Lexington Herald-Leader from Lexington, Kentucky on September 23, 1968 · 1
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Lexington Herald-Leader from Lexington, Kentucky · 1

Lexington, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1968
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The Lexington Leader Cloudy And Warm With Showers Tuesday Weather Map Oa Face 11 The School Set Makes The Scene Page s Thirty-Two Pages FINAL EDITION Lexington Kentucky 40507 Monday Afternoon September 23 1968 Price Ten Cents Yol 80— No 187 NIXON Campaign Confident But Cautious Crowds Big By WALTEK B MEARS NEW YORK (AP) - Bichard M Nixon confident but cautious is campaigning for the White House from a script which emphasises television and devotee little public attention to his two presidential opponents Nixon’s standard campaign speech includes a set series of taunts at Vice President Hubert H Humphrey the Democratic nominee Nixon tells the crowds— generally big ones— that a nation in trouble should not turn to leadership to a member of the administration that got it there George C Wallace the third party candidate gets not a word from Nixon on the campaign platform The Republican nominee contends that would only build up Wallace so he never mentions the man Nevertheless Wallace is a HUMPHREY Campaign Beginning By HARRY KELLY TOLEDO Ohio (AP) — Hubert H Humphrey’s campaign is showing smoke if not fire With his quest for the presidency in its second week the vice president drew In Toledo what appeared to be the biggest crowds of his campaign— and he was as obviously delighted as a boy with a double dip Ice cream cone “Thank you thank you very much” he said beaming' pumping bands as a hundred or more persona crowded around his car Sunday outside an ice cream parlor Humphrey is behind and knows it Ho started late and slow Even the money he says is in short supply thus his television advertising wu late He also feels the turbulence surrounding the Chicago convention hurt him in the polls But Humphrey the cheerful exponent of the politics of hope WALLACE ‘Not Many Democrats By JULES LOH MONTGOMERY Ala (AP) — “My campaign” said a grinning George C Wallace to an audience in Dallas the other day “reminds me of the (rid Joke that begins They laughed when I sat down to play “Well” he said to the boom of applause and the scream of rebel yells “not many Democrats or Republicans are laughing now” -i Wallace has said that even he whose political antennae are probably as sensitive as anybody’s did not anticipate when he announced his third-party candidacy in January the degree of success it would achieve by late September Wallace to example ex ed his “mission im task force of Alabama lawyers to win to him a place on the ballots of 40 states at most Last week when he met the qualifications of the 50th state —although Ohio remains in doubt— he began referring to the Democrata and Republicans as “the other two national parties” New Comic Strip Begins Today “Laugh In” a new comic atrip begins today in The Leader It is modern off-beat humor featuring strange fun-'ny characters who well may become classics of the comic page' You can read “Laugh In” today and every day except Sunday in The Lexington Leader Cornered By BOB FAIN Any of youse guys know any lady wrestlers from Kentucky? (Sorry mothers-in-law don’t count) One who signs himself Pal Paulie and claims to be an ardent mat fan has a reason to wanting to know “I take the game seriously” he writes “There are no freaks in wrestling as some call them Just frauds I go all the way to Cincinnati to attend matches What I like is those lady grap-plers They’ve got males beat by a country mile “Pal Jack who claims to be a cross between a hippie and a yippie (whatever that is) claims no lady wrestler ever came out of the state of Kentucky I think he is wrong If any mat fan can recall one or if the old gal is still alive please notify me as I have a hobby of collecting data on wrestlers Today’s Metre Murder Okay to poke eyes And break bones too ' But t’would never do To muss a hairdo matter of real concern to Nixon's strategists They believe Nixon can maintain his current lead in t h e opinion polls and translate it into victory ov Humphrey But they mare a fear that Wallace might win enough electoral votes to deny a majority to either of the major party candidates thus sending the election to the House of Representatives Robert Ellsworth Nixon’s na tional political director charged in an interview that the Democrats have a conscious strategy designed to do Just that “The Democrats are doing ev erything they can to build up Wallace” Ellsworth said He said they see in a House decision their best chance of denying Nixon the presidency Nixon’s csmpaign pace is generally a leisurely one with two or three speeches a day each virtually identical The schedule is shaped around television and still manages to sound confident Wait until the middle of October he says then go out and cover ail the Nixon money available “We’re going to win” he says Although Humphrey was the frontrunner he came out of the convention without much treasury or organization And Hum' phrey was disappointed in the first week of his campaign He sprinted from coast to coast and back— with a tailwind of disappointing crowds hecklers and snubs from Texas Gov John Connally and California's Jesse Unruh as well as some well-publicized oratorical mis-cues over the party’a Vietnam plank and the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam Humphrey was tired-trying