Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 13, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1896
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Eussell, of the'West "EntTI?.rt;i}b'yt<'rian mission, of this city. r .^'he..tenyxirary or-frniiization was announced ns ; fpllow.s; Temporary chairman, Judge A, A. Von- waffcnen, of Sioux Clty!''!r 1 (;'cpr01np secretary, J. M. Kaseart, Ottumwtt", assistant secretaries, J, H. Qlllesuier-DeB 'Moined county; 0. E. Hull, Decatur, county, and T. J. Grlgsrs, D.lcklnson county. Mayor I). A. Loforce, of O'ttijinwa, delivered the address of welcorae and the response was by Temporary"Clm'irnmn Van Wogenen. Closing-liiB>remarks of appreciation Judge VanJ ^Viigjcnen ' d«- hv.ered his address. '••• -j"-' "•''.; ' The district- caucuso'eN\Vednesday forenoon named the, foUowins: as district electors:; ' •.''"''"','"','--V-' First, A. H. Kuhlemelf>r.-"-'Burliniprton; 'Second, Thomafc Staplct.on, .Marenpro-, Third, T, M. Green,.Butfer; Fourth, Andrew. L. Hanllo, ;Decorah; 1'ifth, Lou!» Metzgnr, Marshalltown; Sixth, Perry En- glo, Newton: Seventh, C.'C.-.-toomlSi Polk county; Eighth, D. C. BradlcyvCenter.vflle; Ninth J. J. Shea, Council..Blurts;..Tenth, J, R Butler, Fort .DodgffrEHjyienth, F. F. Roe, Caatanla. .' ':''!"• '•" • " , The IllluoU PopulUt*. :WX- <'•• Springfield, 111., Aug. 12.—The;--populist ^tate .convention -WiiB>called to er.Vai&.lliOO Wednesday -morning-by ilMm'ffnV -Sfaxnvell. Kev. Troxall,, ~of aVJj{&",; prajrcd. There- were.'about i'ln Hl*pj|»^n;il^ speech Chairman-Maxwell sa^'thVconditions we.re such that they TOtJB.t- l $IW$ for Brynn'and Altgeld. 'ChaStqllBwljfrl.es E. Palmer,.ofHich- '" *'•>•'••* a short speech; in 1 until the committee .permanent organiza- Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace, All bills payable at the offtee of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. 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HAPK -has complete 'assortment and Invites .all to BrtWir themMlyes ",'ot the'gtwt sup'erlorttT'nlttieiegopdg ote> , aajwimnf aoturiiJi"at Hw-stof e 'of i). : A. : HACKi Sole-agent ,-toJ 1 . . •••.••':•' .. ' So Peddlers Supplied. ^^^B: o'cl ., CIliltOB. ibhalrm'i afternoon ., Aug'/lS.—The West •atic state convention •der at Wkeeling Park .ay afternoon at three e Chairman William: T. Introduced Temporary . Wiley. . The entire »*v«~~~-.-~ was .taken up. in-organizing. anfl'.*ppolntlng; the - L varlous committee*.' There Is'a big'flgh't on for the gubernatorial nomination with Gen,'Ai A. Watts and Jxulge W. E. Ben-' r.ett-jii tiie.Je^TT Watts' mnnngersiare claiming 1 .everything-, but. the ..Bennett faction arc wovkirjr qujetlj: tp..gppd ef- feut,.and it is,said that t.hey..w.lU;cBpture the cohve'ii'tlon. ; :.;\ :,''/.", ? ; .;-.;- ( - THK.'NEGROES.' V:.,':. .;,'--,National 'Democratic I*»«u> i-IJitiiiii to ".•' • "-'"" • Heportu, ' . ' •' Chicago, Aug;''l2.—'T-he-.-Xutionftl Negro Democratic league in«t" again •Wednesday -afternoon .in; "Aldine.-'hail •with,nearly 50 C'elegutes.'preBer,t;' : -' ";•'• • .The morning-''sesBion was devoted to liewring- reports of the comm-ittees appointed ;at Tuesday's session. .It is.cer- tain from.the tenor of tije^r^pom Bub-' piltte4 thfc't 'the .leafue'.vyl}l,;uQOpt-.^lie Chicago' platform and indorse' jBryari *nd.'Sewall v X' ..',_??•'•(<£'',."-.?:'•• ; Chicago;''Aug.. 12.—The •'I^egroj- National Democratic . league' convention Teasse'mbled Wednesday, inofiifiig 'and cffe'cted'permaijent organization by the election of 'thefo'llowlng'-oifflo'ersi'iPres- iaen,t,.