Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 27, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1944
Page 7
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oarM-EMBER 27. 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Pago Seven THE MAGIC 'PHONE NUMBER FOR RESULT GETTING WANT ADS IS 2228 NOTICE TO WANT AD USERS •n,,. follow who i""' N'' w m-i-di'il nr lost 9 Ails nuint bo ,.,,' is a list f ,r ,-u:,.s f0 r Ads "X "• miidii.i of s articles, I ho benefit of those persons clling Cor profit or rindinj,,- In thv ol'flco laler than A. it. of the Ail", if P«M within nr.o week after i.l PURPATD. the first insertion, are •rence. Ads and , Tin 1 r.iinii.uim number of paynblo ll n ,Mi i;i Uiro<! If h,,sii't tin- sul'flcii-nt number ,,f words to make'thi while space will be used to nuilco up the diffoi , Tin' luiblishers reserve the right to «dit all any Hint may seem undesirable. l!ox iii::iitn'i-.i am kept In the strictest confidence! and only tuli-i'i'tisur may call for any ivply 'so addressed. CALL 2228 TO PLACE AN AD-WITH A REAL RESULT GETTER the Ad <! lines reject the Announcements Announcements NotlvtiM WARNING Personals NOTICK »"t '"•' rt's|n>ii»Hilr fur itliy unt raeU'il by ar.yoae. other ihiii iiivsrit' after this dute, Sep- UMr.b.-r '->. IP-l-l- LKO .P. .ROBERTS. J^VK A KKCOKU MA UK of your voici 1 »t ""I 1 booths. MocciL Music Co., "u3 liunk struct. Tel. -1-1-12'J Wa'.orlmry IT is rliliT linn- ;i;,".\lii, Wt- ttiiikit II f:i'.f!i every ilay. Also do cus- ' tor.i ddrr making. \Vm. I 1 ". xftiU.uvti. .Vi-w .Haven road. Employment i" flrlp Wunti'il—Mule For Sale For Siil J4 room lioiisc, :<-t*:ir K-'irjijrc, uxtru lots. Ca Johnson St. - family house, Main St., Bo: con Falls. 2 family house. Hi^l land Avc. JohnHualy. Dial 503, JSOVK rijrht in; first floor vaoan ti-i-ooni, 2-fiimily h-.mse: 2 lots, liarn and a Karate. .Vice loca tlon. A ba-.-K.'un at .•?!).200. Pats .U-ilM'lola, realtor. 172 Hl>;li St Dial 5.15S or CS3-1. Trt'O near Family liollst- Walr.ut Si, for oil Cliff St stilt;, .Excel loiu location. Pi-icfil reasnnaljly .R. M. Shen. Dial 3277 or 2Wa, i'J.N' U liy Aii Church street. THO turn H'unlnl, |uvrt tlini" IP.^H, 7 a. m. to 1 p. m. t'avil fnc. uuirn- Apply jKVKK.M. iiit'ii wand'il lo luindlc cuiil am! W(.)Otl 20 hours per \s'eok, Tl:i- Ntiuifutuck Fuel Co., K7 Church street. Help \Vnntrd— FcniMo . VVA.NTKIJ — Cirl or wuiniui for KI'IUTII! otlice work. ICxcellont working conditions, wa^;es houi-H. Address Box "C" in cure or News OMloe, t''OVIt fllftil/y (KIIISI- "II Ilillsid avenue for sale. Dial 27S1 aftei 0 p. in. HIV \VnntOtl To IJtiy ONK, Two and'thrcr family huu-tc' wanted. Also farms nnd lots. Tel. 0031. WE 1IAVK UUVKUS for 1-2-3 family houses. Jos. V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 'I92S-2952. l"or Sul« I1V1I.UJNG lutM for sale, lit) .\ I 111. Andrew avenue, 7f> x 130, Mnn- , ners avenue. Hans NisKen. Mtin- net-s avenue. Dial DC33. WOM.-\N wanted. Iron, work by duy or Hvi 151 Muy strefct. Apply For Sale Kor SIX KOOM hoiu,.