to cover too much ground talking too long without guarding his tongue closely enough and campaigning past midnight The first post-convention poll He says his campaign treasury Is in good condition “but don’t get the idea we’re swimming in money” and he plans to eliminate many of the fond raising dinners that have been a staple of his campaign appearances There also is a rumor that he soon will replace his prop-driven DC7 airplane with a speedier prop-jet modeL He slso plans to slow the pace of his campaign Last Friday he completed a fatiguing swing through the Southwest Midwest and South and win not resume again until next Friday when he wiU embark on a trip through the Northeast Midwest snd Far West The secret of Wallace’s success has become clesr as his traveling road show— complete with a country band and two blonde vocalists— the Taylor Sisters Mona and Lisa— has wound its way through SI states Wallace has demonstrated an acute sense of the fundamental fears Making The Gerald Pulver 11 surrounded by a group of New York's East Village hippies in the Queens borough of New York as tha hippies the question-and-answer programs Nixon is staging in the major states There have been four so far: Ohio Illinois California and Pennsylvania -There will be at least a half-doien more Nixon’s travels are frequently structured around the campaign television shows So is his schedule Each of them is preceded by a day of-relaxation and preparation Nixon’s campaign speech features an appeal to the people the candidate calls forgotten Americans "You are Republicans you are Democrats you are independents” Nixon says “You have been quiet You have been going to work and you have been paying your taxes and supporting your schools” But now says Nixon these quiet forgotten Americans are aroused and ready to speak out with votes on Nov 5 The set speech's main assault To Show Smoke If Not Fire results camo in and Richard M Nixon his Republican opponent was still far ahead Even then Humphrey saw a bright side— that now antiwar dissidents could see that their next president would be Nixon if they didn’t do something to Humphrey More advance men then were added to his campaign to bring out the crowds The scheduling crew was shaken up Enough money was collected so that Humphrey could go ahead with his advertizing In addition Humphrey was endorsed by President Johnson And from the other side of the Vietnam issue he won public embraces from Sens Edward M Kennedy George S McGovern and Wayne Morse He also made a pilgrimage to see the Democrat who pulled off one of history’s best-known political upsets Harry S Truman Would ail this activity be he enough? Humphrey thinks Republicans Laughing Now9 snd irritstions that gnaw atta great many bewildered Americans and an ability to speak of them in simple colorful terms Concerning law and order to example the visceral issue of his campaign Wallace says the Democratic and Republican candidates promised to enforce the law but that both of them by past policies had helped to bring about “today’s anarchy1 “I reply to them” Wallace said the other night in Florida “in the words of an (rid hillbilly song: ‘It’s too late to ask to forgiveness’ ” Tell it like R is George 1 has become a slogan shrieked at rallies from Milwaukee to Montgomery Lowell to Long Beach His appeal is pitched to men who attend his rallies in shirts with open collars women in toreador pants though suits and ties are well-represented and lately a growing number of young people have been on hand Scene In' Suburbia Man decided to visit the PreM Wirephoto) on Humphrey links the vice president to that administration Leading in the public opinion polls Nixon has passed to his campaign staff a word of warning against overconfidence His schedule is being kept flexible msde up 10 days to two weeks in advance so that the nominee can devote his time to states in which his advisors believe a campaign nudge is needed That could include extra television appearances in some key states While the word is out against overconfidence the word also is out that if the polls continue to run as they have Nixon will feel free in the weeks ahead to campaign in some states with few electoral votes but with Republicans running for Senate or House seats or governorships “You may see more of that” one Nixon advisor said can win against Nixon on sonality prosperity by calling for civil justice as well as law and order and by trying to paint Nixon as more of a hawk or foreign policy hardliner than Humphrey Nor is Humphrey reluctant to portray himself as if not the best presidential candidate possible at least a better alterna tive than Nixon or George C Wallace His biggest problem and he knows it is Vietnam He is said to be under strong pressure to make some dramatic gesture or statement that would divorce him from the Johnson administration's Vietnam policy It seemed unlikely that he would But he is again hitting with greater emphasis that while be is only a vice president and candidate now and thus with no control over events he would put an end to the war on top of his priorities as president VFoiks have - been looking down their noses at us rednecks long enough” Wallace tells them "and we’re going to show them on Nov 5 that there are more of us than them” He says his views “represent the mainstream of American thought” and that he )ui a better than an outside chance of winning the election He sneers at the “scientific polls” which currently reflect the support of about 20 per cent of the electorate recalla