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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California • Page 1

Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California • Page 1

Hollywood, California
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v-- "yr i- i 1 1 'i'" i'- I i -f Vx i Clean Concise Complete The Newspaper of bisfinction- i Vol 55 -No 45 1545 Wilcox Ave Hollywood 28 Calif FRIDAY MAY 22 1959 Phone HOIlywood 9-1234 40 Page NE WS BRIEFS there still are people and places which are not sharing that prosperity' 4e aid the localized char- WASHINGTON (AP) Hie LabCr Department said today -that although the economy is making a vigorous recovery New Plea Made to Gromy ihere still are bad areas of un- acter of unemployment even employment requiring federal aha state attention Secretary of Labor James Mitchell urged Congress to ad assistance program to encourage new industries to locate in' hard-hit areas He called on governors to have though there was springtime improvement in more than 90 per cent of the 149 major labor market areas the need for a federal areas assistance program1 study of this un employment problem with NINTH CHILD DELIVERED BY CAESAREAN SECTION husband beams approval At one time it was believed that such births should limited to three Mrs Edward Santos- of San Mateo delivered her ninth child a daughter by Caesarean section in a 'San Francisco -hospital Her 5 to life for Slayer Of Valley Waitress Former Marine Walter Edward Briley was sentenced to state prisonfor five years-to-life today for the bludgeon slaying of -a San Fer- nando Waitress Bril ey 21' of 042 MeVine Ave' Sunland pleaded guilty to second-degree murder April 28 and withdrew a plea of innocent by reason of insanity He admitted- -murdering Mrs Edith Lucille 46 of 937 Brand Blvd San Fernando whom he picked up in a bar February 18 Autry's Radio Net Buys New Station Golden West radio network has purchased Puget Sound station KVI for a price excess of $750000 it was announced t6cUy Chairman of the board of Golden West -Is Gene Autry and Robert Reynolds is presi- debt The broadcasting company operates station KM PC in Los Angeles and KSFO in San Francisco Richard Riser Dies in Gas Chamber Richard Riser 32 who once escaped execution on Good Friday died today in the San Quentin gas chamber Riser convicted murderer of an Oakdale couple was officially1 pronounced dead at 10 13 ani ten minutes after the cyanide pellets wers dropped into vat of hydrochloric acid Heavy Snow Falls on Sierra Nevada SACRAMENTO (UPI) A lU Muon snow was falling today on the Sierra Nevada and closed State Highway 88 on the east side of Carson Pass Chains were-advised Officials said upwards of six inches of snow fell on Echo Summit and more than 12 inches in the Carlson Pass area Ike Names Cabot Envoy to Brazil WASHINGTON (UPI) President Eisen-' bower has nominated John'M Cabot a career diplomat to be ambassador to Brazil the job Mrs Clare Boothe Luce turned down after ahe was confirmed in a heated Senate wrangle Cabot 58 in $he foreign service since 1926 currently is ambassador to Colombia Dag Silent on Ike Conversation WASHINGTON President Eizenhower conferred at breakfast today withDafr HamV marskjold secretary general of the United a i Hainmarsk jold declined to: till newsmen wht he and Eisenhowty giscussed i 1 Pope Receives GreekKing and Queen 1 VATICAN CITY Pope John XXIII received King Paul and Queen Frederika' of Greece in official audience today the fixpt visit to the Vatican by a Greek monarch since 1439 Lord Attlee and Wife in Mishap I LONDON (ff)L-Lord Attlee and his wife were involved in an auto crash today Neither was hurt Their car was wrecked Pomona Man Dies in Mexico Crash TIJUANA Mexico(P) An American identified as Warren: Reese of 565 Burdick: Pomona was killed when his automobile overturned on the Tijuana-Ensenada Highway just north ox Ensenada i Senate Votes Price Support Ceiling WASHINGTON -The Senate approved today a $35000 ceiling on price support loans to any one farm or farmer The 57-20 vote came' amid predictions that the action would wreck the complicated federal farm program Wellington NZ' Rocked by Quake I WELLINGTON New Zealand A 15-second earthquake rocked Wellington tonight causing some damage and plunging a third of the city into darkness Shoppers screamed -as floors trembled walls cracked and the lights wient out The quake centered about 50 miles from Wellington Warrant Issued for Actor Lash Larue -SANTA ANA Calif A bench warrant for arrest