The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1954
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Social Security Hearing Opened By House Group President's Plan For Wider Coverage Is at Issue WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Ways and Means Committee scheduled kickoff hearings today on President Eisenhower's request to increase social security benefits, taxes and coverage — with most members predicting general approval. A scrap was indicated, however, over some points. Some doctors, lawyers and farmers oppose the President's proposal that they be brought under the system. And Democrats planned to drive to pro- vid monthly benefits for disabled workers under 65—a feature left out of the Eisenhower program. Eisenhower made his recommendations to Congress Jan. 14 for far-reaching- changes in the social security system. The current hearings deal only with old age retirement and survivors' benefits. Another part of the President's program—involving changes in direct federal welfare grants to states for the needy— will come up later. Increase Proposed For some six million retired workers or their survivors already receiving benefits, Eisenhower proposed a minimum $5 increase in monthly payments. The minimum for a single retired worker would be boosted from $25 to $30; the maximum from $85 to $98.50. The minimum for a retired couple would be boosted from $37.50 to $45; the maximum from $127.50 to $147.75. Maximum family benefits, applying mostly to survivors of an insured worker, would be increased from $168.75 to $190. For workers retiring in the future, maximums would .go up to $108.50 for a single worker and 1612.75 for a retired couple. Workers and employers each now contribute 2 p*er cent of payrolls up to $£600 a year for each employe. Under the Eisenhower proposal, they would contribute on payrolls up to $4,200' a year. This would amount to -a $12 a year tax boost for those making $4,200 or more. The present law calls for a gradual stepup in the tax rate to 3y 4 per cent for employes, 4% per cent for self-employed persons in 1970 and thereafter. Eisenhower's proposal would make these rates 3y z per cent and S 1 /^ per cent. News of Men In the Service Sgt. Clinton w. Fulgham, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Fulgham of Blytheville, recently returned from overseas duty and visited with his parents here. On his return to 'duty Sgt. Fulgham will be stationed at Harlingen Air Force Base, Tex. Bobby J. Byrum, son of Mrs.. Emmitt Byrum of Blytheville, has enlisted in the Air Force for a period Of four years. Airman Byrum has been assigned to Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Tex., for basic training. Enlisting in the Army for a period of three years is Alfred .E. Collie, son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Collie of Luxora, Route 1. Pvt. Collie has been ordered to Camp Chaffee for basic training. Pvt. Billy D. Jackson, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Jackson of Blytheville, Route 1, has been assigned to Company B of the 15th Armored Infantry Battalion . for basic training at Camp Chaffee. BROTHERS IN SERVICE — Pvt! Paul Pankey (left) is home on leave after completing basic training at Camp Chaffee, Ark. He is visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, M. S, Pankey of St. Louis, Mo., and other members of his family in Blytheville. His brother. •Cpl. Stephen Pailfcey, is serving with 430 Motor Company of 43rd Infantry Division in Augsburg, Germany. Stephen entered the service in May, 1953. , IN FAR EAST—Now serving in the Far East, is Seaman Harold W. Gann, USN, son of Air. and Mrs. Tollie E. Gann of Blytheville. Serving aboard the airplane tender USS Kenneth Whiting, he enlisted in the Navy in January, 1952. ON LEAVK—Pvi. Ray T, Williams was honu» on leave last week following the completion of basic training at Camp Chat't'ee. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Williams of Luxora. Route One. Scheduled to sail from California late in March for duty in the Far East is Marine Pfc. Max D. Prater of Lepanto, Route 1. Prior to sailing he spent four months in the staging regiment at the Marine Corps Base at Camp Pendleton, Calif., preparing for foreign duty. Among those returning to San Diego, Calif., with Destroyer Division Eleven after a tour of duty in the Far East was Verna w! Wailace, seaman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie A. Wallace of Blytheville, who was aboard the destroy- \ er USS Perkins. While in the Far • East the division served with the UN's blockading and escort force • and carried out training exercises. ; No More Sleeping Pills For Corinne HOLLYWOOD (B—Will Corinne Calvet take sleeping pills again? ? "Oh, hell no!" she told a news conferences after emergency hospital attendants had pumped out her stomach. "I'll count the sheeps from now on." The incident was recorded on the police blotter yesterday as an attempted suicide, but Miss Calvet called it "a stupid accident," and added, "I love life." She wore a filmy negligee over a revealing nightgown when she greeted reporters and photographers in her Beverly Glen home some eight hours after she was treated at Santa Monica Emergency Hospital. She and her former husband, actor John Bromfield, had made the rounds of night clubs the evening before, she explained. "My doctor told me to take two sleeping pills at night to help me sleep," the 27-year-old French actress said. "I came home, took two but started shaking. I thought maybe I was getting used to them so I took two more. It was a silly thing to do." No reconciliation with Bromfield is in view, Miss Calvet said. Then she added: "After six years of living together it gets to be a habit discussing your affairs with someone. John and I go out at least once a week. John is such a nice habit." Recently promoted to staff sergeant was Bill D. Walker, son of Mr .and Mrs. W. H. Walker of Blytheville, who is serving in Korea. He is serving as senior cook with the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing. Home on leave is Pvt. Buford A. Hopper, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hopper of Promised Land, Route 2, after completing eight COMPLETES BASIC TRAINING — Airman Jonnle T. McBride, (left) son of Mrs. Lucy McBride of Blytheville, has completed his Air 'Force 1 basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Tex., and' has been assigned to 3359 Student Squadron at Chanute Air Force "Base, Bl. George W. Calvert. son of A. T. Calvert of Blytheville, is nearing the completion of his Air Force basic train- weeks of basic training at Camp in B course at Lackland and will be assigned to more technical Woman Driver Lauded KALAMAZOO, Mich. (JP)~ Her car brakes wouldn't work. So Mrs. Nellie Mohney, 38, deliberately droife into a heavy steel post yesterday, avoiding a collision at a congested street intersection. Mrs. Mohney."not only escaped serious injury but got official compliments from police. -*' training or Specialized work. Chaffee. Pvt. Hopper, whbse wife and son are making' their home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hodge, at Promised Land, was a member of the 'National Guard before entering the Army. Pvt. Franklin E. Williamson, son of Mr. and Mrs. £. H. Williamson of Steele, Route 1, has been selected to attend fine 5th Armored Division Motor Mechanics School at Camp Chaffee. Child Chokes to Death CLEVELAND (IP) —Fifteen-month- old Jo Ann Yurick stopped breathing during a choking spell at her , _ ,. . , , c . home last night. Quickly Dr Harry of 5 , 1U * Al ^° hfn f- ? fantr ^TT-II enf ^A™.-L.+ «,<«, o „,„„;. ment of the llth Airborne Division, Pfc. Floyd Tate, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tate of Blytheville, Hall slit open her chest with a razor blade and massaged her heart until it started beating again. The child died later, however, at a hospital despite efforts to revive her with plasma and oxygen. DENTON, Tex. W—Floyd Green, who has trapped or killed from 3 from the Airborne- School at Fort Benning, Ga. •/ Entering the service in Feb., 1953, he received 'his basic training at oFrt Hood, Tex. and Pfc. Clyde Collins, son of Mrs. Gladys F. Collins of Holland, Mo. Sgt. Blaylock is a squad leader in Company A of the 112th Engineer Combat Battalion. He was last stationed in Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division and holds the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. Pfc. Wheeler