The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri on September 26, 1945 · Page 4
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The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri · Page 4

Sedalia, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1945
Page 4
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Fi'ifnilowí'r in ( all lo l*allon for Kritorl (i’v)ntiniird fror K*' 1 ) ■ xilor lirrr Dlr^ '^ml- He>i\al ni'iily M Lodpe Hall K'oï tnn <*d fro?; Pd^e 1) P ih I s 'I OB of .1’ ‘î t ! 11 3 in he ter rei’oxenng ei i^t ï>mail ind iî^îne5 repaiations icud situation ,i> i^Plte OÎ liU- g(;l( >a»d. the .sit ?i fit ion than ill ti' iranv.. Thousands PK ith a (iir *e r i 4 <t(»d and i < t loo Dad. «‘1 «Ilio i -ni, ■ a-iO i < Dr UÍ Goi- I nder Arri*s( BF.RLIN. Sept. ;/6- '-A I^uciiiR Clay, WHO ne.o'ís tri í^Thean militai v ìe increase that soon Gen. Am- i^d\i!n-:ent in C^ermany order Gen. Ki..enhouer ^aid today 50.000 to 60.000 were under State.s occupation zone and the number would to 100,000. Clay said e\ ery German industrialist or man down to f'hop foremen who had belonged to the Nazi party Wi.nld be dis- fliarged in the purge now in These w il! be< ome common laborers they can prove to occupatjori authorities that thev were dm M , and M ; ('heainam had < G-ecied to gc? b k to hie Islands iollowing thcsr he¡í' He was a •nemc.e; of the independent Order o' Odd Feliovvs, bet- ^dlynesia Krna- pmeni ,\o. 1. at Honoluhr. Olr e íhancrt Hebekah lodge \{ 2, }()< >F: Veterans oí F reign Uai-\ H< nob In Posi No. lo 40 Lf val Ordr-! -i Moose, Hanoi ilu Ifxige No. HbO and Angeles Mcjv<s Carrip, L’l jmd Spanisn War Veteran.«- of Lo: .\i.meles. Mr. Chea*ham s soivt'.ed bv Nazis: daughter. Mrs. Wniiam A. Water- in the United of Maria Kauai, Hawaii; mo step-sons, Ralph and Fiaroid Hall of Hawaii and a step-daughter, Mrs. Howard Jones of Los Ange- le.v. in addition to hjs wife and .'j.-ter. He also leaves .severai nieces and nephews. The body .vas taken t<,. the Gil- e.spie funeral home. Dr. K. L. Hoidien. Pettis county corronei, was called to the lodge hall to examine the body, and íBy Ch The F .1 .«! brer' day the a non-a-'tiv e Nazrs if' B,.pV 5 h pi u;; w 11 c en ng "45 p ,r. lai ge 1 ong eg t' '•ervice. 'v • rr First Bap’ tniongho n the lo alt Cl d. T^ieif number of - - precíate the¡. Ri ‘ i' i ! . - ■ • ^ ' J i , 1 ' i( tJ.'l ’ It Î ! ; f r . t 1 H ■ i .'0 Y r e V , ' > 'Orngn? *t ’v( e4i'e 1'o ng )1 tU peonU V h'd af - {j e t ? ARIES hts/fOf/'Talk on Coiirls Of ¡ncreasifijB' Taxes I : /mi ( harles L. May j 1 O LJOIIS V^llln L 'd c> L. May 8.'^ years oid,^ (Continued From Page One) , ' ; h’ hi- home. 705 South En- of the postw^ar unemployment Dirnmitt Hoifman w'as ;ec; cO.enue. a* lli 40 o clock pifolem principal .«speaker at the noon ' n.r.mins, ¡ i ^vo othe, committee members .'“7 Sedalia Lions S..Ai\.ng are his woie. .Mr.s. however—Reps. FWrand (D-RI) ^olel Bothwrnll today. Md_^.e J. -May (h -he home, three and Eberharter* (D-Pa)~said they Hotfman u<Gd a.s hi,- sub- ri.-;. Lee May of the home. L. J. iwould seek the required Courts and Their Func- y. 1415 South Kentucky avp-'i k..;..., Gion.<”. He wa.«= introduced by George James, program chairman for the club. Judge Hotfman in his talk, .which wa.