Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on April 29, 1954 · 19
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 19

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1954
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$ CrZl YOIOCLASSIHZDAD for the Saturday Cltixen-News end - Sunday Advertiser : (-'v'" ' Friday before 5 pm4’"-'' ? g 265000 COPIES et these two publications r I "T (o' Ct 7 VvT I f ' y y s Asaclgtodyrsss UnitW arm United Prsss TsisphnM Z I--II I r I I w I lj - fc1 Vv M " I I I I -I 11 wilwrti Hww fchwrf--- :' 7-IJ-r $125 ftfiiirih Hmm 0545 WILCOX Avt HOLLYWOOD 28 CALIF - TELEPHONE: HOHywood 9-1234 '' : ti - 5 -: go fohomes In this area’ "1:‘- Phone H0J234r : SU£-622U ajVS i ’ :-vv - - ?: t - - r I jir- -f' j Vol -50 No 26 24 Pagea ‘ HOLLYWOOD -CALIFORNIA THURSDAY APRIL 29 1 954 a 5K£- j Two Sections ' PRICE 5 CENTS t- - t ‘ VMrs Ira Lawson of Castro Valley Calif was reunited with her ' two children by a previous marriage yesterday ' in Philadelphia Municipal Court James Foley father of Pat - WASHINGTON I UP1 — Preai-' dent 'Eisenhower declared anew! today that the United States is not going to get into any war in Indochina unleu Congress declares it ' - i However the President told a ‘news conference that a proposal in Congress - to forbid the sending of American troops to Indochina or any other place in the world without prior congressional approval could not fail to dam- Peggy Castle fljessfriiis Kyorco - SANTA M ONCXT7nC---M ovie znd televislon v ' actress Peggy Castle won a divorce from -casting1 director Robert H Rains today on grounds heV was critical of her her family and friends Miss - Castle told Superior Judge Allen T Lynch Rains : made life miserable for hef during their three- f year marriage Judge Lynch approved a prop-! ' 'erty settlement under which the' actress waived any future claim to alimony Miss Castle married Rains Jan- 4-1952 in Juarez MexThey sep- arated on their third anniversary ' Chamber Backs Federal Sales Tax WASHINGTON (ff) — i The United States Chamber of Commerce has endorsed a general federal sales tax at either retail or factory level ‘ if it becomes necessary :to boost government revenues But the chamber said no new taxes 1 : r are needed nbw and the federal budget should ! be balanced by cutting the level of government j ' spendinjf ' ! MacArthur ‘Whoops It Up' Tonight MANCHESTER NH 'CD — Gen Dpugla MacArthur-makes his first public speech 'in two years tonight when he becomes an honorary New Hampshire “Who© per” nWhooperism?is ' the name of Gov HUgh Gregg’s program call- ing on! residents to ‘whoop it up” about the Granite Stated natural assets : - r- v I ‘ Former US Carnet inlndo War : ‘ HANOI Indochina An AmeHcan air- craft carrier on loan to France and manned by a French crew-arrived in' Indochinese waters tonight with reinforcements of planes' to bolster the defense of besieged Dien Bien Phu The car- ner -was the-former Belleau Wbod Mme Qiiang Flying to U-S-"":' i : f TAIEH " Formosa UE) k—" Unimpeachable v American and Chinese sources said today Mme Chian ‘Kai-shek wife of Nationalist China’s president is flying to San Francisco to be treated : for a recurrence of a nervous disorder Russ Planes 0ver Denmark Swddmi -j STpCKHOLM Sweden dlTV--A defense inih- : istry spokesman said today planes believed to be Russian were spotted over Sweden and Denmark 'during the night '-' ' 'v India Signs Treaty Witii Red Tibet ' TOKYO (UD — - India and communist China signed today an agreement for “trade and cul-- tural relations between India - and-Red-held Tibeti Radio Peiping announced today - Zsa'a and Poriitib iff London : - LONDON IIEV— Zsa Zsa Gabor said today she and Porfirio Rublrosa came to London “for a few days fun” - JooLaurieVaude ’ NEW YORK and old-time vatidevill a heart ailment Dies oe Laurie J BZj radio : comedian died today of -t “ f ‘j ' i- V I- (More News Briefs on Page 2) I-y-s - ' i YOUNG KIDNAP VICTIMSx WITH MOTHER AGAIN age his flexibility in handling the situation : ' The President was asked for his evaluation of the possibility of American combatforees paving to be sent to Indochina He said this country has pro-videdtechnical assistance money and ' equipment to- bolster the fight against communism in-Indochina ( " That is as much as the present rick 13 (left) and William 1?L is sT - held in New Jersey jail