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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California • 7

Hollywood, California
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Citiien-Newi Hollywood Monday April 30 1945 Hjnj Virginia Sale Acclaimed Abbott and Costello Loose Again US Fliers At Masquers' 107th Party 2 GREAT NEW HORROR HITS! RICHARD ARICN in 'PHAHTOMfc SPIAKt STANLEY SlOGfS LYNNE lOtHTt LA Election Set Tomorrow Airpcrt Issue Helds Chief Voter Interest NOW PLAYING GREAT HITS Dick Powell Claire Trevor My ALSO HELD OVER Rosalinda Russell Jack Carson By JUNE PIC KRELL The stage of Wilshire Ebell Saturday evening was peo- WATSON The Gossipel Truth LT ROBERT TAYLOR is now stationed in New Orleans Capt Garson Kanin and Carol Reed the English director are work-! "Here Come the Co-eds" now ing on a joint American-British film which will be a pictorial ac- playing at Pantages and RKO the-count from the Normandy invasion until VE-Day Marc Blitzstein aters as they have at the come- is doing the music and Harry Brown author of "A Walk in the pasl efforts And for the is writing the commentary Robert Walker and the luscious same reasons The boys are still Peggy Maley at the Beverly Tropics Perry Como will have the up to their old tricks singing lead in the picture titled "Dancing Richard The public however never Walton famous play "Bird of Paradise" will be made again seems to tire of the traditional By DOROTHY Abbott and Costello fans Will laugh just as uproariously at WARNER BROS MAN WANTED The 107th week-end servicemen entertained lighted6 the largeaudience Vith strfbutio from PaK her solo dramas and sketches in a wUh Int" lln' GeorKp E- Ellicott Paul day night with A Atwater Kent EUi0tt and Maynard Toll In her humorous numbers which Philadelphia radio pioneer as host Candidates for the unexpired term included the favorite caricature and Edwarfi Darle presiding are Eleanor Allen Fay Allen "The School Ma'am" Miss Sale The bill included Joe deRita Mr- and Mr Toll and now Gene Tierney will be the leading lady Warners' are white-faced circus clown who goeSkept the spectators in continual who made his 75th appearance Interest of the voters is cen- looking for a script suitable for Joan McCracken who is now in through the same routine year laughter Fever" a dra- John Charles Thomas in his 20th tered on Proposition A the pro- Girl" Freddie Bartholomew and Noel Neill are room- after year Thus they approve of matized autobiography of her own appearance- William Farnum $12 500 000 bond issue for ing Pully introduced Joe Lewis to a friend as rich The typical zany antics of Abbott aUnt Anne Robbins was easily the Frank Scanned Rov exPansion of the Municipal Snag Wcrris has a definition for a pharmacist He and or any other popu- most substantial portrayal of the Christy and Miller Carl says a pharmacist is a man with a white coat who stands behind a lar comics eveninc Here Miss Sale denicted Aihn 'nor-c J' rils 15 followed by five proposed counter and tells people he's out of cigarets "Here Come the Co-eds" Is just in varving ages the SmeivSK vxrir charter endments David Selznick will have Ingrid Perlman and Gregory Peek in another showcase for its stars al- whose love of husband sustained the Harps No 1 provides that returning Scarlet Vivian Blaine will he in the musical "The though it is dressed up with the through disastrous nrairie 0 Swing Pote and Renee Godfrey veterans of World War II and city Virginia Weldler and Mel Tornie have hren making music of Phil Hour of clones and ccncnl hard-'and Valeninp and Evaiyn employes with three or more years the rounds together An exhibitor from Oklahoma writes to Box Charm All Girl Orchestra and the ship5l which struck again and Herbert Rawlinson was master w10 are unable to re- turn to their regular Lee Tracy Nancy Kelly from the Ann Miller WAS A for STAGE and MAINTENANCE WORK Afternoon and Evening Write Citizen-News Box V-367 bill Boyd of the BUSTER CRABBE OF Hitching Post Hollywood Vine HI-5380 positions may be transferred