Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on October 21, 1968 · 9
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 9

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1968
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' i N— W i MUM i-v ) CIRCUS CIRCUS New Vegas Fun Palace A Smasheroo! In the best tradition of peat showmen like Mike Todd and Billy Rose and the legendary P T Bamunw a newcomer named Jay Samo Joined the highest echelon of hoopla royalty over the weekend when he figuratively — and almost literally — stood Las Vegas and all of show business on their respective ears by opening the doors of the Circus Circus an incredible $10 million palace of Am and frolic and legalized gambling- The huge andywtriped concrete lent big enough te cn tanpeaa a football field b wrapped around a two-tiered play area which caa only be described as a kaleUoecope of frenetic ton bdmBaf econo of Midway games el every descriptfao ranging from (hooting galleries to ptabell games and electronic racing along with half a docea restauranst hot dog peanuts ’ popcorn and toe cream emporiums all tuning to frame b a gigantic aval mezzanine a huge gaming rarine with bmdredi of blackjack and crap and nulette tables going at fuS pace while competing for attention with downs and elephants end draw acta and marching bands and overhead hlgh-wiro artists - It ban unbelievable sight like something out of a deliriously merry dream if defies description and our best advice to you is to see It for yourself In P T Barman's day this ' amazing project might wen have been described as one of the seven wonders of the world There b nothing like it fat all too entertainment world TVs 'fa Coney Island b ana exciting compact package this b all the midways of the world in one tufting bundle This is carnival time sard Mardl Gras fun and razz--mn-tazz ail wrapped up it b an the famed Las Vegas Strip directly opposite the Riviera Hotel and smack afangslda the Westward Ho Motel so that you can’t mbs it Mbs it? With lb pinketriped facade aad tremendous catered water fountains spurting four-stories Ugh and Us giant statuary yeuH find it Las Vegas’— and toe show woridHiewest landmark And wa tip out chapeau to Jay Sarno of Kansas CMy who wagered bis fortune and staked his reputation on making this dream come true! CLIFF ROBERTSON’S ‘CHARLY’ There are aoma motion pictures that an actor just has to do to keep him thinking tost maybe he chose the right profostion in his fife after ail “Every actor has to do some Junk in hb career” Cliff Robertson states “With very few exceptions I don't know of any major star today who hasn't done some picture at some time or another that he wishes they would put in s moon-bound capsuta and foget about” Although he thinks he has been fortunate to Ids two dozen motion picture rolee and 1SI video appearances CHS allows then was’ ooty one film he really wanted to do — or aba Thb fa “Charly” la which ha ceeton with Chin Bloom It opens ben October S at toe Beverly HQb Mode Hall Theatre “I won’t aay I would have given upmy wboieacting career if I didn’t do ‘Chariy ’ " Cliff states “But I do know tost it might have given me such an ‘Aw what toe hall attitude about the future that I might have decided to Just take future rales for the money and forget about fighting tost uphill battle for integrity” r : - One of CUfFs memorable: television’ performances was too afeahofie publicity man