awaitingjex- tradition to California on charges he kidnaped the two: youngsters from 'their mother - ‘ foreign assistance - law permits Ije added r So far ss epecumion ort the future ' is concerned the ' President skill he didn’t want to do too much talking at this time He noted the Geneva'Confer-ence dealing with Indochina liow is In session and said it would be inapprciriate for him to speculate under those' circumstances On other matters the Irosident had this to say: - ’ - ' The congressional : campaign— jsenhower ' reiterated ' that he has no intention 'of engaging In stateand local contexts tut e said ic does intend to get around thecountiytotalksbotst‘faia administration’s program: ‘ He predicted the overriding issue tf the campaign will be whether the administration has made a record of accomplishment or — as he put ‘ it— has dilly-dallied along the way The Ontenheimer case — the President said he always had had the greatest admiration for Dr J Robert Oppenhelmer from the standpoint of his professional and scientific ‘accomplishments but he did not want to say too much about the case while it is under investigation v Investigations by Senator Williams (R-Del) — the President said he had suggested to Williams- when the Senator called at the White ’ House earlier this week that he consult with other departments of the - executive branch of the government ' regarding certain inquiries Williams had in mind - The Presi-denb said he has great -respect for Williams' quiet way of digging into tilings Williams indicated after a je-cent 'White ' House call that he had talked about federal housing scandals among other things The- McGarran-Walten" Immigration law — Asked whether he favors a bill introduced in Congress to revise that controversial measure the President recalled that he has urged a complete review of the-act to eliminate what he called Inequities - and injus- tices Military aid for Israel— A reporter t asked whether military assistance to Israel is being considered now that this ‘ government has decided to grant such aid to Iraq-'The President replied that -the policy of the United States Is not to -render any assistance to start- a war any place -The- purpose of such aid in all cases 'he said is to- oppose communism And such: aid will not be-granted? in the case’ of any local wars he added : : Vegais Gambling Resort Planned - By Tony Cornero ' Carson - dir Nev sriL Former Southern California gambling ship operator Anthony Cornero (The Admiral) Stralla apparently wants to trade his sea legs for the dry desert of the fabulous Las Vega k atripk 1 Stralla who operated luxury gambling ships off the Southern California coast in the late 19301 and shortly after World War IL has submitted an application to the Nevada :Tax Commission With - two partners' for a gam: Ming license for a proposed Strip resort hotel to be known as “The Stardust - : 'iT Listed on the application wlui Stralla - also ' known as ' Tony Careno are - Catherine Kastris a former derk In 'the office of Gov Charles Russell and BW Silver of ' Beverly- HUls 'J Calii Gull - r :v ’Two -major earthquakes centered - off the West OMSt 1 of Mexico ' made ' buildings ' creak early today in' San Diego -about 600 mllea from the center of the ShOCka -i Assistant seismologist 'Do Tocher of the University of California at Berkeley said ' the strongest shockhad an Intensity of 72 on" the 'fRichter-Scale of magnitude within U points of the heaviest quake ever recorded The first shock showed a mag nitude of- 675 California seismologists placed center of the quakes in the Gulf of California! 1JXX) miles south of Berkeley -Director Beno Gutenberg of the California Institute of Technology 'in Pasadena said It la “certainly s' major earthquake and estimated the epicenter was “well down In the gulf probably dose to the tip” At San - Diego amateur seismologist Fred Robinson 'reported the upheaval was strohg enough to sway chandeliers and make homes creak there The University of California said the second stronger shock began ft 4:3722 am PDTV DIXON APPLEGATE Yank Newsmen Sentenced as Reds HONG KONG (HE)— A Hong Kong newspaper reported today that two American newsmen and a merchant marine -captain seized by the Chinese communists a year ago have been sentenced to jail -for three to five years foe - “espionage The newspaper the Rung Sheung-Daily News said a special