Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 16, 1973 · Page 32
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 32

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1973
Page 32
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I T VP We made a priet check In o local food store' in Golesburg an May 11 |Th • results prove Hiot Kroger Customers tort I mora money everyday laf the waak. HERE'S PROOF Oscar Mayer Bacon Krogr Pries...^104 StortEPrks.Vili.05 Oscar Mayer All Meat Wieners| KrofltrPrkt...^ 97c Store EPrke .VJS: 99e Oscar Mayer All Meat Bologna Kroger Price...;* 0 .' 56c Store E. Price59c Kraft Miracle Whip Kroger Prke....«r. 44c Store E Price M or. 62c Crisco SHORTENING Kroger Price...**' 193c Store E Price. eft I 99c Comet CLEANSER Kroger Price.. ^ 17c Store E Price W 18c Clorox Bleach Kroger Prke... ML. 52c Store E. Price .•At 56c Campbell's Tomato Soup Kroger Price. 12c] Store E Price "eft* 13c Joy Liquid Kroger Price.. '.T 53c 'J Store EPrke »»56e Kraft Velveeta Kroger Price...?™ 99c Store EPrke . IT' 1.33 Charmin TISSUE Kroger Price 4» 41c Store E Price 4^ 43c Milnot Kroger Price, c 4 ^ 16c Store E Price 'fiff- 19c Tide Detergent Kroger Price.... or. 74c Store E Price 81c Vets' Dog Food Kroger Prke. n« Store E Pries 12c U.S. #1 Red Potatoes Kroger Price 10 . i ; fl 1.19 Store E Price 1 QM 1 • 1 9 . e .»Bt j " \ PraahUghtRoaatkig ©Chickens .520 C-5.> FrartMbaormoroFryorBraattior UJOrumsocfcs «790 /^"j Freeh 3-HM or more) Fryer Thighs LB. FmhS -lbtermcK* Fryer Wings ». 380 fes© Rib Steak M19 II. Krogar Quality S-lb. Chub Ground Beef LB. Krogor Chunk Stylo 1 Braunschweiger n 790 BwtSfiRoll....$1.49 Canlar Cut Hi Chuck Roast ..990 igSteak 1. $1.58 Sirloin Steak LI. Save Up To $0.00 With The Coupons In This Ad & One $10 Purchase. When you see an "X" next to an item in Kroger ads or Kroger stores, it means an Xtra Bonus Buy good for a limited time and made possible by a special purchase, manufacturer's promotional allowance, fav* orable market conditions or warehouse overstock. IIMI r S MB. —PKQ. AIIMeat Wieners OtCAHMAYIR OR KROQIR 85 75 WITH COUPON 1110 Oft MORI PUP.CHABI IXCLUOINO COUPON PUACHASIS & N-17 KipJraaTuga., May 12, Limit 1 iiiiiiiimiiririMHiiiiTmiiiniiHA BUSCH BEER . 12-12 oz. cans SI.65 ^Jjgjv From Picnic Styf* Whole Pork Roast LI. OacarMayarAHMaat Bologna VSffeet Krogor All Baaf Wieners, »950 /< < c& Krogar AH Matt m Wieners.... A 0 .? 740 Oaear Mayor AN Baaf © Wieners. ill: 996 •rfSgfcv Country Stylo Butt Pak SHbeormoro Sliced Bacon LB. £5*. Kwlek Krlip & SlicedBacon970 LB. Rib Eye Steak m\m a Praam Quaan Meat Entrees W With CAUpon at S10 or • moil purchata Excluding 8) „ Coupon PurchaMi • N21 oxplroa Tuot. May 22 I. am_ !• "' •••••••••••••••••••I Campbatfa • V*. Soup - m CawpbaSt Muahroom *»* ^srm Saw lOfNatr Spray AqinNat •» 39* j^j [!!!y-- Ti **y.yy»». u«*.! '••^••^•••••VssrJisVa) X Kroaar Reur 6 & 510 2L8. PKO. BicaptBoof Rtsu Spaghetti WMi Muthreana Sauce .'ft'Sl Froneh'a ktatant Maahad ii.. pia. JHfy Proattag of '^690 Sand. Buns 3 1 7-DAY SPfCIAL -dEfc, Jtrogar AS Matt 12-ox. S2» __. ' f Bologna »Ht Armour Smokod Butt Portion u.79* Armour Smokod Cantor Cut ^ HamSlkes $1.39 X Pranch'a man Potatoes V SkmSStam »<* I Country0»ah #l "Kt Mixes 1Z5 I BrwanwrtRoUs tfHSt SHASTA Soda 1141 .49* I BB * n * m9Mmtn * <w1zp X Bread 3.^$1 POtatO CtlDS . tS B9C 7-Day SpoeW Royal Vhlng kUalo Taf Ha* raBntjaBa3M .MM .paa .BOT D^j^p,,^ ....^jge Naatta'a Ouik Krogar Tomato Juke .WW] i, 0 ? <**•<* 'IWeRells. 3S8;S1 .i! fllfi I 7-OaPlP"W Country Ovan Plain or w8,¥ 1 Sugar Doouts Jlifill Campbell's Tomato Soup Krogers the Place to Buy QUALITY Produce Ooorgla Whlta Marble Chips >o-LB. BBk^BBB •AOS ^afjfBB 7 Plorlda Sweet Corn f AH l ^^^^ 10FOHPH Calltarnla 131 Sita Oranges 18 t| FOPJ H California Asparagus CalMomla BARK Ra*woodBark3 c ^T$2.99 All Purpoaa 1M-4 Fartilizir 20 ^ $1.99 California Fancy Strawberries qr. 79c Urga Green Peppers ..2 ». 490 Michigan Jonathan Applas 4 ^ 990 Urga 72 Sba California Orangas 8 ro. 990 40SttaWhHaorB*S Grapefruit 6 w« 890 P»a»offulJulea' Blooming Geraniums 59° Naw Crop Taxaa Yellow Onions 3 99 QoldanRipa Bananas 13 Bad Riga Florida Watermelon HALF ^kaa^ Shaop or Cow Menurs 59 ./ e $1.99 2-CU.FT. Humm or Top Sail 59 £ 990 Canadian Sphagnum Peat ^.'$5.99 HomaPrida Weed & Feed 29 $2.95 Cryslal Park Bag Grass Seed 4B t 99? Urga Slicing Cucumbers % »«490 Tom-Cola Rad Radishes m 390 YaUow.Whltg or Zucchini Squash u. 390 Vina Rlpa Chorry Tomatoes >«T 490 Urga 140 SUa Unions 6 «« 890 I #21/2 CAN X Joan or Arc Froaatona Sllcod Peaches 2^890 Morton HouwBakad S280 4 (ANt 880 X Morton H Beans *kia Avandalo 4> Tematees X Kroaar Oardon Sweet Peas 4 £S 880 X Llbby Oaag Brem Beam Brook aChll Hot Dol Monla Franch Slyla " Green Beans 280 Nmlait Wholo Karnal GoleenCorn '^250 Dal Monla Qardan Sweet Peas "dS? 240 Dai Monla Tomatoes..... CIN * 390 Bady Crockar j_ • MM... PM. ii or. BJ* . (AN OBV Treat Omiy Mooro Vag, Stew '^490 ^DISCOUNT

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