Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 14, 1963 · Page 27
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 27

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1963
Page 27
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Page 27 article text (OCR)

28 Gafesburo Regisfref-Moil. Gotesburg, Wed., Aug, 14, 1963 r >we mflom tuwrtmm i 8 EITHER VOU HELP^J ME WITH THIS PACKAGE OR, Ft RED? 1 *»d REMEMBERTHE VASE OP FLOWERS THAT WAS Otf TMIS TABLE, MOM? WHY, YOJJMADE A LAMP. JUVL OUT OF IT/ r ^PLUG HOW , ^ rr IN/ CLEVER./ Radio and Television WEDNESDAY, AUG. 11 WHBF-Channel 4 5:00 San Francisco Beat. "Clarence Culver Case." 5:30 Local News. 5:45 Walter Cronklte News. 6.00 Playhouse 4: "Unsinkable Molly Brown." 6:30 CBS Reports. 7:30 Dobie Gillis. 8:00 Beverly Hillbillies. 8:30 Dick Van Dyke Show. 9:00 Reckoning. 10*0 Jim Koch News. 10:00 Weather Show. 10:15 Sports Final. 10:00 Mr. Lucky: "Taking a Chanec." 11:00 Theatre 4: "Night Freight.' TUNE IN TIPS... The weatherman has provided the Knox County area with a fairly pleasant summer for 1963. After so many record breaking cold readings during the winter many observers felt we might also share in record- breaking hot highs & lows during the summer months. However, not a single record has been broken the past 4 months —and the temperature has yet to reach 100 (the highest is the 98 recorded on July 1.) Whether the weather is fair or stormy, it always is a leading topic of conversation. And with the changeability of the weather it becomes a perfect subject for radio to cover. WGIL gives special attention to the weather all during its 19 hours of service to Western Illinois. Complete weather summaries are given at 7:05 a.m. (8:05 a.m. for a repeat), at 12:15 p.m. and 5:55 p.m. The forecasts in these summaries are presented all during the broadcast day, including the conclusion of each of the half-hour news summaries. Every hour on the half-hour the latest weather facts such wind speed and direction, and barometer reading from the as humidity, temperature, Galesburg airport are heard. In addition, all storm warnings and news of unusual weather in other parts of the nation or the world are featured at 1400 on the dial from 5 a.m. until midnight each day, RADIO MM ON WW DIAL WOC-Channel 6 5:25 Sports Reel. 5:30 News. 5:40 Weather. 5:45 Huntley-Brinkley Report. 6:00 Yogi Bear. • 6:30 The Virginian. 8:00 Kraft Mystery Theatre. 9:00 The Bing Crosby Show. 10:00 Charles Leonard News. 10:10 Bob Brown Weather. 10:15 Ed Zack Sports Reel. 10:20 Comment—Bill Gress. * 10:30 Tonight Show. 12:00 Sign Off Headlines. WQAD-Omnnel 8 5:00 Maverick. 6:00 Weather. 6:05 Local News. 6:15 News—National. 6:15 News—_. ational. 6:30 Wagon Train. 7:30 Going My Way. 8:30 Our Man Higgins. 9:00 Naked City. 10:00 Weather. 10:05 News—Local. 10:15 New -National. 10:20 Sports. 