of cowboy actor Lash Larue was issued-yesterday when the 45-year- old defendant failed to appear for trial on dis-turbing the peace ad charges The warrant resulted from Lajues domestic tiff his wife and sister-in-law several months ago legislatures follow President advice in im- advice in improving state unemployment compensation laws economy in general' is making a sustained and vigors ous recovery said WHY DIANE QUIT FILMS TOLD IN FAMILY WEEKLY never wanted to be' an actress hated every minute of my work in In an exclusive intea-- -view Diane Varsi the young starlet who was nominated for an Academy Award ter her first movie tells wpy she suddenly walked out on Hollywood Her story reported by Peer-J Oppenheimer ap pears in 'Family Weekly magazine to be distrib- uted ylth the Citizen-NBWs tomanrow Also in Family Weekly 4S an article-on the phenomenal growth of credit Boon in ing on the It predicts that suits may be mkde Without pockets and cash may become obsolete miss these arti- clesPhone HO 9-1234 or PO 3-6221 today and ar- grange for' deB very of the Citizen-News to your home or office Related Story on Page 3) OSWEGO NY (A Police Chief Howard Branning his wife and their young am are missing from this Tioga County a center ter much of of the notorious Apalachin gangland conclave Branning 39 has not been semi since Monday His wife and son John left their home by automobile yesterday "fT know where the chief Jlayor John Day said certainly Is Oi Monday two auditors from the state office began checking records of the Owego Police Depart- ment- The auditors wbuhf tell newsmen -only that they 'had been ordered to examine vil lage records Police said Branning and a patrolman left here Monday morning to drive a new police patrol car to an Endicott garage for a checkup The patrolman reported that the chief left the garage and said he would Vget another ride back to Owego The distance is 13 miles His wife told a reporter she had no idea where he was By JOHN HIGHTOWER GENEVA US Secretary of State Chris-an A1 Herter told Soviet oreign Minister Andrei' Gromyko today people all ver the1 world' have praised the Western plan or a German peace settle ment and have been disap-xrinted by Soviet rejection of In a new round of debate In he Big Four conference Her er argued in effect that the Vest is winning and the Soviet Jnion losing the propaganda battle over their rival German programs Herter rebuffed a contention vy Gromyko that Western nsistence of German unification prior to a peace treaty is barrier to achievement of European security The fact is Herter said that is difficult to see how peace and security can be attained Europe without reunification He urged Gromyko to further end I nope serious to the Western plan which provides for successive parallel steps toward unification European security and disarmament After meeting an hour-and 14 minutes the ministers recessed for the weekend They meet' again Monday afternoon Earlier today West German Foreign Minister Heinrich von Brent ane called oh the Western powers today to refuse any summit meeting unless the Soviet Union first guarantees the free rights in West Berlin oktabio tragedy Blaze mils Father and 4 Children A father and his four young children died last night in a fire which destroyed their home at Ontario Robert Burk 29 a dairy porker and his youngest son Bobby 2 died in the flame-swept home Firemen pulled Tony 7 Barbara 6 and Terry -4 from the burning building and attempted to resuscitate them hut failed Cause of the fire was not known Burk Wgs baby-sitting with the children while his wife Joan 26- was working as a waitress in a Coffee shop She is two months pregnant was a mdse like an said one neighbor the place was in Neighbors tried to fight through the fire but were forced back Firemen forced their way in behind fire hoses and pulled out Burk and the children Fire Chief Lloyd Hopkins said he believed a cigaret May have started the fireln a living room couch- body was found nearby Neighbors summoned Mro Burk -to the home which the family had rented since coming here in February from Joplin Mo By the time she arrived much of the white frame hone was a charred shell are she asked a newsman been taken he said she learned that the children and her husband were dead she had to be placet un? der a care INDEX '65 million workers at jobs and 3627000 still idle in 3627000 still idle in April showed the greatest number of unemployed concentrated in five states New York Pennsylvania California Michigan and