to more appropriate positions which they are capable of handling No 2 provides that the City 4ty Office: End In Havana' during good weather Busi- fresh vivacious Peggy Ryan at her determination to stay of wemonies while Greer Garson neon bad during week Good on week Ida Lupino in the whose performance as usual is jn Dakota A) 1h heeinnine and Charles Coburn Angela Lansbury picture "Pillar to apppars in a very abbreviated nightgown worth the price of admission In 15 In answer to Lt Bill questioning iook says it this film the little gal proves she gives me more freedom and after all that what fighting can hold her own against (or with) hard work nleasantlv resigned to 'Nanpy Marlow Faye Marlowe a Sm 0r to go back to her beloved Illinois The continuance of narration the holding of elections and specify in detail the procedure Civil Service Proposal entertainers Thin Story which merely holds series of screwy occurences deals with the experiences thwarted publicity man and his friend who serve as assistant at a school to publicity sister has won a through one of his All three previously MONTY WOOLLEY will play the first part of his role in Night and without his famous beard if the studio has its tvay Sam Goldwyn would like to get Walter Pidgeon to appear in Joseph The current issue of the Stage Pictorial magazine contains a fascinating article on Irving Hoffman which features many of the pupgent lines he uses in his reviews Lucille cousin ahd protegee Victoria Hill has joined Ted band as vocalist Practically every picture company is already bidding for Betty new novel "The Street of Among the many Hollywood movies being shown at the San scholarship Francisco Conference none of Ihem are of a controversial nature veteran The story together a of (Abbott) (Costello) caretakers which the Martha No 3 brings the civilian employes of the Fire Department and the Police Department and the employes of the Library Department under the same civil service provisions as all other city employes uniformed members of the Police Departments) relating discharge and disciplin- from a darkened stage in Miss dramas effectively held the interest in the story during lightning changes of clever costume and rriakeup The enthusiastic and persistent Colurtinist Gwynn To Wed Flyer Edith Gwynn columnist for the applause at the end of the program Hollywood Reporter will marry and the flattering comments of Lt James Murray of the Arm' he audience which reluctantly left Air the nexl few matters appre-months sho said today ary maUers (except Fire and to No 4 Georg Davjs Herald i "tt'l (how we want to see again and again and again!" Breven Dyer The "Three hours of skilled and gorgeons entertainment that's the 1945 Ict-Capades!" Frank Lowery Examiner "All the color the wonder and magic of Merritt Hutcheson Hollywood "Swift smooth and faultless On your must list!" Ned Cronin Daily ''This Is the best of them all a riot!" AND YOU'LL AGREE 100 brings all employes of the Frank Sinatra announced the Tire Department and the Police engagement at a week- Department under the provisions of Section 125 of the City Charter end party Miss Gwynn explained that for she was unable to publish the news in her column relating to lay-offs or suspensions-for the lack of funds lack of work or abolishment of positions This Alice Faye is considering a radio offer are going to hart been fax dancers make a Technicolor short from a Navy film titled in the What happens at the school is olation of Miss Sales entertaining and the narrator will he Truman Bradley Don Loper routine Just another film version success and Ruth Brady together at the Ice-Capades Margo who has girls grouped about the a yen to do a musical has an offer from Miguelito Valdes for a lawns singing a basketball game picture he is producing in Mexico Randy Scott will play General and finally a bonfire rally Rut Custer in which will be filmed in Technicolor In the basketball game is unorthodox the picture in the Philip Dorn advises Bill Kennedy to saV the least that the best