^ most mieresting. told of the changes which whll be made in the justice of the peace courts. the committee probablv will side- constitii-l To ik-iiiiir l’a^-PM<ror Salvaikm Armv (.ar Pr<MliH*hoii — me required zl 8 ave- i signatures to bring the legi^la- cuc ana Clarence May. 405 Northjtion directly to the house A :ncy avenue and Mrs. R. E, ifoi floor M.'irhn. 2101 East Twelfth street, .-e\ grandchildren and great ,.,1 cindchildren The body wa.s taken to the Gil- Í fct' iune;al iiome. Fuñera' acjement.«; ha\e not been com a vole Dough ton -et .November 1 as the deadline for tax-cutting action if reduction.? are to apply to 1946 incomes. Emphasizing speed, ST. LOUIS- Scf)t 20 (/p.- ÍM senger car nod ict¡on ,s di ^e resumed nexi muui iit tht S‘ Loui.' Chfw 'oiet plant, which i.. already luri mg I cuirm.e c ¡1 trucks. com»‘any oilicuáis saici y s- terdciy. When the riant enter.< tuli auction, a bstantiai .ncrease ra the pre-w level ot 2,800 workers i.'i *.xpeited, M. Mu Howe, the manager, .-u.d Kallv Oct. 1 Mrs. John A hen, piesident of the Mon cn’s Home League of the S-!\uti* n -Army in the eleven cen­ ti -d St ite will conduct a state- u‘p ibune Leugue rall.v at the ' 1 SaUation Arm,y citadel <■ ay. (ictob'“)- 4. Alien was .-ponsor of the er-iim and launching of a ■ uxiiiary ship LST 812 . husbrnd Commissioner I ' 1 \f IT I ' y Htu uicUed. compelled to loin HitU-Ws p^rtv death w’as due to proof rest.s with the indiv-’^ attack. Id dì. Ailis-Chalmers Repairs We <tafT.? the largeüi Stock 4 d Central Missoari MONITOR ENGINES RODERICK LEAN PEORIA DRILLS M. r. Wahrenbrock 650 K. 10th St. Phone %%t Fimeral Friday Morning Fftmeral service« whll be held at 10;30 o’clock F'nday morning at ibi? Gillespie t ineial home with Re\. H, U. Campbell, pa.«toi of the Filth Street Mlhodist I church, to otticiaie. The Odd Fellows wdll also have a .service at the funeral home. Mrs M: i'garet Fid wards and Mis. W L. Lewi.«^ wul! sing, i ‘■.Abide With Me,” and “Crossing the Bar". Mrs. Mae Moser will be the accompanist. j Ru lal will be m the Crown Hill ceinetcrv. step public hearings. It jdersLood Secretary of the jurv Fred M. Vinson wall Funeral of .Miss Elliott jiirst to lestifv. Funeral services for Miss Flora 1 Need Lot of Revenue uho died Sunday mornmf.| By Janies Marlow n her home on Hishway 6.a, eight'; WASHINGTON, Sept. 'J6- sedalia, were held You and the public debt. was un­ ion of .Missouri, of the functions Treas-i be the miles south of .n 2 o'clock thi.c afternoon at the connection-'s'uie. .Ne\«, Bethel church with Rev. T. Cecil Swackhamer of Warrensburg, officiating, assisted by Rev. C. J. vSpreckelmeyer of Sedalia. Misses Emeline W’ain Brosing, i -Any Lucie Lee Brosing. Holly Jane andi^.^^^p Congress soon starts lo wTiittLe down taxes for 1946 . Tlie size of' the cut you get will be tied right in with the public debt. The debts so big congress cant' Jobcphine Wadleigh sang “Face toi F ctce, ■ 1 Know My Redeemer Liv-! e‘h" .ind ’“Nearer My God to : T'lee.” : Raiibearers weie’ Carl Brosing, I George Coilman, Leonard Milburn. Lloyd Elliott and Wilmer iHiecke. all of Sedalia, and Ray- imond Anderson of Knob Noster. Burial was in the New? Bethel cliurch cemelerv. | j. AI peti Home From Pacifie ; Lieut. Robert Alpert, United : Stales Marines, has arrived back marked by Rev. Troy B. Wheeler The preaching of Rc\. i’roy V. Wheeler has been ol a 'ugh order ' and the solo wmrk oi Dr. F. O.: jCriminger as vvel! as iiis leatier- .