Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on March 10, 1970 · 2
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 2

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1970
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-4MItMi4 1 HVWsHN'i 1i- dtote-V AT --h rr i T ClHzen News Tuesday March 10 1970 OEMS GET TOUGH $- pvuWr : t w 9 ' A ra- :J: t vf ? 'i n : i - i- tv-r - h I i 1 DPI PhOta REMAINS OF CAR — Two Maryland State Troopers look at the remains (( of a'car which exploded early today killing the two black occupants The ‘explosion occurred dose to the site of1 the trial of blade militant E Rap Brown who faces charges in tonnection with racial violence in -Cam-bridge Md in 1967 He faces charges of inciting to riot and arson A proposed -Ordinance creating a single city demonstration agency (Model Citiei) within the mayor’s office waa sent to the City Coun-i cilfor action today ' ‘The council promptly assigned the proposal to its State County and Federal Attain -Committee headed by £buncilman Thomas Bradley for consideration : Mayor Sam Yorty said he was proposing establishment of the new agency to meet re : quirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Yorty told the council he in- tended to name Deputy Mayor Joseph M Quinn chairman of the board of newagepcy ’Rockwell Ames executive ) assistant to the mayor and j director of the Office of Urban Development to scheduled to' serve as Quinn's alternate Membership on the board said Yorty win bo composed of aB the members af the two Schools A plan under which report cuds could be eliminated for primary students in the Los Angeles schools has beat ap proved by -the City Board of Education !s 1 3 L under the new systemTTn- dividual schools wfllldedde whether J they want to substitute parent-teacher con-1 feronce for canto withihe'old 1 1 j jAt'BrC' D- F grades J -’ ! j I The “no gndes ’ plan would ''Vj- ' - - - ! -- 1 affect - only rtntotah jdiy''f derg&rten first gnd secqndf WASHINGTON (UPI) — ' ' The school syitahi still be required-1 to Is report card if one to by piTtotif C There now ue about 153000 children fo the primary grades fo the big Loa Angeles system School officials claim the i p!an —i now being used in ( most big city districts — has (wo major advantages: I1 First!) it prmnotes closer teacher-parent contact and in-i v v f dividual evaluation of a child’s' I': L- performance ScoimI it prevents a from feeling a "failure1 VI -i 1 - it The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce has gent on record as typosing a plan to give the mayor power tp fire commissioners arid dNutment heads withoutGity CBundl confirmation it waa f" foamed fodnyl'- ' ' V :Thev organization said top v jibs ' would - be "riding”- on ( 1 eVery mayoral election it the pan to adopted- ' f -The Chamber warned the Qty Council's Charter and Administration - Code Com-niittee Monday during the Jt said such power would fjyi public hearing on City also make the mayor in ef- Charter Commission pro-posato fif the mayor could fire commissioners ’ and general managers at will it to 1 predictable that in every (mayoralty election -large sums of money would be put into campaigns in order to elect a particular candidate to the office of mayor" i Thai Chamber also cautioned ’ i L bfiiBIlrillM ipnity - jiMfih new operating wouid -toe have i’ meant a AMERICAN- FALLS -Idaho The superintendent o f muitimillion dollar bonanza- (UPI)— Members the Na-schools said Yorty hasMor-ia:ship company formerly "’ 1 F aimers Organization' recommended appointment of! headed by a White House aide Mm three million pounds of the Board of Education’s two present members to the new single agency1 J A The remaining 'two members ofthe board will be city councilmen appointed by 7 Council President John S Gibson Jr the mayor said As now set up there are two model cities demonstration agencies one for SouthCen-" tral Los Angeles and the other for Northeast Los Angeles Each has a separate deputy director and an overall single director -Both would be absorbed into the new single agency Yorty proposes to have function out of his office His proposal the mayor said meets the 'requirements of HUD which asked the administrative structure of the agency be changed and that the agency director and staff : Work out-afjbe mayor’s office f May gets poor marks at the start of his school career After the third grade students: will have to go back to report cards as usual -t f- ' ‘ 7 CltlGS AntlCTime ’ C J an CnnA runa T0 runnel States Nixon administration has the nation’s cities'll wants to channel anticrime funds to them through state governments — not-directly t8-the cities themselves Atty Gen John N Mitchell' listened Monday to two mayors who complained -they were getting far less than their share of the federal funds But he told them that to establish a direct line between the federal and local governments try" UPI Photo SILVER ANNIVERSARY — Comedian Red Skelton and his wife Georgia marked their 25th wed ding anniversary this week and celebrated quietly T at a family get-together' Theyinamed one year would “make Washington after being introduced at a party by mutual friends