El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on November 27, 1931 · Page 1
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 1

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1931
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SHALL WE LET GANG POLITICS BLOCK PLAN TO HELP JOBLESS? -Ay ED1T0RIAL- pOLITICIANS who hope to beat County Judge E. B. Mc- Cllntoct anct members or the coinrriissiotiei's' court in next summer's election, and thereby step into the offices they hold, today are ganging together in a secret campaign, against the bond issue beingsubmitted to the people in tomorrows election. (If "Wc don't need a bond issue what wc need is a lurid for direct charity." is IVic- line ol their argument. '-We've had too many bond issues already so many ilie people arc becoming paupers in paying for then-., All this bond issue will do will be to put a fund In McCJinloek's Viands to hire voters who will reelect him. Vote down the bonds and wo can vote McClititoct out of office." (J Now, tile Herald-Post has never been very strong' for Judge Mc-Ciintock. II. lias found occasion, a number of times, to take issue with mm sometimes, we realize now.' erroneously. But Judge McCUntock and members o his commissioners' court, so far, have been the only public officials to whom the jobless could look for relief in this emergency. They've offered the only constructive plan for practical relief, on anything like an adequate scale, that has been suggested. And the men they're employing on the McKeliigon canyon job as well as the men they hope to employ if the bend issue carries are being hired on merit alone, through the U. S. employment bureau, not as ward politicians, Ci While there are practical benefits, aplenty, in the proposed bond issues, the chief reason for their issuance now Is the need for jobs for the relief of the jobless that and the advan tage to struggling business that's packed in a block of new buying power the bond money would create. (J Are we going io let cheap, persona! polities defeat an emergency, relief measure such as this particularly when we can vote the bonds without a cent of Increase in next year's tax rate? fJTiiat sort of trafficking in the plight of the city's poor may get over with some of our voters now. But its promoters may expect to answer for it when they seek votes for themselves. Complete Wire Reports of The UNITED PRESS and The ASSOCIATED PRESS El Paso Herald -Post Home Edition '.Three Cents in EI Paso Five Cents Outside H Paso Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy toniffht and tomorrow; slightly warmer tonight VOL. LI. NO. 284 EL PASO, TEXAS, FRIDAY, NOV. 27, 1931 16 PAGES TWO SECTIONS DEATH TAKES ;New Road Pens up Scenic Attraction to Motorists I j p AIRPLANES DROP BOMBS ON CHINCHOW E. P. PIONEER IN CALIFORNIA Mrs. Haymon Krupp Dies j In Los Angeles Hospital WAS ILL SIX WEEKS! Wife of Manufacturer Gave Liberally to Charity 1 For Many. Years Mrs. Haymcn Krupp. philanthropist,' died today at 12:45 a. m. in a Los Angeles, Cam., nospicai, P30 relatives were advised. She had been in the Cedars cf Lebanon hospital in Los Angeles for , weeks. Her husband, president of Hay-, mon ETrupp & Co.. clothing manu-; fac-turers, and their am, M. Bern-1 hard Krupp, secretary-treasurer of J :1k; company, are In Los Angeles, j A daughter, Mrs. Leland Hazelton; Hewitt, today was en route to Call- j foroia