-hip of congregational .-inging fi r- ! been dc-piy appreciated. Rotii of I lhe,«e men ha\ e 'ui.ioyed their Istay in Sedalia and H cv appreciate the coopeiation wluch ha.' been givtn them. The n i’etiiig, )od attend-! ' m WINTER DRIVING Trinr - ~r iWfTffii^riif<~flfwnrN>irp'n'ifii~ir Indian Summer \% very triek,y for old Man Winter lurks close behind. .Avoid the las( minute rush for repair.s by inittiiiK your ear in w inter driving cotidition now I BROWN’S Automotive Clinic 321 W. 2nd Phone 548 in Sedalia after twenty-one mon« ths of sendee in the Pacific theatre of war, to visit for Unity days with his parents Mr. and :Mr.«i. Sam -Alpert, 506 West F'oiirth j.sireet. Lieut. Alpert is accom- ' panLed by Mrs. .Alpert w^ho has I be-n staying wdlh relatives in ; Bethany during his absence. He lecently notified his parents he might return soon, and his larri\al w'as a Lieut. Ai- pert was with the Fourth Division, U. S. Marines, w^hich division ligured in numerous important bailh.' in the Pacific. Of two brothers, Lieut. Paul .Alpert, who served in the European theatre of war, has already returned and w'as di.scharged sever! al v\ eeks ago, and is now' living at 720 M'est Third .sticel. v\dth his wile. Sgl. Jack Alpert. U. S. jArrny, artillery, who saw service | ■ on tiie Italian iront. recently re: turned home and is discharged, i and is now visiting his parents before going to Milw'aukee, Wis. Another brother, Cpl. Joe Al: pert in the paratroopers is still I 11. France but is expected lo arrive home soon. ance and line spirit. Pre^i<|p^ll is Ajiaiiisl isolation Hay Fibei’l Service j Funeral services tor Ray Ebert, 53 years old, 807 East Sixth !>treet, will be held at the Ewdng hmeial Home at 2.30 o’clock Tiiursday afternoon. The Rev. Ha Hie Rice will officiate. Pallbearers wdll be mein- i.ois oi the Veteran's Wars. Interment will be in tiie Crown Hill cemetery. Mr. Ebert died at the Veteran’s .Aammislration Facility at Wadsworth, Kansas Tuesday morning. He hiid been a patient at the laciliiy since September 18 , 'Phe body is at the Ewing funttral home. oi the probate court, the county court, and the circuit court. the| latter over wTiich he presides in Pettis county. He also referred to stveral w’hich had been tiled betöre him and actions tak- tn on them on appeals to the* ^ Kansas City Court of Appeals jand also those taken to the Su; preme Court of Missouri. Fie also reierred to a case brought to Pettis county from Greene county upon which he too much off next yea,Asi’’ i'"''' ______________ 1 _ iiad been W'aived. ot the case being reierred to the Federal Court of Appeals and action taken by that body, Fhe>eni at the meeting w'ere Jack L. Jolly, past president of the local club now of Poplar Bluff. Mo., guest of the club, S. O. Rawlings, Jacksonville. Fla., guest of Al Gardner, and Flight Officer Charles Doberneck, Jean-; nette, Penn., guest of D. Kelly! .Scruton. ^ It w'a? announced Cleo Cecili Forfeit F*arking Bonds Two )vertm e p.irking bc.mds of one doliar e-u h were iori cited in police court this moiming by Mary Jo Crouch, 1720 South Grand avenue, and Mary Muliin.«'. 821 West Third 'treet. Ala vn, who ha.