Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 16, 1973 · Page 35
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 35

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1973
Page 35
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\ ' 4 ' Plans i Visit Made MOSCOW (U'PI) An advance party of Soviet dip- ]pmats flew to the United States today to make final arrangements for the June 19-26 visit of Leonid t Brezhnev, .General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party. The group was headed by Yuri Cherniakov, Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry and a former Minister-Counselor at the Soviet Embassy in Washington. It included one representative each of the ministry's press department and protocol division. A- similar American party was in Moscow last month. Besides Washington. Brezh- expected at least one other American city. It will be his first trip to the United States, The Soviet leader begins a five-day visit to West Germany on Friday. Early Compasses Compasses used by mariners in the 11th and 12th centuries were made by rubbing a sewing needle against a lodestone to magnetize it, then laying the needle on a narrow piece of wood floating in a basin of wa- A One Year Later Alabama Gov. George Wallace met with reporters yesterday on the first anniversary of the attempt on his life and declared himself physically and mentally fit. The partially-paralyzed governor said it would be farfetched to speculate that he would be the vice presidential candidate on a ticket with Sen. Edward Kennedy in the next election. He refused comment on proposals that President Nixon be impeached in connection with Watergate. "This is not my problem," Wallace said. UNIFAX Texas Baboon Band Monkeys Around SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) — Mining equipment stores in California's famous Mother Lode report the "gold fever" demand for pans, dredges and metal detectors is soaring nearly as high as the price of the precious yellow metal on world markets. A UPI survey of equipment dealers Tuesday showed business increases ranging from 25 to 75 per cent on the same day gold closed on the Paris free market at $124.06. "It's gold fever," said Frank Sullivan, manager of the Mother Lode Skin Diving shop in Sacramento. "It's just like addiction. It's like alcohol to an alcoholic." s Sullivan said his diving equipment used for gold recovery was doing a brisk business, and his pans and dredges were "up $12,000 a month." In the past two months, he said, his store has sold more than 5,000 pans, 300 dredges costing up to $400, and about Fiedler, whose two-man firm manufactures and retails custom dredges. "We're running 25 per cent above normal and if we could handle all that came in we'd be 50 per cent above." In Quincy, George Zimmerman, owner of the Feather River Treasure Hunter's supply, said retail sales of dredges and metal detectors have month for gold the spokesman 20,000 books on gold mining and jumped 50 per cent the first panning. "We're swamped," said Herman Fiedler, who runs Fiedler Equipment Co. in Grass Valley in the Sierra foothills. "It*s (business) improved to the point where we've had to office in San turn away some work," said I Francisco part of this month compared to April. The State Division of Mining and Geology in Sacramento also reported big jumps in business for gold-related publications. The regional usually in has five requests a information, said, but last month 113 persons sought booklets. But despite the jump in above ground gold seeking, it will take a stable $150 an^bunce price to open some (X the famous underground mines, according to state Assemblyman Eugene A. Chappie, whose district includes the Mother Lode. Chappie said that such mines would have to be big producers and in most cases would come under the U.S. government's $42 an ounce price and 200- gold possession ounce raw limits. r > Bobby Seale Defeated 2 -1 in Oakland r (^alesburg Register -Mail SEAGOVILLE, Tex. (UPI) A band of baboons has staked out a camp along the Trinity River, Every night a raiding party sets out from the camp, deftly eludes traps and descends upon a nearby trailer park to scrounge for food. "Two days ago I saw one of lem playing around on top of a trap in