Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 16, 1973 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1973
Page 24
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HMNOtt DRAKE Look III the JWCtion in which your birthday cornea and find what your outlook is, according to the stirs. FOR THURSDAY, MAY 17, 1171 March ftl to April 21 (Aries) —Qet busy and buckle down where the odds are against you and problems loom. With your innate good judgment and resourcefulness, yon can cope with all situations. April SI to May tl (Taurus) —For things to which you are naturally adapted, day has numerous advantages. In certain other matters, there will be obstacles, delays: Don't fret. Things will right themselves soon. May U to Jane 21 (Gemini) —A good day for looking into unusual enterprises—but with i watchful eye, of course. Especially favored: writings, travel, outdoor interests. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) —Aspects fairly bright, but there may be hidden snags, conditions with which to reckon carefully. No jumping to conclusions! Hear others out fully. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) — A time for review—to find missing links, details hidden to the casual eye, to change activities that have gone off course. Bet ter be sure than sorry later. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo) If unexpected situations arise there's no need to panic. After proper thought, you can find intelligent, logical solutions. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra)— Be your inherently discriminating self now. It will be important to distinguish carefully between facts and theories; also between facts and rumors. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio) —Day starts out brightly, and you can keep it that way, if you will. Just be careful not to let irresponsible persons lead you into unproductive activities. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittari us)—You could be tempted to turn from a profitable to an obstacle-ridden course. Avoid, by considering the whole picture — especially where the future is concerned. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) —Talk controversial issues over in a business-like, objective fashion, not permitting personalities to enter the fray. Pay no attention to those who have proved unreliable in the past. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) —Calmness and deliberation will keep you from making foolish moves, making unwise decisions. Varied opinions on the same subject indicate a need for more study, investigation of facts. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) —Don 't neglect responsibilities in favor of pastimes. Your inr nate good judgment should make this admonition almost unnecessary, but there are ten dencies toward recklessness now. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a brilliant intellect, great poise and dignity and tremendous inner strength. You love harmony and are unhappy if your surroundings are not in keeping with your innate sense of order. Legal Question Q. I am having a hard time finding a job and I believe that some of my former employers have "blacklisted" me. Is there any law that prevents an employer from giving out adverse information about a former em- plpye? A. No. An applicant's qualifications for a job are a legitimate subject of inquiry by a prospective employer and no law prevents a former employer from providing requested information concerning the applicant's skills, work habits, attitudes and other matters relating to his performance or reliability as an employe. However, a person might have ground for legal action if he could show that an assessment of his qualifications was maliciously motivated to deprive him of a livelihood or that the information was false or discriminated against him because of race, color, creed, or national ancestry. —Illinois State Bar Assn. 