« charge of all Salat ;on Army foi-ces in the eleven centra! states and holds the rank ot i'oianel army, Wu;- ’'■i ri e United States secretary to the chief ahapiams the ington, D C. army, at M'ash- The government reven ut to pay needs a off the taxes, lot of debt, or part of it. It won’t be able to pay off the tuil debt for many yeais to come, it evei-. It can't even start to decrease the debt until it> revenue exceeds its expenses. And that won’t happen next year. This is an explanation of the debt. How it w/orks, how it g.jt that way. When the governmenl’s ex- ... , peases art greater than Us program chairman for the month of October. come—Its income is mainly from ta.xes—it ha.s lo borrow money. It borrows by selling bonds— wai’ bonds are an e.xample—to Foreign'banks and institutions. It has to pay interest on those bonds until it's time for the bonds to be cashed. Then it has to pay the full amount of the bonds. H may have to sell new bonds FTilierai of Airs. Kiiiiiev Saliirdav (Continued from FMge 1) protest occupation oulu u s. Russia May Give Views The appointment of General MacArthur as AHu’d coi iinander in chief, the President replied, was concurred in by the Allies. A reporter W'anled to know whether the Russums h. ve an opportunity to expi'ess then' views. Yes, the president assfo-ted. they have a representative with MacArthur. Or, he added they can convey their views to liim. The president unri'u i igoious F res orBig FTareiip F ive Funeral services for Miss L.i Viola Kinney, teacher of music! ................ English in the C. C. Hub-' to borrow' more money to pay higii school, wdio died Tiies-! OIL the old bonds. morning will be held at 2:00 Between 1914 , oelore we gotiSaturday afternoon al the into World War 1 , and 1940 thei Baptist churcn with A of LONDON, Sept. 26 —t>P)— fresh dispute disrupted talks the foreign ministers of five leading Allied nations today, this one between Soviet and F’rench representatives over w'ording of a communique last night. Consequently the scheduled dis- cus.sion of German peace problems was postponed. public debt rose from less than 1 billion dollai’s lo 40 billion. In those year> it rose because we had the expense of World War I and the expense of creating jobs—paid at government e-x- peiise—in the depression, plus in creased cost of running the government. By June 30 , 1945 —after going through most of World Wai of I Revx L. D. Hardiman, pastor the church, to officiate. Burial w'ili be in the Crowm Hill annex. JU//V6 SHIFT - Leading Stocks At Close .American and For. Pow«r H— .American Smelt, and R, the debt had climbed lo 2,i9 bU- tion dollars. .\merican Tobacco B Anaconda By J une 30 , 1946 it is expected I Atlas * *. Aviation Corp. ! questioning on I said fie knew' o ai fairs, A disclosure that .-.States was preparing the United to recognize 30 to next. The 1946 fiscal year lorcigi; no pi ius tor an meeting of the ‘“Big Three.” Vlungary had relieved tension ear- At the same time he expressed iHer. some impatience with fniblishedi '^^te controv ersial eommunique | J reports that iFu: meetii <4 of foreign mini.ster.s had | F’oreign Minister« Coum il in Lon- “discussed repatriation of F'rench j ^■'^bects to spend don was a failme Jialionals in Sov iet hands,” ! lars. Fhrough taxes V. M. Mo- billion. That to go up another 14 billion to, bring the total debt to 273 billion. |chnÎ^er^orp^*\ !!!!!!!!!! (The figures used here are bas- ; Coca-Cola .................... ed on a fi.scal year which begins|wÎîlht a '!!