foV'rasult8. ; ' Tney are Instari- taneona and; •It : leave8;the;, bowel^ln healtisy, oonilttlon.r^Jno. M.iJbhnBton,'.,';,' well yielding •a.boa't five baiirels' daily 'has .been struck to the Vicinity of Tnoorfw of core may be dtecuwed at longtli by physicians,: bnt ,the anffererB: want qolck reMef; aad One -Minute' Oongh Onie win give ilt; to'them.' A safe ems. for 'cblidrai Tit to ' *he only harmleai rDmedyltbat prodncea Immadl- 1 1 prominently in the pubUo 676 : to-' daylsBood'tSanaparlUa. Therefort getJiood'i and ONLY HOOO'9. From a letter wrifteri'by Rev;; 3. Gun' decman, of Dlmondale;'-' Mich.,' .we. are ; permitted to make this extract:."Liiaye no hestlMtion in recommending Dr. King's New'Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous-In the case -oil -irvy -wifo. While I was pastor-of ,tlit- Baptist Church at Rives Junction sue- was brought down with pneumpnln succeeding la grippe- Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with llr.tlu Interruption'and it'seemed' hs' 'if sue could not survive them. A frieud recommended Dr. King's.New Discovery, It was quick In lts : work.and highly satisfactory In results." Trial bottles free at B, F. Keesllng'e drug store. Regular giaeSOcandJLOO.' ' Mi,sa Ciirrie Heudiieks, of Torre Hau'to, hius been unconscious for sever- al'days; the result of prostratJon by the heat. •' Need to Stoop to No Trlt)k« jfor the 'v':-':' '' •-terinj of'Pollen. • ;.v'- ' . It .has come about jthit- 1 'the.lowly plantai enable to secure their-enda by- foir words, have had recourse to gniie -to teinpt the 'insects by'Veivefy tex- , tures of rich- color widely spread, by exhaling sweet and powerful odors, by offering: nectar, and final ly-by devising artful appliances, whereby nn insect ,can be loaded with pollen without hi» :knowledge what time ho is imbibing the seductive nector. Some have gone a step IpWer, and because they could .not! afford 'to produce BO brilliant a <Tis,play as otl'er plants, have set to work ,'to pres!> the vulgar carrion-loving flies into their service-by devploping peta.la of a livid purple hue, and giving 1 .fortli_ a putrid,odor. Faugh! ' Shall hearts of oak and beech and ash 'stoop to such tricks? The forest tree, says Good Words, has a hundred or a thousand years to live, and exhibits no precocious.'aiixiety to priiduce fruit. At 15, '2ft.or I30;year«i in time'enough to think'of such things; arid when the time comes the delicate essential organs are protected' mereJy by a few simple green, or yellow "scales, or by'none at all. The pollen is lavlsh- 11 advised me to consult a ]y ' p ;: oiduced . for the wi n a : is'npt so pro- Noticing Chamberlain's ^ a yehici'e of triinsmtssian as the * insect^ and but. a very small percentage of''the, pollen ("rains will reach'their' destinJBtion. This, however; Is of little Six weela ago I suffered with a very severe cold; was almost unable to .spcaU My friends all advised me to consult a physician. Cough, llemedy advertised In tie St Paul Volks Zeltung I procured a bottle, and after taking It a short'while WAS entirely .'well. I now moet heartily roc- ouimeud,this, remedy to anyone, suffering with .a cold. Wm. Koll,. 078 Shelby Ave., St Paul, Minn. F. Keeeiing, druggist For-sale by B. While WMUam Hockeineyer and fiim- jjy, of' Adamis. countiy, were driving to Decnitur there was a runaway aoaixK«nt ia wlhlcli-Mr. Hockemeyei- nod a child were IxKtly injured. Mrs. Hockemeyer was aJso hurt. • • ' My little boy, when two years of age, was tnken very ill with bloody flux. 1 p-as adivteed to use Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and luckily procured part of a- bottle. 