is a wireman in Company G of the division's 147th Regiment while Pfc. Collins is a truck driver with a heavy mortar company. Hormel Explains Divorce From Leslie Caron LOS ANGELES (7P)--A difference in artistic interests was cited b Gorue A. Hormel II of the meat packing family as he explained th< breakup of his marriage to Leslie Caron, French actress and bailer in a. "I am a musician; my wife is ar actress." Hormel, 25. a pianist, said as lie obtained a divorce ycsterdaj on grounds of cruelt. He and Mis Curon, 23. was married in 1951 ii Las Vegas, Nev. He said Miss Caron "wanted t live an intense artistic life." During an attempted reconciliation in NC\ York last October, he said, his xvif told him she had never loved hin and did not care to continue tlv marriage. Miss Caron did not con test the divorce. Allergic Wife Wins Divorce LOS ANGELES (>?)—An allergic wife. Mrs. Rose S. Savenick, 24, won a divorce yesterday on testimony that she developed a rash at the mere sight of her husband Jerome 30-year-old attorney. "I became allergiv to him," she testified, "because of his abusive belligerent and offensive treatment, I would break out into a rash all over my face and body. My face became so swollen once that I coulc hardlv see for about three months.' Scheduled to move to Ft. Bragg, N. C., maneuver' area from the Camp Polk, La., next month with the 37th Infantry Division for Exercise Flash Burn/are, Sgt. George T. Blaylock, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Blaylock of Blytheville, Traffic Deaths Down CHICAGO UP) — The nation's traffic deaths in February dropped to 2,470, the lowest level in three years, the National Safety Council reported yesterday. to 10 coyotes each month for twoi Route 3 - p fc . Billy L Wheeler, son years, is out of a job on July 1. The of Mr . and Mrs _ Elmer whee ier county wolf trapper is being dis missed, the Denton County Live stock Assn. said, because the cat tlemen's organization has no fund., to pay his salary. Wake Up To More Comfort Without Nagging Backache Nagging backache, loss of pep and energy, headaches,and dizziness may be due to slowdown of kidney function. 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RAIN or ADMISSION 50c CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE WITH PARENTS THURSDAY & FRIDAY PLUS TWO JSSL CARTOONS ••••••••••••••••••••••••«**••••••••••••>•••••••*• of Caruthersville, Mo., Route 1; It Takes Only 1 Day ... For Us To Do Your Roll Film! We Also Specialize In • Wedding Photos • Graduation Photos • Personalized Photos BEE GEE PHOTO SERVICE 106 S. First St. — Phone 8637 #* Easter time's dress-up time and your kiddies will step out iii front with bright, new, Jong wearing Weather-Bird Shoes. What's more, your Easter budget will go farther, too. See our complete selection of children's shoe*. AH jize* and widths » r According to size & Style. None over 5.95 ONI STOP SHOI SERVICE Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p. m. Admission He & 39c At All Times LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature 1-G-M's MUSICAL ROMANCE OF ; LATIN IXH'KKS' ,±LANA TURNER "• HICAWK) JOHN LOUIS IMONIALBAN-LUND'CALHERN AD MAI HO. II* —AND— Cartoon "Flipper Frolics" FRL, & SAT. Double Featur* HER! COME ROGERS' RA. .i .. filling .. fighting ... Ltvingl »ilh JO«n Vohs • Iiory and icmn rli» lij KODtlH t I\(N7 • pigductd by SAM XAUMA'I • [wreiuf l>; WILLIAM CASIlE -AND— Scrtm Pliy by ROBCRT E. UNT ProduMl br SAM KATZMAN . Oirecltd by SEYMOUR HIICDMM Serial "Junple Raiders" No. 1 & Cartoon Married Too Young? CLEVELAND W) —. James C. HiiRor, mi 81-year-old pointing contractor who not marrlod lust May. won n divon-o (iftor testifying his 59-year-old wii> "treated me meaner than the dickens." 68 Join LPfOFSS LAKE PLACID, N. Y. (* — It* Lake Placid Esteemed Or<k* o4 Fractured and Sprained Skiers hM admitted 68 new members. Onlf injured skiers who are admitted to the local hospital are accepted. MOX -Theotre- On West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sal,. Sun. 1:00 On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen THURS., & FRL ROBERT MITCHUM JEAN SIMMONS _AND— MyWifes i. 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