*.!!!!*!*. July 1 in one year and ends June Do Pont dc Nu........................ „ i Kastrnan Kodak ................ General Electric ................ Close Tiies. 434 60 - 1 * 182 >a . 8 R’« . 363 , . 94 82 734 123 ’v Wed. 5 SO 3 , 182^4 88^4 37 93 L 84 ’a lU 88‘4 12 .S 170 1945 .) 1946 the 67 I General Foods ¡General Motors gov ei nnient ! international Har\?ester Alore Piiblieilv Bv Alovie Star All these reports, he said, are F'oreign Commissai pure He suggested cnt-;‘^^b>v ot leaves ICS wait until the loreign ministers!complained that the wording billion. Sedalia received bit more publicity from Bette Davis, movie star, in an article :n the October issue of C'oronel, through a story about AI isn Davis by Uamer.son Shipp entitled “America’s Leading Lady." In fiscal billion dol-I international Shoe ., ,, i Internationa! Tel and TaL It will takeiKennecott Corp. ex-! Libby McN and L. __ Ru.ssia was reported to exceeding income by 31 ; Mid-Cont. Petroleum .... . 4 .L. . ^4.1 Mis-^ourl-Kansas-Tcxas ... But the treasury at the start, Montgomery Ward of fiscal 1946 had on hand 25 j Na«?h-Keivinator .... National Cash Register.... North American Co ........... sub- ! Packard Motor ............. his bi}stcorrection. France re- stiacted from the 31 billion, still p^jj^p^^petroieum . of .State ■ agree, wdiereupoii Molo-: leaves an increase of 14 billion i PuRty »a^ing James F Byines will' leluin in 'lepoi'ted to bave said he|i,i the public debt; ; Resn^oidÍTob* B ! about ten day.«. ;would make a statement of hisi Government expeit.« figure lhis:| 5 ears Roebuck ....... The president said thrt he knew subject. This mightj if we didn't try to wipe out i|oSlhetS'Calif.. Edison';: of no plan.« r>' Gem uH Mac- delivered here or in Moscow, any of that 273 billion debt—-but[Standard Oil Indiana .. Arthur 10 return to rlu« country, French citizen.« under dis -1 just paid the interest on and that he knew of no reason p, A ^s.sion were resident.« of AKsace | ould co.«t the government 5 orV s .steel ................. thF’ report to see if the meeting is a ’^be impression that the failure or not. Rus.«ians had captured French He said he had no fomment of iliegally. He was un- his own on ihe progn*ss of the demanded an Londay pariey ,nd thaï g Lies.« i.s thaï Scerei a r\ billion, oui of which it will spend 17 billion. That 17 billion, , 7 25' r 384 3 95 473« T 2’4 90 42 2 « 41 *-« 9*4 91^-2 . .53'., 28'« 16 . 69 20’« 39'9 26''4 25 182 '^ 195 47 ■ H 46 72 '2 89'i 41 '4 26 % 41 9 *4 96 'a Long island M, Y. Franchised Bottler: Pepsl-Cola Bottling Company of Sedai!» 27 ' 15 68''8 21 40 26 % S •1 OFFICIAL ENTRY BLANK Guess the winners. F^ill in the probable scores—If your «aitry closest to the results ask him lo return 281 « 48 28-»4 1 . 5 'u 38% 135 '4 47 '. :i 3 % 37% 29 '4 35 ' « 28% 48'2 29 15 ^r 38% i:î 4-'8 46'2 34 >8 37'2 29'4 35'4 74 Bette had just discovered .Am- been a.skee about recurring, (Jei'irian armv whom erica, and vice versa.” Mr. Shipp wrote, “The results were muliial- iy illuminating. Particularly, she stiuck up warm friendships w’ith the slates o! Alissoiiri and (Jkla- reports he might make a reporl policy. bf* on iti-alled to occupation luma. When the citizens ot Se- aalia, Alissouri. presented her wuth a iTuile, and the cattlemen! |Oi Okla'noma City led a bellowing| Fhigene D _ EligUIIF 1 ). NtHih Discliarjif ilieifer into a hotel dining room and christened it Bette Davu? in iiCr honor, she was momentariiy dismaved.” óonaió L u Mr. and Giern. -il.