Illinois It showed unemployment particularly high among the youngest members of the work force among the unskilled la boring men and among Negroes Comb Valley School Boy A widespread search continued today for a 10-year-old Sun Valley boy who has been missing from his home since Wednesday afternoon juvenile authorities said Steven Dale Felts of 12141 Jerome St vanished after he got out of school parents Mr and Mrs Clyde -Felts said all of the fifth friends are helping police in the search and that neighboring families are also assisting Police said Steven a student at Fernangeles Elemental Schodl is 4 feet 6 inches ta weighs 73 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes When last seen he was wearing a blue-striped shirt levies aim tan nldccasins Neighbors said Mrs- Branning her son and a woman whom they did not know left the prgnmng home about mid-morning They took luggage with themj the neighbors said Federal agents seized 21 delegates to the 1957 Apalachin NY underworld convention after one of the biggest federal crackdowns on a national syndicate which allegedly-controls organized crime They are searching for six more The government contends the delegates formed the executive board of largest criminal syndicate in the BaibalTJeil For Racketeers Sold APALACHIN (UPI) -i The Apalachin home of Joseph Barbara scene of 'the infamous 1957' gangland convention In 1957 ha been add for $130000 Russell Terry a realtor said the stone mansion was soltT to Larue Quick a contractor to be opened as a point of interest within 10 days and then be converted into a restaurant was to generate new steam behind proposals far a billion dollars of federal aid ter local public works projects? and a quarter billion dollars of government loans and grants to assist depressed areas: HoOse passage of the housing bill now sends it to conference with the Senate to compromise differences The Senate earlier this session voted a $2690000 000 program' Republicans were counting on a presidential veto Presidential displeasure appears certain to be centered on authority for continuing government- subsidized low-rent public housing ing no emotion whatsoever He clung to a slim thread Of hope until the very last and reaffirmed in our conversations the thought that as lone as there is life there is The chaplain added that of the first things he said after he got the word was is sure going to make -my mother happy Guy Starkweather admit- MORE PROOF THAT MOTHER KNOWS BEST Sen Pedro merchants ran a special bargain day Tuesday and offered a year's free baby- sitting to a person submitting a winning entry blank in a contest Mrs John'L Foster 25-year-dd mother of three was declared winner qt the but told the awarding committee she submitted an entry Her mother' Mrs Lorene "Ritenour cleared up the mystery saying she had tired of sitting one or two days' weekwith the foster children and entered the contest WASHINGTON (UPl) Liv ing 'coatg' climbed back to a record Mjt level in April the government said today Higher costs bf transportation medical care recreation and personal cary pushed con sumeriprices up two-tenths of one per cent during the month i The rise brought them to the record level reached in July and November of last year The Labor consumer price index rose to 1239 ter cent of 1947-49 prices three-tenthk of per cent hii-er thah April a year ago i'Shaip 'reductions in- egg milk and dairy products led to a slight decline in food prices the department said Rising state and local taxes on telephones gasoline and sales helped push the level of living cons back to a record peak "Despite the rise' only 160-000'Workers -whose-wages are LINCOLN Neb: (UPI) A dramatic middle-of-the-night appeal by his sleepless father early today -Won a two-week itay of execution for mass slayer Charles Starkweather The delay was announced just 90 minutes before Stark- weather wasto have died in the-Nebraska -State Prison electric chair' for' one of 11 murders he committed 16 months ago during the Mid bloodiest slaying spree: Starkweather- told for the prison cRaplain that he had at least two more weeks to live reacted by saying more nervous now than -I was all UIS District Judge Richard Robinson of Omaha granted the stay at the request of Guy Starkweather tee- 20-year-old condemned murderer's father LAW OF RIGHTS The judge' said it appeared Starkweather and has been without the i services of 'an so was-a possibility he was being held in violation of his constitutional rights Starkweather and' his -family had