Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on October 17, 1939 · 7
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 7

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1939
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:AV - - L- — J Tuesday October 17 1939 " '7?' ' ' JwScob CH!ity6s Page Seven " fitmeer Greets FutureHusband President Asks Haste qn FRANCES ETHEL" GUMM didn’t want to be a movie star She was singing at a girls’ camp at Lake Tahoe when a movie scout heard 'her lie offered her a screen teat and eh thought he was kidding ' Sbs u ilpad by s studio ltd appeared la i ihart with Dean ns Durbin Durbin u lot go and oho u la Ur loaned to onotbor studio pud playsd in "Pigskin Fersdx” ' It ms after this plcturs that Metre began to raoltso what they bad Oh I forgot to toll you that Franca Ethel Oumm U Judy Garland Sho was given tho hams 0 f Garland by Gorge Jsssal about six yaars ago whan sha playsd oa a vaudeville blU with him la Chl saeo Sho was than one of tho “Gumm Slater" and Jsssal said: “Tour nano is much Hho Crumb Dumb or Bum I'm going to — " you aftsr a good (Hand of mins a drama tio critic Robert Garland -- She changed tha Francas Etbal to Judy bocauoo K la tha nama of bar favorite oong gbo wao born la Grand Rapids Mich oa Juno IS IKS at S o'clock la tho tng Hot’ father owned a movie them tar la that town' : Har folks won of show bualaSso I mother mad father! did a singing and piano act billed aa Jack and Virginia Lea Whon aw tha booking got tough or tho urge to JUDT GARLAND aatUa down boeama etroarLb father would rMiw hr tart k 'bgy d novkthNtH ' Sho made bar stags debut at tho age of I An amateur contest woe taking place on tho stage of her father's theater’ Sha couldn't resist tho dwlra to get on and -perform Sha rushed onto tbr stage "Jingle-BeDy" until exhausted She didn’t Pri“- Later ehn-Jolned tha family act with bar two older slaters Virginia and Sua They troupied serosa tha country until they reached Lancaster Calif: Hare har fatbdr again-purchased a movla the tar She than did gn act with her slaters until their marriages broke It up Sha Is I feat S Inches tell without shock weighs IIS pounds has — 'dark brown y?y red hair’ and la developing Into quite a young Indy ' Sho aow attend school on tho lot ot Metro Sho likes school this semester for she Is taking tha subjects sha wants: art appreciation muale appreciation and English literature— Shakespeare She'll finish a love scans with Mickey Rooney and hurry to Shakespeare Sha wanta to be au author Sho writes biographies of tho movio - stars and fiction Sho la writing a biography of Mickey Rooney that aha Popes to sell to a national magasin Sha has written a fiction story that ahe hops will ba bar first movla lava story Xt la called "Blame It on My Touth" Sho cUlaso oho la too busy ia bo "really Interested lx Sho boo gouo out with Artie Shaw Lind Jtayae Mickey and Leonard Sweea whs is really tho boy friend Ono ot har eat friends la Oscar Levant They telh en tho tong distance ahrtit twice a week aad write eochMher a letter almort weekly She baa a mania for telephoning Sha'a oa tho phono whenever possible even playing gaga r$ih) phone by calling jgp strange people and diagufetag har voice - She la a movla fan and has a crush oh Ciurk Gable mod Laurence Olivier When sha mentions dork Gable la "Bahaa in Arms" and eingS that ditty to "him oho (ant kidding Her idea of a good time la to stay at home with a couple of her girl Refugee Task WASHINGTON Oct IT Frealdeat BeeeeveU urged of tho In tergevern mental tea oa Foilt leal Befageoo today of helplag (- JOSE LAND EROS n Is