*? iu»n (.Lenì. 1111 South avenue, has gone to Colo., to V I.«n his broth- Biilv X. Glenn. Noi'ih. ship.' cook 1 c has: arrived in Sedalis iron, the jNavy separation Cci.ler m St. 'Louis, where he received iiis honorable discharge. lie served * thirty-sev en months, twcntv -lour at sea aboard the . nc alt carrier. U. S. S. Ftnt. .'prisi.' wears the presidential ^nut lion. good conduit luecru ''iiieteen battle stai>. H% vvite and ?'r were awaiting inm at the iViOtii.i. al 31 b I’.H'! M :. No'H ex, eets ic before de. id mg on e ' i captured during the 'Phe F’rench took the position Tfial the reference in the com- 1 iiTumique was an accurate stale-^ nient of tiie discussion. ! .Joini F'nster Dulles, Republican ; adv iser to the American delega-i cancelled his projected tour! h)f Fkiropean capitals in search of; : intoi'malion useful lo the peace : formula. it is understood thali »illion dollars, the Russians I Yq^ ask; \Vliy do we have lo ’spend 67 billion dollars in 1946 ? Isn’t the wai' over? Yes. But. the fiscal year of 1946 .started July 1 , 1945 . We then still had a month and war wuth Japan Aug. 14 . 1945 . Between now and 1946 we will have to: Pay millions of men Leaders on The Curb Arkansas. Nat Gas a half of the i Nat Gas A , . , , , : cities Service which ended Ciiie? Service. Pf. .. El Bond and Sh. Ford Motor Can A... urie oO, P*ord Motor Ltd. ... i Nate. Bel He? .... Southem Rova* in the; Standard Oil Ky. .. armed services, feed them, clothe; vet- He ita- and Dll lie« will seek a more precise' rlelinition of Ih S. foreign pQjjey. | ^ them; pay The conierence is expected to end tomorrow or F'riday, at the latest. Plane.« were w'ailing to carry home Secretarv of State Byrne« and Russian Foreign Com-! D^oney into an international bank; mi«sar \h M. Molotov. C'hioaNio Poultry CHICAGO. Sept Close ClO'e Tues. Wed. ............. ’23'4 .............. 4% 22% .............. 5 3% ................. 20% 20 »4 ................. 131 130% ..................... 14% 15% .................- 25 % 26 ................. . 6% ................. 4 ■ H .5 ................. 12 12 ................. 21 21 26— T — ( USD A ) YOU WILL WIN »5.00 1. lUinois f1 I.Indiana r 1 Notre Dame f 1 Northwestern [ ] z. iM isso uri r 1 m i . Southern California Í1 Ohio State 1 ] ( aiifornia I ] 3. Oklahmna ! 1 8. Texas ( hristian I 1 Nebraska 1 1 Baylor I ] 1. Oklahoma <i i' M Î ] 9. FIol> ( ross 1I .Arkansas r1 Dartmouth 11 5. Rice Í 1 10. Georgia Tech r Ì L. S. 1 . f 1 North ( arolina I 1 V our pnlrv must be postmarked not later than Friday Alidnight, Stplember ’iHth. erans benefits; mustering out pav;H..ive poultry, steady; receipts 25 trucks. , i a t i 1 car: FOB prices: fowl 24c to 25c: L cr pay fOl some wai contracts, like; horn fowl 21c to 22%c; roasters 21c to ships now' being completed: pay: on terminated w'ar contracts: pay', and rim the gov'erment. to 22 %c; 27c; fryer.« 21c to 27c: broiler‘s 21c to 27c; I.eghorn fryer« 18c to 21c: Leghorn broiiiMs 18c to 21c: old roosters 18c to 20c: ducklings 24c to 27c: heavy youug ducks 21c to 24c; and light ducks 18c to 21c See LONNIE BOHON at ASKEW MOTOR COMPANY 4th and Lamine for Service on all makes of cars. V\* ill MOTOR ^prt lalur TUNEUPS BRAKE SERVICE ol hl«: St leel. a re.