-A".' E. Mannlng,-''Indi'ana'r 'vice preeident, Con A;Hideout, Washington; Veiretary,'" W. 5,;Clarke, ! 'Illinofs; treasurer,'.W.'E.: Johnson, Newjybi'lcj choir- 'man, national, executive 'cpnimitiee, W: T,"8cott, Illinois".. ' :'-' !: . ; '.' . : ^',j,. . . •'. ''.;. 'A s 'brief recess-was taken, ; dwaiting-'th'e reports 1 were wadei.-.tlie',majority •repprt being>slgne<J b'y-flyfc.and the linlnoritj>l>y' two membcisi. "', . , ,. ,,. : THe'ip'ajorlty report presents a/ : ''dec : 7tara.tT6h "'of principles" beglnnjn'g!:.' :: ..-: •' .^.HTJifc, being on, Important, Jactpr/.ln •the' •body politic, , representing ^.OOfl.OOO voters, fjojislstlns of the'laborlng mtfifee's, feel tJ-at It la a duty that wo ow**urselves,- our 'farolllea and the proBperltjrfflf.our.co.untry, to cast our vote's ajralnst .the monopolies, •' trust «, combines and mllUohalres^as^ar'. vored In the platform adopted; W'the-na^ tional republican conventioniaurseinbled; In fit. Lpuls at. the dictation of. Ji;a.rkHannii,.. declaring- for; a' single -g6ld;.i!tana»rd, uii- ' tit" the foreign powers ; consent ta blrnet- alllsm." Ttdenoiinces suchjiypo'crtsy as being- detrlroenUTiOj'th'e. prosperity P* ^ he "*K ..tion, and alub djnounce's Mark Hanntf and the riaHbnal •Committee ."fot^eavbrlng 1 to f orce'uton-tnVPi'oPl* th * ''"«'? ot * Prot«c-' •tlve • tarlffy^rhlch .proutefSGJrfdOstrlee that. 'aiscrlmtBS,tq,ait4ln»t the neBro,"j^nd; ; cOii-;; damns tfft Unlte^ States. Miprtmecourt for:. flisciiWnJliBtlng', against tb.e^i«9fro -race ito; 'lti'"defc'lsion,iin';i35e' civil rtghtB bill and tb« ''' , '.'i buf.'edmmendinf Justice dls«entlng opinion. There-. olnage.nrfd ih'e Ch caffp rses Bryfan dhd-sfifSH:": report favors theisinglie, Chattanooga, : , . democratic cccLVennb^yeclnesday nominated John . A'J^^rSvjUclge of th« rourt'h judicial' "circnft'-CQurt, -for congress from the Tnfifa'Teniiessee district by. ' acclamation; 1 ; ' The' rioiriinee is very pronounced, for free. cpin8ge''Of silver. Thomas L. Arnwine, oif Athens, wa§, chosen elector. " A BOY'S Ten- Year-Old Youth : Kill*?T<ro Children "• In North CBJrollna. 'Washington, Aug/' 12.— A social dispatch from Norfolk; Va., says: A horrible tale of double murder committed by a tcii-i'eai'-old boy coincff from Hollywood township, Sender .county, K. C. 'Frank Powers ;a-nd his, wife went • to .work in .their fiild.sotne .distance from 'their house,, j'eaving, their chil- dre.n, ugoO two years 'and 14 months respectively, at the house of a neighbor named Mills, A .ten-year-old son of Mills was left iu..<amTge.of the Powers children while the'parents were at work. The parents were startled by hearing tho terrified shrieks of their children, and.,, hastening- back, they found one of the children dead, while .the other was in mortal agony from several stabs Inflicted with, n table knife. The ten-year-old ^youngster, who had been left in charge : of the children, stated .that he had ;beat them to make them stop '•'crying'.- One of them had resisted him, so he cut the little onc^ The wounded- batic shortly afterward died. ''-,. : •••••' •. THE NEW YORK' TAILORa .iV.. r^-jsh atrniau: oi tnc.''soundi ^atic:^sra«e^execu : iiye jired -the "dftcvQJi&ftJifff «3''-^.;de»poci*ttcrs.tfl'te-i et.in-GHi&igOhAugiiit n.wUl wmina.t« afuU' Candidate Bryan Reaches the Scene of His" Notification. .Thing* Beom to Be Coin* Fovornblj- for ' . . thW'Strlkerii.' .' New York, Aug. i2;^-T.wo bf the most prominent memberB of the contractors' association have' '.signed agreements with 'the /Brotherhood .of Tailors. Vhese two contractors topether employ ibout 15 hands'." ; teader Sehoenfeld, of the strikers, said Wednesday that up to date -.68 -.cooperative v shops have been opened by ,, the. .brotherhood, em-. ploying 1,200 .'handBV-^Jhere will be about 150 in operation : by'ijiaturday. It is stated! by'.