- for unit'. All imp:-ov»;rnor\tM, about 15 yt:ai-s old. Good condition, garage. Lot 5o x 2:<J. Price reasonable. Also vacant S room 1 family r.ouso. Ccn- '.rii'.ly located. Price 57,500, A. Shepley. Dial 2-123. UNION CITY—7 room 1 funilly housu, all Improvements, Including brass plumbing.' hot water heat nnd oil burner; 2 car f,'ar- «(ft;. FriCf ?7,SOO, Also S I'Oom 1 family house in pood condition, $7,500. A. Shepley, dial 2*133, IDICAI, M acri- clsvellinj,', tarn. Dial 4500. farm atoek fur and tool.s For Rent Wunted To Kent Til It UK J'i Suitable oom.s \vunted to rent. for a coupie. Dial 33-12. l''OUH ur five room n-nt ^v•un(l,•d Immediately. Dial 0020 any time. Edward The residents of the Town pt Beacon Falls, Connecticut, leg-ally qualified to vote at TOWN ELECTIONS, are hereby warned'and'no- tified that' tho ANNUAL TOWN ELECTION will bo held in thn Town Hall on. Main street in said Town on MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 19-M Cor the purpose oC electing by ballot all Town Officers required by law to be sn elected. 1 BALLOT BOXES 'WILL BE \ OPEN FROM G:'00j>. M. lo 0:00 P. M. Eastern ; War Time. The residents of tho .Town ol Beacon Falls, legally qualified U vote, are, also, hereby warned and notified that their ANNUAL TOWN MEETING will be held in the. Town Hall MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 9, 19-1-1. at. EIGHT O'CLOCK, Eastern War Time, for tho following purposes: To take action on the acceptance of the Town Reports, the Maintenance of Roads, Schools, Lighting of Streets, Collecting of Garbage, Rent of Hydrants, Library Appropriation, and all other Town Expenses not specially mentioned herein, and to authorize the Selectmen to provide funds for the Town expenses for the ensuing year, if needed, and to Take action ' upon the Expenditure of Town Aid Road Funds for the fiscal year beginning July 'J. 1D-1-I, and to authorize the Selectmen 'to make arrangements w>'th tin-- State Highway Commissioner fo' 1 the expenditure of said funds available to the Town of Beacon Falls under the provisions of Sections f)12 to' 1 -Tin inclusive nf tho Cumulative Supplement of the Genera! Statutes, | and to transact any other business proper to come before said nicet- 11 And Found ol LOST — Bunk Book No. 44,282 the NautTHttiCk Saving B been loat. Any person havin claim.s on Maid book ia called upon to present the same to the bank within two months or .the same books will be declared cancelled nnd extinguished, and a new one issued In lieu thereof. Dated at- Naugatuck, Conn,, Aug. 30, 19<H. ' Sopt. 13 & 27. I'Z Aiinouncuiiiciita .MONUMENTS | Special price's on All Momorlul» V. RICHARDS 2BO So. Main St. '.. Nnuffntuck Merchandise Wanted To Buy DIAMONDS. Au.i Old Gold Bought. Watch repairinjr.'our xpucialty. .GRAND JEWELRY 112 <Jnlnd Street Dial 4-OCS2 20n Articles Snlo I1AIJY unto hods, S3.0S; hiiby auto scats, Myslis talking boards, $1,79 up. Also largo selection of toys. THE KADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. Waterbury Merchandise 30 NATIONAL cuisli register lor n:il<;. Serviced for gas station. Real buy. Dial -l-SuCO, Wtby. MbMusical JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP Wo buy, null, exchange, nnd n:p:tlr nil kinds of Instrument*, lowest prices in the city. 3SO-3S2 So. Mam 'St., Watby, Conn, Animals Ciitllc Anil VKKS1I 4200. Cow for sale. »!: Services UiislncsH Services Rc»dorcd IXUATII TO IIOACHES Will rid your home of vouches'and ints, or money refunded. $1,20. Adams' Pharmacy, or Union City .Pharmacy. Education Automotive Autos ]?or Sale "A safe place to buy and soil" 1937 PACKA'RD SEDAN . P;ic.l<;u. l O-'W;t{;oi.