my back yard trying to pull the bananas out/' Mrs. W.R. Sims, the manager of the trailer park, said Monday. "The traps aren't working." No one can say for sure where the apes came from. Not so long ago there was a World of Animals park located nearby but the place has closed down. The manager of the defunct doesn't manager wildlife park believe the rtionkeys belong to him. "I'm positive whatever's down there did not come from here," said the manager. Jewel New. "Four of our baboons are loose, but we know which ones they are and we see them everyday. It's inconceivable they'd travel 15 miles down the river to have breakfast and then come back here for lunch." The folks at the trailer park would be a lot happier with less monkey business. "I'm told they roost some- r where back in the creek areas where the trees and brush are so thick," Mrs. Sims said. "I'm OAKLAND, Calif. (UPI) Black Panther cofounder Bobby Seale, 36, soundly defeated by nearly a 2-to-l margin in his drive to be elected mayor of this industrial city, vowed today to carry on his drive for a "people's plan." Seale, who discarded the militant posture of his party to work within the electoral workers. "All the work we have done today has blown (the city government's) minds. In six months we're going back to the ballot. You worked for a program. You've worked for a people's plan and we haven't stopped yet. You have a people's victory." An aide said that Seale would GALESBURG, ILL., WED., MAY 16, 1973 SEC. 4 PAGE 35 Reading said the campaign was "more a question of issues than of racial confrontation." begin work on an initiative to system, was beaten by a vote I bring the "people's plan" I tiout two years ago and himself then by only 54 votes. The mayor's job is part-time and pays only $7,500 a year* It carries only limited appointive afraid to outside." let my children May r Daley Turns of 77,476 to 43,719 by two-term! before incumbent John Reading in their runoff election Tuesday. "I won't make a concession speech," he told campaign the electorate in months. The plan called Seale, tried for the slaying of a Panther informer in Connec-lpower and a single vote,on.the six plan called for better housing, a reduction of crime, a big cultural center and more jobs. a member of the Chicago Seven, placed second to Reading in an April primary election. Reading missed election by an absolute majority City Council. But Seale hoped to use the post as a platform for his programs. A new intercity more than $60,000. bus costs 71 9 Wallace Surgery Over By United Press International CHICAGO (UPI) - Mayor Richard J. Daley celebrated his celebrations marking his 70th[charges ended with a hung jury. Magee will not be tried on the city hall!again for mfurder. birthday.. Newsmen 71st birthday Tuesday without beat said it was the first time the usual fanfare of years gone by. About People The mayor quietly spent the day in his south side neighborhood known as Bridgeport. since the mayor was elected in ff 99 LONDON (UPI) Prime 1955 that he did not show up at Minister Edward Heattv denied his office when his birthday fell Tuesda y that Bntam P lans at on a weekday. least new nuclear test one explosion. Asked in Parliament about a British press report that such a test is planned, Heath said, Santa Clara County, Richard Daley Last year, some 400 civic and , . , , A , ~ . government leaders filed ^defendant Angela Davis was through Daley's office during, suited last year. Superior Court Judge John A. Ertola set the site for Magee's ABINGDON BANK TRUST Will Closed Saturday SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) Convict Ruchell Magee's kidnap trial has been transferred to Ul _. , . ., . where I There is no grain of truth in the story." But when he added, "We have no immediate plans for; testing the warheads," Labor! opposition members of Parlia- YOU SAVE *27 TO W OFF72 PRICES _ L second trial Tuesday from a list of possible locations supplied by the State Judicial Council. No date was set. Magee and Miss Davis were charged with murder, kidnap­ ing and conspiracy in the 1970 Marin County courthouse shootout in which four men died, THROUGH SEPTEMBER including a judge. Miss Davis all charges Gov. first ment shouted: "Immediate, what do you mean immediate?" Heath