Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on March 21, 1964 · 9
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 9

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1964
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-V- --if 46 '’ “ A Citizen-News 5 green fire ± :m-z Soreen-Stape-Music ' ' ' '' y f MbHm Ptetar Haul Ftyfir A Dm Edit Walt Disney has’a new “ let’s put' it this way rival Nobody can really frival Walt of course What’ more 'I’m certain he won’t mind my designating this gentleman-as a near rival be cause the person I have refer nce to was once on Disney’ frwn staff- I He is John1 Rose C Rose producer of “The Incredible Hr- Limpet’’ With the aid pne of the best of the precedent-breaking directors Arthur Lubin who has many un sudl screen hits and the cur- ri t incomparable “Mr Ed" his credit Hose has ned put a picture which ranks with some of the best Disney’s K It’s 'showing at the Palace downtown) W o VI d (Holly-1 hrood) Capitol (Glendale) U flnglewood) Crest (Westwood) Criterion: (Santa Monica) £tudk City Capri (Van Nuys) Reseda and the Victory and Centinela Drive-ins among other locations By all means take THE FAMILY to see it “The Incredible Mr Limpet” is a fantasy in color a musical fantasy Indeed the Songs- written by Sammy Fain end Harold Adamson bid fair to land on the hit parade along with some of Sammy and Harold’s other Immortals I saw this movie at an underwater premiere in'Weeki Wac-hee Florida and I’m at" humming “I Wish I Wish Wish I were a Fish” “Be Careful How You Wish” and the “Henry Limpet March As for “Deep Rapture” it sounds to me like one of Fain’s and Adamson’s truly great numbers t This -film is delightful sa-:ire thanks to- Lubin’s im- peccatle taste and skill It’s ‘about a man who in an odd moment because he is a fish-fancier wishes he WERE a fish What has made Henry 'Limpet become discouraged v-ia his domineering wife Bes-' who constantly criticises 'mild-mannered Henry and wishes he were more like her 'big strong aggressive boyfriend George - The name Limpet means fish and strangely Henry (in the person of Don Knr'ts of TV -fame) has a somerhat fishy look Thus the philosophy in the song' “Be careful wnat you wish you're liable to get it” For Henry on a beach out “ONE OF THE BEST DETECTIYE THR HLERS EVER FUMED SIMPLY MUST BE SEEN BRAVO” -Nrniwtr TOSHIRO MIFUNI MAURA EVtOIAWAY TAmiTIHA ingone day falls off the pier and before he can do anything about it IS a fish complete with find and tail BUT with One difference He wears Lim pet’s glasses: ' : His adventures from here on are not only -astounding but" highly nmusiug In 'the deep he gets to know n lovely ! little swimmer-aro under called “Lady V fish” who doesn’t think that ha’s mild mannered at allbut strong and forceful due to the fact that he makes a noise like-a foghorn which scares' even big sharks Henry however feeljs that he is a married man and it will not be right -to : tamper - SATURDAY MARCH 21 1964 A-9 affections uncut whetheror not be will become permanently piscatorial ! 