-b.ury, Inc. •IS2 Watortown Avenue Dial -J-GJ09 IJAMY CiirrliiKo. far sale. MufcU springs. Good condition. $15, Apply 210 .Water street. Auto J'urts CllILTtKISS'S— Xal)li: & Chair Sots, High Chairs, Rocking Chair.'j, Porch ' Gates, and Pluy Pena. , -Large, selection of toya. Lowest prices in town.... BEACON ; KIDDIE. CENTER 31, IjOCal Aird VrlvaU' Insti uotorn DJNA SCHOOL OF MUSIC • STUDIOS—WATBY. -1-0028 CSS South Main—11 Wilson Street Piuno — Voice — Mandolin Children. Adults, Advanced, Befe'in- Jiurs. Hapid Piano Course for Adults J'AUJ/S UMUIU-JM.A SHOP ihrulIuH ii lutfK^iKc KOld iind ro- uii'ci- at •) Brook St., Waterbury. I'rofcShfonuf Services J;i.s(,rncl,i(nis Acrobatc Q^VN'C'K Ta P. Toc Uallroom • Private or Glass Enton Twirling Regrina Leonard, 73 E. Main. ."j-OO T5.VCKM,ENT INTf.V and Blip covers, low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. Masto-eraft Artists. Grand St. Waterbury. Dial -t-OC-15 COMIT.ICTE line of Kyanifcc paints mid Varnishes. Also. Dutch Boy — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Sales Service Parts, Accessories Mnlculra \V. iatarr Corp. ISS Walertown Ave. Dial 5-11-IC CUSTOM RE 1 «JPir01'.STJ3I«.VG — Special 2-piecu Suite S53 OPJFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. k 4690 Oregon i-ijpJaced \Va-sliinston njs the nation's greatest lumbei* producing- state in 193S. Services VVunlca To RcnOcr Scrvloiw WANTKD WOOI> Sitting, potato plov^ing and all general farm work. Arthur Simpson,' Beth any, telephone Nau^atuck <(.'/OC. KMiCTKICAL B.r.imirlng Servlo* Appliances ft specialty. R«y Decker, 402 X. >Iain St. Tel. 4000, Oil. BUHXEttS cleaned and repaired, A1J work guaranteed. Tel. 3025, Harry Churchill. ATTENTION! Order* tsdccn for new Eltclrolust cleaners. Also parts and rcpuirs. I. Nissen, Bonded^repalrman. 3 Teresa eve. Dial -1822, A/id Great Ory Cleaning offers its first class dry leaning not only in family |?» r - icnis, but blankets, rugs and otti» r specinlUos in !his field. KIEVMAN'S T(j Church Strcol; Contractors I'Ai'KK JIANG ING W, F. Cola, 17 Tel. S-irib. I'AIVTINCi— DIAL ,|^ ADOLF .1. NKW IIAVKX 11OAD Dated at Beacon Falls, Connecticut, this twenty-first day of September 19-1-1. Attest: P.ALPK E, UPRIGHT CHRISTIAN HETSS CONLETH E. KIERNAN Selectmen FRED C. CURTISS Town Clerk 1'APKU MtiiiK'iiii; :»i<l pnintini;, paint nnd wail piipi:r for onlo. Also paper removing to rent. Wm. F. Coin, J7 Cedar ; S"t. Dinl MS. 1 ;. Merchandise Feed And Fuel Til HICK or -I room rent w:»nl«'d Immediately. One child, school fifre. Dial 3&2-1, nftcr C p. m. Koonis To lient DOU1JLK room .suitable for ^ mini. Twin beds, JfiS Hillside Avc: Dinl 550't. After -1 p. :R. O.N'K FAMILY hoUHi-, 7 rooms, for s.iV. All improvurnents. L^ind- scapud lot 110 x 100. Near May Avc. and Millvillo Avo. Priced rcnsoiuibly. Immediute occupancy, r-:. M. Shea. Diul 3'J77 o:- 2M3. CK.NTUALI.'S' locati'd room lo n-i)( for 2 Kirl.s. If interested call 3S1S. For Kent GAKAGK to street near son. 