shown being greeted fey his Angeles dene one a when Central Air Terminal aboard EagMah ISM MVaa Neon A vs Which bride Cake The couple wiS ho’ Csaatcy Chimb of HeUywoed leader ef Mexico Gty MINNA MABEL SINSHEIMEE ho arrived hero lut night at 0nnd a Fob Amoriran Airways pleas Tho toalght at th home of Mrs Bertha tyqn la honor of Ms asking la the Llttlo -? ' 35C Ha called for "redoubled vigor" because of tho possibility of a refuges problem of infinitely greater magnitudx- Speaking at n' luncheon-for tha officers representing sin counties Mr Roosevelt asserted that "when this ghostly war ends there may bo not -ono million but 10' million or SO asiilioa persons who wiU tar into tha problem ef tho human refugee ' Tho first task of ths intergovsm-mentel’ committee ths 'President asserted -is to taka -cars of refugees who' must find new homes In other countries a n result of dislocations before tha current war began' Sdeottfle Study Asked Tho'Prerident requested that aa the second great task before the committee "it start at thla time a serious and probably a fairly expansive effort to survey and study definitely and scientifically this geographical1 economic -problem of I mottling severe! million people In new areas of tha earth's surfs I There are many "vacant where Ears peas settlers etpld live permanently tho Fiesldi ed Sack arena ha 01 nuay portions of tho African American and Australian of tha globe mlllleas ef la relatively Bay City Dock Peace Looms friends and ploy records with a Ara burning until early la tha morning: She to nowolngMln for domical muale her favorites being Bach Jury Being Selected to Try Narcotic Sale Suspect ChopiU'pnd Italian opera For hottuaw she profan Show sad Glenn Miller ' Sho like to go shopplngShe fevoce sports clothes -Sha has a passim for shoes and buys them whether she needs them or not She Is also very tend of perfumes Hef apeclal brands an Bond Street aad Old English Spice Mlcke uses theSatter She is very prond of her awn iWn a homo Than Is a large white rug la the center of the floor A fireplace with two love seats la front Mb Her had Int exactly a bod It reoemblexsehalo lounge She bee framed plcturs of hot friends oa the wall Then an photographs of Spcncor Tracy Jackie Cooper Mickey Rooney Leonard Sue Artis Shaw har two Olsten aad tho Jack Colo dancers "Thorn dancers" she aya "an ss wonderful sashay can be I wrote Jack Cola a fan letter" She's still waiting for aa ptetun of Clark Gable but la too bashful to oak kina She hates to go to sleep and hataa to gat ap la tha Ha autter whet Has sho goes to bod If oho goto am than eevensx - - - - - " - and a half beun sleep sho feels terrible If she deesat tall asleep wlthia tho first half hear after aha gnn to bed eh cant sleep tho entin night Sho eleepe la a silk nightgown Sha doesn't wear any Jewelry except a wedding ring oa tho finger ef her left hand It lo her mother's wadding ring Sha a her grandmother’s wedding dress She is saving them both for her wedding -- — Her ambition to to bo a treat actress and a gnat singer and then retire get marrfed and have away children Sha to not a Jitterbug 1 wds a Jitterbug for three weeks" oho says ' "but I couldn't stand tha pace I must be getting old” (Copyright MM N Y Poet) of a Jury to try Ji Utley aeoertedly a former lavastt vtco-ernaader Clifford EL narcotic set chargee begun today la tho eoart of Federal Judge Ralph E Jenaey Utley mi charged hi a Federal (Hand Jury Indictment with having delivered to ono Betty Angel a me!) quantity of narcotics in return for which he essertsdly woo paid MMO ia marked money Police officers who were la hiding