from Washlnjtton, D. C. As-1 other daughter. Mrs. H. James' Stone, lives In Brockton. Mass. Donated To Charities Mrs. Krupp and her husband gave liberally to El Paso charities. She was a pioneer resident. She was a member of both Temple Mt Sinai and Bnai Zion consresa- Vjts. Krura also was Eastern star. TV'omac's club. Temple Sisterhood. Council of Jewish Worn-, en. and EI PifO Jewish Eelief .society. Born In New Totk She was born In New York City j and had lived in 31 Paso 32 years on May L She was 53 years-old. and motner. Mr. and. Mrs, bitruiei Silverman, New York City; three sisters, Mrs. Pearl Gross, Utlca, N. Y Mis. Hose Caruso. Los Angeles, and Mrs. Miriam Jacooson, ffev York City, and a brother, Sam Silverman. Miami, na. Mrs. Krupp -will be burled In SI Paso. probably Mofaday. Hartford mortuary is in charge o: arrange- REGAIN EXECUTORSHIP OF WILL MARR ESTATE County Judge E. B. Mccltatock ruled that Airs. Helen Marr Anderson, who sought removal of Otto Armstrong es administrator of the estate of Will K. Marr. had never legally given up her position as Independent eiecutrix. His decision reinstates Mrs. Anderson as independent executrix without bond, attorneys said. Armstrong was allowed $4500 attorney's fees in the decision. He announced he will appeal because he considered the estate had been in administration long' enough, and that the portions of two children In the estate should be turned over to a guardian. Ttic estate is valued at about $60,000. These-' pictures were taken In McKellison HR? HR. i"i ' MHl canyon, where part of the $395,000 bond Issue CK.9HRIaiw-rV!H rraik. sIiotv.i in Lhc lower lelt Picture, now LaiaiaHattafllLa'l?ai -aHaMta iUhEK make use -canyon, passable to. motorists. Red EKliBFULjt3mtfm9it rock canyon.-at the head of McKelligor. canyen. I IISflkB iKtl :s shown in the top picture. -Natural Arch rock. KH Ml phenomena of Mt, TYon-clui tliat can VPB HHl tie seen one o! the new roads )u the IflH :anyor, is shown in the lower right picture. jJJJHMKalalalaWialalalaMialalM, j FINAL EFFORTS MADE TO PASS C0UNTY60NDS Public Officials Assert Work for Jobless Up to Voters $295.000 INVOLVED! I M'KeJiigon Flood Prevention J j Ysleta Road Widening, Chief Projects Knal efforts were being made to day by supporters of the McKeliigon- j A L - f nrhc Fn r Ysleta road bond Issue to bring out ft iKrSSj Three Roswell TST -me, bonds to-j Business Houses Where Japanese j Jh&i&f Plan Fight Yf V j JA PASSES!1 RAILZQADSmmlJ ..-J (NIPPON ARMY i DEFIES TOWO ! PEACE ORDER Japanese Forces Move Forward to Attack China Gateway REJECT RESOLUTION League of Rations' Plan For Armittk was bombed today by Japanese places whiie Jpncsc soldiers masked for an attack on the city. The city is the satwiy io Chin. It wss j reported that Japan troops, after caldne Chinchow, WJX enter CKna FrPPC" . ' J.ifir.tet rral LO.MXJri Ar. Execute Tdecraph messBce Iran. Tokio today said Jap- uv dry FREE PANTAGES IN ATTACK CASE: The'meMace ttkf the attack: Troot ibe air wa J ttek by a Cblnae tetchmtDt i japaneae fore which left Mol Snectators Cheer Verdict:' Wife Faints (JaP" lonore Peace Ordtr well and Masdalcna were filed in , z-.i'-d- f i Mr Mw fn federal court here today by U. S. ' "S ANOELES Alexander Pan-; Tolcio accepttd ifac propoaal of a : DIst. Attv. Hugh Woodward, i loses, mujwraionatrc uwaw. -n.yna? nsatn-UMBt vxmj vo wun- ROS- a. charfte of ! draw his troop frost Ctuacbov