fa "Days af ltoto aad Raaei” wUchael tod Mm aa Emmy nemlnatkxL- ' He frankly admits ha wanted to star to toe Him venire but was msacmefid beranre Jack Lemmon purchased toe movie righto to Aa drama before him “I swore that would never happen to ma again” CUT recalls i i When Cliff won another Emmy nomination for starring in "The TWo Worlds of Charlie Gordon” (subsequently rewritten and toe tide changed to “Charly”) when It was a television special lie took no chancre Ho purchased the screen righto to itJ Ralph Nelson directed it for Seimur Productions in association with Robertson Associates s ‘ ' l- ' - f- V' f '' “Wine and Roses’ was a vital true story that was of soma value " CHff says “I hated to lose It ‘Charty's’b in the same vein to that it b a motion picture that makes yon think about understand and feel for your fellow man And I don’t call that c preaching: I call it survival’-’ The plot of ‘Charly’ deals with CHff as a harmless likeable jnoron who b brought up to a pitch af extremely high intelligence as toe result of medical experiments During Us 7 transformation ha falls in tovo with one af Us teachers Ubs Bloom and b soon in the genius category — much too smart for hb medical benefactors “However it b an experiment” Gift states “and it is not 100 per cent foolproof and ‘Charly’ regresses to hb old somewhat more happy state What b important about toe film is that it gives e person an insight into mental retardation It shows there b hope for those who might be mentally badnrard through no fault of their own It gives them n tomorrow that might yet come” r8UPEBBiM iuHCWMOAN i-aJEStVonal aee° RSSERVEBSEATS ROW AT BOXOFFKE ORIYKAHJ retoasaitorereremawnsta— ream UjjUl MM M SHK U ML C8UNBMA wmc at u m it mi MmtM MMMMHMWIffiHMH m mUJCNB MM Cl I FAllTflSTIC OD0HD"SfllE NOW T0M0HT T " BARBRA OMAR VL“- CM EMM— MVfMLMI m Entertainment SCREEN — STAGE — MUSIC Citizen-News 1 MGM FESTIVAL— Starting Oct 29 and playing Nov 5 12 and 19 Fox West Coast Theaters are presenting an MGM Festival of film hits from the past Included in the picture line-up is "Little Women” adaptation of Louisa May Alcott classic starring Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Lawford ' i ’ HANDSOME GAMBLER— Omar Sharif portrays Nick Amstein in Columbia’s acclaimed musical “Funny Girl” Barbra Streisand starrer on exclusive view at the Egyptian Theater Once Diving Champion Mala Powers currently before toe cameras Co-starring with new British star Carol White in Mark Robson’s “Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting” was the world’s youngest div I TONIGHT It UOPJIL MI0NIGHLSH0WSATfaU12-MIDNIGHTI “SUuiey Kubrick’s f2001i A Space Odysiey aeytfetaf I’ve ever seen!" t-CMUKMCMUMSC SUUMIMSOWN - MKaMUMMS KIBOCSUe maiMM-IUTtatZMMLIIM)' 'V J IATSUIL MATS U 111 IJSFJL- SAT tUI MBMUT A MtatMUMuuMRaHwriuauiRMiuuu U t ' hrlMMlMtoailCwM MatHSnwMptfUUM MOb-MSh MiM Pin V MSUbMWAfMHitea IBOXIOFFICENOWOPENI OftS SUIT IMS UITI Ml ML WORLD PREMIERE WED OCT 23 at 80 PM cat awasatMeuT arAim thumbat ocreenacATfcMVJL --i ' '-rs U M BM ' w- US sum 4N IB M IN SKtMuanntiMrisiMBiMaiiTMiHMrrsH ‘ 11 IRUIS AN N SU a WIWN cwrona HW Ct (17 INN SU A NS Mi NMHl ' -i cmammikanmimuaaHommusa OOMS tfOMM Monday October 21 18 areaaaBaBSggj Pretty Mala Power ing champion when she was only four years old Mala who has retained her interest in sports b now teaching her young son Tom to swim and ride horseback TOMORROW at &30PJL I -SON I N011I2 S80S TIMMS ViRAWA JL StNN IN ZN IN JllNM - : lj)N IN fN Siam IN IN IN MHltNM r-:ll IN v Kan new IN m - M 4( M " ) A-9 ‘DANSEURS’ BRING MYSTIC AFRICA MOOD Daaseors Afrieain du Mali seosational 50-meniber troupe win recreate the mysterious heritage of toe “Dark Continent" when they appear in UCLA'S Royce Hill at 8:30 pan Saturday Oct 28 under auspices of the Committee on Fine Arts Productions in cooperation with Mary Bran The company of dancers acrobats singers warriors drummers witch doctors and musicians b currently on its snt mmcoataeatu nor oc North America I DJULYAIU530‘&45U)Q'l&15ni U— whocaresabonta35yearoldniidden? Infill UMNCn (S i SftzilsJiQhdl: S 4 'J te V ’ s i ' ' w Vs £ Advertising Disturbs LONDON — “Perhaps you can help me” said John Heyman toe producer of ”Secret Ceremony” toe Elizabeth Taylor-Mia Farrew film for Universal “It’s the 1 advertising” said John who also produced toe film “Boom” which starred the Burtons “The studio to insisting on this slogan: Tt’s time to speak of unspoken things I think thb b suggestive red dirty Thb b not a dirty picture” ' “What else did you have in mind?” I asked This b what he had to mind: “Oh oeir what can toe matter be Father came home and tried to make love to me They say mother's dead they say R to frighten me Please won’t mother come home” “Thb “dear” little nursery rhyme has been turned down and with Robert Mitchum playing the father I think toe studio has a point Tm afraid I was not much help ' Chris Jones with a weekend off from “The Looting Glass War” was wondering whether to fly to Paris or New York he told me at Sheppertm Studios Chris b a tough boy to pin down for a chat end you literally have to catch Mm re the fly “The last time I saw ymiN “I said to Chris who made a big bit in ‘Wild in the Streets1 “was in Sure Strasberg'a dressing room at a studio in London” “Yeah" he replied “We went together for five years Universal Buys ‘ Putnam Winner “AO the Gods end Goddesses” a novel by Kay Martin which won toe 1963 Putnam Award has been purchased by Universal City Studios It has been announced by Jennings Lang senior vice-president Douglas Benton currently producing some episodes of Universal Television’s “Ironside” series will produce the drama which has a medical background Liam O'Brien has been signed to write toe screenplay nlfelTILWWUWprodutSoncf rachelnoM UMSXU-MKNM X i' sv end our marriage lasted six months” They have a baby ! “What happened?” I asked ‘ “I don’t know” he replied “but it happens as soon as they say those words” Don’t get Chris wrong Ha lays he still believes la mar-' riage “An eagle” said Mr Jones “only has me wife When that wife dies he does not merry again" Yon never know when you are going to pick n p fascinating vital faifonpation Jerry Epstein who co-produced The Countess from Hong Kong” with Chaplin was lunching at a comer table: He b presently finishing the final chons of Tbie Adding Machine” toe picture he made in toe spring with PbyQta DiOer He had a can from Phyllb to say “Ross Hunter aw toe uncut picture and says m great” Hie “wild woman” b convinced she will be nominated m ry NATIONAL GENERAL CORPORATION HI FOX WEST COAST THEATRES KM MFOMUnONCAILIWEArNEOR VS7-4W0 I I IS “troi rear I tXTiAl Cofar ixeiviivi § J M I i i i i i i NOWliH" OPEN DULY 1300 PM ‘ PKATURUAT yiiioaioai4SiM8iOiaoijui ( HURRY! LAST WEEKSiT TONIGHT ut 84K) PJL IaTIhnre vUe screen sad UlOeieepheak Malt WBMOQSRMn