Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on December 19, 1963 · 15
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 15

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1963
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i J i EPIC MOVIE 'V - s : VDw Mikarb: Biva I got aglrlfbr yeti HtHI? Sha'a Thomasina too star of: Walt ‘ Disnty’s ' nsw a vThroo Livas of Thomasina” 'A v' Ska's '7’-atiiv ' ill -:r 'Jroa j plaasa a elassjr' marmalada ' cal Ilka i you-? but with tiger atripaa ito gather you two should make’ baanttfuliQusie ?-8o what do you sayRhu- - barbT Afa you iatarastad? : If sp mayba wa can arrauga a wadding and hava soma littls marmalades - LAll of which friends is to introduce you to the heroine of ' the latest bit of delight from Disney ’s twhich is show ing at the -Fine 'Axis in BeverV ly JHllsv ‘The Three Lives of Thom-asina"r is about Scotland so yod really should’' don 1 your plaidie for this orie laddies and lassies The story is by an American however bur own Paul Gallico ' : ' quaint' little village in the : Scottish Highlands - is the : lo-cale and there AndreW Mac Dhui (pronounced MacPoohey) plies his profession that erf veterinary - 'McDhui has a daughter who is his prifle and joy and little Mary has a martnalade cat that she dearly loves She dresses the cat up like a doll wheels' it in 'a baby-buggy insists that it be given a -place at- the dinner table and even takes Thomasina to bed with her when her father isn’t look-ingi! ’ 7 McDhui’s t life is no 'bed of roses for he is ’a lonely widower Besides some of the townspeople don‘t take kindly ’ to his-humane ministrations to animals And he has a rival a girl who lives in -the woods and heals beasts birds and whatnot : with - only ' love and faith Some of the children call her a witch but such a pretty and kindly witch has never before been seen Comes a day when (he vet’s own daughter’s cat is-brought in after being injured Fearing GALA PREMIERE -TONIGHT! EGYPTiAMTHEATRE HOL1WOOD - 7:30 PM Benefit Charitansifor Reiss-Davis Clinic Under the Sponsorship of Gov EDMUND G BROWN ' ' --vA'-v : i-r wVyV ' B - V - ”- K1 AMQNG THE STARS ATTENDING WILLBE fTBetre AckSi'a- Nick Adams John Agar vAIlyson Ames Army Archerd ‘ " " " L ’ -JoeEBrown Sammy DavisJr r Gobel Robert Goulet Coleen Gray: Lorne! Greehev'Ji Havef vav Heflin ' Charlton Heston Cheryl Holdridge Sam jaffe Glynis ionns Shirley Jones -iilike Landofi - ’ Carol iawrdnce r Jack Lord V Fred MacMurray r-rv George Maharis V'Pamela Mason Jayne Meadows SaK Mined Gregory Morton ' ' Don : Murray ? Paul Newman 4 Hugh O' Brian Willfam O'DouglaS jL BiJI Parker Paul Richards Pernell Roberts Cliff Robertson' i Edward GRobinson ' Barbara Rush Telly Savalas George Segal Phil Silvere-Rod Steiger ingeStevensKay Stevens Marshall Thompson Clint Walker Ray Walston Dennis Weaver Chill Wills Natalie Wo-Joan'Woodward 'uklminy otbjn! v— " t - TIIFAI UltlRI A I ' THECARDINAtftiiiiT0MTRY0NIR0MY SCHNEIDEBWr ""‘nJLVAnV"! TOMORROW! Mak - RAFVALLbNEjpHNl?:TK SAXON JOSEF MEINRAp BURGESS: MEREDITH OSSIE LoSf SMI MUJIH flC( FRONT) ilJS iAtiCk 'kaWatriv' AlPli Ttii IA' iiRMAiF ' r- M1& WUWESMVS - 106E Ull ORCJU1il ORCH (FRONT)ifJf -DAVIS MROTHYGSH TUU)O CARMINATI MAGGIE SSSITw McNAMARABILL- HAYESICECILKELiWAV ANojipHNV-7--'-"OYPTiHTH - SCREENPLAY: BY ROBERT DOZIERASED GN THEj ?1 ‘ 1 NOVEL' BY HENRY MORTON ROBINSON MUSiC BY ' V-: JEROME MOROSS- PRODUCTIOH : DESIGNEP'BLYLEr? WHEELER PHOTOGRAPHEKBY LEOk SHAmrQY ' WH TEC L? TNCATRC BOX4PFICE MML MMMHanT HR :DlRECTEDBY:0TTCFPREMlNGER-A'c6luinW-Releai that! the ca$7 has tetariusand ‘cannot' be saved-- DrV Ma£-Dhui thinks to putThomasirta to sleeps This leads to misunderstanding and from then dh ‘This 'child -7 aiid'diir' 7 thrao boycronieo Start to givethi catvtv unprecedented albutra’l at r iu p'td i byitiwit&Tliayl&rui -away Jrbarupon Lor -Mac-1 - Gregory f that’s tha Wiftchaa ! rfalnama) parfwmi a mir j adaic ahd 'brings Thomaainh back to life Thau little Mary grows ill and : there if uior: trouble I’m not going -to give you details : vJuHtjgo iq the FWaArtsandfind out: what happens - I can hint though that -Dr’ MacDhui gats- Ms ' daughter ' and her cathack and also gains a- uew-wlfe “lieThree Ijves ofTho'nv-asiha” is I done ’ with Disney’s great ability to depict the lav-ender - and old lace - past' and like - bis many other 'films spreads the gospel of love and kindness for wildlife and pets The role 'of Mary is played by a new child actress Karen Dotrice who is very real looking and artificial An even more important discovery or American directors fo toy way of thinking is Susan Hamshire who has toe pail: of Lori She is a refined type of ' heroine suited to famUyj' films -''and femme stars 1 whp'can attract audiences without 'having 'to 4r r - JacfekWarner AppointsOrr' Vice-President 0' Jack LWamer president of Warner - Bros Pictures hi William T Orr vice president of the company to the post of executive assistant to -j the president - Orr long identified in an executive capacity with- the studio is currently producing Sex and the Single Girl: Mmn AN mTa-PREMINEER lILMij ’ -7 '-i V?i'js-WT'COAtTR EMIERE TONIGHT Mil TnUALI Mlili FMIRIFIKPH H i " ' - " V RIOULA r MacphnieQ drawn by — i l- — :i haliKisqnie’'PatrickMcGoohan arid: preset initoe’ castalso iaich- grand character- ac4s &urw tors --as Wurenfcc aismito and Finlay :CurriejTbe trio of boys who ajre: Mary’sjsds :ire yincexrf-Wiptorcnis pilhmre and Mathew (xiirberyptoir Garber'xisiL Tkid ®snMef'Hel - On oUhc ! vmtthlagc -about: ‘The ThrecVLiVea' of Thomasina is that ttr eat' : tells herown -story ’viathe voiceof Blspeth Mareb- -Don fchaff ey who directed Disney’s “GreyfriararBobby' piloted this from a screenplay by 'Robert Wes terty-Paul Bee-sari' photographed There’S even' a catcny -litue-so fa Thomasina J by- Jerry Gi kyson VMusical i shore is' by Paul Smitlv 1’ think the Srt director' costume designer and set dresser all deserve a men-' tion too“-rfor their authentic sets: They are Michael Stringer Margaret ’Furse and Vernon Dixon "The Three 'lives pf 'Thomasina’ is jather leisurely in pace -and -rtot quite as spirited as spine f)ther: DisneyVreleases but it s a charming film 'r for irfd :and f young alike- and’thus especially fitting for theholi-day season You : will have' to concentrate -' though " for the sound track has a thick Scotch Cats have nine lives - they and since this release uy ixhaustsP three ofjpiom-asina’s’ -perhaps we shall somfetime haveanother movie about her other-six I -htie so lecausfaithe’f s sensational fe-ine actress with' the ability to both make vyou laugh and wring your heart n ‘ : How's about my proposition Rhubarb?- This Thom-asinac is obviously ' goia g places She already has her own stellar pot box at Pino-wood 'i Studios and paws-across-tho-sea seems like a' swell Idea TO ATTEND PHEMIERE — —Mayor' SamYorty purchases tickets or tonight’s ’ 'charity premiere of Otto Preminger’s ‘‘The 'Cardinal’ being held at the Holly-wood Egyptian TTieater under sponsorship of the Reiss-Davis Clinic ' Shown: -with the mayor are from left Mmes Eugene Faierman premiere chairman ' David Goldman president and Paul Troy receptionchairman 'Reserved seat engagement begins tomorrow:-: '- ' - v - Ind ia ns 'Arrive v A group of -40 Indians including women and children arrived in Hollywood f rom Monumeht Valley Utah ’ to work in interior scenes of Warner Bros’ “Cheyenne Au-j tumn” Onl L' seven of them have en off the Navajo res-ljgj ever ervatiofa before ' - k - i 7 v 'V 'v v ? i ' i ' TIIITI — CIVIC LIGHT OPERA ! Kiss M e : Kate to eri Hie Los Angeles Civic Light Opera has announced tha ks 11964 season will