nearby said they saw Utley dcposit a pecks gs containing tha drug in a badga fronting a Normandie Av residence where Miss Angsl was staying "Sa search ef Utley’s apartment re-vtsfed several badges which Utley said kfcfepd need la hie "investigation" for pollca Utley a ehSft time ago was seised of attemjpjng r-to "shake dawn" 'five asserted extortionists arrested by police in a Hollywood night spot However hei wsa exonerated eo this charge - Nudist Gamp Code Adoption Urged Adoption of ths proposed ordt campo la wended to by the FeUoo Cons- The measure would require eeg-regation ef sexes barricades to keep "Peeping Toms" from pooping police Inspection and payment of $190 par year license fees for operating Tho Indian pueblo ef Taos NM is one ef - the oldest continuously- aemapted habitations on the Amort- — -— can continent ' "Wo hope aad wo trust ths chief ncutira declare "that are will terminate quickly if that ia our hope than is ail tho awn reason for all of uo make nady beginning today for tha solution of tho problem ef the refuge Speed Aid to Fence "The quicker we begin the dcrtektng and the quicker w bring ’ to a reesenehle decision the quicker will wc bo aMo to say that a can contribute something to " establishment of world peace "Gentlemen that la a challenge Intergovernmental Is a duty because of tho of need— It lo on oppor-becausc it gives a chance to' take part It the building' of imuaitleo for- those who them Out of tho dregs of disaster wa can distill some real achievements la human prog- FBEE BRIDGE CBGE1) BAN FRANCISCO Oct IT— Tbs County Board of Supervisors had campaign under way today to moke tho Golden 'Gate Bridge ton-free: 1111 AUTO PARK 471 IVNUT 0L-I20 VISTA “Almost a Cnnttoman” “THE STAR MAKER” ' Start Tomorrow VZENOBIA” ‘‘LADY-OF THE TROPICS” LOS FELIZ 1W1 a VMMONT ' OWteff “MAN IN IRON MASK” '"BACHELOR MOTHER” Starts Tomorrow FRONTIER MARSHALL” ON BORROWED TIME” HUNLEYE3 It’s g Wonderful World” “DARK VICTORY" Serfi Tomorrow “SOME LIKE IT HOT’ ‘MAN OF CONQUEST” Bomber Damaged In Takeoff Ifere ICd iullivori A DB-T attack bombef the Douglas Aircraft Co announced was slightly damaged today while taxiing to's-takeoff at Loo- Angeles Municipal Airport BUI Coyle test pilot wee only slightly Injured u spokesman for tha company said - j Tho plana failed to attain suffl-Ictent flying speed for tho takeoff Jit was said and turned suddenly Into a pile of dirt ot one ride of JI u tho landing field Tha DB-7 is a twln-engina plane JMWRCWL1 Continued from Fnge g— tho Bounty and "Liveo of a Bengal! Lancer" His fayorit author Ernest Hemingway Hs wiH return to tho otaga In Hemingway's Fifth Column” leaves here la two weeks to report for rehearsals oa Broadway JteU Hsllvwwe MvC H 1-7 too “ANDY HARDY GETS SPRING FEVER ANNAglllA ROIIRT TOUNC Is “BRIDAL SUITE I iHk He lies 7aUw DRIVEjHJHIflTRI pitO'flCWtStWOOO'BtVO HttNE DUNNE CHARLES ROVER "WHEN TOMORROW COMES" CHARLES BICKFORD EAN PARKER "ROMANCE OF THE WOODS" Hi favorite tone Cole Porter’s "Night sad Day” His favorite clubs Jack Kriendler’s ”21" and Sherman Billingsley's Stork Club The worst picture he ever saw "Straight la tha Way" In which he appeared The play that he most enjoyed “Green Grow tho Lilacs” with June Walker and Helen West-ley His profeseional ambition to return to Hollywood next year and play comedy roles such as ho had In "Leva oa tho Run” tho Geble-Crawford co-atarrer Hlo-great thrill tha preview of "Lives of a Bengal Lancer” and ha sayi that ha owes aU of hie success In that too Direct or Henry Hathaway BSERJTAL 0 CARDNIR “ROSE MARIE” NL114B “Count of Monte Crislo’- AH tests IS: COLONY