la- the ceaeral dtrrctio of SEE POLITICS Proposed Road to Cut IN BOND ISSUE, Flood 9anser m Hdh : ' ! Engineers Say 'Crossings Will Be . Barriers Checking Rush j Anti-Courthouse Candidates j Of Destructive Flood Waters in Eastern Area j rr Wnnrl Ahyibtt in sections in northeast El Paso will he rlizalnavxl it: H(FKr 'least 60 per cent under the road construction plan for the cajyoii that I ic! .va cy ai, nitftt-i - - n be calTled mt jf tt pr0pQSC;i j35,mo bond issue is posscii tomor- ,." PolUicol rivals of County Judg row say. ! & a. .Mcuuntoc.t ana.otner courci jji addition, the city ji nave anoiner scenic drive up Mt. Tancuii. siom. house politicians today were worK- j One of the major Hera in the bond Issue U the construction of a ls- SmL fc Cs,ltel Vn Ce- 5533 winding; road througn ana across McKeliigon canyon taIir.E t2s5,0O0, bearine Ive per cent interest, will he issued, for flood wori; ; santa TE Several piiilcci: pro. in McKeUliron. eauron, widening Of,.ceediEe5 resulting from U late MTmt.T.lsti Tood'jmd for-; October prohibition raids a other small projects in connection i with these major items. will close at p. to. .!. fnhowieir olaees- : ttackisj Eunice PriDfile, I'-vrr.r-j side the great walL The tone is lavoreq oj ; - , old ( Sinaltaoeotsrf a Ji ckj iaw-iu lu,tl ,j ir r p. Mnivh in : rt was the second tnaJ for Pan-i st measure for un?.mp!ored. p "rr . T v,n . : tj. mf jcrr lo-.rnC hto ! HukCen. i ' If the bonds are not carried by the " j . wivUuliv! tn co to C3iincho. ; necessary majority, all wort in Mc-; . .Jn n a . A,tb0tl$h vmaaao-d tfi- XeUsac canyon will do Momv, fe Crow. Een S. i year sentence, .ifter a bitter I nilely It would not ocetw Cfcto- t County Bieineer J W. Carter said. f W0- d- ini Sshi. he won a retrial from the! chow, ofHctal Mukdm vtoc ml , Forces at wort a he canyon were Crow Howd oms ann Gen-.Shlp! Hon tte A EroTtcoTSe ran screarainc from a cCKlcrcr.ee Soo "f1?1 PL"1; , room in the PWtaces bulld. r!."1 rf I Witnesses quietly satiered around j ic Tllt authortflee. I her and she told them she had; . visiico Pantaecs in an effort to boot j U. b. Protestt Jap dancing act. Attack on Chmchow 1. JYnl:"ill3 irboel. Leon and OvcrlASfl. 3. Alamo school. Fourtn ncd J3:niL 5. Consolleztci Sopplj- Co., IM-Ml Bin 4. Liof rty h:i. C. JIoli:uta'i croeery. Leuh cad OliTe. ' StiiJ Kiiool. Raiucr and Hircra. s. E-jricioa acaool, wuntr road t. ncJiaUlc Shoo Seop. 71I X. Pltdrai, l. Fir-c Siaiioa i-'c. 7, rii-.rc: aai Ptt- Jl. Pajnf.JKrt Droi; siort. Cepij anri !J. AILa Vdlt stlvoot. MUBtuia anil Oraan. U. Oovusmoit mil itkT. Hiieco aad 1. Crociflt Drat torr, HOD Ft rahloi. DEATH TAKES HOKE SMITH Ing tjuietly in an attempt to defeat tne 5flJD,uuu oona issue tomorrow, , ,h, rn,rt w,nc!s ..ard At least two candidates are with- copses and rc-cros-es the canyon holding announcing their intentions ; covert times. Eadt crossing hc- to run against present office holders until afce- the election. The "opposition" sees loss of prestige for McCTintoclc and county commissioners if the bonds arc defeated. . Some opposition candidates also oppose the bonds because they fear that -unemployed men given work U. DrMKa" 1 BANDITS KILL FARMER P.ti or-. FlfCraV and SaWf m. Pllra.i an,l R!chajoad. While Orucerr. cepptr one 33. Trrmonl Erocrrr, Treniont ritid Oalo. Ideal Pluraiacj. 403 Jf. CkSji.-. 