communist tribunal passed the sentences - on Richard Applegate National Broadcasting Qow correspondent Don Dixon of the International News Service and CapL Ben Krasner The Americans along - with three Chinese crewmen were seized by the Chinese communists while sailing from HohgKong to Madgo in Applegate' small yaht IimrchlDSL' The!f tried bjra Cantonese court A dispatch from San Francisco said the family of Applegate former United Press war correspondent was circulating petitions in California and Oregon urging the State Department to renew its efforts to release the trio Applegate’s father Frank L Applegate ip a Medford Ore builder High Court Gets Ballot Plea by Mrs Younger SAN FRANOSCO UF1 — The State Supreme Court heard arguments today In the fight of Mildipd Younger to have the name of Hazel Joyce Younger kept off the ballot in the 38th Senatorial District' - - - ' Mildred Younger a Republican charged ' that Hazel Younger’s candidacy was an effort on the part of supporters of Sen: Jack Tenney to confuse the voters Tenney now holds the seat from the Los Angeles district - Mildred" Younger's attorneys said Hazel Younger was committed to Camarillo State Hospital last July 3 and has never been officially discharged They insisted she was neither competent nor eligible to be a candidate The court action' was an effort to compel Secretary of State' Frank M Jordan and Los Angeles Registrar of Voters Benjamin J Hite to leave Hazel Younger’a ngme off Ihe primary ballot Man in Extortion Case' Sentenced r - PASADENA WV— A father of three small children has been sentenced to serve one: to five years for ' attempting to extort S1Q000 ' from R Caspers wealthy Pasadena clui company executive -' ' - ‘ ' The defendant ’ Donald T Heath' 23 pleaded guilty f Superior Judge Kenneth C- Newell denied probation yesterday 1 because he said - Heath inflicted great suffering upon Caspers and his family Heath’a wife Mattie Mae 23 faces trial May 11 on charges Of extortion and attempted extortion but is at liberty 'wider ZZEOp bail furnished by Chspers jvm (WEATHER Wahl - iaiMik laMfnvi feat aalh saaar la WiftoMM Sltefetlr nnat-Bidi sue Isa iraml nauntiia rasters r: M saS U: Mr: feish 11:0 aait SS laa M - Sikifet fewMKi: W Hr asst Caosn1 X - - s UNOFFICIAL WEATHER ' -By JIM MOMAN Old Man : Sun Is cornin' fround thp ‘bend j P fDsnr't Jimbt If ho tmf your ameV As mud — Ed) ? GilRDEnA POKER FOES DEMAIID CARD BAD ODDER STATE HORSE BET LAW GARDENA (CD — Anti-poker forces here continued their war against the city’s : card - clubs today by de-’ mending that the district at-' torney’s office move to enforce - state ' anti-gambling lews The Civic Improvement BULLETIN WASHINGTON (CD— Pvt G David Schlae testified today about - g- disputed -photograph af ' him and Army Secretary Robert T Stevens The taU handsome private ceatral figure In the Army-McCarthy dispute was pat on the stand over repeated ' objections from - Sen Joseph R McCarthy WASHINGTON MP) — Secretary of the Army Stevens testified today he was apprehensive the Ft Monmouth N J commander was moving too fast against alleged security risks last October He said it was “entirely possible" the commander Maj Gen Kirke G Lawton had been asked to withdraw some suspensions ‘ Stevens had been confronted at the McGuthy-Army hearings with a statement by Lawton that Army Counselor John G Adams telephoned him early hi November urgfng-him- to -‘'dismiss cer- tain security cases" at the Army radar yeseareh certter In a dramatic : development Ray H Jenkins special counsel to the Senate investigations sub' committee produced - the- memorandum “not two hours old saylpg Ihstr Lawton had dictated it in Jenkins presence - MEMO IN INK'”’ TheTmemo was handwritten In Ink - Jenkins said CapL Joseph E Corr Jr aide to Lawton had taken down the general’s statement '- ' Jenkins termed the" memo of vital importance to the contention by Sen McCarthy (R-Wis) —dmled by Stevens — that Stev ens sought to atop the senator's investigation of alleged subversive activities at Monmouth The special counsel conducted such a hammering cross-examination of Stevens that Joseph N Welch special counsel to the secretary protested Jenkins was going at it as If it were a “murder trial" Stevens swore that he had no recollection of the purported telephone conversation between Adams and Lawton But Stevens said it could be “entirely