his unpredicted success when he ran in primary elections in 1964 and predicts “We’re going to put a lot of pollsters out of business on election day” Last week aboard his lumbering campaign airplane he cracked to his traveling corps of newsmen: “Do you fellows think either Mr Nixon or Mr Humphrey wiU get enough votes to throw this election into the House of Representatives?" suburbs (Associated Soviet Moon Shot May ChangePower Balance Forging Ahead Of US MOSCOW (AP) — The Russians forged ahead in the space race again over the weekend by recovering an unmanned spaceship that splashed down in the Indian Ocean after circling the moon Sir Bernard Lovell Britain’a top space expert predicted that the Soviets within months will make a manned shot around the moon James E Webb outgoing head of the US space program said the latest Russian feat “shows a capability that could change the basic structure and balance of power in the world The spaceship Zond 5 was launched mi Sept 14 It went into a holding whit around the earth then took off to the moon It circled the moon on Wednesday limM in the In- dian Ocean Saturday night and was picked up by a Russian recovery ship Sunday Tass the official Soviet news agency said scientific instruments aboard the space ship had been recovered with vast body of scientific information” Lovell director of Britain’s JodreU Bank Observatory and an authority on the Soviet space program caUed the Soviet shot “a considerable achievement It probably means that manned round-the-moon flight will occur in the coming months as a direct challenge to Ameri ca’s Apollo project” Webb who a week ago predicted the United States would remain second in the space race for years because of heavy cuts in its space budget id tile Zond 5 flight demonstrated that the Russians have “an able-bodied rocket” bigger than any operational US rocket Webb aaid the flight was “the most significant demonstration of its time’’ comparable to Sputnik I the first satellite to orbit the earth He also predicted that the next Soviet feat would be a manned flight around the moon West Germany’s Bochum Institute to Satellites and Space Exploration predicted that such a flight would be accomplished with a three-man spacecraft “this year or at latest in the first quarter of 1969” “With this fantastic success the USSR is on the way to being the victor and being the first to reach the moon” said the institute’s director Heinz Kaminsky' Western sources speculated that the scientific equipment aboard Zond 5 included cameras and that pictures were made of the moon’s surface Distinguished Service Aicard Voted Dr Fortune LOUISVILLE Ky (AP) -The Kentucky Medical Association selected a 68-year-okl Lexington physician today as the winner of its annual distinguished service award Dr Carl H Fortune won the award in a special election over Dr B B Baughman a Frankfort surgeon who is on the state Board of Health The medical association’s award committee wu unable to choose between the two men so it asked the House of Delegates Cultural Exchange-Hippies In Suburbia NEW YORK (AP) — Tired of being gawked at by camera-toting tourists from the wilds of suburbia a group of hippies from tlie Lower East Side turned the tables Sunday They took their own tour and stared at the suburbanites About 50 hippies clad in their best beads and bells paid $5 each then boarded a bus at SL Mark’s Place in the heart of the East Village and set off for a day in Queens a predominantly middle class borough of New York City The tour was the brainchild of Joe Skaggs 23 sn artist who described the expedition as “a put-on of middle class values a sort of cultural ex change” The turned-on tourists got glimpses of such nonhippie strongholds ss housing developments bowling alleys neatly manicured lawns and other middle class symbols many of which the hippies left behind when they fled to the Village Included in the tour were several stops During one of them —at a restaurant to ice cream —eight “straight” patrons fled ON THE AIR— Kentucky's Educational Television Network started "on the air” at 7:30 a m today with a spin of the dial by Gov Louie B Nunn Also an hand at the production center 600 Cooper Drive to the first broadcast were from the left Wendell Butler state superintendent for public instruction Dr Robert R Martin president Eastern Kentucky University Manthis Man- Car Crash Takes Life Of Driver Loose dirt and gravel coupled with high speed wu blamed by police for an accident on the Mason Headley Road that claimed the life of 2S-year-old James Russell Durkin Durkin of 291 Burke Road was pronounced dead on arrival at St Joseph Hospital moments after the accident at 1:58 am Sunday County police said the compact car went out of control about 500 yards west of Harrods-burg Road where construction work to build up' the shoulder has been underway and smashed into a tree Gravel had been spread over the shoulder of the road police uid The death was the 16th to the year in Fayette County A native of Lexington Mr Durkin was a son' of Mr and Mrs Jon H Durkin He was a member of the Broadway Christian Church An employe of the Piedmont Airlines he held a private aviators license and was expected to complete requirements to a (Im CaL S Back Piss IMS SacHaal to make a choice and Fortune won Fortune was forced to retire earlier this month at the Lex ington Clinic because he had reached 68 He had been with the clinic since 1931 “But I'm pretty busy with my work at the Veterans Hospital and the University of Kentucky Medical School” said