1 carefully rend the directions and gava It accordingly.' He "was very low, but alowly and eureiy be began to improve, gradually recovered, and Is now as stout aud strong a* ever. I feel sure it saved his life."I never can praise the Remedy, half its worth. I am sorry.every one In the world does not know how good it It Is as : I do.—Mrs. Una S. Hlnton, G-ra- hamevllle, Marion Co., Florida. For sale by.B..F. Keesling, druggist. A' .thlrteen-year-ald boy noimed: diie Trotter started for life foome neur Plninfleid on the-'240n of :tost month, stuce : which: .time he bas beea on-the mdsslng list. : '• : ' '...'" '• , ELECTRIC BITTERS. Electric Bitters, is a medicine suited for.any season, but,, pernaps more..«,en- erally needed when the "languid, exhausted feeling prevails ;wnen the liver Is forpld' and sluggish and' the; need of a tonic and alterative' is felt". A prompt. use'of. thlfi'mediciue Ms often averted longVand.i perhaps/fatal, bilious . fevers. , No medicine will act more surely In counteracting and < freeing the system from '•• the malarial '• poison. : Headache, inaigeetion; : constipation', dizzlnesa, yiad : 'to Electric ;Blttera;' 'OOc and' ?1:00 ' '" ' 'ru store! peV .bo'ttle a^ '." P: 'drug store! F.'ra,nk' Wazniizi, of South ^Bend, was bitten by a rattlesnake, and wWle. under treatment h« was prostrated by the heat and died. The : best salve !to, the world,'"oi cats, watoe», ; r>rea; r ulcers, salt rheum, fever wnai, tettersi thapped hands, cfcllbiaiiw -mw..and -all s^In^erpptionB' and; posl: lively* COTOI ' piles or • "ntTjiay reqoired. it to ; gmranle«J to give. RTf?c«, wtls- ttctlonfox .'mo'aey- refand**. • Prtoe: 20' Tl'ie jligh Court ,of, Foresteos'is holding ain a niiunl meeting ait, Haimsnond, eVeiy,-court in : -the (state batag represented. : . '.-'.-: •••-••• • • ' ' '. St Joseph' Is a niost dellkhttul reeon duflng this eitriroaely .torrid waather. Fare.for the roundTtrip, fiop. Train leaves Vandalla elation at 7:00 :a. m every.Sundayi--'-- - ; -- '••' •'• •'"_: •''- • •• : -.. biw. toi Elder .Eaiil WJlfly, Pt EdJiaburg. -.,. . •- •• .,, -..,....-..'. If y<m have ever, seen a- little child -in the agony of..summer-complaint, you can realize the -danger of'the trouble Cholera Cure. ,For, dyeentwj; and 'dlartihoaa^ ilt^iif 6. reliable remedy, not afford 'to : reobmm€Dd n thte- 'f^T^ ""T£w$l. ".F. : .i;"V.^J^ The plant of the ,iptts-Manufaofuriiig -Tie wtote 3 ijwteniT ta flzalnefl and; Witch , Ha*H ;r Salve b^^iKninJ^Ji^ Wmuitiitf^™ '--S.DOS tti.-'i'aTi ".,!. -•l!.-!^ir:'.;«i_i'.'jHt'.rHlll'-..l B.:i "'""""''-for mouth. consequence, for an incipient seed needs but.one pollen grain -to fertilize it, .and should a hundred fall upon it, 99 would be'superfluous. Prof. William R. Brooks, director of the : Smith observatory'at Geneva, N: Y., while observing the moon the other night, saw a'dark object pass across the moon in a-horizontal direction. Prof. Brooks believes it to have been a meteor, too far'removed from the eftrth't 1 atmosphere to become ignited. The ol> servation is entirely new in astronomical 'annals. '• ',•'" ; ... • • . Chtneie Temples In America. •' There are 47 Chlneee temples in Aiiies». if*-.. '".'.' '.'..'' •'.".•• ''".'