way to keep out of the Army is to join the Navy I Costello saves the school from June Haver and Lt Robert Vallier are really rooming foreclosure hy winning the game Richard Jaeekel who made a hit in and then a nianner described by Sports joined the Merchant Marine is in town on leave Norman Reilly Announcer Bill tern as the theater showed sincere Huston Flynn Bout Told Maj John Huston son of ehar- acter actor Walter Huston was Miss Gwynn previously was amendment would therefore bring married to William Wilkerson owner of the Hollywood Reporter and Lieutenant Murray formerly Nitely 8:10 Matinees 2:30 Sundays all civil service employes under the same treatment regarding such matters No 5 suspends civil service examinations until six months after the end Meta Convenient Send was wed to the late Betty Morrisrecovering today from brief fight sey with Errol Flynn in which he re- portedly came off second best Ml DR ODDFD5 CIDM The altercation according to the varieisj rinm best information was a one-two TO BARGAIN WITH AFL an me nnenrnmenai affair with FlVnn landing two game is the in face Stitches' Tbe National Labor Relations stew situation It's much too good wppp required to close Board today ordered the WT to be described in a review jsplit eyebrow and he also suffered Horne Engineering Co of North BARRY FITZGERALD has a silhouette of an Oscar painted on One of Costello's best quips a cruised lip Hollywood to disestablish the Ern- the door of his dressing room at Paramount Junior Iaemmle and takes place when he is serving as1 Plynn w'as sporting a big bruisejploye Association as bargaining Wendy Hill the former model are now making the rounds a taxi dancer Asked to one urder one eye proof that the en-j agent for the company produc- Constance Bennett has bought an original drama which lie replies fine I counter all one-sided Ton and maintenance workers will produce and play in Edith Gwynn and Lt James A Murray like dancing anyway It's' The fight occurred yesterday at The firm was ordered upon re- are going to do it and get married Jane Murfin will produce as nothing but hugging set to a Party reportedly at the home of quest to bargain with the AFL a picture at Universal the play which she you like about producer David Selznick It Machinists District Lodge 94 In-! was llncertain who invited whom ternational Association of Machin-j co-authored with Jane Cowl Zachary Scott is said to give his Peggy queries best performance in the picture Lt Buddy "I like Rogers has refused the leadership of a USO tour because he believes The song Play The house and were gone for to an intermediate report of thej he can do better and more needed work as a pilot while others seems designed especially for could do the USO work Benedict Bogeaus and Dolores Moran Peggy the sort of thing the continue their vooming This sign has also been placed in the public expects in one of her pic-Wamer commissary ifs no ands no Helen Forrest tures put an advertisement in the paper offering to exchange her furnished Others in the cast who add to Beverly Hills apartment for a house One woman called in answer the merriment are June Vincent to the ad and said hope the manager of your building averse Lon Chaney Donald Cook Charles to dogs I have a Scotch Terrier that wttrks in pictures and isn't Dingle Richard Lamb and Joe home very But don't get me I love Hollywood Kirk some time trial examiner in the case were A former screen writer and di- dismissed by NLRB rector Major Huston entered the Army in 1943 He is here making films for the Signal Corps after serving overseas Cancer Society Director In LA to Spur Drive On tour in the interest of the current cancer fund drive Louis TICKETS ON SALE 8e Cal Muiic Co 737 8 HIM Harria A Frank 617 8 Hill Music Shop 6634 Hollywood Blvd Mutual Agenciei AND 120 1M 24 300 AND A MW AT 300 lint tax) PAN-PACIFIC I AUDITORIUM 7000 Beverly Blvd M-sl: Jtatv A 4 A YevV vkv tmv day item MQHESOAY 5 MM 4AM -NIXV 6 CA fTE4K CHGPS EARLY BEGINNING Ida Lupino made her first theatrical appearance at