lCU?roj2rrintS7a $ 1W4 They have a " m that contributors would have a conimitment- from the ' - - "' heavy load of speeches ceremonies and trips "He just isn't there I1001 d?" would appoint to a particular (the 'report said postl I someone ’ who wu Instead of ' changing the favorable to o particular view- ( ‘charter through a complete poini or could grant lucrative v'draft as proposed - the favfoi ’ 's chamber favors a series Of vThe charter commission ' amendments ' on next Iffov-propoaal to - give the mayor ‘ roeber’s ballot this power “to a grave error ' j’Then the voters dan pick and j should be opposed” 'tb Chamber said in ia 'leiiktiiy report ou commission pro- an- didate in advance that he fed the city manager The report vrtiich drafted 1 -thedQr WU sub- committee of the1 chamber's : state and government - committee mmu opposed a proposal to make the mayor a fell-time executive TheTriport said the mayor cannot be a felltime city ad-mintotrator because of the Firm: Loses (JS WASHINGTON (UPI) -Jfie Nixon -administration to-' day' revoked -a ruling that would have i meant - a - - In the face of sharp criticism the Treasury withdrew a ruling that would have allowed a tanker with foreign registry to operate between US ports The ruling issued with little fanfare on March 2 would have allowed the tanker Sansinena registered under the Liberian flag to operate in US coastal waters Peter M Flanigan an aide to President Nixon to former president of the firm that owns the ship — Barricuda Tanker Co Sen Joseph D Tydlngs D-Md said in a Senate speech Monday attacking the ruling that the action would create a $6 million “windfall” -for the company by raising the value of the- firm to about $11 million chamber favors a bb--'amendments ' m-next the mayor The report wait presented arid t dm?: M comnW ts particular parts are "Philip M Hawley via pres-desirable” the report said dent of the Chamber and of its “The splitting up of various-- business and government riels i-charter change proposals into Soo aarate amendmpfo yrasthe ( approach token for the Qty 4'HWb ii lilt Of JV Other charter' proposals op- posed by the Chamber include 'establishment of the port of ombudsman or neighborhood organization change in7 the methods of electing members of the Board of Education and changes to the status of the police chief the police depart- ICNTO - (UP1) -Asssembly Democrats Monday night refused to approve a financial disclosure bill Republican speaker Robert Monagan insists is equally as lough as a new antigraft law authored by Assemblyman JessUnruh 'The measure was eligible tor aVot&again today Unruh while teadijig‘theop position to Monagan'i bill suf--fered a setback himself when rather than disclose Republicans united to defeat " “This his amendment proposing that campaign advertising ex- penditures of candidates for ‘ sutewide office -auch as v governor be limited to $L5 million The bill mustered only 38 Republican votes in favor to 19 Democratic-votes against Monday night It needed 54 - The actual vote occurred on potatoes - today in a “desperate” effort to force prices up The "potato bake" on Jthe Walter Mauch farm would bring to five million pounds the total destroyed in the past week Similar burns were held at Shelley and PauL The potato ' fanners are "desperate" according to Del Ray Holm chairman of the National Potato Committee He said they are asking $150 per hundredweight for No 1 potatoes and if they foil to get it "there’s going to be about 20 per cent that aren’t going to farm next year" “They’ve arhr as they're going to fight tooth and nidi" Hofan said NFO members began SSS meat and Its board of righto The Chamber approved proposals that the Qty Council hie required-tp meet at least once a week instead of daily and that the chief administrative Improvements officer be made responsible tp (kirk Undar Knifa LAKELAND Fla (UPI) - KELAND Fla (UPI) -Gov Claude Kirk wu struck a with "abdominal pains while 7 flying between speaking engagements Monday He wu rushed tb the nearest hospital where surgeons removed a lemon-sized cyst from his toft kidney an "urgency" provision that would allow it to take effect as aoon as the governor signed it Several provisions would substantially revise sections of the 1969 Unnih Act which becomes effective for the first time April 6 ' Local officials throughout the state contend it would snake them disclose too of the private threatened to quit bill is a1 drastic' weakening of the present con flict of interest law" Unruh a candidate lor 'g tv e rnb ry argued during floor debate He said it failed to adequately cover wealthy local officials and charged "there is 10 times as much graft taking place at that level than there is in the State Legislature” Monagan argued the bill picketing processors and shippers to ' Eastern' Idaho last week- when prices were $150 for No is arnf 70 cents per hundredweight for No 2s Former State NFO Presi-' dent George Brandon said at least three packers in Idaho have signed contracts at $350 and "conservatively speaking we’ve gotten a good 50 cent hike since we Started out" But he said drey wiH continue to the $150 “They surplus and we’ll burn until we get rid of