The Whittier News from Whittier, California on April 3, 1923 · 7
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The Whittier News from Whittier, California · 7

Whittier, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1923
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( l-ri 1 p ' w: II L- -i' SECTION - frs -.i: -- $' $0 Yk. Volume XVIII, No; 29 WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY; APRIL 3.1923 Price Three Cents .WEST COAST ' INSURANCE ."SERVICE Accident Indemnity -jrOrftltMai'1 .ifaxwellH. Pease Tel 147 Ofiice ias year; for theca big-hearted people kept them two nights end at-rangerf a balLfcame between the Whittier' girls and a fecal dubrThe malt of tnegame demonstrated the -better than" they Could balls and. ran .the chromatic . - - n. . . scale better than theycould bases. TheWhittier College Girls Glee Rw; Harley Ji. Moore Is the club fly, on rubber wings today kfrom Jt( A' Want' Adwfll 'aril wholesome, .warm-hearted, and ag- . . . . .. . . . . gressive Friends .pastor of - this Pkjg. Hnned to ite JM. phceHe JtaarrWd .to. have Pi tabic Friends at -their welcome the concert in the&ammar School auditorram . where - fine - scenery, footfigNta anffseaiiiig roonT abound. The party will seed to retire eark tonight for they have. Co make 143 miles tomorrow to reach their next stopping place' which1 is Woodlakc. Dennis is "V-Whitt ier center, this place haying sent puny students to Whittier college, 1- This year; Miss Louise Hollingsworth; ;V alter Jes-j-sup : and Beryl" Moore are : from ir there.'1' r , ' Keep This Ready -;:At tha first symptom of n cough or eolL breath HyomeL The beet yeople always have itlnt h Chous and and cold befora it gats deep seated.: Boil, by Bobbins V Phar 1fS s ; MIRACLE MAN -. HAS TROUBLES BILOXI, Miss. Brother Isaiah. -the. heroiof--rrank-.Packard'a novel and pIctura.Tha Miracle Man, rsctically true to life when he attracted ; thousands with hta miraela hsallng at . Iii; Orleans rrtw&'XMUslstlppr river houseboat. But ha la aot the same old miracle man .bow, v1.,? Vv',v . 8ome months ago upon'Ms return to New - Orleans' .from California, where ha broke 'intoUn bent pigs again when ho figured In. a sensatlgusx court cue following' the death;-of .one of; Mg-par tlenta. BTOther - Isalah removed to the north, shore of the BackBay by Collector Goodcell.; The ruling of Biloxi. He Mot. a 'IsrgeTMW-l rtrla oi t dub-emblems are her of Ms followers haraaad set-tied ion -a farm.vTho fsHowsra began to. fill the soli,' while' Isaiah wu-to heal tha atckj. ;; But .things hare changedi 'A Instead. of thovold humble looklug man that performedover afflicted people on: the -Mississippi river, -while the policy .held thousands of people back, a new man ha appeared. Brother Isaiah would peas for a wealthy retired -manufactur er these days. ' Hr cbmes'scrose' the-Back BayfilntO Biloxi . quits baen,-'aUdressed , la - whJU . IB. 'Attempts iK bulfef flerrt w lad proved fatal toLlen tenant R.M. ' Tsltnt, naval aviator, and S- T.- BoUlven! mechanic; when their seaplane wreckage of which la shownxabove, plunged Into the' Delaware .rlvSr,, below .--Philadelphia .'Navy;; art. .; ' " ' 4 .Clite V-.4 -V" V ' 1 -7-0 - i . 9 'I ' . I 1 IS VISITED BY MA.VEMANGBOST V MOUNT? pleasant. rl- I Gukrds havs .been accreted tnilhe -J.roOit her hmhufed Xor ee ipyeut!l!i)ni rad once .thdi fin-gers.clutchcd tightly -at her throat) the1 girl, tola her Uiothe after, her frightened riirieke had arouaed the household.' Physcian-ar pvuelcd,' forjfhe .girlie f normaHy- healthy; They agree that .