Rite Bros ‘‘THE GORILLA “Saint in London" AU MATE IS 5ggga VOGUE fuse Auto Path CAROLE LOMBARD ‘IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE MARY ROBERTS RINEHART'S “23 V4 HOURS LEAVE'- Eleaaor O’Reilly got him his first Important otaga break The night before he and tha rest of the east of "Holy Night" were clapped Into the bastille at Brooklyn she caw tba play over there and ouj that baste suggested him to-Guthrie McCUntock who was casting Katharine Cornell's "Ags of Innocence" r' He and the star did not play any scene together He says that Leo Streseberg and tho Group Theater players taught him more about acting than he’d ever known Tho lowest pay ho over received on the stage was hla 19 o week salary I with the Now Playwrights’ Theater at Greenwich Village Hr la boy-i ! lah likeable: IdeallatlE stubborn That's where X came in NJmONON CURRENT ATTRACTIONS iiVaiifcdiil I EXTRADITION GRANTED SACRAMENTO Oct 17— Gov Culbert Olaon today granted extradition of Arthur Roy to Iowa where he la wanted for eacapt from the men's reformatory at Anamosa He now Is held In the Federal? Prison at Terminal Island near Loa Angelas NOTICE TO CBXD1TOBR ha isetss Esuta ef TRUMAN M FAL1NO also knows as tTnmwa M Felling deceased Not tea la haraby given by tha under-Igned BEN H BROWN Adminiatra-tar of tha Batata ef Truman M Fal- and all peraona having elalma agalnat tba aaM deceased to peasant them with the necessary vouchers- within six months after Ota first publication ef this natter to the said Administrator at hi office at Law Building 137 North Broadway Las Angriest CaU-foraia wbleh mid of (tea tha signed aelecta aa a place ef I all ' awtura connected with its er to fils them with tha i eery vouchers wlthia ehr months after tha first publication of thin notice In the office of tha Cterk of the Superior Court of tha State of California In and for tha County of Las Angeles Dated Sept !l INS BEN H BROWN Puhile Administrator lea Aneriea Cmmty tTL'ES4SSS) Y "' "1 " 1 i r- 7 T’' Nazis in Wide Assault Continued frem Fag 1— w dent Lebma for a review of the did la the suddenly which fenced IMr : -frem n milo to n ntiitr" In tho pocket farmed ju act lea of thn German and Luaemhourg herder French sdviese indicated tha-Apach te considered a vital point - - rituated ae it to an their flank White tha Gormaito attackpd ln uA tha center near the 'o border heavy French guns stnt This k femeue Ship Keck In New Nested which four Mem dub lembetd of Collfemla einina to ho tha flirt man to dbnk viobono screaming acreea tha lines all e!J along tho lOOmlia front botwuon' '"Ai'tlM MdsaUa and tho Rhino In an'- attempt tevhraak nF'Nart troop ooncsntratloste: - Rallroed artillery of largu eaHbev : Sierra Onb Members Rieport Scaling ’’-v - Of HnzardoasPrecipice ban raANasco oet au An oheteda to peace en tho water-front wot Ttmovod today when CJa - wnrehotieomon removed n picket lino 'and longshoremen agreed to lead n cargo of pears from Ron Joea Hut hod boon Is bated "hot”" yesterday beennoo of n warehouse labor dispute at wao reported te have participated for the Drat thne in Harry A Bridges ' longshoro-nn'o president said M bad agreed to remove tho picket lilt sues picketing In n parallel case previously' had been ruled illegal by Wayna L Mores former Coart ritima arbitrator Mona resigned his arbitration sition recently after tengohoromen had disregarded one of hlo nil-inga and employers and union tats era now trying te get him te ogre te n reappointment Motor telegraphed Bridges loot night from Eugene Oia fete h that there was not "a single ir pending between unions and shipowners that cannot ho