«t ment. : ¡dren hoiì'C Mam <-ke (>V- F’oi’iii Plans ( .oiniimiiilv for Dav Oiil of Ariiiv Kans»s City Produce KANSAS CITY. Sepi 26 duce: All prices uuclianged. yp— Pro- Vf ter F'oiir A cars \sses>ed S 50 Fine Mrs. W.llie F'erg'. Bi oadw t\ apooc L d thi' a* t 1% M ano lo 1 IV a m V : ard w 1« lineo xaO m «ht t j d ^ ^ F. 2 rendei ed hei‘ n. i t un, 1413 m n e<i West ■ i -urt o I ty ' 0 X 1 o' t‘d ’« muh Member« of .several commitlees Mrs. S. W. Washourn of St. OI tlie Sedalia Council of Cliurch Louis, and son, Max E. Washburn, Wtm-.en met at 2:00 o’clock Tues- lecently discharged from the UÚV alternoon at the Fifth Street army, are vlsitmg Mr. and ALi’s. \V, W. Berry. 513 East Fourteenth street, and Mr. and Air«. Will Sti'ader of .north Highw'ay 65 and «!. Louis Produce •St Loui.«, Sept. 26 -P Egg> I' S extra« 46c: U. S. staudard« 39c ’o 4(k ; current receipts 35c In 36 .5c, pullets ‘23c to 25c. ('hiciigu (»rain Table Methodist {‘h'irch 'o make plans ;or the World t'ommunity Day u(u. 1 will be neid on Kov etnber .ir­ ei ßirllx The execntive connniffee will n eel a' 2:00 o’clock F'riday after- :oun at the First church, F^ourth street IJ Da'.ghH- Uv.« nv/' n ' G A«'m'i'h a’ bnV‘k H divenne he held /clock at di tha' > o ' t> ! e ee* ; ( imnlv ( lassificalitm Bill .Approved Bv H<ui«*e LUURKAIIONS De Soto * Plymouth Distributors TFJ F:PH0VE 197 IFF'FhKb .N 1 lour e other friend« and relaliv e,« iii and near .Sedalia, then formei' home. Washburn received hi.« dis- Melhodist charge at Jefivrson Barracks last and Osage Tuesday after relurnmg the pre- Sunday from overseas He had been in serxhce afternoon to discuss foin years and nme months, 27 -f onh?i« of which wp? e .«peiH n me Aie itian«, A‘'er returnirg Slate« and oemg for tour montiis lericd out ot itie and a board meeting will ceding at the same place at 2:30 service. ’ me Day. oc 5 2 « p 'an« DC for Wo! Id « ;mpo'’ant on ’une i<ir .M H’ -lit ]} e^entawe- \ n y ^ f . , fi’e- *Di «Î ate « Tne b.i , a basis ct s«t « < been hi a u\ '■> r .cc uiiw.i it Ucv U m «. aV ’ ( « ‘V n ! .d nn.t- c V I VI» Are ( hacged With Disturbaui e . tit" '-A diSîarümj^ the r I ’’ ed n the court of Bf'.’e <*‘mg as ex-otî/cio I ! • '* c'C « e. again.«’ Earl \\ ■ 1C; Bah. y. oo’h o? , V W eno. Hope, .Ar- .v.n b.i ’ Green, Jr., d. u. dll Negroes, alter ad oeer taken from Mis- Pa p:;i«senger tram No. c . ciiil.g c .eu 4 a. .hr CùUntV |,C d : itVC - m the Uni’ed in camps heie he wa.s trans- iJHtii into th.* CHICAGO. Sept. 26 T High Low Clo.«e Cto«e W HEAT W ed. Tues. Dec 1 72% 1,71 % 1.71 % 1,71 '4 .Ma\ 1,69 « I 69 1 69 1 68"8 .} lily 1.61 •% 1 60% 1 .60 '4 1.60 ' ! Sepi . 1 59 « 1 58 % ! 58 % I 58% CORN Dec 1 16% 1 16'.- 1 16'.2 116% Mav 1.15% 1 15 1 15 1 15%- Julv 1 14'2 1 14 1 14 1.14'^ OATS D ch - 63' ,62% .62% .62% Mav.64 « .63^8 .64 % .62% July . .60% .60 •«,60'4 .60% .Sept , .59"« .59 .59 ' .59 % R5’E Dec 1 .52 4 1 50 4 Î.50 4 1.49% Mav 1 43 ’* 1 42 1 42% V .r i)\ ! •■’A ! .î2% 1 .í2% 1 32'4 S-n‘ 1 .29 4 1.27 Î 27% 1.28% K ,t ri sa « (1(4 (ash Grain KANS AS CIT5 Sept 2b V VV. cat ARBO TIRE AND TREAD COMPANY Treads — 1 . S. Tires and Tubes. Phone 460 218 Home of Havv kinson E. ’2nd St. PUBLIC SALE be sold at public I he follow iiu{ lartn, livestock aod farm implemeuts will auction at the farm located % mile west of Uahner. then '«»th on lane impro\ements. appi virnaleU 1.5 miles voiitheast of Sedalia, on to farm itr I «.II 111 »»»«»*»'•••'» »»I»!'