Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 14, 1963 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1963
Page 26
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Golesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, III. Wed, Aug. T4 r 1963 27 N*w Y«rfc Meek* NEW YoM (WlMtock market midday, prices;, Admifaliipi *8fr f&T 44fK Aldens m Iowa P&L 56% Allegh Lud 40% JoKns -Man 4?'4 Alld Ch*m 50 Kenrtecott WM Kresge 23V '4 fcfogef 28% Lib McN 141/4 Mid sirs si AIHS cfikri6% Alum Ltd 24% Alcoa 64'A Am Air 27 ABC Pmt 30% Am Can 45%. ,Am Cyan 58% Am-MAP h' Am Mtrs 17% Am tf&T 123% Am Tob 27% Anaconda 48% Armoar4l% Atchison 28% Avco 26V4 Bendix 51% Beth Stl 30V4 Boeing 33% Borden 63% Borg War 44% Case 10% Catplr 44% Celanese 5jl Cent Soya 28% C&NW 29% Chi W 25% Clumsier 61% Cities Sve 69% Lockhd 36% Mar Oil 58% Maytag 36% Min Hnywl 107% Minn Min 61% Monsanto'50% Mont Ward 38% Nat Bis 53% Nat Can 15% Nat Dairy 64% Nat Gyps 46% Nat Ld 77 NYC 20% No Amn 52% Nor Pac 47% Nor St Pwr 35% Olin Math 42% Outbd M 11% Pac Tel .33% Penney_43 Perm RR 18% Pepsi Cola 54% Phil Pet 52% Piper Air 27% Pure Oil 44% Qua Oats 66 RCA 71% Coca Cola 99% Colum Gas 29% Rep Stl 38% Comm Ed 51V 4 Revlon 42% Cons Ed 87% Cont Can 46 Cont Oil 63% Deere 61% Diana 10% Douglas 22% Dow Chem 59% Du Pont. 242% Eastman 111 El Auto Li 27% Erie 3% Firestone 33% Flintkt 21% Ford Mtrs 51% Friden 42% Fruehauf 28% Gen Dyna 23% Gen El 80% Gen Fds 82% Gen Mtrs 70% Geh Tel 26% Goodrich 51% Goodyear 35%, Grant WT 24% Gt Nor 52% Greyhound 42% Gulf Oil 49% Homestake 52% Hupp 6% 111 Gent 50 • 111 Pwr 38% Inland Stl 41% IBM'455% Int Harv 55% Int Nick 61% Int Paper 29% Rexall 39% Reyn Tob 38% Safeway 61% Schenley 21'% Sears 91% s Shell'Oil 45% Sinclair 45% So Pac 35% Sperry 14% Sq D 44% Std Bds 72<& SO Cal 66% SO Ind 64% SO NJ 70% SO Ohio 67 Stude 6% Swift 39% Texaco 73% Texas Inst 83% Un Carb 107% Un El 27% Un Pac 39% Unt Air L 40% Utd Corp 8% Utd Fruit 24% Utd Gas 39 US Gyps 85% -US Play C 25% US Rub 48 US Stl 48%' West Un 29% Wstghs Ab 29% Wstghs El 35% Woolworth 69% Yng S&T 109V 2 Oalftifclfff H*f Market fMlMMfg <*m Buyer* C ft. ft $ Stwkyanh Market 25 cents lower. Top, $17.50. Best eastern shipping hog«, $tf-fi?.25, Quotations: 200-240 ; ...........$ie.75.$17\S© 240-280, ...,..|16.45-$17.40 260-300 $16.00-$16.95 Sows: 300-500 $12.75-$15.75 Bushnell Livestock • Market, is unevenly lower.; Nos. Is and 2s, $17.10-$17.25; mixed and grades 200-260 pounds, $16.75$17; 260-300, $16.30-$16.85; sows 25 cents lower, bulking at $13$16.25; cattle, steady; ' lambs, steady. : Tomorrow's Estimate* CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Official estimated livestock receipts for Thursday are 1,000 cattle, 5,000 hogs and 500 sheep. Oaletburg Oraln Market Coftfctimert Oral* ft floppy ce. Corn (Aug. 16) Corn (Aug.) ... Oats Soybeans (old) Soybeans (new) $1.22 ,....$1.20 60C $2.44 .....$2.34 DeForeit Feed ft Seed Co. Wheat :. $1.88 Corn $1.20 Oats 60c Soybeans $2.45 1.80V4 1.87% 1.85% 1.84% 1.89 1.87% 1.83% 1.82% 1.56% 1.54% 1.58 1.56% 1.56% 1.56% Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)-(USDA)Hogs 2,500; 1-2 195-235 lb butchers 17,25-17.50; mixed 1-3 190-285 lbs 17.00-17.25; 1-3 160-195 lbs 14 .0017.00; 1-3 260-400 lb sows 14.5016.25; 1-3 400-500 lbs 13.50-14.50; 2-3 500-650 lbs 12.75-13.50. Cattle 400; choice 950-1,300 lb slaughter steers 24.0024.50; mixed good and choice 900-1,300 lbs 23.00-24:00; good 21.00-23.00; choice 850-1,000 lb slaughter heifers 23.00-23.50; mixed good and choice 800-1,000 lbs 21.50-23.00; good 20.50-21.50; calves 10; moderately active, vealers steady; choice 25.00-26.00; good 21.00- 25M. Sheep 475; mixed choice and prime 90-113 lb spring lambs 20.75-21.75; good 85-100 lbs 19.2520.75; utility 17.00-19.25; utility and shorn slaughter ewes 4.005.00. Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPD-Produce: Live poultry heavy hens 17%18; barred rock fryers 21; special fed White Rock fryers 17 . 18; roasters 23-25. Cheese processed loaf 39 - 44; brick 39:43%; Swiss Grade A 5055; B 49-53. Butter steady; 93 score 57%; 92 score 57%; 90 score 56%; 89 score 55%. Eggs barely steady; white large extras 35; mixed large extras 34%; mediums 28; standards 30. Eggs and Poultry Red Rowe, Hatchery Knoxvflle Road, Galesburg Large clean Eggs ...22c Under grade Eggs .....16c Leghorn Hens 1— 3c Heavy Hens .-- 7c Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 14,000; 1-3 200-240 lb butchers and uniform 190-220 lbs 16.75-17.50; ( some 1-3 185-200 lbs and 240-270' lbs 16.25-16.75; 1-2 200-230 lbs 17.50-17.75; around 300 head Is 200-235 lbs high lean 18.00; T-3 280-350 lb sows 15.00-16.00; few 16.25-16.50; 1-3 350-400 lbs 14.0015.00; 2-3 400-500 lbs 13.00-14.00; 2-3-500^00 lbs 12.00-13.00. Chicago Grain CHICAGO <AP>High Low Wheat: Sep Dec Mar May Jul 1964 Sep Corn Sep Dec Mar May Jul Oats: Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mar May Jul Range Prev. Close close 1.79% 1.80 1.84% 1.85% 1.88 1.88% 1.82V4 1.83 1.54% 1.56 mated at: wheat li cars, com 76, oats 6, rye* none, barley 9, soybeans 6. Wheat was %-% cent a bushel lower at the close, September $1.79%; corn y4-% lower, September $i.23V4-%; oats y«44 lower, September 63%-% cents; rye %1% lower, September $1.25y4-, soybeans unchanged to 1% lower, August $2.56%. CAR Board In Roseville Plans Regional Meeting ROSEVILLE-^Children of the American Revolution held a state board meeting in Roseville Saturday. The business session at 11 a.m. was conducted by Miss Mae Fulfs of Dixon, the state president, with 31 Officers and members from Rock Island, Bloomington, Homewood, Champaign, Springfield, Dixon 1.24% 1.23% i.i3y4 i.i2y4 1.16% 1 .151/4 1.18% 1.17% 1.20% 1.19% 64 67% 69 68% 63% 66% 68% 68% 1.23% 1.23% l.m 1.12% 1.15V4 l.i5% 1.17% 1.17% 1.19% 1.20 63Vs 63% 66% 67>/s 68% 68% 68y* 68% 1.27 1.25% 1.30% 1.28% 1.33% 1.31% 1.32 1.30% 1.29% 1.27% i.25y4 1.28% 1.31% 1.30% 1.27% 1.26% 1.29% 1.32% 1.31% 1.29% Soybeans Aug Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul 2.59% 2.56% 2.56 2.53% 2.54 ,2.51% 2.57% 2.55% 2.60% 2.58 2.62% 2.60y 4 2.63% 2.61% 2.56% 2.58 2.53% 2.54% 2.52 2.52% 2.55% 2.56 2.58 2.58% 2.60% 2.60% 2.61% 2.61% Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (UPD—Livestock: Hogs 6,000; 25 to 50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 17.75-18.00; 95 head at 18.00; mixed No 1-3 190-270 lb 17.25-17.75 ; 240-270 lb r7;25-17.35. Cattle 12,500, calves 25; slaughter steers and heifers steady; load prime around 1225 lb slaughter steers 25.75; high, choice and prime 1100 - 1350 lb 25.25-25.50; load prime around 1400 lb 25.25; load mixed high choice and prime 1400 lb 25.00; bulk choice 900-1250 lb 24.75-25.25; few loads choice 1350-1450 lb 23.75 - 24.50; load high choice 1400 lb 24.75; good 900-1250 lb 22.75-24.25; load choice and prime heifers 24.85; load choice and prime 950 lb 24.75; bulk choice 800 - 1100 lb 23.50-24.25; high choice 925 lb 24.50; good 22.00-23.00. Sheep 500; spring slaughter lambs steady to strong; few lots choice and prime spring slaughter lambs 21.00-21.50; package mostly prime 22.00; good and choice 19.50-21.00. Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP)—Grain futures prices resumed their firmer trend with numerous contracts advancing major fractions today on the Board of Trade. Wheat moved up as much as a cent and all soybean deliveries more than a cent on buying which dealers said was related with unfavorable crop reports from Missouri. Speculators were the most active buyers all around. However, brokers reported some export business in both wheat and soy beans overnight. Wheat was % cent a bushel lower to % higher, September $1.80; corn unchanged to % higher, September $1.24; oats % to % higher, September 63% cents; rye % to % higher, September $1.26 7a; soybeans % to 1% higher, August $2.59%. Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No 2 yellow hard (tough) 1.94y4. Corn No 5 yellow 1.27%. Oats No 1 heavy white 68 Mi; No 2 extra white 6flyi; No 1 extra heavy mixed 68. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.63; No 2 yellow 2.63. Soybean oil SV4i\. Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP) - Profit cashing stalled an early bulge in the grain futures market today and prices generally showed little change for previous closes in the early afternoon on the Board of Trade. Wheat was down major fractions in spots but all other contracts were only minor fractions up or down in mixed and quiet dealings. Carlot receipts today were esti- Wall Street NEW YORK (AP)-Recovering somewhat from early losses, the stock market displayed an irregular pattern in moderate trading late this afternoon. Volume for the day was estimated at 4.1 million shares compared with 4.45 million Tuesday. Gains and losses of most key stocks went from fractions to a point or so. Mild improvement followed adoption by the House Ways and Means Committee of proposals for a drop in individual income tax rates. The market started the day with some discouragement due to the stalemate over the railway labor dispute which could lead to a strike Aug. 29. Parke, Davis moved to a net rise of nearly a point. Smith Douglas erased most of an early 5-point loss and showed a net decline of a point or so. IBM moved up more than 3 Sears Roebuck was up about : while Goodrich, Westinghouse Electric, Richfield Oil and Merck were up around a point feach. Gains of close to 2 were made by Revlon and Paramount while Disney was ahead more than a point. High Voltage Engineering and Litton Industries were active and up nearly a point each. Illinois Central was off more than a point. Other leading car riers showed fractional losses. Chrysler was among fractions losers. Prices were irregular on the American Stock Exchange. Corporate and U.S. government bonds were mixed. AVON FAT STEER SHOW AUGUST 15, 16, 17 THURSDAY, AUGUST 15 7:15 P.M. ORGAN MUSIC — Marlene Brown. 8:00 P.M. CONCERT BY AVON HIGH SCHOOL BAND With Specialty Numbers. FRIDAY, AUGUST 16 A.M. WEIGHING OF FAT STEERS. 1:00 P.M. FLORAL HALL EXHIBIT. 7:15 P.M. ORGAN MUSIC — Polly Gamble 8:00 P.M. VARIETY SHOW — Rev. Perry Bishop, Emcee. SATURDAY, AUGUST 17 1:00 P.M. FLORAL HALL SHOW. ORGAN MUSIC — George Coleman. JUDGING OF FAT STEERS. ORGAN MUSIC — Charles Gamble. 1:30 P.M. 6:30 P.M. 7:00 P.M. 8:00 PM. DENNY SLOFOOT, Emcee-Comedian THE MID-WESTERNAIRES — Barbershop Quartet. THE TENNESSEEANS — Western and Folk Music. FAT STEER AUCTION SALE Drawing for Fat Steer end other prizes. Street Carnival All 3 Days Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks mixed in moderate trad ing. Bonds irregular. U.S. government bonds firm in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly lower. Midwest stocks mixed. Cotton futures higher. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, iye and soybeans mixed. Hogs 25 to 50 lower, top 18.00; cattle steady, top 25.50; sheep stead} to strong, top 22.00; dressed beef steady, top 43.50; dressed pork loins steady, top 50.50. Monmouth and Roseville in attendance. The opening prayer was led by David Adkisson of Roseville, state chairman of "National Merit Awards." The pledge to the Flag was led by Janice Simonson of Roseville, state chairman of "Correct Use of the Flag." The CAR Creed was read by Joyce Wormley of Rock Island. Special guests included Mrs. Charles Long of Homewood, state senior president; Mrs. Ralph Killey of Monmouth, state regent of the DAR; Nelson Wakefield of Champaign, state treasurer of CAR, and Frank Killey of Monmouth, national vice president of the CAR. Plans were discussed for the regional CAR meeting to be held in Springfield Aug. 23, 24 and 25. Back to School, Party Theme The Baptist Youth Fellowship of the Roseville Baptist Church will have a Back to School party at the church Friday night from 7:30 to 10. Taylors Assemble The Taylor family reunion was held at the Eldridge Park in RosevHle Sunday. Seventy-five were present for a fried chicken dinner served at 12:30 o'clock The business session which follow ed was conducted by the presi dent, Mrs. Jack Huston. Robert Cunningham was elected presi dent for the coming year and Mrs. Duane Huston as secretary treasurer. Roy Bechtel, 83, of Roseville, was the oldest member present, and Harold Robert Davis, four- month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Davis of Roseville, was the youngest. Relatives who came from a distance were Mrs. Hazel Schnabel and granddaughter Linda of Yakima, Wash.; Mi-, and Mrs. Frank Taylor of Iola, Kan., and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor and sons, Gregory, Jeffrey and Bradley, of Wheaton. The next reunion will be held the second Sunday in August 1964. Roseville Briefs Mrs. C. A. Witty is convalescing from eye surgery at the Cottage Hospital in Galesburg. The DAR chapter held a committee meeting Tuesday in the home of Mrs. Leonard Ockert to plan the program and year book for the coming year. Mrs. W. A. Lee is making ex- Roseville ANN LARSON Phone 426-2671 tensive alterations in a house which she recently had moved from her farm in Ellison township into the village of Roseville. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Markley visited last week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack McKinty in Yates City. Mi-, and Mrs. Charles France and children, Jeffrey and Amy, of Hoopeston, spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Markley. France is a brother of Mrs. Markley. Together they attended the France reunion at Vermont Sunday. Cathy Lagnese of Abingdon has been visiting in the home of Karen Johnson this week. Mi's. John Talkm had as guests the past week, Mrs. Harold Dirks and children, Marcia and Jeffrey, of Lincoln. Rev. and Mrs. Norman Lawton, their daughter Mary and twin sons, David and Donald, of Ceylon, Minn., visited this week in the home of Rev. and Mrs. Robert Larson. Lloyd Markley of Brodhead, Wis., spent Monday night in the Charles Markley home. Other callers during the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Simpson of Vermont and Mrs. Gene Beers and daughter Carla of Fowler. READ THE WANT ADS! SELLOUT YARD SALE 1036 E. Fremont THURS., AUG. 15-9 to? Clothing Tor All—Priced to Sell Loli of Mlic. Items. Hydraulic Jack, Winter Coat*. '54 Pontlac fc '37 Ford. 1962 OLIVER MOUNTED CORN PICKER 125 Acres 342-8961 or 342-8965 WANTED Married man for general farm work. Must be experienced with livestock and machinery. 