it if that's what it takes" Brandon said Car Rams Barber Shop Ini H'wood j Continued from Pegs i on Sunset Blvdi approaching 1 Highland Ave She found herself in trouble The car didn't come to a stop when she hit the brakes’ 'Out of control her made sedan tumed right to head south on Highland ‘ But there was traffic in the way ! comer The car raced across the lot and smashed into a heavy retaining rail attached to the side of Gianelli’s shop The result was a sort of m - stant bass drum effect as the shock wu transmitted1 through the buckling wall The ceiling fell fo "It sounded like an explosion" Gianeili' recalled “Everything wentjjyjrig' aroiihd1 thought 1 was going to hqvq a heart attack When $ composed myself I rah outside andI found this woman crying in hep1 car" The barber estimated damage fo the building be him cut hair in for the past II i ht $1MOO Gianeili eom-ef a head injury and arid ha was going fo have an X-ray Winter shaken approval of the department’! money until a further review with minor ankle injuries wa made1! j J taken home' by Ids wife The The ' analysis accuses Raf-woman driver suffered a Jerty’S office of misusing and ’hnifoed head wasting school fundi According to investigating J misrepresenting Jr e a d i ri g bfficer David Adair “the and Storing a spending ‘pJaa that’ fails fo show where money to not exert the fajrny’-’ involved 'Text door to the barber v hapf Next J shbp to “A Dog’s Dream barbershop for pooches - ' Of 6 Killed In Laos whife wixer “BeBe" was d “raw scores” ou reading tests adifing we1 don’t : ex- ’ WASHINGTON (UPH -rtrapototeJroni the score I n state Department W Post is the nonpartisan veteran financial expert hired by the Legislature to analyze At'i Airport ' a n $42503i contract to replace -El - Mate Airport's rumjrky and taxiway was awarded - today by -county irements mark series of renova by p said 1 tionii ' 4 - rTto:qwta first ifoufoed Tomei Constnitticn ( ichfwiil n the (school next -fall revealed loday El Monte’s 2000-oot runway I with a 4000-foot takeoff and UCLA - M1 - landing strip and parallel taxi- school of racist policies and way These will be lighted v demanded that let least three ' Also to be installed are 4050 of every' 10 medical students ( admitted next fall be Negroes 51 Edwards worked for Intema-or Mexican-Amerions tional Voluntary Services feet of chain -link fence and 104 feet of strain drain pipe "applies to the poor and the rich alike" and contended "I don’t think anything la served - to determine if a man is in a poverty classification or a rich situation” Monagan’i measure would ) regulated business delete the requirement that nfo bill coven1 more peo w? Jlocal “ pie than the Unruh bill" reveal the dollar amount of - 7 their investments in e “ Assembly teirises regulated by tlfoI"Stdacaflnot considered ’ state or local governments a ' weakening of Instead it would reduce the faUL" sum 'from $10000 to 1000 The nature of the bolding must be' specified but not the actual dollar 'amodht The official -would' have tK indicate whether the investment was more than $5000 Additionally lower echelon-officials such as members of school- boards and nonsalaried commissioners would be required to disclose only their VAN NUYS-- Mack Ray - Edwards -was arraigned on twio counts cf murder and three of kidnaping in the afleg-" ed abductions of five different children The middle-aged defendant appeared before Judge Joan Dempsey Klein in Division 75 of Van Nuys Municipal Court Monday The judge scheduled a preliminary hearing for -Edwards on March 17 in the same court Edwards 51 a construction worker has been questioned by police since last Friday when he turned himself in concerning about four other cases of possible 'murder or abduction involving the disap-: pearances of children going back to1951 Deputy District Attorney Lewis i Watnick made the-formal recommendation that Blasts Post! Criticism' of SACRAMENTO UPI) budgets and other fiscal mat-Max Rafferty blames political ten motivation for a 1 critical He suggested lawmakers review- of his stewardship of ’ prescribe guidelines for spen-the ' State ' Department of -ding federal funds intended for Education e d u catkmal ! improvement Rafferty state superin-' Post said ' dqMurtmental ' han-tendfeijt' of public- instruction dling at money contributed to responded Monday to criticism of hisr office by Legislative Analyst A Alan Post "To bring this up on the eve iof a political campaign seems 'rather questionable to say the least"1 Rafferty uid "Air I’m saying Is the time fo most peculiar” -The state schools chief who was first riected tofos post foi 1962) is expected to annOunOO his re-election plans that week - - uwnd here for ravefo years' Die! budget fias chanigedi very little' in1 that any have time If criticisms Post had he should stated them long before now Vil Post in Ms regular annual analysis of the budget mg-1 gested lawmakers i withhold l 1dafferty‘did “How doyou prove you’re a 'v l04 (( UCLA Wori’t Fix Minority Quota ' ' WESTWOOD -7— Dr Sherfoan M Mellinkdff dean ShqnhifoM ofXhOCLJ r OCLAliMedical School said be ‘ will not utiblUh a tor minority ng admission to it wu Investments in enterprises