Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 27, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, « -++++W++++-+4 On The Air Today •lino p. in. WOT.—RimilillnK with Gambling- \VAUC-yervicc Time WATR-W.IX,• lP.Un.-l nml All-tort \V1CAK-WT.IC—Buclt.itntfi! Wife •1:1," p. in, \VKAF-VVTrC- Stellu Dallas WATU-VV.IZ- -Time Out foi 1 \V'OU—Sunny ykylnr' WASC—Sci'vioo Time; Ncsra ' •1:80 |>. ni. WADC—Off the- Uot-ii-il \VATU- \\*J5'—rsVws WOK—-.t''cuif!-Hoiui; Forum WEAF—- I-oren'/o Jones r.'l'i p. in. Win A K-WTtC—\Vidclor Brown • WACC—Ruymoiul Scott Show WATK-\\M5i—Hop il;u-rtf,"in i".:lifi IL i". \VABC--l''un "'itii .Dunn \VJZ-\VATIt--Ti-i-ry ;nul Pirato.i WEAF-\VTCC - \V! a Girl .Marries \VOn---Uncle Don 5:1,". |j. in. \VOrt--Cliiok Cartel' \VATT4-- Melody Hevue WJtf-V.'ATR- Dick Tmcy \VIiAF-U"nC--\Ve Love nnd Learn ">:HI> |i. iii. \VAP.C--Terry Allen. 'Three i-isilorsi Won—Tom Mix Show WATR-WJH—Tuck Ar.-nstroriR Civilians have problems in logistics, too! Thaf millfary science of goUing th( molt men and materials fho groat- c»t distance in the shortest timo ha'. a counterpart in your life when you select a New York hotel. When you stop at Tho Commodore you find most of the points you wont to visit, whether on business or pleasure bont, right around the corner. You do more things and go more places in loss timo with a pleasant margin of leisure loft over. You will find your stay in New York twice a» enjoyable whon you stop at Tho Commodore, with Its spacious rooms, friendly sorvico, ifi four restaurant! icrving tho finest foods, Plies* make advcnco rcservaiions early ond cancel unwanted rooms promptly. 2,000 |OI 9«. tom/orlaali, ouMIJci (00,111, all uilh privet* bath m THI lommoDORG "N*w York's But looted Hotel" MATIM IV/EENY. random NCI AlftlJjNf; 'tlffM/NAIt STOKt; CI.OSKD AM. HAY \VKI)N1!!SI»AY DUK TO IIOLJOAY D. LIEBERMAN Robert Armbruster's Orchestra Smart DRESSES Wools - Crepes \VTIC-VVEAF— Just Plain Bill 5.-J/5 {i. in, \VO.R—Superman VV.I/2—Son. Hound W AI.:C—Wilderness Rwnl U'ISAF—Front PJIRO Fm-rell VVATR— Melody ncvuti li:IHI p. in. WOK—Headlines: Prayer Othor Stations—News (IMS p. 111. WABC—Murray Orch. nnd Choru WATR—Music for Dining VVEA1' 1 —Serenade to America WJZ —Ethel ami Albert «:«0 p. III. \VEAF—Serenade: Bill Stern V\'/\P.C—Jeri Sullnvan WAT.Il—News: Sonya (!:•!,') p. in. WOR—Stun Loniiix \VAEC—World Today U'ATR—Pleasure ana Profit VV1JAF-WT.IC—Lou-ell Tiioniua WJZ—News 7:01) p. III. VVABC—I T,ove n. Mystery U'EAF-\VTIC—Music Shop U'ATK—.Democratic Convention •A'OK—News NV-iK—Democratic Program 7:,'il) p. in. WOR—Can You Top This? V.'ABC—• Easy Accsi U'TIC—Gluu CUib »VJZ—Lone Kanpor \V13AF—Roth Orch.i Chorus .V'ATR—Political Talk 7:45 p. in. iVTfC—News V/A'i'R—Phono Your' Answer 8:IH> p, in. vVATR-UVZ—Watch Work! Co By \VOR-Nuw« U'liAK-WTIC—Mr. nnd Mrs. North VVABC—Allan Jones Show «:15 p. in: .VOR—Republican Committee U'JZ-WATR— Lum 'n' Aimer X:,SO p. in. \VATR-My Best Girls \\'OR—Stop Thnt Villain '.VTLC-WEAK—To be announced »VABC—Dr. Christian !l:00 p. in. \VABC-Frank Sinatra Show '.VEAK-tt'TCC—Eddlo Cantor Show WOR—Gabriel Hcattor \VATR-\\M2 —DunniiiKer Show 9:15 p. in. \VOR-Scrccn Test y:Ul) p. in. \VEAF--Mr. District Attorney \VAF.C~Jfick Carson Show U'ATR-WJ2—Spotligrht Band iVOR—First NiKlucr 10;(!ll p. ni. WEAF-W'flC—K.-y Kysor Show vVABC--Croat. Moments in Music iVOR—Kiisoball ProKMim in::',!! p. m. VVJZ-WATI1—Scriimby Amby V/OR—-Symphonuttc A'ABC—.Nel.sun Eddy Show 10:•!.") p. in. WATR—Car! Ravaxzn. Orch. itiwi p. m. ALL Stations—News n.