35, Mid-Way Fllarmarr, UOl r. Yaaarlt Report Slayers Members Of -iMrrw immu: Hmentiail UdilU I- r.fiteSi-i saraer. KM ! Eaimnt'3 ionrrctionrr. ban-ier to canyon rain waters. As It hits each' one or the barriers, the water loses part of its mo- ?CJ? , ,rpaJ h ''r, i IiTbaelo Chavez. JO," San Ignaclo ! jo. n riatioa. m0 orana., u vidian behind the barriers and reused farmer, was slain early today by 11. n!d(M D( Tom cmlea, i -reduced and scattered oiume so, . h .-hhH vim ,i few ncrtact. that the force of a flood's rush Will I !in. 171,0 robbCd Unl ' 1 ftlr . orrhrd school. Kaaa, .an Ari!oC. pnMP P MFST: RORRCn I Mf e!i?0n S011 ,T,0tC?r; "At pe"r "nt aiJht ' luThdlcrotcdffie nt-! rUutt bUtolb rtUtStitU I present office holders, in the July ; tcction wc ralcht expect with a dam r frm' d nTC. members of OURJrVG DINNER PARTY 33. Eirl si raw. :S0 CiOclnaatl St. xvtiji' carairr. itcb Mrui. the river '5- Cnnmunlty e-rB'. JIDS S. Oreaoa. a ping operating from the American : 3s. j. r. xicitcn'iif ft. a- M. BirHlff. 31J E. ur.-Li-u-:.:- Bnd Hrvaau. iffr, jiai propter. ' ?nt"da,le J?r C0UJlti' commissioner, Heights additions," said County En- IgnE,ci0 about 40 i w. wiumirt tOQ jn-p, Saatl rc Miss Princle charged the rete-an : showman had attacked her. ' WASBTHOTdS. Tfcc Ameriean. Mrs. IjOis Pantages, we of the ; tovcrnrfltnt has made rrpreanta-delendant. fainted today in the ons to Janas atain-t a rxwbv arjrxs ol other raernbers ol the fam- j attack by Japsaese on Chlncho?,- Interior SecretarV Under ; iIy hea veixUK-was read. J and has receircd assuraaoes no web. n ' courtrtmm of Superior Jucse : artaet is pknoed. Cleveland UieS ; Clair S. Tappaan was. the scene of j Sec StirEsoa said today that in : demonstration. Spectators leaped view cf these atscrarrces rrctu Baron B -'""'tirf TT"-Sr , --i their scats and threw bsts into j ShSdehara, the Japaneie teeten ATLANTA rlote Snyth. 7b. for-, air ! arJslKs ic t mtr eovcrnor and U. S. scnavor .row JurJ, had bejjj 6 1 ports thai the Japaneae Georgia, and secretary of the in-, p lr t,.. ii.approtcfcsa, Chincbow. Cleveland, died at hi-, home here , : jp ChiflCSt; Again ' In 1911 he was mentioned as the j jf) Wf SET ABLAZE' P'Ifht in Tientsin souths candidate for the presidency. " " fc , ; ys.ute.rrtn He ft-fts also o iuccossful Janyer aild ! TTEXTSlJf. Jipaa delivered an ncwsptiper publisher. ; Fear Many Injured il1 Gas ! ui'"iaift'-'tnrL to Chinese anthoritiea In 1372, Smith hegan the practice J T c , ' here today after a nipht oi flghttgc of law in Atlanta. He was then ( ,dI1K wpiOSign ; in which Japanese troops botnhard- only 17 years old. I " 1 ed Chinese rioters with artJUery and His invest in public affairs led J ''oil,-, I swept streets with machine au him in 1887 to purchase the Atlanta , XfQt tirks- Evening Journal. . tZXJZ, Gthcr fMelt:i w Smltli was for tariff rel TJurjlars Ttcmove Purses -from Bed charged today that men employed gineer J- W. Carter, At L, J. faWey Burglars who toofc advantage of a Thanlcsgivinf; dinner party at Mrs. Ij. J. Fatrley"s home, 170 Alts, escaped with jests' j5Tjr.?es contain-infr SIS.78 and jewelry, detectives reported today, Mrs. B. L. Smith. Mrs. W. L, Bar-bee, Mrs. K. S. jCanrs. 