Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on May 3, 1954 · 20
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 20

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1954
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- -y:- ?? r- v " t i 1 ' : I I t jfc - -j - S y ws ''I - ' ' Unltad Praa telephoto- THE HARD WAY— On the second Jeff of honeymoon trip by motor scooter to Niagara Falls' Antoine and Denise Baud passed through Atlanta Ga aboard their one-horsepower vehicle loaded with 150 pounds of luggage The -young couple from Baris France are on a grand circle tour which will carry them through Los Angeles Houston' New Orleans and Detroit before arrival at final destination Tom Tyler Film Cowboy MadeFamous by TV Dies DETROIT Service will be held Wednesday for Tom Ty- - ler 50 -a former motion picture cowboy who gained a newfol- ' lowing among the nation’s young television fans I Tyler his fortune' dwindling' r- and his stardom a thing of-tne past died of a heart attack Saturday night In St Francis Hos- pital in suburban Hamtramck - V his boyhood home '-'Although he ho longer ranked - as -a HollywpOd star Tyler's fame began to solar in recent years among-' children who watched his old films on television-'- V- ButTyler gained nothing from his TVpopularity He had neglected to buy the rights to hi' old pictures Poll : ' To' many he was well known as one of the “Three Mesqui-teers'” ' 4 ) He was born in Port Henry I NY and entered movies in 1927 In 1937 he married actress Jeanne Martel' For 14 years' before his entrance Into movies he held the world's weight-lifting -championship and in 1928 he qualified for the Olympic games - Tyler who real name was Vincent Marko returned to Detroit 18 months ago and was living at the home of a sister Mrs Ka$h-' eripe ' SlepskL He had givefrup his Hollywood career eight years ago ' Among pictures in which Tyler had featured parts were Cheyenne’ “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” “San Antonio” and “The " Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend” “Younger Broth- ers” and “Hellfire” In 1942 he was honored for his ' V audience-drawing ability in the Motion Picture Herald Fame chine's Brother Charges Politics CAMBRIDGE Mass UP) — C Richard Schine a 1 19-year-old Harvard sophomore says the Army made his brother's request for a commission ' “a political football” Schine told the Boston Post in an interview yesterday that if Secretary of the Army Stevens' had acted - immediately on the application of his brother G David Schine ’ for an officer’s commission' thq McCSrfhy-Army row might have been averted “Instead of making a natural executive decision -when my brother's application reached him Stevens hedged for six weeks while the Army made Dave's request for a commission a political football"' Schine said ifi igi ipa Vge- New Imports Have Arrived V"- s ’ J 1 - 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Friaxs Waal Iran NOW $141 119 129 194 112 77 ’47 sa e e ee aaa 119 99 94 159 19 12-fL CattM Basel tali sral ta wait 40-ax pai caaiplata SC95 Vai y Friaxs 12-ft AN gimm Waal ParfacL Oily fimsaal Cray Closing Out American Oriental Wiltons All Wool KflOA ncr txll— $tM I 0x12—4125 OUO vrr txl5j1 5x5-91140 24x44— 1124 ALSO RVfiS CLEANEB ANB lEPAIIEB BY EXTENTS aTOufunfoyi htabStM 7909 M04 lawle MmIot BML ' Hourwooo u CMif BR 2-2411 CR 6-9 IIS Opm Mm Stm TCI 9 9JS MEWS BRIEFS VFW Charges College Red Hi-Iinx MIDDLETOWN Conn (UP) — The Veterans of Foreign Wars demanded today that Wesleyan University take stern disciplinary action against students who staged what it called a communist-inspired demonstration at A Loyalty Day parade The VFW said tire parade Sunday afternoon turned into a “disgraceful exhibition of spitting 4 at the flag stone throwing and the exhibition of a Nazi flag frdm a college dormitory window” Iowa Surgeons Accused of Fee-Split COUNCIL BLUfFS Ia dlP) — The American College of Surgeons meeting at Cleveland has warned more than 200 ’Iowa surgeons to stop splitting fees with physicians or be expelled from the organization Dr Gerald V Caughlan president of the Iowa State Medical Society Announced the decision of the board of regents of the ACS' i ' 4 McCarthy foe Woos Factory Workers SAUK CITY Wis (UPX— Editor Le Roy Gore j said he would send sound trucks to Milwaukee factory areas today urging workers to sign petitions demanding the recall of Sen Joseph McCarthy Gore is editor of the Sauk-Prairie Star Dulles Meets Scelba in Milan I- MILAN Italy a'B — US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles arrived here by air today from the Geneva conference to meet with