settled without resorting to strike or lock-1” but that ba himself did not want "to step hock Into tho picture until" be hod tho "complete confidence of on parties' OAKLAND Oet ll LTV— Few Sierra Onb momhrri delated I day to bo the flirt men over to climb -the faMous Ship Back of New Maxtor ' Bekor Robinson David Brower Raft! Bedayaa and John Dyer told ' corresponding with1- mountain-climbers from nil porta of tho word who hod triad and failed to aeala sheer 1000 fset of yoek to got advice Ttavy spent a whole day studying tha slopes with n tale-scope before starting out They used 1100 foot of rope and I pitoeo— spikes forced into cracks -la making ths pariteua ascent They laid It required nearly four days the heavy bombardment' " - - Boom military sources gold the-at- -tacks on the fE might be n frint tag prelude to ' other thrusts intended to drive artillery from tag Germany's rich Saarland min tag arta- ' nm war indications V that" " French strategy was based on tho hope tho Germans might ho on--' deed Into an assault on tho Mogteet Lin Beml-offleUI statementa d-mltted that it would bo n "waiting ! war" on the port of French aid British troops Tho Alltes: thess sources said would attempt te causa tha Gar-to leave their own Siegfried Lina In tho hope ef gaining aa teemed late vtetory before tho pinch of tho British biockodo te felt at konu: P - Gritty Lad SOU Hopes To'Kmp Mangled Leg Kansas errr Oct it (fv-Smlltag Alfred Loon Milter Jr kopt up kte eourag today still hoping rgcona wouldn't have to cut off hte mangled left leg ' Alfred Leon 7 woo Injured by n feed grindor-on hte father's farm Saturday Doctor wheeling him to tho operating room: were eo tak-n by hte grit Ory derided to try to save tho kg Thoy postponed operating again today PARISIANS WARNED OF ANTI-PLANE riU FARIg Oct IT with tho German air raid on Since five uneventful raid la the first month of tho war Fartoiaas test sad of soaking pianos witk- b Its re have atept through k sraraiuga mod durtag tho day ‘i ruahad into tho otieot - Un--''''’:' popularity of tho atarnw has reoult- v i ed ia eucceesiv ’ retenotiooo of tho V I alarm eystam and given now only "in danger of 2 Finnish Freighters Reported Seised HELSINKI Oet IT (XI— Halting ef two ' Finnish frslgbtsra the Scandinavia and thsi Tarmo which presumably now ora bring hold in n German harbor was reported to their owner today Both carried lumber DIAMONDS FURS 0 Mil CAMERAS SIIVBRWAII JEWEUTV : W&nrr! UsslfcwMspIlOWgTMTIg 3CHOUYWOOOIBIV PBOMJCSROm -IK BE PREPARED CD To recRtve In oUr opinion th viry -finest quality in dental plates that we have been able to 'stain — To pay tho loweit prices in our career— In spite -o?Wountin costs In all commodities Including dental matetigls (3) To receive the same careful penoRal attention as always — withf-oither Dr Green or DiS Chast takjng care of each patfient from beginning to end (4) To receive the moat liberal credit terme— ' arranged personally and confidentially to fit your circumstances " UEnTflL rMtes The greet laboratories of Dupont and others have (pent years of time and millieni of dollari to bring Dentistry to it present high - ttete ef perfection They bring you now the new crystal riser plate material which is' m beautiful end natural In gum crier that It la almost knposribk So detect from your own You must tec temple to really appreciate it Them quality plate— durable edorteet feather-light and practically (ndeitnictibl— cm now at the LOWMT PRICES EVER in our careers Your pie mu re will In no way bo lessened when you team how littte — It will cost to change your old plates for a eat of these