GONE sum uu imbi res n uku i CHS m UU M UV M FC IMS HUMS I HB MU PR NMlINMMMlINfN MINMNNI IWNNNMbNN IN Offal Dam Mk SM5 FNJ U 6:15 AU IOrlS Vju JN ak Mm MH5-4-15S15-SIS 10:15 CHINESE v HO Mill HUHNIywNS PAKRUOR HO Mill 141 1:11 IiN 4S (n Isas pm W— Cwmary THUNMHAUaM msm 124MMI OiMa ARWIto— MN h M OaUr ' T—r VOGUE MTS HNiywiaJ -H0S4UI IBIS (rwliw mi spur mair hius wisiwooe culvii cm JVISHIR! ® MNWtMrt iSS 0LMN1(:4S NT— Cmmy 1 THUNMRSAUmU WHfeUw FK un 5 OtHra:N A: II Lb Utlipm'1 § L®0 T TVO OF fiS S ISW W 7lc 111 111 - © UM0W4I ‘IS V-N is SlMrt Ib Mmb VILLAGE f- WEST S1PC STORY 8 SSnu:N 1 SKAliU 7 BRUIN Hanyl Lilt 2 Omni :4V L0Yl Of ITT IHf CULYB thundubauLu NWWNh----rJS HwtNilh VSM1MI4S Wllm '-'1 jwssrcHasiaAejUeuwooe I LOYOLA 1 -r NT— CouMry- i V ni THHNSUSAU (M NX SNuhndi j Mn Sn4 IVHWAfcU t WHhlw ' ' nubQffsgarj BN W MancA (rwiSariN nMin4:N ' WHhUva VI ttfis ’ : ' IIS N Marhtf OMua 5th AYL SMAMweh ISMMhfcN FOX J1i lim i rfM - THS SfUT ' Taa WhM HfOat " ssitSrtr 0 Jjpuf: SAHTA MONICA 9 WHICS WT Cowry- THHNMIIALL 4 -i FrMitMia 1 S’ 4 iqism- a luwhftis VLSHIRE IlKWIWriri UMdACN ALICE R TOXLAS ' WAIT UHTIl Fn-Yenln M Lincoln AFFAIR W HnUon CXANIANU MhUlito Heyman for in Osctr toe the rob which b nothing like anything you bare seen from Mbs Diiler to date Jerrya next picture — "Tha Survivw" — will have to have a change of title It’s too much like the Lana TurnerGeorge (Tamilian TV series r ‘Ths Survivon" ' ' Talk about perfectionism On the night of fee Royal premiere for “Oliver” Reo Moody who plays Fikgin so beautifully was stiU worrying about how hb hair looked ta ’ the film : ' “It still isn’t right I” he told t John Bug who designed toe 1 excellent nets - - : “Look” said Mr-Box “Prin cess Margaret b here we can’t do anything about your hair” Mr Box with some Oscars under hb belt ("Doctor Zhivago" “The ha of the Sixth Happiness”) has toned producer beginning with “The Looting Glass War” tor Mike Franksvich and Columbia jud truly fasoutingl” -la tma iMREBODSESf Spndfltf “SHARK HUNT" 1 Cvszsc aasoumnuHL MB Milt WITH THE WIND1 ummi VMENliKU usu&vamm Kumim M MBIMOObOR An MOM M VNMUi limA KtoMfeofM I LAST 2 DAYS! CAITIAY CBflf SIMS Vlconln t WEM1U fiONEVITR TlfMl! TnnHn nt I fM I omul— MoHhoo naoso Corfu Nil Wllthlrn - - iMMiy - j wBj-iiu fcsf ' nlr a HEY FARFAX miStSalTm nwsNNiySL SSSTuS fMIlACSS- HOW SWOT IT U -SWSMFInNrw DtyWHMfeN CLMSSAfcN UfiM I SAW FRRNANBO VAAUV LA REIN A: lsmvanturn STM14S AS-Mi MBMreiairaM THS OBOCOUFUl - Lmc attar - ffcnl FK4fridgeAuaLT0EUS NINRMtdn -UFMANSI WAIT HNTH FALLBROOX Ctnsnn Pnrh - Framtarin NMZIAAtN sWIHlUw - Studio City AUCERTOILAS 'IflNVWitarnif SOON - uuumrseui a PORTAL MFLanfc-IMRi ! — ! y 7MS1 fc - ' WHhUvn mo ELVIRA MADKAN LacMtar -- -VSWIMMia SMI Lank-Win no M271 :SS FOX Jhalmwi ' Enrait lerenlen T tm snir MW Vm Nuvt 7IMtA:SJ CAPIU - wnvm Now 7IM15S 4S CNwr4i ' SHAUKO AAA Tfewa— WVvWMWIi R CrMwAMr ACADEMY NNICNs 7H9mSM ' STATE me cnto SYWUfcA: UT Cnw -' numsmAUMU Int WIN UN ' tiVKA MADRAN UficMtariv i - )K WfENmiyRlMl now swin vbi WO Fair Oifct Dm WRh 4 77MSS7:St : MIwnS ALICE I TOLAS' wait nn - ' SAM RIALTO : iun iwr CMf-13UH:N GENDALE thmmaunr IBLIrnR - Ft— R— In CHHSUM WHS UN PALOS VUDIS FININSMA I m SEE A MOVIE TODAY r- FOX EYIRA MASIGAR : mSIIVlMr FRMTTAFmR i V I it' h "i 4- 1 ' f 1 ' 1 I ! i ' 1 V-:- V “ i 1 1 1 y i' v r‘' 1 1 - ' “ Vyr- ' ’ ' i ’1 ' " 1 (: ! w -I 1 1 ''V f v : ’'W

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