possible"— that ‘It waf “conceivable? — he had -' told Adams he' had better' call Geni Lawton Stevens said he did recall last Oct 31 he had' talked to Gen George I Back chief signal officer and ' told him he wanted the Army’s commanding generals to exercise "careful and good judgment" In carrying out the gov eminent's program to weed out all Security risks!' : OPPOSED HASTE ' The secretary said he told Back he did not want the removal of employes at Ft Monmouth to be done so rapidly that people would be suspended without evidence to support the action And - Stevens saiR he told Back he was "apprehensive that Gen Lawton might-be moving in that 'direction" - - If there were any doubt about employes Stevens said he wanted them out but he said hie emphasized that he wanted the security program conducted In -a fair way and not Just- on the basis of "meager or-almost nonexistent information" Th secretary said that with that background in mind he might have talked with Adams and had him call Lawton- but he reiterated that-he did not recall such a conversation Stevens testified that between January 1953 and March of this year the Army had “weeded out1 LutheransElect Palisades Pastor SACRAMENTO UP) — Pastor Walter Heilman of Pacific Pali-ides is the new president of the : California District of 4 the American Lutheran Church-He was elected yesterday at the church's ’annual convention toil succeed? Dr Konrad Koos-mann of San Marina The district is composed of California and "Arizona and la made up of 72 CMigreatlona' -' -! 1 J ' : ' : mr' A 1K - committee asked- that im- mediate" steps be taken to enforce “Section Z 377A of the California Penal Cbde“ - Legal authorities- immed- lately pointed out that 'the section deals mainly with bookmaking for horse reo- Ing not with’ draw poker ' 170 Individual! as security risks where there has been a “loyalty connotation" - - The secretary gave this as “tangible evidence’’ of the Army’s activity ’ against communist -influence or infiltration It was in reply to an inquiry by Sen Dirk-sen (R-Ill) DECLINES REST Stevens obviously weary after 5M days of questioning declined a suggestion by Sen McClellan (D-Ark) to rest from the “strain of - this ordeal” When McCarthy’s turn Came there was a flare-up from Stevens at one point The secretary said he "objected violently” to an implication by McCarthy that McCarthy’s investigation of alleged subversion at Ft Monmouth would - have -had no success if Lawton had not been commander there' - - ( : Thank God he (Lawton) had guts"' McCarthy had declared ' J' ARMY PVT G caUed into midst of The Federal Bureau of loves- tlgation here ‘announced today the arrest of "Edward V Clip-’ pinger 69 and his wife Roxie 42 of San Bernardino' and Dick Kellogg of Las Vegas Nev on charges of ' violiting Uie white slave traffic act : They 'are charged with' transporting wwnen from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for immoral purposes John -F Malone special agent In charge of the bureau in Los Angeles said the arrests followed indictments returned by the Federal Grand Jury in Los -Angeles yesterday - 1 - - Malone ’ said the CUppingera are owners of the Four Mile Hotel known as RoxieV In Las Vegas and that the Indictment was' returned after months of investigation of the motel by -the INDEX - About Women : Classified ‘Outlies - -r 15 1 Drama and Enter- - tabunent 13-19 Editorial Page 14 Financial Radio-Television ' 24 1 ' Sports 16-17 Weather 8 Women s! Home 11 s 1 c 10 ' -20-23 : - : Air Current Report A study of wind currents in Los Angeles County id strengthening the belief of many smog experts that autos are thg major offenders in air pollution Sclentists of the County Air Pollution Control District ' now halfway through a three-year windstudy say their ' findings show: ’ r - ' 1 Eye-smsrting smog in the San Fernando and West- ern Sail Gabriel valleys rarely comes from the industrial and1 refinery sections of Lon Angeles as popularly believed1 It ’ originates mostly from traffic in downtown Log Angeles Hoi-: lywood Beverly Hills and adjoining beach dties' 2 Smog --which damaged": plant life as far north as Santa Barbara and: south near' the Mexican border probably did not come from Lbs - Angeles but originated mostly from traffic in those areas ' v 3 Smog from Los Angeles ' great-industrial and oil refinery sections mi both sides of the Los ( Angeles