.. G., A. R AT ST. PAUL. Special Bates via Pennsylvania Lines '• for National Encampment. , • . August SOth and 31st and September 1st are the dates upon'which low rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will bi> sold via Pennsylvania Lines, the short route through Chicago. Tickets will be good returning until September 15th, inclusive, and if deposited .with :the Joint agent at St. Paul on or before September 15, the return limit w.ill be ex-tended to include September 30th. The rates (or thto occasion will be r excep : tlouaUy. low via Pennsylvania Lines, the only system of railways over which, trains run from ; Western Pennsylvania, West Vlrginia,.Ohlo and Indiana to Chicago Union : Station, the : natural gate- way'from those States to the- North west! Daliy. tralins from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapollfl and iouls- vllle make convenient connection at Chicago with St. Paul trains. Arrangements-may be made by G. A. R; PnstB, or partly of friends to travel together on special trains or special : cars that will go through from starting point to ;the Encampment without change, If the number Justifies :it. -Information on the .subject will be cheerfully furnished by representatives.of, the Pennsylvania Lines.. • - . : -'- ,••:•. •• • ' ; : YOUR VACATION NOW. ;.Gp,to th« picturesque .MaclcliMC Island via .the b. • &'. C. (boast: Line.).. -It only ; costs $13.50•from Detroit, ?i5.50-from Totelo, $18,00 from 'Cleveland'tor. the' round -trip, Including meate; and berths.: Tickets good for CO days, bicycles carried .free.; One' thousand "mflea• of liake 'aiitl ; riy«-'ridiiing on' new; modern steel steainers for. the'above'rate*;. Seiid,2c ' ' ''. tz, GJP..A.;,petroitv CHEip :: ,EXCURSIONS; TO^ .THE -WEST -AND NORTHWEST. On August 4i 18, September!;'15, 29,. October. 6 and 20, .1800,,'J.Tne.North- western tine'.(Chicago &,'Nor,th-West- ern,R'y) will sell;Home-SeeKeri' excursion tickets at very low'rates-'to-a large 1 number of pplite in ;th«wMt and. norths west Fpt'.'fnll' : 'lnfpr>natloiir apply-to. : ; WABASH: LOW RATE; . Horneseetoirs, Excursion,'. Aiiguet. 18, September, li; 15, 20, and October 6, and 20,-1896; . Tickets will be'sold at one ^ to pplnt8.inithe west, and southwest For full; particulars Inquire' of -Wabasli ticket agent'; : '.."'.. " EXCURSION .TO NIAGARA .FALLS.. ' On. Augustus the Wabaah ; Railroad company will run'a tfhe&p,exctirBlon'to Niagara Falls by • special.-.train..'!: Rate 1 from: Loganispoil ten' ($10) 'BbBarii''for the round trip. Return limit tosae days from dote af'saje. •"" %1 "-.^ V •.-,:. .-,•;. .'V;/'^ V ';''C.G.;NEWEIJL, . headache, Wltowhe* UOgeMtn »na ! '" • '^•''^nbav^dal^^'-cicb^^ $& :w^u' cuwttem M.'Johnitoo. , ':'•<• WILD BIDE IN MONTANA: How; a Horso Thief Was Captured • - ; After a tot Chase. The Pnrnnit W»i Kept Up for Ninety- Kite itlllos, anil 1 Two Fiuc Uor»c« Won Killed Before Cameron Gave . .... ,... ... Uiiuicil Up....,, The incidents of the capture of Alex andcr. Cameron, who broke. j'lJl ^a Bozeuian, 'Mont., and- was taken at En- uis u'l'ter 'the libttest chase ever known ! in that state, are full of interest. It was a thrilling experience aud a wild, •Jesperate ride tha.t ran to the denth two of the best blooded horses ill Montana. Cameron was inoarc«ratcd for the robbery of a large sum and had committed-other crimes of a more serious nature, and was very much afraid of identification. He managed to PS- cap$ from the Btjzeman ja.il by overpowering the', deputy and made-a desperate break fofth'e open. "Hei succeeded, aad .spent the night of the Fourth.of;Ju]y in hiding'in a piece of timothy grass • near town.