-ifl j». in. <VJ7. —Plso Sinprors; Portraits- U'ABC—J-Jan Brooks, Sonps WATK—News ' ll:.'m p. m. V.'ABC—Invitation 10 Music U'KAK-WTIC—Arthur Hopkins VVJZ-\VATR—Les }?.rown Orel;.; News U'OR—Abe L.yman Orch. 3J:!)0 Midnight IVmAF-WTIC—Hopkins: Desicrn WABC—News: Chicapo Program Progress In NaugyMaBey Dusty League Trout Wins 27th For Tigers, Jakucki Shuts Yanks Take Chisox But Remain Three Games Behind With Five Left To Play TONIGHT NELSON EDDY One more thrill-filled day has slipped by as the American league pennant race runs out. Anil-the St. Louis Browns and Detroit Tigers still stand In a flat tie for the lend. The Timers defeated the Philadelphia. Athletics, C to 0, yesterday afternoon at Detroit. Dizzy Trout shut out the A's with six hits for his 27tli victory of the season, putting- the Bengals half u gam ahead or the Browns, That threw the pressure and th spotlifrht on St. Louis where th Browns entertained the Bosto; d Sox in a night ^amc. Th Brownies didn't wilt. Sip Jakuck came through with u five-hit shut out, and the Browns won a toug-l •nme, 1 to 0. The veteran Mike Ryba of th Red Sox gave the Browns onl four hits and battled Jakucki ai the way. But- Luke Scwell's crev icorcd once in the first when Che came all the wny fi-om sec ond on Milt Byrnes' infield sin ;!e. And that was the ball jrame. At Chicago the New York Yan ;cesi came from behind to bias he ball all over the park in tin 'il'th and sixth innings, and de eat the White Sox, 9 to 5. The Yanks scored four times ' in the ifth, three in the sixth, and add- d two more for-luck in tho ninth t'hat leaves them throe games bound the leaders with five games eft for all three clubs ir. the tense 'attic for the flag. At Cleveland the Washington Senators b:-jke a six game losing trcak and downed the Cleveland ndians, S to 3, In the National league at Brooki-n the St. Louis Cardinals won heir fifth straight by staggering o an S to 7 decision over the Dodg- rs. At Boston the Pittsburgh Pi- ;itcs scored six times in the first and beat the Braves, G to . In a twin bill at New York the Cincinnati P. e d s defeated the Hants twice, S to 5 and 6 to -1. nd in another doub!chc;ider nt Philadelphia the Phillies split with Lho Cubs. Chicago the opener, 10 to 0, and the Phils came back to win the second game, ]0 to 1. Here On Furlough "WATERLOO BRIDGE" IS LEAD FILM NOW AT THE LOEW THEATER Wltfl William Schpero IMII I'll! IICII — I riik-ht i'i 10:30 P. M. Station WBRY The Connecticut Light & Power Company Shrimps — Salmon Steamer Clams Mackerel — Etc. We are the only fish store in this vicinity where Fresh Filets are made each day. This insures that the delicacy and flavor of the filets arc preserved so that this type of food may be thcroog-hly enjoyed in air its freshness. Stop here for your next filet. Valley Fish Market 6 SOUTH MAIN STREET Vivien Lciffh and Robert Taylor certainly are one or the outstanding i-jmnntic teams in film annals judffinjr from the enthusiastic audiences reception accorded M-G-M's "Waterloo Bridge" which still has three days left to be shown at Locw Poli 1 theater. The 1 brilliant drama from the pen of the Pulitzer - Prize winning playwritcr, Robert E. Sherwood', is back 01 the screen as the most tender a»< heart tugging- love story since "Sev enth Heaven," with added intcres in its timely and vividly picturec background of London of the war years 1917—and 19-10. Miss Leigh proved her ability as an actrcst, with her Academy Award perform ;mcc of Scarlett O'Hara in' "Cone With the Wind," but reveals further versatility in a role as clif I'crent from Scarlett as. day fron r.ight. Her portrayal .of a petite baliet dancer who finds suddci romance nnd happiness in a whirlwind love affair with a young- fleer whom she meets during an air raid on -historic Waterloo Bridge is played with force and yet with a becoming restraint and cjulet charm. Taylor shares lion- et's with Miss Leigh in the finest dramatic role he has had in. many a moon. He is first seen as a 4S- year-old Colonel in London of 19-10 and then as a young Captain of 1917 when he meets the -jnly g-jrl in his life. Corporal Technician Dick FlNtu- rclli, of Arch Ntrnet, well-known local athlete, now in tin. 1 borough on furlough luitti'd .418 for the 2Kith Eng. Hn. Imwlmll team III Ciiinp J(>ffi>, Ark., tho pant, xum- rncr. Tin- 210tl>', on which team he' moved from Ills regular Npot h'ehind tlic plate to (X'iit«r field, won tho camp cli:iinplonshlp. Tlio titlb was won only nfter a 2-T, IS-iniilnc hull piinio with tin; 18th Infantry t<>am. Corp. Pl-iUirrlli is now waiting for the IWMkcfc- bnll Ai'ii.son to .start. Tin- locnl soldier wns a threo li;(ti.-i niiin whilu In N;iiigatnck high school, jind continued his athletics with In- drpenclent tennis after (fradiuit- iiiN;. H« IM an.Instructor at Camp Jarfe. DEPENDABLE PESfKV - - By Jack Sords Eight Teams Show Interest; • ^^ _' More Expected By Oct. 2 Mich. Was Held Tofr-SScoreBy Fighting Marquette PINK-/ HlSGlNlS By nElOfAKJV JJRKNXICB CiilU-d JT«.s.s Sport* Stuff Michifian'.-, M to 0 victory over Marquette Sa.lurd.iy was tlic second 'jjanie the Wolverines have played with the yridclers from Milwaukee. It took the Wolverines a lonf? time to win that second gams of that soi-ies. They had to wait 35 years—from 1903 to 13-1-1—to Ret it in. And this 19-M contest was easier than the 3SO& version. Old timers at Marquctte still remember that game — they'll get that faraway gleam in their eyes and tcli you how Marquette earned a place on the bJtf-linae football map that day. it seems like yesterday when Topics to be discussed will be Formal Organization Take Place At A Of Clubs At "Y 1 • Harry J. InRram, actin ngcr of the Naujjatuck Dust y Basketball league, nounccd today that the , formed Icajruo is well en towards orsanix.-s.tion. The folio wine teams have pl.-Jycd keen intercut fn thlsTi \Vaterbujy Too!, Jack Suffa, __ aijnr; 'Chance Voujjni, Bridgepor Walter UtkC, nianajjor; New - parture, Bristol, Honry Brophy; Brass, An^or.ia. ~ Fields; American Brass, \ bu-ry, John O'Connor; Unitti State." Kubber, Naugatuck. jn^rnm;. I^ew Departure, M> Ray Reynolds: and Am Brass, Torrington, Gene These le.ims w-iJI send r< tativns to a. meeting- to be h at the Naugatuck Y. M. C. A. V day, October 2, 194-i, at 7:30 p. Petro's 373 Leads Commercial Loop Phillies Plan For Next Year's Team The Commercial lea^-uc at An- ncnbci-fr's nlleys Monday nipht saw '-Up lake Andy's 3-0, the Falcons rim the Naug-atticlc Fuel by the iame score, and Prank's and Bron;on's take tsvo out of three from ho Icemen and Dutch Front. Ficeto oC U;o Dutch Front team ook hiirli sinfrle with 115, but Pero's. 373 WOH best for the 1 three tames. Pctro i» with tho Naugu- uck Fuel. The scores: Ice- Men CD. V. Passeck . Cl.'vsscy . . -T. Schildpcn X. Schultz . , C. Underbill 01— 307 SS— 297 90— 1S7 GREAT DRAMA OF THE WAR NOW'AT STRAND THEATER The screen's first great drama of our carrier force in action, "Winj: und ;i Prayer—the story of Carrier X," is the the current attraction at the Strand theater. Featured in the rousing- sipa of the Is'avy aircraft carrier and it's crew who name in on the wind's of victory and the prayers of the nation, fire Don Amcche, Dana