1 Then via the underwater' he learns that the U: S fleet -is in grave danger and -he real-zes that with hia knowledge le can save our ships Re gets in touch with George on land and convinces George that he i&s information of great value a the Admiral George thinks le has lost his marbles when le hears Henry’s voice coming Yom the deep but he goes hrpujgh with a rendezvous thinking it is all some sort of a gag After the early sequences animation takes over and combined with live - action makes “The Incredible Mr Limpet” one of the most quaintly hilarious movies ever made I’m not going to reveal any more secrets but audiences -almost roll ir: the aisles so funny are the scenes ' wherein - mild man- nered Henry beeomei a great war hero and ultimately gets a decoration from the Secretary of war The ending may perhaps be a big naughty judged by puri-anical standards Tor it snows lenry and Ladyfish heading br the spawning grounds but Bessie is apparently happier with her George so perhaps we can forgive poor Henry There is one moment in the ilm that gave me a sort of shock though : where in a dream sequence' Henry imagines himself as one of the members of the Continentals in Spirit of ’76” and in the boat as Washington crosses the Delaware and in other patriotic poses This is tampering a bit with something sacred to most Americans but the shock is only momentary and you real- ize that this is not meant to be irreverent for Henry really wants to be a great American latriot In other hands than Gubin's it might have been offensive but he saves the day All iir all this is a terrific and highly original film which cannot be classified as is the case with the Fliibber releases is both comedy musical an animated (half at least) fea-e and also a romance with : :V V: - " '' ' Awards:' Dinner ROMANCE IN NEW -YORK--Cliff Robertson and Jo Marrow discover they have a lot in common in scene from MGM comedy “Sunday in New York” which costars Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor Seven Arts production in Metrocolor is set to open citywide Wednesday including Warrens and Hollywood theaters Vermont and Reseda drive-ins among others ' “Tiara Tahiti” is the cofeature Hollywood’s film editors have their night to win trophies and recognition1 tonight at the 14th annual Awards Dinner of American Cinema Editors Inc the honorary society of the: industry’s top editors in the Le Grand Trianon ballroom of the 'Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills Tonight’s affair will climax voting by the ACE membership on its choice for the best editing ' achievement of 1963 Five nominees have been named for best editing of a feature motion picture and five for hest single episode in a television senes In the feature 'Category the nominees are Dorothy Spencer for “Cleopatra” Harold Kress ACE for “How The West Was Wort” ' Frank Bracht ACE for "Hud” Antony Gibbs for “Tom Jones” the late Frederic L Knudtson ACE (who died within the past month) Robert C Jones and Gene Fowler Jr ACE for “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” PAN PACIFIC THKATRE 7354 Beverly SI WI t-7070 Asad Award Nemlnee lost Mrilfi Film "KNIFE IN THE WATER" Proa Parking — First Time Together On Sama Fray i S Acad Award Nemlnatlens Richard Harrh-Rachd Reberts Sammy Davis Leaves in Huff By HERBERT DONAU)SON - It's amazing what responses all of us have to- single words Take the'word “Irish” for example' - j V Most of us rightly or wrong ly at once think of a nation of people who' are hospitable ana sentimental who are quick of temper who like their whiskey love their families and who are -historically devoutly religious ' - - The Irish are also - noted for their love of music 'and drama end when a talented Irish singer and actor comos along thoro is cause for rejoicing Shamus Locke