..' s.«... — - - . TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2 y 10:30jMVI. pleetiHal appliance business In Sedalia. I will »elJ 335- acre improved FARM this : room two- torv h» use Deleo light plant, full basement, furnaee^^Thi.s in good condition. I he following outhuildings: 30 by 10 grainery, y scale house wiih f airhanks-.51or-e scales, brooder house, :ih by 30 i This prop«rif IV .5.5’ barn implemeni shed, IH’ bv -i’ vva b house, garage, 3.5’ bv 1-5 grainery, Ihree H)’ enes. tool h.uise. two wells and one eistern on properlv. One windmill. Two conerete watering tanks. I'asture watered bv spring-fed branch I his propertv maj be inspected betöre da', of s;i)e, I , t Wollet, owner LIVESTOCK and FARM EQUIPMENT I he foHowit g will he sold h> l rank Swone and «on. .vs Mr Swope is foinf into the dairv farming business on route 1 «ediiia; noRsf s 1 Ba.v !ViUf. 6 . ; 1 Cirey niaic aud ¡u- 1 Black hor .f, 3 1 Grc\ mare 3 yi . 1 Bay hoi ,e. 4 v' 1 Bay mare, .‘i \( A I ITT 1 BuiL p- rebred V r, 1 Black . Jff e ' 1 2 Cow«. .Oit'mK 3 yr^ With cakes 1 W'biteiat e b ?!i. 10 -months M \( Hl.NERV 1 5-foot Aliis-Chalmers combm«, goo« shape 1 Peo ia fertilizer wheat drill, used 2 yri 1 McCormick-Deenng corn planter an* (Nieck wire 1 Ward Groin Buster Hammermili, P . 1 . ta unchanged to een' • gner. 385 lri ¿tíid 76 th divisions and sail- t-d ÎOI England the latter pari >f November, He was in General F^Hk.on'.' Th id > a ia ‘tn V-E ria^' '.‘H« naa?' Che?i'n Gei .1 an \. 124 No 2 daik ana hard SI.65 '*> SI o9 No. 3. SI 64' to SI 68 N'd 2 t'd SI 67 ?o SI 71 ■_ tionunai No 3 SI oi to «1 ,.winu; al Vorn: 37 ..ajs ¡i.ctiai:c .-d. ’«n 2 S1,3(}4 ion.inal. Nh' % nominal: No 2 vpUow SI 15 1 o X-'; 3, « ' ¡ ' o « 1 ■; 5 ' s « in S'; i4 , >-fn- 1 Yel ) t G <e ! ! ,Jv • I Jer-ev 'e il’ G. I ootn.' 1 1 B ai K Je- o> I l-l 'a 'a- jc ] B rick c)w K 1 HfM cr W t R ,h,jei Ha' rta Wag=:! wat,on 16-inch w'heeJv o •. V ! OOP boa-O' «ni ’h walking piow -e Ho: V ir 12 -' -’,0 !: . t :)t rrïd 1 Walking ; y harrow - ' aininermill belt r’ hir.der i .,r«ua> (»ranted Marriage License« In Wyandotte>. Ka.«.. marriage licenses were i«saed to Hubert L. S’one, Hoirstonia, and Lvvu v/..-liins. Scdai.a Keiiiietn .VI >iviuliv;i1. Kaii«a' ( Fr. V ■ i. Ci . r»r .■ I:^ , b- V- one SÎ.29 ■ «1 26' 4 to S%'.3 c; S «1 r- X. • O' ' a .X; • a ‘ Oa- ! a b.,r , , 'ir ' ' ...... M - .a; e Kdt ir S2.32 3 . « 1 IKK t n\v > 1 ; ed SI n C' Id f i‘t ;a. e : e C‘ ' P At,., : 1 511>t f LI VNLOLS i,r. . 1 Fi 3 Spool baib win O ->0 <:di Kr. ÍCTT iZer ■•r’.f, ( f )'K hammers, and o: or., a I in erous to men .U M K X‘n .1 ,X<62. I r. not '‘I Moi n t.oons ... roo'K >IO'P I 1 M> • O 6 4 2 vV R\p SI.48 :«2 :’.'2 o. S2 52 to 52 52 nor o SI.48 * Bariev SI.08 to .51.11. ?>i Luui& GfAin Market «T LOUIS Sept 2t>— 7^—Cash grain .in rii.t- ’2 :t¡ - ?■ ■ v •• >d fd. c ; - . 1 W hiu- Of. 1 .Milking ' 3 yr«. Lunch Lawson CixngaiA Kv I H o; dV LC't m M served by and Ladies of i i St. SHLLI* ' Hea'i of o V e« and iambs. .lohn’s ( hurch from Bahner. own€^ of fari Frank Swooe and Son “ E.C. WOLLET rquipmenl. t f tà 1

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