- t^itiS^rs''^^ 212 contractors 'havej^siine'd'Ube" Brotherhood Tailors.' agr*nSnt-""np '^.We'd nesday. These contractors give ei^joyment to about 3,300 : 'hRiids. : ' . Scfioenfeld said Wednesday that if two- thirds' of the strikers succeed in obtaining work by Saturday the strike wl.U;J)g3.ecjared off; . "U^CLE DIGK 1 .%:.18:vBETTER. Indl»o» po'tltlcl*n Aiftrre In D»T» of Wrt^ '• • ' '«• • .. .«t«r»»d'Cl»y. " '•••••. -.-,•' -i ;-' ' Terire Haute, liidl;, Au'g.' 12.-r-"Uncle; Dick''y Thompsotei • ;ex T judKer ex-con- grea^jnari, provoit marshar of eastern Indiana during -tie rebellion, secretary of the navy unSe'r.-Presidenii Hayes and the 'sole. Burvtijliigiysta'teBtean of the times before .tfie''%ar, who was pros- trat$d;b'y ;the heat.Monday 'night, was bet'ter.i'''Wednesdayi ; ,', ''' t ;' 1 .'.^.'- ' ' • *I erpectl was about gone," saya he, "asid • tt'stb*. folks :had not found me as sopn.as: they^llitl'.WtOBia-illBve died. I hsiyp been feeling, the oppressiveness of thereat, but .was not 'alarmed by It. I .know now 'how- it is 'that 1 persons' die from heat prbstratloni because they do hot really .-understand Vthe '; alarming symptoms." ' "•" : ;--':;;:v'i.-\-: i ^ :i r;-r •-.-' : ' • ' Bldlnc (or ;• '••.'. , B Conlldermtloiv '• '•, I^,ui's^llei"Ky. ; j^ii'g. : 12.—The L. A. W. runs scheduled' for. W.edneiday were declared- off .owing 1 .;^, the. : n€avy rain early Wednesday mprplng,. ; ;.wljich,.. left the roads in bad c'6n^tloni:>y, Omaha has twoTivnls fdr'th'ene&&eeti New York ULJttteS' To tKJRialR>n'n.l fein- '!f. ••••*•.^Z®*..3$':**i''- <*'.:•• tt. /f^.-: !;-.•;: r bi/f'- ; : Ixiulsv'ille, Ky.V ; Aug;.'12.— E. Hi Cron- ijiinger,- a member.- of .Jthe-.L. A. W:. ra<y • ing commXttee^w.bo^isv.a-tt^nding the national. mek sia'ted; Wednesday afternoon tiatall LouleyHle racing men who had been' rfding-; or '..'.practicing on Stearn's wheels would 'bi-'declared pro- fesBio'nals Thursd'ay^for-. riding for a consideration:- { This"'' tt^H'-include .all the. faatest'jELmate'urs ifr Kentucky. . Import fine Unlt«d.-:ilt»teil.xCo'nrt Deolilon * • .'•". ' Aff eotm«;'iBi|.nro»il«. . las 'Angeles, CaliV'Aiig.' IS.-Judge Welbomi of ! the. United'. States court, rendered a decision declaring, .that the government harStnei! right: to fix the rates - for the trahsporta.tion , of* troops or any other, gov'ernroejit"'b"usine6s, Including the 'mails, o^eVi-any road. It Is estimated that the decision will make I'B^. difference jof. .,.$60,pOO;000 -in -the amount pai : d;fcy;.the : ;g«y^riiijnent'evEry .year for trariiijiortatlon of moils, troops, andj other '' - London, .Aug/ .aij^She rubber iricket match 'between the, England ^nd ' :An«trailii' eleven! , jfonday, ::wag?" won^Bj; J-vthe.;> EnglUK ' -which made 145 runs in/their'flist 1 W*- ruins and! irt%strTsScond: tonly 44. iThe. AuBtrali'an^s^collapsied.at.their seer 'ond'Wicket'fl "" - I 9nit»n Boil»«tCI»;*»-:Bi»rtoii.'_;,;. •, ConstanUnople;iAji?gri8.^:The sultan baa" 'conferrea-;the::order .'of' Tfichau-I- ' of.•ib^^pitnittshjss upon Miss \jlMt*. *~- ——T • Jr. .. -rr-,— •.,.. t can", .Red. Crpsi;-y)cfety;;,y',-V ;-,.. - -, y.. Receptfon of the Democratic Nominee in the- Great Metrppoli*— Acute : Attack of Laryngitis. New York,, Aug. 12.