new beau- - tiful ultra-imert dentures I WITH THEM CO THE NEW Translucent Teeth naturelike translucent matched and shaded as faultlessly that experts actually have had difficulty In distinguishing them from natural teeth Thla te your cordial invitation to coma in ee them aad convince yourself ef their beauty and tew Pries Ask te eta aampte 1 Very literal Credit To Net a “ekaia" dotal office Fro Farfctof-— ITU N Cahuengn and Elevator Service Frieea Quoted by Fheno GREEN CHASE GR-6905 1654 NojCahuenga At Hollywood Open Evenings Until 9 m'Clock except Saturday COLUMBIA nenmESk MM r uawtvL RrU’e mteban” is HaeinM” GOLDWTN STUDIOS MU N niayiY tv -"OMy Wlibeei "The rMU- run "Sevratk Devilry" Wifflm" METlUXGOIDWTrN-MATEB Odvar Ctty "tevedvey VMr er rtT — rr RtvelL "Dr KllSarr'i --" imt "4 OeR as -the PrveldiaY— Betbem Obreaa may ocroaxa tv lean -Mucroh" s Ira Uhl Casting H04tU i riliatL Wtntwv -Nrlwn Crwr GMUOMdaOHH! -Tftwon 4 RsYttlaM WfiM VflVfl jhih Fred Dotig Gaeting ASdOllt carting AS-U7U I ill Mtn I MM "Wot Tw Harrow Mg TVe Drr O-hlr Pm-finl wtx-e MONOGKAM FTCTUKKR 4R18 I "Mr Wane at Naaeeitarr “Ball Wiawn Ran" Tax RWtar- Btvd Watte MfMiml ' Wtteni I BORIS MOKROS PRODUCTIONS General Service Stadias "W 1 Wert PraaMawl PWaatniimi- Jack Marten carting GE-tUl I r ABAMOUNT STUDIO: SUI Mara tho St "The Brakes Uteri tete" "Reed te at—" uwew "THaaieh Orar rta" - t7naeatn-e “eatari" CajTan Mrtanka Jr Joha Zlaa HO-C411 Mating HOA1U "Tha War ef AU Utah" "Beck Barter Mdse Ailin' "Ornead te MtaUke” "The niaentt bltr"- Skim Tinlraff Jack Bnmr -Rateri Pale "At Oast OU Bluh" Lannla leRei Xlaht ef Waarn Qtara" -Wintaa Jwrr Wayiraw 'f i 'i rKkNCIFAL PRODUCTIONS MM W Waohtagto IHvd-llarnay Brtekto Ceettag " — - rtqqlrtl4 AMtlMl WrM I PRODUCERS PICTURES 14M N Beechweed Dr "Wintta far uiite" "Mae Fran Oklahoma”— ----—Ttemtao REFUBIJO FICTliRydQM Radford Ara North HellyweeA Herald Etedda easting Nad ItaTfi "ItiiT RheUlh— OemeiiettaL SU4I1I1 RRO-RADIO PICTURES IN N Oewer St "Vhrtl to (he NtoM" Unherd "Than Rteht VmYte wring" xav ' Famltr u— n— - —'-—' Mnkae WIHn’taw Vrtoe Boh Palmer coating RO-M11: notiog RO-lgMl Hr Wr "Henri ef Dufcnme" Overheard" BrndaL bdta Wrtlaa "The Ftlrnaaae Path" Jaidtn Benhu "Dtatsnl PMdi"- Ma-Kn FIv Wivh" O Inear Raeara- JUanhaB Rand- M'VWl HAL ROACH STUDIOS INC Crtvor CKy "IMaM0 IB- WlrA Pntltled feature TiwaL Wardv Earl Rettig Costing A84S7 i irnawlenriff'ti Preeerinc Pm hhtarie loach WwirtlhsH (towMv I SELZNTCK INTERNATIONAL PICITRES Criver CHy FVed Schneeeler Mritog Lanrtnra Odvtar Wltrhrart marev teUee r- - TfrtsqRfwviM ' ftogwhiiml AS-433SS I EDWARD SMALL PRODUCTTONS 1M N Loo Palmes Ara “ — — e i - - "Nil Careen A vena are Bwnlnti mwaareeM "Mw fSrtft Mw Hhw TjwvEs ftowiM MfH i'wpntipih CETTrimr-rox iieveriv hui “UUIe ore Rev TarV "BrarvMito Henpera el NlaM" "Fv Manta me wife" "Tha dranae ef Wrath" tchaiu Chen to Pant am' -TtTthbannd" Low Schralhor noting OX-ttlli mating: CKdRIMl WALTER WANGEK PRODCCnOWS-Rohert Webb (At Gridwyn Stndtao 1041 N Fermeo Aral "Raeaa Aeraaa the Bay" J— "Pvrvanal Htrterr" Unalvavd Rltthnrk tTnawUrad Jjajarjnj Mtxvdl WARNER RROSrFIltST NATIONAL Pima MaredaB HafL OtvfleM Steve Trilling ewetiag "An n ab eai "The Ptehrtm h" "Orannv Oft Tmu Ona' WnlHr teener O lnetL Mar Wi HO-Ittl: easting: BE-1U1 PWMrtne Prveerto Ohetttne StiaadM "Hear Allan p BautimtA "We ehaU Mert Anln" Daawlaned "Brethtr Bel aad (he Bate” "Ttmter" Merle Oharen Morris Lana "Mllllan BaBer Pvtltlrr'- "The Life ef Dr Xhrlkh" DlekMtk Pivea Pvyen tenvar Idw O: RaMeaaa : Mlxef I t - S F—ftw I2S-1017 - i -I - V ! V

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