Premier Mario Scelba and discuss Italian ratification of th European army plan Denies Calif Trip Definite WASHINGTON (UP)— The White House said todifWPresident Eisenhower has no commitment for a to California this fall as predicted over the weeKWnd by California Republican sources Adm HalseWGreeted in Australia SYDNEY Australia (P) — One hundred thousand AustraliansLave a rousing welcome to AmricaR military visitors headed by Fleet Adm j William Halsey (ret) oday They are here for celebrations on the anniversary of the Allied victory at the Battle of tBfc Coral Sea in May 1942 Phone Company PicketimjLCalled Off NEW YORK (UP)— Western Elekric employes in 44 states and the District of Colwnbia called off a strike scheduled for today amhougfr no agreement had been reached on a nevmcontract The strike would have resulted in piclming of telephone company offices in every statei the Union except Maine New Hampshire Venigont and Montana DOUBLE-TRAGEDY Father Son Lose Lives on Fishing Trip VISALIA UP) — A father and hii 14-year-old aon lost their lives In a weekend fishing trip to the Sequoia National Forest above Fairview Tbe coroner’s office- said Frank Vonde 50 4013 Santa Ana St South Gate died of a heart attack Saturday while trying to save the son William who haji fallen into the Kern River rapids The father after running along the stream finally jumped in He died a few minutes after Jack Moore a ranger pulled him out The boy’s body was recovered later downstream Judge Georgia Bullock Claims Estate Share Superior Judge Georgia P Bullock - has filed a claim to a part of the 127000 estate left by a South Pasadena family wiped out by a double murder and suicide last December probate court records disclosed today ' The woman jurist stated she was a cousin of Miss Virginia Judd 46 who took her own life after shooting and killing her mother and Mother in the family home at 2120 Monterey Rd MISSING BOY 8 TURNS :UP SAFE AT GRANDMOTHER'S ARVIN cn — An all-day search for 8-year-old Ronnie Canfield was called off Saturday night when the boy turned up at his grandmother’s home in Bakersfield - The town of Arvin and1 the Bear Mountain district were combed by search parties before it was learned the youngster had madb his way to Bakersfield where the fami-' ly formerly lived Borzage to Attend Asian Film Event Frank Borzage will' represent the American motion picture industry at the Southeast Aslan Film Festival May 8-20 in Tokyo it was announced today The veteran director and producer will attend the festival on behalf of the Association of Motion Picture Producers as an unofficial observer The Film Festival is sponsored by the Federation of Motion Picture Producers of Southeast Asia Active participants are the industries of Japan Philippines Thailand Formosa Indonesia Singapore and Hong Kong Other countries which will be represented but which are not active' participants ase Incjia Burma Pakistan and Ceylon CITIZEN-NEWS Hollywood Monday May 3 1954 Door-to-Door Calif Health n - Suryev Started An ambitious 'door -to -door health survey of some 35000 citizens - in 12000 California homes began today The survey is the first step of the state departmept of public health's campaign to check on the health and physical condition of California and is expected to last a full year Dr Malcolm XL Merrill state health director said 24 interviewers from the U S Census Bureau will Interview families in all walks of life and widely scattered areas but concentrated - mainly in Los Angeles and San FTancisco Purpose of the survey is to determine the amount and nature of illness and accidents not usually reportable to health agencies a comparison of rural and urban health and to learn if the' health pattern la changing ' The project under the 'direction of Dr Lester Breslpw chief of the department’s bureau of chronic diseases is being financed by 9207000 in grants from the U S public health service Michigan’s last coal mine operated near Swan Creek in Allegan - County closed down early In 1952 HO-9-SI4I LdIoIiMaMs JOHN DID © m m JIM DIDN’T Pi j m ai thffithl $11 neoultt Reno’s great downtown hotels have A y 'announced the fineet entertainment In yeerta r athe “biggest namee” the best acts the most ravishing chorus lines It's NOW ' and in the months just ahead Reno All Year Committet Stem your FIRST FEDERAL Savings Account Now When your Dollars Will Earn Mora in '54! All Accounts 'Insured to $10000 ‘liberal Semkrinual Dividends Save by the - Earn from the 1st Hear WeirfHI Noble’s NEWS NOTES KHJ 10:00 pmTues-Thurs I HHIl MM en a M HTM I Federal Savings 9 10AJV ASSOCIATIOH jm & ox Hollywood C L 5763 Hollywood Bhrd