'rent on Y. W. C. Church A. Dial LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This is lo Erirc notice that I, Mihael Charles Letiry. of 03 Lewis trout, NmiKutuck, Conn., have I/led n jipplicnuon dated Sop:. 27. 1 !)•!•!, r ith Lho Licinof Conirol Comn^i.s- ion for a pack.'i^'o store i^on or Uie snle of alcoholic liquo:' on he 'premises, 3C Spring 1 sii'cct, Jnion City, Conn. The business is owned by Michucl Chtirles Lenry of €0 Lei'.'is .street. Knu^'aLucl;. Conn., :incl \vill be coruli!CU;cl by MichaiM Cliarlos Lcary or 03 Lewis street. Nauyutuck, Conn., as j)er- niittec. MICHAEL CHARLES LISA P. Y. Dated: Sept. 27, 10-1-i. • """ 0-27 « 10-1. II I-ost And l r ound UANK UiHik, ,S;ittird:iy niorn- inK in center ol'town. Name !S'el- lo Renxoni, -1C Woodland street, in it aad a .$10 bill. Reward. Dial 51S2. I OJtDlCll Mow—For liniiU-d supply i of seasoned wood, for sl.o>'c, fire- j place and furnace. Also field ] stones, sand, givivol, or.e coal | range, one gas range, one water • lienler, also cedar fence aad clothesline poles, and numerous other items. Liffnt trucking- and movinjj. Dial 2302 after- .1 "p. m. G. Snlinardi, !J3S So. Main street. 2X ll.onseliol 1 Washing Machine 9-rubo ZuniLh Fill; w.'ive Radio Table Model Radio 1 Vacuum Cleaner Combination Stove Floroncii Oil Heater Klecti'ic Roaster Francis T^iiTiiitnro Co. 4-19 NORTH MAIN STRKET Telephone 3000 JJLACK Gli-mvood ri lion oil and yas. for condition. Dial 2703. 29 Wan toil To Buy Puzzle Over Mineralized Camel's Tooth Plenty Of Smoke ol 1 "•' Frann. Cal. (UPj — Existence t nic»; of aton who roamed N Amt'1-ica thousands, perhaps millions, n( years earlier than scien- : «ts had previously believed liku- 'V, may hi,, indicated by a jnin- "iilinud camel's tooth found in an Intoiii biijiul Around -10 miles \vest of Wi\ tooth was discovered amonjf Ijor.i.-s, and Linton Sctttcr- ". curator of the University n.tylvanic't musetirn, has boon *fKin« uj establish whether tho •ooth and the bones were buricc "I thn .stum, time, Tho Uriel is slgnillcant, the an- •«i'ipnl(,i:ist explained, tho P 1(1 "lM(jnc Amt't-ienn camel pre- ^urn;ibly.hi;camp extinct anywlicvo Tom 30,000 :o «.J,000,000 years »"ilo Mcluntists have generally bc- «ev«d that man's residence In •<orih America dates back only icout :o.OOO years, various tests will be undertaken ^ wu-tniinc, If possible, the ago I'Oncs. and tho tooth. Alno established tost Is no- 1 ns Infiilliblt; proof of the r jf the bones, especially In i !jl / ) f mineralization, interested entiats are hopeful they can got •V 1 ."" " f th " "Kc- •J-'ilvon ircKim, head of Frcs- eeolo^'° , C °" (: K (: ' !t geography and tha u " 1; P r "''mBnt, pointed out 'ho^ tooth might have been •°0 or 300 miles and de- wl'.h the bones, which prove- to be only years old. also mentioned that in * BO ' S ' ""-ore than 100 camels pack° l ' i '' ht '° C:illfornl!l to * C1 ' VO *Se lh« ™<i ipmi o on the old Hvity i>om c escaped their cap- oij. m" 1 ?" oni ' 1 of them, he points In'an T ," ls " y hElvc lL ' rt a tooth Io 1ay'a ' . " Krnv " to confound *'*Kir'i Rn .""' 