dismissed their court-appointed lawyers 'after the youth was convicted and sen-tepced to die The family contended the lawyers did hot represent their son properly in trying to win Jiis freedom on the grounds he was insane at the time of the slayings 'stay effective until June' 4 Vras granted to allow 'Starkweather time for eh 'epeal to the Federal Or cuit' Court of Apipeals against the denial' earlier this week of an application- for 'A writ of habeas corpus The chaplain the Rev Robert Klein said that when Starkweather got word of stair out: in- a big mile and shock my hand THREAD OF hops was all set to the Rev Klein had discussed everything arid he was show- Chances Slim For Run Here There's little diance of rain this: weekend 'according to the weatherman 'who said that some are about all the precipitation we can expect'' The forecast -calls for con-tinued cool weather with heavy morning: and evening ting he was tired be cause I have been up al told United Press International that he called Robinson after talking with other jurists and being told to consult with the senior Federa District Judge SOUGHT APPEAL wanted tc stay the execution so we could prepare an the elder Starkweather said did not have adequate counsel in his attempt to get the writ In fact he didn't have any cdunsef a all and it seemed like we could get His call reached Robinson a1 his Omaha home about 2 am The judge told 1 Starkweather to send him a confirming tele: gram Robinson then went to his office on the third floor of the bid post office buildink downtown' Omaha There! at am he received a telephoned copy of wire The stay was issued at 4:22 am Telejkone calls were made Immediately to Nebraska Gov Ralph Brooks and acting Warden John Greenholtz The prison received its call a 4:30 am administra tive assistant Robert Conrad announced the delay to news men ht 5 am tied to the index by escalator clauses will receive penny-xn' hour pay boosts The increase was not enough to trigger pay: boosts for more tiian a million auto workers Take-home pay of factory workers weekly earning after federal taxes cUmbec to a new record in April A factory worker With three dependents averaged $8068 week about 50 cents higher than in -March A longer war week and higher hourly wages accounted for the rise Despite the increase in con-sumpr prices the buying power of nis eaniing also hit a record level Take home pay has increased about 10 per cent since April 1958 Buying power has increased about the same over the year Index also set a record for sustained stability For 10 months the level of consumer prices has moved with in two-tenths of 1 per cent WEATHER i i it Weather Bureau Forecast? Considerable cloudiness today add tomorrow Scattered morning sprinkles Little change in tem- expectedvHigh to- day 70 San Fernando Cloudy today end tomorrow with occasional sprinkles Cooler today with a high' about 63 Low -tonight 57 -ifontfcraed cooU -tomorrow Higi and low downtown yesterday 73 and 80 at -noon today 65 downtown and 74 at Van Nuys Low today 60 at ft aJn rela- tive humidity downtown at noon 57 -per crot Smog forecast: nd i eye irritaUan tomorrow (Mare Wi date os Page 17) Murderer Believed Headed for LA Loe Angeles anti Pasadena police I were alerted to be on the lookout early today for a man who commuted tvo mur-ders in Berkeley and iz believed headed for this Southland:" Police identified the men as Raymond Hamilton: 37 who is carrying identification of a 38 automatic and has stated he will not be taken Police said he baa relatives (h the Pasaidena area-: and a elided heading south after the two murders Wednesday nigh The is a Negro 5 feetll inches weisjiinf 210 pounds and has a knue cut on ma right hand police aatdi WASHINGTON walk-away victory by vHouse Democrats in their hattle for large-scale federal housing aids enhanced prospects today terC other Democratic pzf- grams By a lusty 261-160 vote yesterday the House passed a Democratic-backed $2100000 i00p housing bill after upsetting every Republican effort to Whittle it down to administra- tion size t- PlTJieresultt put Congress at odds with Presi-in the politically tinged hassle over spendihg versus the balanced About Women 4 Automobile 16 Books Art Music 11 Bridge 18 Comics 15 Current Events 5 Drama-Entertainment 9-11 Editorial Page 14 Financial a 17 Haworth a 4-- -Home ahd Garden 12 i People 19 Ramo-Televuion a are a 28 Sports 6-8 Weather 17 budget A more result v- Vf Vi0 A A A 1 teFp I-' 5' i I

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