-] One of the men from whota .he had stolen considerable poods lived '. near by and owned a fine blooded horpe .on -which Cameron decided he could •make, his'way-out of the country. So 'he'stole the animal. Now, the tracti- .tions of Montana will not permit the condoning of tha.t crime, and the owner, , who knew who .had taken his best-th'or- .ouglibred, started -a posse in earlv pursuit. ;. Officers were set watching every part of the country for the approar-h o Cataerorii'who could'be easily identi fled .by .the horse,, he rode, which was /known'in-nil that part'of the 'stalk .After several days Deputy Brooks "got it.rack of his mnn near Erinis and found that he was on his..way.to the National park, and was- goicpr in Biicli a way 'that he would .be compelled-to retrace his stops to Ennis. Cameron was half •starved, but had take,n from a ranch food enoug-h to last him several \Veeks. 'Brooks waited near the trail at Ennis .for bis man to double on his track, in order to cross the-Madison river. Finally, after two rtayfi and.'nighte of -watchinir. i.n the turn' of.'• -the \dowii 'Brooks, saw, "blie horse coming.N ,Jle^ took anotiier from the ranch, "picking- the finest animal on the Madison, and gal- 'joped after. As the hoofbente sounded HE SAW BROOKS CLEAltT-HB BXRS. on the bridge the man ahead pressed forward, and H J3rooks..was,£ure he,was in sight of th'e fle&hVprisbner. Helcaned forward -in the saddle-and epurrad on, and the mightiest race, ever seen in Montana N ba4 \begun.^ VWhafwas/ the time made will ne've!r"b*ek"nbwn,,'bWfor 95.,long miles the race was kept up, GanfeVon holdmg a lead of about half a nille;;8~n.d both men using every means to,increase the speed of their animals. One-man was -riding -for freedom, and, perbip*, life, tie other was strainiug every ^erve with a firm determination tbChever return without hia prisoner After many miles had passed, Cameron saw^a^'plon to gain a few miles and tunvettto a pair of bars into a.cattle. trail that-led to a canyon and 'coulee Tar up"'tie "mountain, sides. He carefully shove«j7thc ba^a home in their mortised postTafier he had > let ; his wl'llimg, wind- editorte through, and, remounting, rode on-.. r ^Reaching the crest of a hill beyond,'''fie saw "Brooks clear'that high pair of,,bare mitfwu&.a^au^e, an,d,^t that ,-be ^xvas $aiA.¥lK. i«rf VmileJLMOTe flew by, the men being now in^sight and now' hia"den v ;f-TOm-6ne'''anb€h«r "&y the hills and couleea, when; /Brooks dame suddenly on Came^po'^riderJe^B hon« in aaabaadoiupitf-plilly,. .TheBal- mal was gasping for Trtieatii, and -was evidently, dying. He 'could move_nojtx)r; ther. Brook*' .horse was in almost e» bad; cohditionUand ;K« v Jung!himseIf 6i? and began the search on foot. For two hours Brook* hunted iUp and dbwn the comflned little gully, omd at last found tihe ingitivp. '{"By* <J U ^H: nnelof agvn Cameron was caught. i Both men returned to their horseB. One was dead, the other dying. For a day theV walked towajd Ennis, and finally "icauglii bttiw aoric» iintfrode-in. Cameron ,was so 'atterly broken dovm thnt he-'urge3 .Tiii' captoi^tb- 1 k'.ll hitiL It is likely that he will now be held for more serious cranes than robbery, the notoriety.attending.the..abase, hav-. ing put officers, who had lorig^beem looking tor him, on the trace. ^ Th» Brld»»room W«« Nerroni. ' A minister, ;ln.,.qhi» say*, that .women. have more' nerve than menl This, ne aiys, ia especially the case when it cornea to-marrying,; Some time Blnce ; he; was called to marry a young couple in. what might bo called the ^aristocratic^ circle. Th*;yo«n J gTnaniwa»^ery much: face fftTltbe f&Oftgeiuxy. [» was not frightened in the least,Jie ^ T '' customary, .to.,^._,.. •tuttefing' : fof"*5me" time' he r fl broke out:?