snapped back, "If you cannot understand 'immediate, 9 you had better stop taking part..." MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UPI) — Cornelia Wallace, wife of was last trial acquitted of June and Magee's murder and kidnap • V George C. Wallace, told reporters Tuesday she relaxed and sun bathed for two days after undergoing a surgical process last : week to correct "an atypical pap s The abnormal s 91 Next To Arby's Open: Wed., Thur$. Noon-6 pm; Fri. Noon-8 pm; Sat. 9 am-5; Sun. 10 am-3 pm THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL! (THURS., FRI., SAT. ONLY) Only STEAKS • NEW YORK STRIP STEAK $1.49 !b. _$1 1 5? lb. $159 lb: Pounds ~5 Pieces ! Per Box • TV SANDWICH STEAKS • SIRLOIN TIP BUTT STEAKS _7 14 to 16 PEPPER STEAKS $1.19 lb. •RIB EYE STEAKS $1.94 lb $7.45 $7.95 $7.95 $7.15 • $7.36 PORTERHOUSE STEAKS • T-BONE STEAKS $159 lb. 4 4 $6.36 $1.59 lb. 7 $7.95 FILLET STEAKS $1.79 lb. 5 10 MARK ANTHONY $1.61 lb. 4 12 CHOPPED SIRLOIN $1.14 lb. 6 Hamburger Patties 89c lb. 5 24 20 to 24 $8.95 $6.45 $6.85 $4.45 • * * * * *»* * /My.;, v.v. • mm**' 4 * * * SPECIAL * SPECIAL GOOD THRU THURS,, FBI., SAT. ONLY T-BONE CHOPPED SIRLOIN $1.39 Lb. $6.95 $1.06 Lb. $6.36 Specials Good While Supply Lasts 1 BREADED VEAL 5 Lbs. 20 Pc$. $6.20 box BREADED PORK 5 Lbs. 20 Pes. $6.30 box PORK SAUSAGE 79c lb. ear. ear. *a test for uterine cpneer, was detected during a physical examination, but a cervical conization— a scraping of the cervix wall- performed on Mrs. Wallace showed no malignancy present. Mrs. Wallace said she was released from a local hospital last Thursday on orders that she rest. Strong Winds Create Threat Near Superior By United Press International Strong northerly winds swept cold air from the Dakotas across Minnesota into the Lake Superior area early today, spawning storm warnings for the eastern half of the lake as winds whipped from 50 to 65 miles an hour. Gale force winds of 35 to 45 miles an hour swept the western half of the lake. A few showers portions of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. However, fair skies spread over most of the nation early today. Some cloudiness with showers CUSTOM POWER CUSHION POLYGLAS BLACKWALL TIRES 1 u bfackwill size B78-14, plus $2.00 Fed. EX. Tax per tire. No trade needed. Slite 7.00-13, C76-14 or Ere-H 2 FOR Sties F78-14 0M5, G76-14 or15 Slzoe H78-14or15, or J76-15 2 FOR Size L78-15 2 FOR Plus $2.0$ to &31Fed.Ex. Tex per tiro, depending on tlze. No trad* needed. plus $2.50 to S2.78 Fed. Ex. Tax per tire, depending on size. No trad* needed. plus $2.94 to 33.12 Fed. Ex. Tax per tire, depending on size. No trade) needed. slut $131 Fee!. Ex. Tax per tiro. No trade needed COMPARABLE SAVINGS ON SINGLES AND SETS Rein Chock — If wo sell out of your size wa will Issue you a rain check, assuring future delivery at the advertise -J pries. WHITEWALLS - add $3 more per tire 2 fiberglass belli ,. . nlus 2 plies of polyester cord... today's •.""I 'iod tire body cord "t OTHER SIZES LOW PRICE TOO HI-Miler Size 8.00-18.5 6.70-151 6 Ply I Tubeles* I IttJS* 7.00-141 6 Ply iTubetess I $22.70* + » * If i * 4 • • 4 * * * W * I * + 4 " 4 # I 6.70-151 6 Ply iTubotype I $21.40* * » + * 4 4 h • * • 7.00-151 6 Ply I Tube type I $27.15* n n - i t * * * V. -J 7.50-16 I 6 Ply I Tube type I $30.60* + 4 f P + *1 * +3 1**4 Plus Fed. Ex. Tax from $2.40 to $3.35 per tire depending on size and old tire trade-in. 6-ply tubeless, plus $3.41 Fed. Ex. Tax with trade LIBERAL EXTENDED TERMS Clip This Coupon and Save Clip This Coupon And Save dampened PORK CHOPS $1.09 lb. $4.36 box WIENERS, OLD FASHIONED FRANKS, POLISH SAUSAGE, ITALIAN SAUSAGE 95c lb. •? • • • and thundershowers continued along the East Coast, but thundershowers diminished over the central and northern areas of the 2 ijintermountain jWest. ! Temperatures ranged from 23 'Bradford, Penn., 'Needles, Calif. Here Is What We Do Set Toe Set Caster Set Camber All Labor Included Air Cond. $2.00 Extra Expires 5-30-73 Here Is What We Do: Full Oil Change Full Chassis Lubrication New Auto Lite Filter Up To 5 Qts. Valvoline or Pennzoil All Labor Included Expiree 5-30-73 iumQU Add $1.00 early today degrees at I to 81 at GOODYEAR TIRE CENTER PETE GOMEZ ) \

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