regulated by their agencies 'The new statute makes them disclose a holding over $10000 He said it did' not serve the “public interest” to disclose the vesta fof $40000 just rat -if -for $4000” he said - On a party line 37-35 vote the Assembly defeated Unruh amendments that would limit a statewide candidate to spend' ing a maximum of $1 million for general election and Unruh said "! have always extut of an official's in-' played the game' the way the' matt "A brook is a crook ground rules are' set But I do-- not like the ground rules" -In a related move Assemblyman - James A' Hayes R-Long Beach proposed a bill that would remove Judges from the Unruh Act and create a special financial for them Edwards be held without bondJan J4 were abandoned in a V Watnkk said -Edwards has charged with the ' 15 of Pacoima whose body was found tost May under a bridge about a mite and a half Us home and Gary 17 uhose body was at Us Sylmar home in December 1968 Both bad been The tfoee kidnaping counts involve the alleged abductions police said led to the surrender of Edwards whose hone address to 12432 Ralston Ave Sylmar The three victims were the daughters of Mr and Mrs Edgar Cohen 15768 R oxford St Sylmar They allegedly were kidnaped from their home Friday while the parents were at work Police said the girls — Valerie 12 Cindy 13 and the "weaknesses” of many federally financed programs "This has resulted in a large number of projects of questionable value” he said am- V: ORoff erfjr Office Julian Nav 'candidate for )At a news conference Naval State Superintendent of Public called for an investigation by Instruction has called' for an the joint legislative Audit and (Investigation1 info charges in' ciimbent Max Rafferty’S office had mishandled funds education: u 1 The candidate also asked State Attorney General Thomas C Lynch for an opin- ion on whether any illegali- ties wer ! — — ' Nava e involved a numSef of the Los City Board of to seeking the crafic nomination for Vft KCVCOl S- lVOfTICS released the names of six civilians killed by hostile fire in Laos since Jan -20 1969 when President Nixon took of- : The Were: ' Arthur Stillman and Dennis Mummert’ killed Aug 5 1969 in’W ambush’ riar Bah'iuvNflng Keun Chandler Edwards killed M1ISU in an ambush at BariSouhounaV-TlWiBHtil' kin' ’and April 24 19S9 C ' MrirkeL-j Jdnfprif of the six men killed for sniper fire Feb- ' 18 4 were -'wK! immediately 1970' While piloting aitobto- ’ teBcopter at ittePuSa of " '- v Jm t Ob Uud Df j Rosoff NeW March 13 1969 near Nahf BaC1 in the era of a helicopter hit by hostile grounJd' firelrind Ralph S Davis killed Aug 19 1969 southwest of the Plain of Jte in the crash of a small airplane hit for hostile ground fir- - f ' J Stillman Mummert ft and $500000 for primary election campaign advertising “More than anything else we have done around here" he said "this would begin to' get " at comiption in politics" i He termed current levels of financing "vulgar corrupting and no longer acceptable under a democratic system" Headded"I think a million dollars is enough to run a governor’s race in this state "I do not absolve myself" canyon in1 -the San Gabriel - year-old boy who accompanied him turned themseives in and allegedly told police where the ' girls could be found The boy’s case was befog handled by juvenile authorities Police said Friday he was befog booked on suspi- 1 ckn of kidnaping under the Juvenile Code jy-Meanwhile police and sheriffs i deputies were still Investigating four other cases they had questioned Edwards about These were the disajF pearances of Stella Darlene 1 Nolan then 8 of Compton in June 1953 Don Baker 13 of Azusa and a riend Brenda Howell 11 in August 1956 and Roger Madison 16 of Sylmar in December 1968 pie evidence to Indikate" that reorganization of the department to lagging behind what the Legislature intended He said Rafferty has not submitted annual progress reports ordered Jy lawmakers v f ' “We have frequently found cases in which the State Department of Education has not provided - leadership and direction- to local districts” the analysis concluded Probe U?f ClllVV' Budget Committee and 'the r Senate and Assembly Educa- ( tion Committees J His telegram to the state at-) tomey general asking whether "it is legal to ) (misrepresent information that 0 is essential io the public" ad- - - ' ded that if there to not a tow that applies to this case there should be He saidit should V call 'for s impeachment and a provision for f e r i m i n a 1 charges: i I which a State Department spokesman described as a- private agency engaged m refugee relief and community ‘development under contract to ' the Agency for International t Development (AID) Merkel V Gibbs and Davis were pilots I for Air America a charter -i airline flying missidna for AID -- and the Central Intelligence ( ’ Agency L The next 11 tit ' kin ''’-and' i icr Ham! W“PlVllGr -- Dr Leonard Rosoff has been 7 appointed chairman of tiie V - USC kDqjartment of Surgery C it was announced v Dr Rosoff replaces Dr 4 Clarence J Berne who has retired after 30 years as v- department chairman i 1 1 I i i "i t i r i

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