5 miles from Galesburg. Phone 342-9303 STUMP CUTTING May coil lata than you think to get rid ot that unsightly •tump. Call DeWAYNE JOHNSON EXCAVATING Phone I43-0IIS TRENCHING WITH DITCH WITCH Water, tile and footings. Reai- onable ratei. Alio pipe, hydrant and filling. Phone 343-2385 DEAN STANLEY 440 Pine St. CUSTOM COMBINING For beam and picking and shelling corn. Have Gleaner Combine Picker Shelter. THOMAS FAUST Galesburg 343-72S7 RITE-WAY DISPOSAL SYSTEM It doing builneii as usual only under New Management. MGR. RALPH GARRETT 700 West Fremont St. Phone 343-5481. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPD-Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 712.85 up 1.72 20 rails 170.98 off 1.21 15 utils 143.46 off 0.26 65 stocks 256.97 off 0.17 READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! GIGANTIC BACKYARD SALE 424 W. BROOKS ST. THURS.. FHI. and SAT. Aug. 15-16-17—9 'til ?? Misc. clothing, men's lg. sizes; women's 36-20 1/ 3 and some size 10, maternity clothing size 10. Jewelry, dishes, silverware, kitchen utensils, Dormeyer mixer and misc. Something tor everyone. tOYO-ROOTIR FOR CLOGGED SIWI£RS_ ft DRAINS Don't Dig Up Your Sewer Call 343-6913 - or Phone 342-6430 FRONT YARD SALE 170 S. CEDAR Thursday, Aug. 15 8 to ?? LAWN SALE 1289 W. NORTH Thurs., Aug. 15-8:30 to 6 Clothing, All Kinds, Books, Games, Salt & Peppers, Grass Catcher, Kitchen Sink, Etc. FOR SALE BY OWNER 5 -Room Ranch style home on N. Henderson St. Corner location. Suitable for small business or office space plus living quarters. 220 wiring, gas heat. PRICED FOR QUICK SALE! Would consider renting. Shown by appointment only. PHONE 342-6514 FINEST QUALITY HAND TOOLS The very best in tools and accessories by Billings, Miller-Falls and Proto. Power tools by Skill and Miller-Falls . . . also famous precious tools by Lufkin. COMPANY 1000 Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg, III. 342-2813 Per Annum Payable Semiannually Investments by the 15th Earn from the First with Insured Safety AT AND I (JAN 250 EAST MAIN ST. Transportation Departures Effective April 2* ALL SCHEDULES ; DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ButllnftM, EtstboundL 8 rust Mail . .—3:01 a. m. 30 AkSarBen .^.^^..^..5:89 a. m. 10 Denver Zephyr <•+ 7:5i a. m. 2 Local —50 a. m. 18 California Zephyr —12:3] p. m. 12 Nebraska Zephyr .—7:08 p. m. Burlington, westbound 3 to Omaha, Lincoln —.1:48 a. m. 65 to Kansas City -*1:35 a. m. 7 to Denver « —3:5? a. m. 35 to Kansas City —3:00 p. m. 11 to Omaha, Lincoln ...3:10 p. m. 17 to California 6:32 p m. 1 to Denver 8:22 p. m. Santa Fa, Easibeund 20 Chief 4:40 a. m. 16 Te*as Chief 6:40 a. m. 18 Super Chief- El Capitan* —11:10 a. m. 2 S.P. Chief* 11:45 a. m. 124 Grand Canyon —2:20 p. m. 12 Chicagoan 5:50 p. m. Santa Fa, Wasibound 9 K. C. Chief 2:38 a. m. 19 Chief - —12:55 p. m. 123 Grand Canyon —.3:20 p. m. 1 S.F. Chief* 7:05 p. m. 15 Texas Chief —.9:85 p. m. 17 Super Chief- El Capitan* 10:25 p. m. •—Flagstop Ozark, Northbound Flight 140 to Chicago* 8:53 a. m. 64 to Chicago* 4:45 p. m. Ozark, Southbound 141 to St. Louis •* 12:26 p. m. 143 to St. Louis 9:01 p. m. *—Except Sunday ••—Except Saturday BUS SCHEDULES Wasibound To West Coast 6:30 a. m. To West Coast ....1:20 p. m. To West Coast ...9:48 p. m, Eastbound To East Coast 12:01 p. m. To East Coast 8 ^)0 p. m. Southbound To St. Louis 10:00 a. m Northbound To Davenport . 