who came here from Ireland's Abbey Theater made his Los Angeles debut git- the L i n d y Opera House last night in a program entitled ‘‘The Fire Burns Green” His concert was an unusual one consisting as it did of songs oratory' anecdotes stones and poems Locke gave oral program notes as the vening progressed so that an air of mformalitjprevailed The kinds of songs ho sang ranged from the romantic “Star of the County Down” and the poetic “She Moved Through the Fair” to those patriotic such as “Wearin COMEDY HIT ’Laughing1 To Enter Biltmore i ' r- V MV m‘ v of the Green” and “Down by the Glenside” Locke’s voice is not e groat one and it was at times - last night' somewhat nasal in quality nor has it boon cultivated to any great extent But itisa pleasant voice particularly so in the Irish ballads he sang'- : - : Locke's speaking voice is a beautiful one This coupled with his innate Irish' charm made his recitatia of - poems by Yeats and of Patrick: H Pearse’s- Oratioh over the Grave oi O’Donovan Rossa memorable indeed In the-anecdote department Locke excelled Who could resist the delicate hum ur of his story about the girl who could not be -persuaded by her parents to go into the church to be married? Finally according to Locke the impatient priest (a horse fancier) shouted- “Give her a kick in the shins and -back her in!” - Locke’s telling of anecdotes reminded me of a true one of my own the feet that my well-meaning but misinformed mother writing to me one March 17 said firmly: “You know of eourse -that - Saint Patrick : was a Baptist” Lou Maury Los Angeles composer and pianist was Locke’s v able accompanist on this occasion He-- also pro- HONORED— Dean Martin will be honored - with " a footprint ceremony in thes forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theater today at 1:30 pjn ’Chagair Short : Now Screening Fox Wilshire B - The'-French -who haven’t been cooperating ' with a n y-bbdy 'lately- are unwittingly helping to publicize" the Academy ' Award-contending documentary “Chagall” the beautiful 27-minute color short narrated by Vincent Price that’s currently screening at the Fox Wilshire Theater with " Yesterday Tod ay and Tomorrow” France has just issued - a commemorative stamp honor- grammed the premiere of his ingthe artist and reproducing own “Irish Rhapsody” lone ofl his masterpieces ‘ Sammy Davis the most popular American performer in England left London in a huff Sammy says he was given no reason for the cancellation o his musical play version o “Golden Boy” Sammy 'had planned to put the show on in London for five months then it is THIS SPORTING LIFE' 9th SMASH WEEK! J-Enlnlwhf i RILLYWOIR I NEW VIEW HB 4-9757 I SS5S SaUrnaB Sidney t£ T?£F MeMeld 5 ACADEMY NOMINATIONS BEST FICTURI ACTOR SUPFORTINO ACTOR AST PISICTION CINEMATOGRAPHY W r Mou only five once so see The Pink ' Panther twice! dT i BUKE EDUARDS Manmi DAVID NIVEN PETER SHLERS ROBERT WAGNER CAPUCINE jTHE pink panther CLDIAGMDINOE ’ TEcmncoioir techiruma ' anMMiUNITEfrAirnBTS ' T OW MOl-CV WOO 013 (PARAMOUNT I 1HUTCI HOtlTWOOD MiGHLRND HO ) 5?4P MNI 2k a NMn -MmM Mmi Mr OkMf g Opan DiHy 12:30 Coot FarfOrmincM Never Is love more wild and abandoned great charm Above all supremely entertaining As for Don Knotti it is impossible to imagine anyone more suited to the Limpet role This young' man ie a truly gifted comedian and I hope this will mark the start of a whole aeries of films with him- in the