the age of 11 as an extra in a British film Neff executive director of the American Cancer Society was in Los Angeles today for a confer-! Film actress Gail Patrick re- pnce withjocal leaders of the so-: vealed today she is to become a ciety before leaving by plane for mother sometime in September Chicago Miss Patrick and her husband Reporting that Los Angeles has I Bv CLIF DENNEY JR 1 Rubinstein handled one of the most Et- Arnold Dean White a Navy! thus ifar contributed less than1 Displaying the brilliant artistry difficult of all works for piano in gier were married Jacksonville $10000 of its $146750 quota Neff Displaying ine nrunam arustp' which eave new lustre Fla last July 11 He is the son said that all local donations will which has made him one of the a manner wnich gave new lustre White of Circleville be used here except for 10 per greatest pianists Artur to the intricate mechanisms so in- pr USPa expePl I0P per vvoriu grediesi plains rtnui nianists He Ohio president of the White Oi cent for national overhead for Rubinstein thrilled auditors in Pianists He work in this area Philharmonic Auditorium yester-blended the massive sonata into Oo r1 dav with two hours of Beethoven of rhapsodic beauty giving' Mss Patrick will retire Brahms" Listz and Debussey and he works a deftness of texture Picture making until the birth of mhsiii Appointed at the 'end of the performance rarely achieved by lesser artists her baby found an audience clamoring for Sonata (in flat encore after encore 'opus 31 No 3) was another high- Lflflflford Outstanding on the program was light on the program which as an 9 at: i nnon i rr nnmhor ran opening number completely "AS STINGING A FILM AS EVER REACHED THE TIMID SCREEN!" rs CIVIC LIGHT OPERA OPENS TONIGHT 3 WKKS NKSHUY ml HUTS Wet Set ProdiKtioi by EDWIN LESTER el Su WAITER DOROTHY STERLING CASSELL SARROFF HOLLOWAY CLARISSA EDWARD DEW RICHARD CHARLES VERA MARSHI GEORGE BURNS0N WILTON GRAFT GABRIELLE JEAN BARTEL josiph vmroN whton cum awirit our urm am SHWOiRtatOM SCININYKSKWID UGHIIItt jnrfUOf 4 COSnmtSr TlllING HOLLOWAY 0S' MONSON A0tH AWAIi WAITEV ISRAV JTIIUNO NOHOW KIS MOWOH Wltll un MUSICAL NUMBERS SUGtDRY BRUITS 8V i'wNJfcf IOOI CUNNINGHAM RROAOWNT MUS'QAl WICTION LOUS ADRIAN 0AI DWtCTlOH SW GORDON Minor Sonata Mr nrTR1 (I LILLIE in tht bit comedy of the year 10TH WEEK-ADULTS ONLY captured the audience Four numbers by Debussey added zest to the meaty program The group from Chopin included the Minor two Etudes and the opus 53 The enthusiastic audience demanded five encores and a group Buys First Poppy Frances Langford movie star was giTen the honor of buying the American Legion first 1945 War Memorial Poppy in rec- ognition of her entertainment work at servicemen's hospitals Mrs Helen Gilbert Auxiliary of the Brown School students national president headed a dele-proved to be the most appreciative nation which yesterday sold Miss prowfl: Langford the poppy She also was Numbers included in the en- nampd rhajrman of the motion cores were: Polichinelle by pjcture D0Dnv program Villa-Lobos and Da Falla's "Fire poppy Dance ELITE ONE WEEK ONLY! IRVlNC BERLIN "THIS IS THE ARMY" DAILY 6:45 SAT SUN CONT 2 PM BR-2-3693 9036 WILSHIRE 1 WttKS VICTOR men joi INDEPENDENT THEATRES Tour Daily Guide to the Best fit Entertainment! NOW PLAYING rpfMBSfia xrgan 4Ae iamk Afaeiwiyty HE-7500 6021 Hollywood Blvd NOTED NIGHT SPOTS ADM I RAL H0yw80d HE-55'n ARCAL I SALLY IRENE AND MARY SERVANT'S ENTRANCE BEST COMEDY 'Blithe Spirit' Delightful Continued from Page 6 euiu vviiAiiirc uicauris nui-fit in the title of the play mean ng sar triumvirate 5 just that Novelist Charles Con- IN 'BARBARY COAST' Exeriors of many famous night spots on the old Barbary Coast were faithfully reproduced for the teeming drama to open at the Guild United Artists and Fox Wilshire theaters Thurs- Alan Curtis and I norld Beromin Warner Batr ADAM HAD FOUR SONS Ann SherM-m Richard Arlen WINTER CARNIVAL HI-0337 7734 Santa Monica Susanna Foster CAM PUS Monica FRENCHMAN'S CREEK DARK MOUNTAIN MONICA