^' ;S u *!^0^» t ^* The minister kindly Informed him that It was cot under,th« circumstance* and: the li ive Hunt. ahoold be built for Mr. .;.'s;;.a ! !T w-'-'i-^r *'" : Upon having just whai you call for when you go to buyHood'saargaparillH.- There Is no substitute for Hood>._It is an in- eult to your intelligence^o try .to sell you something .else. Remember., that til,, efforts to induce you to buy an article yon do not want, are based simply Upon the degire to secure more profit. The dotler or clerk who docs this-carei nothing for your welfare. He simply wanU your money. Do not permit yourself to be deceived. Insist upon having Hood's ; Sarsaparilla Aod only'ftoo'l'i. 't I' th» OnrTrne Bteod PuriBet. ti a» r M ||_/«asjrtobuy,easytotalte, Hood S PlIlS ewy te operate- »e. A SHORTJOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN. FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. '••SUNSET LIMITED'.'TRAIN. •v«r the Sunset Route—New Orleant . . ... . .JO: ::•• Lo* Angeles and San. Francisco. .vas discontinued April 16th. The • -iperlor accommodatioM given ttfc '-. <Wt number of pstrons of the above •ID during the past tourist season, *rrant8 thi; announcement of plan* ..i- oest season of inner service with .tulpment 'superior to 'anything --yet. • uowuin transcontinental traffici:~,•...',.' •Look--for early''re-Inauguration of HCNSBT LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The, Southern Pacific Ou. "Sunset ,.«oute" in connectlpn,,.wIUi,thy "Qneep^. vnd Crescent Route" are running the Qly, line of throiigh_tqur|8t Pullman- -i«epe» leaylnjg^ CJnclnnat.r; .jyery^.' 'tiarsday everilna for Lo* Angeles'and • »n->Francisco.;< i:.->r •;:,>', , These-, excursions are specially coii- •jcted, and the object Is' tc enable those -do do not care to buy tbe flrit-cUwt .and trip oV-6ne way ttcketm?-«>ienlp>- ••.. ^comfortable rlde.wltb Bleeping car •rivUeg.es and 'ao'chonge of 'cars at the : »ry'"Yo'w secbnd-^lasg' rate:; f'or'rfartber.Information, addreti ^. «, CONNOR,- ; Coinnjerelal Aj^ %. P. .»«., Cincinnati. O. i W. G. NBIMTEB.;0., W. A»K:8. 'P. ^ .>«., Chicago. Ili. "a.-'prMORSEror-p:-"* T. A**, n. r '\ ..... New-OrieanB. La.,.,:' • .-. -..""'; \ cxi: Beginning May : 2Ctfi And continuing intll about ;Sept jSOth ^he'steameri v «t ,. dill line will make two trip* eBCb,wafj, lally between St Joseph and Chicago, •aijtbe folipwlng *chednle: ,. : Leave St Josepb at 4-JO p: m. and 'ioao p. m H dally, Including Sunday. L>«ave Chicago at 9:30 .a-. ; ,m. and . 'ili»s on Saturday leave "6f Joseph it mrm;-,- and lea've Chicago at 2 p. m. anning time acrou'lalw* noun, , : Trl-weekly »te»merB ^to Mtlwaukee, ^ saving St Joseph Monday, Wednesday utd ^riday •efeni^ga. - , <-•: ' The" 'eqnlpnienV of "thto line Includes " in* side wheel sieamerB'CI.ty of Cnlcagp2; : «nd City ot Milwaukee (the largest and aneit west, of Detroit), and .the new.ly propeller City ~of' touUrUle. ftr»t'<:la«.'.;C>onneetloni- wltli,>all a trains. "Tickets on tale «t all randalia Line statiooB. Chicago, dock .••ot. of Wabash ayenne., . . '. ...... J;"H. GBAHAM, Prei., Benton Harbor, Mlcb. ioingF&rA i rally «SiwiJiio(,il«4eltete- '-.If you t»lu!out&t,*tu>t •;-•',; . SCTCMOF C0« -

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