2215 Hm. and Mrs. C. T. Darnell, ZfflO Mylcs, were the dinner guests. BurLirs gained entrance through n rear door and took the purses from a bed. n the canyon were made to spend At present, the flood waters down the vnllcy on the Mexican side c, l ' part of their first week's earnings to pay poll taxes. E. L. Alexander, president cf the Contra! Labor union, who has been consulted about every man hired in the canyen, denied the men were forced to pay poll, taxes. He said (hey sometimes were asked to show poll tax receipts to prove Lheir elti men are worKlnrj irf the ho have not paid pDll raid. "The unemployea have en organization whose members have boon urging each other to pay poll taxes." "Lots canyon laser," 1 JAIL DEMONSTRATORS Near White House Tnsilri dend -orfth a gamer spt n., bullet hole through his chest, drop from the lop to the mouth of I JunrC3, liK said It tne canyon. They brealc upon he the bandits mav have been the northeastern part of the city with fan,5 oneS who killefl a cllnt d t o rush that carries silt, rocK j:i,;.r, .rcaUv debris into streets, yards and bnsc- j ' roents. , THREE B.1HEERS FINED The city spends thousands of del-; Pcuct. JlMtJce M v m,d lars annually clearirtj the streets Ilned Edwln McMlllcn, Botert U after each flood. Horrell and J. W. Davis SI and Shoppingdaijs ZTT tiUChrishnas WASHINGTON Thirteen persons : were arrested today In a demonstration of unemployed in the-. vicinity I of the White House. The arrcstr, were made when the group started to march In front 01 the white house. Meatrvin.r, p. Cc'.fav;on cf .'cur ttyllng themselves j-cia-escntatlvcs the national unemployed coun Huge boulders sometimes are ,(., V violating state washed as far as Five Points. b;irij0!. Hilary laws. canyon, ns an emergency employ mens measure has spent $29,000. out of the county road funds. II the bonds are ap proved, this preliminary expense will be paid out of the bond issue and the money already taltcn on the road fund will be restored for the The land on which the work Is being done, including the bed and sicte of the canyon up to near the teps of the mountain- on cither side, is now owned by the county. J. Wlaiiltr ncliiml. U Coolrj- bcJiodL CritlffalUiiM' sclioel. his belief led him to support Gnver j oI Ma). aawteBe to de- 1 He became sccret.irj- cf' the in-1 -eeper. fioppers, idlers and: HORSE RACE BETTING 1 ?f" - . ' oth(;rs screaming into the streets nrni.i.rf ,, , ' ' " After scrying two terms as gov- . vote v.cV up. It could no! : RESUMED IN J UA H EZ - -a.. . do immeatateiy detemu:ed whether tlie senate by the legislature to fill tlifti were casuMtles. 1 a vacancy caused by the death of calls were put in for doctors from Sen. A. S. Clay. : neighborlns :owns indicating that I In 19J5. he was reelected io tlie ' either persons liad been burned or ; senate. The league OC nations fight' tMt it was. feared there would be I in the senate found him at differ-1 casualties enee with Pres. Wilson. i . . Sen. Smith's opposition to the policies of Wilson carried him so ! far that his name was offered Poll taxes issued not Inter than ' the preslc!e.-tliil primaries In his .'COPPER MAKES GAIN bond election, Jan. 31. 1931. must be used bv voters. ciji! in ti,. rio-h on.-i rhi, Poll taxes issued after that date do he offered a vcar later for reelec-: Production Pact Causes Metal not entitle bearers to voto m the 1Jon to the senate. ras defcutcd. ! Prio Cio His term expired, he took up the ! ' practieV; of law In Washington. , flJUARZ ARRESTS ARTIST !.BVK:r" I vashing;o::. . uuon action to bring proditeuon in Horse racing books we ia oper-01: todaj- in Juarec Setting machines snd a leased! ' wire giing results from race tracks have been instuCed in the Tear of lhc Coney lsiand bar. owned by Percy Adklssor. and Joe Brown. ai-e Lawson, owner of the Kniclc-rbockcr club tn 13 Paso, Is operai--.ng the books. Ksce results are being wlcplionei :o El Paso clubs. FOR SKETCHING NATIVES Hans Michaelis, German, Travels 14 Countries Getting Data For Newspaper and Magazine Articles Ha.