the moustached internist Dr Fortune is a graduate of (Saa CaL S Back Fan TNa SacNaa) through a side door when hippies walked in Other Queens residents greeted the expedition with a mixture of surprise skepticism and amusement “We’re being invaded” cried (me housewife as the hippies d e-bus sed near ber house “It must be some kind of underground movie stunt" added her husband During a stop in Jamaica Estates the hippies wandered around snapping pictures of enmeyer Nurseries suburbanites watering their lawns and reading the Sunday papers “Hey what do you do at night around here?” one of the tour group asked a woman “Not much” she said “We go to aleep early” The tour ended with a happening in the Nirvana Headshop — a touch of hippiedom in Hillside Queens— where four men and three women danced nude while an artist painted their bodies Bob Lake who usually runs regular bus tours around Manhattan acted as tour guide Gov Nunn ‘Dials’ ETV Into Being By BLITHE RUNSDORF With a motion as simple as dialing a telephone Gov Louie B Nunn today opened the circuits for Kentucky Educational Television Network’s first broadcast Eight transmitters — at Mad-isonville Bowling Green Elizabethtown Owenton Somerset Morehead Ashland and Lexington and translators in Hopkinsville and Owensboro — relayed telecasts beginning at 7:30 am to televisions throughout the state It is estimated that the broadcast reached television sets in 1400 schools in 137 school districts receiving in the state Three additional transmitters at Pikeville Hazard and Murray delayed by weather and construction problems should be on the air within one month and General Motors Plans Average $49 Price Hike DETROIT (AP) — General Motors giant of the auto industry today announced twice in creases which averaged $49 or nearly 50 per cent under figures announced by Chrysler last week GM Board Chairman James M Roche denied there had been any pressure from Washington sources to get General Motors to come hi with a amaller figure than Chrysler had dime as the 1969 cars beaded toward the market “There were frank discussions in Washington but I assure you General Motors’ decision as usual was made by General Motors people before we even went to Washington" Roche told a news conference General Motors in figuring out its $49 or 16 per cent per car price boost used list price figures those which the companies charge their dealers Chrys- Why I Support The United Fund Lexington was very nearly a tornado victim this year The mighty winds struck just north of here in some of our sister communities If you have talked to the people in these cities you know how important it is to have a strong local Red Cross organization I urge you to support our Red Cross and 23 other important health and welfare agencies by giving your fair share gift this year to our United Community Fund — Robert irtner Hill- H Hillenmeyer Partner GIVEA HEtPNS HWGIVE YOUR BUR i SHARE LEW-S rLT"L CC--N-T UNITED COMMUNITY FUND chikes Department of Public Relations Uni- versity of Kentucky A1 Temple general manager WCKT radio Bawling Green Leonard Press ETV executive director and Roy Owsley chairman of the Kentucky Authority for Educational Television Chuck Klasek cameraman is ETV’a director of education (Staff Photo) a facility serving the Covington area is due in January Additional apparatus will be built as needed in other state locations Most In State Program schedules are expected to reach most of the school children in the state with supplementary educational material during the school hours Material will augment lesson plans as well as provide presentation orientation and procedures to teachers Adult programming from 4:80 to 10 pm is not expected until Jan 6 but a Girl Scouts of America - produced show to teach the “bow tos” of adult leadership in youth programs will be aired beginning Oct 1 Gov Nunn appearing elated (SM CaL 4 Back Pat TNa SacftaO ler which was the first of the auto companies to post its new list prices had figured the increases at $84 or 29 per cent over its 1968 list prices In a surprise move GM reversed its decision to have federally required headrests included in its price tags on announcement day Thursday “We had announced that the headrests would be on all the cars and would be included in the price but to competitive reasons we have had to make them an option until Jan 1 1969” Roche said Inside Info Ctanifiad 27-31 Comica 15 OroMwoni — 27 Dear Abby IB DMlhi 16 Editorial! 4 Firm Nlwi S Jumbla 22 Markati IB Marias 7 Nowt Nolo 17 School Nows - 5 Society 11-24 Sporti 10-13 State 2 Televition 14 THE WEATHER For Lexington: Sunny and warm this afternoon Partly cloudy and warm tonight Tuesday continued warm with showers and a few thundershowers High today 87 low tonight 65 high Tuesday 85 Outlook: Cooler Wednesday Precipitation probability: 5 per cent this afternoon 10 per cent tonight 40 per cent Tuesday Sunday’s Readings Temperature: Highest 85 at 4 pm lowest 63 at 7 am average 74 normal 68 highest this date in previous years 97 in 1936 lowest 39 in 1875 Accumulated deficiency since Jan 1 501 degrees Precipitation: For 24 hours none Accumulated total since Jan 1 3453 inches Deficiency since Jan 1 46 inches Today's Readings To 1 PM Temperature: Highest 74 at 10 am lowest 63 at 7 am Highest this date in previous years 93 in 1937 lowest 36 in 1896 Precipitation: None Humidity: 87 per cent at 7 am 71 per cent at 10 am Daylight: Sun sets today at 7:34 pm rises Tuesday at 7:28 am

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