10:30 Steve Allen. WTVH-Channel 19 5:00 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:01 10:30 12:05 Sea Hunt. Newsbeat 19. Ron Cochran News. Mr. Toyman. Wagon Train: "The John Bernard Story." Going My Way: "Cornelius, Come Home." Our Man Higgins: "Higgins' Understudy." Naked City: "Her Life in Moving Pictures." News :60. M Squad: "Second Best Hollywood's Finest: "Affair With a Stranger." Evening's Inspirational. OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With )OTr. Boopl* [AfAOS.VOU GOT YOUR MERVE |Tf?Y(rVTO GET RICH THE BOOK T PKETEMOEO TO 1 SELL SOD A<=> A OOKB/HERE'-S SODK *'25 BACKf—NOW •' ei/VUWE MV BOOK? OR YOU'LL. .BE SHARING ^OL )R CHRIST- IMAs TURKEV WITH TVV ' WARDEN/ EGAO,3Atf&,VO0'f?E ROR-^ 6&TTING THAT YOU SlGNlEO A CONTRACT \NlTH ME ANo TOOl< "SOMETHING OF *— i VALUE IN EXCHANGE, Z^J NANVELV / KEEP A ^ CIVIL TONGUE INVOUF? HEAO OR X MAY PRESS CHARGES FOR TAMPERING WITH MY MAIL > WMBD-Channel 31 6:00 WMBD News. 6:10 Weather Window. 6:15 CBS News. 6:30 CBS Reports. 7:00 File 31. 7:30 Dobie Gillis. 8:00 The Bevehly Hillbillies. 8:30 The Dick Van Dyke Show. 0:00 Circle Theatre. 10:00 WMBD News. 10:15 Weatherscope. 10:20 Starr on Sports. 10:30 The Late Show: "Forest Rangers." 12:15 At Day's End. WEEK-Channel 43 5:00 6:00 6:10 6:15 • 6:30 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 • 10:30 12:00 Supercar: "Magic Carpet." Local News. Weather. Huntley-Brinkley. The Virginian: "Echo from Another Day." Kraft Mystery Theatre: "The Dark Labyrinth." The Bing Crosby Show. Harrison and the News. Weather. Gordon Joyner Sports, Tonight Show. Evening Meditation. Station WGIL, Radio HOC KUocvcUi WEDNESDAY 5:00 News. 5:15 Fulton Lewis Jr. 5:20 Music. 5:30 Sports Parade. 5:45 Wall Street Report. 5:54 Weather. 6:00 News. 6:05 Public Service Show. 6:35 Music. 7:05 World Today, 7:35 Music. 7:40 White Sox vs. Indians. 10:00 Nightcap New;;. 10:15 Music Till Midnight. News on tha Half Hour. THURSDAY 4:55 Wake Up Show 9:00 News. 6:05 Wake Up Show. 6:15 Farm Fare Program. 6:35 Wake Up Show. 6:55 Robert St. Johr. Reports. 7:00 News. 7:05 Weather Forecast. 7:05 Weather Forecast. 7:10 Sports Scoreboard. 7:15 Wake Up Show. 7:30 Local News. 7:45 Morning Show. 8:00 News. 8:05 Morning Melodies. 8:50 Notes on Modern Living. Ed US w w o KEEP OFF \2\GUT, ME. THATCH EG? THAT£ WHAT YOJE «3AVS, CSN'TITJAAE. THATCH6C..." KEEP OFF THE- Q>&fi&b? ? MY NA5A WIENPi WHO LET X RIGHT, W6 US START OUR SEARCH, SAY'S I PASS S0MB THIS 15 OWE a TUB BIGGEST / OF ITAL0NS PREDGINfi OPERATIONS l» v /TH' CHANNEL HISTORY r-r -T BETWEEN TH 1 BANANA AND INWAN RIVER* THAT DREJfeEP UP AREA 15 FOR A WTY STORY" BUILDIN6 WHERE MOON ROCKETS 490 FEET HIGH CAM BE ASSEMBLED W. AN UPRIGHT POSITION.. BATE AFTERNOON ENOUGH SHELLS ARE SCATTERED) FIR*T, ymmsr\ THRU THIS BRUSH TO DETERMINE, JcATEITS, WXIMATE] CENTER 1 . .1) VO'GOTTA SAVE TH' WORLD — EF CHARLIE GITS TO WHARTHAR'S ] PEOPLE IT'LL BE TH' V/ORLD 'S MOST TRAGIC CHICKEN DINNER!! BECUZ IT'LL f TH'CHICKEN WHO'I TH* PEOPLE .V. 8:55 What's New in Pink & Blue. 0:00 News. 9:05 Bulletin Board. 9:25 Uncle Harry. 9:35 Morning Melodies. 10:00 News. 10:00 Market Reports. 