open on April philharmonic Auditorium with a new production of "Kiss Me Kate” It will have been nine years since "Kiss Me Kate” was last performed Ihere Cole Porter’s ’ masterpiece I with-book by Sam and Bella I Spewack has taken a unique place in the literature of’jjhe musical theater throughout the world R has already been I translatedmto 10 foreign Ian--guages and has been per- T WZSV COAST MIMICRt VvRCNEfit errv of hope! ttl' FOR PREMIERE TICKETS i - : Phon MA S-ASII - ' : if ‘-j KAREN UUTRICE MATTHEW GARBER-iELSPETH MARCH SISSTf - SciwfwW meotr WESTERBY I IVltM -MF nMMr HUGH ATTWOOLLmkfDON CHAFFEf f yBCHHKOLOKiW — - x 20 formed on toe European continent more times than all American works of alltime put together The mo6t recent translation is Turkish for presentation in Istanbul this' winter The revival of "Kiss Me Kate” is particularly appropriate 'in that it ties in with toe-international celebration of the 400th anniversary- of Shakespeare’s birth The association’s general director-Edwin Lester promised completely hew production and ah all ar cast for- this occasicm ' s 7 - DECEMBER 22 10SZI j Luxurious 'FOX WHIHME hoof LACICNE9A OL4-OMI ©A y: By DALE MUNROE a ' Kings of the 'Sun V color a n d- Panavision spectacular filmed entirely on location in Mexico is currently screening at: citywide theaters and drive- ins ' including the W a r r e n s downtown and Pix theaters the -San Val and Van Nuys driye-ins ‘A Mirisch Company produc-ion for United Artists release the picture boasts two - Oscar winners Yul Brynner and George yChakiris director J Lee Thompson (responsible for Guns of Navarone” etc1) and ar original ' story ' by : Elliott Arnold (with screen: play by Arnold ' and ’James R Vifebb) who penned "Broken Arrow” Yet despite this distinguished group of men the film is a dud- - The Arnold-Webb script is oaded with trite dialogue ‘An example of' ohe such "gem” s when Chakiris portraying 3alam' the young Mayan king addresses ms people with regard to the state of their new and by saying the grass grows the tree spreads its tranches the river flows” 3rynner isn’t spared either: As Black Eagle a North Amer-can Indian Chief (his tribe is never identified) he makes many a profound - statement such as (me in which he speaks b Chakiris "If we are to live ogether in peacq there must be no war between us” v The story takes place one thousand years ago b e I o r e white men - set foot on -North American soil' H u n a c ’ Ceel (Leo Gordon) a' barbarian chases Balam and the remnants of his people from their mmeland on the -Yucatan peninsula to the sea At a'ikh-ng village Balam enlists re- uctant fishermen y’to set sail m m r 'or a : new- land Hiey arrive j1 in what is now southern Texas Taken Prisoner 7 ' Black Eagle discovers the Intruders and in a fight with Balam the Indian is taken prisoner One of Balam’smen rounds Black Eagle severely ixchel (Shirley Ann Field) a isherman’s daughter nurses lim back to health and they all in love Hieir only- problem is the Mayan religion which teaches the necessity of human sacrifice to the gods W alters Bien president of Black Eagle is elected to ‘‘take a message to the gods” -Ba-lam a progressive king -at heart agrees to let the -Indian return to his people in peace About this time’Balam’s old CALL THEATRE OR BR COLUMBIA lack IN YUMMY THE WOBLB'l MOST rAMOVS THEATRE UHvnr ' 'y£5RAOMAN - HURRY! LAST STPliHflahfol I DAYS! lOLLYWtOB LINDALC ALEX nob : Canflnooui I CH M525 V limr TRrllhn! THE VAVHTEB ' u ' PALACE: - Ikt lutll hlMY! 1 MfQuMMSniMr ' THE CHEAT' ESCAPE - Krfr ItaUH " PAV1D LISA- S r-J y -! -n OpanA:45 CH 5-MU ACADEMY Cant 12- - Harror ThHIUnl - PLACE: THE : MIND BENDERS 4 MU 14501 - TMI HAUNTED - j STATE s Farfc-s-A:45 SYS713P r) LILIES OF THE r FIELH RIALTO m) i- Paudana " lC3 MU 3-125 1:30 - J GiMt4: Bnilrl : WHEELER