9:20 p. m. Trieste Retains To Find Gf ate Of Sunken Ship BOSTON (AP) — Theblthy* scaphe Trieste returns today for a second try at finding the nuclear submarine Thresher, thij time with help from brightly painted discs planted on the ocean floor. Trieste will be towed to the search area 220 miles east of Bos* ton. The trip takes four days. Thresher disappeared April 10 while on a test dive with 129 men aboard. Painted and numbered discif were planted in a pattern around what is believed to be the grave of the Thresher, 8,400 feet below the surface. To Peoria To Peoria -l!l5 p. m .8:28 p, m. Williamsfield Club to Host Guests WILLIAMSFIELD - The Home Culture Club will hold guest day Sept. 18. Mrs. Dana Stewart, Princeville, author and former newspaper woman, will speak on "That Certain Something." READ THE WANT ADS! COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimate* POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 6-2103 Gilaon. 111. Galesburg, 111. — 342-8234 MIXED HAY WANTED Call or tee—Bill Bo wan, cara Werihelmer Cattla Co.. Inc.— CBStO STOCKYARDS Galesburg, 111.—TeL 343-M12 Club Sets Outing WILLIAMSFIELD - The Williamsfield JD Woman's Club will hold its summer get-together at the Little John Conservation Club Aug. 21 at 6:30 p.m. This year's outing will differ from past as it will be a family picnic. Members were requested to take table service, drink and covered dish. GIGANTIC YARD SALE 2321 N. Bread St. THURSDAY, AUG. 15th t A.M. LOTS OP ANTIQUES Dishes, Furniture, Books, Clothing, Pictures and Frames, Lamps, Jewelry, Trunks, Nlck-Nacks. Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must b« In our effie* 12 noon day bafort) «d runs. Call 342-5161 Display Advertising Dept. Galesburg Register-Mail FURNITURE AUCTION CORBIN'S FURNITURE STORE - 565 N. WEST ST. THURSDAY, AUGUST 15th 7:00 P.M. We will sell 5 rooms of good used furniture as follows: 2 pc. matching studio lounge and chair, 2 blonde step-end tables, white glass top patio table and 2 chairs, walnut knee-hole desk, 21" Admiral console TV set, drop front desk, 9x12 brown floral rug, table and floor lamps, wingback lounge chair, throw rugs, curtains and drapes, table model radio, 3 rocking chairs, 8 pc. oak dining room suite, dishes, including some antiques, some linens, oak bedroom furniture, storage chest. Eagle gas stove, electric refrigerator, 7 pc. wrought iron dinette set, cabinet base, double door metal utility cabinet, G.E. automatic washer, sweeper, metal glider, 2 boys bicycles, camp stove, 2 step ladders, window fan, Maytag aluminum square tub washer, rinse tubs, yard and garden tools, white coal kitchen heater, Warm Morning heater, other items too numerous to mention. MRS. ANNA M. BROWN — Owner. Corbin's Auction Service. Kent and Cook—Auctioneer*. Phone 343-9033 Frederick Erickton — Clerk. FOR SALE BY OWNER 4 or 5 BEDROOM HOME Living room, dining room, large air conditioned family room, partially paneled in walnut, with fireplace; kitchen, 2 full baths up (up and down); 2 car garage, full basement, newly installed Bryant gas heat, attic for storage. SILAS WILLARD SCHOOL DISTRICT IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY PARISH WILL SELL AS APPRAISED CALL 342-3423 for Appointment

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