Just East of Highland F0SENMAN Prsa HO-3-4141 FREE PARKING McCarthy Continued from Page 1— gest to you sir” that Army Counsellor Adams had sought to induce McCarthy to “call off” the investigation at Monmonth last October - Cohn went on to say Army oficials drafted and urged ' Me- Carthy to sign a statement calling off the investigation ' Stevens said he had “no ricol lection" of such a request He said he - remembered discussing a possible statement last October but he thought the statement would show the Army and McCarthy were “working together” on the Monmouth probe Cohn insisted the statement had been submitted to McCarthy by Adams CALLED ‘CRUCIAL’ As Cohn pressehwthe pdint which he called “eruLPHtoth Stevens and Adams said they could not now produce the text of any such statement Cbhn then asked and the committee agreed that - Stevens’ notes and memos on the days in question — Oct: 19 and 20 be subpoenaed -McCarthy taking over the questioning asked Stevens whether he had ever testified or ever been told that Private Schine was dining on filet ml-gnon i and champagne at' the Stork Club in New York when he should have been eling potatoes at Ft Dix “I didn’t testify to that ” Stev: ens replied ' ' Pressed as to whether he JOTd ever heard that Stevens samT’T don’t think I ever heard 4mat Sen' Henry M- Jackmn CD-Wash) railed today Jor the sworn testimony of SfSgt Herbert R Manchester who told newsmen it was Mg idea to take the now fSmou&gphotograph of Stevens - and Scpne but the sergeant was nog called at today’s morning lemon In quesnoning Stevens McCarthy referred to a story he said was carried by the North American Newspaper Alliance April 27 McCarthy without actually reading what the storg said demanded whether it was true or false Ray Jenkins -counsel to the subcommittee directed Stevens not jo answer and said McCarthy had “overstepped the bounds of propriety when he asked that question” - V' ' ' When Jenkins interrupted again McCarthy told him he would conduct his own interrogation Moth 4 on HER f nday May 9h DAY t ’ THE BEST ELECTRIC APPLIANCES MADE r P5-'5' o & Citiznt-Jfafo Vel Bg Ko 31 Monday May a IIM OIXloa ot Poblleauoa 1IU M WUeos Sva Hollywood lli Calif Rmd HO-S-US4 Dally Inapt Senday aa aaaand flaw BMttor Do-cambar It IMS at U Paat Offlea -at Laa Anaalaa Bollywood SI Cam asdar UM act of March-1 1I7S Cahooata faUay Sontinok aatobllabad Jaa n UN wa o oonaoUdatad Ml U ( iaOf www wuawraiMi gosb a) wtth HoOywood CltiMB aatabUahcd tail wn Abril 1 IMA Hollywood gltlaaa Hollywood Dally Cltlaaa OeA 'L 1131 Hollywood Dally Cttiaan bacaaM Hollywood CiUatb-Kowo on Nov 1 ML wtth tba aconlrlna at Hollywood Nowa aatah-Uahod Nov L taxi Obo of tho aaao Cttiam-Nowo betas Dte 1 1M ClUaca-Nowa waa adlsdlcatad Mi II isaa aa a nawapapar af aanaral elr-eulaUoar by tba Sapariar Coart of Loa Aaaolea County la Caaa Sa aaitiT SobaeripUea rata By aarriat I1JI aaa atenth Paid ta advaneo rataa a aiontha tlTC: aMBthBi aiM 1 year I1IM B bmIL paid la advaneo rataa: Out year tiaSA “THE CHILDREN ARE GIVING ME A SUNBEAM” IP - J $ K m a - America’s most popular food mixer There’s only ONE MIXM ASTER— it’s made by SUNBEAM Give the Famous standard-size Sunbeam Mixnaster for ALL the time end labor-saving advantages of an electric food mixer If it’s a junior-size mixer— the SUNBEAM -MIXMASTER JUNIOR is the best junior mixer made rely new and sensational! Perfect eggs bacon pon- cakeifried chicken roasts etc Gives you the correct CONTROLLED HEAT for more delicious food by simply setting the'cjial WATER-SEALED ELEMENT enables you to immerse ttih entire pan in water right up ta the control dial for quick easy washing 4 SUNBEAM TOASTER has exclusive Radiant Control that "adjusts itself automatically la every Idnd of bread ae AMi Hnaa AataAlta LSnl L!a laaaawn nvaun or Tiwafig ryg oa wiwiui vmcK w nwis orooo iowovs Itself automatically— no levers to pash- Toast raises Itself silently without springs— no popping or banging' Auto mafic Beyond Beieff froe£h £ & fr- Ask people who use the SUNBEAM COFFEEMASTER and they! teR you has given them that wonderful quur-ance off Hie same defideus coffee every time— off aufo-mtatkaOy No guess work You can’t miss Arid for rich lovely long-lasting beauty that women cherish the Srinbeam has no equal Preferred by women everywhere lecausa'tha SUNBEAM COOKER & DEEP FRYER does more things' better It’s a cooker' deep-fryer chafing dish casserole steamer bun warmer and it blanchgs vegetables for home freezing — ALL N ONE Has deep circular well shaped like a cooking saucepan SEE THEM AT YOU R SUN B E AM DEALER ') 1 T s i ' -

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