'Lesse and Worse' Captain John Smith wrote that Virginia Indians grew a "fruit like unjo a Muske MiUon, but lesse and worse." The intrepid leader apparently made the mistake of sampling a raw pumpkin- American colonists soon found that cooked pumpkin was a tasty, nourishing food. J Now You Know . . . By United Press International Scotland Yard answered 131,000 burglar alarms in 1971— 99 per cent of them false. COPYRIGHT 1 1973 By Etp> Stores. All Mania FUstrvfd. The Trite Discount Supermarket Shopper Tests ^^^H^. - wBBaaae/, ^BaaV ^^'^^H^ ove Saving Eagle Eagle constantly conducts competitive shopping surveys to substantiate their claim that Eagle shoppers can lower the costs of their supermarket needs. In test after test, shoppers havs proved savings at Eagle. Homemakers in independent and separate shopping tests have found that Eagle's Everyday Low Discount Prices give them significant savings on their regular supermarket needs. In each test, the shopper purchased items of her own choice at Eagle, ane! comparable items at another supermarket of her own choosing. 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St.1» UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED ANY SIZE PACKAGE APPROXIMATE FAT CONTENT 25* Fresh Ground Beef 88' Compete OuaMly en* Price* UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED - TAILLESS Beef Loin T-Bone Steak *1 5 . 9 Our Celling Price LB. UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMEO Beef Cube Steak 49 LB. Our Celling Price LB. n LADY LEE. HICKORY SMOKED All Meat Wieners Compere Quality enel Prices UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED Beef Sirloin Steak Our Celling Price LB. $1.59 UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED - LARGE END Beef Rib Roast $117 I L9. Our Celling Price LB. 11.» OSCAR MAYER Sliced Bologna 89 ^°g' Our CeHlrn Price 11-01. PKQ. lie UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED Beef Rib Steak $ 1 3 . 7 Our Ceiling Price LB. H.41 UNCONDITIONALLY BONOED VALU-TRIMMEO Beef Blade Chuck Roast ic Our Celling Price LB. 79c HYGRADE WEST VIRGINIA V.I.P. Boneless Smoked Ham 69 LB. 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I J LIPTONS Instant Tea ALL GRINDS Folgers Coffee REGULAR OR ELECTRA PERK COFFEE Maxwell House INSTANT COFFEE Maxwell House FREEZE DRIED INSTANT Brim Coffee r 3-02, jar 3-lb. can 72« $2** •i.7»2" SUNSHINE J Hydrox Cookies 20-oi. pkg- 60 Key] Buy WU SWNtS mtU MHIIII I » •« •••nil parckiu •r k| i alri. Ua |Hi7 iriailiital illmpci. I DUBUOUE-BULK STYLE- SMOKE Polish Sausage I HORMEL-rBLACK LABEL-WAFER Sliced Bacon LB. 12-01, pkg. Mb. pka. LADY LEE - SWEET SMOKEO si is Sliced Bacon OSCAR MAYER-REGULAR OR THICK ...u Sliced Bacon ^ »1 M , DUBUQUE —ROYAL BUFFET Sliced Bacon OSCAR MAYER - BULK STYLE A Pure Pork Links 1-lb. P"9. OSCAR MAYER Sliced Bologna US DEGRADE A-WHOLE-FRESH . Frying Chickens LB. 45 e Q 7 C ancva mmnvn P»B ^p U re PO« Links isM" LADY LEE-» VARIETIES ,.| b> epiCKLES PIMENTO OR OLD FASHIONED 59 « Sliced Cold Cuts P»>. $ 1 *'Joscar Mayer Loaf 89* w*» i iwrnwniTinidALLY BONDED- ^ M UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED - VALU-TRIMMED- BONELESS Beef Stew OSCAR MAYER - ALL BEEF OR LB. *1 °» All Meat Wieners l>l 99* 10c OFF Crest Toothpaste w\ FOR YOUR CAT Kitty Salmon 6-oz. can 15 Detergent 44 -oz. pkg. 86 GIANT SI2E Tide Detergent 49-oz. pkg. 81 FAMILY SIZE Tide Detergent [LOWPHICS 10-lb. 11-oz. pkg. $ 2 86 Price* Arc Discounted Eicept On Fair-Traded And Government Controlled Hems STORE HOURS: Mon. - Fri. 9 A.M.-9 P.M./ Sat. 9 A.M.- 9 P.M. Sun. 10 A.M.-5 P.M. eagle DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS We Discount Everything ejs&* Quality, courtesy. And Service! HENDERSON & FREMONT Allereet Tablets $-|08 btl of 24 c 16c OFF Scope Mouthwash U-oz. till. Prell Shampoo s <.,.$iaa tub* I 5 Secret Anti-Perspirant '."83 D C Tannin« Lotion 4 iS; $ 2 0i •Johnson & Johnson Cotton Swabs ^ 48 c [ 9Kot ^ * Tan AR OR SUPER Kotex Tampons 40-cl .$ill pi>g. I 3 3 "Our Price Protection Policy guarantees ihese prices to be elfective from Wednesda/. May 16. 1973. through Tuesday. May 22. 1973, regardless of cost increases."

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