— Candidate William J., Bryan has arrived inUhis city. He reached Jersey City over the Pennsylvania railroad at 8^10^ o'clock lind was driven to the residence of William P. S> John, No. 121,' Eart Thirty-fourth street, 'where he '• and Mrs. Bryan passed the night. Al- ' though. Mr. Bryan had expressly re•quested that there should be no public demonstration from bands or march-' iiig clubs, he was received by. a large ;ind enthusiastic, crowd both at Jersey City ''and on the New York side. The coming of the democratic candidate was eagerly nw.nitcd by a reception committee, consisting , of Senator J. K. Jones, of Arkansas; Treasurer .St. ,Iohn, J. T. Tomlinson, national com- inittreman from Alabama, and -Arthur Sf-wivll. (.'hndidnte for vice president, , 'When the train stopped Mr. Sewall •iin'cl the other members of the reception uojiunittee rushed forward and in turn. shobl>, hnnri.s with '.Mr. and Mrs. Bryan". The ,eii tire piirty stepped onto a freight i-leVator ab N the east end of tracjt 4, on rt-hich truck' the train entered the ita- f'on. nnd \\ert\at once lowered to the •jniiiinl Hoor. '\s the Dryan party stpppi'rt from rhf-.elevator they were so completely hemmed in by the eager. shontinp crowd that' .they coulrl' not move in nny direction. '.Finally a pnth- \\:i\' «-!i" niade through the crowd, and •it ; s :•?'.• Mr. Bryan and -his friends 'Sonr'iprt the ferryboat Hudson City. nuriu/r the. passiiffe ovrr the river .Mr. Hryan was cheered, but aside from 1 bowinpr "Tid saying: "Thnnk ,vo«, my Mends-." did not speak. liefon- the ferry boat reached the. New York side the large crowd on thV dock,' taking 1 up the cheers, of those on the Hm'«on City, shouted and cheered for Ilrynn. The police management on that s1rie WHS as. nenrly perfect HS .could be i-\peeted.. A line was opened through- the crowd, and Mr. Bryan, accompanied; by Mr.. Bland. Senator Jones and Mr. Sewall,' passed 'through,, the «houtlng throng of persons to riarrlnges which w<-reJn waiting, and w.ere driven .to Mr., St. John's house, where they arrived at' »:24 and were again met.by an immense crowd there, who cheered an,'d shouted until Mr. aryan and his party 1 di»p- peare'd*behin(rthecl6sed'd6or«. -'.' Mr. Bryan is greatly fatigued TJyhii' journey. : from Iiincoln, and, is- T.ery hoarse, BO much so that he -attempted; no speeches at any of the points passed Ehro%h on Tuesday, all of the talking beln?done by Mr. Bland, of .Missouri. Enthusiastic' greetings were extended. Mr. BVyan.all along the route from Pittsburgh to this city. ; . The most nbla-; ole werfe af Harrisburg.and Philadelphia, wHere enormous crowds throngfed} the railwny>tations and cheered wildly,, on' the appearance of '.the 'candidate. The cru»h\tb "seize ,the nominee's' baud was tertlflc, bnd several times only. prompt action by the police prevented ponies ancUnJnry or loss oMife to the perspiring enthusiasts. ' ' J . . BU11 VnilB Ji»*»M ^••1,7 r- m --~r- . -.^ Dr.'F. E.'*NeiIle was called 'early Wednesday -morning and found-that Candidate Brj'im was siifEexing from acute' laryngitis. This.was the penalty he suffered for 'She many speeches-he tno^le en-route from/Lincoln to New- York. .. . . \ Glaii F»otorl«§ 8n»potad Work. ., . -, Pittsburgh, Pa., .Aug. 12^— The Pittsburgh Plate Glass company x has suspended work-at all of its factories that have bt'en in operation, eight in nutijber, the ninth 'not having been emplo>cJ this season; : They have fixed no 1 special,, time for resumption;: which will altogether be dependent on future condi- .tions. .The company has abundant stocks -of iglass'on hand and docs toot. care 'to increase them under existing circumstances. Flre'In low» Penitentiary. '. Anamosa, la., Aug. 1 12.