Andrews and William Eythe with an outstanding- supporting cast. The Him tolls the story of an unidentified aircraft carrier which, in the early days of shock and confusion following Pearl Harbor, has sent sailing into the Jap-infested Pacific ;xnd marked as expendable, Sailing under orders to avoid com- 'bat—to run away and not fight back—tlic bewildered and frustrated crew of Navy fliers are forced to take everything that the Japs can throw at them without retaliating. With the strategic traps for the Nips set, and the orders not to engage in combat rescinded, the day of revenge for Carrier "X" comes. How thut revenge comes at the Battle of Midway makes one of the most thrilling- climaxes ever to blaze across the screen. Also included in the cast of "Wing and a Prayer" is Charles Bickford and Sir Henry Hard- ivieke; J-.-i.urcl and Hardy are cast as a pair of supcr-liiper sleuths In "The Big Noise," the companion feature on the present Strand bill. Regan Total Kloc V, Warren V. Kielb . C. Johnson S. Kloc . . . C. Jojuck . Total .... U3 103 J09 . S7 119 102 — 22J 300 :08 107— 315 P9 _ gg 123 97— 225 53S 5-10 -173—1501 Frank's (2). :2S 101 110— 32S . . 309 90 — 199 ... S8 93— 1ST . . 39-107 S3— 2S9 .137 11-1 100— 351 112 IS'I— 24G 051 024 536—1611 7-UpN £. Slomccnski , .. G. Rusnak B; Knrabnn- J. K.-irnbnn .... H. Arc Avu CD. SG 103 100— 295 OS 95— 193 108- 120— 228 H 125 S9— 32S 01 97 10-1— 29? 85 S3 Philadelphia, Sept. 27—(U P)— ThePhiladelphia Phillies are starting to 'rebuild their ball club for next vein-. General Manger Herb Pennock h/is brought right handed pitcher Lou Lucior from S.'tn Diego of the Pacillc Coast league on the recommendation of scout Ted McGrcw. The Phillies also arc iooking for two inllelders and an outfielder for next season. •Ponnock says he may be cibic to do business for one of the leading hitters in tho Southern association. AMKIUCAX Ycsterday'H Result* Detroit G. Philadelphia 0. Washington S, Cleveland St. .Louis 1, Boston 0. Now York 9, Chicago 5. Tho Standing Total D. Be hi man Dunn McCn.ii n Janik Average . . , . Ave. 16J 531 51.1—1336 Andy's (II) 78 92— 170 . 93 94 10.1— 2SS . 00' 83 95— 2GS 10-1 102 93— 299 , S3 S3 S3— 255 . 35' Detroit St. Louis .. . New York Boston Cleveland . . Chicago Philadelphia Washington W. L. Pet, S5 6-1 .570 85 6-1 S2 67 7-1 75 71 7S es so .-ifis .-156 .•116 .070 -.500 .•197 .-177 . . 6S SI .. 62 S7 T>nt<:li Kraykowski Smigelski . ... Vaiskauskas . . Ficeto Venslow . . 057 -M2 -JUG—1270 Front (1), . . llfi 313 OS— 327 . '. 119 103 S3— 30 . . J 0-1 83 82— 269 ...93 1-15' 97—.3 .. 103 95 11.0— SOS Tola! Bachinski C. Vercerski J. Hawkins . J. Trzaski . . H. Simpson . . . .. 037 539 -172—15-13 IJroil.soiiH (2). . . . 120 117 107— 3-1-1 93 102 93— 2SS .. . 10.1 102 11G— 322 .-. 106 115 9fi— 317 . . 131 93 102— 331 Total ~,5-l 534 51-1—1002 3i-.iy.ycki L»y?kicwicz J. Woods W. Galgot Scrella V. Swecrs Falcons (3). ..' 127 121) 1.23— 370 97 133 110— 310 139 104 117— 3GO 93 119— 21-t 117 130 105— 357 101- • — 101 Today's Guinea, TMtcliors Boston at St. Louis—O'Neill (C- 11) vs. Galchouse (8-0). Philadelphia o.t Detroit— Newsom- (13-1.1) vs. Nowhouser (27-9). New York at Chicago — Borowy (17-11) vs. Dietrich (16-16). Washington at Cleveland — Cir- r.isquel (8-G) or Candini (G-7) vs. Henry (0-0). flaag, Andersson To Visit States Soon Stockholm, Sept. 27—(UP)—Gundor Hagjr and Arnc Andersson— Swedish track stars—will nrrive in the United States sometime in October to compete during a. war bond tour of the United States. The two nc.e distance men will fly to the United