River generally heads ’ Into Orange County Some of these air pollutants reach the Eastern San : Gabriel Valley- ' starting about at Azusa 4The best location for new factories which emit air pollu- tants is hear the ocean where sea breezez — stronger than Inland winds — can more ' quickly disperse pollutants v - - r APCD scientists hope the long- range study of wind patterns ' will provide ' information (which can be used In reducing smog It ' b-designed to augment the pro- gram which has Induced industry ' to spend 20 million dollars to curb air pollutants ’ The study of currents Is vitkl because wind controls the movement of pollutants which are often prevented from rising Into the upper atmosphere fay ar-tem- perature Inversion which' acts as ( a Ud over the Los Angeles basin -Local winds moving Inland during the day and seaward at -night average 'only 5 mph half the average rate in other biff American dties ' Although only half finished the air study already is being used by the County and City Planning: commissions - In considering petitions for Indus trill zoning s -The commissions have' consulted ' meteroiogist Erwln'Kau--per who is correlating' wind direction and vekxdty charts from 32 wind stations in Southern California The' charts carry hourly readings- For- Instance the City' Plan ning Commission recently wanted to know the advisability of re-zoning Several square - miles 'v near' - Chats worth for - light in- d us try -Wind flow charts msde ' it - possible- for engineers to redesign the Industrial strip so its mllutantg would not be carried to a residential area ' : 1 ZONING CONSHIEBED -V Los Angeles County may develop an industrial zoning ordinance based ‘on the flow of air currents Industrie- ’would be-permitted to locate only In areas where average wind would not carry their pollutants to real-' dential areas - However such ’ an ordinance may not be' necessary because companies wishing to build a factory already must : first ob- tain a permit- from the APCD' —Torn to rage Z Column 6 Stevens retorted that McCarthy knew he (Stevens) gage "complete support? to the Mqfi-mouth Investigation and "something would have been done" regardless of whether Lawton or someone else -was commanding the post As McCarthy’s questioning time expired the committee took a recess for lunch There was long questioning from Jenkins before Stevens conceded that he might have asked Adams to call Lawton ? 'r r At 'the conclusion of 'yesterday’s hearing Jenkins was asking Stevens whether he had "threatened reprisals” ( against Lawton because of the general’s praise of the work of the McCarthy - group in Its probe for subversives at Ft Monmouth -iThe hiaring recessed on a dramatic note late yesterday with SubOmmittee Special Counsel —Turn to Page 4 Coltuna l V TTfrtt4 ' DAVID SCHINE McCarthy-Army hassle FBL The -' indictment Malone said charges each of : the 'defendants with six violations of the statute and one count of conspiracy to violate the statute - ROSS flRMOBED 'SPEJUtHEflD' REPORTED BEHD7T0 STHIKE ' WASHINGTON: li -2 Russia has s “ready- ' made spearhead” of armored divisions in East Germany that could strike the West' at A bkk -' ment’s notice diplomatic officials said today ' These hiffh-officials whose Information hi as authoritative as" any in Allied hands also said : Bussia and its Red satellites In Europe now have f i more than 6000000 men under arms x The Red spearhead in East Germany was said -to consist of 22 Soviet divisions mostly armored -' J : units with tanks and self-propelled ffuns - Sup-: portinff them ' are 60 ' other - Soviet ' divisions In Eastern Europe -and West Russia— not including: s 80 satellite divisions - r The' informants estimated that Russia and her satellites could -expand their present overall —force of 255 divisions to 400 divisions within SO :j ' days after the start of a war - - f : Gen J Lawton Collins' U representative to NATO recently told the Daughters of the Amer- lean Revolution there'now are roughly 100 diri- siona available fornVestern Europe’s defense’': The CUppingers were arrested in San Bernardino yesterday and Kellogg in Las Vegas The Clip- pingers are scheduled to appear before the U S commissioner in San Bernardino today if 4 jT mti r i 1 y' ! : K ' '''' ' ' 1 5 yi f " r -" ’-s - -v v w--b F i 1 w " ’-A - ')

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