lead Suggestion : remake ' “Skinner’s Dress Suit” Carole Cook proves herself quite a laugh-getter also as his battle-ax of a wife Bessie and Jack Weston is very good too as George the liason officer Elizabeth MacRae lends her voice to that of Ladyfish and Paul Frees (souqding like Bill Thompson) makes -Crusty the giant crab who gives Henry good advice below as crabby as one could possibly wish : High brass of the Navy are delineated by Andrew Duggan the late Larry Keating Charles Meredith and Oscar Beregi Jameson Brewer and John C Rose wrote the screenplay from a novel b Theodore Pratt and Harold Stine delivered the beautiful color photog- raphy Frank Perkins suDer-vised the music while the film editor was Donald Tait Sound was in charge of Stanley Jones and special piscatorial effects are by Vladimir Tytla Gerry Chiniquy Hawley Pratt Robert McKimson Maurice Noble and Don Peters JI presume these are ‘ t artists -and animates) ’ To borrow one of the lines from tba song: v Henry Limpet you are terrific I’ll wager thla film is a smash all ' over the world once it nets rolling and onctf people find out how amusing it is take it to Broadway It was the five-month clause' that killed the deal Producer Ber nard Delfont says he needed a year of Sammy’s time in order to show a profit Sq the play will open first onr Broad way early in the fall season This obviously isn’t Sammy’s spring His picture “The Major and the Private” with Peter Lawford originally planned for filming this month in London was transferred to Hollywood then cancelled before anyone could crank a camera Producer Joe Levine was not satisfied with the script ’Us a far far better thing to cancel before disaster than to lose a fortune with a bad film! It wasn’t fatigue that caused Peter O’Toole to be so exhaust ed and to cancel so many in terviews and TV appearances during his recent New York visit Actually Peter can ' af ford to be tired He’s a cinch for an Oscar nomination nex year for his great playing the king in “Becket” It is in teres ting that he is so much better than Richard Burton who plays the title role Anc don’t get me wrong I think Burton is a fine stage actor It’s interesting that in the play Sir Laurence Olivier as “Becket” stole the show from An thony Quinn who played the king And Jater when Olivier switched to playing the king he also stole the show In any case much applause for Peter Glenville -who directed' the film and the play I receive many Tetters about The Beatles One distressed private school scholar wants me to answer questions A A - ‘—' X ' I1S2S1U Mashfl fit Pk Nominations I ©tphetun OOWNtOWN PICFAIR KnslMtiNMM CoH Hn-OMMAMi IMIO IBFArFfM( ?f mayoMd Nt MHI M OflMs Open ItilfFM NOW! I aaatBasBasBBBBBBBBaBaaAaBaaaaaaBAB tadttiiftBiMaaiiaiiiaiiiaa UNIVERSAL CIJXSTUMS fl (fiMtat £OUS TONY RANDALL BURL IVES BARBARA EDEN L A UimaniLScinl Muclaa T AUWV£WMPn::‘ : COLOR ll PadlicOriw-Ini indMostThaatrasi 'KiSS OP (unH mCOLOS i saa Directonaafor WAMDO (0LLYW8M pknood at mmi Ain taaus NNaiitaaac EL FOETAL Tt7-2MS IBEMOSTIMSintlMIUira ssErTicnsnESEmsui : (NOW PLAYING! 