-.; Ivlichoclis, Germany's wan- fearis- happy and frivolous. Ue thinks derine artist and writer, who 1ms i cowb.jys arc colorful and original. traveled 14 country wan '- - , arrested in Juarez for sketching' na- rousi.-its. lislenlng to tales of the live tliorncwrs f ths street. j pjTtunlds, and biiylftB rtlles and KJOsieU went' tlic world ::: ; :,ntlT.:cs nt any nrlse. wlthcut oocs- wrltlnc and drawing in newspaper tlonlng the elaborate stories of their and mtisrozlnt! articles. I age, present many funny scenes, he. Ho was draivlnu a JuareL- pool j said CKANDI GOES HOME NEW YORK Dino Graudl's 11- ciay visit to America, undcrlaken in the hope of alhKiimr .Italy ami player mlicn he was arrested and, Mlclmilis will Amen-ja ::i ef.oris war- wor.d i iji,: to the Jjai-oi i:U. K:t riran- Honcl.li . & u i peace anti prosperity, tnace toaay. , inrrs wer e destroyed. ells, nrranglh. for a 'hunger rap.rch The Italian forclfrn. mjnislcr and! Mlchadls said Amerlen ns have a lhc capital,- attempted to see his party salicd for home aSonrc the . riiiely developed sense of humor. He dies snnxc ix chaik Funeral $errteei for Telr-'iforQ Villareal, (B. who dird suddenly while sitthn in a chair at his. ha-n?, 1001 S..gt. Vraln. were pendint a -d;,v at Valley uiortuarj-. coroner M. V. Ward returned a verdict of death-. FLIES ATLANTIC m copper, whirl: touched a hv, f of apprmdmatclj- 32 pounds sterlinp i hcart failure. JriaKCS rlfSt rligrit rrom Brazil j t Wednesday, rallied to PARIS Tlie Aerouoslale Co, an nounced that Bert Hluklcr. Australian flyer, hmi an-ived at St. I Louis, Senegal. Africa, at 2 p, m. today Imtii Natal. BraEll, He completed the first non-stop I airplane flicht across 1Hc South At- i Islt Hollywood, lantic irom west to cn.st. ItELEAilE FLIER ON BOND j The Belgian Kotanci interest. iv- uoa-nrc .kosc;. jy. opciai.t. ;,ued a statement todav to the cfic ct wh0 arresMd Monday ! that tljey tad notified the Rhokaria : tt' ,J,CR c,1Jit?a's afos wired an asr-i Corp., the producing unit that thev i r,J"e )oad4d ltn Uqaor fct t!,i llmSd the ri?ro5ib , -Mus.Wpal alrpcTT. made iWO bond ! sed in New York several weeks aFo. ; ?? ana was aa"' ACCEPTS AProiNTMENT Mayw R. E. Sherman said todll Isoraum J. Mcrnsson. nw&tar. . Pres. Hoover. steamship Aucustus at 3 p. m. 1 Unds Mexican people serious, Cu- r. r a. United States attorney in VasliinE-'lon, has accepted his ppohume:it China, Japan and other countries, htts I OR imORCE 'ton, nas accepted his iippolnime: "When I get to Hollywood I'm Cecilia Tj-lcr Huff filed suit for to represent a Paso at Uj prcsj- goins to meet will Rogers divorce today in 65tn district court ! dent's conference Mtcha'-ll; said. ! neainst Kylo E. Hurt i Dec. 2, WANTS TO -GO STRAIGHT" Glen tv. Dunn, si. today was read go bacS to Clinton, 111., to tae oldup charjes in connection wits Its robbery of a filluij; station op-raior. D'nn surrendered to ! home building, 1 Pi so-police Uccause his coiiclrnce bot-twred him, he ftL

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