-Unless some. Remedy k found the girt muat succumb, ks -ber-strengthrapidtjtiiaLbeing, sapped,1 ? c-.z&r tffSfihLt - ? . ' - -rni-'i'N-w I it Hi u v.Vi? ' TAmmtOVTHH IWOBRTf TEE POPE DISTANT STARS eloaed antomobilenlce white-, kid 1 Shoes, .white- hat- and S suit ot the lateet rV, It a aald bla foUowers ars. de-sertlng Mm and that'there.arq not, enough men leh. totlll'tbe' soli. Followers of isaAh.'dld 'not want their child rn sent. to Jth schools, which lgrsqulrsd by:iaw ;Thes Areueeieabth and other jiamplicatlona . bothered the iathpfe:. However, these -matters do .nOt Morewood, 'mining hamlef .ncsr here,; bad nr.?ghof mystery thet is threatening i lhe; life; -of Margaret Freiosky.! aged . eighteen, daughter H-Mri raiflfr;'. Joseph; Frejoricy? . ... . and countjrauthof ities lbve,ea Uirht ytars distsnl from the earth, swelled P ''& Aid by ,fhc girfs announces hehai 'proved tha Stars sarantsui;L f -.;-'::i '.iH,,1 bUlious of miles away nr of. the Basket tdirettpr . of .the Dominion Observatory BTtartied'Uo dentine 'world S yer ago :by-the. discovery' of'-a itary.teui thousand His :chauffsnr-wheH-i-he-oif:hlS wSkTthrTtniowers, drlTea np to : r soft drlok stand .drag ' atom And Isaiah's -''Uvorltt ; ' soft drink It brought tg hls ysr.'s.-- or : fever -sirtct she rejected A suitot1, Margarethas had'-i hoqtarnalVisi-' . tor.Jwho, emulating a cave map," cst intruments ui the world,, anow has struggled ; with vhertand - even that- ihe stora form .the . unit' of billions of miles' away same atomic. structure as -the earth: $ Dr. Plaskettt.recent observation with' his telescope! ode' of the larg W e'EaNewFHnii- T, " tuiriii-.oproidpT7 hra struggled'.withv.herrrad'eveit , choked bee almost into insenaibSity construction for the wwM universe; ; v r.-; .s.;,-ii. theh faded into nothingnelt ; He drchr. -This discovery will be Ij A ge ' W4S GiskrdshavS been aecreted inThe hiide the subject of a ipeil trek? )J LwJl C weatret : b ? Son 219 dpKia St; ... J' 'T--; -1 Automobile club ' emblems and city name plates are not .subject to federal tax. according to a rating received from .TMhtngton yesterday by Collector- -of internal Revenue Rei-GoodcelL -- At theeqaest of Callforala automobile interests- the. 'question -eras submitted to - Commissioner Blair plates do not . In- any sense, eon- ; tribute to the utility of an automo- J;-:: bile, an dfnrther. .that their pr mary use is a means -ol MentiOen j'-tloa-jatTha rcwiira ar a -member, cf- the club or city represented by tha r. emblem or plats, rather than anna " j-mentotlea, avea :4hough anch em-- ;;-hlems harmonize with tha finish or beauty of tha automobile, Jt' Is held that such plates are-not subject. fa ; . '. tax as automobile acceeesrlee. :. i iFiftr.! TardAJOf cloth cover 7'id ' - chorus girls" in JParts-' Hold Jt, 1 . Newt! ; ' '. f t, ;; , Better Every Day ia:.4 ahonmsc; i; ; PAfflER BROS. Usually ' Attached . by ; members .rot automobile Clubs and other associations -to the rsdlstcrs of -theh aute-mofailee and the cltynsme tags or plates are ordlnarily"used in coa-yrtctlon with- th rexular. etate 1L Cbnae ptate.A-'L.vifi;t,j:-v!- j.Inasmnch . as . thej emblems- and .Tv - t!i i.