15 R7theison'oB Kap-tai nII 'ANN TODD MI 2nd FEATURE jmx 1 The rumor that Paul Me Cartney is married or engaged is true It’s reported that he was married secretly last week to Jane Asher the young actress 2 No truth to the rumor that Beatle ' John is planning ' to leave the group For heaven’s sake they are all making a movie now and will appear with it on a - cross-country tour of America during August I hope to attend the London premiere at the end of July 3 I have never heard of a Beatle serving time in jail So rest easy my pretty “Point of Order” the story of the investigation of Joe McCarthy 10 years ago may not be the usual kina of “entertainment” but it is doing very well at the movie-box offices No matter whether they are pro-Joe or anti-Joe people want to see it ‘Enter Laughing” the hilarious comedy hit comes to Los Angeles in April after a year’s successful run on Broadway where it established ai record for keeping audiences entering and exiting laughing uproariously ! The comedy will opeq at the Biltmore on Tuesday evening April 7 and will play three weeks only ending Saturday April 25 presented by the Greek Theater Assn James A Doolittle general director Full of warm earth humor and pungent homey yrisd°m “Enter Laughing” was written by -Joseph Stein based on the Carl Reiner novel Starring in the comedy are Yvonne de Carlo Alan Mowbray’ Irving Jacobson and Alan Arttin who rose to overnight stardom with his portrayal of a stagestruck young man “Enter Laughing” tells of few days in the life of a Bronx delivery boy who has decidec to stop being a “nobody” to become a “somebody”— an actor of all things Gene Saks directs CALL THEATRE OR BR 2-9261 CR 4-0411 the astounding story of an astounding military - PLOT TO -TAKEOVER THESE UNITED STATES I AVAIGARDNER tu Amm rH ESMOND O'llUIN MARTIN BALSAM wwmsuwt ilia O M IBtll V4IL T fl naur a aMfri-iUlC BA4i OI afamwnm fmii ixeyiMvur 3rd Weak I m wwi hot mnoti mum aaaa HMywMa ol'mo “ 0n AM iii1 FCATUKC STARTS? 12:00 2 00 400 iOO AOO 10-00 - si5HINESB TOGETHER I the m® wickling team since ip ano evei JOSEPH ELftMt HUE - MAW2U0 LorekMasmami kcadsmy heard Nomkiatienst STANLEY KRAMER Tacaweoboa o 3 SHOWS TODAY 2:00 PM 8:00 PM A Midmght PACIFIC’S S aCOMCT THEATRE IwwrtAMr-NlFHAI O raiTAcii'ririnHOi-o4 J urn iumwtn awn I qaaia awi NrtiaaO'M Ft oaaaaoiriooaBOOi 6 ACADEMY AWAKD NOMINATIONS! NOW 2 Shorn DaRy Mmi Easter Waak 2 am and I pm EGYPTIAN THEATRE am HUy— BM NO 7-11(7 AN BTTH I TICKETS OS SALEthremh March -Unltad Artitt Thcitrtt-Bv Mail — So Calif Music Co -1 Mataal Aianeioa-MA7-12l ' Avr ttnlqrKvbrfek'i Dr Strangelove in How I Lisnud Ti Stop Worryini Antf Lira Tlx Bomt Irinl Short tahMt! ’Aeadamy Award NaaihiaHaa "The Critic" A COeaha ffehm IMhm i SXCLUSIVt (NOAOCMCNT I?1 5th WEEK! MATINEES EVERYDAY Doors Open ll:30am Cont Perf l2':00-2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00-10:00 PM & 12 Midnight It's a man! It's a fish! It's a Limpet! The Incredible rJlrLimpet W1M MOOT MUM9M FOOTMU cuLvce - CITT CULVER VE 43124 IRIS NO 3-2104 Open 12:19 T0W NE 1-3160 FOX cxa-4aia wowiaieat FOX bia-74a5 isiretaM LOS ANeCLtl NWNLAND CL3-964S- aLCN0AI( CLENDAU CHB-2S1S HUNTWWTON NO PARK LU-7-3442 WANN4TTAN UMAR FR 2-3900 jrefti WILTIRN QU 7-9147 - mRWNI TH 2-1177 'C41T I 4 CENTER AN 9-3332 4Taa—wf T43Z4N4 CORBIN OI 3-2222 COLORADO SY B-f T04 to 4 aew 104471 “tfasr — IBSIB duEso wgjfp cTskStr CAU TMAVW Ot Mtvt-M FMIRtV ' tlMII COMPTON lUPTOR ' BOCAOIA ' EDWARDS TOMmeC TORRANCE fOSn BNKMTTS CAROLE COOK'ANOREVT DU86ANJACK WESTON-LARRY KEATMG'jSSTSmS to Jmw wm jem e nx Jwn I MW run i HOKXS mmmion niin wiTHue warn TKCHNICOLOR PeeeewmerWARNaR BRO 2ndiFEATURE lAt All mept Croet Criterion Stadia CHy aad Atom) : "ALONE AGAINST: ROME " ROSSANAPODESTA JEFFRIES LANG m COLOR : PALACE MA 4-3271 MmnipoN WARNER IU 9-0944 ' LA MIRADA imurvumi LAMRA0A 921-9900 An-Fan 378-1977 3F 9-1723 CAU MlATM CREST 03 3-12SB OR 2 9373 9oAtAsiM' 1 nttMMwa- 3MOALB unttjewmm- CAPITOL CHnie 3-4231 AVENGE TO 1-1310 CRITERION EX MM tTUMOTYl 'VtlMi VAMNU76 CAPRI (tsjsia NOW PLAYING IVIRVWHIRII rwaw'BiwMj CENTINELA i 44M OR 04077 whii ntR WWTTIEI OX 3-2712 RY 3-4330 M NOurnrp U monti VICTpOY ETAlKm Ma eM eeurn un 10 4-111 to a aovw 7044 7 J nm EU 34933 117 RSSIDA Drtao-lo ' -DI34SS0 -wioroDE SICA'S ' IfciiRDffi Today Molow h COLOR am BNCLUeivnV Tho Lazarioae VOX iffailiaa WILSHiftC har LA OCNCGA ‘ OI I-ONI - OL t-IOOO QpM Daily 5’D0PM-SatSimffMaa ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE M (NMorivT Sort Rl CUE " CHAGALL" $ MitC aw VINCENT PRICE IKE 7fh Smash Week! mm MOW Wat at Li Cmcn- 0LM3 blv :IS lit Sm1-1S HURRYI JOSWLlfflE Lost A Deysl jj V&w GASSMAN CatUu SPAAK ?vr no E tea nr La Ctewepe DAXV S1S4ATSUN rr ROlLYWOOl I I CHINESE Uneven days ftfi BR 3-9261 - f HOLLYWOOD e M u vice as I I LOI AN BE LIB I 1 EL REY Open 1:43 & WilsMc WEl-IIOl 12:303 am H KISS OP -tfl 3-9371 iTHI VAMPIRS OPEN ALL N ITS— UNTIL S AM DAILY 11:19 3903 BbI&M HO 3-2114 IRIS 'wl 3303 V06UE rp © SON OP CAPT SLOOD 2 5 I fl om-LAW OP THE LAWLESS 1675 Hollywood i HO 24621-13:15 1215-3 05-5 10-1 TOM j JONES- - 00-10:21 pm- MvaiTnuS' ULvamr WILSHIRE 440 WiltMre V OL 3-0363 12:00 ‘ft TISTCRDAT K TODAY ' AND -TOMORROW FAIRFAX 7907 8eyrly Rl WE M11A 1:45 Elia K4i4Hs AMERICA AMIRICAi Raynolds MART MART Wood LOWS WITH PROPER STRANOERi Wha'a Sleeahif In My Bed? HIGHLAND 75c WU N Flouemn CL 59443-12:30 OP CAPT BLOOD LAW OP THE LAWLESS - BANFERNANDI VALlirT"! FOX-N'RIDGE Reseda R Devonshire DtP-7493 12:43 DariMAdvaiitaral VON OP CAPT SLOOD Low Of Lawieae STUDIO CITY Opan 12:43 TR 7-1977 Don Knott in THE INCREDIBLE MR-LIMPET: ChHdroa Of The Dammed EL PORTAL TR 7-2983 12:15 North Hollywood - RendeH-Eden -THE BRASS IOTTLE: Kiss Of The yampfre GUILD 141 Lnnkorshiftl PO 2-2272 1 :45 U REINA AhppmBW Oakf ST M31tp 11:45 N a wmen-Robtnsea THE PRIZE: lob Hope -Clebol Affair FOX Cory Grant-Wheeler Dealers Da vn Nuvs ST 5-2731 12:4$ CAPRI pAPI SLOOD: Lew Of Latriesa- 498 Vnn- Nuvt ST 5-391912:43 D Knotts In THE INCREDIBLE MR - LIMPET: Alans -Against Rams I ALEX 2:M Continuous - :h 5-1525 Rsndell-Edan -THE BRASS SOTTUi KISS OP ' THE VAMPIRE GLENDALE l Opan 12:45 ---:h 9-231 - - Daring Advontaraf SON- OP ' CAPT SLOOD: ' Low Of Lawless I i mism-HHUKM a ACADEMY ont 12 40 1-4503 Banda!l-Edan :THE BRASS BOfTLE RISS OP THE VAMPIRE - STATE Open 12:45 SV 2-7139 THE VICTORS Sellers HEAVENS ABOVE RIALTO ' Newmen-ROblnsaii MALI U 1230 THE PRIZE: Sol Pasadww- Bob Hope -’ MU- 5-1259 - GLOBAL' APPAIR cohejo 495-7005 Daring Adventure! Opm 11-00 SON OP CAPTAIN SLOOD LAW OP THI LAWLESS Tmlewdbb ‘ io: ACADEMY Park— 12:45 PL 1-6151 FOX Open 12:15 ' 1 3-2323 Rendell-Eden THE M?aS THE NUTTY ' propissob WeftS??' WIARLT SIHAVL PL 9-994G 12-45 5ttv4Aonchestar r Crent-Hepbum -CHAIUDIPeci TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD WILSHIRE Open 12:45 EX 5-4995 I SANTA MBNtCAmnCt I I ‘ Knotts In THE' INCREDIBLE MR ’ “MPET: HertonT en EL CIP W8- VAMPIRE ‘ CRITERION Cant 12-15 EX 5-3232 FOX-Venlce 0-rtfoO-2irwl j-PrK‘ - ‘ CAPT BLOOD: EX 4-4219 Law Of ' ' a him vebki fomuu FOX O 12:15 Peninsula i FR 7-432 -k Randall-Eden THI BRASS BOTTU KISS OP THI TAMPERS t 1 fl ' N 5

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