10:10 Music. 10:35 Problems and Solutions. 11:00 News. 11:05 Morning Melodies. 11:35 Trading Post. 11:50 Farm Adviser Program. 11:50 Noon Day Devotions. 12:00 Noon Farm Markets and News. 12:15 U.S. Weather Forecast. 12:25 Local News. 12:40 Music. 5:00 News. 5:15 Fulton Lewis Jr. 5:20 Music. 5:30 Sports Parade. 5:45 Wall Street Report, 5:54 Weather. 6:00 News. 6:05 Public Service Show. 6:35 Music. 7:00 News. 7:05 World Today. 7:35 Music. 10:00 Nightcap News. 10:15 Music Till Midnight. New* on the Half Hour Station WAIK, Radio 1590 Kilocycle* THURSDAY 6:15 Sign On. 6:15 News Heaidlines 6:17 Illinois Farm Report. 6:55 News Arouno the World. 7:10 Local News. 7:25 Speaking of Sports, 7:35 Astroguider 7:5c Paul Harvey New». 8:00 Local News 8:15 Weather Watch. 8:25 .lospital Note«. 8:30 Viewpoint 8:55 ABC News 9:00 Breakfast Club 9:55 ABC News 10 00 Local News. 10:45 Town Crier. 10:55 ABC News. 11:00 Local News. 11:05 Tradio 1' :30 Viewpoint. 11:55 ABC News. 12:00 Omnicast-News 12:20 Farm Markets 12:30 ">aul Harvev New* 12:55 ABC News 1:00 Local News. 1:15 Obituary Report. 1:25 Flair Reports. 1:55 ABC News 2:00 Local News 2:05 Show Time on Broadway. 2:30 Viewpoint 2:45 Town Crier. 2:53 ABC News. 3:00 Local News 3:15 New Neighbor. 3:25 1'lair Reports. 3:30 Inside Books. 3:55 ABC News. * :00 Local Newi. 4:30 Viewpoint. 4:45 Local Sports. 4:55 ABC News. 5:00 Local News. 5:10 Mil-Rice Health Studio. 5:15 Sports Round-up 5:40 Tom Harmon Sports. 5:55 ABC News. 6:00 Local News. 6:25 Flair Reports. 6:30 Viewpoint. 6:55 ABC News. 7:00 Sign Off. Anderson Kin Hold Reunion NEW WINDSOR — Sixty-three descendants of John, Gustaf and Alexander Anderson attended the annual reunion Sunday at Lincoln Park at Galesburg. Keith Nelson of Galesburg was elected president; Verner Anderson of Woodhull, vice president, and Mrs. Gust Samuelson of Princeton, secretary-treasurer. Alvin Root and Mrs. Laura Nelson, of Galesburg, were the eldest of the members attending and James Shettler of Galesburg, youngest. Mrs. Irene Tate of Alexis conducted devotions. Mrs. Sydney Drew of Kenosha, Wis., came the greatest distance. Other relatives were from Detroit, Mich., Princeton, Aledo, Geneseo, Woodhull, New Windsor, Rock Island, Alexis and Galesburg. HIT SUPPENLY gy THE SLEEPING PILLS PROPPED SECRETLY IN HIS COFFEE BY KANE, THE COPTER PILOT PASSES OUT/ His EMPLOYER, RRSTT ENSSTROM. IS HASTILY I CALLED,,,, | i i . .1 TO BED AND A DOCTOR CALLER,, IMMEPfATELyi OH, PEAK 1 , WHAT SHALL I VO FOR A PILOT Jri'M RFRAM KANE*. VOU INTERVIEWED ME EARLIER 10PAM, YAH, yAH«,.BUTOF(toriRSl3 "THE CLIMBER WHO WAS i WITH THAT POOK UNFORTUNATE WHEN THE ACCIPENTOGCUKREP,; RJTw HOW CAN VOU UN Area Regulations Technically, city, state and federal police are forbidden by law to enter the UN grounds in New York, although they have the right of "hot pursuit" of a criminal. Police usually check their guns when they accompany a celebrity to the world headquarters.

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