NATIONAL VELVET Danger Women at Work Mato 199 to 2 Mto Oh A 109 to 2 Wei i tax Bwc of8e Cal Sot BlLIB domine (Denny) is about to write Rp a play involving a homicidal me- A1an JoneSi starrin Honev dium and to get a line on the Ahead with Grace Me- patter of mediums invites one Df)nald and Ravmond waibum Madame Arcat (Miss Riano) to wi be thp companion feature WH-5777 484 San leant EL CAPITAN CINEMA StHMenlla OLD MOVIFS MOONTIDE The Baroness and the Butler Lillian Gish Dorothy ROMOLA 4 5th EDITION 60c A a afiictwmiifmouMM NI6HTS VINE ST NO OF MOUVWOOO 8LVO GR1147 Gish Ronald Colman give a seance at his home Around the table are a Dr and I Mrs Bradman (Mr Beilis and flDIENTAI Hl-1148 Miss Shepherd) and his second UMCI4IMI T425 Suntet wife Ruth (Miss Barrie) Much to the surprise of everyone Here Come the Waves 7 MATS 2 5 JO All Under Age 80 Eligible COLONY 6523 Hollywood Blvd THE BLONDE CAPTIVE I GIRLS OF THE ROAD I dock RffUtJJ DRIVE-IN 12109 Blvd WEST LOS ANGELES "ITS JUST A QUESTION OF EVERYBODY'S GOT TO SEE THIS SHOW IT TOPS THE SUSPECT SEE MY LAWYER THE FIGHTING LADY A UAkl A EX-5040 (Miss Harvey) dead seven years RAMONA 2139 Sunset appears to him A Tree Crows in Brooklyn I UT omi-sc I Stays around to be seen and heard WHAT A BLONDE I only by Condomine himself To I all others she is not present The I resulting triangle with the suffer-j ing Ruth ready to move into the I nearest booby hatch provides the I crux of the comedy The master of high comedy has I BEADY ARTS I700wacfl 9300 1 (VERY NITI SUN MAT 5PM Persons ages one to 80 are eli gible to apply for registration un der the Plan to Eliminate Funeral Expenses Those registering pay a few cents a day into a fund closely supervised by governmental author Ity In time of need regardless Ol HUNLEY Hollywood it Normandie DRIVE-IN San Fernand Winona Barbanfc CH-6-1710 WATERLOO BRIDGE SAN FERNANDO VALLEY SPICY COMEDY-DRAMA 1 Oth Week THE LONCEST RUN IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD mt iunudi nun iw ms wr at Sunset ij yr a llqfeDRUNKARB 9 RCTRUMIMTS WCLUMO III MMMBMto IO? FFLI7 ol-2169 SUNSET L05 rcLlf Vermont et Franklin 3 0pens 6: Here Come the Waves Western FRENCHMAN'S THEATRE MART 4B4B CUHTOH STREET IT-iq 71 4 NMHTLT RtC SWt Tonight and Every Night CR-9151 scored again and the play that ran how little may have been paid In 45 for three years in war-tom Lon- thP Pan paVg the bill For example CREEK I don and played to packed houses TAHITI NIGHTS 1 New York for two years is worth seeing ol-5206 The play was produced by Rus- i sell Lewis and Howard Young I with stage settings by Richard Jackson Sunst at Hollywood MEET ME IN ST LOUIS BLONDE FEVER I payg the bill For example a complete funeral service and in terment was recently conducted when only $210 had been paid Into the Plans funds Any Funeral Di rector anywhere In the United States or Canada may he desig I A I ID FI Beverly Blvd WY-9112 VISTA IV CL 2 Blocki Weil ef Fairfax 2nd 4212 SUNSET BOULEVARD 1' aitly Big Year 7Sc to 523)0 Hus Tax Plume NO MSS (tTMa SPANISH PICTURES EVERY WEDNESDAY nated to perform the service Recommended by Pierce Brothers and other leading Morticians For free literature mail coupon or call PRospect 0341 THE VIRGIN BRIDE KISS OF FIRE -BASEBALL- GORGEOUS GIKti GREAT COMEDIANS DANCING $330 Dfewvof $165 rihaw PHONE HO 7101 Pkn EflRL CARROLLS GILMORE FIELD Portland Dept 804 1 Pierre Plan 2 TOO West Washington Angelos 15 Calif vs OPENS WED WAY 2 AT 8:15 PM (MAT 8Af BROADWAY'S 1944 HIT "A HIGHLAND Hollywood ASADENA PLAYHOUSE EL MOLINO AVI IP Pteate en me without eost or oblift- tion fre information on the Pierct Plan to Eliminate Funeral Expeme WEDNESDAY HITE PM THURS 2 6:30 PM FRIDAY 8 PM SATURDAY 2:30 TWO CAMES SUNDAY 1:30 PM 76c $1 25 150 Sal! gt 9m Ottiee (Paw) 8Y 6-5358 (LA) RYa 16418 Evet at (Inal Sunday) So Calif MuVs 737 Hill A All Mutual Aacies i Nite Thursday Res WE-5151 BEVERLY BUS DIRECT TO PARK Name Stre4- BUY MORE WAR BONDS City ItllllMIIIIIIttIBIIMUtlllimilUIIUEIIIllJ.

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