States at thft in- vii-tion oT the Treasuj-j- department. They will be accompanied by Swedish hurdler, Hnakan Lidman. Thn races will be run in major cities throughout.tho United States and will boffin shortly after the track stars arrive. Despite Haggrs admitted aver sion to runnincr on boards, most of the races will be held indoors against American runners. .Last year Hagf^r made a tour n! the United States during the summer. He competed from coast .t.o r.nost nqrainst such stars as Bill Hulse and Gil Dodds, 7i. \\-ns in a race won by fust outside Cleveland that Hulse run the fastest competitive mile ever slopped by an American as he c.ame in second at lour minutes ;ind six seconds. Hulsf now is an cnsiffn and Dodds is busy with his studies for thr ministry. But one or both of :horn mav ru-n against H"agg and Andersson. NATIONAL LEAGUE Total C75 5'93 574—17>12 >Tail*r. Fn<;l (0). Warinelli 97105 09—301. Houlc 13-1 115. 97— 3,16 Gorman 85 . — gr, Jones S!5 105 104— 297 Presto 105' 132 133— 373 Franks 90 115— 21-1 Total Electrical Supplies Lighting- Equipment BOMB 'EM WITH BOMB* Victor — Columbia — Doccu 1 Records SWAN ELECTRIC CO. IS CHURCH ST. TEL. 2574 St. .Louis S. Brooklyn 7. Pittsburgh C, Boston 2. Cincinnati 3. New York 5 (1st). Cincinnati G. New York ,1 (2d). Chicag-o 15, Philadnlphia 0 Cst). Philadelphia 10, Chicago 1 (2d). Tho Standing' W. L. Pet. St. Louis 103-16 .fi91 Pittsburg-h SO 60' .,'!')7 Cincinnati 8663 .377 Chicago : 72 76 A$G New York ' 6.7 M .-136 Boston '.' Gl SS .-109 Brooklyn ' 60 S9 .-103 Philadelphia 59 S9 ,399 Today's G nines, ?ll client St. Louis at Brooklyn^—Bycrly (21) vs. King- (0-1). Cincinnati at New York—Walters (22-2). vs. Voisellc (21-15). Chicaso at Philadelphia—Erickson (5-9) vs. Lee (10-10). ; . Pittsburgh at Boston — Strinccr vich (14-6) or Roc (13-11) vs Javory (8-19). Boston Yanks Trounced By Eagles Boston, Sept. 27—(UP)—The Bos- ion Yanks' bowed into l,he Nn- tionnl J^rofcssiona] Footh.ill league. But the Philadelphia li.iples spoiled things for the Yaiiks by defeating them, 2S to ~\ at Fen wny Park. The Eap-Ies scored once ir, every quarter, while the Yanks frot their '.-juchdown in the lasi. period. Orioles, Newark To Play In I. L Finals B.'U timo re. Sept. 27—(UP)—The Baltimore Orioles came from behind to defeat the Buffulo Bisons, 0 to •!, in the seventh and dccid iny frame of tllcir Intcrnatior.a Ic.-Xffuc scmi-finnl plnvoff scries The Orioles'will meet-the Newarl Bcurs jn"'thc Jirials. Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 108 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4000 New Zealand leads Ihc world in per cnpita consumption of buttei with -10 pounds, Australia is second with 34 pounds, the United States sixth .-with IS pounds, anc Italy (;» 19-10) 31th with three pounds. ALCAZAR TODAY - THURSDAY BUY WAB BONDS AND STAMPS Hepburn In you hear about it. Thirty-five autumns roll away, and you're in Milwaukee on October 23rd, 1909. Fielding Yost has brought his powerful Michigan squad down to take an easy one from the Marquette b!ue o.nd gold. Bui Coach Juncau lia-s produced a surprise for Michigan—a squad with speed, power, and u. variety of plays that Michigan ha- never seen before. Fielding Yost's boys didn't have to wail long- i'or their first break. Just a few plays after the kick- on' .1 Marquottc punt fizzled because of a bad pass from center, .ind it was Michigan's ball on the Slue and Gold 35-yayd line. And then Juneau's men stood up ard showed Michigan that it was to be a fight—not a pushover. Mar- quctte dug in there on the 35, and Michigan