— Fire which started in the prison dining-room at the penitentiary at nine o'clock Tuesday. night raged until 11 p; m. and did $20;000 damage to the wooden structure witjiln-^i walls. The entire building \v»»>^estroyed, including the large li- braiy room, .with 3,000 volumes, .the. 'tailin 1 Kbfop", dining-room and chapel. No .difficulty with the prisoners was OVER THE STATE. Eventa to Various Portion* of Indiana Told by Wir3i : .... Endi la Snlcld*. ... 0., Aug. 12.—Miss Minnie Rhode' c88fmitted suicide Wednesday 1 morning-in. the presence of her.lover, X.- W • Eritz,,an; insurance agent, by. taking a" large draught of carbolic acid. They had a misunderstanding and she cnine to his office 'to. talk 'it over. After exchanging :n few-Words she drew -a bottle containing-the drugjfrom her pocke-t and drank from it.;. -..'.;•.'i'•'••' pdpuint Committee C»Ued. " ' , . Ualeigh, K. C., Aug. l2.-Scnator Kut; ler has called aimeeting of the national • : populist 'committee to be held at'Waeh- iniytbn next Tuesday to decide on- the imniedJiite.opeBtnfir of'headquarters at » ; '--.-.-: •••'; • '• '• • '' .'- old-Board of Tr«d« Mmn Deia. •"• ' Chicago;- Aug: 12.—Daniel,-Butte™. bne of tli£.oldesfmembers of the boarrl; bf trnde; r died at 11.30; o'clock. Wednes-: ay:'morning 'of stomach -tro«blej-.Br;' ' * e * tree heat - * ^ Tr«ln Wrecker* Put-to Fllgtrt. Ir.dianapolis, Ind., Aug-, 12.—Toner, attempts made to wreck passenger trains on the Lake Eric & Western railroad at a point ten miles north of thi« city, and the sheriff of Hamilton county and his deputies were called to th» scene. The would-be wreckers wer» found in a cornfield, waiting- for an-' other train to come. There was n lively exchange of shots between them and the shfi-iff's pe*se followed by a running fight, which continued for a mite or more. If any of them were wounded 'the fact is unknown to the sheriff. Ties were found piled across the track, and Tuesday morning it developed that the spikes "had been removed, for 200 yards. . • 1 n»rrli«on to HI* Comrade*. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 32. — Gen. Harrison's old regiment, the Seventieth Indiana, is now holding- its .annual reunion at Camp Acton with nearly 100 old comrades pre-sent- Gen. Harrison has been elected president of the association. The following letter from the (reneral, dated at Berkeley Txxlgc.'N.T,' •was read: . "It Is really a grief to be prevented from attending this reunion, but it will be Ira-. possible for me to make the long Journey. Will you be kind enDuffh to carry for m« to the meeting to every beloved comroa* there a warm, heartfelt, personal greet-, Inc? . They have been good to me—all pi thcm-and they have a very warm place In my heart." Building AxXKlatlon*. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 12. — The building association commission, composed of J. E.. McCullough, John H. Holliday and B. S. Sutton, appointed under resolution of the last legisloture, has made its report to the governor, recommending « new law regulating building associations, and deigned thoroughly to protect . stockholders.- The report is very .voluminous, and points out some sharp practices occasionally indulged in by thengsociationB. Son Born to Bu»eH BarrUon. Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 1.8.—A «08, has been born to Bussell B. Harrison* 1 and has been named William Henry. Harrison for; his (preat-great-grand- father. The child is the lineal descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence. 8 governor ot.. Virginia, two presidents of the United > States, and. on: the maternal side: of* • United y States senator, Mw. : H«rri»OB i- being i» dnughtpr of ex-Senator ?Bun-l ders, of Nebraska. . ^^ ..... , , '; '; -••.: Ohonli ml TF»r»>, ..;•.. : ...,V,..,.-:*,-i, > . Indiunapolis, Ind,, Ang. IS.^-lt ««»•..• been dlieowired that ttff grave of Joj- eph H.' Setzer; who hflfl been an inmart .- ot H*e' Insane hospital/and was burled lost Saturday In the Methodist Episcopal Jackeon cemetery, had been robbed. Bobberies in this cemetery were very frequent up to about 18 months ago, when the police, by pressing one or two cases pretty.closely,'succeeded In break-"; ing up the practice.' Thief-In the Governor^ Hotue, Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. . 12.^-QoT. >ratthews' wife and daughter Helen upon returning from B drive found a'burgr- tar lii an upper room of the house. A general alarm was sounded and tb* neighbors rallied, but were checked by the bui-gler, who coolly surveyed them from an,, upper window, revolver in. himd. While they were speculating on the best-thing to do and waiting for tho police the burglar escaped. ' 'To Decide on ft policy. . Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 12.—A meeting of the provisional "sound money democratic state committee has been cilled for Friday by State Chairman Pickens' to pass upon the advisiblHty of putting a state ticket in the.field; also to arrange.for calling .district, meetings to select delegates to the national con>«it!on, and for-the notnin*-^ •-tion of pre»idential electors. • \, Her S«nlty. In Doubt. Terre Haute, Ind., Aiig. IS.^After being out 24 hours the jury in the insanity proceedings against Miss Sarah. BliBiB ' was discharged as being unable to agree. > The jury stood seven "sound'mind >• and five "unsound." The proceedings . was instituted by her sister to prevent, ; her marrying a widower and to prevent the disposal of her property, which is of considerable value, • WM Sro»ll-_ ' Eagle take, Ind.,. Aug. 12.— The reports sent out of damage done here by , the storm were greatly exaggerated. Aside from a good shaking up, blowing down a few trees and demolishing som« old buildings/'no serious damage wai done. No one was injured, and the, business of the assembly was not in the , •leatt'ipterruptcd-wlth. • 'Inn Becelrer'6 n»nd».. .. : 'Marion, Ind., Aug. 13.-The WeBtep- . man Natural Gas. and Iron companyj : has been placed in the hands of a re-. ceiver. The liabilities are $100,000, whd*" : i he Assets ; are $25,000 in excess. Inabil--: : ••;'. ity' to -realize 'on accounts is the cause. • , Deatlui from Bent.. . 'Sullivan, Ind., Aug, ; 12.— Seven death* •• were reported here Tuesday, which 8J» . traced directly to the heat. .William . : Gi-eeniee, nge'd 75; AVilliani Hetiry Cain, , „ , nged'74,' ami -Wash French, aged 82. old ..' pett.lers; are among the dead. ': : ' : ..': ' : QnctrTr»K«>tlr 'A1»oot Politic*. i Sheiby>-ille. Ind.,.Aug. 12— LouKinh--. ••• ardson and . Churles, Gushing, -ten-year- ., ,, old -lads,' had a dispute, as to which war.-..;. the ^better .looking .roan, .McKJleo,; -' ' .. the buck : fatnlly.

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