0 P o ' o B'sts. However, M-n,.'., . 'foiiljts that the tooth nilntit-alizecl in so short Winner of tin! title "Misst Giiry CU'urct" In u recent to SI3.00O for *inol«e,s for the hoys ovt-rsens, Is pretty Miss Irene Kuiihtu, Gary, 1ml. (Intcr- imtlonitl) Urges Refresher Courses For Discharged Dentists Chicago (UP)—Establishment of "refresher courses" by local dental societies for discharged members of the Army and Navy . ___ . Corps is ro co mm en elect in nn editor- ! practi in) appearing in tho Journal of thn American Dental association for Soptemhnr. "So f?ir a.s emergency war measures in the clinical aspects of war dentistry arc concerned," the editorial states, "most of the men in PRIVATE BUCK •But I believe that somewhere along the west coast of America," McKIm declared, "someone is go- np to find the clue that will establish the length of man's resi- lonce in America. I don't cons:dcr our /Inclines or our theories at all conclusive—but this camel's tooth may be what we've been looking: or." »tfiae L Foreign holdinss of U. S. stocks, bonds, cash balances and other dollar assets, amounted w $0,503 million at the end of the first year of the present war, the Commerce department estimated. "We're lucky to have Buck at the wheel. Ha took a coursa in blind flying!" 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. BUY WAItHONDS AND ST AMI'S KOV CRANK v7 MARY, MARY, QUITE CONTRARY, HOW POES GARDP« GKOW? HI YA, rClLAS. THAT oip COBRA GAL WltL SEE YOU, AND SNATCH OS BALD' HEADED. HEV, WHAT'S COOKING, ADMIRAL? HCW ABOUT THAT GAS? 00 WE LEAVE HALMAHERA, STOP WORRYING, VOU TWO. EVERV- THINS'S UNDER CONTROL. NOW. MARY, SUPPOSE YOU I AY, YOUR PRETTY MEAD CN UNCLE BUZ'S • MOULDER AND FELL HOW .YOU HAPPEN TO BE WITH THESE KSUSH ARMY CHARACTERS. OOM'T FAlLIO* THAT HAW SWELL, HOW'S THE NAVY? YOU KEEP AWAY FROM ME, BUZ SAWYER. IT'S COT A HOOK ON IT. CAREFUL, KID. REMEMBER THE COBRA. By- PACLJ^IOBINSON HELL COME TDJM AJ GO N THErSE AND TACKTLS our/; BUT, PETE/'-rVH SIMPLY GOT 70 MECT THIS XJUNG DOCTD3/-ANO YOU SECKKT AGENT X9 ROBERT STUUK LOOK, WOLFGANG! A RA'LROAD VICR.K-C.AR- GOT 7C SOME UCDER CLOTHES AT CER FIRST CriAHCc —Vc CANNOT & LAUNDERED C!.OTHIN&.' cnnililni sale. Coo cv\ NOTE <T OUT, WERE, GOOGLE ,-LET vou'u. UN\FOO(Y\ SOU 00\N& IN PROPAOTlONS XVIJXrAM JWTT nnd-CLAREXCB CRAt • IN WILD ENTHUSIASM THE SAMARANS RACE UP THE GREAT STONE STAIRWAYS TO GREET THEIR MERO - WAI-JLY MISIIOI" WEUI-, SO ROCK SE.E LATER..'' HANK wife deposit boxes wanted Highest cash prices paid.- Wire collect, write or phone what you have to offer. J. E. Murphey, He public COS J , 815 Yeatman Ave. Webster Groves Hi, Mo. service will bo far in advance of Ihe civilian practitioner in the war phase of dental practice, but there will be many who will wish, to pursue postgraduate work, refresher courses or ptudy club courses to review tho advances made in civilian dental prnclicc while they were occupied with war Mon nou- ir, service, thn editorial status, will iiiti hjivc had the bone- lit of practice and many will not have made provision foi 1 private practice. J5UY WAK BONDS AXI) ST AMI'S

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