couldn't gain. The Wolverine punter—Allcrdice—boot- ed past the goal line and Mar- qucttc took over on the 25. Once more a break carnc. Mar- quetie fumbled or. the 30, and Michigan had another chance to crack through — but there was no getting through that Marquette line. Allerdicc punted again. This time the Marquettc safety man developed bu;.tor-finge;'S •—- a.nd it cost. plenty—Michigan recovered on the Marquettc ten. A blast .11 the line moved the' tiall' .down to the nve. The grim desperate Blue and Gold boys put their backs to the vail then—and they held on their own one. It was like the ebb and flow of a powerful tide. Michigan swept in again. Allcrdice made his pur.ts an offensive weapon—a s37arp, stab- | bing weapon. After 15 minutes had gone by another Marqucttc fumble gave Michigan the ball within striking distance. And this time fullback Lowton bulled his way over from the one. Touchdowns counted for five points then. Allcrdice dropped back —he kicked the goal. It was Michigan S. Marquoue 0. Then the tide roiled on. Michigan kept attacking—kept moving in. Eut quarterback Schalie:- took one of Allerdice's kicks on his own 20. and Marqucllc opened up a smashing offensive. Hanley rammed through center for three. Munsell scooted around right end for live. Hanley faked a pass and slipped away for 20 yards to the Michigan -10. The drive slowed down and Michigan took over—but then Marquetlc's break came. The.groat Allcrdice went back to kick—and for cncc he didn't boom it away or get off one of those short tricky kicks for his own ends to recover. Allcrdice fumbled. And they chased him back towards the goal line as he juggled the ball. It was Marquctte's ball on the Michigan one-yard line. They called fullback Schroedefs lumber. And he blasted his way over the right sido of the Michigan lir.e. The Mnrquettc fans rose nnd •onrod. l-i.-Us and banners filled the xir and the band blared away. Munscll went into formation to The straining crowd watched —but it.was no good. Michigan still cd, G to 5. \.nd it ended that way. All through the second half it Marqnette drivin. Jbility rules, playing election of officers, pri2cs, Teams in this ]oc-ility in joining the Je.ngue should sure to h.ivc a representative this meeting. Tho league promises to be successful one because of the opportunity it will give to the p«j. pie of this vicinity to sec Conncej. cut's finest ba^jiicthall players iz action. A league of this type ha been needed for years. It -will promote bitter employe relaxioni among the companies partidpi;. ing. And lastly, it will offer tit spectators a chance to see soc* real playing under clot competition. holding. Allerdice would kick out, nnd Marquette would come ji .igain. But they nover reached tint last line. Michigan \vor. that Sttt game, bXit Marquetre's'pcrrforniaMt made her ,1 gridiron power. STRAND NOW! — 2ND WEEK! 2XD IHT: LACREL AVD HARDT iw -THE BIG NOISE" Tbe widcft choice of p«ot coloc* . •vet offered — »1I ready to uMt no intcrciix'ing. Murphy Paints Ever/ shod* In •very CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET i TEL. 3507 I era L Ind I or T hut Michigan LQEW'S POLI THEY'RE TOGETHER AGAIN! (o M-G-M's EVER-TIMCir EVER-RAPTUROUS ROMANCE \ VIVIEN L_i__«_3. ROBERT LEIGH -TAYLOR WATERLOO BRIDGE IL B E Jif R ° V P ' 0(1urtl °" with LUCILE WAI SON WClMmiJNjpa -GUSMNSKW • C AOBRfv SMIfK TERROR LURKS Strong FRIDAY SENSA1TOVS OF 19« iU§.EALiG.QN «J MEXICO pi-c liev Nor abo V to , or thoi son: V. "o K«ol that Po»i II th« M f ton °ut, in , « tit

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