BEALER: - 1 - Inn 0b I --TIN Rim enemy Hunac Ceel arrives on the scene: Following a lengthy battle in which half the cast (including Black Eagle) is kill-ed4 Balam discovers the charms of Ixchel and a happy ending results ' Glaring Miscasting ‘ Brynner brings the film tat life when he first appears as-a Sleek-footed Indian warrior but unfortunately he soon de velops a m o s t -imctmvincing Indian walk Chakiris seems bewildered in his pharacteriza-' torn Miss Field is miscast as Ixchel as - is - Richard Base- Heart who delineates the role of ‘ Ah Min toe High Priest-The most glaring miscasting is Gorden as the evil barbarian’ His qostume did not fit and the result is a comic rather than a believable villian - Thompson allows his picture to remain- slow-moving uninspired and boring Joseph MacDonald handled his panavision camera in much the same way Hie Mexican locale should pro- -vide striking scenery- instead we are given monotonous shots of Mayan pyramids and colorless tree clusters representing forpsts E 1 mre’r Bernstein’s background? music is-one of the few aspects of the film that rises somewhat above the tedi um of toe rest ' j The Directors' a 17-minute color documentary shares the bill'at) toe-Four Star Theater only ' This featurette deals w i t h the story behind staff writer Robert Coughlan’s assignment for Life Magazine to interview world reqowned movie directors The film contrasty toe various picture-making philo-' t sophies of these men' Cough-' Ian’s narration "coordinates with the personal comments of 94 — -amJ elwreiis some 33 directors and x overs every style of movie making every style oi movie maxing from' Italian neo-realism to the French new wave- -The' short which is screening in order to qualify for Academy Award consideration effectively combines the tech- niques of live-action and still" photography ' - Th e -: companion feature at' most other theaters is “The Invincible Gladiator” SIB -Productions of Hollywood-has announced the purchase of "The Inferno” a novel Inr Robert Kirsch which is sched uled for feature prpductuxi (Hi the company's 1964 schedule 2-8261 CR 4-0411 PlCTURESpmHte lemmonr-s CQLQRr i ' I4-M- BUM iMreOfM 11:41 AM HHMIMSM- MSIMillMR I I "it AMBELIt l"l ELREY WILLY : 5 Limited Run “Irmi Li Douce" ' Hervay : RUNNING MAN Open l:ll S517 WilNilrB WE l-IIOI FAIRFAX tf07 Beverly Bl WE W11L :45 HIGHLAND 75c SMI N Figueroa - Clr: B Hwhaa CL S-fi4l- 4:45 Catlviai If EilN 1 I SAH FaHJUIDl TALLCT JjJ— N'RIDGE RaaodA S Devonshire Oi f-74tS 445 Perk TO RILL A NOCKIHCBIIB Bfphora IrtiMaA At Tlffaay’ STUDIO CITY OatB 4:45 IN 7-177 BUM TnlUrr la LILIES OF -THE FIELH: HiRearA Stolw Han B PORTAL TR 7-2953-12:15 Nortlj Hollywood Boner ThriUfral ' THE IAHHTJEI PALACE TM Blo4 hdn GUILD MkUIk - - nStfflW" -"Inni La Douce’ 4 Bmwr-ChaMrle KING CF THE SOH: f Ebb TIn Mm ' LA REINA Sherman Oak ST MSI I 445 Horror Thrillmt THE MAONTEB ’i PALACE 4 TIN BM 5oo4n : Van Nuvb ST 5-2731 12:45 CAPRI: 1355 Van Nuyt ST 5-3512 445 Bid ory Foitlrr la LILIES IF THE FIELH: - A TkUltk Affair CONEJO VILLAGE THOUSAND BAKS n CONEJO Opan 4:45- U-700 I I- IHBL-EWQ8B I "1 ACADEMY Park— 4:45 ' ‘ PL 1-5151 - Waedorfol Wiril BT - Brat CrlatB 5:41 ParkTartaa Coot Ta ladfa 5 T A lost o t V f 4 a Horror ThrUlonl HE HAUHTEB mmrF? PALArE:- ' Ulad Ma Ndorr Poltlor la LILIES OF ‘ THE FIELH- -Ivqii Stelaa Ion a PL 9-59444:45 5lHWanclMatar i i sunn MDHm-raici l "1 4 I -Brnian-Cfcakirio ' f '-i KIH6I- OF i I -THE-IHH: v ? SptaaoFa Maoatala 4 - SMacr Pottlcr la C LILIES OF THEFIELC- SliTuij ftoko Horn f ‘OX -Ye nice vHEETrVEUEis 4 45— Park - ? - Baa WHk o ax 4-4213 i: -x-iayEjM - :i J ‘ k ’ J j I ML05 WHPB PtHHWM j PPk TH KILL A 4 MtCKIHSHIIBl -- Caartrtlp at S EMto'i FatMr ' i - 4 FeninwVa Canter FR 7-4771 4:45 K 4 ' I ’ - 'V- s A' k-

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