- ii';.iv.i . V'T Iivate Ambubnc Ijmjt. AMistant fejLCOT.EMAK ',v Funeral Directhc:,aad .Embahntr? :23d ftormGrSthleaf Avi. ,:- - ; Phone 1& WbittienCaL LODGETOIRECTORyf, March 29.7 p. st: Oro Lodge, No. SIS, L Ot O. F, " Meet every -Monday,'. 7 JO p. Hall ' Comstock ' and Philadelphian j ' VISITORS V LCOM WHITTJEft; MOOSE LODGE NO & JKTmeSiTk u rad ajr. nlgntiCi Moose HalL Philadelphia aha Mock -stMefa.-haffef,iww-;.hFAk bikdc the eubjeet bf a ipeil frea-tisc to lie circulated among sstron-raiers all over the. workLi- -1. f ikTIie. tHcyi-hifcb- Pf!i-lsket dbims to have proved hasi beep- en- ' terlained by ; ciratbta fdfCiisonvi years. .Now he has "iatually imeas- opfr. postmen; boys bit IS i ' AND INFANTS fw rv .. - -" .y ,',s" - -p r, " 123WFhiladelphi& Si C-. -i X- ' . "s' iV -yandmer- j etui HUDSDNGOACH i;1.-. . -T. tat sr r . yyM .t. . . ... . yyZ- i Past ' performance insures 'youdf ' ' fir long .service "" . s. Vi. v-V'V , . ( 'At,m '-s' t .J-; B er t Leslie. S S 1 T-Cjr - a ! ;.j ;,j- ; . '.! J: Phone 247 137No; OreenleafAyiB. 11 ... s iV-i WrMKl Air m iBs V'w.'s : JsaS SSffS TbSw!o. astronomers and". masters- of astro. 5 1 physics can underttand-the. system' measuring tbe Mstoms - of stafA . he -e x pTsii li s.'-.;-.The 'measure menfs were made byT-anklyzliig the light homing from the adtm hodieir S' flli-eAt'i ipV4eA' Jfcs RQMfcThePWi Conccrn-cd about '.the problem ? m Italian, children in AmericaAecording to figures id His Holinets's possession two-thirds of -.thex Italian -children in. America get, ntf religious teach -ing,Vand. fhif. fact,, qansea alarm for their f utiire as Gatbolics -- - On this account - Pojpi PJul XI. is giving his. support to thrGathollc Kidney andBladde TimblesConqueretM ,-a- W ills J 4(hrMoneyBackyy or 40 years, said Dr? Carey, 1 have been prescribing tny Prescrip-tion No. 77 (known .for-.years -as Marahroot) for kidney and bladder sickness and ' noiv that ' I' have,l.noJ,c tired from active practice' I, have the.Fraiiciscan bisters pi the xpi-ation a ndvth; Missionaries of the Holy 1 Trinity; Who have similar 1 school ill New -York and Alabama, .pthei; Cathqlic schools for Ttahra,cMldKn in -Cincinnati. PbiladelphiarBoston, Buffalo and r i drhggists to dispense this Wonder ful prescription's! a moderate price, it Jhe money hack if dissatisfied lSn. - '' S-r . i .- -;s- Beware of kidney diaCXse-thous-. New Jersey: ;Theie choo!s are carefully,' watched; by . the ends die of it every year who ought enjoying the .blessingt'-bf . life "A child may.not carevdutheril:Aoo . V-, , . .. .Pontiff, who is anxious that Italian. 'chil-dreitshonldTHjriorget-the rehgron el their lathera ' ttn&iRairiter Aycnue. and JRus?lI Sjtreet 1 ' -Vi'W.i,;.-. yi- .-VST.V- oyxFiinu(iire ill paiin. backache . ... che,you ouglit to Ret.a.Aottle-of Dir iJaTey's famous- Prescription No. 777 right away. - . - It has wonderfully benefited tens of thnmsmls of cpses of ktdnifeV and bladder troubles and is. themeolcitie you can always depend- upon; -1 Re-Ou are guaranteed: - rT ' NOTE-Dr. Daniel G; Carey.was a 'practicing physiciaiiiJot many years and his great Prescription No. 777- .aided . thousands of - sufferers from kidney and bladderCtr oubles ' . . instinctively vote wYcr ph Grrmea; - because they like its Uste beginwithj;? -and because it is full of -life-energy tHat -"stays with thenfduring study and play vt 1 e - v?Sfc . rtvcv...- L&H.2 , , u y-pm. ' k ,'V 'ft As x n A - 'V-

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